…,Yes, I say welcome to this new year. Well, I did get my niece asking me, “Aunty, what’s the big deal, it’s just the next day like any other?
She challenged me, I had to take a minute to think about what she asked. December 31st then 1st of January, she was right, it’s just another day, the next day.
So why is it so significant, what’s so special about it?. Why would you make new life plans, road maps, and change, just because it’s the next day? It’s not as if the whole world has adapted to this particular day, it arrives differently in some parts of the world, for example, did you know it’s the year 2010 now, in Ethiopia? If you didn’t, now you do.
Well, I tell you what I think, Psychologically, as human beings we are programmed that way , the dates are engrained in our psychic, January 1st of a year to December 31st of a year make a chapter in your life, you add another year to your existence on earth, you get older, both mentally and psychically, your roadmap gets moves along. The expectations of the human race drag you along or you voluntarily fall in line. As humans, we like things we can explain, what we can calculate, plan for and evaluate. What better than a life calendar to explain it all?
For example,
When you and your friends got accepted into university, all you talked about was going to university, what course, which campus etc. then after 3 or 4 years you finally graduate and the next phase would be Jobs.
What Job? Do I want to work for myself? Or better still do I want to further my education? Or simply put do I just want to get married and be a stay at home mum or dad. And then some will be like, let me take a year off, just traveling around the world.
For some their expectations get met, for most, first huge disappointment, I want to work, No job, I want to be self-employed, really? No funds, okay then I want to do my masters or professional course, hmmmm, also not possible.
Marriage the next phase, rears its head, “But am a lady, let me look for a rich guy to get married too? Where are all the eligible rich men? I see them, but why are they all married?” “But am a guy, I need to find a girl from a rich home and get married to her, Why, well her dad can give me a job and we get a house and car on our wedding day? Really? where do I find this girl?”. “Oh! Well, I don’t have that problem”, you say, “my father is rich”. Yes, thank God for you, you are few of the lucky ones.
I beg to disagree with whoever came up with the statement “Life begins at 40”. I believe life begins the day you are born.
Let me explain-
2 babies born on the same day, in the same city, come out looking all cute. One is born into a wealthy family, the other a humble family. The babies both girls, leave hospital on the same day, one in an air-conditioned jeep, wrapped with Egyptian cotton shawl and dressed in beautiful white M & S baby growth, heading to a plush 7 bedroom mansion, with servants for everything. The baby nursery she arrives in is floral, pink, decorated so nicely,, it must have cost a fortune.
The other little baby heads home, in cheap polyester 2 piece top and bottom, with a wooly mitten and bonnet, wrapped in Ankara material, to a 2 bed densely populated area flat. She’s strapped on her mother’s back as her father drives his motorbike home. Fumes, pollution of the city around her fill her lungs, corrupting her innocent, healthy, wholesome mind before she’s even taken her first 100 breaths. She arrives at the apartment, she laid down on the crumbling bedspreads on a metal frame bed her parents sleep on, an old mosquito net tries so hard to keep out the tout looking, heavily fortified mosquitoes, that defy all form of bug spray. She can hear them wheezing around her, but she thinks they sound so melodious, so she snoozes to their sound of the bloodthirsty vampires called Mosquitoes……..”zzzzzzzzzzz”.
Their first day at school, rich baby girl, arrives at prep school, looking all glam, humble baby girl, walks to school and unfortunately no extra benches, she has to bring her own from home.
Both experiencing life differently and slowly moving on and they are barely 6 years old. Now tell me life hasn’t already begun for this two from the day they were born? Most of the decisions they will make in life will stem from their circumstances of birth. Now, this is what the world would say. Basically SOMEONES FACTS….
But let’s, step back a little and Look at GOD’S TRUTH – God Almighty, the author, and finisher of our faith, whose report shall you believe, you must believe the report of the lord. Truth be told, your circumstances of birth, the family and environment you are born into, dictate all this. All this are just labels and should never determine how you see yourself. No one can make you happy or love you more than you love yourself, it’s how you see you, that people see you.
You are unique, unlike any other. Being born into a particular situation, does not and should not stop you from achieving all that God had ordained for you to do. He loves you like he loves any other. He does not rain on the rich alone, he rains on all both young and old, white or black, rich or poor
It’s a new year, well let’s conform to the norm, and are you really serious about changing or adjusting your life for the better? What happened to all the resolutions you made on January 1st 2017, did you fulfill anyone of them?. Well, I’ve found that resolutions soon get forgotten shortly after they are made, why, only God can tell you what happens next. Plans change, roadmaps change. Change they say is the only constant thing. That one they got right.
So my dear, sit back and make just one resolution, That this year, you will not lean on your own understanding, you will instead acknowledge God Almighty in everything you do, and I Promise you he will lead you on the right path. And remember when God says YES, nobody can Say No.
I wish you a prosperous, blessed, fulfilled and purposeful 2018, let this year be all about God leading and you following and see how your life will take a different turn for the best.
Love you ‘
She heals copyright@2018


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