We often say that “time flies,” but I believe it’s more accurate to say that we are the ones who fly, while time remains constant. Time has a limit of 24 hours, after which it resets and starts again, while we continue moving forward without the luxury of a do-over. Time, on the other hand, can go back and change things as it pleases.

Have you ever experienced two days that were exactly the same? Even if your daily routine is similar, there are always external factors that are beyond our control. For example, yesterday you may have seen two birds fly past you, a fly may have landed on your nose, and an eagle may have soared in the sky. You may have encountered two men walking past you, a woman screaming at her son, and two buses zooming past you. However, the next day, the scenario may be completely different. You may see four birds, a dog with a cat, or the same people walking past you but wearing different clothes. The point is that we cannot control the external factors that affect us, whereas time repeats the same seconds, minutes, and hours every day.

If time is so precious and limited, why do we waste it by procrastinating and not focusing on what truly matters? Our time is the most valuable gift we have, but we don’t even have complete control over it. We can only be certain of what has happened in the past and the present moment, but never the future. Why do we assume that we know when our last day on earth will be? Why do we take our loved ones for granted and postpone spending time with them? Why do we neglect the most important thing in our lives, which is our own lives?

Many people spend their lives working to accumulate as much money as possible, neglecting their family and friends along the way. They often complain that they are too busy and don’t have time. However, when they finally retire and have the opportunity to enjoy their accumulated wealth, they find that sickness and ailments have set in due to fatigue and overwork. They spend all their savings on hospitals and treatments for illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and kidney problems.

At this point, their partner may have given up on trying to get them to slow down and spend time together, and their children have already grown up and left the house. They have missed out on getting to know their own children and building a legacy as a present parent. Their accumulated wealth, such as their houses and property, may be abandoned and left to waste, as their children may not want to live in them or may live in a different country altogether.

Therefore, it is essential to make adjustments and take the time to enjoy life and your family. Money is not worth the sacrifice of neglecting your loved ones for years. It’s never too late to start living life and appreciating what you have gained. Don’t forget to give roses to people when they can smell them, and enjoy the present moment because time flies, but we are the ones who fly.


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