Who is watching your children Part 2-

Our children are our pride and joy, God gave them to us, we are custodians of them on earth , it is our duty to guide and protect them . We are responsible for bringing them up in the right way with God’s help and for protecting them as best as we can, here are a some of the things that have happened to children without parents being aware-

Julie was a lovely 13 year old, very sweet , didn’t have a lot of friends , she was always on her laptop, her mum was pleased and believed Julie was always studying. She would spend hours in her room , if her mum asked what she was doing she would say , studying, research for a term paper or home work . That answer always made her mum happy.

Unknown to her Mum , Julie had made friends with another 13 year old boy, who seemed to have the same interest as her , And lived in the same city, they chatted and chatted for hours everyday . One day the boy told Julie it was his birthday that weekend and he was inviting her to his home where his Parents were having a party for him. He told Julie to tell her Mum they had extra lessons in school. She did, her mum was happy to hear Julie was going to school to study on Saturday.
Julie woke up early , got on the bus and followed the directions the boy had given her to his house, she knocked on the door and a man in his 30’s opened the door , she asked for his son, he asked her to come in, she did. Once she was inside , the man started talking to Julie , he told her he had pretended to be the boy online, because he liked her and fell in love with her picture, he praised her that she was mature , and asked her not to be afraid because “age shouldn’t be a barrier to love” Julie was scared , she asked to go home , he said no.

Main while back at her house , her best friend called the landline wanting to speak to Julie, Julie’s Mum said she had gone for extra lessons at school, her friend said they didn’t have any, she would know because they took the same classes , Julie’s mum then began to get worried, she called Julie’s older brothers to come over to the house, they were both in their 20’s living on their own.
One of her brother’s asked what she was doing before she went out, her mum said she was on her laptop, they got the laptop , fortunately her brother had seen her put in her password once, it was still the same, the page opened on the laptop was the chat where the boy she was meeting had given her directions to his house, they copied it down , got in the car and went to the address. The brothers were expecting to find Julie having fun with 13 year olds like her, they planned to just tell her off, for not telling the truth.

When they got to the address, The first sign that things were not right was when they couldn’t hear any music or noise coming from the house, what kind of party are13 year olds having that is so quiet , the blinds were pulled down in front , they doubled checked the address , it was the right one, so they decided to go round the back, maybe everyone was in the garden, as they turned round the back , what they saw horrified them, the blinds were open they could see Julie sitting in a corner crying, she had been blind folded , the man was sitting in front of her on a chair rubbing his hands up and down her hair, the brothers kicked the door in and went for the man, they beat him so badly , took Julie and got in the car and drove home. Fortunately , he had not violated her further , he had just sat their torturing her mentally, only God knows what would have happened if they hadn’t found her on time.

Our children spend hours and hours online, chatting to strangers , putting all their lives on Facebook, Instagram , what’s app, even video chat sites, they send pictures of themselves to total strangers , child molesters who pretend to be children , lure them with friendship and companionship. It is really important that we please monitor what sites our children visit, friends they chat with and what they do online , God will give us the wisdom and patience to deal with this . Visit www.shereallyheals.com for more inspiring stories


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