WHY, MUM? Scene 2


“Why, Mum?”

Cast: Mrs. P – Mum Pam – Daughter Kate – Maid Grace – Pam’s friend Mr. P – Dad Kenny – Pam’s boyfriend

Scene 2: Pam and Kenny at Kenny’s House

Pam: Kenny, when is your Mum coming around?

Kenny: She’s coming this weekend. I need to stock up on food before she arrives.

Pam: Can’t we just take her out to eat?

Kenny: My mum would never agree to that. She taught me how to cook when I was just ten. She’ll expect home-cooked meals every day.

Pam: It’s a good thing you can cook. I don’t cook. What’s the point when we can just hire a maid once we’re married?

Kenny: I don’t mind, but if you’re going to meet my mum, she’ll expect you to offer to cook her lunch or dinner while she’s here.

Pam: Seriously? I’ll just politely tell her that I don’t cook.

Kenny: No, you can’t. If you still want to marry me, that would be a big mistake.

Pam: What do you mean? Are you marrying my cooking or me?

Kenny: Of course, I’m marrying you. But it’s just expected that every woman should know how to cook. My mum is from the old school, and she won’t find it funny if you tell her you don’t cook. She might even tell me not to marry you.

Pam: Because I can’t cook?

Kenny: Yes, it’s a big issue. A good wife must be able to take care of her family, and cooking is an essential skill for her, and for most parents. Haven’t you heard the proverb, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’?

Pam: Is that the way to your heart?

Kenny: No, my love. I wish you could cook or at least be willing to learn, but I love you dearly, and I want to marry you. We’ll get a chef once we’re married.

Pam: But that still doesn’t solve the problem of your Mum’s visit.

Kenny: Don’t worry, baby. I have a plan. Let’s go out for lunch, and we’ll discuss it on the way.

To be continued tomorrow…



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