The New Mr and Mrs Diary Day 6 to 20




MR-I must get rid of her, that’s the thought that kept coming into my mind throughout today. Whom? You ask, who else Sandra of course. I invited her to the office today, she arrived right on time looking all foxy and alluring, I had made up my mind to ignore her and I was doing great until…, well let me get back to the whole incident. She sat down on the sofa opposite my desk, I began by saying thank you to her, our balance has been paid, I asked for her account no, immediately did an online transfer. After that was done, I moved over to the settee to sit beside her, I held her hand and said I was sorry I didn’t let her know but I got married a month ago, she just started laughing , I was taken aback, finally she stopped and said she knew I was married , she’s happy for me, but she just wants to be the side honey, I take care of her needs and she continues to take great care of mine, ‘’ your wife is definitely not as fine as me’’ you know I get you where you need to be , right?, before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine , I was gone, thank God for a timely knock on my door that jolted me back to life, I pushed her away , got up angry with myself and walked back to my desk. She got up, blew me a kiss and said, ‘’ see you at my party sugar’’ with that she walked out of the office/

‘Yeah’, am I trouble, I have to get rid of this girl ,it’s like she has some charm she uses on me , I can’t resist her, maybe I should relocate with my wife to another country , can’t let this jezebel ruin my marriage, what do I do now?

After she left I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, my mind kept wondering to Sandra and Mrs., I had an instance headache, I packed up my stuff and came home, thank God Mrs. was out, I had time to gather myself before Mrs. came back, God please help, how do I get myself out of this mess……o Lord, Jane and Teni too …’yay’….hmmmm



MRS-went out as soon as Mr. left for work, I couldn’t sleep all night, I practically saw my mum in law (MIL) calling me useless over and over again in my dream, not even sure if I was asleep or just day dreaming, got to my friend’s house, she called a couple of other friends to come over, so we tabled all my issues.

Frist my Mother in Law (MIL) , well the girls suggested I feign illness when she’s around so I won’t have to cook, that won’t work I told them ,our family doctor is Mr.’s  friend , I would be treated immediately and my MIL will still be there, finally we came up with a perfect plan to secretly  get home cooked meals in the pot ,3 times a day  without my MIL finding out, I would have to get her out of the house or at least to stay away from the kitchen at every meal time. The girls had a full poof plan, we all agreed it would work.

Then Babs came on the table, I told them he keeps coming to my mind when am making love to Mr, they all found that hilarious, when they saw that it was really giving me great concern, a suggestion was made that we take a trip to Joburg, see him, I can spend the weekend with him and get it out of my system. I wasn’t sure initially what they were suggesting but , Pamela my closet friend said ‘’ look babes if this bobo is on your mind , the best thing to do is to go have a feel of him, make it a sendoff one, tell him you are married now and this is just to say sorry and wish him good luck’’. I was a bit shocked, but it sounded like a good idea, ‘’what do I tell Mr. am off to joburg to do? Toke asked if Mr. knew Babs was in Joburg, I said no, so that sorts it she said, just say am celebrating my birthday next month in joburg and I want all my close friends to fly down with me for a long weekend. I listened carefully, asked them to give me a few days to think about it, when I finally left Pamela’s house I realized I had been there for 7 hours.

Drove home with one thing sorted, smuggling food in every day, when my MIL comes over, sorted. Getting Babs out of my mind. Not totally convinced Tokes way is the right way, although am slowly warming up to the idea…..hmmmmm



Day 7

Mr.—O my, I was so tired yesterday, tired of all the drama in my life, am too young, calm and collected for all this wahala. I suddenly realized I got myself into this mess and I certainly have to get myself out of it.

Kola and I went for a final contract bid yesterday, it was an interesting meet, as we walked into the director’s office we saw a big sign on his door saying ‘’Change begins with me’’ we were impressed I made a comment to Kola saying , whoa , things are getting good in this country, kola just laughed and said ‘’For where? We will see’’ I thought he was being cynical.

We sat down in the conference room with the director to sign for our 60% initial mobilization fee, The director was all smiles greeted us more than 4 times I found that strange ,  then he stopped and kept looking at us as if waiting for us to say something, Kola looked at me and smiled , he then said Sir , ‘’we will take care of your own needs’’, Surprisingly the Director got really offended , ‘’I do not need a bribe, my salary is enough for me, we are trying to move this country forward, Change begins with each and every one of us, You included’’ . At this point Kola’s mouth was wide open, he actually looked dazed, I just smiled stretched my hand out shook the director and said ’’Thank you Sir, we need more people like you in our country’’.

Kola was still in shook as we drove back to the office, I laughed at his skepticism, for the first time in a while I had won an argument with him, I was right, the director had changed for real.

Getting back to the office, our manager had already finished with the interviews and narrowed my intending PA down to one candidate, when we left for our meeting earlier on I saw at least 15 candidates waiting to be interviewed.

Immediately my manager ushered in my Intended PA I was now convinced some cruel forces wanted me dead, of all the 15 candidates , my manager had chosen the most beautiful sexy looking girl, she was about 22, very light , a full figure 8, dressed in a very tight suit with weave about 30 inches long, my reaction was so unexpected, I just shouted’ ’no no , not this one , please get out’’ the girl and the manager were shocked, I ignored them picked up my briefcase ,I stormed out of my office, got in my car and drove, where do I go, didn’t go home , cos I saw my Mums missed call and Mrs., that meant my Mum had already arrived , I wasn’t interested in anything they were about to say, I needed someone to massage my brain, who won’t give me stress, Yes , I know , I will go see Yemi, Yemi’s hands on my temple always made me feel better ……….hmmmmm



MRS- I need to calm down, just checked my blood pressure 140/80, hmmm, what’s wrong with me, yesterday was so bad, my Mum in law arrived around 4pm, she was pleasant enough, she gave me a hug and asked how I have been, I knelt down on my two knees asked her what she would like to eat, she looked shocked  at my action, asked me to get up, that there was no need for drama, she had eaten and would just lie a cup of tea. I had rehearsed this moment all through yesterday morning, my first impression to impress her had backfired.


I had to remake the tea twice, the first time I made it with sugar , I was so nervous I forgot to ask her if she took sugar with her tea, she requested for honey instead, I drove out to the supermarket to get some honey, on the way I called Mr. he didn’t pick up his phone.

Got back home my Mum in law asked why I took so long, I apologized, gave her the Tea and scampered off to my bedroom, a few minutes later my phone rang, it was my Mum in law, she wanted to know when Mr. was coming back, she had tried his no, he didn’t pick it up, I politely told her he will soon be back.

Am so stressed out, not sure how long I can keep this ‘’perfect behaving wife attitude on’’.

I called the restaurant , reminded them to make Yam and pepper chicken sauce with eggs, for this morning, it must be brought to the house by 8am, through the back door I showed them yesterday, they must not ring the doorbell. The plan is to empty all the food into pots.  I asked them to come along with the egg shells and the yam peel, I will display all on the kitchen work top, wear an apron and reheat them all, the smell will feel the kitchen, My mum in law would not be any wiser……, she wants home cooked food, that’s what she will gets….hmmmmm








Day 8

MR- So much Drama everywhere, I survived yesterday, whoa, thank you God.  It was a very eventful day.

First, I woke up yestermorning feeling awesome, Yemi is amazing, and the guy should get an award for the best masseuse ever. He knows how to massage every part of your brain, brought my stress right down to Zero.

Mrs., O my gosh, she surprised everyone, she cooked the most amazing breakfast yesterday, My Mum , thank God, was so impressed, she kept calling me a lucky man for having such a homely wife. She praised my wife, prayed for her, she even insisted Mrs. Cook lunch but we already had reservations for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised but I hid my excitement, at this rate, we might not need our chef back, she learned so fast.  Am glad, Mum and Mrs. are getting on fine.

Kola turned up around 4pm, I told him I wasn’t going out. After a lot of bantering we agreed to drive out to a nearby café to gist. He started off with my crazy attitude in the office, I apologized told him the whole sexy PA saga, ’Kola you know me, do you think I can deal with another jezebel in my life?, am sorry I can’t, it’s as if someone somewhere is trying to kill me’’. Kola laughed and said I was over reacting but he agreed we should recall the candidates. I told him I would do the interviews myself.

As for Sandra case, she had already called my phone 12 times, sent text, but I refused to pick or reply the text. Kola too wasn’t spared, Sandra had called him so many times and he didn’t know what other excuse to give, so he also stopped picking. He decided to go over to her party and make excuses for me, well he was on his own…..

One other thing thou, I got an unexpected email from Teni, something about her coming into the country?, I wasn’t able to read all of it cos while trying to scroll down in panic I mistakenly deleted it, I hope and pray it’s not what am thinking…hmmmmm



MRS- Yes lord, thank you Jesus, I finally got my Mum in Laws approval, she praised me, hugged me and prayed for me, I know it’s only the start of a long journey but my plan is working.

The restaurant staff arrived with the food right on time, my mum in law was in the bathroom, I poured the yam in a pot, the egg sauce in a frying pan and scattered the yam peel and egg shells on the counter top. Put on an apron and sprinkled some water on my face to look as if I had been sweating , then I put the eggs on a low heat and put a hot little water in the yam , as I had been instructed by the restaurant staff. By the time she was done in the bath the whole kitchen was full of the aroma. I served breakfast at 9 am on the dot, called my mum in law and Mr. Down for breakfast.

I know am walking on thin ice, I haven’t told Mr., I know if I do  he might just ask me to bring the chef back, and that he would handle his mum, but strangely enough, as much as it seems like I can’t be bothered, I do want my mum in laws approval.

I watched Mr. as he took his first bite, he was careful, very small piece of yam, as if he was expecting to be poisoned. But as soon as the food got in his mouth the expression on his face changed to pleasantly surprised, he looked at me looked at the food, smiled again and continued eating, I can only imagine what was going through his mind, as for my mother in law, I suddenly became ‘’My dear’’, she had called me ‘’Sisi mi’’ up until that point. Yep, I did it…….. I was rescued from lunch and dinner, when Mr. confirmed we had a late lunch reservation for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I quickly called my restaurant to cancel the semolina and vegetable soup I had ordered for our late lunch at home. Whoa, thank God, tomorrow is another day….

Hmmm, My Range arrived today, it looks so amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t driven it yet, I was so pre occupied with pleasing my Mum in law, I just looked at it when it arrived and went back into the house to continue with the house work. Oh I forgot to mention we gave all the domestic staff a few weeks off, my mum in law, doesn’t understand why I can’t clean the house, when I sit at home all day, no children to take care of and I can’t tidy the house. I overheard her talking to Mr. on Friday, about why did we need so many maids, only two maids , and she called them so many, anyway, yesterday , I gave them 2 weeks off, I will show my mum in law am a very good wife and her son is lucky to have me……..hmmmmm



Day 9

MR- Mrs. is not happy, am confused you know, what’s the matter you ask? Well I will tell you what happened.

After the amazing breakfast Mrs. cooked on Saturday morning, we went out for dinner, then skipped breakfast yesterday cos mum insisted we go to church with her, I will gist about that later.

Anyway after church, I decided we stop at a fast food place and get some takeaway, to give Mrs. a break from all the work she’s been dong. We got home, ate, it was a lot of food so Mrs. didn’t need to cook again for dinner. We finally retired for bed. In Bed I held Mrs. hands and thanked her for all the hard work she’s been doing since my mum came to stay, I also said I would like to make love to her now, I outlined that with my busy schedule we should be able to fit in love making at least twice a week, I initially thought once a week on Saturday but I believe I could squeeze in one more time. Mrs. looked at me as if I was speaking gibberish, she rolled her eyes a couple of times, hissed, turned over and went to sleep. I was confused, up until a minute ago she was all smiles, what’s up with this sudden freeze mode? I tried to talk to her, touch her, she just ignored me. What’s going on what did I say wrong? I don’t know.

This morning, as I write she’s still in bed, she got up a few minutes ago, to go to the bathroom, I said good morning she just walked past and ignored me. What have I done? Women are just too complicated for me. I guess I will leave her to cool down…..

Main while, I can’t stop thinking the worst of this Teni’s email, did it say she was definitely coming to the country or she was thinking about it, I don’t even recollect, I pray it’s not the latter. The last time I was with her, just before I got married, we had a disagreement, I want to apologize and her acceptance of my apology was her giving me a hot slap. I couldn’t hear properly for days. She has always been aggressive, I do have a sneaking feeling that she can kill me if she finds out I dumped her and got married to someone else. O my gosh, that reminds me, Teni and I are still dating, I never really official broke up with her you know….

As for Sandra, she sent me a stinker text saying, ‘’Babes, you can run but you can’t hide, just remember am watching you…’’. What does she mean? Imagine that, threatening me, sometimes I wish I never listened to Kola, he asked me to ‘sow my royal oats’’, date a few girls, string them along until the end, then decide on the one you want to get married too, he left out the most important part, what comes after, now am left on my own to clear up the mess ….hmmmmm


MRS-NO NO, I reject it, this can’t be happening to me, a timetable for love making? Mr. must be out of his mind, I could not believe the crap he was spewing out yester night about our love making schedule, I must be dreaming somebody pinch me. If he thinks I will concur to that nonsense he must be joking, we just got married, how old are we, that we can’t make love twice a day every day, yeah am in trouble, Mr. wants to ruin my life, where are my friends when I need them , what am I going to do now? I hope I haven’t made mistake?


Oh, that reminds me, I read a few of Bab’s message during the night I couldn’t stop thinking about him, especially after Mr. spewed out his timetable. O my gosh, he is still so sweet, he professed his undying love for me , and said he’s make himself better, so that I will be proud of him, he pleaded with me to call him, I feel so guilty, I don’t want to break his heart, how do I tell him I am married?.

Back to life, for lunch today, My mum in law has requested for original pounded yam not the powdered one, I have asked the restaurant to buy me a mortar, the girl is going to bring the pounded yam already made, I will just rub some on the side, pretend am pounding, once am sure my mother in law can hear the sound of the mortar, voila, pounded yam ready. As for the vegetable soup, same process pour in pot heat up.

Come to think of it though, how long can I keep this up, what if she finds out? Alternatively I will get Mr. to send his driver to take her out but I just remembered am not speaking to Mr. for now, until his incorrect head become correct, love making timetable indeed…

I will ask her to take a walk in our estate, enjoy the fresh air, before she gets back lunch will be ready, that’s a better plan. How do I tell her am going out, I’ve got to see my girlfriends today, I need a strategy to kill Mr.’s timetable issue…..hmmmmm






DAY 10


MR- Yes, now I know I am official in trouble, Mrs. Still isn’t talking to me properly, she managed a ‘’good night’’ and ‘’good morning’’ today. Loads on my mind, Mrs., My Mum and the Jezebels I invited into my life. Well I will take one at a time,

Mrs., has been sulking since Saturday night, am not sure why she should get upset about love making schedule if Saturday is not convenient for her, she should have just explained, rather than giving me the silent treatment, maybe she wants Monday or Thursday, I can still squeeze love making into those days, before she went for her morning jog, she left a note for me saying we need to talk when I get back from work, I guess we will resolve it then. I am a man of order, I need to plan ahead for everything in my life, I can’t just make love spontaneously, I need to fit it into my schedule, who doesn’t?

My Mum, is getting unreasonable, she has asked me to consider starting a family immediately, she wants plenty grandchildren, did I hear her say grandchildren, am only planning on 1 child, she will have to look elsewhere for that, with all the expenses of raising a child and the stress in the world, why would anyone want to bring more than 1 into the world, that’s reminds me when is she leaving?

The most pressing issue now is that my body is on fire , I missed out making love on Saturday, my body still needs some ,I tried a couple of times with Mrs. last night, she just pushed me away, even begged just for one round , she blatantly refused , wouldn’t even let me touch her.  Am really trying to hold it but its driving me crazy. You won’t believe that  on my way to work this morning  Sandra called , she wanted us to  meet up for lunch to sort things out, she said ,why should she call at this time ?, when am almost going crazy, I needs Mrs. desperately not Sandra , I can’t go see Sandra like this, am just looking for trouble, it’s bad enough when my body is stable , but now it would be criminal , am supposed to be a man of order , but order doesn’t seem to be considering my feelings right now ,on the other hand, maybe I really need Sandra for times like this …..Hmmmmm


MRS- I hope am not taking this silent treatment with Mr. too far, he looked so desperate yester night when he was pleading with my, for one round, my body was on fire too, but I was determined to punish him for that nonsense he spewed out the other day, Anyway I will end it tonight when he comes home, punishment over.


My mum in law ,that woman is getting on my last nerve, she is so stressful, she told me this morning she’s invited two of her friends for dinner, imagine, without consulting me , they want to eat vegetable soup with semolina, and fresh fish, she even when to say how she bragged about my cooking to them. Very funny, only if she knew my secret weapon, anyway at least I intend to get away with it until she leaves.  I already called the restaurant to increase the portions they were bringing, no problem, all arranged.

As if that wasn’t enough she started prying into our personal life asking me if we had started practicing well well for children, I politely answered yes Ma. The truth is,  am not ready for kids now, I need to keep my shape , give it 2  or 3 years from now , then we can consider it, have 2 or 3 kids , I would love 2 girls and a boy. I pray the girls look like me and the boy looks like Mr.….

O my, I do have a secret, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, I do really love Mr., he’s a good man but I can stop comparing him to Babs. Since Saturday night I have been communicating with Babs on Facebook, he asked me to send him a picture of me, I did, he sent his too, he looked so handsome, better looking than he was, South Africa has changed him. I really want to see him again.  I plan to tell Mr. I want to go for Toke’s Birthday Party in Joburg, I hope he’s fine with that, why won’t he be?, he likes Toke anyway, I really need to see Babs one more time, am convinced it’s the right thing to do, just to break the news to him, nothing else, am sure I can control myself around him, he has always been a gentle man so I have nothing to worry about. Although he so fine now….hmmmmm


Day 11

MR- I was acting crazy at the office yesterday, I snapped at everyone , kola had to drag me out of the office around  midday, after I had yelled for the 4th time within an hour, he did confess that he had never seen me like that before. I wasn’t myself, with Sandra and Mrs. on my mind. I was literarily playing out R Kelly’s song,

’’ My mind’s telling me no
But my body, my body’s telling me yes
Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody
But there is something that I must confess to you
I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind’’
My minds telling me no, you don’t want to hurt Mrs., but my body is telling me you need this go for it, no harm intended. I really don’t want to, hence the bad mood. I surprised myself , I hadn’t seen this side of me, I slowly began to realize that I have always had my way with woman, they were always available when I needed them, now my hands are being tired by Mrs., the one and only one I was joined with recently.

Kola and I sat in the lounge bar for about an hour, I just drank brandy and smoked a cigar while he sipped on his  gin and tonic, I hadn’t smoked for over 3 years ,but right now I just needed to calm  my nerves and  a cigar and brandy seemed like the logical thing.

Just when I felt like I was finally relaxing, I Suddenly felt hands covering my eyes and I heard a familiar voice asking ‘’guess who’’ it was Sandra, apparently, she had called Kola’s no to ask after me and he had asked her to come over to the lounge.  Sandra stood behind me massaging my shoulders .I didn’t do anything to stop her , I was actually very tipsy and spaced out, bearing in mind it was now around 4 pm, we had been sitting there for a couple of hours, the bar was still pretty empty. I slowly felt my self-succumbing to the massage this jezebel was giving me, my mind wanted to scream ‘’get away from me’’, but my body kept saying ‘’keep going, am in heaven now’’. Well to cut the long story short,  I promise you this wasn’t my fault, the last thing I remembered was kola literarily carrying me out of the lounge , with Sandra in tow…..hmmmmm


MRS- Hey, where was Mr. when I needed him? Am not sure if I will come out of this unscathed. Why the drama?  You ask, well here is what happened.

I told you my MIL invited her friends to have dinner with us yesterday, that wasn’t the problem, the caterer came on time, I did my usual deceptive cooking routine and served the food on the table, my mum in law insisted I eat with them. Here comes the shocker, as soon as my mother in laws friend no 1, took a bite of the food, she said, “Ah, Sisi mi, this food taste exactly like Mama Hope’s restaurant food, did you work there?” My mum in law jumped in, feeling really offended “Ore mi, are you okay? , this is my daughter in law, the one you came for her marriage recently, what do you mean has she worked in a restaurant, does she look like a sales girl ?” Her friend feeling a bit embarrassed, apologized immediately and said she must have been mistaken. At this point, I was literally frozen on my seat, I could not believe I narrowly escaped being found out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Friend no 2, then adds salt to injury, “Sisi Mi, do you have Yam flour at home, would you mind making me some, I prefer it to semolina’’. What? ,I stuttered a little bit , eh sorry Ma , we don’t, at this point my mother in law looked at me, our eyes met, I quickly looked away, I could see the shock written all over my mother in laws face, cos she brought  half a bag of yam flour when she arrived a few days ago.

I kept looking down, wringing my hands and starting to sweat, then miraculously, Friend no 2 said ‘’ don’t worry dear don’t let me stress you , you must have put a lot into preparing this meal for us , I would eat it like that’’.  Hallelujah, the angels were singing, you won’t believe the kind of fresh air that came over me, I instantly realized I had to go to the toilet, I excused, myself and all but ran to my room, what a narrow escape.

When I got back to the table, I looked at my mother in law, I was trying to read her, although after the woman’s comment I could see my Mum in laws expression change, I wasn’t sure if she was upset with her friend or she was pondering over what she said and wondering if there was any truth to it, especially when I said we had no yam flour……. hmmmmm



Day 12

MR- Come on guys, keep your wig on, am not that bad, and am sure your all thinking. Did he? , did he not?, well …I didn’t, mind you, it wasn’t because I didn’t want too but Kola felt, if I was to do , I should be fully conscious of what I was about to do… I totally concur with him. On that note as I left the lounge practically being carried by Kola, he put me in his car, I was still really spaced out, he bade farewell to Sandra, and he drove me home. Mrs. and him, put me to bed. He just told Mrs. I was feeling a bit down and needed some rest, Mrs. was nobody’s fool, she could smell the alcohol on my breath a mile away but she kept quiet. Thank God, My Mum was out of the house when I got brought home, if not, questions galore would have happened, I dodged that bullet.

I woke up yesterday morning with a throbbing headache, Mrs. was standing over me with some hangover remedy she found on line, I was about to refuse to drink it but the look on her face forced me to do otherwise, it was bitter and slimy but I drank every bit and even managed a smile and a “thank you my darling” ….aww, it was terrible, but let’s keep that between us ….

Once my eyes had cleared , she sat next to me , said she wouldn’t even bother asking what I was thinking when I decided to get drunk, she just wants my assurance that it won’t happen again, I apologized saying I don’t know what came over me , I was just missing her  and promised it definitely won’t happen again. She got into bed beside me and we had a wonderful love making session, we didn’t even care my Mum was a few doors away, this time I didn’t disappoint, 3 full rounds and no breaks, Mrs. was fully satisfied. Come to think of it, this getting high and drunk, might just be a good thing…we’ll see.

Finally got myself a PA, who you ask? Well it’s a guy, his name is Tony and he’s my perfect fit for one, smart, dresses well and very experienced. His last job was with an expatriate, I can see I made the right decision, he already picked up some of my calls and told the callers I was busy and I will get back to them later. Guess who two of the calls were from, you got it, Sandra. Very funny, she must be spitting out fire by now…ha ha ha….

We really did have a busy day in the office Kola and I are considering expanding the company, we are thinking of taking on an additional partner, interested parties have been sending their portfolios .we are particularly impressed by one of them, the partner is offering 25% more equity contribution than we asked for and has agreed to be a silent partner, the only clause is that the partner wants to remain anonymous and is requesting we allow a proxy to act on their behalf. Kola and I admit the offer is great, but do we really feel comfortable about the proxy and anonymous partner? It could be anybody. We decided to ask for one meeting face to face, we hope they oblige us, we are still waiting for their response…..

Oh, I forgot to mention,  after Mrs. and I had a shower together, we hadn’t done that in a while, she seemed very happy, she said she had a favor to ask, I said “anything my love”, she asked if I could get her a ticket to go to Joburg for the weekend with her friends, for Toke’s birthday. I said that was fine, I would get her a club class ticket. What I didn’t tell her was that, I would also get one for myself, I want to surprise her, am sure she will be delighted. Won’t reveal the surprise until am dropping her off at the airport…..hmmmmm.

MRS- Oh yeah, Mr. came home drunk yesterday, he practically had to be carried in by his friend Kola, I didn’t say anything cos my conscious was pricking me , I drove him to drink by refusing to make love to him, please don’t judge me yet,  I actually redeemed myself ,  I made up for it yesterday morning , it was great, 3 full rounds nonstop, Mr. was a beast, I must admit ,I was thinking , him getting wasted, might have increased his libido, strange though but…. Hmmmmm

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I did ask Mr. for a ticket to go to joburg, as my friends had suggested, Mr. was so sweet he agreed to buy me a club world ticket, so why do I feel torn, I know I don’t intend to have anything to do with Babs, but say hello, break the news of my getting married and apologize, at least let him down gently, after 5 years of dating I believe I owe him that much….or don’t I?

On a lighter mood, I took out my Range today, I had on a pair jeans, a tee, Gucci bag and sunglasses, I went to show off a bit, that wasn’t the strange part though. As I sat sipping my latte, a lady approached me and asked if I won’t mind if her Boss had a word with me, “Your Boss?” I asked, “Who is he?” You won’t believe who it was, former governor of one of the eastern states. Am sure you are wondering what he wanted, he came over to my table , sat down , asked my name, which I gave, didn’t talk much, he just gave me his no and asked me to call him anytime am in the capital, he asked for mine, but I politely declined. With that he got up, bade me farewell and left and envelope on the table, he said that was for my lunch, I watched him, his PA and a couple of body guards leave the café. I opened the envelope and saw 100 dollar notes, I didn’t count it just put it in my bag, I was too afraid to count right there and then. Immediately I got in my Range, I called Pamela and Toke, asked where they were and I drove off to meet them.

The girls were gob smacked when I showed them the money, we counted it, and it was 5000 dollars, “why would he give you this?” Pamela asked, didn’t he see your ring, “Abi o”, Toke responded, “you married woman are getting all the action, that’s unfair”. “Don’t worry girls you can keep the money, you know I don’t need it”, they both jumped on me and spluttered me with kisses and hugs. I told them Joburg was on, with this money, they can get their tickets, and accommodation sorted, I was going to pay for it anyway, Mr. ex-governor just helped right on time.

With all the excitement going on around me, I still have this guilty pang inside me, why do I feel so bad?, this whole joburg thing is just an innocent trip, yes I lied to Mr., but nothing will happen and I believe I owe Babs, I guess I will just have to let the end justify the means…..hmmmmm




Day 13

MR- I’ve been really busy today, didn’t have time this morning to write in my diary, but thank God, I have a few minutes now.

Well, am sure you are wondering what Mrs. and I have been up to that we didn’t have time to fill in our diaries, well we got a call at 5am this morning, A Doctor called and said Kola had been rushed to his hospital with a stab wound and he had lost a lot of blood. Kola had mentioned me as his next of kin before he slipped into a coma. We just got back from the hospital now to have a bite and go back, we are praying he wakes up before we get back. We still don’t know how he got stabbed, but the neighbor who brought him to hospital said it had to do with a woman, I hope it’s not the one we met yesterday when we went out to get lunch?


Anyway, let’s get back to my day yesterday. Kola and I found out our secret investor was not willing to meet but was willing to increase their offer by 50%, this, ordinarily would have made us so happy, but something smelt fishy, we decided to decline the offer in total and go with another investor, who was willing to be a silent partner for a bit less equity contribution. To celebrate we all went out for lunch. At the restaurant Kola saw this young lady who had come there to have a celebratory lunch with her fiancée. She did tell Kola she was waiting on him when he went to ask for her no, but trust Kola he wasn’t taking no for an answer, he kept pestering the girl, even when she got really irritated and asked Kola to leave her alone if he loved his life cos her fiancée was a notorious gang lord, Kola laughed it off.

Just before we left the fiancée arrived with his entourage, I recognized him from his picture in the daily’s, he was the no 1 drug lord/ gang boss in this part of the country , the crime unit had been after him for years but nothing seemed to stick. I saw the girl point at Kola, the fiancée looked our way and did a ‘I will slash you neck’ impression with his hand, I told Kola, he just laughed it off and gave the guy a ‘Finger.’ That made me really uncomfortable especially when the guy just smiled.

O before I forget I finally got club class tickets to joburg for Mrs. and I, am hoping I can still go with her, with Kola in a coma now, I pray he wakes up before then, everything on my mind bugging me, pales in comparison to Kola’s condition, I can’t even function properly until I know he is okay. Kola and  I have known each other  since we were  babies, our parents were best friends , had us the same month , 1 week apart, I came first. Since then we have done everything together, schooling, working, well everything, except committing to one woman. Our parents still continue to be best friends and live on the same street up until date. He’s my brother and my best friend, Kola must not die…..hmmmmm



MRS- Today has been really scary for me Kola is hanging between life and death, doctors are not sure he’s going to come out of his come, he lost so much blood and he was stabbed very close to his heart, God help him, we have been in the hospital since 5am, just came back home to shower and get a bite to eat, my Mum in Law is spending a few days with her friends, so less chores for me.


I have never seen Mr., like this, he looks so helpless, I wish there was more I could do to comfort him, Kola is his brother, am not sure how he will cope if we lose him. I pray we don’t, that’s all I can say for now.

Here I am now, I can’t even remind Mr. of my ticket to Joburg, I will have to get it with my savings and claim it back from him later. But hang on, why am I being so self-centered, if Kola doesn’t wake up soon, how will I leave Mr. on his own? He will definitely need my morale support, if I don’t stay, I will definitely be tagged a bad wife. Thank God my Mother in law goes back home just before then, cos explain to her am traveling to joburg for a party, will be an upheaval experience.

And by the way am still a bit upset with Mr., this morning when we were going to the hospital, Mr. forgot his phone in the bedroom, he asked me to please go get it for him, as I picked it up a text came in from someone called Sandra, it read, “Hello love, am sure you are sober now, remember what you are missing, its available anyway, anytime”. I wonder what that is supposed to mean. I can’t ask him about it now, but he definitely has some explaining to do later. I really do hope it’s now what am thinking ….hmmmmm


Day 14


MR- Kola is still in a coma but at least the doctor say he’s stable. I’m sitting by his side worried sick, I have called his parents and they arrive today. They need to come and donate blood for him, unfortunately mine is not a match.

Mrs. is behaving a bit funny, I can’t put my finger on it, she’s been a bit snappy and preoccupied, but I promise you there’s something going on, am just too distracted to find out now but I will. I forgot to tell her I bought the tickets, will let her know when she comes back to the hospital later.

As I sit here by Kolas bed I have been reflecting on a lot of things going on in my life, life is so fickly, one minute you are here, the next you are gone. What have I even achieved in life, what have I done, if I die today, what will be said about my life spent on earth. Thinking about it, I can’t even think of anything significant. I don’t want to live life without a purpose or leave this world and not make a mark.

Once Kola comes out of this, which I know he will by God’s grace, we must make a promise to live a life of purpose, cos we can go anytime.

It’s amazing how when something bad happens, we remember to pray, I have prayed more times in the last 2 days, than I did in the past couple of years, shame on me. My life has been preoccupied with work, I have not given time to God, and I always have an excuse, too busy, too tired, I have an early morning meeting etc., but yet I find time to attend parties or go out with the boys, this has to change.  I married a beautiful amazing woman but unfortunately she also seems preoccupied with other things of life, she hasn’t encouraged us to pray regularly or go to church either. Hang on a minute, before you crucify me, am not blaming her, am just saying, am the head of the house , I should lead and she follows , it’s just that where I err , she could help put me back on track, am sure you agree with me.


Don’t think am becoming religious all of a sudden the funny thing is that a grew up in a Christian household, very strict, my dad is a deacon, my mum a women leader in church, we went to church 3 times a week , Sunday service, wed, midweek service and Friday , night vigil, the minute I was old enough and I left home , I rebelled against the church, I confidently said I have gone to church so many times when I was a child, it should last me a life time, but surprisingly this incident with Kola has brought be back to reality.  Why did I shut God out of my life?… Hmmmmm


MRS- Kola should please come out of this coma, it’s causing disruption in my life, Mr. doesn’t have time for me, he’s been in that hospital sitting by his friend since yesterday, and he didn’t even come home with me yesterday evening. I have to get some food and a change of clothes and take it to the hospital later. I pray God heals him quick o.

Don’t look at me like that, am not selfish am just trying to sort my own issues out, Pamela and Toke keep calling me for an update on our trip, they have bought their tickets and made arrangements for our hotel, but I have told them to be patient I will get back to them. I do hope when Kola’s parents arrive today, Mr. will come home and we can sort this matter out. And there’s still the nagging question of who this Sandra is.

Hmmm, last night, I was home alone, I had plenty of time to chat with Babs on messenger, it was so refreshing chatting with him after a long time, he’s still very romantic, my heart missed a beat when he said he’s already applying for jobs here and that once he gets back, we can get married, he believes he will be able to afford to take care of me then. I couldn’t tell him that I was already taken, I just sent a smiley face, am not wicked you know, on the contrary, I just feel it’s better said face to face….

I feel so terrible, but relieved at the same time, at least I get to see him soon, and I will straighten everything out then. I sit here comparing what it would have been like marrying Babs instead of Mr. I must admit they do have a lot in common , except one trumps one in the wallet department and the other in the bedroom department. Thinking about it, am not sure which I would rather do without, now that I have tested both options, I guess it’s obvious now that I made my choice……hmmmmm








Day 15-

MR- O my gosh, am so happy, Kola blinked twice yesterday afternoon, the Doctor said this means he’s slowly coming out of the coma, praise be to God. I sat next to him all day, reading the bible, I kept reading and reading, I found it so comforting, I hadn’t read the bible in years, surprisingly it addressed my own fears as well, I am currently on a 3 day fast for him, I remember God never fails, Kola will wake up with no brain damage, as this is on the list of what could go wrong once he wakes up.

His parents arrived yesterday, his dad wasn’t able to give blood because he was found to be anemic, his mums gave some but more was required.  While we were still contemplating how to buy some blood from the blood bank, a young lady came in to see Kola, she was beautiful, elegantly dressed but at the same time had an innocence about her, she said hello to us and immediately laid hands on Kola and began to pray in tongues, she prayed for almost an hour, during her prayer was when Kola blinked.

After she was done, Kolas parents and I asked who she was, she looked at us and smiled saying “He’s my first love, he made me a woman, then left without a word. I had made a vow that the first man who makes love to me is the one I will marry. After he left, I prayed for years to find him and then just last week I ran into an old friend of ours, who told me where Kola worked, I was at his office yesterday and was told he was here in hospital, so I came to see my husband, he doesn’t know it yet but we are meant to be together.  When we were dating, a man of God prayed for us and told us we will be married and have a fruitful life. Kola just laughed it off but I could tell the man was telling the truth. Since Kola left, no one has asked me out, and I guess Kola is still single too? ”. I nodded my head in astonishment, his parents went over to her and hugged her and they seemed so happy, his dad looked at her and said “welcome to the family”. After that the day went great, not surprising though, her blood was a match, she gave all that was needed.  The doctors have now put Kola’s chances of recovering at 90%, that’s so good compared to the 30% to 40%, it was predicted at before. Thank God.


Oh, I told Mrs. I got her ticket yesterday, I saw the way her eyes lit up, it reminded me of the day I proposed to her, she’s so beautiful, I love her so much, I really do want her to be happy, I pray Kola wakes up before the weekend so I can go with her to joburg and spoil her some more, I haven’t told her am coming along , I want it to be a surprise, am sure she’ll be so happy…….hmmmmm


MRS- Yes, Yes, am so happy and I just can’t hide it, I got my ticket for joburg yesterday, Business class, Mr. is a darling, he has aloes promised me shopping money. I do feel a bit guilty, why you ask?  Well I know am determined not to have anything physical with Babs but the fact that I lied to Mr., hmmm, that makes me seem so cold and deceitful. But am not, am just considerate of others feelings, I feel Babs deserves a gentle let down. Am sure you will agree with me or don’t you?

O did I tell you, Babs asked me what sort of engagement ring I would like or would I prefer to pick one out myself, once he gets back? I intentional avoided the question, I just sent a message back saying, “let’s talk about that late”. This is beginning to get more complicated, he doesn’t even know am coming over.

My Mum in law came back home yesterday, trouble is brewing I can feel it, she brought home a takeaway rice bowl with vegetable sauce, she said friend no 1, bought it for her and she decided to heat it up and eat it at home. Guess what she gave it to me to heat for her, when I looked at the label, voila, it was from the same restaurant I get my food from, o my gosh , My Mum in laws friend is trying to proof herself right by destroying my life, I reject it.

I quickly poured the food in the bin, told my mum in law it was off, I dished her some of the fried rice I just got to take to Mr., he just called to tell me he was fasting anyway, so no lunch. She was fine with it. That was a close shave, why is this Friend no 1 out to get me, I guess it’s because my Mum in law all but called her crazy when she said my food tasted like Mama Rose restaurants food.

Now she’s on a mission to proof herself right, okay, if that what she wants the game is on, I need a new strategic, I feel a girlfriend meeting agenda no 2, to get rid of friend No 1, coming on, Babs engagement issue is already agenda No 1, I have a lot to do, I better get a move on ……hmmmmm






Day 16


MR- I feel so good today, I complete my fasting and prayer session. It’s been so exhilarating, I feel a new me coming on, anyway am sure I will evolve as the days go on.

Yesterday was good, Tammy, Kolas long lost girl, and I sat with Kola all day, we took turns reading the bible to him, for the first time in years my faith has increased tremendously, I now know for sure, that Kola will be alright. Tammy is an amazing girl, she told me about her life, her future plans and her hearts desires, I can see she will make a wonderful wife for Kola, I was a bit jealous of him, she’s the kind of woman who will stay with you through thick and thin, Kola is a lucky boy, I pray he realizes it.

The day could have gone perfectly, but a certain person showed up to say hello to Kola, and she all but caused a scene when she saw me sitting with Tammy, here is what happened-

Tammy and I were holding hands prayer, just then we heard a voice saying, “I see you have found yourself a new honey? What’s wrong with me, she’s not even as fine as me. I guess you need glasses to see well”. We ignored her and kept prayer, so she went on hissing, clapping her hands, she didn’t even care that we were in kola’s hospital room, when we finally finished praying she moved closer to Tammy and said, “hey you he’s taken, am the only side honey in his life and you can’t come from nowhere and try to edge me out, it won’t happen, so get stepping”. I immediately stood in between them, Tammy looked so shocked, then Sandra held my hand and said, “ honey , if it’s a church girl you want , I can be one you know, I know how to pray better than that”, pointing at Tammy.

I led her out of the room and out of the hospital into the car park, pleaded with her to go and that I will call her later, she made me promise several times that I will call, before she finally drove off. That girl is a witch, I know it, I must include her issue in my prayer points, even if I have to do another 4 day fast and pray to get her out of my life, I will.

I have been expecting Mrs., she hasn’t been to see me since yesterday morning, she popped in for a few seconds, said she was on her way to see her friends, Pamela and Toke, I tried calling her phone a couple of times it was busy, I hope she’s okay, I must make it up to her, I have been so preoccupied with Kolas situation I haven’t really had a lot of time for her, I do hope she understands.

We do have some meetings lined up in the office today, am glad I can leave Kola in Tammy’s capable hands. After the Sandra incident, I tried to explain and apologize, she told me to forget it, she understood. She’s so gentle ad understanding.  Anyway I’ve got to go now, work is waiting, I just came home to shower and get ready for work.

Oh by the way , am not sure why, but I have been comparing Tammy to Mrs. and the difference is clear, I think am spending too much time with Tammy, tonight I sleep at home with Mrs.……..hmmmmm


MRS-Pamela and Toke are geniuses, I don’t know what I will do without them , their advice is always spot on, they have answers to all my problems, oh I know am blabbing but am just so happy they have come up with plans for all my worries.

First we discussed Babs and his hopes to be my future husband, Toke asked me a hard question, she said, “do you still love him”, on a normal day, I should have said, No immediately, but surprisingly I had to think about It for a while, I still didn’t give a straight answer, all I said was “well what’s love, I forgot about him once I married Mr. and then some events trigged his feeling in me, is that love? I don’t know, all I know is I love Mr. and I feel something for Babs”.

Pamela, looked at me and said, “Are you sure you will be able to tell Babs you are married once you see him? Cos the way you were gisting us about him buying you an engagement ring, if I didn’t know any better,  I will say you’re in love with this guy?”, “Oh come on Pamela , I was just recanting what he wrote.”

Toke, jumped in and asked “so are we going or not”, I jumped up, smiled and said “yes we are, on Friday we are off to joburg business class style”, we all hugged and laughed. Pamela then said “hmmm, this is going to be a weekend to remember”.


After Babs issue was discussed , I wanted to table my Mother in laws friends no 1’s issue , but Toke said she had news, apparently, she took the business card the ex-governor guy gave me the other day, called him and now  he’s  meeting us in Joburg. She told the guy she was going for her birthday next weekend and the man invited himself, who does that? This man smells like trouble, Pamela and I didn’t find this funny and we told her that much. “Toke you know we are on a mission, this fake party thing was just an excuse to give our friend’s husband, what are you playing at?” Pamela said.  “Don’t worry” Toke said, he’s promised to send me money tomorrow to pay for my birthday party in Joburg”, As if we had rehearsed it, Pamela and I said “what, are you crazy?’’….hmmmmm



Day 17


MR- “It doesn’t really matter how many times you reject me, what’s meant to be will be”. That’s what Sandra said to me once, she was referring to our imaginary relationship.

But in this case, it will never be.  I try and try to get rid of this girl but she keeps popping up everywhere I go.  I didn’t keep my Promise to get in touch, so she came looking for me in the office, the funny thing was that, she came dressed in a long skirt and blouse with a scarf, I didn’t even recognize her when she walked in, she had this cool demeanor about her, she said hello to me and sat down opposite me. You won’t believe it but I busted out laughing, I did continuously, she just sat there looking at me. it took me a whole 2 minutes to calm down then I turned to her and said ‘’ A leopard can’t change its spots, if you take old wine and pour it in a new bottle it would still be old wine, Sandra, dressing up to look innocent and holy won’t make you so, please leave my office cos am busy. To my surprise, she got up, said she was sorry and left. I did a double take, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, what?, no come backs, no gesticulations, she just politely said sorry and left, “Hmmm, this Jezebel is up to something, I bind whatever it is in the Name of Jesus”.


Kola’s condition is getting better, he stirred a few times yesterday and the doctor said that means he’s slowly coming out of his coma. I could see how tired Tammy was, she had been with him for 2 days straight without leaving his side, not even to have a bath. I asked her where she was staying , she said she was meant to stay with a friend but she hasn’t had time to call her yet, I told her not to bother , she can come freshen up, rest and have something to eat at ours, I have already cleared it with Mrs. and she’s okay with it. She thanked me by giving me a hug and said I was a wonderful brother to Kola and she was glad she met me. The strangest thing happened when she hugged me though, this funny feeling came over me, and I had to gently push her away quickly, “What’s going on with me? I don’t usually fall for woman this easily, am I actually having feelings for her? Noooo, that’s not possible, she’s just a nice girl I like”. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts, dropped the lunch I took for her, promised to come back later, to take her to the house and left.


On the drive back to the office, I called Mrs., asked her if Tammy could stay, she said yes so quickly and dropped the phone, “what’s up with Mrs.? She’s been snappy, irritable and preoccupied”. With that I decided to drive home instead, today, we must get to the bottom of this.

As I walked into our bedroom, I could see she was busy concentrating on her laptop, as soon as she saw me she shut it quickly, I ignored that and asked what was up with her. She claimed it was just house work and chores. Okay, I agreed with her, even though I could feel strongly  it was something deeper, I asked her to recall the helps and that I would clear it with my Mum, I believe she had proven herself worthy of my Mum’s approval. As for Mrs., am sure I will find out soon what she hiding, Trust me……..hmmmmm




MRS- Mr. called to ask if it would be okay for Tammy to come spend the night at our place, I said it was fine. The truth is I couldn’t be bothered either way. At that minute I was busy chatting with Babs, he had just asked me if I would marry him once he gets back?, Marry, oh my gosh, I felt so heartless, my mind was so muddled up, I couldn’t respond, that was when Mr.’s call came in, I wasn’t really concentrating on what Mr. was saying, I just said Yes and put down the phone, didn’t even bother to find out if he was on his way home.

I had enough on my plate. My Mum in Law  requested for another round of vegetable soup yester night , she wanted me to cook it last night  so she can have it on its own this  morning, she said she feels a bit constipated and that  veg is a natural laxative. I didn’t sleep until 12 midnight, I had to drive around looking for vegetable soup with stock fish, my usual restaurant was about to close when I got there, they had sold out their vegetable and stock fish, unfortunately they didn’t have any in the freezer, it was too late to go to the market, so was left with driving around trying to find some. You might be wondering why I didn’t just tell her I didn’t have ingredients to cook it immediately.  Don’t bother, when she was coming over to visit us she brought everything, trust me whatever she asks for she defiantly knows we’ve got it cos she brought some. I finally got some from a late night restaurant, the chef had to practically throw something together for me in a hurry , for that I had to pay double, I didn’t  really care about the money, at least I got the soup.

This morning she complained about the soup , that it was too salty, and didn’t have enough stock fish, usually I would apologize but today I just said “mum please manage it, I’ve got to go out now” she looked at me surprised and continued eating, I guess she was  shocked at my response and  decided to let me be.

My mind was still piecing together how to reply to Babs question ,I left him hanging since yesterday evening, I was about to type a response to Babs on messenger, when Mr. walked in, I immediately shut my laptop and said Hi, fortunately he ignored the laptop and asked me what was going on with me. I said “nothing my darling, I’ve just been a bit stressed with the house work, cooking and coming to the hospital, I’ll be fine, how’s Kola doing and where’s Tammy?”

I didn’t even give him a chance to talk about me, his response was cool, he said Kola was out of the worst and he will go pick Tammy later. Phew, I dogged the bullet on this one. Mr., just said if I say it’s just the stress then he believes me, he asked me to recall the house helps and the chef, he will explain to his mother, after all, this is his house not hers. With that he went back to the office. For me it was mission accomplished, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone, still had one more to kill……..hmmmmm




Day 18

MR- Hallelujah, Kola is awake, he suddenly opened his eyes, while I was there to pick Tammy, he was a bit dazed for a few minutes but immediately he set eyes on Tammy, he was so happy, unknown to us he had been regretting his decision to leave her, he actually thought she would have gotten married, that’s why he never went to look for her. The reunion was lovely, they hugged and kissed, Kola was back, he was a bit weak but he was still as witty as ever, we all thanked God together, Kola insisted that Tammy go home with me, to get some rest, since he was awake now and out of danger.


Tammy, cried for joy all the way home, she was so happy Kola had accepted her immediately and put up no resistance. Just before we left the hospital, Kola’s parents came to see him, we left them there. When we got home, Mrs. had gone out but my mum was home. Mum complained to me about being hungry, she said Mrs. went out to get something since and has not returned. Tammy offered to see what she could rustle together quickly for mum to eat, she went into the kitchen, 30 minutes later, she came out with amazing semolina and vegetable soup, my mum’s favorite, we all settled down to eat, it was delicious, my mum, trust her, made a comment, saying, “Now this is home cooking, not like your wife’s food that taste like party food”. I looked at my Mum unapprovingly, but in my heart I knew she was right, Mrs. sudden cooking genius, baffled me as well, Mrs. could not cook to save her life, just as my Mother comes to stay, she suddenly turns into a super chef, cooking all sorts of dishes. I didn’t think of asking her how she managed to become an expert so fast, but I must admit, the thought did cross my mind that there was something or someone helping her secretly.

Anyway, now that Kola was out of his coma, I could go with Mrs. to Joburg, without worrying about leaving my friend helpless.  He’s awake , doing fine, got his parents and best of all Tammy, so that definitely frees me up to take a weekend break with my Mrs., We need this break, I feel a disconnect between Mrs. and I , I believe a weekend alone should knock us right back on track……hmmmmm

I called Mrs., her phone just rang out, she had been away from the house for a couple of hours, no one knew where she was and she was not picking up her calls. As I sat there eating Tammy’s food, I reflected on my developing feelings for Tammy, I could tell they were just platonic, she had come on the scene just as I was reconnecting with God and these past few days I’ve spent with her, she has helped me understand the bible better and how to pray to get answers, am glad she showed up when she did. Mrs. surely has a few things to learn from her.

Half way through our darling Mrs. Walks in, looking so stressed, she says hello to everyone and rather than join us on the dining table, she goes straight to the bedroom. Normally I would get up, follow her into the room to find out what the matter was but this time I felt she was taking liberties, with our guest and my mum sitting at the table the least she could have done was come over to apologize for taking so long to get back, enquire how everyone was doing, then excuse herself properly, before going to the bedroom. This time am just going to ignore her, I know how she hates it when I don’t bother about her feelings, that will teach her to do the right thing next time……..hmmmmm



MRS- Speaking of birds to kill, this one bird was proofing very stubborn o. I drove around our estate for over an hour trying to come up with ways to “”kill”” it, I also didn’t want to go back home to face my mum in law and her wahala, I thought to myself,  if she gets really hungry she can eat toast.

In the last couple of days I have dug myself deeper and deeper into this Babs issue, because of Mr.’s absence from home, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands especially at night, I’ve sat up every night for the last 2 days chatting with Babs, the more I chatted, the deeper I got, I have technically been stringing the guy along, knowing that am married and cannot marry him as well. This joburg idea, is really giving me stress, not sure what to do, I care about Babs buy I love Mr.  Honestly I do, don’t think I don’t, I’ve been asking myself if am doing the right thing by going to see Babs, with the way am feeling, am not sure I can fully control myself around him.

I know you must be thinking am crazy, she has an amazing husband, caring, loving, compassionate and generous, and what else is she looking for? , please do try and understand, I strongly believe in my heart that I need to do this, to let Babs down gentle and get him out of my system once and for all.

Babs and I dated for 5 Years, he was caring, compassionate, God fearing but broke, and I tried to hang on in the relationship, until I couldn’t take it anymore, he was my first love, I really thought we were going to end up together. I remember the first time Babs and I made love, it was my first time, he was so gentle, we both cried at the end of it. That day he promised to love me forever and so did I. Then we grew up and love was no longer enough nor was it blind, in fact my love wore contact lenses, I could no longer be with a guy who had been struggling throughout our relationship, trying to sort himself out, he was also unable to take care of my needs, I needed a man who had money in his hands.

The funny thing is that I stayed out of the house for hours, just driving around, ignored Mr.’s call, when I finally got home I just said hello to everyone and went straight to my room. I could see that my mum in law, Tammy and Mr. we’re having lunch, I guessed Mr. had to get some takeout, since I was “”missing in action”. Surprisingly though, Mr. didn’t get up to follow me, which would have been his usual practice, he didn’t even respond to my greeting, he just stared at me unapprovingly, as if to say , “what do you think you are doing?”.

All I could think of at the moment was, “I really do hope I’m not about to bite off more than I can chew” ………hmmmmm



Day 19

MR-I honestly wasn’t aware that being married and trying to stay focused on your wife was a full time job. I am having to deal with 3 different woman, who through some fault of mine are still holding out for my marriage proposal, in actual fact it’s just 2 of them , the 3rd one is just crazy, she knows that am married, but still keeps coming at me. I am trying to get my Christian life back on track but am also aware that if I don’t deal with the issues relating to these woman who are still partly in my life and shouldn’t be , I would be taking one step forward and two steps back.

Mrs. and I made love yesterday, it was great, I guess cos we hadn’t in almost a week. It was actually spontaneous, not on my schedule. Don’t make fun of me, I just like order, I know I take it a bit too far sometimes but am trying to change. Anyway, Mrs. was lying on the bed when I came in, I decided to give her a back rub, one thing led to another and we made passionate love. The strangest thing happened though , all the crazy women in my life kept flashing through my mind while I was making love to Mrs. I hate it, when that happens, it makes me feel like am cheating on Mrs., am glad I’ve made up my mind to confront my fears and sort all this mess out.

First things first, I’ve got to take my Mrs. away for a while, spend some time pampering her, I guess we could both do with some pampering. Am so looking forward to our trip tomorrow.

By the way I just remembered there was something I forgot to tell you. My Uncle Dave, popped round to see my mum yesterday before she left. While he was here, he decided to give me some very useful marital advice.

Youngman, he said, marriage is an institution, you might think you have it all figured out now, but nothing can prepare you for the challenges ahead. Just make God your focal point, trust each other, communicate and make each other your best friend, these will get you through. I was a bit surprised he didn’t mention love, so I pointed that out, he laughed, Love only last so long my boy, what holds you together is the friendship, trust me on this. I didn’t quite agree with him but I said okay. I also thought to myself, he has been happily married to one woman for 30+ years, he must have a pretty good idea of what it takes to stay married and be happy.

Also yesterday, Kola surprised us all, he proposed to Tammy and she said yes, whoa, am so excited, he wants them to go to the registry as soon as he’s out of hospital. The doctors have said they need to observe him for at least another week.

Kola’s parents were so happy, although his Mum was initially a bit upset that she won’t get to call all her friend to her Son’s wedding but Kola dosed that fear by promising a white wedding for some time next year. I, on my part, as best man, promised to host everyone to an amazing dinner and dance to celebrate after we leave the registry. I must really make it a night to remember……hmmmmm


MRS- You won’t believe am already packing my bags for the trip, its taking longer than usual, cos am trying to look my best for this meeting, I haven’t seen Babs in close to 3 years, I need to look my best, I guess I justified this by thinking at least he will know Mr. is taking good care of me.

Mr. and I made love yesterday, it was so good, Mr. came into the room, ignored my sulking and just started to rub my back, this lit my whole body up and before we knew it we were making hot passionate love, all my sulking melted away for the time being, surprisingly I didn’t think about Babs at all, it was that good. I am beginning to feel that making love almost every day is not as exciting and enjoyable as when you have not made love in a few days. I think I like this side of Mr., maybe I judged him too quickly, to think my misjudgment was what got this Babs issue started…..

O Yeah, Kola proposed to Tammy, that was fast, he’s barely out of his coma, I hope he knows what he’s doing. Tammy seems like a good girl anyway, although  I must admit am happy he’s finally getting hooked, cos I worry sometimes when he and Mr. go out on their boys night out, he a single guy and Mr. a married man…….you fill in the dots.

And my most embarrassing experience of all,  not sure if I told you but My mum in law leaves today, yesterday, she called me into her room for a mother daughter talk, she called it, she thanked me for all my effort to please her and you won’t believe it , she then thanked me for all the food I bought form Mama Rose restaurant, I was gobsmaked , I didn’t even realize my mouth was open, she just said , “it’s okay dear, I know I come across as a very stern mother in law , but am not, I just want the best for my son, the fact that you were willing to go through all that stress to please me, shows me that you are a good wife, and you have my full seal of approval”.  She then added, “I found out on the first day I arrived, I was coming to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I saw you empty the egg sauce into the wok and the yam into the pot”. I was so ashamed I had been found out and so relived at the same time. She gave me a hug and advised me to get Tammy to teach me how to cook something’s. “Let’s keep my son out of this, this will be our little secret, am sure next time I visit you will really cook for me”. With that she walked out of the room, into the car waiting to take her back home……..hmmmmm







Day 20

MR- I need to stop being a chicken, man up and call Teni and Jane to break up with them formally. What do you mean you are already married, you say?  Well yes, I am married but I just got it into my thick skull that I never actually broke it off formally with my 2 ex-girlfriends. O come on, don’t look at me like that, and I sincerely have not had anything to do with them since I got married. As for Jane , no problem,  a phone call, an email or even a text to let her down gentle should do, she’s always been patient , why didn’t I get married to her you ask?. Well I don’t know, she was just too English for me. Born and raised in England, lived there most of her life, I met her when I went for my masters in England, she was an undergraduate, we hit if off immediately, in short, she made my stay in very pleasurable. When I was returning to my country, she wanted me to stay but I promised to come back often, which I did, until I got married.

As for Teni, hmmm, that’s another story, I met her at my old job right before Kola and I started our own company she was smart, beautiful and ambitious.  I thought, this was the kind of woman I want by my side every day of my life. Barely a month into our relationship she started exhibiting all kinds of strange traits I hadn’t noticed before, she became possessive, domineering, opinionated , she was simply out of make matters worse she smoked and drank like a fish.

I remember an incident at a company dinner, she got so drunk she vomited right three on the banquet table in from of our all our coworkers and clients, I believe that was one of the reasons she left the company and eventually relocated to Canada.

We kept in touch for a long time, I even went over to see her a couple of times, why you ask?, well I couldn’t tell you, but as crazy as she is, she’s the kind of girl you love being around when she’s cool, she once gave me a dirty slap because I upset her, I couldn’t hear for days from that ear. You don’t want to be on her bad side, I would definitely be emailing her to let her know I’m breaking up with her. I got an email from her the other day but mistakenly deleted it, not sure what it said. I hope it had nothing to do with her coming back.

Am sorry. I’ve been blabbing on a bit, forgot to update you on what went on yesterday, too late now, I’ll fill you in tomorrow……hmmmmm


MRS-My heart hasn’t stopped pounding since yesterday evening, I don’t know what the matter is exactly, am all packed ready for my flight tomorrow morning. I went out for lunch with Pamela and Toke yesterday, all they could talk about was our trip, how much shopping they were going to do, I heard them talking but I was not listening, Images of Mr. and Babs kept flowing through my mind, I kept rehearsing what I will say to Babs when I first see him, what will I do when he tries to kiss me? How would I break the news and when? , will it be the first time I see him or when we are about to fly back home, so many questions and so few answers.

While still lost in thought, Toke dropped a bomb shell, I was definitely all hears when it dropped, the ex-governor guy, invited her out and when she was leaving he gave her $15,000 dollars for her birthday party, he took a rain check. He said something came up, so he wouldn’t be able to fly down but Toke should enjoy the party with her friends. She said he promised her a birthday gift when she got back.

We don’t get this man, who waste money like that? I asked if they slept together, she said no, “he didn’t even give me a peck”, she said. Pamela was a bit uneasy, she suggested he might be a ritualistic and asked Toke not to spend it, she just laughed and said the charm can’t get on a plane, the fact that she’s spending it in Joburg the charm won’t work.

After lunch, we promised to meet at the airport 2 hours before our flight, Mr. is dropping me off, and I just have to remind him to get ready early. I left the girls and drove straight home, when I got their Mr. wasn’t back, my mum in law had left, the house was really quiet, I went to check on my laptop for messages, I saw that Babs had sent 3. I decided I would read them when I settled down, just then my phone rang and it was my mum. She hadn’t called me since after the wedding and I didn’t bother to call her either, she wanted me to come over this weekend to see her, I told her I was not going to be around, she started on me about how I don’t have time for her , she was really sulking now, just like I do when I need attention from Mr., in my mums case, her husband was dead, so she needed all the attention she could get, I guess,  like mother like daughter………hmmmmm



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