WHY SHE ?.Part 1


Sharing Healing and Excelling (SHE) all go hand in hand. When you Share you hurts, you Heal and then you Excel.Because I do believe this , I have decided to share a true life experience with you ( names changed , I will also share more through the course of this week) to help us understanding the importance of finding healing for the hurts that we have been through or are currently going through…..

Susan was in her 4th year of marriage , no children , she and her husband were having serious quarrels. They had visited several doctors at home and abroad who told them there was nothing wrong with them medically, they could both procreate , no problems there .
On there 7th visit to a medical facility abroad , a doctor who combined two degrees, medicine and psychology, advised the couple to go for counselling , that as far as she could tell, their problem seemed to be psychological not medical .

So Susan and Dj, took her advise , what was revealed over the 5 months counselling sessions changed their lives for ever ..

Susan began to recollect at the sessions that she had been sexually abused between the age of 9 and 15 by her cousins living with them . They had taken her virginity after which they took turns to molest her constantly and threaten to kill her and her parents if she told them. This carried on throughout the a 6 year period.
She finally got out of it when her father got a transfer at work and they had to relocate to another part of the country, the cousins couldn’t come along because of their schooling. By then it was already to late she had suffered a
psychological breakdown , which forced her memory to repress this traumatic act.

Susan had repressed the memory for so long that it took a psychologist to get it out, she knew there was something wrong with her , she just couldn’t recollect the trauma she had gone through. Through the counselling sessions She now realised why Dj and her had a rocky sex life. she would clam up every time they tried to make love, Dj was getting pretty irritated and this is what led to their constant quarrels .

By the end of the sessions , Dj understood why Susan was the way she was , Susan began to heal , and eventually things started working out fine. Today they have two healthy boys and a happy married life.

A lot of marriages have this problem , wives that can’t seem to enjoy making love with their husbands but don’t know why, husbands constantly getting irritated and finally decide to step out on their wives .

I’ve had people talk about this all the time, “my wife only wants to make love when it’s time to make babies” , ” my wife just lays there and doesn’t move when we make love I have to do all the work” my wife never initiates love making ” and so on and so forth.

Sometimes it’s because the woman has issues and traumas she hasn’t dealt with. Other times it’s issues we will deal with later. As for those who have been traumatised one way or the other , please seek help with trusted counsellors ,for some , it could be your church, mosque, partner , parents, a phycologist or even a trusted friend who can also pray with you. Please be careful who you open up too , ask God for guidance.

You need to begin to share your hurt to enable you heal and excel in life .
God has great plans for you, he can help you heal , all you got to do is caste all your burdens upon him and he will give you rest . God Almighty help you as you do .

Good morning…….
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