Have you ever sat down to think about what your legacy will be when you are gone? Do you think about how you want to be remembered? What will they say about your time spent on earth?

Are you just passing through life on the enjoyment galore train, selfish, proud , domineering , looking down your nose at people you believe are beneath you?

Do you mistreat people, speak to people any how, decide who is worthy of your time based on their status ?

Are you truly a reflection of a good Christian or a good Muslim?
Does your life on Earth make people want to get closer to God or run for their dear life’s ?

Do people have to fast and pray before they come ask you for a favour?

Are you working hard towards leaving a good legacy?
Are you Affecting life’s positively where ever you go
Do People see you and want to serve the God you serve
Are You considerate , generous, caring and respectful?

It’s time for us to think about it , if we haven’t and begin to make a change , a life lived without purpose is like coming to this world without leaving a mark, the minute you are gone , nobody remembers anything good you did . It’s not too late to change .

Pick up a pen today and write down what you want your legacy to be, then begin to work towards it. God bless you as you do.

Good morning …….

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