The New Mr and Mrs Diary. Day 1 to 840


Hello everyone, ‘’The New Mr and Mrs Diary’ is now available from the beginning, for those who need to catch up.

The new MR and MRS Diary …… Day 1

MR –Oh my gosh, look at her, she’s beautiful, am glad I married her, can’t believe am a married man, one month old today. I pray I can make her happy. The wedding day was a good day all my friends came, I spent a lot of money but it was worth it. The honeymoon alone gulped a lot of my savings, but I couldn’t let her down, she wanted a round the world trip, that’s what she gets, Am a man, I must provide for her.
I start work tomorrow after taking a month off to get married, that’s done now, I need to make all this money back. All work now for a while.
Am really worried though .I haven’t told Jane and Teni, I got married, both of them were potentials, they still think they have a chance with me, how am I going to break it to them. I do have a business trip to England next month I will see Jane and break it to her gently, buy her a nice gift to compensate.
As for Teni, she’s crazy I think I might just send an email or call her, she can’t come here anyway, Canada is very far and the last I checked she couldn’t leave. That’s what I will do. Anyway tomorrow I must remember to ask Kola what he thinks I should do.

MRS- whoa, Am a lucky girl. Just got back from around the world trip, my wedding was the best, am sure all my friends are jealous. Where do I go next? I got the best wedding ring, my MR, spoilt me rotten on this trip. Tomorrow I must go see my friends and show off my new designer bag and jewelry.
Mind you , I hope I did the right thing, my MR, does have a lot of money, he has been very generous to me, it’s more than I can say for Babs , he loves me but couldn’t afford my bills, for the 5 years we dated am not sure he bought me anything significant.
My Mr. and I dated for 8 months and I can’t even begin to count all he did for me. I beg, let’s forget about Babs, he will find out sooner or later that am married. Am not going to tell him. No romance without finance.

Day 2
Mr. –Yesterday I spoke to Kola about how to break the news to Teni and Jane, he agreed with my assessments but he reminded me of Sandra. Sandra, o my, I forgot about her, she was in the country with me, 20 minutes’ drive away to be precise, the bane of my life, the girl was a leech, and she followed me everywhere I go. she had taken me to a party once and introduced me as her Man, she hadn’t even finished when her father asked me what my intentions towards his daughter was, he took me by surprise , I stuttered a bit and then said we were friends. I remember he looked at me and said ‘’make up your mind young man, make an honest woman out of my daughter.
From then on I couldn’t shake her, I wouldn’t pick up her call for weeks , she still kept calling, when she got tired of calling she would turn up at my apartment un announced . Am not sure how I escaped it but she never met any other women when she came.
A lot of our friends and acquaintances call her my woman, she introduces herself as my fiancée, I can’t imagine what she will do when she finds out I got married.
I upset MRS today forgot about her, I stayed at work until 8pm, and my phones were on silent, missed all 15 of her calls. Am not use to being monitored, I must make a conscious effort to call her once or twice daily. Mrs. and I made up quickly, I made passionate love to her and that seemed to melt her heart.
No sure I can keep this up, am so exhausted, I do have an early morning meeting tomorrow.
Must also make a conscious effort to restrict love making to Saturday evenings, that’s the only time it will fit into comfortably.
Hold on a minute, Mrs. seems really Sex hungry, I didn’t notice when we were on homey moon, but she wanted to go 4 rounds, I crashed out on the 3rd, hmmmmmmm

Mrs. –Met with my friends today, all green with envy, I got the Man they have all been dreaming of, and he was tall, dark, handsome and rich, all four aces. Our meet didn’t end well cos I tried to call MR from there and he didn’t pick up my call, I was so embarrassed, I had to cover up by saying I couldn’t get through, network busy.
Mr. didn’t come home until 8.45PM, I was so cross with him, he explained he didn’t know when the time went, he was busy working and his phone was on silent. I believe him, no reason to doubt YET.
He knows how to get me going, He held me tight and kissed me passionately all my annoyance melted away, we ended up with MAKE UP LOVE MAKING. I wasn’t satisfied though, he crashed out at the begging of the 3rd round. ‘
I must admit, Babs came to my mind at the time, the one thing he was great at was he could go 10 rounds and not get tired.
Will have to get Mr. some of that Herbal concoction, Babs used to drink for his libido, I like love making and I need it 4 or 5 times a week. We must sort this out, hmmmmmm

Mr.-am going crazy here, I forgot to call Mrs. again today, , I saw her missed calls just as I got up to go home 10 , this time, how do guys cope with this, this is more than I bargained for.
Okay , I’ve got to calm down now, I did redeem myself, I stopped by at a boutique on the way home got Mrs. some perfume, But hang on a minute , I should have bought loads of other things to give her , cos am sure there will be many days like this .

I got another shocker today, , Sandra turned up at my office , with lunch, and what did I do , I hurriedly hid my wedding ring in the draw, I was too tired to fight, or was I too chicken to tell her the truth. I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t dating her anyway. Yes we made love a few times, she forced me into it, I didn’t want to, but you know a man will be a man m it was hard to resist that figure of hers.
Anyway am decreasing now, I declined her lunch, told her I had just eaten, she came to invite me to her birthday of the weekend. She said I will be the Special guest of honor, I was about to decline when Kola walked in and said, don’t mind him, and we will be there. Oh my gosh, am not sure what Kolas got me into. What do I tell the Mrs.?

The Mrs., o dear, yes, the Mrs., well she racked a bit, took. The very expensive perfume from me, then racked some more. After I held her and said I was really sorry, she made me promise to leave my phone on ring. As long as I picked her call once during the day, she will be fine. I agreed thought that was a good compromise. Thank God, all ended in peace. I still had Sandra’s whale on my mind, could not go through another one.
O by the way I just saw Mrs. putting on some sexy lingerie, l hope she doesn’t want to make love, I am too exhausted for that now, I think I will pretend I have a back ache , or should I say I have a headache instead.hmmmmm.

Mrs. – well today wasn’t too bad, Mr. didn’t pick my calls again today, and I wonder what he does in that office of his that is more important than I. Anyway I got a Chanel perfume that compensated a bit. If he keeps refusing to pick my calls he will have to buy me gifts tire.

Am really in trouble you know I couldn’t stop thinking of making love throughout today , the worst thing is my mind kept wondering off to Babs , oh Babs , well endowed. O my gosh I need to put a stop to this. Am married now, I shouldn’t be thinking of another man, but I can’t help it.

I see Mr. looking at me in my sexy lingerie , I hope he’s ready , I am already in cloud nine, tonight is going to be a good night ,ready or not here I come , hmmmm

Day 4

MR –Whoa, where do I begin, let’s start with the Mrs., yesterday night was a tug of war, Mrs. , was wild and on fire , I tried every excuse in the book to get out of making love , she wasn’t having any of it, ,Mr. D, didn’t help either, my mouth was saying no but Mr. D stood right at attention screaming yes yes yes, , Mrs. laughed at me and said see, even Mr. D knows a good thing when he sees it, and so we began, 2 and a half rounds , until Mr. D gave up the ghost,
Mrs. grumbled a bit but she did admit it was better than the last time. Phew, I must consult the boys. am I the only one having this experience. I must find out. Not sure how long I can keep this up. Just my luck to marry the Sex crazed one. We still haven’t had our love making schedule talk, , I guess I can fit love making into Saturday nights, , we need too, if I don’t want to die sooner than later.

O yeah, I forgot, I got a bank alert yesterday, final payment for a job I did, last year, high 7 figures, really pleased, the down side, Sandra got me the job, she gets a commission from it, I haven’t told her the balance has been paid, I know what she going to say…’’let’s celebrate my love’’, I will hold off telling her, can’t deal with that wahala now.

I was exhausted, all day I had to watch my phone ring waiting for Mrs. Call, I got calls from Teni, 6, Jane 2, Sandra 9, and Mrs. 1, which I picked pronto, she called to say hi, ask me what I would want for dinner and when I was coming home, Answers, Fine, anything, As soon as I can, call ended with her saying love you baby, I saying Okay, and quickly dropping the phone. I wonder why I find it hard to say ‘’Love you ‘’. It so heavy in my mouth, it doesn’t come out, Mrs. Gets really upset with me when I don’t say it back. What’s the point? She already knows I love her, why do I have to say it all the time…hmmmmmmm

MRS- Hey, see me see trouble, what have I gotten myself into, Mr. is weak in bed, yester night I had to practically rape him before he finally made love to me, in short I made love to him, he said he had a back ache, headache all manner of excuses but Mr. D, begged to differ, he stood at attention pleading for some action, on a serious note wants going on with Mr.,
Thinking back now we hardly made love during our 8 months courtship, I always thought he was just respecting me , or is he … nooooo, not possible, Mr. D, tries, but ……

Anyway, I have a bigger issue now, when I was making love too Mr. I kept seeing Babs, I must admit, the thought of Babs on my mind made me climax multiple times, am in trouble, I need to meet with the girls, what do I do, this has to stop, but how do I tell them without letting them know Mr. is weak? ,,,, that’s a huge one…..

O yes , I called him today , he picked up, but still hasn’t gotten the courage to say ‘’Love you;; back, he will, has just joking, even if I have to blackmail it out of his mouth.
I need some money , I need some new clothes, must remember to get him to transfer some into my account tomorrow morning, o yeah I remember , my Range arrives tomorrow, we ordered it in the States at the start of out honey moon, hmmmm, they will take……

Day 5
MR-Kola usually gets me on trouble but this time I had to get him out of trouble. I was in the office today heard loud noises coming from Kolas office, he’s my business partner and best friend, our offices are next to each other. I went in to see what the matter was and a uy was there racking for Kola to leave his wife alone. Kola just sat there smiling and said ‘’then take good care of her so she stops coming to me for money’’ the guy felt so ashamed, he just shook his head and walked out.
‘’kola that wasn’t nice’ ’I said, you should be hung for messing with another man’s wife’’ ‘’what’s the big deal, she’s my ex, and am just helping her out’’ anyway we argued a bit and then we tabled my issues, I asked Kola how he manages to date all these women and keep them all happy, he just laughed and said ‘’a man’s got to do what a mans got to do’’
You know Sandra doesn’t know I got married, I said, I can’t go to her party, why not? Kola said , how long fdo you think I can keep this up, am already getting close to pannick mood, you pushed me into spreading my oats, Teni, Jne Sandra, Iam still building up courage to break the new to them all,

MR- Woke up this morning to a warm loving kiss and hug from Mrs., It felt good but there was something about the way she stirred at me, I asked her what the matter was, she just smiled and said I need some money my love. I smiled didn’t even ask her how much just said it will be in her account before lunch time, she was really excited. I was glad cos the next thing that came out of my mouth made her really stressed ‘’My Mums coming to visit for a couple of weeks, she wants to get to know you’’ Mrs. Face changed immediately, ‘’when’’ she asked, ‘’this weekend’’, I said. The main issue is my mum will expect you to cook for her, could you please try get some cooking lessons, we are going to have to give the chef a couple of weeks off’’. MRS was now really stressed. She asked what the big deal was about cooking, I told her my mum was a traditional woman who believed any woman who couldn’t cook was useless.
On that note I changed the subject asked if she was excited about her new jeep arriving at the weekend, but I could see she was no longer listening to me, she had this very worried look on her face, I told not to worry, she should get the chef to spend the next few days giving her cooking lessons. Mrs. couldn’t cook to save her life, the one and only time she tried to cook Rice for me with sauce, one mouth full and I had instant diarrhea. Hired a Chef immediately.
Never liked stress, am already panicking about my Mum and Mrs. in the same house without me being there, my Mum a no nonsense woman, anyway I have other issues to sort out now,
I still need to get out of this crazy girls birthday party, Kola cooked up a plan to come pick me at home for a boys night out, Mrs. likes Kola, so no suspicion there. That doesn’t solve the issue of me not wanting to be alone with her, she knows how to push my buttons and me breaking the news of my marriage and I still have to give her share of the paid balance, oh my, why am I so entangled with this Sandra, this has gotten out of hand.
Come to think of it why didn’t I marry her? , she’s a nice girl, she can really cook has an amazing figure, but she’s too ambitious, that’s why I didn’t like her. Well I guess ambition has its place.
Okay am a Man, I’ve got to suck it up like one and sort myself out, I will call her for a meeting tomorrow and sort all this out once and for all. Am sure she will get really upset storm out of my office and I won’t have to go to her party or deal with her again, case closed …hmmmmmm

MRS- I should be super happy now but am so upset, My Mother in laws coming, what does she want? why can’t she stay in her house, we just got married at least she should give us time to enjoy each other, Na wah o, now she expects Moi to cook. Don’t even know what to do, Mr really loves his mum, he will expect me to keep her happy. The scary thing is am not sure he will pick me if he had to choose between his mum and I. That’s not good. I would call my Mum, but she never cooked for one day, our chefs always did, I’ve got to call the girls instead , we need to brain storm on this ASAP.
O am sorry , I can’t stop thinking of this Mama’s visit, I had this weekend all planned out, my Range arrives, go clubbing with the girls shopping trip, showing off my ride, now it’s all ruined, tomorrow, the girls and I must find a way around it, what am I going to do?
That reminds me, I thought of calling Babs today, I saw him on Facebook, with some of his course mates at his Uni in Joburg where he went for his masters. He hasn’t been able to get in touch with me, cause I changed my no as soon as got married and forbade my friends to tell him I was married or give him my new no. So he has been sending me messages on Facebook but I haven’t been responding, today I saw loads of messages he had sent with his pictures, he looks good, I toyed with the idea of chatting with him but I quickly changed my mind, bad idea, just looking at his oic ignited some old feelings, I must delete him from my page…..when? ….soon…..hmmmmmm

MR-I must get rid of her, that’s the thought that kept coming into my mind throughout today. Whom? You ask, who else Sandra of course. I invited her to the office today, she arrived right on time looking all foxy and alluring, I had made up my mind to ignore her and I was doing great until…, well let me get back to the whole incident. She sat down on the sofa opposite my desk, I began by saying thank you to her, our balance has been paid, I asked for her account no, immediately did an online transfer. After that was done, I moved over to the settee to sit beside her, I held her hand and said I was sorry I didn’t let her know but I got married a month ago, she just started laughing , I was taken aback, finally she stopped and said she knew I was married , she’s happy for me, but she just wants to be the side honey, I take care of her needs and she continues to take great care of mine, ‘’ your wife is definitely not as fine as me’’ you know I get you where you need to be , right?, before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine , I was gone, thank God for a timely knock on my door that jolted me back to life, I pushed her away , got up angry with myself and walked back to my desk. She got up, blew me a kiss and said, ‘’ see you at my party sugar’’ with that she walked out of the office/
‘Yeah’, am I trouble, I have to get rid of this girl ,it’s like she has some charm she uses on me , I can’t resist her, maybe I should relocate with my wife to another country , can’t let this jezebel ruin my marriage, what do I do now?
After she left I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, my mind kept wondering to Sandra and Mrs., I had an instance headache, I packed up my stuff and came home, thank God Mrs. was out, I had time to gather myself before Mrs. came back, God please help, how do I get myself out of this mess……o Lord, Jane and Teni too …’yay’….hmmmm

MRS-went out as soon as Mr. left for work, I couldn’t sleep all night, I practically saw my mum in law (MIL) calling me useless over and over again in my dream, not even sure if I was asleep or just day dreaming, got to my friend’s house, she called a couple of other friends to come over, so we tabled all my issues.
Frist my Mother in Law (MIL) , well the girls suggested I feign illness when she’s around so I won’t have to cook, that won’t work I told them ,our family doctor is Mr.’s friend , I would be treated immediately and my MIL will still be there, finally we came up with a perfect plan to secretly get home cooked meals in the pot ,3 times a day without my MIL finding out, I would have to get her out of the house or at least to stay away from the kitchen at every meal time. The girls had a full poof plan, we all agreed it would work.
Then Babs came on the table, I told them he keeps coming to my mind when am making love to Mr, they all found that hilarious, when they saw that it was really giving me great concern, a suggestion was made that we take a trip to Joburg, see him, I can spend the weekend with him and get it out of my system. I wasn’t sure initially what they were suggesting but , Pamela my closet friend said ‘’ look babes if this bobo is on your mind , the best thing to do is to go have a feel of him, make it a sendoff one, tell him you are married now and this is just to say sorry and wish him good luck’’. I was a bit shocked, but it sounded like a good idea, ‘’what do I tell Mr. am off to joburg to do? Toke asked if Mr. knew Babs was in Joburg, I said no, so that sorts it she said, just say am celebrating my birthday next month in joburg and I want all my close friends to fly down with me for a long weekend. I listened carefully, asked them to give me a few days to think about it, when I finally left Pamela’s house I realized I had been there for 7 hours.
Drove home with one thing sorted, smuggling food in every day, when my MIL comes over, sorted. Getting Babs out of my mind. Not totally convinced Tokes way is the right way, although am slowly warming up to the idea…..hmmmmm

Day 7
Mr.—O my, I was so tired yesterday, tired of all the drama in my life, am too young, calm and collected for all this wahala. I suddenly realized I got myself into this mess and I certainly have to get myself out of it.
Kola and I went for a final contract bid yesterday, it was an interesting meet, as we walked into the director’s office we saw a big sign on his door saying ‘’Change begins with me’’ we were impressed I made a comment to Kola saying , whoa , things are getting good in this country, kola just laughed and said ‘’For where? We will see’’ I thought he was being cynical.
We sat down in the conference room with the director to sign for our 60% initial mobilization fee, The director was all smiles greeted us more than 4 times I found that strange , then he stopped and kept looking at us as if waiting for us to say something, Kola looked at me and smiled , he then said Sir , ‘’we will take care of your own needs’’, Surprisingly the Director got really offended , ‘’I do not need a bribe, my salary is enough for me, we are trying to move this country forward, Change begins with each and every one of us, You included’’ . At this point Kola’s mouth was wide open, he actually looked dazed, I just smiled stretched my hand out shook the director and said ’’Thank you Sir, we need more people like you in our country’’.
Kola was still in shook as we drove back to the office, I laughed at his skepticism, for the first time in a while I had won an argument with him, I was right, the director had changed for real.
Getting back to the office, our manager had already finished with the interviews and narrowed my intending PA down to one candidate, when we left for our meeting earlier on I saw at least 15 candidates waiting to be interviewed.
Immediately my manager ushered in my Intended PA I was now convinced some cruel forces wanted me dead, of all the 15 candidates , my manager had chosen the most beautiful sexy looking girl, she was about 22, very light , a full figure 8, dressed in a very tight suit with weave about 30 inches long, my reaction was so unexpected, I just shouted’ ’no no , not this one , please get out’’ the girl and the manager were shocked, I ignored them picked up my briefcase ,I stormed out of my office, got in my car and drove, where do I go, didn’t go home , cos I saw my Mums missed call and Mrs., that meant my Mum had already arrived , I wasn’t interested in anything they were about to say, I needed someone to massage my brain, who won’t give me stress, Yes , I know , I will go see Yemi, Yemi’s hands on my temple always made me feel better ……….hmmmmm

MRS- I need to calm down, just checked my blood pressure 140/80, hmmm, what’s wrong with me, yesterday was so bad, my Mum in law arrived around 4pm, she was pleasant enough, she gave me a hug and asked how I have been, I knelt down on my two knees asked her what she would like to eat, she looked shocked at my action, asked me to get up, that there was no need for drama, she had eaten and would just lie a cup of tea. I had rehearsed this moment all through yesterday morning, my first impression to impress her had backfired.

I had to remake the tea twice, the first time I made it with sugar , I was so nervous I forgot to ask her if she took sugar with her tea, she requested for honey instead, I drove out to the supermarket to get some honey, on the way I called Mr. he didn’t pick up his phone.
Got back home my Mum in law asked why I took so long, I apologized, gave her the Tea and scampered off to my bedroom, a few minutes later my phone rang, it was my Mum in law, she wanted to know when Mr. was coming back, she had tried his no, he didn’t pick it up, I politely told her he will soon be back.
Am so stressed out, not sure how long I can keep this ‘’perfect behaving wife attitude on’’.
I called the restaurant , reminded them to make Yam and pepper chicken sauce with eggs, for this morning, it must be brought to the house by 8am, through the back door I showed them yesterday, they must not ring the doorbell. The plan is to empty all the food into pots. I asked them to come along with the egg shells and the yam peel, I will display all on the kitchen work top, wear an apron and reheat them all, the smell will feel the kitchen, My mum in law would not be any wiser……, she wants home cooked food, that’s what she will gets….hmmmmm

Day 8
MR- So much Drama everywhere, I survived yesterday, whoa, thank you God. It was a very eventful day.
First, I woke up yestermorning feeling awesome, Yemi is amazing, and the guy should get an award for the best masseuse ever. He knows how to massage every part of your brain, brought my stress right down to Zero.
Mrs., O my gosh, she surprised everyone, she cooked the most amazing breakfast yesterday, My Mum , thank God, was so impressed, she kept calling me a lucky man for having such a homely wife. She praised my wife, prayed for her, she even insisted Mrs. Cook lunch but we already had reservations for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised but I hid my excitement, at this rate, we might not need our chef back, she learned so fast. Am glad, Mum and Mrs. are getting on fine.
Kola turned up around 4pm, I told him I wasn’t going out. After a lot of bantering we agreed to drive out to a nearby café to gist. He started off with my crazy attitude in the office, I apologized told him the whole sexy PA saga, ’Kola you know me, do you think I can deal with another jezebel in my life?, am sorry I can’t, it’s as if someone somewhere is trying to kill me’’. Kola laughed and said I was over reacting but he agreed we should recall the candidates. I told him I would do the interviews myself.
As for Sandra case, she had already called my phone 12 times, sent text, but I refused to pick or reply the text. Kola too wasn’t spared, Sandra had called him so many times and he didn’t know what other excuse to give, so he also stopped picking. He decided to go over to her party and make excuses for me, well he was on his own…..
One other thing thou, I got an unexpected email from Teni, something about her coming into the country?, I wasn’t able to read all of it cos while trying to scroll down in panic I mistakenly deleted it, I hope and pray it’s not what am thinking…hmmmmm

MRS- Yes lord, thank you Jesus, I finally got my Mum in Laws approval, she praised me, hugged me and prayed for me, I know it’s only the start of a long journey but my plan is working.
The restaurant staff arrived with the food right on time, my mum in law was in the bathroom, I poured the yam in a pot, the egg sauce in a frying pan and scattered the yam peel and egg shells on the counter top. Put on an apron and sprinkled some water on my face to look as if I had been sweating , then I put the eggs on a low heat and put a hot little water in the yam , as I had been instructed by the restaurant staff. By the time she was done in the bath the whole kitchen was full of the aroma. I served breakfast at 9 am on the dot, called my mum in law and Mr. Down for breakfast.
I know am walking on thin ice, I haven’t told Mr., I know if I do he might just ask me to bring the chef back, and that he would handle his mum, but strangely enough, as much as it seems like I can’t be bothered, I do want my mum in laws approval.
I watched Mr. as he took his first bite, he was careful, very small piece of yam, as if he was expecting to be poisoned. But as soon as the food got in his mouth the expression on his face changed to pleasantly surprised, he looked at me looked at the food, smiled again and continued eating, I can only imagine what was going through his mind, as for my mother in law, I suddenly became ‘’My dear’’, she had called me ‘’Sisi mi’’ up until that point. Yep, I did it…….. I was rescued from lunch and dinner, when Mr. confirmed we had a late lunch reservation for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I quickly called my restaurant to cancel the semolina and vegetable soup I had ordered for our late lunch at home. Whoa, thank God, tomorrow is another day….
Hmmm, My Range arrived today, it looks so amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t driven it yet, I was so pre occupied with pleasing my Mum in law, I just looked at it when it arrived and went back into the house to continue with the house work. Oh I forgot to mention we gave all the domestic staff a few weeks off, my mum in law, doesn’t understand why I can’t clean the house, when I sit at home all day, no children to take care of and I can’t tidy the house. I overheard her talking to Mr. on Friday, about why did we need so many maids, only two maids , and she called them so many, anyway, yesterday , I gave them 2 weeks off, I will show my mum in law am a very good wife and her son is lucky to have me……..hmmmmm

Day 9
MR- Mrs. is not happy, am confused you know, what’s the matter you ask? Well I will tell you what happened.
After the amazing breakfast Mrs. cooked on Saturday morning, we went out for dinner, then skipped breakfast yesterday cos mum insisted we go to church with her, I will gist about that later.
Anyway after church, I decided we stop at a fast food place and get some takeaway, to give Mrs. a break from all the work she’s been dong. We got home, ate, it was a lot of food so Mrs. didn’t need to cook again for dinner. We finally retired for bed. In Bed I held Mrs. hands and thanked her for all the hard work she’s been doing since my mum came to stay, I also said I would like to make love to her now, I outlined that with my busy schedule we should be able to fit in love making at least twice a week, I initially thought once a week on Saturday but I believe I could squeeze in one more time. Mrs. looked at me as if I was speaking gibberish, she rolled her eyes a couple of times, hissed, turned over and went to sleep. I was confused, up until a minute ago she was all smiles, what’s up with this sudden freeze mode? I tried to talk to her, touch her, she just ignored me. What’s going on what did I say wrong? I don’t know.
This morning, as I write she’s still in bed, she got up a few minutes ago, to go to the bathroom, I said good morning she just walked past and ignored me. What have I done? Women are just too complicated for me. I guess I will leave her to cool down…..
Main while, I can’t stop thinking the worst of this Teni’s email, did it say she was definitely coming to the country or she was thinking about it, I don’t even recollect, I pray it’s not the latter. The last time I was with her, just before I got married, we had a disagreement, I want to apologize and her acceptance of my apology was her giving me a hot slap. I couldn’t hear properly for days. She has always been aggressive, I do have a sneaking feeling that she can kill me if she finds out I dumped her and got married to someone else. O my gosh, that reminds me, Teni and I are still dating, I never really official broke up with her you know….
As for Sandra, she sent me a stinker text saying, ‘’Babes, you can run but you can’t hide, just remember am watching you…’’. What does she mean? Imagine that, threatening me, sometimes I wish I never listened to Kola, he asked me to ‘sow my royal oats’’, date a few girls, string them along until the end, then decide on the one you want to get married too, he left out the most important part, what comes after, now am left on my own to clear up the mess ….hmmmmm

MRS-NO NO, I reject it, this can’t be happening to me, a timetable for love making? Mr. must be out of his mind, I could not believe the crap he was spewing out yester night about our love making schedule, I must be dreaming somebody pinch me. If he thinks I will concur to that nonsense he must be joking, we just got married, how old are we, that we can’t make love twice a day every day, yeah am in trouble, Mr. wants to ruin my life, where are my friends when I need them , what am I going to do now? I hope I haven’t made mistake?

Oh, that reminds me, I read a few of Bab’s message during the night I couldn’t stop thinking about him, especially after Mr. spewed out his timetable. O my gosh, he is still so sweet, he professed his undying love for me , and said he’s make himself better, so that I will be proud of him, he pleaded with me to call him, I feel so guilty, I don’t want to break his heart, how do I tell him I am married?.
Back to life, for lunch today, My mum in law has requested for original pounded yam not the powdered one, I have asked the restaurant to buy me a mortar, the girl is going to bring the pounded yam already made, I will just rub some on the side, pretend am pounding, once am sure my mother in law can hear the sound of the mortar, voila, pounded yam ready. As for the vegetable soup, same process pour in pot heat up.
Come to think of it though, how long can I keep this up, what if she finds out? Alternatively I will get Mr. to send his driver to take her out but I just remembered am not speaking to Mr. for now, until his incorrect head become correct, love making timetable indeed…
I will ask her to take a walk in our estate, enjoy the fresh air, before she gets back lunch will be ready, that’s a better plan. How do I tell her am going out, I’ve got to see my girlfriends today, I need a strategy to kill Mr.’s timetable issue…..hmmmmm

DAY 10

MR- Yes, now I know I am official in trouble, Mrs. Still isn’t talking to me properly, she managed a ‘’good night’’ and ‘’good morning’’ today. Loads on my mind, Mrs., My Mum and the Jezebels I invited into my life. Well I will take one at a time,
Mrs., has been sulking since Saturday night, am not sure why she should get upset about love making schedule if Saturday is not convenient for her, she should have just explained, rather than giving me the silent treatment, maybe she wants Monday or Thursday, I can still squeeze love making into those days, before she went for her morning jog, she left a note for me saying we need to talk when I get back from work, I guess we will resolve it then. I am a man of order, I need to plan ahead for everything in my life, I can’t just make love spontaneously, I need to fit it into my schedule, who doesn’t?
My Mum, is getting unreasonable, she has asked me to consider starting a family immediately, she wants plenty grandchildren, did I hear her say grandchildren, am only planning on 1 child, she will have to look elsewhere for that, with all the expenses of raising a child and the stress in the world, why would anyone want to bring more than 1 into the world, that’s reminds me when is she leaving?
The most pressing issue now is that my body is on fire , I missed out making love on Saturday, my body still needs some ,I tried a couple of times with Mrs. last night, she just pushed me away, even begged just for one round , she blatantly refused , wouldn’t even let me touch her. Am really trying to hold it but its driving me crazy. You won’t believe that on my way to work this morning Sandra called , she wanted us to meet up for lunch to sort things out, she said ,why should she call at this time ?, when am almost going crazy, I needs Mrs. desperately not Sandra , I can’t go see Sandra like this, am just looking for trouble, it’s bad enough when my body is stable , but now it would be criminal , am supposed to be a man of order , but order doesn’t seem to be considering my feelings right now ,on the other hand, maybe I really need Sandra for times like this …..Hmmmmm

MRS- I hope am not taking this silent treatment with Mr. too far, he looked so desperate yester night when he was pleading with my, for one round, my body was on fire too, but I was determined to punish him for that nonsense he spewed out the other day, Anyway I will end it tonight when he comes home, punishment over.

My mum in law ,that woman is getting on my last nerve, she is so stressful, she told me this morning she’s invited two of her friends for dinner, imagine, without consulting me , they want to eat vegetable soup with semolina, and fresh fish, she even when to say how she bragged about my cooking to them. Very funny, only if she knew my secret weapon, anyway at least I intend to get away with it until she leaves. I already called the restaurant to increase the portions they were bringing, no problem, all arranged.
As if that wasn’t enough she started prying into our personal life asking me if we had started practicing well well for children, I politely answered yes Ma. The truth is, am not ready for kids now, I need to keep my shape , give it 2 or 3 years from now , then we can consider it, have 2 or 3 kids , I would love 2 girls and a boy. I pray the girls look like me and the boy looks like Mr.….
O my, I do have a secret, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, I do really love Mr., he’s a good man but I can stop comparing him to Babs. Since Saturday night I have been communicating with Babs on Facebook, he asked me to send him a picture of me, I did, he sent his too, he looked so handsome, better looking than he was, South Africa has changed him. I really want to see him again. I plan to tell Mr. I want to go for Toke’s Birthday Party in Joburg, I hope he’s fine with that, why won’t he be?, he likes Toke anyway, I really need to see Babs one more time, am convinced it’s the right thing to do, just to break the news to him, nothing else, am sure I can control myself around him, he has always been a gentle man so I have nothing to worry about. Although he so fine now….hmmmmm

Day 11
MR- I was acting crazy at the office yesterday, I snapped at everyone , kola had to drag me out of the office around midday, after I had yelled for the 4th time within an hour, he did confess that he had never seen me like that before. I wasn’t myself, with Sandra and Mrs. on my mind. I was literarily playing out R Kelly’s song,
’’ My mind’s telling me no
But my body, my body’s telling me yes
Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody
But there is something that I must confess to you
I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind’’
My minds telling me no, you don’t want to hurt Mrs., but my body is telling me you need this go for it, no harm intended. I really don’t want to, hence the bad mood. I surprised myself , I hadn’t seen this side of me, I slowly began to realize that I have always had my way with woman, they were always available when I needed them, now my hands are being tired by Mrs., the one and only one I was joined with recently.
Kola and I sat in the lounge bar for about an hour, I just drank brandy and smoked a cigar while he sipped on his gin and tonic, I hadn’t smoked for over 3 years ,but right now I just needed to calm my nerves and a cigar and brandy seemed like the logical thing.
Just when I felt like I was finally relaxing, I Suddenly felt hands covering my eyes and I heard a familiar voice asking ‘’guess who’’ it was Sandra, apparently, she had called Kola’s no to ask after me and he had asked her to come over to the lounge. Sandra stood behind me massaging my shoulders .I didn’t do anything to stop her , I was actually very tipsy and spaced out, bearing in mind it was now around 4 pm, we had been sitting there for a couple of hours, the bar was still pretty empty. I slowly felt my self-succumbing to the massage this jezebel was giving me, my mind wanted to scream ‘’get away from me’’, but my body kept saying ‘’keep going, am in heaven now’’. Well to cut the long story short, I promise you this wasn’t my fault, the last thing I remembered was kola literarily carrying me out of the lounge , with Sandra in tow…..hmmmmm

MRS- Hey, where was Mr. when I needed him? Am not sure if I will come out of this unscathed. Why the drama? You ask, well here is what happened.
I told you my MIL invited her friends to have dinner with us yesterday, that wasn’t the problem, the caterer came on time, I did my usual deceptive cooking routine and served the food on the table, my mum in law insisted I eat with them. Here comes the shocker, as soon as my mother in laws friend no 1, took a bite of the food, she said, “Ah, Sisi mi, this food taste exactly like Mama Hope’s restaurant food, did you work there?” My mum in law jumped in, feeling really offended “Ore mi, are you okay? , this is my daughter in law, the one you came for her marriage recently, what do you mean has she worked in a restaurant, does she look like a sales girl ?” Her friend feeling a bit embarrassed, apologized immediately and said she must have been mistaken. At this point, I was literally frozen on my seat, I could not believe I narrowly escaped being found out.
As if that wasn’t enough, Friend no 2, then adds salt to injury, “Sisi Mi, do you have Yam flour at home, would you mind making me some, I prefer it to semolina’’. What? ,I stuttered a little bit , eh sorry Ma , we don’t, at this point my mother in law looked at me, our eyes met, I quickly looked away, I could see the shock written all over my mother in laws face, cos she brought half a bag of yam flour when she arrived a few days ago.
I kept looking down, wringing my hands and starting to sweat, then miraculously, Friend no 2 said ‘’ don’t worry dear don’t let me stress you , you must have put a lot into preparing this meal for us , I would eat it like that’’. Hallelujah, the angels were singing, you won’t believe the kind of fresh air that came over me, I instantly realized I had to go to the toilet, I excused, myself and all but ran to my room, what a narrow escape.
When I got back to the table, I looked at my mother in law, I was trying to read her, although after the woman’s comment I could see my Mum in laws expression change, I wasn’t sure if she was upset with her friend or she was pondering over what she said and wondering if there was any truth to it, especially when I said we had no yam flour……. hmmmmm

Day 12
MR- Come on guys, keep your wig on, am not that bad, and am sure your all thinking. Did he? , did he not?, well …I didn’t, mind you, it wasn’t because I didn’t want too but Kola felt, if I was to do , I should be fully conscious of what I was about to do… I totally concur with him. On that note as I left the lounge practically being carried by Kola, he put me in his car, I was still really spaced out, he bade farewell to Sandra, and he drove me home. Mrs. and him, put me to bed. He just told Mrs. I was feeling a bit down and needed some rest, Mrs. was nobody’s fool, she could smell the alcohol on my breath a mile away but she kept quiet. Thank God, My Mum was out of the house when I got brought home, if not, questions galore would have happened, I dodged that bullet.
I woke up yesterday morning with a throbbing headache, Mrs. was standing over me with some hangover remedy she found on line, I was about to refuse to drink it but the look on her face forced me to do otherwise, it was bitter and slimy but I drank every bit and even managed a smile and a “thank you my darling” ….aww, it was terrible, but let’s keep that between us ….
Once my eyes had cleared , she sat next to me , said she wouldn’t even bother asking what I was thinking when I decided to get drunk, she just wants my assurance that it won’t happen again, I apologized saying I don’t know what came over me , I was just missing her and promised it definitely won’t happen again. She got into bed beside me and we had a wonderful love making session, we didn’t even care my Mum was a few doors away, this time I didn’t disappoint, 3 full rounds and no breaks, Mrs. was fully satisfied. Come to think of it, this getting high and drunk, might just be a good thing…we’ll see.
Finally got myself a PA, who you ask? Well it’s a guy, his name is Tony and he’s my perfect fit for one, smart, dresses well and very experienced. His last job was with an expatriate, I can see I made the right decision, he already picked up some of my calls and told the callers I was busy and I will get back to them later. Guess who two of the calls were from, you got it, Sandra. Very funny, she must be spitting out fire by now…ha ha ha….
We really did have a busy day in the office Kola and I are considering expanding the company, we are thinking of taking on an additional partner, interested parties have been sending their portfolios .we are particularly impressed by one of them, the partner is offering 25% more equity contribution than we asked for and has agreed to be a silent partner, the only clause is that the partner wants to remain anonymous and is requesting we allow a proxy to act on their behalf. Kola and I admit the offer is great, but do we really feel comfortable about the proxy and anonymous partner? It could be anybody. We decided to ask for one meeting face to face, we hope they oblige us, we are still waiting for their response…..
Oh, I forgot to mention, after Mrs. and I had a shower together, we hadn’t done that in a while, she seemed very happy, she said she had a favor to ask, I said “anything my love”, she asked if I could get her a ticket to go to Joburg for the weekend with her friends, for Toke’s birthday. I said that was fine, I would get her a club class ticket. What I didn’t tell her was that, I would also get one for myself, I want to surprise her, am sure she will be delighted. Won’t reveal the surprise until am dropping her off at the airport…..hmmmmm.
MRS- Oh yeah, Mr. came home drunk yesterday, he practically had to be carried in by his friend Kola, I didn’t say anything cos my conscious was pricking me , I drove him to drink by refusing to make love to him, please don’t judge me yet, I actually redeemed myself , I made up for it yesterday morning , it was great, 3 full rounds nonstop, Mr. was a beast, I must admit ,I was thinking , him getting wasted, might have increased his libido, strange though but…. Hmmmmm
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I did ask Mr. for a ticket to go to joburg, as my friends had suggested, Mr. was so sweet he agreed to buy me a club world ticket, so why do I feel torn, I know I don’t intend to have anything to do with Babs, but say hello, break the news of my getting married and apologize, at least let him down gently, after 5 years of dating I believe I owe him that much….or don’t I?
On a lighter mood, I took out my Range today, I had on a pair jeans, a tee, Gucci bag and sunglasses, I went to show off a bit, that wasn’t the strange part though. As I sat sipping my latte, a lady approached me and asked if I won’t mind if her Boss had a word with me, “Your Boss?” I asked, “Who is he?” You won’t believe who it was, former governor of one of the eastern states. Am sure you are wondering what he wanted, he came over to my table , sat down , asked my name, which I gave, didn’t talk much, he just gave me his no and asked me to call him anytime am in the capital, he asked for mine, but I politely declined. With that he got up, bade me farewell and left and envelope on the table, he said that was for my lunch, I watched him, his PA and a couple of body guards leave the café. I opened the envelope and saw 100 dollar notes, I didn’t count it just put it in my bag, I was too afraid to count right there and then. Immediately I got in my Range, I called Pamela and Toke, asked where they were and I drove off to meet them.
The girls were gob smacked when I showed them the money, we counted it, and it was 5000 dollars, “why would he give you this?” Pamela asked, didn’t he see your ring, “Abi o”, Toke responded, “you married woman are getting all the action, that’s unfair”. “Don’t worry girls you can keep the money, you know I don’t need it”, they both jumped on me and spluttered me with kisses and hugs. I told them Joburg was on, with this money, they can get their tickets, and accommodation sorted, I was going to pay for it anyway, Mr. ex-governor just helped right on time.
With all the excitement going on around me, I still have this guilty pang inside me, why do I feel so bad?, this whole joburg thing is just an innocent trip, yes I lied to Mr., but nothing will happen and I believe I owe Babs, I guess I will just have to let the end justify the means…..hmmmmm

Day 13
MR- I’ve been really busy today, didn’t have time this morning to write in my diary, but thank God, I have a few minutes now.
Well, am sure you are wondering what Mrs. and I have been up to that we didn’t have time to fill in our diaries, well we got a call at 5am this morning, A Doctor called and said Kola had been rushed to his hospital with a stab wound and he had lost a lot of blood. Kola had mentioned me as his next of kin before he slipped into a coma. We just got back from the hospital now to have a bite and go back, we are praying he wakes up before we get back. We still don’t know how he got stabbed, but the neighbor who brought him to hospital said it had to do with a woman, I hope it’s not the one we met yesterday when we went out to get lunch?

Anyway, let’s get back to my day yesterday. Kola and I found out our secret investor was not willing to meet but was willing to increase their offer by 50%, this, ordinarily would have made us so happy, but something smelt fishy, we decided to decline the offer in total and go with another investor, who was willing to be a silent partner for a bit less equity contribution. To celebrate we all went out for lunch. At the restaurant Kola saw this young lady who had come there to have a celebratory lunch with her fiancée. She did tell Kola she was waiting on him when he went to ask for her no, but trust Kola he wasn’t taking no for an answer, he kept pestering the girl, even when she got really irritated and asked Kola to leave her alone if he loved his life cos her fiancée was a notorious gang lord, Kola laughed it off.
Just before we left the fiancée arrived with his entourage, I recognized him from his picture in the daily’s, he was the no 1 drug lord/ gang boss in this part of the country , the crime unit had been after him for years but nothing seemed to stick. I saw the girl point at Kola, the fiancée looked our way and did a ‘I will slash you neck’ impression with his hand, I told Kola, he just laughed it off and gave the guy a ‘Finger.’ That made me really uncomfortable especially when the guy just smiled.
O before I forget I finally got club class tickets to joburg for Mrs. and I, am hoping I can still go with her, with Kola in a coma now, I pray he wakes up before then, everything on my mind bugging me, pales in comparison to Kola’s condition, I can’t even function properly until I know he is okay. Kola and I have known each other since we were babies, our parents were best friends , had us the same month , 1 week apart, I came first. Since then we have done everything together, schooling, working, well everything, except committing to one woman. Our parents still continue to be best friends and live on the same street up until date. He’s my brother and my best friend, Kola must not die…..hmmmmm

MRS- Today has been really scary for me Kola is hanging between life and death, doctors are not sure he’s going to come out of his come, he lost so much blood and he was stabbed very close to his heart, God help him, we have been in the hospital since 5am, just came back home to shower and get a bite to eat, my Mum in Law is spending a few days with her friends, so less chores for me.

I have never seen Mr., like this, he looks so helpless, I wish there was more I could do to comfort him, Kola is his brother, am not sure how he will cope if we lose him. I pray we don’t, that’s all I can say for now.
Here I am now, I can’t even remind Mr. of my ticket to Joburg, I will have to get it with my savings and claim it back from him later. But hang on, why am I being so self-centered, if Kola doesn’t wake up soon, how will I leave Mr. on his own? He will definitely need my morale support, if I don’t stay, I will definitely be tagged a bad wife. Thank God my Mother in law goes back home just before then, cos explain to her am traveling to joburg for a party, will be an upheaval experience.
And by the way am still a bit upset with Mr., this morning when we were going to the hospital, Mr. forgot his phone in the bedroom, he asked me to please go get it for him, as I picked it up a text came in from someone called Sandra, it read, “Hello love, am sure you are sober now, remember what you are missing, its available anyway, anytime”. I wonder what that is supposed to mean. I can’t ask him about it now, but he definitely has some explaining to do later. I really do hope it’s now what am thinking ….hmmmmm

Day 14

MR- Kola is still in a coma but at least the doctor say he’s stable. I’m sitting by his side worried sick, I have called his parents and they arrive today. They need to come and donate blood for him, unfortunately mine is not a match.
Mrs. is behaving a bit funny, I can’t put my finger on it, she’s been a bit snappy and preoccupied, but I promise you there’s something going on, am just too distracted to find out now but I will. I forgot to tell her I bought the tickets, will let her know when she comes back to the hospital later.
As I sit here by Kolas bed I have been reflecting on a lot of things going on in my life, life is so fickly, one minute you are here, the next you are gone. What have I even achieved in life, what have I done, if I die today, what will be said about my life spent on earth. Thinking about it, I can’t even think of anything significant. I don’t want to live life without a purpose or leave this world and not make a mark.
Once Kola comes out of this, which I know he will by God’s grace, we must make a promise to live a life of purpose, cos we can go anytime.
It’s amazing how when something bad happens, we remember to pray, I have prayed more times in the last 2 days, than I did in the past couple of years, shame on me. My life has been preoccupied with work, I have not given time to God, and I always have an excuse, too busy, too tired, I have an early morning meeting etc., but yet I find time to attend parties or go out with the boys, this has to change. I married a beautiful amazing woman but unfortunately she also seems preoccupied with other things of life, she hasn’t encouraged us to pray regularly or go to church either. Hang on a minute, before you crucify me, am not blaming her, am just saying, am the head of the house , I should lead and she follows , it’s just that where I err , she could help put me back on track, am sure you agree with me.

Don’t think am becoming religious all of a sudden the funny thing is that a grew up in a Christian household, very strict, my dad is a deacon, my mum a women leader in church, we went to church 3 times a week , Sunday service, wed, midweek service and Friday , night vigil, the minute I was old enough and I left home , I rebelled against the church, I confidently said I have gone to church so many times when I was a child, it should last me a life time, but surprisingly this incident with Kola has brought be back to reality. Why did I shut God out of my life?… Hmmmmm

MRS- Kola should please come out of this coma, it’s causing disruption in my life, Mr. doesn’t have time for me, he’s been in that hospital sitting by his friend since yesterday, and he didn’t even come home with me yesterday evening. I have to get some food and a change of clothes and take it to the hospital later. I pray God heals him quick o.
Don’t look at me like that, am not selfish am just trying to sort my own issues out, Pamela and Toke keep calling me for an update on our trip, they have bought their tickets and made arrangements for our hotel, but I have told them to be patient I will get back to them. I do hope when Kola’s parents arrive today, Mr. will come home and we can sort this matter out. And there’s still the nagging question of who this Sandra is.
Hmmm, last night, I was home alone, I had plenty of time to chat with Babs on messenger, it was so refreshing chatting with him after a long time, he’s still very romantic, my heart missed a beat when he said he’s already applying for jobs here and that once he gets back, we can get married, he believes he will be able to afford to take care of me then. I couldn’t tell him that I was already taken, I just sent a smiley face, am not wicked you know, on the contrary, I just feel it’s better said face to face….
I feel so terrible, but relieved at the same time, at least I get to see him soon, and I will straighten everything out then. I sit here comparing what it would have been like marrying Babs instead of Mr. I must admit they do have a lot in common , except one trumps one in the wallet department and the other in the bedroom department. Thinking about it, am not sure which I would rather do without, now that I have tested both options, I guess it’s obvious now that I made my choice……hmmmmm

Day 15-
MR- O my gosh, am so happy, Kola blinked twice yesterday afternoon, the Doctor said this means he’s slowly coming out of the coma, praise be to God. I sat next to him all day, reading the bible, I kept reading and reading, I found it so comforting, I hadn’t read the bible in years, surprisingly it addressed my own fears as well, I am currently on a 3 day fast for him, I remember God never fails, Kola will wake up with no brain damage, as this is on the list of what could go wrong once he wakes up.
His parents arrived yesterday, his dad wasn’t able to give blood because he was found to be anemic, his mums gave some but more was required. While we were still contemplating how to buy some blood from the blood bank, a young lady came in to see Kola, she was beautiful, elegantly dressed but at the same time had an innocence about her, she said hello to us and immediately laid hands on Kola and began to pray in tongues, she prayed for almost an hour, during her prayer was when Kola blinked.
After she was done, Kolas parents and I asked who she was, she looked at us and smiled saying “He’s my first love, he made me a woman, then left without a word. I had made a vow that the first man who makes love to me is the one I will marry. After he left, I prayed for years to find him and then just last week I ran into an old friend of ours, who told me where Kola worked, I was at his office yesterday and was told he was here in hospital, so I came to see my husband, he doesn’t know it yet but we are meant to be together. When we were dating, a man of God prayed for us and told us we will be married and have a fruitful life. Kola just laughed it off but I could tell the man was telling the truth. Since Kola left, no one has asked me out, and I guess Kola is still single too? ”. I nodded my head in astonishment, his parents went over to her and hugged her and they seemed so happy, his dad looked at her and said “welcome to the family”. After that the day went great, not surprising though, her blood was a match, she gave all that was needed. The doctors have now put Kola’s chances of recovering at 90%, that’s so good compared to the 30% to 40%, it was predicted at before. Thank God.

Oh, I told Mrs. I got her ticket yesterday, I saw the way her eyes lit up, it reminded me of the day I proposed to her, she’s so beautiful, I love her so much, I really do want her to be happy, I pray Kola wakes up before the weekend so I can go with her to joburg and spoil her some more, I haven’t told her am coming along , I want it to be a surprise, am sure she’ll be so happy…….hmmmmm

MRS- Yes, Yes, am so happy and I just can’t hide it, I got my ticket for joburg yesterday, Business class, Mr. is a darling, he has aloes promised me shopping money. I do feel a bit guilty, why you ask? Well I know am determined not to have anything physical with Babs but the fact that I lied to Mr., hmmm, that makes me seem so cold and deceitful. But am not, am just considerate of others feelings, I feel Babs deserves a gentle let down. Am sure you will agree with me or don’t you?
O did I tell you, Babs asked me what sort of engagement ring I would like or would I prefer to pick one out myself, once he gets back? I intentional avoided the question, I just sent a message back saying, “let’s talk about that late”. This is beginning to get more complicated, he doesn’t even know am coming over.
My Mum in law came back home yesterday, trouble is brewing I can feel it, she brought home a takeaway rice bowl with vegetable sauce, she said friend no 1, bought it for her and she decided to heat it up and eat it at home. Guess what she gave it to me to heat for her, when I looked at the label, voila, it was from the same restaurant I get my food from, o my gosh , My Mum in laws friend is trying to proof herself right by destroying my life, I reject it.
I quickly poured the food in the bin, told my mum in law it was off, I dished her some of the fried rice I just got to take to Mr., he just called to tell me he was fasting anyway, so no lunch. She was fine with it. That was a close shave, why is this Friend no 1 out to get me, I guess it’s because my Mum in law all but called her crazy when she said my food tasted like Mama Rose restaurants food.
Now she’s on a mission to proof herself right, okay, if that what she wants the game is on, I need a new strategic, I feel a girlfriend meeting agenda no 2, to get rid of friend No 1, coming on, Babs engagement issue is already agenda No 1, I have a lot to do, I better get a move on ……hmmmmm

Day 16

MR- I feel so good today, I complete my fasting and prayer session. It’s been so exhilarating, I feel a new me coming on, anyway am sure I will evolve as the days go on.
Yesterday was good, Tammy, Kolas long lost girl, and I sat with Kola all day, we took turns reading the bible to him, for the first time in years my faith has increased tremendously, I now know for sure, that Kola will be alright. Tammy is an amazing girl, she told me about her life, her future plans and her hearts desires, I can see she will make a wonderful wife for Kola, I was a bit jealous of him, she’s the kind of woman who will stay with you through thick and thin, Kola is a lucky boy, I pray he realizes it.
The day could have gone perfectly, but a certain person showed up to say hello to Kola, and she all but caused a scene when she saw me sitting with Tammy, here is what happened-
Tammy and I were holding hands prayer, just then we heard a voice saying, “I see you have found yourself a new honey? What’s wrong with me, she’s not even as fine as me. I guess you need glasses to see well”. We ignored her and kept prayer, so she went on hissing, clapping her hands, she didn’t even care that we were in kola’s hospital room, when we finally finished praying she moved closer to Tammy and said, “hey you he’s taken, am the only side honey in his life and you can’t come from nowhere and try to edge me out, it won’t happen, so get stepping”. I immediately stood in between them, Tammy looked so shocked, then Sandra held my hand and said, “ honey , if it’s a church girl you want , I can be one you know, I know how to pray better than that”, pointing at Tammy.
I led her out of the room and out of the hospital into the car park, pleaded with her to go and that I will call her later, she made me promise several times that I will call, before she finally drove off. That girl is a witch, I know it, I must include her issue in my prayer points, even if I have to do another 4 day fast and pray to get her out of my life, I will.
I have been expecting Mrs., she hasn’t been to see me since yesterday morning, she popped in for a few seconds, said she was on her way to see her friends, Pamela and Toke, I tried calling her phone a couple of times it was busy, I hope she’s okay, I must make it up to her, I have been so preoccupied with Kolas situation I haven’t really had a lot of time for her, I do hope she understands.
We do have some meetings lined up in the office today, am glad I can leave Kola in Tammy’s capable hands. After the Sandra incident, I tried to explain and apologize, she told me to forget it, she understood. She’s so gentle ad understanding. Anyway I’ve got to go now, work is waiting, I just came home to shower and get ready for work.
Oh by the way , am not sure why, but I have been comparing Tammy to Mrs. and the difference is clear, I think am spending too much time with Tammy, tonight I sleep at home with Mrs.……..hmmmmm

MRS-Pamela and Toke are geniuses, I don’t know what I will do without them , their advice is always spot on, they have answers to all my problems, oh I know am blabbing but am just so happy they have come up with plans for all my worries.
First we discussed Babs and his hopes to be my future husband, Toke asked me a hard question, she said, “do you still love him”, on a normal day, I should have said, No immediately, but surprisingly I had to think about It for a while, I still didn’t give a straight answer, all I said was “well what’s love, I forgot about him once I married Mr. and then some events trigged his feeling in me, is that love? I don’t know, all I know is I love Mr. and I feel something for Babs”.
Pamela, looked at me and said, “Are you sure you will be able to tell Babs you are married once you see him? Cos the way you were gisting us about him buying you an engagement ring, if I didn’t know any better, I will say you’re in love with this guy?”, “Oh come on Pamela , I was just recanting what he wrote.”
Toke, jumped in and asked “so are we going or not”, I jumped up, smiled and said “yes we are, on Friday we are off to joburg business class style”, we all hugged and laughed. Pamela then said “hmmm, this is going to be a weekend to remember”.

After Babs issue was discussed , I wanted to table my Mother in laws friends no 1’s issue , but Toke said she had news, apparently, she took the business card the ex-governor guy gave me the other day, called him and now he’s meeting us in Joburg. She told the guy she was going for her birthday next weekend and the man invited himself, who does that? This man smells like trouble, Pamela and I didn’t find this funny and we told her that much. “Toke you know we are on a mission, this fake party thing was just an excuse to give our friend’s husband, what are you playing at?” Pamela said. “Don’t worry” Toke said, he’s promised to send me money tomorrow to pay for my birthday party in Joburg”, As if we had rehearsed it, Pamela and I said “what, are you crazy?’’….hmmmmm

Day 17

MR- “It doesn’t really matter how many times you reject me, what’s meant to be will be”. That’s what Sandra said to me once, she was referring to our imaginary relationship.
But in this case, it will never be. I try and try to get rid of this girl but she keeps popping up everywhere I go. I didn’t keep my Promise to get in touch, so she came looking for me in the office, the funny thing was that, she came dressed in a long skirt and blouse with a scarf, I didn’t even recognize her when she walked in, she had this cool demeanor about her, she said hello to me and sat down opposite me. You won’t believe it but I busted out laughing, I did continuously, she just sat there looking at me. it took me a whole 2 minutes to calm down then I turned to her and said ‘’ A leopard can’t change its spots, if you take old wine and pour it in a new bottle it would still be old wine, Sandra, dressing up to look innocent and holy won’t make you so, please leave my office cos am busy. To my surprise, she got up, said she was sorry and left. I did a double take, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, what?, no come backs, no gesticulations, she just politely said sorry and left, “Hmmm, this Jezebel is up to something, I bind whatever it is in the Name of Jesus”.

Kola’s condition is getting better, he stirred a few times yesterday and the doctor said that means he’s slowly coming out of his coma. I could see how tired Tammy was, she had been with him for 2 days straight without leaving his side, not even to have a bath. I asked her where she was staying , she said she was meant to stay with a friend but she hasn’t had time to call her yet, I told her not to bother , she can come freshen up, rest and have something to eat at ours, I have already cleared it with Mrs. and she’s okay with it. She thanked me by giving me a hug and said I was a wonderful brother to Kola and she was glad she met me. The strangest thing happened when she hugged me though, this funny feeling came over me, and I had to gently push her away quickly, “What’s going on with me? I don’t usually fall for woman this easily, am I actually having feelings for her? Noooo, that’s not possible, she’s just a nice girl I like”. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts, dropped the lunch I took for her, promised to come back later, to take her to the house and left.

On the drive back to the office, I called Mrs., asked her if Tammy could stay, she said yes so quickly and dropped the phone, “what’s up with Mrs.? She’s been snappy, irritable and preoccupied”. With that I decided to drive home instead, today, we must get to the bottom of this.
As I walked into our bedroom, I could see she was busy concentrating on her laptop, as soon as she saw me she shut it quickly, I ignored that and asked what was up with her. She claimed it was just house work and chores. Okay, I agreed with her, even though I could feel strongly it was something deeper, I asked her to recall the helps and that I would clear it with my Mum, I believe she had proven herself worthy of my Mum’s approval. As for Mrs., am sure I will find out soon what she hiding, Trust me……..hmmmmm

MRS- Mr. called to ask if it would be okay for Tammy to come spend the night at our place, I said it was fine. The truth is I couldn’t be bothered either way. At that minute I was busy chatting with Babs, he had just asked me if I would marry him once he gets back?, Marry, oh my gosh, I felt so heartless, my mind was so muddled up, I couldn’t respond, that was when Mr.’s call came in, I wasn’t really concentrating on what Mr. was saying, I just said Yes and put down the phone, didn’t even bother to find out if he was on his way home.
I had enough on my plate. My Mum in Law requested for another round of vegetable soup yester night , she wanted me to cook it last night so she can have it on its own this morning, she said she feels a bit constipated and that veg is a natural laxative. I didn’t sleep until 12 midnight, I had to drive around looking for vegetable soup with stock fish, my usual restaurant was about to close when I got there, they had sold out their vegetable and stock fish, unfortunately they didn’t have any in the freezer, it was too late to go to the market, so was left with driving around trying to find some. You might be wondering why I didn’t just tell her I didn’t have ingredients to cook it immediately. Don’t bother, when she was coming over to visit us she brought everything, trust me whatever she asks for she defiantly knows we’ve got it cos she brought some. I finally got some from a late night restaurant, the chef had to practically throw something together for me in a hurry , for that I had to pay double, I didn’t really care about the money, at least I got the soup.
This morning she complained about the soup , that it was too salty, and didn’t have enough stock fish, usually I would apologize but today I just said “mum please manage it, I’ve got to go out now” she looked at me surprised and continued eating, I guess she was shocked at my response and decided to let me be.
My mind was still piecing together how to reply to Babs question ,I left him hanging since yesterday evening, I was about to type a response to Babs on messenger, when Mr. walked in, I immediately shut my laptop and said Hi, fortunately he ignored the laptop and asked me what was going on with me. I said “nothing my darling, I’ve just been a bit stressed with the house work, cooking and coming to the hospital, I’ll be fine, how’s Kola doing and where’s Tammy?”
I didn’t even give him a chance to talk about me, his response was cool, he said Kola was out of the worst and he will go pick Tammy later. Phew, I dogged the bullet on this one. Mr., just said if I say it’s just the stress then he believes me, he asked me to recall the house helps and the chef, he will explain to his mother, after all, this is his house not hers. With that he went back to the office. For me it was mission accomplished, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone, still had one more to kill……..hmmmmm

Day 18
MR- Hallelujah, Kola is awake, he suddenly opened his eyes, while I was there to pick Tammy, he was a bit dazed for a few minutes but immediately he set eyes on Tammy, he was so happy, unknown to us he had been regretting his decision to leave her, he actually thought she would have gotten married, that’s why he never went to look for her. The reunion was lovely, they hugged and kissed, Kola was back, he was a bit weak but he was still as witty as ever, we all thanked God together, Kola insisted that Tammy go home with me, to get some rest, since he was awake now and out of danger.

Tammy, cried for joy all the way home, she was so happy Kola had accepted her immediately and put up no resistance. Just before we left the hospital, Kola’s parents came to see him, we left them there. When we got home, Mrs. had gone out but my mum was home. Mum complained to me about being hungry, she said Mrs. went out to get something since and has not returned. Tammy offered to see what she could rustle together quickly for mum to eat, she went into the kitchen, 30 minutes later, she came out with amazing semolina and vegetable soup, my mum’s favorite, we all settled down to eat, it was delicious, my mum, trust her, made a comment, saying, “Now this is home cooking, not like your wife’s food that taste like party food”. I looked at my Mum unapprovingly, but in my heart I knew she was right, Mrs. sudden cooking genius, baffled me as well, Mrs. could not cook to save her life, just as my Mother comes to stay, she suddenly turns into a super chef, cooking all sorts of dishes. I didn’t think of asking her how she managed to become an expert so fast, but I must admit, the thought did cross my mind that there was something or someone helping her secretly.
Anyway, now that Kola was out of his coma, I could go with Mrs. to Joburg, without worrying about leaving my friend helpless. He’s awake , doing fine, got his parents and best of all Tammy, so that definitely frees me up to take a weekend break with my Mrs., We need this break, I feel a disconnect between Mrs. and I , I believe a weekend alone should knock us right back on track……hmmmmm
I called Mrs., her phone just rang out, she had been away from the house for a couple of hours, no one knew where she was and she was not picking up her calls. As I sat there eating Tammy’s food, I reflected on my developing feelings for Tammy, I could tell they were just platonic, she had come on the scene just as I was reconnecting with God and these past few days I’ve spent with her, she has helped me understand the bible better and how to pray to get answers, am glad she showed up when she did. Mrs. surely has a few things to learn from her.
Half way through our darling Mrs. Walks in, looking so stressed, she says hello to everyone and rather than join us on the dining table, she goes straight to the bedroom. Normally I would get up, follow her into the room to find out what the matter was but this time I felt she was taking liberties, with our guest and my mum sitting at the table the least she could have done was come over to apologize for taking so long to get back, enquire how everyone was doing, then excuse herself properly, before going to the bedroom. This time am just going to ignore her, I know how she hates it when I don’t bother about her feelings, that will teach her to do the right thing next time……..hmmmmm

MRS- Speaking of birds to kill, this one bird was proofing very stubborn o. I drove around our estate for over an hour trying to come up with ways to “”kill”” it, I also didn’t want to go back home to face my mum in law and her wahala, I thought to myself, if she gets really hungry she can eat toast.
In the last couple of days I have dug myself deeper and deeper into this Babs issue, because of Mr.’s absence from home, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands especially at night, I’ve sat up every night for the last 2 days chatting with Babs, the more I chatted, the deeper I got, I have technically been stringing the guy along, knowing that am married and cannot marry him as well. This joburg idea, is really giving me stress, not sure what to do, I care about Babs buy I love Mr. Honestly I do, don’t think I don’t, I’ve been asking myself if am doing the right thing by going to see Babs, with the way am feeling, am not sure I can fully control myself around him.
I know you must be thinking am crazy, she has an amazing husband, caring, loving, compassionate and generous, and what else is she looking for? , please do try and understand, I strongly believe in my heart that I need to do this, to let Babs down gentle and get him out of my system once and for all.
Babs and I dated for 5 Years, he was caring, compassionate, God fearing but broke, and I tried to hang on in the relationship, until I couldn’t take it anymore, he was my first love, I really thought we were going to end up together. I remember the first time Babs and I made love, it was my first time, he was so gentle, we both cried at the end of it. That day he promised to love me forever and so did I. Then we grew up and love was no longer enough nor was it blind, in fact my love wore contact lenses, I could no longer be with a guy who had been struggling throughout our relationship, trying to sort himself out, he was also unable to take care of my needs, I needed a man who had money in his hands.
The funny thing is that I stayed out of the house for hours, just driving around, ignored Mr.’s call, when I finally got home I just said hello to everyone and went straight to my room. I could see that my mum in law, Tammy and Mr. we’re having lunch, I guessed Mr. had to get some takeout, since I was “”missing in action”. Surprisingly though, Mr. didn’t get up to follow me, which would have been his usual practice, he didn’t even respond to my greeting, he just stared at me unapprovingly, as if to say , “what do you think you are doing?”.
All I could think of at the moment was, “I really do hope I’m not about to bite off more than I can chew” ………hmmmmm

Day 19
MR-I honestly wasn’t aware that being married and trying to stay focused on your wife was a full time job. I am having to deal with 3 different woman, who through some fault of mine are still holding out for my marriage proposal, in actual fact it’s just 2 of them , the 3rd one is just crazy, she knows that am married, but still keeps coming at me. I am trying to get my Christian life back on track but am also aware that if I don’t deal with the issues relating to these woman who are still partly in my life and shouldn’t be , I would be taking one step forward and two steps back.
Mrs. and I made love yesterday, it was great, I guess cos we hadn’t in almost a week. It was actually spontaneous, not on my schedule. Don’t make fun of me, I just like order, I know I take it a bit too far sometimes but am trying to change. Anyway, Mrs. was lying on the bed when I came in, I decided to give her a back rub, one thing led to another and we made passionate love. The strangest thing happened though , all the crazy women in my life kept flashing through my mind while I was making love to Mrs. I hate it, when that happens, it makes me feel like am cheating on Mrs., am glad I’ve made up my mind to confront my fears and sort all this mess out.
First things first, I’ve got to take my Mrs. away for a while, spend some time pampering her, I guess we could both do with some pampering. Am so looking forward to our trip tomorrow.
By the way I just remembered there was something I forgot to tell you. My Uncle Dave, popped round to see my mum yesterday before she left. While he was here, he decided to give me some very useful marital advice.
Youngman, he said, marriage is an institution, you might think you have it all figured out now, but nothing can prepare you for the challenges ahead. Just make God your focal point, trust each other, communicate and make each other your best friend, these will get you through. I was a bit surprised he didn’t mention love, so I pointed that out, he laughed, Love only last so long my boy, what holds you together is the friendship, trust me on this. I didn’t quite agree with him but I said okay. I also thought to myself, he has been happily married to one woman for 30+ years, he must have a pretty good idea of what it takes to stay married and be happy.
Also yesterday, Kola surprised us all, he proposed to Tammy and she said yes, whoa, am so excited, he wants them to go to the registry as soon as he’s out of hospital. The doctors have said they need to observe him for at least another week.
Kola’s parents were so happy, although his Mum was initially a bit upset that she won’t get to call all her friend to her Son’s wedding but Kola dosed that fear by promising a white wedding for some time next year. I, on my part, as best man, promised to host everyone to an amazing dinner and dance to celebrate after we leave the registry. I must really make it a night to remember……hmmmmm

MRS- You won’t believe am already packing my bags for the trip, its taking longer than usual, cos am trying to look my best for this meeting, I haven’t seen Babs in close to 3 years, I need to look my best, I guess I justified this by thinking at least he will know Mr. is taking good care of me.
Mr. and I made love yesterday, it was so good, Mr. came into the room, ignored my sulking and just started to rub my back, this lit my whole body up and before we knew it we were making hot passionate love, all my sulking melted away for the time being, surprisingly I didn’t think about Babs at all, it was that good. I am beginning to feel that making love almost every day is not as exciting and enjoyable as when you have not made love in a few days. I think I like this side of Mr., maybe I judged him too quickly, to think my misjudgment was what got this Babs issue started…..
O Yeah, Kola proposed to Tammy, that was fast, he’s barely out of his coma, I hope he knows what he’s doing. Tammy seems like a good girl anyway, although I must admit am happy he’s finally getting hooked, cos I worry sometimes when he and Mr. go out on their boys night out, he a single guy and Mr. a married man…….you fill in the dots.
And my most embarrassing experience of all, not sure if I told you but My mum in law leaves today, yesterday, she called me into her room for a mother daughter talk, she called it, she thanked me for all my effort to please her and you won’t believe it , she then thanked me for all the food I bought form Mama Rose restaurant, I was gobsmaked , I didn’t even realize my mouth was open, she just said , “it’s okay dear, I know I come across as a very stern mother in law , but am not, I just want the best for my son, the fact that you were willing to go through all that stress to please me, shows me that you are a good wife, and you have my full seal of approval”. She then added, “I found out on the first day I arrived, I was coming to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I saw you empty the egg sauce into the wok and the yam into the pot”. I was so ashamed I had been found out and so relived at the same time. She gave me a hug and advised me to get Tammy to teach me how to cook something’s. “Let’s keep my son out of this, this will be our little secret, am sure next time I visit you will really cook for me”. With that she walked out of the room, into the car waiting to take her back home……..hmmmmm

Day 20
MR- I need to stop being a chicken, man up and call Teni and Jane to break up with them formally. What do you mean you are already married, you say? Well yes, I am married but I just got it into my thick skull that I never actually broke it off formally with my 2 ex-girlfriends. O come on, don’t look at me like that, and I sincerely have not had anything to do with them since I got married. As for Jane , no problem, a phone call, an email or even a text to let her down gentle should do, she’s always been patient , why didn’t I get married to her you ask?. Well I don’t know, she was just too English for me. Born and raised in England, lived there most of her life, I met her when I went for my masters in England, she was an undergraduate, we hit if off immediately, in short, she made my stay in very pleasurable. When I was returning to my country, she wanted me to stay but I promised to come back often, which I did, until I got married.
As for Teni, hmmm, that’s another story, I met her at my old job right before Kola and I started our own company she was smart, beautiful and ambitious. I thought, this was the kind of woman I want by my side every day of my life. Barely a month into our relationship she started exhibiting all kinds of strange traits I hadn’t noticed before, she became possessive, domineering, opinionated , she was simply out of make matters worse she smoked and drank like a fish.
I remember an incident at a company dinner, she got so drunk she vomited right three on the banquet table in from of our all our coworkers and clients, I believe that was one of the reasons she left the company and eventually relocated to Canada.
We kept in touch for a long time, I even went over to see her a couple of times, why you ask?, well I couldn’t tell you, but as crazy as she is, she’s the kind of girl you love being around when she’s cool, she once gave me a dirty slap because I upset her, I couldn’t hear for days from that ear. You don’t want to be on her bad side, I would definitely be emailing her to let her know I’m breaking up with her. I got an email from her the other day but mistakenly deleted it, not sure what it said. I hope it had nothing to do with her coming back.
Am sorry. I’ve been blabbing on a bit, forgot to update you on what went on yesterday, too late now, I’ll fill you in tomorrow……hmmmmm

MRS-My heart hasn’t stopped pounding since yesterday evening, I don’t know what the matter is exactly, am all packed ready for my flight tomorrow morning. I went out for lunch with Pamela and Toke yesterday, all they could talk about was our trip, how much shopping they were going to do, I heard them talking but I was not listening, Images of Mr. and Babs kept flowing through my mind, I kept rehearsing what I will say to Babs when I first see him, what will I do when he tries to kiss me? How would I break the news and when? , will it be the first time I see him or when we are about to fly back home, so many questions and so few answers.
While still lost in thought, Toke dropped a bomb shell, I was definitely all hears when it dropped, the ex-governor guy, invited her out and when she was leaving he gave her $15,000 dollars for her birthday party, he took a rain check. He said something came up, so he wouldn’t be able to fly down but Toke should enjoy the party with her friends. She said he promised her a birthday gift when she got back.
We don’t get this man, who waste money like that? I asked if they slept together, she said no, “he didn’t even give me a peck”, she said. Pamela was a bit uneasy, she suggested he might be a ritualistic and asked Toke not to spend it, she just laughed and said the charm can’t get on a plane, the fact that she’s spending it in Joburg the charm won’t work.
After lunch, we promised to meet at the airport 2 hours before our flight, Mr. is dropping me off, and I just have to remind him to get ready early. I left the girls and drove straight home, when I got their Mr. wasn’t back, my mum in law had left, the house was really quiet, I went to check on my laptop for messages, I saw that Babs had sent 3. I decided I would read them when I settled down, just then my phone rang and it was my mum. She hadn’t called me since after the wedding and I didn’t bother to call her either, she wanted me to come over this weekend to see her, I told her I was not going to be around, she started on me about how I don’t have time for her , she was really sulking now, just like I do when I need attention from Mr., in my mums case, her husband was dead, so she needed all the attention she could get, I guess, like mother like daughter………hmmmmm

Day 21,
MR- Oh, well, the day started off great. When I woke up Mrs. was already dressed and seated at the dressing table, she all but ordered me to get up and get ready. She seemed to be in a good mood, I was more excited but I guess that was because I knew something she didn’t. I was so looking forward to 4 days of rest and fun with Mrs., best of all I was about to pull off one of the biggest surprises I have ever pulled on Mrs.
Mrs. had reminded me several times yesterday morning that we need to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight. I was already geared for that, I had sneaked my luggage into the car boot, the night before, I was determined to keep the surprise, until the last minute.
Anyway, I got my official driver to take us to the airport, Mrs. didn’t suspect anything, even though I hardly like to be driven, the company driver, usually drives the marketing staff. Due to traffic we got to the airport just under 2 hours to the flight, not surprising, Toke and Pamela where already there waiting for Mrs. I collected all their passports and tickets went to check them in, I also checked myself in. We then proceeded to the VIP lounge, my being allowed to go with them wasn’t surprising, I had already elicited help from a staff of the airline, to come over to us and say “Sir, you can go to the lounge with madam, here is a lounge pass for you”, that did the trick.
We got to the lounge , had something to eat, then just gisted until it was time for the flight, As soon as our flight was called, I asked Pamela and Toke to go ahead and board the plane, I needed to use the gents. Once I was back from the gents, I walked Mrs. towards the boarding pass check point, she turned round to hug and kiss me good bye, as she spun around ,I held up my boarding pass and shouted surprise, am coming along with you……..the next thing I knew , she was on the floor , she had fainted…………..hmmmm

MRS-I didn’t sleep all night , I actually woke up at 4 am to have my bath and get dressed, I had butterflies in my tummy, couldn’t even eat anything, I just sat at our dressing table watching the clock. So many thoughts went through my mind, what if I can’t resist him? What if he decides to propose when he sees me? What if? So many questions but no satisfactory answers. I thought about is some more then I got some kind of inner peace when I remembered my 2 closest friends and confidants, were coming along with me, they will be very helpful, I thought to myself.
I took out a piece of paper and began to write what I intended to say to Babs-
My dear Babs am sorry. I do still love you but am just not in love with you. We had too many differences and my decision to marry another had nothing to do with you, it was all me, I had to come tell you face to face, couldn’t break your heart over the phone, you were wonderful to me when we were dating, am so sorry, I know God will provide a woman that will love and cherish you, as much as you do her.
It sounded a bit soppy, but soppy, I must be, if I was to let him down gently. I was going over the note, when I heard Mr. Call me, he wanted to know what time it was, I told him it was time for him to get up and get ready.
The trip to the airport was frustrating, we left home early but the traffic was horrendous, we got to the airport just under 2 hours to our flight. Pamela and Toke had called loads of times asking where I was, they were already waiting. Mr. got a member of the airline staff to check us in, he was also able to get a lounge pass to wait with us.
The girls and I weren’t able to gist fully about everything we intended cos of Mr.’s presence but we took comfort in the fact that we had a long flight ahead of us, in business class and plenty time to talk. As soon as our flight was called, Mr. asked Pamela and Toke to go ahead and board the flight, he needed to use the gents. Once he was back, he walked me to the boarding pass check point, at that moment I turned round to hug and kiss him bye bye….instead of his lips confronting mine, the last thing I remember was seeing his boarding pass for the flight, him shouting “surprise my love, Am coming with you” and me falling to the ground with a load bang..……..hmmmmmm

Day 22

Day 22

MR- Am really hurting badly, I don’t feel like writing in you today Diary but it helps when I share my day with you. Anyway right now I am so mixed up, Mrs. fainting , we rushing her to hospital , all that , and now we are back home and am still really confused, why you ask? Well here it is.
Mrs. slumped at the airport, this caused quite a bit of commotion, we got an ambulance immediately and rushed her to the hospital, obviously the flight left without us, Pamela and Toke on board, that wasn’t even the issue, the painful part for now and which I really do need an explanation for, is why Mrs. woke up calling the name Babs!,Babs!.
Come to think of it I am still baffled at her fainting just because of the surprise of me going with her, I was so scared when she passed out I actually think it might be something very serious, the doctors have said it was just shock, but she also seems to have amnesia, I have asked them to carry out additional test on her. I feel really bad for putting her through this with my surprise, I could have just told her.
Main while her friends had to go on to joburg without her. Mrs. is going to miss the birthday party, I asked if she would still like us to go join them today, she said no, she wasn’t up to traveling and that she was feeling unwell, I hope it’s nothing serious , the result of the test should be out today, we can talk about this Babs issue later, for now I kust need my Mrs back to normal……..hmmmmm

MRS- I can believe they left without me…, it’s still like a dream, somebody wake me up, do you know how much planning and stress went into me getting to this day, and just as I want to step on the plane , this happens?. Anyway that’s not the issue for now, you won’t believe the trouble am in now?
Mr. has been asking me continuously, “Who is Babs?” Apparently when I came out of my fainting palaver, I was saying the names, Babs, Babs , for now am pretending like I don’t know what he’s talking about, am putting on this low voice, as if I can’t talk properly. Partly why Mr. has ordered the doctors to carry out some more test on me to determine if there is any serious reason why I fainted all of a sudden. Between you and I , I didn’t actually faint, I just fell to the floor and stayed still, like an actor, that was the only way I could think of to prevent Mr. and I getting on the Plame. Oh stop looking at me like that, if you were in my shoes, you would do the same. The only thing I can’t explain is why I mistakenly called out Babs name twice, I guess I really must have hit my head when I fell?
I keep imagining what would have happened if he came along?, first we would have been forced to have a fake birthday party, then seeing Babs will be out of the question, or what if we do bump into Babs?. Please, please, don’t judge me until you walk in my shoes, I just did the logically thing, feign, fainting , and my feign saga has not ended yet, am still feigning amnesia, “ Who”?, is what I keep saying, when Mr. asks me , who is Babs?.
I can tell Mr. is really being patient about all this now, he’s been taking it easy with me, Am not sure how long this ‘selective amnesia’ has to last for, but I do have to drag it on as long as I can. I still can’t believe it, I really can’t, Mr. coming on the trip, oh no , the devil is a lair, thank God I fainted , what would I have done if I didn’t and we actually got on the flight, oh my gosh!. Am so unhappy right now, I just want to feign being ill for a while, at least that will cover up for the crappy way am feeling now. Pamela and Toke have already called so many times this morning to find out what happened but I have been ignoring their calls, I guess I will call them later. What am I going to do now? Right now I feel like screaming, awwwh!!!.
Mr. is here pampering me thinking I am really ill, well in a way I am, my heart hurts, I thought by the end of this weekend I could move on with my life, I truly believed that seeing Babs, one last time and telling him face to face that I got married will put paid to that. You can’t understand how I feel , so don’t start blaming me or asking me to forget about the trip, I need this like I need water . I know you could call me silly, ignorant, whatever!!. I just need to sulk for a couple of days, am sure my confidant’s will come up with another plan, but for now everything is on hold and I mean everything ……….hmmmmm

Day 23

MR-We are drifting apart, something is not right, Mrs. and I need to talk, I can’t seem to get this issue of her calling another man’s name when she regained consciousness, fainting just because I was coming along on her trip and this protracted illness, when the test have confirmed there is nothing wrong with her. The doctor even suggested we see a psychologist cos Mrs. Illness seems to be in her mind. I haven’t told her all this, I really don’t know how she will react, but am really bothered.
I drove out of the house yesterday, I couldn’t deal with Mrs. Attitude, she was moody and non-responsive, she just lay on the bed looking at the ceiling, I tried to talk to her, she just nodded. I got to the hospital, Kola was up, walking around, looking so much better, the only sign of the accident was a big dressing on his body where he had been stabbed. As I walked in Tammy was leaving for church, she invited me to come along, I obliged asked Kola if he didn’t mind me leaving him immediately I came in to see him, he said it was fine, we should just pray for him.
On our way to church Tammy noticed I was too quiet, she asked what the matter was, I narrated my ordeal with Mrs. over the past couple of days. She asked me not to worry that her pastor will come home after service and pray for Mrs. After Service the pastor came home, prayed with Mrs., he then asked us to excuse him and her, Tammy and I left them in the room, 15 minutes after, he came down stairs and said to me, God has taken control, All is well. He left with Tammy.
I sat there thinking about my life as a young married man, I tried to remember my parents’ marriage and how my dad would have handled a situation like this. My dad was a disciplinarian, a man of God, but he was fair. I hardly ever heard him raise his voice to my mum, he always said to me “Son, women are meant to be pampered, never raise your voice to a woman, if push comes to shove, go on your knees and ask God for wisdom”. My parent have lived a happy life, for the last 30 something years.
I went on my knees and started praying for my marriage, Mrs, her health and wisdom, I prayed for about 10 minutes , then I sat on the couch reading this bible passage over and over again-
“Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”- Ephesians 4:2-3
– If a husband and wife are humble, patient, gentle, and selfless in a relationship this will cause less confrontation and arguments. This verse reminds us to keep calm and do as Jesus would do.

Barely 30 mins after I had finished praying, Mrs. came down, she had dressed up and looked great, I was so delighted to see her, up and looking better, I shouted Hallelujah, we hugged, Kissed and said sorry to each other, her hug felt so good. At that moment, I could feel that we were definitely going to be fine, Praise be to God Almighty…….hmmmm

MRS- My mum called again today, she wants to come over to our home, if I refuse to go and see her. Am not refusing, it’s just that my mum can be so selfish a times, now she’s calm, but when we were growing up she was a terror to everyone including my Dad.
My mum treated everyone badly, I still believe her stress, killed my father, she will shout, swear, nag and ill-treat everyone except me. But surprisingly that didn’t win her any favors with me, the more she pampered me, the more I didn’t like her. On the other hand I loved my dad and my paternal grandma, my grandma was the sweetest woman ever, my mum will maltreat her when my dad went out or travelled , she will pretend to be nice to her when my father was around, I wanted to tell my Dad the truth but my grandma forbade it. one day, after my mum had just finished yelling at my grandma, she said to my mum, “ everything you do to me , your child we do the same to you”, my mum went ballistic, screaming at my grandma saying she was causing her , bla bla . My grandma just smiled and looked at her and said, “Why do you think it’s a cause, if you treat me good your child will treat you good, if you treat me bad, your child will also do the same to you.
From that day, I vowed that I would treat my mum exactly the same way she treated my grandma, and that’s how it’s been , although she’s having it easy because at least we are taking care of her, Mr. send her money regularly and pays her bills.
Tammy came to invite Mr. to church yesterday, they came back home with a pastor. The pastor came specifically to pray for me, when he was done he asked to talk to me privately, once Mr. and Tammy had excused us, he looked at me and said, “Sister while I was praying for you, the spirit of the Lord revealed to me that you are currently pretending to be ill”. I was so shocked I admitted it immediately, he then asked me why?, I couldn’t answer, I just all of a sudden started to Sutter. The pastor, then asked me to repent and stop tormenting Mr. He also said I need to give my life to Christ, so that all I do will be fruitful.
After the pastor left, I got a bit scared, I wondered how he knew I was pretending, I also felt so bad and decided to listen to his advice. I went downstairs to where Mr. was sitting, Tammy had left with the Pastor. MR. turned round and saw me up and looking all better, he shouted
‘Hallelujah’, God is good, the prayers worked. He was delighted, he didn’t ask me about Babs , he just held me and said he was sorry, I said I was sorry too, he didn’t ask me what I was sorry for, but I think we understood each other, we just cuddled up and I felt warm and calm all of a sudden, I could feel everything was going to be alright.
I have made a decision to defriend Babs on face book, so he won’t be able to get in touch with me, I have also not picked up Pamela and Toke’s calls, they get back this evening, they will find out I have decided to move on, they better come along too or else ……..hmmmmm

Day 24
MR- Whoa!, yesterday was amazing, I left work early to take Mrs. out. We decided to go to a day Spa. It was exhilarating. We had a massage, a mud bath and facials, from there, we went to have dinner and headed home for an explosive love making session. We were back, Thank God. Well that was the great part. Before all that, something crazy happened in the office and I need God and Kola, to get me out of it in one piece, here it is-
I got to the office yesterday morning very early, because I hadn’t been regularly for a while, with Kola’s accident and Mrs. Illness and also I had decided to leave work early to take Mrs. out. I instructed my PA, Tony, “he’s great, by the way” to cancel all my appointments for the day, I didn’t want to see anybody, which was the standing instruction. I needed to catch up with work.
The day was going quietly, I called Kola, he gave me the good news, that he’s going to be released early tomorrow, his full body scan and MRI had shown everything was good. That was great news, I also knew we needed to start getting ready for the registry wedding. I called Mrs. to inform her I would be home early, cos we were going out, she was delighted and promised to be ready before I got home.
With all my calls made, I settled down to work. A couple of hours into my work, my door buzzer rang, I picked it up, it was my PA and he sounded so stressed. I buzzed him in , he came running towards me and said “Am sorry Sir, I know you said you don’t want to be disturbed but there is a lady out there, she has been yelling and quarreling with everyone demanding to see you, she claims she flew in this morning just to see you Sir”. I asked what her name was, Tony said, “she wouldn’t say Sir, she actually just gave me a dirty slap, when I kept insisting you were busy and didn’t want to be disturbed and Sir, she actually says she’s your fiancée?”. With that I almost fell off my chair, I started to sweat, it was unbelievable, I pulled myself together, aware that Tony was looking at me really confused, I asked him to stall her and bring her in, in 10 minutes.
As soon as my PA left my office , I packed up my Laptop, put it in my briefcase , picked up my phones and slipped through the back door, got in my car and drove straight to the hospital to see Kola. My phone kept ringing, it was my PA , I ignored it, I guess he must have brought the lady into my office and I was nowhere to be found, one thing was sure, I know he will never give her my no, I just hope she doesn’t maim the poor boy .
I got to the hospital looking all flustered, fortunately Tammy wasn’t there and I just collapsed on the chair in Kolas room and said “Bro, am died”. He asked me to calm down and tell him what the matter was. I narrated the whole thing to him and once I was done, he looked at me and said, “Oh! No, not Teni?” I looked up at him and with a mousy voice said “Yes it is”. We both sat still for a while, as if trying to digest the whole wahala that was about to unfold, thinking of how to sort the mess out. After a few minutes Kola asked me to pull myself together and go home, “Take Mrs. out, to distract you from this mess, as soon as am discharged early tomorrow morning we will come up with a plan to handle it”. With that I left the hospital and drove home to pick up Mrs. ……..hmmmmmm

MRS- Am so happy, I feel giddy with excitement, Mr. and I are doing great, he took me out yesterday evening, we had a mud bath, massage and facials too, he even got me an amazing evening dress. We then proceeded to have candle light dinner, the ‘piece de resistance’ was our love making session at home, it was good, refreshing and exciting, I find that anytime we stay off love making for a while, the comeback is usually explosive. That was the latter part of my day, the early part was impossible, I truly don’t want to believe it’s what am actually thinking, well here is what happened-
After seeing so many missed calls from them, I finally decided to call back. Pamela sounded so excited on the phone, she said she had plenty gist for me and a special surprise. I said I had gist for them too, I was thinking what could her surprise be, I hope it’s something I like. I decided this would be the best time to ask them to please forget about this Babs issue and I don’t want anything to do with him ever again. So I decided to go over to her house, after Mr. left for work.
I got ready, drove the whole 30 minutes journey feeling peaceful and thankful for Mr., all I wanted to do was get my friends to understand my decision, and if they didn’t , well that might just end our friendship, I thought to myself. I got to Pamela’s house, drove into the compound and parked the car. I went up to her apartment, pressed the doorbell. She opened it ushered me in, Toke was also there. They both hugged me, we exchanged pleasantries, I also apologized for not picking their calls. We then started to gist about their trip and they showed me all they bought, they got me some stuff too, it was in a big Debenhams carrier bag.
I then asked which of the stuff in the bag was my surprise?, Pamela got up , asked me to shut my eyes, as she walked into her bedroom to get it, I heard her come back, she asked me to open my eyes , and voila, right there in front of me …….., I looked up, saw a guy standing there, didn’t even bother to look at his face, I got up, picked up my bag, ran out of the apartment, got in my car and drove, am not sure how I got home , my phone was ringing , I didn’t even look at it. As I got home, I ran into my room, laid on my bed and cried.
After a while, I looked at my phone 15 missed calls all from Pamela, I ignored it, I looked at the time it was almost time for Mr. to get here, I got up, pulled myself together, Mr. mustn’t find me like this, I went into the bathroom to have a bath, when I came out, I got ready, went downstairs, switched on the telly and waited for Mr.……..hmmmmmm

Day 25

MR- ‘Calm down’, ‘calm down’, that’s what keeps coming into my head, how can I be calm? , I’ve just been accosted by the jezebel of all jezebels, Teni, hmmm.., only if you know what this girl is capable of. You might think am a chicken, well, I don’t care, cos am not, I just can’t deal with this girl’s issue right now.
Carried away with my thoughts, I didn’t even hear the phone ringing, not until I picked it up to call the Kola, Did I notice he had called 4 times and left a text, asking me to come get him, he had been discharged. I didn’t sleep all night, yesterday, I was awake but my mind was focused on loads of scenarios. For some reason though Mrs. seemed restless too, I guess my not sleeping made her uncomfortable too, I kept turning and tossing. so did she. I struggled out of bed, got dressed and drove to the hospital
We went straight to Kola’s apartment. It was not until we got there and he asked me what did she look like now, that I realized I actually didn’t see her, Kola asked how I was sure it was Teni, I told him what Tony had said, the lady was yelling, gave him a dirty slap and said she just flew into the country that morning, who else fits that description?. Kola nodded in agreement but insisted he had to confirm it.
Kola came up with this brilliant idea, He will talk to her when she comes back to the office. Today, I should work from his apartment, by tomorrow she’ll be gone. He promised, he didn’t tell me what he was going to say and I didn’t ask.
Guess what happened, She came to the office first thing in the morning just before Kola got there. She asked my PA what time I usually get into the office, He said anytime, she wasn’t happy with the answer, she tried to pry my home address out of him, but he said he didn’t have it, she finally decided to leave but left a warning with my PA, “Tell him I’ll be back.”
Kola asked me to forget about her. “Teni did not come to the office when I was there, maybe she’s gone back”, he said. I shuck my head, “No she hasn’t, I know this girl and she doesn’t give up easily”
At that moment, it occurred to me that I was putting my life on hold for something I could handle, if I just ‘manned’ up. I thanked Kola for his help and told him I have decided to go to work tomorrow, if she turns up I would handle it. Just then a call came in on my phone, withheld no, I hurriedly gave it to Kola to pick up, my heart was beating fast, he answered the call and put on the speaker, the caller at the other end didn’t say anything, just kept breathing and laughing into the phone for a few seconds then dropped the phone, it was definitely a female voice, by that time my whole body was full of sweat and I knew I was in trouble, this was not going to be as easy as I thought………hmmmmmmm

MRS-No! No! No!, this cannot be happening to me, just when I thought my life was going perfectly well , this happens. Am I dreaming? Maybe I am, somebody wake me up, Please.
I went on like this all night, tossing and turning, Mr. couldn’t sleep either, I guess my restlessness affected him too, I can’t keep going like this. I’ve got to sort it out, I’ve got to talk to somebody, I can’t talk to Mr. about this and my only problem now, is my confidants are the culprits, in this instance. Wait a minute, was it really who I think? Babs, I didn’t even see his face, who else could it be?
I picked up my phone, I had 14 missed calls and a text from an unknown no, I decided to read the text, it read- “Baby, am so sorry I surprised you, Pam and Toke, told me you were meant to come with them to joburg but you fell ill at the airport, I felt so bad that you were coming to see me and fell ill, I decided to come back with them to see you. When I surprised you and you fled, I became curious, I asked the girls loads of questions and then they told me you got married. My love, am not upset, it doesn’t matter to me, you don’t have a child with this guy yet and you didn’t look like you were pregnant? , I love you so much, we can work something out, please call me on this no, am dying to talk to you, by the way, you looked amazing , please don’t leave me hanging like this , I need you. Your Babs”.
I sat there reading the texts over and over again, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He needs me? We can work something out? Is this guy insane? What does he mean we can work something out? The devil is a liar, this is definitely the work of the devil, what am I going to do? Just then My Phone rang, it was my mum. I picked it up, she said she just called to tell me she was coming to our house over the weekend and before I could say anything she dropped the phone. I couldn’t be bothered with her right now, I had too much on my plate.
I sat there for a few minutes thinking, do I reply him? What do I say? My mind was racing. Why did Pamela and Toke bring him back?, they could have dissuaded him, told him in Joburg I was already married, although by the sound of his texts he won’t have cared. I know what I’ll do, am changing my no, Toke and Pamela wouldn’t dear bring him to my home. “I reject all this disruption in my life, in the name of Jesus”. With that, I got up, got dressed and went out to get myself a new phone no…….hmmmmmmmm

Day 26

MR- “I am Married”, 3 simple words, how hard can it be to just say them to someone, you ask?. Well, Yes, I know, and I will say them , I just need the right moment. Honestly, am not sure how I got here, but I don’t like where I am right now. Too much stress going on, I went on my knees yesterday to pray for wisdom and courage, to handle this situation. Here is what happened yesterday.
I got to the office early, Kola was already there, I called him into my office to pray with me, he was a bit shocked , he asked when I started praying, I told him , while he was in a coma, I got closer to God and I advised him to do the same. After we had prayed, we settled down to work. Around 10am, Tony, my PA came into the office saying the lady was around, I called Kola, Kola went to see her and take her to the hotel around the corner. We had agreed that it was better I spoke to her out of the office in case she starts to through a tantrum. Kola checked her into a nice suite, came back to the office to tell me the room no.
At lunch time, I went to see her with Kola. “Whoa!” she looked amazing, Kola only mentioned she had changed, he didn’t tell me how much. She had lost a lot of weight, gone down from a size16 to an 8, she was dressed much more fashionable than I remembered and her hair was dyed blonde. Very dramatic looking, as I walked into the room, she got up, walked towards me, hugged me so tight and planted a big kiss on my lips, “I have missed you so much my love” she said. I nodded nervously, complimented her, Kola also said hello and then we sat down.
We immediately noticed she was so happy, grinning , being very pleasant, Kola and I kept looking at each other, we were expecting a hostile reception, with yelling and arguments, but what we were currently confronted with, left us really confused, but all was about to be clarified. A few seconds later, there was a knock on the door, room service, a waiter brought in drinks and snacks, she had ordered in anticipation that we were going to come over. The waiter carefully laid all in front of us and left, then Teni got up, poured us each a glass of bubbly, then said “let’s celebrate”. Kola and I looked at each other, then asked at the same time, “celebrate, what are we celebrating?”. She smiled, moved closer to me, looked me straight in the eye and said “Our engagement darling, what else……….” hmmmmmm

MRS-Called my mum back yesterday, just remembered she called to say she was coming over, I really don’t want her to come to stay , if she insists, I might just insist she stays in an hotel. Am sure you are wondering what kind of child puts her um in an hotel? Well if you had mine, you would probably do the same.
My Mum , where do I begin?, she’s not like other Mums, she behaves like my sister, I guess because she had me when she was just eighteen, she still tries to blame me for stalling her career path, as if I implanted myself in her tummy. When I was growing up, she dotted on me, pampered me so much. I was not allowed to do anything, fortunately for her, my Dad was very wealthy , he inherited Money from his parents, as soon as his parents found out my mum was pregnant for him, they set my dad up, so that they both lacked for nothing. A few years done the line my Grandfather died, and a lot of what he had was tied to Bank loans and various creditors, they lost a lot and so my Grandma had to move in with us. That was when my mum started to ill-treat her. Anyway that’s a story for another day.
Back to my mum’s issue, my mum dresses like she’s still in her 20’s. She’s fond of wearing skimpy clothes, showing off all her cleavage, wearing G strings, etc. I see how dignified Mr.‘s mum is, I don’t want her parading herself in front of Mr. like that, he thinks highly of her now, but once she stays a few days and he gets to know her better, he won’t.

I sat at home all day, thinking , didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone, Mr. left for work early, he said he had a lot of work to catch up on. The maids and chef are back, Thank God, our home is now running normally, apart from my own issues, which am trying my best to shut out.
Just as I finished having breakfast , the gateman came into to say I had a lady guest called Aunty Pamela, I asked if she was alone, he said yes, so I ask him to show her in, Pamela came at me as soon as she walked in, calling me immature and unfair, I kept quiet, I thought of walking her out but decided to be patient, once she had finished ranting , I asked if she was done and invited her to sit down, I then asked her 1 simply question, “Pamela are you trying to ruin my marriage?”. The question shocked her, she was lost for words and she apologized and asked me to please hear her out.
She explained how Babs had not told them he was coming until he turned up at the airport, they actually ran in to him as they were boarding the plane, the next time they saw him was when they were waiting for luggage at the arrival hall. We were upset with him for not telling us he was coming, he apologized asked if we all stayed together and we lied and said you stay with your mum. “That’s how he came to stay with us”, she said. When you came to see us the other day, and we surprised you with him, and you fled, he grilled us about your reaction until we got so tired, we had to tell him you were married, “am sorry , please forgive us” she said.
“Am not upset you told him I was married, am upset you brought him, I was coming to tell you guys that I had decided not to get in touch with him anymore, I had deleted him from my face book, now he’s here, Now you tell me he says, he won’t move an inch from your home until I come over and talk to him, what am I going to do?” Pamela looked at me and said “it’s actually worse than that, he said you are his, and he’s not letting you go, without a fight”.
I couldn’t believe he still won’t let go even after he knows am happily married. “Please don’t let him know where I live and don’t give him my new no”. Pamela nodded and asked “You really don’t want to have anything to do with him again?”, “Yes!, I don’t”, “Okay then, let’s get rid of him, give me a couple of days, am sure I will come up with a master plan”. With that, she got up, gave me a hug, said everything was going to be fine and calmly walked out ……hmmmmm

Day 27

MR- I got up so fast and walked out of the room, Kola ran after me, caught up with me and asked me to calm down, “Don’t let her get to you, she’s just trying to ‘yank your chain’ and you are falling right into her hands”. I walked back into the room, Teni was sitting there smiling, didn’t say a word, she just kept drinking, “Teni, Am married”, I just blotted out the words, she looked up at me and said “So, how does that change anything?, am not asking your wife to leave , am just asking her to move a bit ,so we can share you, haven’t you heard the saying, “ A good thing isn’t meant for one person?”.
I was already in the car when Kola came down to meet me, “let’s get out of here now”, I yelled, he got in the car, scolded me for not ending this once and for all. We were already driving away when he said that, I immediately did a u turn and drove back to the hotel.
I got out of the car, went back to Teni’s room and said, “look here Teni, whatever we had together, was over long ago, I have made my choice , am happily married now, so you can’t just come from nowhere and say to me, we are getting engaged. Fine, am sorry I didn’t inform you I was married but now you know, please leave me alone and find your man somewhere else”. She let me finish, looked at me and smiled “Honey, if you think you are going to dump me that easy, then think again, I came all the way from Canada to get married to you and get married I will. Now get out, before I do something I will regret” she started yelling and moving towards me, she had a Champaign flute in her hand.
I knew she could stab me with it, so I backed away, until I got to the door, she caught up with me, technically pinned me to the door, she pushed up against me, put her lips on mine and her tongue found its way into my mouth, I froze, she continued to push herself against me, I found myself yielding initially but I pulled myself together, pushed her away and got out of the room. I could hear her laughing as I scrambled down the hotel corridor.
When I got back into the car , Kola asked me what happened , I told him I didn’t want to talk about it, he said “ that’s okay, but you better wipe that lipstick off your mouth”…….
Got home, after dropping Kola off, Mrs. was in our bedroom, I went into the guest room, looked myself over to make sure no more lip sticks stains were on me, then went up to say hello to her. I asked if she was okay, she said yes but she’s got to tell me something. Her mum was coming over for the weekend, asked me if I didn’t mind, “Why would I mind your mum staying over, it’s okay with me, if you are fine with it”.
All through our discussion, I wasn’t myself, I really didn’t want Mrs. to know anything was bothering me, How do I explain to her a lady from Canada has come to ask me to marry her. I never want to hurt Mrs. or break her heart, I love her so much, I have to protect her from all these crazy women. I remembered when I was still moving with the wrong crowd, there was this guy I knew, who told me in confidence once, that if I ever want to make someone disappear, I should let him know, he can make it happen just like that. I was thinking at that time, that as a last result, if Teni doesn’t back off, I might have to call him…….hmmmmm

MRS- Pamela is insane, she called me today with a crazy idea, o a normal day I would agree to it but I don’t think this situation warrants that sort of extreme measures now, here is what she suggested-
She has an uncle who is a senior military man. The uncle will pose as my husband, I would come over to Pamela’s house and pretend I really came to see Babs. While Babs and I are talking, my pretend husband will come in to look for me, see me with Babs and immediately call his boys to come pick up Babs for fraternizing with his wife. He will be taken to the barracks and locked up in the guard room for a while, maybe a week, get beaten daily, 12 lashes of the cane. Then on the 7th day, her uncle will get him brought to his presence and give him a stern warning not to call, talk, email, write or see me ever again, he should pack his bags this minute and go back to Joburg. If he ever again comes anywhere within 100 meters of his wife, he will be shot on sight.
Whoa!, I asked her how she came up with this plan, she smiled and said her uncle gave her the idea , when she narrated the situation to him, “ hold on, what happens if they beat him that much and he dies?” I asked. Well, they do it all the time, he won’t die. I looked at Pamela, smiled and said I would think about it for now.
Pamela asked me to make up my mind on time, cos she can’t take any more of Babs whining and stress in her house. I asked her to kick him out, she said she tried but he said he didn’t have anywhere else to go and he doesn’t want to stay in a hotel. “I gave him one more week to stay and I told him my finance who got me the apartment is coming back to town and he can’t be there when he arrives” she said.
Pamela left after lunch, she spent the better part of the day with me, plotting how I was going to get rid of Babs. Once she left, I went upstairs had a bath and waited for Mr. to come back home. Mr. came back, not to long after, he walked into the room all smiles, he was gentle, he kissed me, said he loved me, which he doesn’t say often, I almost felt like he was trying to reassure me. Anyway I took it all in my strides.
Right now there is only one thing on my mind, I am determined to make my marriage work and at this stage I will do anything to make sure that happens……hmmmmm

Day 28

MR-I have had a lot of experience at being a bad boy but I gave that all up, when I decided I wanted to settle down. Once I met Mrs.,I packed it all up, for good. I remember how I was, women everywhere, could afford anything, spent money as if I owned a bank, drove the latest jeeps and wore all expensive designer clothes. I was fortunate to hit it big, at a very early age, we got a contract with a foreign company, the contract was for 6 years, the payout was huge and in foreign currency, that’s actually what launched Kola and I into the big league. We have been blessed tremendously and we can’t complain,
The days of rascality are far behind me, I used to smoke pot, womanize , I even had a firearm I brought from abroad, please don’t ask me how I got it into the country, that’s for another day. The kind of people I moved around with at the time, where movers and shakers, they could get anything in or out, at the click of their finger.
I remember a friend of ours who disappeared all of a sudden, we later found out he had crossed one of the powerful man, on a deal. We were very ‘gentle’ from then on.
Being married, happily at that, is a whole different ball game, I have found that my utmost priority is to protect my wife and children, when they come. Everything else pales in comparison. I intentionally vowed to leave the crazy life behind and I did, with Kola in tow, we have not looked back since. Until now….and you know why?.
Am so excited Tammy and Kola are going to the registry next week, I can’t believe Kola is actually going to go through with this. The Kola I know has had so many future Mrs!, after a while I stopped counting. Well, am not being skeptically but before I burst out the champagne, I will see him sign the register.
Am really trying to keep it together, Teni called me so many times yesterday, I had to switch off my phone to stop Mrs. from suspecting anything. She sent me texts, upon texts apologizing and promising to leave me alone, if I would just come see her one last time. I am still contemplating, should I go see her or not???………hmmmmmmm

MRS- Do you know the funny thing?, the truth is nothing I went through, growing up, prepared me for this. Being a responsible married woman. You won’t believe that growing up, I always had my way, I remember countless times when my mum would come home find me crying, she wasn’t aware that I only would start crying, when I hear the sound of her car driving into our drive way, she would come over to me, ask me what the matter was, I would pick any one of the numerous maids we had and drop her name as the one who had been maltreating me. And what would my mum do?, she will punish whomever I mention without asking for their own side of the story. I soon became a professional, no one dared cross me or refuse me anything I wanted, they knew if they did , that’s it, they were either canned or fired.
My life changed for the better, a bit, when my Grandma came to stay with us, that calmed me down, I realized I was just being bad to get attention. I found that I always wanted to get my mum worked up, I didn’t really take to her for some reason.
My grandma, taught me the word of God and took me to church whenever my mum permitted it. My Mum dressed me up like a china doll, I was her handbag for a long time, it was as if I was her main accomplishment, everywhere we went, she would say to people,“ look at my daughter , isn’t she so beautiful”, everyone would gosh and comment about how beautiful I was, bla bla!!! , this didn’t help my manners , it just made me full of myself and really cocky. To top it all, my dad was wealthy, but sickly, he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure for as long as I could remember, he always took things easy, if my mum wasn’t shouting at him for one reason or the other. Worst of all, Money was not anything to me, I always got want I wanted not what I needed, trust me the difference is huge.
I’ve been thinking, should open up to Mr. about this Babs issue?, if I do that would mean me admitting that I was going to Joburg to see him, he will definitely know that I faked fainting, hmmm, that’s not good for me, he might never trust me again. How would I redeem myself, its easy for you to say, “tell him tell him”, but if I do tell him and it doesn’t work out in my favor, then what do I do?
It’s a hard decision. Right now am really confused, how do I get Babs out of my life and away from me?. Maybe Pamela’s Plan might just be the solution, I don’t know what you think? …… hmmmm

Day 29

MR- Kola came running out of my house, shouting, “O boy, who is that fine babe in your living room?” I looked at him confused, we had just driven in from the club where we went to play squash , I came home for a quick shower and change of clothes, then to go back home with Kola to discuss the next step in the Teni saga. “Mrs. you mean? “Nooo, I think its Mrs. Sister, she is soo fine”. Said Kola. I thought to myself, Mrs. doesn’t have a sister, who could it be that has gotten Kola all worked up? Anyway I locked up the car and walked into the house, “O my gosh, my mother in law (MIL) was sitting there, looking like she was in her 20’s, I barely recognized her, she was doled up to the teeth, 22 inches weave on, false eye lashes, stick on nails and a push up bra, to top it all she had on a mini skirt with a top that showed ALL and I mean All, of her cleavage and she looked good. I must have stood there, for a few seconds before I realized I was gawking at Mrs.’s Mum.
I hurriedly went over to where she was sitting, prostrated and said hello, asked her when she arrived and if she had seen Mrs.? She got up, gave me a hug and said she just arrived and hasn’t seen her daughter yet, she was told by the maid that “Madam went out”. “I tried her no, but it’s not going through”. All this time Kola stood there with his mouth literarily wide open staring at my MIL, I had to smack his head gentle from behind, before he shut his mouth and pulled himself together.
I called Mrs., she said she was almost home, she had gone to the saloon to get her hair done. I asked the maid to take my MIL’s luggage to the guest chalet and get her something to eat. She said she wasn’t hungry and that she was watching her weight, she only eats once a day now. To be honest, if I met my MIL on the street, I probably would have gawked at her a whole lot more before I realize she is Mrs. Mum. I could not believe the transformation. The embarrassing part for me was the way she sat down on the couch, from where Kola and I were sitting we could see her undies. I hurriedly had to get up from there and change my position, Kola, on the other hand, refused to bulge.
The next thing we knew, MIL excused herself, said she had to go for a swim in our pool. As she walked away I had to turn my head away not to look at her from behind, Kola just kept staring and staring.
Now the guest chalet was behind the main house and beside the pool, I was glad we didn’t have a view from the downstairs front room where Kola and I were currently sited. As if reading my thoughts, Kola asked if we could go sit in the main lounge, I asked why, he said it’s more comfortable and the bar is there. I knew it was because you had a full view of the pool from there, but I obliged him. We walked into the lounge and there she was, my MIL, in a bikini, Kola let out an involuntary cat call whistle. That’s it, Teni’s issue can wait until tomorrow, I had enough, before Kola gets the urge to ‘grab’ my MIL, , I matched him outside, into the car and drove him straight home, he needed to cool down……..hmmm

MRS- As I drove into our close, I saw Mr. drive past with Kola in the car. He called my phone a few seconds later to let me know he was just going to drop Kola off, he’ll be back soon. I got home parked the car and went in. I could see that the guys had sat in the front room, I called the maid to come tidy it up. She greeted me and told me, my Mum was around, I asked where she was and when she arrived. She said a while back and she’s in the pool. I asked if Mr. saw her, she said yes.
I went to the pool to see my mum, my assumption was that she was on a lounger, relaxing by the pool, but instead, the sight that confronted almost made me lose my balance, my mum was just getting out of the pool and she had on a bikini, which looked so good on her, the first thought that came into my mind was, did Mr. and Kola see her like this? I went over to the gazebo, pulled out a large towel and ordered her to tie it around her body immediately, “Mum, what do you think you are doing”, “Hello dear daughter, how are you? Good to see you too”. She said. I ignored her and asked “Mum answer me, how could you wear this”, pointing to her scantily clad body, “knowing that Mr. and his friend are in the house?” “What’s wrong with what am wearing, don’t I look good, I expected you to compliment me, not complain about me and can’t you just show me love for once?” my mum said and started crying.
My first instinct, was to leave her there, crying and walk away, but I decided to humor her and so I hugged her and said I was sorry. She eventually stopped crying and we both went into the guest chalet for her to put on some descent clothes that covered her body.
Sorry before I get back to my mum, I forgot to gist you, something crazy happened at the saloon today, I don’t want to believe it’s true. Toke came to meet me at the saloon, guess what she told me, she said Babs and Pamela are planning to get me sent out of Mr.’s house. I looked at her, all shocked, and asked what she meant?
She then narrated how she overheard them plotting, “Babs said that Pamela should invite you over to the house, she will tell you Babs left. Then she will ask you to try on a dress she bought for you but forgot to give you, she wants to see how it fits, while you are changing into the dress, Babs will come into the room and hold you from behind and Pamela will plant a camera with a timer to take a picture of you both in that compromising position, without you knowing, which she will later send to Mr., with an unregistered no”.
My mouth dropped, “Pamela!” I said, “She will do that? Nooo, it can’t be true. Are we talking about the same Pamela?” Toke said “Yes, our best friend”. I thanked Toke for letting me know, asked her to keep it to herself, although I couldn’t help wonder what was in it for her? Why would she rat on Pamela? She was closer to Pamela than I was and in any case, I have known Pamela since we were little, I actually only met Toke when we were in Uni. She and Pamela were roommates in our first year. At the same time, I thought to myself, Toke had no reason to lie or did she? Why would Pamela do this? What’s going on? She and Babs plotting against me, why? I had to get to the bottom of this but first, my mum was waiting ….. hmmm

Day 30
MR- My MIL, has brought a bit of craziness into our home, I came down yesterday morning for breakfast getting ready to go to church, Mrs. was sited with me, although she wasn’t coming with me to church for some reason. Anyway my MIL came in for breakfast, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was she was wearing a see through nighty and house coat, immediately Mrs. saw her, she just lost it, screaming and shoving her out of the dining room at the same time, I tried to intervene, Mrs. snapped at me and asked me to stay out of it.
I picked up my bible, told her I would stop over at Kola’s after church and left. I actually thought my MIL coming to stay for a few days, would even out the fact that my Mum came to stay for a couple of weeks. But she’s been here for one day and there is so much commotion. Am not sure what to suggest but I decided to ask Tammy to stop over, after church, to calm them both down.
When I left church, I went over to Kola’s place, he was still asleep, I woke him up when I kept ringing the doorbell continuously. He opened it up complaining, that he was tired cos he came back from the club this morning. I was surprised, “With Tammy here, you left her and went to a club?” “Yes” Kola said, “I asked her to come with me but she said she had to be at church early”. As I walked in, I could see the handwork of Tammy, the whole place was sparkling clean for a change.
Anyway, Kola said “Guess who I saw at the club?”. I told him I couldn’t, “Sandra and a couple of her girlfriends, she said she really misses you, I told her I was getting married at the registry on Friday and she’s coming”. I smiled and asked Kola to stop that nonsense “who does she miss? God forbid, not me and why in God’s name did you invite her, “I didn’t, she invited herself” he said.
We forgot about Sandra for a while and instead, tabled Teni’s case. Kola was of the opinion that I should go see her one last time, if that is what she is requesting for and that might just get rid of her once and for all. He also pointed out that the last time we were there together, maybe she needs to talk to you on her own. “That girl has called me so many times and she keeps sending a text saying she’s sorry for her behavior the last time, she says she just wants to say good bye”. Kola asked, if I was sure I could control myself. I felt like I could but I wasn’t sure, that girl was capable of anything, women like her seem to have a crazy effect on me.
So we came up with an additional plan. Kola will book the suite next to Teni’s, without her knowing. I would go in to see Teni, if anything crazy is about to happen, I will beep Kola’s no, and he will come running in, he still had an extra room key card for her suite, which he requested for, when he checked her in. We agreed it was a safe plan and decided to carry it out tomorrow after work……hmmmmm

MRS- One day at a time, take a little step of faith. No matter what you are going through or have been through, God Almighty is able to renew your mind and turn your life around for good. Learn to appreciate what you have because you do not know how blessed you are until you don’t have it anymore.
That’s what Tammy said to my Mum and I yesterday. Well, let me start from the beginning – Tammy came into see us yesterday on her way from church, as she walked in, she found my mum and I arguing over my decision that I don’t want her to stay in my home, I was going to check her into an hotel tomorrow morning. Tammy went over to my mum, pacified her and asked her not to be upset with me, she also cautioned me about what the bible said, “Honor you father and mother, so that your days on earth shall be long”. I chipped in that, the bible also says “Parents don’t provoke your children”.
Tammy looked at both of us and smiled, she then turned to me and said you don’t know how blessed you both are, let me tell you my story – “I grew up in a small town, the last of 8 children. My mum was a third wife, I was the only child of my mum, my father had 2 other wives and between them they had 7 children, who were all boys, All of them were much older than me , there was a gap of 12 years between me and the 7th child.
My Dad had retired before he married my mum. My mum was young and naïve, she met this retired man who was ready to spoil her, so she fell in love with him, not minding the age difference and the fact that he had 2 other wives. My grandparents were really poor and they too, only saw what my father was able to provide for my mum and them, so they agreed to the marriage.
Once my mum got pregnant , MY dad insisted she had to move into his house , up until then, he had allowed her to live in the apartment he got for her, he told my mum that no child of his would grow up outside their fathers house. My mum had no choice but to move in and live with the other wives, that’s when her trouble started. To cut the long story short, my Grandma told me my mum was pushed down the stairs when she was about 8 months pregnant, but nobody was blamed , she was rushed to hospital, I had to be taken out of her by a CS operation, she held me, took her last breathe and gave up the ghost.
Mt grandparents were saddled with the responsibility of weaning me until I was 2. Then my dad came to get me from them, amid serious protests, I moved into the lion’s den, you won’t believe, I grew up being abused mentally and physically by my siblings. As the only girl my dad had, he doted on me as best as he could but he couldn’t be with me all the time. As far back as I can remember I was abused by 3 of my siblings ,they were careful not to have full on sex with me but I was kissed, groped , and made to perform oral acts on them, it was disgusting, I was threatened never to tell anyone or I will disappear.
I finally took up the courage to run away from home at 12 and was taken in by a church family. The Pastor and his wife, brought me back to life, I was traumatized , wouldn’t let anyone touch me, I had nightmares for years , I was so depressed and wanted to kill myself but God still needed me. The Pastor and his wife were God sent, they feed me with the word of God, showed me so much love that is turned my life around. A few years later I met kola, he came every summer, to visit his uncle and aunt who lived next door. I always looked forward to his visit, he was so gentle and amazing. We had been together for 4 years before I felt I was ready for him to touch me and so it happened, I went to look for him a few days after that I was told that Kola had gone back home”. that was the last time I saw him, until now.
she paused and looked at both of us, then she said, “I wish I had a mother, who would have loved me forever, been there, to make sure no harm comes my way, Mum, please don’t do what your daughter doesn’t want, she looked at me and said, forgive your mother, you only get one, threat her with respect, love and honor her, she needs you at this time.”
By now I had tears running down my ears, my mum and Tammy also had tears in their eyes, I went to where my mum was sited, knelt down, said I was sorry, she stretched out her hands, put them around me and said she too was sorry for everything and asked me to forgive her and that she just needed me in her life and the tears came with full force…….hmmmmmm.

Day 31

MR- Honestly we thought we covered everything, am confused , how did this happen, I don’t even know what happened, Oh God, what have I done, why did I go ? Am sorry, you must be wondering, what’s going on Mr., here it is, I will tell you-
Kola and I had it all figured out, we left work around 4pm, headed straight for the hotel where Teni was staying, Kola had called earlier in the day to reserve the room next to her’s, unfortunately the room next door wasn’t available but 5 rooms away was, so he booked it anyway. We got there, Kola picked up his room keys and we both went up the stairs, we first went into his room, I discussed the plan over and over again, then decided it was full proof.
I left Kola in the room and walked the four door to Teni’s room. I knocked. She came to the door opened it. She was in a long flowing gown and looked quite peaceful, she ushered me in, I sat down and she sat in front of me, we exchanged pleasantries.
She asked if I would join her to have a drink, I said yes, so she poured me a glass from the bottle of champagne she was already drinking. She then started to apologize for all her behavior and hoped that I could forgive her and we could still be friends. I took another sip of my drink and said I have forgotten all about it and I pray she will find a nice guy who will love and cherish her. She said thank you and started talking about her plans to stay in the country for a while, the last thing I remembered, was her calling my name and asking me if I was okay.
When woke up , I was on Teni’s hotel bed, stack naked, Kola was shaking me and calling my Name, my head was so heavy, I couldn’t even dress myself, he put my clothes on me, supported me down the stairs and into the car. We drove straight to the private hospital near our office, our friend was a doctor there. He did a complete blood test on me and confirmed that I had been drugged with a strong sedative, which made me fall into a deep sleep. He said it would take a while to completely leave my system but after that I would be fine, I should just go home and sleep it off.
I couldn’t believe what the doctor said Teni drugged me? Why would she do that?, I was a complete fool, I fell for Tenis tricks once again, the scary part was that I still didn’t know what she did to me while I was asleep. As kola and I drove away from the hospital, the same questions kept running though our minds, what happened when I was passed out and where did Teni disappear too?…….hmmmmmmm

MRS-Tammy is a blessing, it’s unbelievable but my mum and I are getting on really well for the first time in a long while. We talked for so long about so many things, I even gisted her about the Toke confession. She asked me not to ponder on one person’s side of the story, that I should call Pamela and find out if everything Toke said was true.
So I called Pamela, and asked her to please come see me. She arrived just after we had breakfast yesterday morning. I told her we had been friends for years and I really would love her to tell me the truth. And so I repeated everything Toke had told me, Pamela was so shocked she started to cry, I actually got confused and wondered why she was crying.
After a while she stopped crying , apologized for crying, then asked me how long we have been friends for, I said a long time, she said now let me tell you what really happened- Toke has been picking fights with me since Babs came to stay with us. She initially felt jealous that Babs was giving me too much attention and just ignored her most of the time, later she came to me and said she likes Babs and wouldn’t mind dating him, I was very cross with her , told her off and said Babs was not up for grabs, she got so angry and said , “why not, our friend is already married anyway , why is Babs holding onto what’s already gone?”, I told her that was his business not ours and she should stay away from him.
The recent incident that happened yesterday was, she came back home and just started to pack her stuff, I asked where she was going and she said it was none of my business and that she was leaving home for me and Babs. She even went as far as accusing us of sleeping together, she even called me a pretender and betrayer. As I talk to you, I don’t know where she is.
After listening to her, I was as shocked as she was but for a different reason, my shock was more of why Toke wanted to mess up my friendship with Pamela?, I looked at her and said don’t worry about Toke’s whereabouts, she sent me a text this morning, saying The ex-governor guy, offered her an apartment and she has taken it. She even said she will come take me to the place soon. Pamela was shocked, “that same guy that gave her money for her birthday? We don’t even know anything about him, how could she put her life at risk, out of jealousy?”
I asked Pamela to calm down, I knew what to do, I’ll talk to her, we have been friends for long, we shouldn’t let one guy come between us now, Pamela agreed with me. I asked what Babs was up too, she said he has decided to go back, finish his masters and he will be back in 2 months to settle down here, he also said to tell you that, he has not given up on both of you yet, his exact words” He who runs away from a fight today, lives to fight another day” ……… hmmmm

Day 32
MR-“Those whom the gods want to kill , they first make mad”. The first time I heard that proverb was the day I turned 18, that morning. I woke up, walked up to my dad and said “” Good morning Dad, I turned 18 today, I am now officially an adult, you can’t tell me what to do anymore, I want my freedom, today is Sunday and I am letting you know I shall not be going to church with you , I want to hang out with my friends instead”. My Dad just looked up at me, smiled, said those words and kept on reading his bible.
Today looking back to what my dad said, I now understand the true meaning of those words. I knowingly saw fire and went to jump into it. Trust me on this, God gave me all the warning signs, my mind kept telling me not to go see Teni but I didn’t listen to God’s voice. By the way, there is no point blaming the devil for this one, this time the devil just sat on the sidelines watching me, say to myself “On your marks, get ready, set, go and I jumped into the burning fire. Now I am burnt so badly, am not sure how, in God’s name, I am going to recover from it.
Yesterday I got my picture sent to me and for the very first time, I couldn’t look at myself, here is what happened-
I got to leave the house around 11am, before that Mrs. and I had an argument, it had to do with my attitude, since day before yesterday. When I got home from the hotel I didn’t talk to anyone, I went straight to bed and didn’t get up until 10am the next morning. When I woke up i just went to sit near the pool, Mrs. came over to ask me what was wrong, I just ignored her, it wasn’t intentional but my mind was all muddled up, I kept imagining different scenarios, Teni was going to come up with, the worst case is that I have been calling her no since then and it’s been out of service.
Mrs. stood beside me for 3 mins talking to me, I honestly didn’t notice she was there, she got so upset and began to shout at me, I also lost my temper and shouted at her to leave me alone and so we went back and forth, for a while and what did I do, instead of apologizing for my behavior, I didn’t, for the first time since we got married, I walked out on her. I got up, picked up my car keys and drove off.
I didn’t even have any idea where I was going, so I decided to go see Kola, after all we had to start getting ready for his registry wedding on Friday, if only to take my mind off all my issues. He wasn’t at home when I got there, he had gone to the office, so I drove there, parked in our staff carport and called him to come out side.
I wasn’t dressed for work, I still had my jogging bottom on, so we sat in the car, just thinking, after a while Kola asked me what we were going to do about Teni, “we need to find her first I said”. We pondered on, how to go about that, as we were still trying to work it out, a what’s app message came on my phone, when I opened it, I dropped the phone so fast, kola thought something had burned my fingers . he picked it up looked at it, immediately his jaw dropped , with his mouth wide open in shock, he looked at me and then went back to look at the pics again. You won’t believe what Teni had just sent me, a picture of me and her naked, with her lying on top of me as if we were making love. “Yeah……this girl as finally killed me” …….hmmmmm

MRS- I tried to call Toke a couple of times yesterday but her phone just kept saying it was not available. We are all worried, very unlike her, unfortunately we don’t know exactly where she is, just that she was given a flat in a nice estate, she’s yet to take me there and anyway I will keep trying.
Preparation for Tammy and Kola’s wedding is in full force, even though it’s just the registry for now, we still want to make it memorable. Tammy on her own just wants a quiet wedding but my mum and I told her you only get married once. So you’ve got to make it count. We all went shopping yesterday, we’ve decided to wear lovely cream and powder blue dresses to the registry, then after we all go for dinner at Mr.’s expense, total no of guest for the reception 40. And you won’t believe that most of the guest are from Mr. and I,
Mr. has been acting really strange since Monday evening, he came home feeling really drowsy, went straight to bed without a word, woke up yesterday morning, ignored me completely, I tried to talk to him, ask him what the matter was but he still continued to ignore me, until I raised my voice and then he answered back in anger asking me to leave him alone and to my surprise he left me standing there, picked up his car keys and drove out. I suspect something happened in the office on Monday which he’s not telling me. Probably a business transaction gone wrong.
Anyway the good news is my mum and I are getting on great, thanks to Tammy. When we went out wedding shopping, she also got some fabrics which she intends to get made into nice long skirts and tops. Am glad am getting to know my mum again and am really enjoying it, it would have been perfect though, if Mr. could share this moment with me but he has been very preoccupied lately.
Pamela confirmed Babs went back to joburg yesterday, he promised to be back in a couple of months, once he’s done with his masters. He sent a note to me through her, she gave it to me, I didn’t read it, I dropped it in the bottom drawer of my dressing table. I am just relieved he’s out of my life, I can’t believe I actually wanted to jeopardize my happy life with Mr. for a visit, to let Babs down gently. What was I thinking?……hmmm

Day 33
MR-Well, Teni’s number isn’t going, she also hasn’t sent anything else since yesterday. I have resolved in my mind according to Hebrews 4 verse 16, to approach the throne of grace boldly and find mercy and favor in time of need.
I’ve really got no one else to blame, imagine now am remembering to Pray? How come I didn’t think about committing this whole issue to God in the first place? I’ve been on a fast since yesterday, I know in my heart that I goofed big time, but what’s done is done, the only solution I can think of now, is take everything to God in Prayer.
What exactly am I praying for? Kola asked me yesterday when I told him I was on a 7 day, fast and pray session. I said to him, he won’t believe it but it was just for God to forgive me and take control of my life. He was curious, how come I wasn’t praying specifically for Teni’s issue to get resolved favorably. I told him that Tammy reminded me a lot about how the grace of God works. God just wants you to let go, let him take charge of your life and you would never be disappointed, one verse in particular comes to mind-
Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
I love this verse, so am letting go and I know God will sort things out. “Kola, I have a lot of peace now”, he looked at me as if to say, well, I don’t get you.
Since I was now at peace, I made up with Mrs. too, apologized for my bad behavior. We had dinner out yesterday, it was also good for me to break my fast with her. I refuse to let this crazy issue mess up my life or put it hold.
Anyway, preparations for the wedding are going in full force, we are having a 3 course meal at a 5 star hotel, after the registry. Am splashing out on a weeklong honey moon for them to Phuket, I have booked the ‘Avista Hideaway by Sofitel’, it’s a 5 star luxurious hotel, they deserve the best. I also ordered a small Mercedes Benz jeep for Tammy, it should arrive tomorrow, the plate number is customized, T 4 JC, (Tammy 4 Jesus Christ), I pray she likes it.
Oh by the way, I met a guy at squash this morning, he wanted to be friends , we played 2 rounds of squash together, he said he was new in the country, he used to live in Joburg. Joined our country club today. Asked me where I live, I told him, coincidentally, he said he just moved into the estate opposite ours. He seems like a nice guy and he also mentioned he’s single, must remember to invite him over for dinner, one of this days…..hmmmm

MRS- Thank God Mr. is back to normal, he apologized for his behavior and took me out to dinner yesterday and it was nice spending time alone with him. I do know, that he’s being cheerful and all, but I can’t help but feel there is something bothering him deep down.
This is getting serious, we have been trying to call Toke , since the weekend, we can’t get her, her phone is switched off, she never switches off her phone, if anything we always make fun of her , that we never see her charge her phone, “does it work with your blood”, we ask sometimes. I have a really bad feeling about this whole can’t get in touch with Toke issue and this strange man that seems to be giving her everything? We don’t even know anything about him or where he lives.
My worries doubled yesterday when Pamela came to tell me Toke’s mum called her to say, she can’t get hold of her daughter. I pray she’s alright. We actually were calling so she could come try on her dress for the registry.
My Mum and I, went to fellowship with Tammy yesterday, she managed to drag us alone, it was actually quite refreshing, just an hour and the sermon was about God’s goodness. I keyed into that, cos I can’t deny how good, God has been to Mr. and I.
When we got back home and I was on my own, I was seriously contemplating telling Mr. about this whole Babs saga, I could even show him his picture, I thought. But what if he’s really upset and doesn’t trust me anymore? Am scared. Also I guess Babs is finally out of my life, I might never see him again and so what’s the point in telling Mr.? I think I will keep it to myself. They always say “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you”……hmmmm

Day 34
MR-“God is in control”, “God is in control”, I have to keep saying it, so that I can calm down. Am calm, Am calm, for God’s sake, how can I be calm, jezebel has visited me again. Stop being melodramatic you say. Well, that’s easy for you to say, am the one on fire. Alright, I will calm down and tell you what happened this time.
Sitting in the office with Babs and Tony, we were putting finishing touches to today’s event, I had just got off the phone with the hotel where we are having the reception, when a text came in on my phone, I opened it, it was from Teni, it read, “Congratulations my darling, thank you for your generosity, I helped myself to your “seed pool”. You were very generous, you might not remember but I enjoyed myself fully. Will keep you posted on the development, am sure we will hear good news in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait”. As I read the last part of the text, I fell back in my seat, started to sweat, I was shaking I didn’t even know it. Kola and tony came over to where I was, asking me what the matter was, I couldn’t speak, I was in shock.
Tony got a glass of water for me, I couldn’t drink it, cos I was hyperventilating, Kola asked me to breathe, “Come on Bro, take a deep breathe,” Tony and kola were so scared they thought I was having a heart attack .after a few minutes I began to breathe properly, Kola took the phone off me, he actually had to pry it out of my hands, I was holding on to it so tight I didn’t even realize.

He read the text, looked at me and said , “impossible”, how is it possible, you were passed out, there’s no way you would have been able to make love to her like that, she just bluffing. I felt a bit relieved for a few seconds but then I asked, “how about if she inseminated it artificially”, Kola, looked at me and said Noooo!, She will do that? I couldn’t even answer him, I just broke down crying, I cried so hard my head ached, Tony was so confused, Kola had to ask him to excuse us. Once Tony stepped out, Kola held me and tried to calm me down.
A few minutes later, Tony buzzed and said Tammy and Kola’s parents were in reception. I was still bawling my eyes out at the time, I had to pull myself together, they could not see me like this. So we asked Tony to tell them to give us 5 minutes.
Kola poured me a shot, which kind of relaxed me a bit. We both sat there thinking, we couldn’t believe this girl, how could anyone be soo desperate? I felt so bad I was going through this at this time, especially a day to Kola’s wedding. I had to snap out of this, at least until the wedding was over, I choose to believe, Teni was just bluffing, that settled my mind a bit. But on the other hand, what if she’s not…….hmmmmm

MRS- Pamela and I are contemplating going to the police to report Toke missing. My mum said it was a silly idea. “I thought you said she moved into a new apartment given to her”. “Yes, but her phones have been switched off and no one has been able to contact her since she moved. Even her parents are worried. We decided to give it a few more days to see if she will contact us.
The wedding is tomorrow, our house is buzzing with activity. Tammy’s and her parents are staying with us, we currently have a full house. Our dresses came back this morning, all dry cleaned and altered to fit everyone perfectly. The cake has been delivered and we are just expecting the bride’s bouquet.
As we were all milling around the house, trying to remember what else we needed to do. something strange happened, the gate man came in to tell me I had a guest who says he just wants to talk to me outside the gate, I was a bit hesitant, but decided to oblige, I walked outside , got to the gate , I met the gate man looking all confused. “What’s the matter and where is the guy I asked?”
“Madam, I don’t understand, this guy came in a car asked if you and Oga lived here, he kept looking around, so I protested, he then said he will like to talk to the madam of the house, I asked him to wait here I left him standing here, but when I got back from telling you about him, he had disappeared”.
I scolded the gate man warning him never to allow anyone in through the gate before he had confirmed it with Mr. or I, although I couldn’t help but wonder who was the guy and why was he enquiring about the occupants of the house. I pray he’s not an armed robber ……hmmmmm

Day 35
MR- Whoa, the wedding was amazing, everyone we invited showed up, not only that but they all brought amazing gifts. You won’t believe how blessed they were yesterday. Someone gave them a car, my MIL, gave them an apartment, loads of cash and wonderful gifts , they were so happy, Tammy looked amazing and Kola was on top of the world. Everyone approved of Tammy, Kola made a wonderful choice.
The reception started off great, a few hours into it, Kola came to call me from where I was sited, having fun. We walked outside and there was Sandra. I was not really surprised to see her but was surprised that Kola came in to call me to see her. Before I could blow my top, Kola began to explain that Sandra was a bit worried about me, “she kept asking me if I was sure nothing was wrong with you, because she noticed you weren’t your normal chatty self, so I had to tell her what happened with Teni.”
I was so shocked, “Bro, how could you, this is meant to be between both of us, am disappointed”. Kola asked me to calm down and began to explain the plan. By the time he was done, what I could understand from their plan was that Sandra was going to track Teni down, befriend her and somehow get the truth about this whole possible pregnancy thing and at the same time delete the naked pics off her phone. I was skeptical, asked her if she had worked for the CIA before, “How in God’s name do you hope to achieve that,” I asked. “Don’t worry my love, all you need to know is that I would get the truth out of her, for you I would do anything” she said. I stretched out my hand to thank her, she ignored it, came close to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on my lips.
I walked back in with Kola, murmuring that I hope he has not taken me from the frying pan into the fire, by involving Sandra in this whole mess. He asked me if I had a better idea, I said I didn’t, “so just try to stay calm and wait to see what Sandra comes back with”.
Tammy, Mrs. and the mothers were all dancing when I walked back into the reception hall, I looked around at all the happy faces, dancing, laughing and joking. I began to wonder if any of them had problems like the ones I was dealing with, just then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned round to see who it was and it was the guy I met at the squash club.
I was surprised, I asked “Didn’t know you knew Kola?” “Oh no I don’t, I was just walking past on the way to see a friend staying at this hotel when I saw you. That really surprised me because there was no way someone walking by the hall could have picked me out of the crowd in the room. Anyway I didn’t say anything, I just asked him if he wanted something to eat, he said no. So I said I wanted him to meet my wife, he asked me to lead the way, we both walked towards where Mrs. was dancing.
When I got to Mrs., I said “Baby, I want you to meet a friend I made at the squash club.” As I turned round to point him out, he was nowhere to be found, I looked around the crowd I couldn’t find him. “Oh never mind my love, I guess he got lost in the crowd”. Mrs. went back to her friends, but I really felt uneasy, something about this guy didn’t add up.
The reception gradually came to an end around midnight, Mrs. and I were one of the last ones to leave, we were in high spirits, I thought we would just get home and go straight to bed. Just as we were getting into the car, an idea occurred to me. “Why don’t we spend the night here in the hotel?” I asked Mrs. She agreed it was a great idea. We got down from the car walked to reception and booked a luxury suite. Honestly am not sure what came over us but from the minute we entered the room, we couldn’t take our hands off each other, we made love over and over again, it was great, we have just finished another round of love making in the shower, am just taking a break to write and then go back for more love making sessions. I am so happy now, I really don’t want to think of anything else………hmmmmmm

MRS-Somebody pinch me, Mr. and I have made love so many times since yesterday and it’s almost unreal. I don’t know where he got all the stamina from, but he was a lion, whoa! Am so excited, we just made love in the shower and we are taking a short break before we go back to bed. Anyway I shouldn’t be telling you this.
Yesterday was wonderful, loads of people turned up at the registry even though it was a work day, we all drove the short distance to the hotel after. It was beautifully decorated. Mr. had spared no expense, the most touching moment was when we presented the Benz jeep to Tammy, she broke down crying. They both got a lot of amazing gifts, my mum surprised me, she gave them a luxury apartment from the numerous ones she inherited from my dad, I thought that was really kind of her. Of course, I inherited a few myself, but I currently have them all rented out. Tammy and Kola’s wedding brought back so many good memories of our wedding day. It also reminded me of how much I love Mr. and am thankful once again that I didn’t mess everything up with my crazy joburg trip.
Despite the great time we were having yesterday, Toke’s absence was really felt, Pamela and I tried our best not to think about the fact that she has been missing for over a week now. You hear strange things happening to people, where they just disappear, I pray this has not happened to our friend, we can’t sit down and just wait indefinitely, to see if we will hear from her. I have decided to go to the police first thing on Monday morning to report her missing.
Things got a bit weird yesterday as well, half way through the reception party Mr. also had someone disappear on him. That was the 2nd time in two days. The first happened to me and now him, hmmm, what’s going on? I thought about it for a while, could it be the same person? No way, it must be a coincidence.
Anyway, I can’t be thinking of that now, I’ve got to go, I can see Mr. beckoning me to come back to bed, I am definitely ready for round 6 or is it 7!!!?………hmmmmmm

Day 36

MR-Exhausted is how I feel right now, I haven’t slept since yesterday and in fact we all haven’t slept. Mrs., Tammy, Pamela, Kola and I, have been up all night praying. I usually watch things like this on telly, I have never seen it happen, and worse of all happening to someone close to us. We need God’s infinite mercy, grace and favor and healing right now, it’s a matter of life and death. Oh my gosh, we have cried, prayed, sang praises and we know that God Almighty has answered our prayer, cos right now, that is all we’ve got. She must not die, Please God.
As sorry, am sure you’re wondering what’s going on well here it is-
Mrs. and I decided to stay in bed until it was time to check out, we had opted for the extended check out option, which means you get to keep your room until 2pm instead of 12 noon. We ordered some breakfast from room service around 9 am, then settled down to eat breakfast. After that we went for a massage and spa rejuvenation session, by 1pm we were done and ready to head home. We got home around 2pm, My MIL wasn’t in, the maid informed us she left home early in the morning.
The house was peaceful. We decided rather than sit watching telly, we would go and hang by the pool. We were lazing by the pool, when Mrs. phone rang showing an unknown no, it was next to me. I called out to her, she had just gotten up to get us some drinks. She asked me to pick it up, I did, I said hello, the person at the other end then said, “Hello madam, you don’t know me, but I recued a lady from my farm about an hour ago, she’s barely alive, she couldn’t tell me how she got here, I found her phone in her handbag with no credit on it, so I called this number, with my own phone. Please hurry come get her before she dies in my house o” he went on to describe his village and his house. From my calculation it was more than 90 miles from where we were.
At this time I was shivering, I got up ran into the house , where Mrs. was still trying to mix us some chapman, I pulled her over to the couch, Baby, please be calm , what am about to tell you now needs us to be really calm. “Baby, someone called now, they found a lady almost dead in their farm, they want us to come get her and I have a sneaky feeling of whom it might be, but let’s not guess. Go and get ready, let’s pick up Pamela, Tammy and Kola and go get her, I already called them”.
When I finished talking I noticed Mrs. was just staring at me in shock, I had to call her a couple of times and shake her slightly before she finally broke down crying. I managed to console her. We got in the car and drove, first we picked Pamela, and then Tammy and Kola and thank God they don’t leave for their honey moon until next week Friday. As we drove to this remote village in the middle of nowhere, we were all so quiet, you could hear a pin drop in the car.
After a while Tammy started to pray in tongues, the rest of us either prayed in English or kept saying Amen to the prayers. We drove for a couple of hours, then stopped to ask for directions to the village. A man in a rundown car, kindly offered to guide us there. The road was really bad, but after about 30 minutes, the guy stopped the car, got down and walked to wards us, “that’s the village there”, pointing to a group of thatched houses, “just drive in and ask for who you are looking for”. We thanked him and turned the car into the dirt road leading to the cluster of houses.
The man who called had told me his name was Samson. We asked for him and someone pointed to the 4th house on the left hand side from where we were parked, we couldn’t drive there, so we got out of the car and walked towards the house. As we turned the corner we could see the villagers, both young and old had gathered around the house, when they saw us coming they moved aside which gave us a clear view of the house verandah. We saw a body lying there on a mat, with just a black wrapper tied around her body, as we got closer and saw who it was, Mrs. and Pamela slumped at the same time……..hmmmmmmm

MRS- “Lord your word in Psalm 91 says, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence…….”. I’ve been reciting this since yesterday. O lord please help us.
The day started really great, Mr. and I decided to spoil ourselves a bit and got the most expensive, massage and spa package in the hotel. Mine even included a mud bath, it was so exhilarating. After we were done, it was time to go back home, I was enjoying myself too much , I suggested to Mr. that we stay one more night, he said that will mean us going home to get a change of clothes and once he drives home, we might as well stay at home. I had to agree with him.
We got home, my mum had gone out, I remember she told me one of her old time friend’s daughter, is christening her baby today and her friend wants her to get to her’s early, so that they can both go help out her friend’s daughter before the christening time.
Mr. and I didn’t feel like watching telly, so we decided to chill by the pool. The weather was really hot, so I decided to go make us some chapman. I was busy making them, when I heard Mr. call me that my phone was ringing. I asked him to please answer it. A few minutes later he came in to the bar area looking all shaken and pulled me gently to the couch to sit down, I was looking in his eyes, too afraid to breathe , I thought something bad had happened to my mum. Anyway he started talking and asked me to stay calm, as what he was about to tell me required us to be really calm.
He then narrated what the caller had said, and as he spoke my mind kept wondering but I didn’t say anything, by the time he was done, I had blanked out, Mr. had to shake me back to life, I couldn’t control myself anymore I just started crying, it was as if all the bad feelings I had been having needed an escape route.

Eventually, Mr. was able to calm me down, he suggested we pick up Pamela, Tammy and Kola, which we did on our way. The village was far, it took us almost 3 hours to get there and trust me Mr. drives really fast. Amid praying and praising, we got to the village with the help of a Samaritan, then proceeded to the house pointed out to us, as we approached, we saw a large crowd had gathered in front of the house but when they saw us coming they slowing began to move out of the way, as we got closer and we saw who it was, Pamela and I passed out at the same time, when I came too , Mr. informed me I had just slumped .I looked over at the body on the mat and screamed . “Oh dear Lord, Noooooo!!!, this cannot be happening”……..hmmmmmm

Day 37

MR- “Toke, Toke, wake up”, we were all screaming, Tammy was praying, Kola, Mrs. and I, were calling her name, she wasn’t responding. Just then Tammy asked us to hold hands and pray, she started to pray in tongues for 10 minutes, as soon as Tammy was done praying, she asked us to carry Toke into the car and take her straight to her pastor. While all this commotion was going on, the villagers were milling around, asking if we wanted them to get their traditional healer to have a look at her, we politely declined, Thanked them ,put her in the car and drove.
The journey back was shorter, it took just under 2 hours , I must admit , the adrenaline in my system helped a lot, no one in the car complained about my speed , all we could do was keep praying for Toke. So many questions were being asked, how did she get there? What happened to her? Is she going to survive, to that, Tammy answered yes, Almighty God is still on the throne and by his stripes we are healed. Tammy’s words seemed to reassure us a bit.
We got to Tammy’s church, the pastor and the prayer warriors were already waiting. Tammy had called ahead, they immediately came to carry Toke out of the car, laid her on the altar and started to pray in tongues , the prayer went on for hours, I cannot remember the last time I prayed like that, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever prayed that long before.
After a couple of hours Toke stirred a bit and opened her eyes, the shout of Hallelujah filled the church auditorium, we were about 30 people in total including us and the prayer team. Toke’s eyes were open but she could not speak. She had a bit of blood dripping down her face as well. The pastor walked over to where we were kneeling down praying and asked us to sit down, he then began to speak.
“My dear brothers and sisters, as we were praying God revealed to me that a certain Man sister Toke was dating cast a powerful spell on her because he wanted to use her to renew his money ritual. She was taken to his herbalist, at the point of sacrificing her, the oracle rejected her , unfortunately, they had already cast the spell and decided not to reverse it, the herbalist asked the Man to take her back to where he found her , because she cannot be used, hence she was dumped where you found her, right now the spell will be destroyed by the Power of Jesus Christ almighty , but we have to be very prayerful so that she can regain her full health, she will remain in the church for 14 days , while we all fast and pray for her full recovery”
We couldn’t believe it, by the time the pastor was done, we all had our mouths open, Money Ritual? Which man? Who? Mrs. looked at all of us and said who else? The man that gave Toke an apartment must be the one. The pastor cautioned us not to jump into conclusion, that once Toke comes back to life fully, he’s sure she will be able to narrate what happened to her …….hmmmmmm

MRS-I cried so hard, screaming Toke’s name, asking her to please wake up, but to no avail. She just laid on the mat as if she was already dead. Tammy stated to pray in tongues, when she was done she asked us to take Toke to her pastor immediately. The villagers were already offering traditional help which we politely declined.
Mr. drove like a maniac on the way back, we gained 1 hour , nobody complained , I especially who always complained about Mr’s speed , held my peace, we all just focused on praying for Toke not to die. When we finally got to the church, the Pastor and the prayer team were already waiting for us because Tammy had called ahead. Toke was taken straight to the altar, a couple of female prayer warriors sprinkled holy water on her , took off the black wrapper and replaced it with a white one, then everyone of us went into prayer, the pastor, his team and Tammy prayed in tongues the rest of us just prayed and said Amen at intervals.
After a couple of hours praying, at that time we were all laying on the floor, we had never prayed that long before, the pastor walked towards where we were laying down and asked us to get up and sit on chairs. He then began to talk to us.
He explained how the Lord revealed to him that Toke’s man friend was trying to use her for money rituals and fortunately for Toke the oracle rejected her, I couldn’t believe my ears, I remember saying that to Pamela the other day that I hope she hasn’t been used. Everyone was asking who could have done such and where did Toke meet such a man, in my heart I knew it could only be the man I met who gave me his business card which Toke sneakily took from my bag, but I didn’t say that, I just said it must be the man who gave her an apartment.
I was thinking, Whoa, people are evil, is this man going to get away with this, as if the pastor could read my mind, he looked at me when he said ,”please do not jump into conclusion, when sister Toke, wakes up to life fully , she will be able to tell us what happened to her”. I acknowledged what he said by saying, Okay sir, but my mind was already calculating how Pamela’s uncle, a senior officer in the military, could help us deal with this wicked and heartless man. But first things first, Toke must not die……….hmmmmmm

Day 38

MR-Two of my favorite quotes, the first by Elbert Hubbard said -Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. And this one from Maya Angelo. My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
From a young age, I made up my mind that I was going to be a success, not only with money but with the quality of life I lived. As I listened to Toke’s story yesterday, tears filled my eyes and I thought of the thousands of young people like us who believe that their circumstances of birth is responsible for them not making it in life or why they think they can never be successful or why they think they have to do the drastic things they do and for some, it is other peoples responsibility to take care of their every need because they believe they can afford too,
My father drummed it into my ears from an early age that no child of his should live for his wealth, and he did accumulate a tidy sum. He always said we should all focus on making our own wealth and succeed on our own terms. He would often say “Son, think of me as a pauper, no money, no house, nothing, then decide you would not end up like me”. It worked, every time I got that picture in my head I became more determined to make it. I studied hard, came out with a 2:1 , worked hard, through thick and thin, always tried to be diligent and I prayed for favor with God and Man.
My father as an elder, sometimes preached in church , I remember a lot of his sermons but one of them which he said he heard from T D Jakes, always resonates in my mind –
He would start off with, “Stop making excuses and lying to yourself, you sit there blaming everybody and everything for not being able to fulfil your dream. You’re going around making excuses like, If only I was born rich, If only I wasn’t adopted, If only my dad didn’t die ,If only , if only. Stop being angry about things you can fix, Stop lying to yourself , all of these does not stop you from making it in life, with God , determination and diligence you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Get up and go, do what you need to do, Pull down the walls and your pride and fix your mind , Focus on your goal, call upon the lord your God and he will answer you. You need to repent and stop being stubborn saying, this is my story and am sticking to it. Today you can change that story .It doesn’t matter what people think of you, God has given you all the tools you need to succeed, he has opened the door and all you’ve got to do, is walk through it”…….hmmmmm

MRS- Praise be to God Almighty, Toke finally woke up to life at 4 am this morning, she cried for 20 minutes, we all hugged her and joined in the crying. Mr., Tammy, Kola and I, were all there fasting and praying, when all of a sudden she sneezed twice and asked, “Where am i? What am I doing here? We all jumped up and shouted Hallelujah. The pastor came over to where she was, helped her up and sat her on a chair. Looking all confused, her eyes travelled from me to the others, she just kept asking, what going on and what happened to me?. The pastor then told Toke, how she was found and brought to the church, he then asked, “Sister Toke, what’s the last thing you remember?”
Toke started to narrate, “Sir, I wish to start by apologizing to my best friends, I have not been a good friend to them, they have always been great to me, took me into their home, opened a boutique for me but despite all this, I decided to try and break them up, by lying.
I have always been jealous of both of them, for what they have and for who they are, no matter how hard I try, I never get the kind of attention they get. My friends have been wonderful, we wear the same designers, spend money together, you would never know I come from a poor home but greed and not having the spirit of contentment, led me to misbehave.
Sir, Pamela and I were at home one afternoon, when our friend came and told us that while she was having lunch, she met this ex-governor guy, she said he gave her 5000 dollars to pay for her lunch and she showed us his business card. I was so jealous and I made it clear then by saying jokingly, that, didn’t he know she was married. I thought to myself, am beautiful, single and a graduate, yet no man has offered me 100 dollars not to talk of 5000 dollars for lunch. Anyway, that day, I stole the man’s business car.
A few days later when we were finalizing our trip to Joburg, which my friend also paid for , I decided to give the guy a call, he picks up, I introduce myself as a friend of the girl he gave his card to. I told him she wasn’t interested in him cos she was married , but I was, he asked what were my plans for the weekend I told him my friends and I were off to joburg for my birthday. He said he will join us there and at the same time I should come to his office to pick up 15,000 dollars for my party in joburg.

I was ecstatic, I went to pick up the money the next morning. I arrived at his office, he had left instructions for someone to bring me to his house. The drive wasn’t too far from the office. When we got there, I was ushered into a large home office and asked what I would like to drink. I declined anything and said I was okay. As I sat there waiting for this mysterious man, I looked around and noticed numerous pictures of him with different top government officials and dignitaries bit none with his wife or children. I concluded in my mind, that this must be because it was his private study.

A few minutes later , this 6foot 2 inches , man came in, looking stern, you could see he was good looking but was really fat, his tummy was like a 9 months pregnant woman, I cringed a bit but quickly pulled myself together when I remembered why I was there. I also noticed he had this weird looking huge ring on his left pinky finger. He walked towards me, asked me to get up and turn around, he wanted to have a good look at me, he then asked me to kiss his ring, which I did out of fear.
As soon as I kissed the ring his countenance changed, he became all jolly and smiley, asked me to sit down, complimented my appearance. I was shocked at the sudden change in attitude but I tried not to show it. Shortly after he opened the desk draw in front of him and gave me and envelope. He apologized that he won’t be able to make the trip with us cos something came up. He promised me a birthday surprise gift when we got back, I thanked him, feigned disappointment at his not being able to attend but was secretly delighted, cos I thought how in God’s name was I going to explain this man to you guys.
Anyway ,when we got back from Joburg, he called me and asked me to see him in a couple of weeks once he got back from Iran, I thought to myself, who goes to Iran?, of all places, but all the same, I said okay I will. That was shortly before I went to lie and tried to break up my best friends, all because I was jealous of how much attention the guy staying with us was paying to Pamela”.
At this point I was delighted she didn’t mention anything about Babs arrival in their home. Am sorry, am going to have to stop writing today, we’ve got to go back to the church, I can hear Mr. calling me, Toke is still there , we only came home to freshen up and take her something to wear and eat, I promise to continue her story tomorrow , it’s so overwhelming ……..hmmmmmm

Day 39-
MR- Amidst all this drama going on in our lives right now, I get a call from Sandra, saying she would like to meet with Kola and I, cos she has some important update to give us. We arranged to meet her for 2 pm, at a restaurant round the corner from our office, Kola and I had several meetings yesterday, we left Tammy, Pamela and Mrs. with Toke in the church, she still needs to stay there for a few more days so that she will be completely cleansed from the spiritual attack.
We got to the restaurant on time, Sandra was already waiting, we sat down exchanged pleasantries, and then she began to talk. “I’ve found Teni, she’s staying in a hotel not too far from here. I called her no the day you gave it to me, her phone was switched off, so I decided to send her a text saying, my love, I miss you, I’ve been trying to contact you someone just gave me your no, please call me back.” I knew that as soon as she switched on her phone the text will deliver and I knew she’ll be curious and want to know who sent the text.
I was right, she called back the next morning, I pretended I thought the no was for my long lost boyfriend, who had run away from me. Once I said that she immediately started talking, saying how coincidental, that she was also dealing with a guy like that. I started to cry and say, I love the guy so much. She tried to pacify me and suggested we met and that I might be able to learn a thing or two from her on how to get my man back”. She paused, looked at me and said, “Well my love, I have an appointment to see her this evening in her hotel room, aren’t I a genius?”
I was impressed, I never knew Sandra had it in her to be this smart, anyway I shouldn’t be surprised, she has been trapping me for a long time, what’s one other girl to her? Kola, complimented her and I said thank you. She got up and came over to sit beside me and said, “one other important thing guys, I would like to thank you both, especially Kola for inviting me to his wedding, I met an amazing guy. whom I have fallen in love with. “Who is this lucky guy”, Kola asked , ‘’Well you will meet him soon, but it was so interesting how we met, remember at your wedding when you both came out to talk to me, as soon as you guys walked in , he came to me said hello and asked if I was your wife, I said no , he said girlfriend , I said I wish, from then on we hit it off , he asked me out the next day, he’s actually not been in the country for a while, he just came in from Joburg and he’s just trying to settle himself down.
Well Kola and I were happy for her and we said as much, I also chipped in that a lot of guys are coming in from Joburg these days, I remembered the guy I met at squash also came in from joburg, I wondered if the two might know each other? well I guess they all miss home a lot , East or West , they say home is the best …….hmmmmmm

MRS- Pamela, Tammy and I , have been spending most of our days in the church, praying with and keeping Toke company, Pamela wanted to leave yesterday after she heard Toke confess but Tammy spoke to her about forgiveness and she changed her mind. Mr. and Kola had to go back to work , cos they had loads of meetings.
O yes, let me continue with Tokes story-
“The truth is, Pamela caught me trying to chat up the guy staying with us,” At this point I looked at her, as if to say please don’t mention me, .she continued to look at me as she spoke , “well he was actually a friends Ex , they hadn’t actually broken it off , but the friend had moved on with her life , the guy was still holding onto hope that something might still happen between them, so Pamela felt it was wrong for me to try to move in on him. I resented her for that, I felt it was selfish of them both. She didn’t want him and she didn’t want anyone else to have him. So I went to our other best friend and cooked up all sort of malicious lies, Am sorry”. At this point, I let out a sigh of relief, the way Toke said it, no one except those of us involved would know whom she was talking about.
And Toke continued “Anyway, I got back home after spilling all those lies and I remembered it was the day of my appointment with the Man I had taken his card. So I called, he said he was back from Iran and asked his driver to come get me. This time we drove to a different house, it was also very nice and spacious, I later learnt it was his guest house. As soon as I walked in, I broke down in tears, the man was surprised and tried to comfort me. I stopped crying and apologized, told him I was just dealing with some personal issues and I shouldn’t have broken down in front of him like that.
He said it was okay and that a problem shared is a problem solved. So I told him my friend had just kicked me out of their apartment and I have nowhere to go, he looked at me and laughed. He said that was a small problem, he had numerous luxury apartments around the city. Today he will give me one of them. With that he picked up his phone to call his lawyer, the guy came in with a folder containing loads of properties.
The man then asked the lawyer to show me the ones that were vacant and that I should pick anyone. After I had scouted through about 30 properties , I finally found a lovely 2 bed pent house apartment , fully furnished , with a communal swimming pool and lawn tennis court in the compound , there were 8 other apartments and the penthouse apartment made it 9.
He immediately asked the lawyer to get the keys for me and come back to take me home to pack my things and go take possession. As soon as the lawyer left, I jumped on him, kissed and hugged him saying how grateful I was. He responded a bit but not what I expected, he just asked me to kiss his ring to show my gratitude, which I did several times.
The lawyer later took me to the apartment. It was amazing, fully furnished everywhere, the kitchen was fully stocked with all kinds of food and kitchen equipment’s you could imagine, 2 bedrooms and living room amazing, the bathrooms were larger than our sitting room at home , I was in heaven or so I thought. The next day, the man came over and asked how I was settling down, I noticed he let himself in, he had a key , I was a bit surprised but I rationalized it by thinking it’s his house anyway, so what did I expect.
He sat down with me for a while, I asked if I could offer him a drink or something to eat he declined. After a while he got up to go, he asked for my phone, I gave it to him. Surprisingly, he put it in his pocket and gave me a brand new very expensive phone, I asked for my sim card, he said there’s one in the new phone, I need to start a new life with him and I should forget about the past.
The shocking part was that he told me he didn’t want to see anyone in the apartment other than himself and if I need to go anywhere, there was a body guard outside the door and a car and driver available to me 24 hours. I wanted to say something but the look he gave me, made me change my mind, I just said “” Okay honey”” he said. “Good girl, you are mine now, and I don’t like to share “
At this point we were all gob smacked , Mr. ad Kola kept looking at each other , the rest of us with the pastor just asked her to continue…
‘’ Well I practically became a modern day slave, a prisoner, the crazy thing was that the kissing of his ring was the only connection I had with him that made him happy. His normal routine when he came over, which he did every evening. He would walk through the door , I would hug him, cos he never hugged back, then he sits down and asks me to come kiss his ring, once I do , he becomes a changed person, as if he has just made love, he chats with me, holds my hand and he is laughing and joking. I couldn’t understand it. Before he leaves he would then show me the transfer he had just done into my account, mind bugling amounts of money, after a while I didn’t even look at my bank balance anymore it was surreal. I found it hard to believe I had just met this man a few weeks ago””

The pastor asked us to take a break and have some lunch, Toke would continue her story after that……hmmmmmm

DAY 40
MR-kola and I had a tete a tete yesterday, he just came back from seeing his uncle, who summoned him there for marriage counselling. Our discussion was an eye opener, it blessed me tremendously and gave me an insight into life that I hadn’t actually thought about.
His uncle started with, why a man is called the bride groom on the day of the wedding. ‘Bride’ is the woman and groom means, to nurture, develop, bring up, elevate, make good, your duty as a man is to groom your bride to become a wife, the outcome of your wife is the result of how well your grooming was. You cannot expect her to fall in line with everything you want, she was born into her own life, grew up and became the woman you fell in love with, independent of your own input. Now you come along and want to change her completely? Come on Son, how do you think that is possible? You’ve got to come together, pay to God, make him the head of your home. Encourage her to become the best she can be and in turn she will become the helper to you, that God has ordained. Love, joy and happiness will abound in your home, she will thrive and be fruitful, talk to each other be patient, listen to her, pamper her and at the end you will have groomed a bride into an amazing wife”
Whoa! That’s amazing, I have never heard anyone define and dissect, the meaning of ‘bride groom’ like that. I sat there thinking of Mrs. and the areas of our life I needed to adjust.

Also yesterday before Kola came over I decided to go play squash. I am not sure why I feel this way, but there is something not right with this guy I met recently, am usually not a suspicious person but this time I can feel it in my blood that’s he’s not right. As I drove into the club I saw the guy standing next to a car, he was supposedly on the phone, as I pulled up, he finalized his call and walked over to me, “hello” he said, “I’ve been waiting for you, let’s play together”. I initially thought it was nice of him to wait for me but also how did he know I was coming to the court today, cos I don’t play every day? We went in, starting playing, played for 2 rounds.
Then it was time for me to leave, as we walked back to the car , he asked me about my Mrs., “how is she” he says, fine I replied, he then went on to ask me series of other questions all in succession, how long have you been married?, does she work? And is she pregnant. I stopped turned around and looked at him “May I know why you are so interested in my wife all of a sudden, why all the questions”? He replied “ Oh am sorry, forgive me, I just met this lady and I think she might be the one, just wanted to have an answer to some things that I’ve been thinking about, I intend to ask her to marry me” . I didn’t believe a word he said, it sounded so farfetched but I congratulated him all the same, got in my car and drove off. Made a mental note to discuss this guy with Kola.
Kola and tammy are getting ready to go on their honeymoon, they fly out for 10 days next tomorrow and we are going to miss them terribly. My MIL finally came back home yesterday. She immediately called Mrs. into her room and you won’t believe it but they were in there for 2 hours talking and crying. I can only imagine what they were talking about, I just pray it’s not some bad news again…….hmmmmmm

MRS- Wife, Helpmate, Prayer warrior, Mother. Those are the words I have never heard my mum say to me, yesterday for 2 whole hours my mum became a totally different woman, she became the kind of mum everyone should have, here is what happened-
My mum came back home early morning yesterday, I was curious to know where she was and why she only sent a text to ask me not to worry, that she was fine. Before I could say anything she asked me to come with her to her room. When we got in there, she sat me down and said “” My darling daughter, let me start by apologizing for not being the best mother to you, I let you down horribly and didn’t expend my motherly duties to you, I am sorry. I said “it’s okay mum, you were not that bad.” she asked me to let her finish, “ I didn’t bring you up the right way, in the way of the Lord, God bless your grandma’s soul, I know, she tried , she prayed with you and took you to church, but most times I stopped her from doing that.”
“I didn’t tell you that life wasn’t always going to be a bed of roses, I didn’t prepare you for marriage , didn’t teach you how to cook or be a good mother neither did I bring you up not to be selfish, to be calm and see others point of view. Not to make money the center of your life. I know you love your husband but I can also see all the material things you have accumulated. I see how you treat your range rover better than you treat you maids. My darling, am sorry, from now I will be a better mum. I wasn’t a good example either, I mistreated your dad even though he loved me very much. I ill-treated your grandma, and I know that the day she said to me, “your child will treat you the same way you treat me” she wasn’t causing me but it was a cause to me because of the way I treated her.”
“Please don’t be like me. You must learn how to cook, be a helper to your husband and treat people right and above all make God the head of your life and household. Please get your friend Tammy to help you”.
I was so shocked I broke down crying instantly, my mum was crying too, we must have held each other crying for a long time, because when we were done both our eyes were red and puffy.
O yes I remember I have to tell you the end of Toke’s story, well here it is – “On friday morning he comes over to the apartment and says he wants to take me to show his parents, because he wants to marry me. I was shocked, we barely just met, I didn’t even like him not to talk of love, although I loved the money and the new luxurious I was surrounded with, I didn’t know what to say. He said I didn’t have to say anything that he was old enough to know what he wanted. He promised to give me everything I want, tomorrow we will go meet his parents. He also mentioned that once am pregnant for him, I should choose any country in the world where I would like to go deliver the baby, a house in America just for me was also part of the package.
All this sounded too good to be true but I thought what could I loose I was old enough to get married, no future hubby yet and even though the sight of this man repulsed me, I could choose to live far away from him with my child in luxury and only see him once in a while.
On Saturday morning, he came to say he was taking me to his parents, we drove to a village about 3 hours away. We arrived in the evening, parked in front of an old bungalow, which he said was his parents’ house. I was surprised, a man with all his wealth, how could his parents live like this, anyway I held my peace, as we parked, an old couple came running out to meet us, he introduced them as his mum and dad, the woman gave me a hug, called me their wife and led me in.
Inside the bungalow, was not any better, but I sat down next to the man, after a few minutes they brought out some palm wine poured it into a traditional wooden bowl and asked me to drink, I initially declined told them I didn’t drink palm wine but the Man said it would be rude and offensive to decline, as this was the traditional welcome drink, for a bride to be, I took the bowl from the woman and drank…..,that was the last thing I remember, before I woke up here.”
After that, the pastor prayed for her, asked us to leave judgment to God, the man will meet his waterloo soon he said.
Toke is back home now with Pamela, she is talking properly and her mind is back but she has changed completely. She now goes to church every Wednesday for prayer meeting, midweek service and Sunday service, she has even signed up to be a church worker. I have heard it said that there is nothing like a near death experience, to get you extremely close to God……hmmmmmm

Day 41

MR-Kola and Tammy leave today, Mrs. and I are dropping them off at the airport. We are really going to miss them. For 10 days, Kola will be out of the country, all advice and brain storming sessions on hold until he’s back.
Mrs. told me what her and her Mum discussed yesterday, Whoa, I wonder what trigged my MIL to admit all these now. It must have been so hard for her to apologize and admit she wasn’t as good a mum as she should have been. You know it’s really interesting, my parents were strict but fair, God was always first in everything. My dad would always say,” Without God you are nothing, follow his instructions, allow him to always lead your life and I promise you, you will never go astray or be disappointed”. I felt chocked most times, church 3 times a week, fasting once a month, telling me off for every little thing, it was too much for me to understand, then, the first chance I got I revolted and that was when I turned 18, my dad just ignored my tantrums at the time and that was really upsetting, the reaction I wanted from him, I didn’t get.
As soon as I graduated, I got a job, moved out of the house and stopped going to church. You won’t believe that I only truly began to appreciate my Godly upbringing recently, when Kola had his near death experience. The truth is you never truly appreciate what you have until you find out how bad somebody else had it
I have honestly come to accept Mrs. for who she is, she suits me fine, whether she can cook or not, I love her, thank God I also have enough money to satisfy her needs and wants. But as her mum said it would be nice for her to be a bit more homely, especially when the children start coming.
My MIL, gave us a little shocker today, she told us she’s getting married, I wonder who the lucky guy is ?, Mrs. was getting a bit agitated about it, I asked her to calm down , she said she will, once she’s met the guy, only God knows what surprises lay ahead of us in this situation.
Kola and I had an unexpected visitor in the office yesterday, a wealthy widow was looking to give us some money to invest for her. She specifically asked that I handle her account. She said I should bring a proposal, to highlight various small businesses she can invest in and own between 25 to 40 % of the equity based on required amount of investment. We were delighted cos for our work we get 20 % of the total invested sum, there was a little snag though, she insisted that I meet her at home yesterday evening, to discuss her thoughts on the portfolio.
Around 6 pm I left the office, our appointment was for 7.30pm. I wanted to get there on time, I accounted for traffic and finding my way.
I arrived at her house about 7,10pm, I was ushered in immediately, and told to wait for her. I sat down in the huge living room, and sipped on the glass of wine I had been offered. At 7,30 pm on the dot, a maid came in to usher me into another private sitting room, where the lady was waiting, as I walked in, the maid left us alone, the lady walked towards me and gave me a hug, I felt a bit uncomfortable, but this was a client, so I had to act professionally even if she wasn’t.
She started by discussing the amount she wanted to invest, I was so shocked , our percentage of that was almost more than some of our full investments received, I opened up my proposal and gave her a copy, she asked me to come sit beside her , cos she wanted me to read and explain it to her, I did and as I was reading , the next thing I knew, her hand was on my leg, stroking me up and down, I ignored it at first , but it made me really uncomfortable rather than the pleasure she was expecting me to derive from it.
I got up after a few seconds, when I saw she wasn’t going to let me be, and said, “am sorry Ma’am it’s getting late, maybe you could stop by the office tomorrow and I could explain thing better”, she looked at me smiled and said “okay that was fine,” got up, gave me a hug again and asked me to take care of myself.
I walked so fast until I got in the car, I could not believe what just happened, that woman was old enough to be my mother. I thought of calling Kola but I didn’t want to disturb him, cos I knew he will be packing ad getting ready for his trip today. Now, speaking seriously , I think I need to take Kola’s advice, to go get my head washed, to be delivered from all these crazy women, that I seem to attract .why can’t they just leave me alone???…….hmmmmm

MRS-After our heart to heart conversation yesterday, my mum and I have definitely moved a couple of steps closer, the strange thing though, even though I have never admitted it, I have always been afraid to end up like my Mum, she wasn’t kind or motherly, she was just plain mean, yesterday I discovered a side of my mum I never knew she had.
She was right, she raised me to be self-centered, proud and as for manners, thank God for my grandmother, she was able to instill in me what I have tried to build on today, am sure you might be surprised that I don’t seem to be as crazy as I should be despite no proper upbringing, let me tell you, what actually also helped me.
I’ve never discussed this with anyone, Babs was actually another one besides my grandma, who helped to tame me. When I was in University, I drove a car, lived in my own apartment, travelled out of the country every summer holiday and wore the latest and most expensive designer clothes. I was so cocky, my friends worshipped the ground I walked on, the only person I would respect was my grandmother but as soon as she died, respect flew out of the window.
One day I was eating with my friends in the cafeteria, in walks Babs with one other friend, he comes up to me and says he would like to talk to me, I get up, with my drink in hand, we walk a few steps from the table and before he could say a word, I empty my full bottle of coke on his head, give him a stern warning , not to ever come near me or open that his smelly mouth to talk to me and I walk back to my friends, who by now are beside themselves with laughter. But what does Babs do?, he takes off his now wet t shirt, comes back to the table and asks me again to please give him a few minutes, cos he still wants to talk to me. Everyone froze, I was so taken aback, I immediately fell in love with him. From then on he patiently talked to me, took all my excesses and after 3 years of dating I was much better. I had learnt how to respect people, talk to, not talk at and also got a lot of patience and humility. I stayed with Babs for another 2 years but the one thing he couldn’t get out of me, was my love for the finer things of life, that’s what made me leave him, we didn’t official break it off, if I had done that at the time it would have killed him. Back then no matter how he tried he just couldn’t get his life together. I guess he was just meant to prepare me for Mr.
Anyway, this morning my mum came into out room and told Mr. and I that she had something really important to tell us. She sat down and said, “My darlings I want your blessing, am getting married”. It took a while for what she said to sink in, “what?” I said. She said that she has been dating this guy for a while and now he has asked her to marry him and she accepted. I asked her how long she has been planning this. She said for a while, I was about to ask another question when Mr. got up, said congratulations mum and hugged her. I reluctantly got up and hugged her as well. Has my mum was about to leave, I asked who the lucky guy was, she sad “Don’t worry dear, you we will meet him soon.”
My fear?, my Mum is attracted to all sorts , I raised my objections with Mr., he told me to leave my mum alone, if the guy would make her happy , why was I complaining. I agreed with him and said until I meet the guy, then we will see.
Mr. and I, are seeing Kola and Tammy off this afternoon, we will definitely miss them.
Yesterday I spent the rest of day with Toke and Pamela, we hadn’t hung out in a while, had a lot of catching up to do. After we had gisted for a while, I voiced out my opinion, that I still think this wicked evil Ex-governor guy, should be punished for what he did, “Pamela, let’s ask you uncle what punishment he could give to him”, Pamela and I were in agreement with that but Toke would not hear of it, she started to preach about forgiveness. Well I hear her for now, but I promise you, they have not heard the last from me on this issue, I must find a way to make him pay for what he did and that’s a promise………hmmmmmm

Day 42
MR-I actually had tears in my eyes, you won’t believe it, I quickly wiped it away before Mrs. saw it. As I hugged Kola, I realized for the last 5 years, except during my honey moon, a day had not gone by, without me seeing him, my heart gave way, I saw him so happy with Tammy leaving for Phuket , it felt good to see him finally happily married, to tell that truth at a point I thought he was never going to get married. Anyway as we watched them go on board the flight, I felt like dropping everything and taking Mrs and just getting on the plane with them.

On our way from the airport Mrs and I decided to stop for lunch.. We choose a quiet Italian restaurant one of Mrs. favorite. We parked outside, walked in, I was behind. We were seated immediately in a corner booth. The waiter came to take our order and gave us some appetizers, while waiting for the main course. I got up to go use the rest room, as I turned the corner there were a group of 10 people sitting round a long table with a cake in the middle , it was obvious someone had come to celebrate his or her birthday with friends.
As i walked past them I heard someone call my name , I looked back and there was Teni. She came over to me and said, “Oh my gosh, you remembered my birthday, I knew you will come around to my side, but wait a minute, how did you know we were here?”

It took me a while to compose myself ,because by this time all the other people around the table were looking at me. I really don’t know what came over me but I foolishly said, “Trust me, I know everything that goes on in this town, Happy birthday, give me a minute, I need to use the gents, I will join you guys”. She was so happy she hugged me and as I walked away I could hear her say “That’s my sweetheart , he was out of town but came back early to surprise me”.

I almost beat myself up, what was I thinking, why on earth would I say a thing like that? Anyway, for now i need to get out of here. I doubled back to Mrs. and said something came up , we need to leave now, she was a bit shocked but saw how agitated I was and choose to follow me out of the restaurant and not say anything.

As we drove off, I caught her looking at me with a curious expression on her first but I just pretended I didn’t notice and drove.
I dropped Mrs. at home, didn’t even get out of the car, the excuse I gave for leaving was that, an important client, leaving the country tonight, needs to meet with me urgently. I drove straight to the office before I finally took a deep breathe and switched my phone back on, I had switched it off just before we left the restaurant.
I had 10 missed calls from Teni’s no and 6 from an unknown no, which I also guessed was Teni’s. There was a text from that no, it read. “If you think you can make a fool out of me, you better think again, you show up at my party, then disappear, making me a laughing stock among my friends? For this I will surely pay you back and I promise, this time you won’t see it coming”.

Now i believe i really do need serious prayers, Am still dealing with the, ‘Did I or did I not make love to this Jezebel saga?’ now this. To be honest i keep digging myself deeper and deeper into the mud. Trouble just sits there doing its own thing and i go their to invite it to deal with me. What am I thinking???, I guess am not thinking……hmmmm

MRS- Pamela called me yesterday afternoon to get ready to go out, cos she was on her way to pick me up, I asked if Toke was coming too, she said no, this was a mission for both d us alone. She got to ours just as Mr. dropped me off. She didn’t say much, just” let’s go.”

We drove out of our estate on to the dual carriage way. She hadn’t said a word to me, I was anxiously waiting for her to tell me where we were going. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore , I busted out, “Are you going to tell me where we are going or do I have to beat it out of you”? She also had her come back line “If I tell you, I would have to kill you”. We both broke down laughter, we must have laughed for a while cos by the time we stopped laughing , she said “we are here”.

I looked out of the window and all I saw was a white fence, higher than the buildings inside and a huge black gate. Two armed men approached the car, asked for Pamela’s Id, once they checked it, they ordered the gate open and we drove in. You won’t believe what was behind the wall. Rows of beautifully designed duplexes with about 4 or 5 exotic cars in each drive way. Armed men patrolling everywhere. It suddenly dawned on me that we were in Pamela’s uncle’s official military quarters.

We parked in the visitors’ car park and had to be escorted to his duplex, he was waiting for us in front of his house, when he saw us coming, he walked towards us and said “how is my beautiful niece? “Fine uncle” Pamela replied. “This is my best friend I’ve been talking about”, he looked me up and down and said “we finally meet Miss, Pamela has told me a lot about you, how are you doing?”, with that, he walked back into the house, with us in tow.
We all sat down in his private living room on the 1st floor, then he asked Pamela to start from the beginning of Toke’s ordeal. When she was done, he took a deep breath and said. “This is not going to be easy because of this man’s position in society but first we will set up surveillance to track his activities, business and other interest, once we establish a pattern, we move on to stage 2 and then the final stage. Don’t worry your pretty heads about that for now, but just stay cool and sit back and watch”. “How would we know when he’s been dealt with uncle?” I asked. He looked at me, smiled and said, “Don’t worry my dear, the whole country will know”.
Pamela and I thanked him and left. I felt a lot better now that this wicked man was definitely not going to get away with what he did to Toke, although i couldn’t help but wonder , what exactly was going to happen to him, am sure we will find out soon enough.

Pamela dropped me back at home, as I walked in overheard my Mum say she loved someone on the phone. I couldn’t help but wonder who this mysterious guy was?. knowing her, he will definitely be a surprise, she has never been conventional, and that scares me, anyway am here waiting patiently.

As for Mr. He must have seen a ghost, because that’s the only explanation I can think of, for what happened at the restaurant yesterday. I am still upset with him for interrupting our ‘sort of’ romantic lunch. I was planning to have it out with him once he came back home but when he walked through that door late yesterday night, he looked so deflated, I didn’t have the heart to have a go at him. Although I still want to know what made us leave the restaurant in such a hurry. I don’t believe his story of a client waiting, his actions were more like something was chasing him and he was petrified.

Let sleeping dogs lie, my mum cautioned me when she saw how determined I was to get to the bottom of this sudden escape. Easier said than done, but I will let the dog sleep for now, but let it not get too comfortable, cos a wake up call is on the way……hmmmmm

Day 43

MR- I recently found that fasting was a key to answered prayer. I made up my mind yesterday to fast for 3 days for God to deliver me from attracting Jezebels in my life. The drama that unfolded yesterday is beyond believe, where do I begin-

When you own your business you work on Saturdays and Sundays if required. Yesterday morning, I got a call from our new client that she couldn’t make it to the office on Friday that I should please come over to the house around 2pm for a working lunch, she apologized for her previous behavior and admitted she was out of line. I said it was okay, I understood and that I will see her at 2pm. Around 1.30 pm, I was still stuck in another meeting with some clients, so I asked my PA, Tony to take the documents to our new client and apologize on my behalf that I was held up in another meeting, I didn’t want to call her and give excuses.

About an hour and a half later, we were just rounding up my first meeting when I looked at my phone, it was on silent but I could see Tony had called me 9 times. I was so scared I couldn’t think of any reason why, so I excused myself went out into the hallway and called him back, as soon as he picked the phone, I could hear him sniffling, as he spoke to me he started to cry and yell , Sir I think she’s dead , it wasn’t my fault , am sorry Sir, I had to also yell at him to stop crying and explain, here is what he narrated :
He drove to the client’s house with the documents I had asked him to take to her. As soon as he got there, He was ushered straight up the stairs by a maid into the client’s private living room. The maid offered him a drink, which he declined and she then said Madam will be with him in a few minutes.
About 30 minutes later, the maid came back to get him, they went up to the penthouse stopped outside a door and the maid asked him to go in. He was a bit hesitant but proceeded to open the door, as he walked in the room, it was very dark, before he could turn round to ask the maid a question, the door slammed and he felt a body jump on him, saying welcome darling , I got you all to myself now,. Before he could think straight, he pulled the woman off him and tossed her, he heard her scream and then there was silence, he quickly started groping around in the dark, found the door and ran all the way to his car, he didn’t even look back until he got to the office, being a Saturday, no one else was at work so he just locked himself in my office and kept trying to get in touch with me.

I started laughing so hard , everyone in my meeting came out to see what was going on, I apologized and said to Tony, she must have thought it was me, we have the same build, o my gosh, I asked him to calm down , not to worry I would take care of it. I also told him to go home and wait for my call.

As I drove back to the office, the image of the woman flying across the room as Tony tossed her made me laugh to myself all the way back. I couldn’t have gotten back to the office for 45 mins when the client arrived with the police, accusing me of grievous bodily harm, she thought I was the one who tossed her. I told the police I have an alibi, I was nowhere near her house. They insisted on going with me to verify my alibi.

We went back to the office where I had my meeting earlier, asked for the security footage. The time stamp on the footage showed me there from before the time of the incident to after the incident, the police officer looked at Madam and said “” Madam, this man could not have been in two places at once, this clearly shows that he was here during the time you claim he attacked you in your own home. We are sorry madam but you must be mistaken. She looked at us all and swore under her breathe as she walked out of the office very angry.
I could see a bump on her head when the scarf she had on, moved to the side a bit. How embarrassing this must be for her, I knew we had kissed bye bye to her investment but at this point I couldn’t be bothered, after all my driver always says “what you know you’re not going to eat, don’t bother smelling it”……..hmmmmm

MRS- Loving and being in love is one of the greatest feelings you can have. I think about my life and how fortunate I am, married to an amazing man, healthy and wealthy, God has been good to me. Mr. and I, might have our little squabbles but on the whole we are very much in love, not that am trying to convince myself, am just responding to a question I was asked yesterday at the saloon when I went to get my hair done, Do you absolutely believe your husband would never cheat on you?, of course I do, was my answer, to be honest I meant it and come to think of it I didn’t think he will have the heart to do it.
My mum is going back home today, I will miss her, I was just beginning to enjoy my mum, now that she’s changed and become a different woman, anyway she’s not too far away, I will make sure I visit her often. The only snag now is this her mysterious husband to be, I keep asking her who the fellow is and she keeps asking me to be patient that in due time I will meet him.

Oh did I tell you, I’ve been learning how to cook, i have been practicing on my mum and right now am on 70%, the last sauce I made she said could do with a little more spice. Well that’s okay by me. At least next time my MIL pops round I can confidently make her a home cooked meal. Speaking of food, Mr. is on a 3 day fast that means we get to eat dinner out every night, tonight I insisted we go back to the Italian restaurant we ran out of. He’s fine with that, I plan to ask him what got into him. Although I think I might have a problem of letting things go easily. When I got back from Pamela’s uncles place, I remembered what the pastor had said about leaving the judgment of this wicked man to God, I hope we are doing the right thing by seeking judgment ourselves?. I think I’ll just let this one go. I’ll tell Mr. I changed my mind I don’t want Italian anymore.

Tammy sent me some pictures to my email, this morning, o my gosh, Phuket is amazing, pictures of her sun bathing on the beach. She said she couldn’t believe how wonderful God has been to her, she never in her wildest dreams knew that she could enjoy such luxury. She was happy, and madly in love with Kola. She asked me to give her love to everyone.
She’s such a blessed girl but I believe Kola is the lucky one, you can’t fault Tammy, even I sometimes wish I had her character, she’s beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, intelligent and above all Godly, the true definition of a virtuous woman.

Pamela’s uncle called me as well, he asked me to come see him on Monday, said he had some questions to ask me, since Toke confided in me before her saga. He said not to drive. I should go to Pamela’s house in the morning, he will send someone to get me. I asked him what about Pamela, he responded that the interview has to be done individually and that Pamela will do hers tomorrow. I really do hope we have made the right decision……hmmmmmm

Day 44

MR-You would be wondering what’s going on with me? Even I wish I knew. Why do all these women keep trying to get me in trouble? Well I don’t know either, but one thing I know is that I must get myself out of all this palaver. You might be thinking I don’t seem to want too, but on the contrary, I do and I promise you, I am seriously praying and working on it at the same time.

I got a call from Sandra, she sounded so excited on the phone and she asked us to meet yesterday evening at the restaurant near my office. I left home early, asked Tony to meet me first, I wanted to update him about what happened with the client yesterday. He was so relieved that the woman was alive and that I had been the one the woman came for and not him. After I was done with him, I went to meet Sandra at the restaurant. When I got there she was already waiting , she was different, not her usual bubbly self, she seemed disinterested in me, which kind of shocked me a bit, I was so used to her bugging me, that I sort of missed it in a way.

Anyway, she said hello to me and that was it, first she brought out her phone and told me to listen to a recording she was about to play. The recording started, it was Teni’s voice –“Look Sandra, no guy should get away with treating you like crap”” the recording continued, Teni mentioned my name and said how she tricked me, drugged me, lied to me that I made love to her, stripped me naked and took the pictures, she even went on to say that next week she’s sending me a fake positive pregnancy test, the result of our rendezvous. I finished listening to the recording, I couldn’t believe my ears, Sandra just handed me the evidence to get me out of the biggest crisis I was in right now.

Sandra was very modest about it, she sent me the recoding immediately via Bluetooth, she also sent me some other pictures of me in compromising positions, she took off Teni’s phone, she confirmed that she deleted them all from Tenis phone and right there in front of me she deleted them off her own phone.
I said I had one question, how did she get the pictures? , she said simple, “Teni likes to drink a lot, a couple of nights ago she invited me to her place, we were drinking a bottle of baileys, when she went to use the bathroom. I put sleeping pills in her drink, once she was out cold, I went to work on her phone.

I jumped up from where I was sitting, hugged her and said thank you so much, and for the first time she didn’t hug me back, she just said don’t let my fiancé see you, you know am engaged now. I said I was really grateful and happy for her, I wished her all the best, thanked her again and left.

I was so excited, I wanted to share the news with Kola but of course he was still away on his honeymoon, so decided to go to the club. I always keep a spare kit in my private locker at the club, so decided to play a few rounds of squash and hang out with the boys after.
A few hours later we were all hanging out when the new guy I met recently turned up. He sat down with us and all of a sudden changed the topic from football to cheating. He asked the guys the question, “if you have incriminating evidence that your friend is cheating on his or her partner, would you tell him or her”. Everyone had an opinion, most guys said no, they will just advice the guy to be more careful, I didn’t say anything, a few said they will, if they like the wife. I then asked him what he will do. He just said he wasn’t sure and that it depends, “On what “, I asked, he just looked at me smiled and didn’t say anything.

I left them there shortly after and drove home, as I approached our gate , I saw it open and Mrs. drive past me so fast, she didn’t even look at me. I was shocked, I hooted several times to get her attention but she didn’t even stop. I drove into the compound, saw one of the maids looking really confused. I got out of my car, asked her what’s going on, she said “ Oga, I don’t know, Madam got a text, before I knew what was happening , she screamed and started crying, then she just grabbed her keys and handbag and drove off ……… hmmm

MRS-Well, well, well, am hurting really bad, I can’t believe this is happening to me, am currently in hiding and am not sure if or when am coming out of it, before you think am bunkers , here is what happened-
First of all I decided to go to church, because Toke had asked me to come pick her and Pamela up. I accepted cos Mr. had some meeting in his office and another later in the afternoon. My mum left and the house is really boring, so spending the morning with my friends in church was a great idea. Then mainly because I promised myself I would go to church more, since Toke’s incident.
We got to church on time, the sermon was good and it was about loving your neighbor as yourself. After service Pamela and I had to wait around for an hour cos Toke had to attend a workers meeting. While were I decided to ask Pamela what she thinks about her uncle wanting to meet with me on my own. As if she had been planning to attack me, she just went into a frenzy “I don’t know, why bother to ask me, my uncle meets you for all but 2 minutes and now he wants to see you on your own, you better be careful, he likes women a lot.” I was stunned, I asked her what brought all this on and she took a deep breath, said nothing and then apologized.
Right there and then I sent a text to her uncle, saying I won’t be able to make it and I would get in touch with him when I was available. I showed it to Pamela. This time, she lost it completely. “Why did you do that, now my uncle will think I asked you not to come” she went on and on. When I saw that there was no sign of her letting up, I got out of my car and walked towards the church building, just then I saw Toke approaching, we both walked back to the car, Pamela couldn’t say anything cos Toke had asked us to drop the case.
The ride to their house was quiet, nobody but the car radio said anything, when we got there Pamela asked Toke to please give us a minute. Once Toke had walked away Pamela started to apologize, she said she was a bit jealous that my uncle cut her out of the meeting for tomorrow, I told her not to worry I wasn’t going anyway. We hugged and got out of the car. I spent a couple of hours with them, then drove home.
When I got home, Mr. wasn’t back, I knew he will soon come home and then we would go out for dinner, so I decided to call the restaurant to bring the food home, I set up a table on the patio facing the pool, got candles and flowers to decorate, then I chilled a bottle of wine in the fridge, went upstairs to have a bubble bath. After the bath, I picked out a nice dress that Mr. liked to see me in, I was determined to look sexy and surprise him tonight, I had listened to the discussion in the saloon yesterday, the one about the best way to keep your man constantly interested in you, fascinated me. I put perfume on, wore a G string for quick after dinner action, put on this amazingly short dress that showed off my long legs and cleavage and I let my hair down.
I went downstairs and decided to wait for him in the front room so that he will see me as soon as he walks in. just as I sat down and called the maid to pour me a drink, a text came in on my phone, I thought it was Mr. probably telling me he was on his way home. But as I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I started to scream, tears rolled down my eyes , I picked up my keys , got in my car and drove……..hmmmmm

Day 45
MR-Oh dear God, what’s going on now? Mrs. is not picking my calls. I haven’t slept a wink since yesterday, I have gone to Pamela’s place, Mrs. mums place even the church, she’s not there, I can’t explain it, this is really serious. It’s like am in a dream and I need to wake up. I haven’t told Mrs. Mum yet, that am looking for her daughter, cos it’s only been 1 day and I don’t even know what the problem is or where she is. Am almost at my wit send with worry. The worst thing is, I don’t know where else to look?
Casting my mind back to yesterday, I woke up, Mrs. and I had our usual Morning Prayer and catch up gist. Then we had breakfast, lazed around for a bit and then went for my meetings. We didn’t have any arguments and Mrs. was in high spirits. We didn’t speak during the day but that happens often enough, these days and Mrs. is use to it. When I got back home and saw her drive off, I walked into the house and saw the romantic setting she had prepared for our dinner that evening, it was beautiful and so romantic and nothing indicated that she was upset with me from all that I could see. So what happened? The thought of trying to figure out this whole mess is driving me bunkers. Honestly, I am gob smacked, I decided to break protocol and call kola.

Fortunately I got him at the first dial, he was so happy to hear from me, Tammy had gone for a massage at the hotel spa. I narrated the whole saga to Kola, from meeting Teni at the restaurant, to Sandra getting the info from Teni and now Mrs. After I stopped talking, he said to me, “Bro, you’ve been really busy without me, I leave you for 2 seconds and you’ve already gotten yourself entangled. Anyway Bro, don’t worry, we’ll find her, have you tried calling her no”. I told him I had called Mrs. so many times, it just rings out, she doesn’t pick it up.
Kola then drops a bomb shell. “I hope, Teni wasn’t the one who sent Mrs. a text?” “I pray not, anyway she doesn’t have Mrs. no, or does she? Where will she get it from?”. “Don’t worry”, Kola said, “I have an idea, the only person Mrs. will listen to right now, is Tammy, so as soon as she gets back, Tammy will call Mrs. to find out what the problem is.” That made me feel a bit relieved, I thanked Kola and apologized for interrupting their honeymoon, he was fine with it and asked me to take it easy. He promised to call me back immediately Tammy spoke to Mrs.
I went back upstairs to lay on our bed, smelt Mrs. pillow, I wanted to hold onto her so badly, I started to pray, “Please God don’t let anything bad happen to us, grant us the grace and favors to work thing out, do not let anything or anyone come between us” I could feel all my body aching me , I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, I didn’t even know when I dozed off completely ……hmmmmmm

MRS- What am about to tell you now, some of you will crucify me and probably a few of you will understand, but all the same , here it is-
Everything was set for a romantic dinner with Mr. I had gotten the food delivered, put on one of Mr.’s favorite dresses and chilled the wine, I even put on my most expensive Bra and panties in anticipation of the striptease I was going to do for him, all that was missing was Mr himself.
And then disaster strikes, a text comes onto my phone from an unknown no, I open it and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, Mr. and a lady, naked in bed, she was laying on top of him, if I wasn’t a bit strong, probably right there and then, I would have crossed over to my maker. How could Mr. do this to me?, I was just defending him yesterday, swore blue black that he will never ever cheat on me, now this, I couldn’t take it, I picked up my bag and keys got into my car and drove, as I was pulling out of our gate, I saw Mr. driving in to our close, I intentionally ignored him, I heard him hooting, trying to get my attention, but why?, he should go spend time with his other woman.

As I drove towards our estate gate, I got another call, I picked it up and to my surprise it was Babs. I asked him when he got back. he didn’t respond, just asked me what was wrong, I said nothing but he insisted, he asked where I wa , I told him I was just driving out of my estate, he said he was staying at a friend’s place, he gave me the address , it was surprisingly opposite our estate, at first I refused but then I thought who else can I talk too.
Pamela and Toke are already envious, I have the perfect man, but I believe Blabs knows me better and he has always been able to calm me down easily, so I did a u turn, turned the car around and drove to the address he gave me.
You must understand that I was really hurting, I felt the only man I trusted had just let me down, my whole world came crumbling down in front of me. I pulled up in front of the address Babs gave me, sat in the car crying, my heart was trying to tell me, this was a bad idea, am, on the one hand blaming Mr. for an indiscretion and here I was at the first hint of trouble I run into my ex arms . Anyway I parked the car properly, my intention was to call him to come down and tell him I changed my mind, I couldn’t come up. Just then there was a tap on my side of the car, I looked up it was Babs.
You must remember I hadn’t seen him properly since I left him more than 6 years ago. That day at Pamela’s, I barely saw his face. Now looking at him properly, He looked amazing, he was well built, broad shoulders and still had his winning smile, on a good day I would have voiced out my compliments but today my heart was aching badly, I just broke down crying again, he opened the car door, reached into the car and hugged me. At that moment I just let him, I needed so desperately to get all this hurt out of me, I wasn’t thinking this was a bad idea, or how come he’s staying next to my estate when he supposed to be in Joburg?, how did he get my no? How did he know where I live? all those questions and alarm bells ringing in my head where ignored, Against my better judgment, I just sat back, not thinking and allowed the man I was supposed to be fleeing from, cradle me in his arms……hmmmmm

Day 46-
MR- woke up all of a sudden, my phone was ringing , I stretched out my hand to pick it up from my beside table, I rolled over to kiss Mrs. as was my usual practice every morning, but rolled into a void, it dawned on me quickly that this wasn’t a dream, Mrs. was really missing. I picked up my call, it was Tammy. She sounded really low, said she has been trying to call me for a few hours, she apologized for waking me up. I should be the one apologizing I said.
She asked me how I was holding up, she had called Mrs., asked her where she was, she couldn’t tell me, but I should be rest assured she will call come back home today. That confirmation from Tammy melted my heart, it was as if a heavy load had been lifted off me, I thanked her, jumped out of bed to wait for her to walk through the door.
As I sat there waiting, I cast my mind back to what Kola said, “”What if Teni had sent a text to Mrs.? though I felt it was impossible cos Teni didn’t have Mrs. no, but now thinking back, the maid said Mrs. got a text, called my name and dashed out, it’s all sort of adding up now. All the things I could have told her and didn’t, I rationalized everything, I thought more along the lines of ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you’, I was terribly wrong, I had not taken into account third parties that are looking to ruin everything good you have, if I had told her about this crazy Teni girl, all these won’t be happening.
I must tell her everything once she gets back, about Teni, Sandra, Jane and even the crazy client, from now no more secrets between us. God please help me and help her understand. I thank God for friends like Kola and Tammy, their marriage is barely some weeks old and they have become marriage counsellors to Mrs. and I, what would I do without them.
I sat there looking at the time, since yesterday, I hadn’t spoken to Mrs. or knew where she was, Tammy said she will call, I believe her. Just then my phone rang it was Mrs., I picked it up so fast “Hello my love, where are you, please come home” the voice at the other end said, “Sorry this is not your wife Sir, she was involved in an accident and was rushed to our hospital. Could you please come over”. “Oh! No Pleases is she alive? Where? How?” “Calm down sir, I will text you the address”. Before the guy dropped the phone, I was already in the car driving out of our gate…….hmmmmmm

MRS-Am lost for words and shocked beyond belief, I have 2 unbelievable situations on my hands right now. First Mr.’s picture that got sent to me, then this –
I let Babs cradle me in his hands, he led me up stairs to the apartment he was staying in, as soon as I walked in, I noticed his pictures on the wall, how could this be a friend’s place as he had claimed?, That was my first warning sign, but I conveniently ignored it, then he asked me if I wanted a drink and something to eat, I said maybe in a bit, he sat down beside me held my hand and started to talk. Now I want you to bear in mind I hadn’t told him what happened yet. Babs said “My darling, most men can’t be trusted, look at you, Beautiful, intelligent , if I was still your man I would never look at another woman , not to talk of stepping out on you, I will treasure you, love you like I still do, forever” . Now at this point I was shocked, I asked him how he knew what I was crying about. Initially he said I told him, then when I said I didn’t, he now tried to cover it up by saying what else could make me cry like am doing now. Warning bell no 2, I also ignored.
He went on to try and comfort me, held my hand, then got up to say he wanted to go get me something to eat, just then my phone rang it was an international no, I picked it up and It was Tammy, the water works came flowing down again, she asked me an important question did you speak to Mr. ? I said no, speak to him, things are not always what they seem, I was a bit taken aback, but she just said trust me, this is not as straight forward as it looks, its better Mr. explains it to you. I said okay, where are you she asked? I said at a friend’s, she said go home to your hubby, let him explain to you. I thanked her and put the phone down.
A lot of funny thoughts started coming to my mind, what did Tammy mean when she said things are not always the way they seem, is she trying to say Mr. is not the one in the picture or maybe he is not really naked? I tried to get my head around all the times he was acting suspiciously. The time some woman called Sandra sent him a love text, when he rushes us out of the restaurant the other day. Now it all seemed to be adding up. You won’t believe it but the devil was having a field day with my brain.
Just then I noticed Babs had left his 2 phones on the table, I didn’t even know he had more than one no. One of the phones was the latest Samsung, out of curiosity I picked it up and began look at it, I don’t know what I touched but it opened up the sent messages and when I looked at it I saw my name, I clicked on the message, it open and viola, the same picture he had sent to me yesterday evening. Oh my gosh! My heart was beating so fast, Babs sent me the message, what’s going on here? How did he get it? And why is he pretending? So many questions came rushing into my head at the same time. I dropped the phone, picked up my bag and ran out of the apartment into my car, my head was pounding and I was crying at the same time, I just wanted to get back home, i was driving fast and crying at the same time trying to call Mr. But his phone was busy. The last thing I remembered was a loud bang and total darkness…….hmmmmmmm

Day 47
MR-As I drove to the hospital. All sorts of crazy thoughts kept rolling through my mind, I don’t want to lose Mrs., what am going to do if I do?, this is all my fault, I should have opened up to her, I kept praying to God to forgive me and just spare my Mrs.
I got to the hospital in under 20 minutes, despite heavy traffic, I navigated my way, parked, ran in to ask for Mrs. room. I was told she was awake and fine, she just fainted from shock, No major injuries. A car had hit her by the side when she drove into an intersection without looking properly. Oh my gosh! was I super excited to see her, she smiled as I walked in, I went over to her and said I was sorry. She said she was sorry too, we held each other for a long time until she went back to sleep.
Once she woke up the doctor agreed to discharge her. We drove home, happy to be together again, we didn’t realize how much we had missed each other. Mrs. was quiet all the way home, when we got home I carried her in and straight to bed. She didn’t want to go back to sleep all she wanted to do was apologize and talk, I also wanted to do the same.
I started, “what did I do that was so bad my love that you couldn’t talk to me? You had to run out on me, disappear and leave me here wondering what had happened to you. Do you know the kind of agony you put me through? I almost lost my mind completely”. Mrs. looked at me, asked me to please pass her phone, I did, she opened a message and passed the phone back to me without saying a word, she started to cry, I took the phone from her and looked at it, it was the naked picture of Teni and I that was sent to me as well. For a few seconds, I just starred at the phone, then I put it down, moved closer to Mrs. and cuddled her in my arms, I then said “” Am so sorry my love you had to see this , but I promise you this is definitely not what it seems , let me explain”
I brought out my phone and pressed Play, Teni’s voice came on ‘’ look here Sandra, I also have a guy who thinks he’s smart , I came back from Canada to get married to him and what does he do? He turns me down because he says he got married already. We were supposed to get married, he was in love with me. I wasn’t ready at the time but when I was he sneakily tied the knot with someone else without my knowledge, Sandra do you know what I did?, I lured him to my hotel room, with the pretense that I wanted to apologize for my bad behavior since I got back, drugged his drink, laid him on the bed with the help of one of the waiters, whom I gave a tidy sum, stripped him naked, then I also got naked. The same waiter took pictures of both of us lying on top of each other naked. One that was done, I covered him up, packed my things and left him there. The next day I sent him a text saying, I really had fun, our love making was great, am sure we will hear good news once the result comes out. Then I followed with the naked pictures. Sandra can you imagine what he’s going through now. And do you know what my intentions are, I will send his a fake positive pregnancy test and insist I am not having an abortion, what I want is to be his wife”.

The recoding stopped, Mrs. at this time was seated in the bed and her eyes were wide open with unbelief, “why didn’t you tell me my love? I am so sorry, from this same Sandra, I saw a text on your phone claiming she loved you and I have kept you inside for a long time, thinking it was someone you were having an affair with. Please forgive me for my childish behavior, I should have just trusted you and asked you about it”.
“Don’t worry my love, it’s not your fault, I should have told you about all these crazy women in my past before we got married, but I decided to keep it from you, well there is no other time like the present , so let me just tell you about the other ones, Now there is Sandra, Jane and recently a crazy client of mine, but before I do, First of all, let’s go downstairs and get something to eat”………..hmmmm

MRS-I woke up a few minutes later, I was in hospital, a Good Samaritan had rushed me to the hospital not too far from the scene to the accident. I wasn’t looking nor concentrating at the time, I saw the car coming at me but it was too late to avoid it. As soon as I woke up, my mind kept flashing back to what just happened.
What was I thinking? Why didn’t I just wait for Mr. and ask him about the picture. To make matters worse I allowed Babs to cajole me into coming to his place, His place? Where he claimed belonged to a friend? He had his pictures displayed all over the wall that means he didn’t actually go to joburg as he said, what was this guy up too? He’s definitely trying to break up Mr. and me. Where did he get the picture from? I really don’t understand any of this, my brain is so confused.
I couldn’t wait to see Mr. the doctor told me they had gotten his no off my phone and called him, he was on his way. One thing am sure of is I’ve got to tell him about Babs, I have no other choice, this has gone on long enough. As Mr. walked him, I was so happy to see him, he came close, hugged and reassured me that I was going to be fine, for some minutes I just forgot about how I got there in the first place. Mr. apologized and I did too, he was so sweet and caring as always, I had really missed him.
The drive home was very quiet, when we got there, Mr. didn’t let me walk in, he carried me all the way up to bedroom, sat down next to me on the bed, looked into my eyes and asked me what the matter was. Why did I run away from home, without a call, or a word? He missed me so much and never wants us to have this kind of situation ever again.
I looked at him, asked him to pass my phone, I opened up the text message that came in, showed him the picture that got me all started and he looked at it with sad eyes, then turned to me, switched to the recorder on his phone and pressed play.
As I listened to Teni try to frame him up, all I could think of was how guilty I felt, first for not trusting him and secondly for not confiding in him about Babs, now there was no going back, am going to have to tell him everything from the beginning. My heart was beating fast and I was sweating lightly, I was about to open my mouth and start to confess, when the recoding ended, and Mr. said lets go get something to eat.
I felt so relieved, I had time to compose myself and come up with a version that won’t be too hard for him to hear, please God help me…..hmmmmmm

Day 48
MR-Am sorry my dear, I wi not make any excuses. I should have told you about al these women, so here goes-
“Yesterday I told you about Teni, what I didn’t tell you was that I never actually officially broke up with her, she was in Canada when we got married and it was convenient not to tell her , basically because of her aggressive nature , I was afraid of her reaction. When she came back into town recently, she turned up at my office unexpectedly, I had to run out through the back because I didn’t want a confrontation. She invited me to the hotel where she was staying, Kola and I devised a safety plan, he would check into an adjoining room, once I call his no twice, he will come barging in, the idea was that, with the spare key to Teni’s room he collected at reception, access to her room will be automatic. But things didn’t work out like that as you noticed.”
“As for Sandra, she and I didn’t actually date but we had a fling before you and I were married, in her mind I was definitely going to marry her, she behaved like and called herself, my future wife , even her father felt I should get married to her but I wasn’t interested. I also didn’t tell her when we got married. To make matters worse, I deceitfully strung her along for a while. Until she let me know the joke was on me, because she knew I was married but just wanted to be my mistress. I immediately started to avoid her, wouldn’t pick her calls as often as I did, didn’t allow her to come hang with Kola and I, just tried as much to keep her at arm’s length.
Then on the day Kola and Tammy got married she came , and kola suggested she could help with entrapping Teni into confessing she was trying to frame me up, since we had no other plan , I agreed to it and Kola concurred. Just a couple of days ago Sandra handed me the recording you heard from my phone yesterday and told me she had deleted all the pictures from Teni’s phone and her own, she actually deleted both the recording and pictures in front of me. To be honest, I don’t think I have anything to worry about when iy comes to Sandra she has stopped coming after me since she said she met this guy from Joburg who wants to marry her”
As soon as I said that Mrs. almost fell out of the chair, I was a bit taken aback, I asked her what the matter was she just said, “Nothing honey, everything is just so overwhelming”. I could see she was uncomfortable, so I asked, “Do you want me to stop, is all this too much for you to listen too?” Mrs. Said she was fine that I should please go on. Well if you insist, I said.
“Then there is Jane, I haven’t had any communication with her lately, I dated her for a while, when I went for my masters, but left her there because she wasn’t one who wanted to relocate. I am making it a point of duty to contact her and officially break it off, but pease my love, note that all this was before you and I got together” .I stopped talking for a minute because I noticed she was distracted and no longer listening to me. I suggested we take a break before I told her about my crazy lady client. She immediately said that that was a good idea.
I asked Mrs. to get dressed, so that I take her out for breakfast, she said okay, but I could tell something was wrong, it was as if she had something on her mind which was really bothering her all of a sudden. I decided not to ask her, just let her take her time and I prayed she will deem it fit to confide in me very soon………hmmmmmm
MRS- Sandra and Babs, No, that can’t be true, how in God’s name did they meet each other? But, from everything I understood from what Mr. narrated to me, it all adds up. Now let’s look at it together –
Blabs tells Pamela and Toke he’s going back to Joburg but he doesn’t, instead he moves into an apartment, right across from me? Now let’s stop here. The question is how did he find out where I lived? Because I know for sure Pamela and Toke didn’t tell him. Secondly, he somehow meets Sandra, befriends her, even proposes to her, but to what end? Was it just to get close enough to Mr. or me? If it was to get close to Mr., How did he know that Mr. knew Sandra in the first place?
Thirdly, Teni tries to set Mr. Up, Sandra gets pictures off Teni’s phone, then Babs gets the pictures on his own phone and decided to sends it to me anonymously? How did he know Sandra was going after Teni, and Teni was framing Mr.? Al this is so complicated. Then he lures me to his flat, with an attempt to win me back by painting Mr. Irresponsible and a cheat? Am completely lost for words. This is completely messed up, how they all got together.
While Mr. was talking to me, he mentions, Sandra got proposed to by a guy from Joburg, as soon as I heard that my heart missed a couple of beats, I couldn’t believe my ears, I never thought that Babs could actually be that desperate and treacherous.
My mind wondered to the time I spent in his apartment, with him pretending to console me when he actually trigged off the whole chain of events, I was imagining what he could have done to me, he might have put something in my food or drink out of desperation and only God knows what could have happened. O my gosh!, I thank God for letting me see that text on his phone.
My main challenge now is where to start from, how I put it all together for Mr. to understand and not get upset. The fact that I deceived him, so badly, not telling him about Babs and that the guy was still holding out to get married to me, lying about the reason I wanted to go to Joburg, feigning fainting and illness at the airport when he surprised me with his boarding pass. Babs coming into the country to see me, staying with Pamela and Toke and causing the fight between them. And now he hatches a plan to split up Mr. and I, and the fact that I was actually in his apartment when Mr. was looking for me. How do I say this particular bit without it sounding like, at the first sign of crisis between Mr. and I, I run in to my ex’s arms?
I just thank God he didn’t succeed. If I had only confided in Mr. we could have jointly got him out of our lives for good.
Before I tell Mr. anything at all, I need to get to the bottom of this crazy conspiracy and I know just the person to help me with that……..hmmmmmm

Day 49
MR-it can only get better, that’s what I am determined to make my marriage. Challenges come at you every day, but it’s what you make of it that’s important. I did confess, bare all to Mrs. yesterday, told her about the lady client that had plans to practically rape me but got tossed by Tony my PA instead. After narrating all this to Mrs. , I asked if she had anything to get off her chest , she looked at me with those puppy eyes I adore so much and said “Yes love I do, but before I tell you, give me a couple of days to sort something out, I promise you it would be worth the wait”. Am a very patient man, so that was fine with me, although I felt slighted a bit because I had bared all instantly and she was being a bit cagey with hers. Anyway I decided to trust her and give her time.

Kola and Tammy, come back next week, I honestly can’t wait, having to make decision on my own, without a second opinion, has not been easy. Especially when Mrs. went missing. Oh I forgot to mention, I was in the office yesterday when Tony came in to tell me a Miss Sandra was looking for me. I asked him to show her in, Sandra comes in all teary eyed, “what’s the matter” I asked as she sat down. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said “He dumped me”, “whom”, I asked, “My Fiancé”, “what? I thought you said you guys were getting married”, “yes, that’s what I thought”. “So what happened?” I asked.
Sandra began to explain , “well I went over to my fiancé’s apartment, the day before yesterday, as I drove in I saw a lady driving out of his car park space , I didn’t see her face cos she had her back turned to me as she got into her car, all I saw was my fiancé running after the car and shouting for her to wait, the lady didn’t even slow down she just kept on driving. I watched as he, stood there watching her drive away, he had his hands on his head and kept stamping his feet. I was confused, who could this woman be, that got him so agitated? anyway I decided to wait for him to go back to the apartment, after 10 minutes of waiting in the car , I went up to his apartment , he was sprawled on the sofa , I walked in asked him what the matter was, he snapped at me and said “nothing”. Honestly I was taken aback by his actions, he had always been so sweet to me and I wondered what brought this sudden change in attitude on?
I sat down beside him, apologized if my question upset him, I thought my apology would melt him, but instead it infuriated him, he pushed me away and shouted, “Am calling off our engagement”. I couldn’t believe my ears, I cried and begged and in the end he shoved me out of his apartment. I have called him several times, he just keeps rejecting my calls, I even went round to his apartment again and he wasn’t there. So rather than sit here with a broken heart, I have decided to travel out for a while go and spend some time with my sister. I really thought he was the one”
“Am so sorry”, I said, “what’s the guy’s name?”, Sandra looked at me and said Babs, That guy is a useless guy, why would he threat you like that. I asked her if she was going to be alright, she said she would, she just wanted to come let me know that she was leaving the country tomorrow night. As I watched her walk out looking all defeated , I felt sorry for her, she must have really loved this guy, I had never seen Sandra like that , she was always full of life, that guy must be a beast.
Come to think of it, Mrs. came out of her fainting saga calling the name Babs and the guy I met at squash is also called Babs, can it be the same guy? No way, that guy? There was always something suspicious about him. I remember Sandra saying she met her fiancé at Kola’s wedding, her fiancé is called Babs, that same day Babs was at the wedding claiming he was just passing through to see a friend, who is this guy and how does he fit into all this? There is something fishy going on and I need to find out what it is…..hmmmmmm

MRS-Babs wants to play with my life, I will show him some lives are better left alone, how dear he put my marriage in jeopardy, I loved this guy once, even craved for him recently but I never would swoop him for Mr. I cannot even begin to imagine being married to Babs, now that I know most of what he is capable of, he is a sneaky conniving brat, who, because he can’t have what he wants , would rather not let anyone else have it, he must be a joker.
I woke up early yesterday and went to see Uncle J, that’s Pamela’s uncle in the military, it took me awhile to clear protocol because he wasn’t expecting me, so he hadn’t left me details at the security gate, but eventually I was allowed in. As soon as I got in front of him, I started to cry. He let me for a while and then he consoled me, he said it’s good to get whatever is wrong off my chest by crying. He then asked me to come with him to lunch, so we could talk.
As we ate lunch I narrated what I think happened and how I believe Babs got the pics and sent them to me, uncle J smiled and made a call. “Don’t worry my dear, by tomorrow morning we will have a list of calls, texts, gps locations, of where all their phones have been and then map out the times they were together, in short by tomorrow you will have a clearer picture of their journey for the last 2 months.” “Thank you so much uncle, am really grateful”. He said it was his pleasure anytime.
After Babs issue was discussed, uncle J said he had an update on our ritualist ex governor. He said so far surveillance has shown that he’s back in the country, he now has a frequent visitor, a middle aged woman that seems to be his current love interest. We have observed them together every evening for a week now and most times she spends the night. The plan is to arrest the woman, torture her a bit, then threaten that we will charge her as an accessory to the crime of conspiracy to commit murder, if she doesn’t agree to wear a wire and get a confession out of the ex-governor.
“Well Uncle thank you”, I said, “but do you think this woman will cooperate?” “Well we are not sure but she can be persuaded. She is a widow and I believe she’s in love with this guy but I don’t think she will want to go to prison for him, do you?” “No, uncle I don’t, thank you once again, I will be on my way”, I said. With that I walked back to my car. As I drove away, I prayed this evil man confesses so that he gets what’s coming to him. As for Babs, with the information uncle J is about to get me, I will be able to piece together, how Babs, Teni, Sandra and Mr. all had their paths crossing ……..hmmmmmmm

Day 50
MR- My MIL, came back home yesterday evening, just as I arrived from work, she had been away from our home, for a few days. I honestly didn’t notice because of all this Mrs. missing issue. MIL got information from the maid that Mrs. went missing for a few days, when she called the maid’s no, to speak to Mrs., because she couldn’t reach us on either of our nos. she was truly worried and wanted to know everything that happened.
However, Mrs. and I, were not in the mood to tell her anything, we just gave an excuse that it was all a big misunderstanding. I could see she wasn’t convinced but I guess she decided to let us be, since she could see we were not going to tell her anyway.
“You were as good as missing too, Mum”, Mrs. said, “you didn’t call, or leave a message that you were going to be out of the country for a few days, why”. My MIL apologized and explained that she forgot, because she has been living on her own for a long time and she usually does whatever she likes, without having to take permission from anyone.
“Well my dears, I was on a red sea cruise with my fiancé, for a long weekend break, we just got back into the country. “Mum who is this guy and why are you hiding him from us?” Mrs. asked, as she rolled her eyes “Darling am not hiding him, he’s just a very busy man with lots of responsibilities, companies all over the world and he attends meetings in different ones every week, but all the same we have discussed and we are close to fixing a date, when he will come to introduce himself formally, I promise.
My wifey, wasn’t impressed, she however appreciated her mum’s concern, which was rear, but as per this invisible future step father of hers, until she saw him, before she would make her comments and give her consent. My MIL didn’t like that but I guess she was determined to make things work out between her and her daughter, she just laughed and said “ Don’t worry my darling, am sure you will both love him, he’s amazing”
You don’t understand how hard it is to be between two women, you can’t afford to upset. Mrs. and her mum, put me in the middle, Mrs. asking me if I think what her mum did was proper, My MIL asking me if her daughter had the right to run her life, I couldn’t answer either, I just asked them to give me a minute, I went upstairs to our bedroom, picked up my car key and escaped to the club.
A few of my friends were milling around waiting to get on the court for a round of tennis, when my eye caught a friend of ours I hadn’t seen in a while. I walked up to him and said Tella, is that you? He looked at me and shouted, Oh my gosh, Bro, how have you been? , what are you doing here? The last I heard you had relocated to Canada with your babe? .I busted out laughing, “I have been here my guy, and my babe is not in Canada, she’s right here. We continued to exchange pleasantries, sat down and caught up on gist. I discovered he was still single and searching, now a medical doctor, running his own hospital in town. I said I must invite him for dinner, so he can meet my wife, we promised to call each other during the week and fix a time, preferably once kola was back.
Kola, will be surprised, I met Tella, we heard it on good authority, that he was in jail in Italy for drug smuggling, how and when he became a doctor baffles me, but am sure when Kola returns we will find out the truth…..hmmmmmm
MRS-I couldn’t sleep properly all night, I had to go sit in the family room, watch telly to take my mind off this conspiracy theory I was trying to decipher. I know I shouldn’t be too disappointed about the way Babs behaved because I also strung him along for a long time , built his hopes up, then smashed it into pieces, I guess some would do worse than what he has done. That doesn’t help the way I feel though, I feel betrayed by someone who claimed to love me and if am to go by his words a few days ago, still loves me like crazy. How do you plan evil for someone you are totally in love with?
I decided to pop into see Pamela and Toke as soon as Mr. went to the club. I got there and they were still in bed, I went into Pamela’s room and Toke came in to join us. I then told them all that had happened so far, I could see the shock all over their faces, “impossible, you mean Babs didn’t go back to Joburg?” Pamela asked, “He didn’t and he just rented an apartment near me and tried to ruin my marriage. Toke pointed out that all the same, we need to forgive him and move on, “you deceived him, broke his heart, he’s only behaving like a wounded lion trying to get back its prey”. I ignored Toke , turned to Pamela and said “The strange thing is that I don’t think I can rest this case until I tell Mr. everything but before I do, I need to know how he got those pictures. “How are you going to do that without asking him directly? Toke asked. Don’t worry am already working on that, I replied.

I left them both, still flabbergasted, drove to the store where I stopped to buy some household items. As I parked the car, Uncle J was coming out of the store with a couple of friends. I got out walked up to him and greeted them. Uncle J introduced me as his niece, the guys both laughed and said, is she your niece niece or you niece? He smiled and replied my niece niece, okay, said one of his friends, “we can become in laws”. “She’s married, please leave her alone”, and so they went on, they insisted on paying for my shopping , so I went to get the stuff, the other friend paid for it, saw me off to my car. Uncle J asked them to excuse us.
He came into my car and sat next to me in the front seat. He told me the operation to abduct the ex-governors woman early this morning had to be put on hold, because she left before they got there and surveillance lost her in traffic. Not to worry, we will get her as soon as she comes back. With that he got out of my car and into his, with his body guards in tow and drove off.
Got home, My mum was still sulking, I had a disagreement with her before I left home, she had gone on a weekend binge with her so called fiancé, without as much as a note to let me know she was okay. I was also cross with her for not bringing him to show us. I was a bit hard on her but I guess I was also feeling a bit jealous. As far back as I remember I have always been the center of my mum’s world, but now this man seems to have taken my place, she can’t stop praising and talking about him, I just believe that, it’s only fair that I meet my rival, so to speak, so that I have a fighting chance to try and keep my no 1 spot in my mum’s heart, selfish, some might say but …….hmmmmm

Day 51-
MR-Tella called me yesterday evening asked for my office address, said he just wanted to sit down and catch up with me, I gave him a 10am appointment for Monday morning. I need to go to the bank early, Kola called, he ran out of cash on his visa card, I need to refill it for him. He’s so happy, Tammy and he, spend all day in bed and in their private pool. He wishes we were there with them. I guess for our next holiday we might just go back there together.
My MIL, Mrs. and I went to church yesterday, it was really nice, cos we haven’t been to church together since we got married. Coincidentally the sermon was appropriate, it centered on trusting the lord in every circumstance and trusting one another. After service, My MIL said she had to go see her fiancé, but Mrs. and I decided to attend the marriage counselling class.
The counsellors were 2 different couples that had both been married for between 20 and 25 years, they both gave separate testimonies about their marriage, the most amazing thing was their journey through life.
Couple one, met because they both had disappointments from their high school sweethearts, they decided to comfort each other and eventually got married immediately after university. They had nothing, the man later got a job that paid very little, the wife worked as a nurse and they both struggled to make ends meet. Children came they keep going for years, believing in God, that one day things will definitely get better. Eventually they made it. The man said to us, “One thing that has also made our marriage work is we both have learnt to say, I am Sorry”. Today, the man has 4 thriving companies, he’s the chairman of all four and their 3 children are all in university, 1 in oxford, doing masters, one in NYU and the other in LSE. They now spend their time talking to young people about how to sustain your marriage with the help of God and each other.
Couple two, met through mutual friends, the man was already wealthy, ran his own thriving business. The woman had a long time boyfriend at the time, who was really struggling to make ends meet, asked her to marry him, but she said never, instead she married the rich guy, today the rich guy has lost his companies, along the line couldn’t find any work, they had to give up all they owned and change their way of life. After a few years of little or no income, he finally got a job and now he is a manager a huge transport company.
Here is the twist, the man in couple one, was the man, the woman in couple two dumped. The man in couple two now works for the man in couple one. Whoa!
After that session, Mrs. and I looked at each other, didn’t say a word but we both knew we had learned a lot. Right there we made a decision to attend the classes regularly. We both left church with mixed feelings.
Dinner yesterday was very quiet, My MIL had left, we gave the maid the day off, as Mrs. and I sat facing each other on the dining table, I could only imagine what was running through her mind, as for me, it was , God, Love, trust, respect…….hmmmmm

MRS-Marriage, a school of leaning like no other and the most important decision you will ever make, besides accepting God as your personal savior. You have this long list of criteria in your head, about the kind of man or woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Every time you meet someone, you go down your list tick off one at a time, you get to one of the items not present in the person, you move on to the next candidate.
Have you ever sat back to ask God what he wants for you, the road which you feel is best for you, might just not be what God wants for you. It’s easy to pray and say dear God let your will be done in my life, but when God shows you his will, how easy is it for you to fall in line with it? The man or woman God ordained for you might be around you now, but you are too preoccupied with someone else to see them. Stop, look around you, there they are, this person has always been with you, but you have not noticed. From now, Stop and pay attention, look at them properly, ignore the superficial…….Do you see it yet? YES, that’s the one…..congratulations you just choose your life partner.
This was one of the CD’s I bought at the marriage counselling class. Yes, I’m married, but it still ministered to me so much, am definitely going to pass it on to Pamela and Toke, they definitely need it more than I do. Pamela especially, she’s so picky. Pamela is 5’9, shaped like an hour glass, really pretty, her mum is half German. She’s like quarter German. Her ideal man must be Tall, handsome, rich, bla,bla, bla.
She’s had so many suitors, I’ve lost count. This is a girl who comes from a very rich home, at the age of 18, her parents gave her an apartment, a brand new car and lots of cash in her account. Now she’s spent most of the money on clothes, shoes and traveling. She’s practically broke. Her parents have said, once she gets married, they will release the huge trust fund they set up in her name. My dear friend can’t be bothered right now, cos her maternal grandparents send her money from Germany every month, as their only grandchild, her Grandpa is an inventor of some sort.
Toke, comes from a humble home, she was also very picky, I will say was, cos since her ordeal with the ritualist, she has given her life to Christ. I don’t think she will be has choosy as she used to be, I know 3 men who have come to ask her hand in marriage and she turned them down because they were not wealthy enough, mind you they were rich, but didn’t have as many properties and investments as she wanted. The last time I tried to say something, she asked me why didn’t I marry Babs.
Mr. and I sat through the marriage counseling without saying as much as a word to each other, as the couples told us their story, I began to think of Mr. and I and what we would be like when we get to their age. One thing I was sure of and I pray God grants us life and favor, is I still want to be happily married to Mr., with children and have enough to make a difference in people’s life’s……..hmmmmmmm

Day 52-
MR-Tella is a con man I think. Can you believe he confessed to me that he bought his medical certificate online? While he was in jail, he studied book keeping, when he was released he got a job at a halfway house as the book keeper, from there, a nearby clinic hired him to keep records. Later he worked part time as an auxiliary nurse and voila he comes back to the country with a medical certificate, claiming he’s a medical doctor. I don’t know why he confided in me, I guess he just needed to get it all off his chest. He told me that while he was a courier for a drug baron, he accumulated a lot of wealth, but it wasn’t in his name so the European government couldn’t touch it when he was caught and sent to jail.
Once he had completed is jail time and probationary period, he decided to come back to his country. The friend transferred 80% of the funds as agreed. The 20% was for the friend who kept it all the years he was in prison. The first thing he did was buy a house, 2 cars and another building which he renovated and made a hospital. He is the medical director, but has other doctors who work there.
When he saw the horror on my face, he asked me not to worry, as he never attends to patients, it’s just a cover for the pecks that come with it, “when I hand you my business card and it states, Mr. Tella. Md, Medical director, I get the respect I deserve” he said.
He went on bragging for a while, how much money he made, how he stashed it away, and so on and so forth. From the way he bragged, I could also tell he was still in touch with the movers and shakers of this town, he dropped their names at will, showed me his phone to confirm he had their no’s, he even went further to ask if I had any problem with anyone, or wanted anyone released. He could get them arrested or released just like that.
“Well, so what do you actually want to do, since you are not really a medical doctor and you can’t practice medicine for real?” he looked at me and said he had some money and would like to invest in our company, for an equity share. I was a bit taken aback, I asked how long hr had been thinking about this and how much we were looking at?, he said 6 figures in dollars. O my gosh, the money was huge but first I could not make a decision without Kola, secondly I didn’t really trust this guy. Come on, we hadn’t seen him in years, he just shows up with a huge amount of money and wants to invest in our company we have been building for years, I don’t think so , who knows if his motives are pure.
Mrs. and I are getting on fine, but am still waiting for her to tell me what’s on her mind. I really don’t want to push it but as it is right now, I’ve already come up with my own theory about this guy called Babs. Mrs. came out of her fainting episode calling the name Babs, this same Babs was the one stalking and trying to become friends with me. He then went ahead to propose to Sandra, and now he dumps her, at the same time, Mrs. mysteriously gets a picture Sandra got off Teni’s phone. Then Toke talks about a guy from Joburg staying with them and almost causing all three friends to break up. Unless am a fool here, am sure this guy is connected to my wifey. How?, you ask, well that’s what am still trying to figure out completely, I will give her until this weekend , if she doesn’t come out and explain herself , then I will confront her. I really do hope she wasn’t having anything to do with this guy or was she ………..? Noooo!!!, that’s not possible. I trust Mrs.totally ……..hmmmmmmmm

MRS-Got a text from Uncle J, to see him first thing yesterday morning. I waited for Mr. to go to work then drove to his office. I was escorted straight into a conference room to wait for him. About 30 minutes later he came in with another guy. They both sat down and the other guy started to talk, Madam, we have abducted the woman, she’s been taken to one of our covert locations, we will not be in communication with them until the lady agrees to cooperate, that’s the instructions given to the team, nobody knows for now, how long that will take, they will start to torture her this morning until she breaks, once she does and she is wired, we take her back. Mind you the torture will not leave any external bruises on her, is more like sleep deprivation, most of it psychological.
Who is this woman I asked? “Am sorry I cannot tell you her name”. Uncle J, interrupted the guy and asked him to step outside. When he was gone, he told me not to worry, he will get a copy of her picture and send it me tomorrow before he leaves town. He’s going on a mission and will be back in about 8 days. “You won’t be able to get in touch with me, but don’t worry because my boys know what to do” he said. “As for the GPS track and locator, here are the documents outlining time and coordinates of where all the four people met over a period of two months, in the other envelope is a print out of the texts sent between their four nos. I hope this helps”.
I thanked him and left, as I drove away from his office, my mind kept going back to what the pastor had said for some reason, “leave judgment to God”. I thought about the poor woman being tortured this very minute, but I also felt she deserves it, cos she decided to go out with an evil man. How can anyone openly say they do not know what their partner does? , I thought to myself.
I don’t mean to take on Gods role, but I just feel so disgusted with this evil man, especially because I was the first to meet him, if I had taken him up on his offer because I needed the money, I would be the one recovering from a near death experience not Toke. I thought about the whole saga and decided to discuss it with my Mum and see what she thinks.
I got home, had something to eat, then called my mum, her phone didn’t even ring it went straight to voice mail, it does that sometimes when the network is bad, I tried a few more times , then gave up. I sent her a text asking her to call me back when she had a minute. I laid all the documents uncle J handed to me on the floor of our bedroom and started trying to piece all the information together, I could see how all four, Mr., Teni, Sandra and Babs all connected, it was apparent that Babs has been following Mr. around for a while. I do have all the information I need now, all I have to do is come out with a plan to make Babs pay for trying to break Mr. and me up.
Now back to my confession, am hoping that once Mr. comes home tonight, I can tell him all that’s been going on in relation to Babs, am still thinking I should leave the Joburg bit out though, but I don’t think he will suspect , he already believes we were going for Toke’s party. But wait, how do I explain calling the name ‘Babs’, when I woke up, hmmm, this is turning into an uphill task. I think I need time to rehearse what am going to say a bit more. Honestly going to Joburg easy to explain, on the other hand calling out another man’s name in front of Mr., not so easy to explain.
Oh, Uncle J’s text just came in now, am sure it’s the picture of the woman, I’ll have a look at it later, for now, I have some brain storming to do …….hmmmmm

Day 53

MR-So much commotion going on in our home right now. Mrs. and I are really troubled….why? You ask well here it goes.
I got back from work around 6pm, Mrs. and I had a nice meal, decided to watch a film together, just before the film started I noticed Mrs. was fidgeting with her phone, and then all of a sudden she starts screaming, No! No! No! mummy!!!. What’s wrong with her? I asked, “She’s being tortured right now, No, not my mum”, and she started to cry. “Tortured? What do you mean? .whose torturing her? I asked, now obviously confused. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying because she was talking and crying at the same time. Also frantically trying to dial someone’s no. Who are you calling? “Uncle J” she replied. I need to call him immediately, she kept redialing and redialing, it was obvious she was unable to connect to the no. I saw frustration and fear written all over Mrs. Face, I had to snatch the phone out of her hands and ask her to calm down.
Please calm down my love what’s going on? She came close to me knelt down and began to explain- “ My love I am sorry , this whole thing has gotten out of hand, I don’t know what we are going to do now but we have to be quick before my mum is tortured to death. She went into the whole story, “I didn’t tell you, but I have been working with Pamela’s uncle who is a top military man, to get the evil man who tried to sacrifice Toke for money, punished” she paused for a bit, then I asked how her mum fits into all this? “That’s the thing, uncle J came up with a plan. He told me the ex governor guy had a new love interest. The woman will be abducted, tortured and then made to wear a wire , she will then be forced to get the Governor to confess to trying to sacrifice Toke, if she refuses to corporate, she will be charged along with the ex governor for attempted murder. I agreed to this idea, I felt it was great, that any woman who doesn’t know what her lover does for a living, should face whatever consequence.
After Uncle J told me the plan I asked who the woman was, uncle J said he will send me her picture, I got a text from him earlier today and ignored it knowing it was the woman’s picture, what I didn’t know and could have never guessed for the life of me, is that it would be my Mother.” “Your Mum, No!!!, that’s not possible”.
At that point I was beyond shocked, Mrs. handed me the phone and low and behold the picture of My MIL was staring back at me. I tried to calm Mrs. down but she just kept hyperventilating. Mrs. asking me what we were going to do since we couldn’t get in touch with uncle J. I asked her to take it easy and called Tella. Tella came over in about 40 minutes, he got all the details from Mrs. and left. He promised to give us a fed back in a few hours.
. Before all this, a lady came to the office to look for Kola, she said she was from Kenya and there was something really important she needed to leave for him, she said she will be back tomorrow with it because she had to go back to Kenya the day after tomorrow.. She asked if I could hold it carefully for Kola, I said why not. She thank me and prayed for me, I was a bit confused, what could be so important that she had to come all the way from Kenya to deliver? There was also something about her attitude that was confusing, she spoke in a very clam manner and I could see she was trying not to cry. As she walked away, I shrugged my shoulders and thought, anyway tomorrow I will find out what it is.

Right now Mrs. and I are just praying that Tella can find My MIL before some serious damage is done to her. If only Mrs. had confided in me, I could have tried to dissuade her from all this. Once Tella left, Mrs. said there is more, she told me how she’s also going through information the uncle gave her on locations and texts sent between, Sandra , Teni and Babs. it’s funny though as impressed as I was that Mrs. could come up with all this , I was also scared that she seems to be vindictive, first to punish the ex governor even after the pastor said leave judgement to God and now to punish Babs
I asked how she was connected to Bab, she hesitated for a few minutes, then she began to explain, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “he was my Ex and I found out he sent me the picture” “I don’t understand, your Ex? So did you know he was in Joburg when you wanted to go with Toke?” Yes she replied. “Were you going to see him?” Mrs. didn’t speak, she just kept staring at me, I repeated it again, “were you going to see him?” .from her lack of response I knew she was. I couldn’t believe she deceived me like that. “One last question, “did you pretend to faint at the airport to prevent me from coming along?” At this point she tried to come close to me and start to apologize, I got up before she got close enough and walked out of the room, I had heard enough I couldn’t believe this. Mrs.? How could she?, it all added up also explained why the guy was so desperate.
Now I know why she didn’t want to discuss this with me, I can handle it, but not all at once, am scared to hear everything she has to say, come to think of it, I need to get out of here to calm myself down, I picked up my car keys and went for a drive…….hmmmmmmm

MRS-No no, not my mum, it can’t be, maybe it’s someone that looks like her, how did I not piece this together. I opened the texts uncle sent me yesterday evening and my mum is the woman in the picture, my heart almost gave way, how did my mum link up with this evil man, so he is her fiancé. I could not believe my eyes.I had to tell Mr. everything, I started from the beginning and got to the end. He was so upset with me he walked out, he came back late yesterday night and hasn’t spoken to me this morning.
However before he walked out on me, he called one of his friends called Tella. Tella has been working trying to locate where my mum is being held. Uncle J’s no is not going through , I know he’s incommunicado until next week, am really praying that Tella can locate her, he says once he does, the next phase will be to get her released. The good news is that he knows those senior to Uncle J, so that should not be a problem.
Mr. said to me yesterday, how could he trust me any longer, I live in the same house with him every day and I didn’t deem it fit to discuss with him , even if I didn’t previously, as soon as he opened up to me , why didn’t I?. I apologized, cried and apologized some more but he’s still not talking to me. At least he’s back home now. It’s much better than my own reaction of staying away from home at the slight hint of a problem.
I called Tammy yesterday night, after explaining everything to her, she didn’t blame me and she just advised me. “My darling sister”, she said “marriage is a school of learning, you must be open, honest and forthright with your husband, you must never keep a secret from him, the more you open up to him , the better your marriage will be. There is nothing you cannot discuss with your husband, no matter how difficult it is, the worst he can do is get upset, but he will forgive you and get to trust you so much, because he will know that you will never hide anything from him or lie to him. Don’t worry we will pray together and I believe God Almighty will bring healing and peace in to home. I will also talk to Mr. and appeal to him, am sure God will grant me favor with him and he will forgive you. Don’t worry go back to sleep, All will be well”. I thanked Tammy, prayed as she suggested and went back to sleep.
Mr.’s phone has been off, it’s on the bedside table, I know Tammy would have been trying to call him, he just switched it on a few minutes a go and a call came in, am sure its tammy , cos he’s been on the phone for a while.
I am sorry for what I did, I have learnt my lesson, I actually thought I was being smart but now I know better, if we get through this in one peace, I will never keep anything form him again, I love Mr. so much and I do not want to lose him or mess up my home with my own two hands, Please help me God…..hmmmmm

Day 54-
MR-You know there are times in life when things happen to some people, you hear about it and you immediately think they deserve what’s coming to them? but then there are times when you feel so sad that a particular person should not be the one in this situation, well,this is one of those times –
As I write in my dairy today, my heart is heavy for a lot of reasons, first Tella still hasn’t called to confirm if he has located my MIL.i can literarily feel the pain Mrs is going through and from what she told me , everday we don’t find her increases the posibilyt that she still hasn’t agreed to corporate and thet means torture, how will she survive this or come out of it psychologically stable? Secondly, what am about to tell you, the most difficult part is I honestly don’t know what to do about it or what sort of commotion it’s going to cause.
I walk into the office and immediately see the lady who came to look for Kola the other day, sitting in our waiting room with a little boy about 2 years old. I looked through the glass as I passed by and saw her talking to the little boy. When I got into my office, I asked Tony to bring them in. as they both walked in, I could see how beautiful she was, tall, dark and you could only tell from her features that she wasn’t from this country because her accent was British. I asked her to sit down. Tony offered them a drink, she politely declined. She waited for Tony to leave the office and then lifted up the little boy, brought him around to where I was sitting and put him on my lap. She then said “Kola jnr meet your uncle,” I was so shocked I couldn’t believe my ears, “Did you just say Kola jnr?” “Yes” she said, “this is Kola’s son. He doesn’t even know he has a child”. By now my heart was beating so fast, how this can be happening right now was beyond my imagination, Kola and Tammy, newlyweds away on honeymoon, to come back and start their life with this. I honestly couldn’t say a lot, the baby was a splitting image of Kola, he definitely came to this world with his name, Kola jnr, cos he looked exactly the way Kola looked when we were young. I was stunned, am sure she sensed my discomfort and shock.
so she began to explain,“ I met Kola when he came for a three months business development enhancement course for developing economy’s, 3 years ago, we hit it off instantly. We started dating and one thing led to another we fell in love”. At this point I was wondering why I never heard of her. Yes, I do remember when Kola decided to go for the course but meeting a woman and falling in love with her over there, would have been the first thing he should have told me, it just now dawned on me, that I didn’t know as much about Kola as I thought I did. She continued, “When Kola’s course ended, I flew back and forth to visit him, my last visit resulted in this. once I got pregnant, I wanted to let him know but my parents forbade it, first they had someone they intended me to marry and they knew I was in love with this Kola boy from a foreign country as my father put it, he said over his dead body will I marry Kola, he even went as far as saying, once my boy was 2, I should take him back to his country and never have anything to do with him again. I cried, begged, but all fell on deaf ears, my mum was also solely behind my dad’s decision.”
“I also felt a bit guilty because I knew he and I had no plans to get married or have children together, so in time I accepted my parents decision and kept it from Kola.”
“My fiancé came back to our country about a year ago, ready to get married to me. He was horrified to find out I had a baby, my parents had done a good job of isolating me from anyone who could have informed him. He loves me so much and I love him too, his family were initially against us getting married but when he insisted, they also gave me one condition. I have to return the boy to his father. I wanted to ask my fiancé if he could adopt him and raise him as ours but unfortunately in my country, your parents are your lord and master, whatever they say goes.”
“They gave me permission to wean him until he was 2years old and then return him, so I here I am doing just that, I love my son with all my heart, this is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I believe Kola has a new life now and so do I, please ask him to forgive me and I am truly sorry. please give him this note, I have asked for his forgiveness for keeping this from him, I won’t ever come back for my son, he should also please never try to contact me, my husband does not want that”. She got up, kissed the handsome, bouncing baby boy, left him on my laps and walked out.
I was frozen, I couldn’t say anything, did this just happen or am I dreaming. The little boy just kept staring at me as if to say, am here now, in my father’s country. I tried to call Mrs. to come immediately to the office, but couldn’t get through.
First I need to get jnr home, I think I also need to call Kola’s parents into this, I can’t handle this on my own, I thought of picking up the phone to call Kola but I didn’t want to mess up his homey moon. Just them my phone rang it was Tammy, I greeted her nervously, apparently she called to remind me I was picking them up at the airport on tomorrow morning. I said okay, asked after Kola and hurriedly dropped the phone. I was sure she’ll be wondering what the matter was, cos I never dismissed her like that…….hmmmmmm

MRS- Kola jnr, so cute, what a lovely baby boy and a carbon copy of Kola. Mr. turned up at home yesterday with a 2 year old boy. I really don’t know what I will do if I was in Tammy’s shoes right now. Come back from honey moon to meet a little boy my husband didn’t even know he had until now, I become an instant mum. It does have its advantages, but it’s not funny at all……. I wonder what excuse Kola would give for this and how is their marriage going to survive it?
Tella still hasn’t called about my mum, am getting really agitated. Uncle J did say no one will know where she is, until she’s agreed to cooperate. I know I won’t be able to get in touch with him until next week when he gets back. I can’t stop thinking that this is all my fault, why couldn’t I just let God handle this one? The pastor did warm me to leave revenge to God Almighty but I didn’t listen, now see where this has gotten me. I remember a proverb my Grandma use to say- “if you throw stones into the market, it might just land on your relatives”. Here was I, thinking, any woman who doesn’t know what her partner does deserves to get what’s coming to her, little did I know his new love interest was my mum.
Am still in the ‘dog house’ with Mr., he talks to me but doesn’t really talk, if you know what I mean. I have been apologizing for days now and praying for his forgiveness. I really do see the error of my ways. Yesterday he became a different person, I saw the way his eyes lit up as he played with Jnr, he rolled on the floor, played hide and seek, played food fight, it was a delight to watch both of them. Am beginning to think that I should reverse my decision not to have children for few years. I think I need to have a baby now, anything to make Mr. happy. At least yesterday he actually hugged me and let me join in the hide and seek he was playing with jnr.
Mr. Still hasn’t told Kola he has a life changing surprise waiting for him back home. He told me he doesn’t know how too. Calling Kola’s parents was one option he was considering but he changed his mind, he feels Kola should be the one to break the news to his parents. I guess Kola will just have to come back tomorrow and be totally surprised………hmmmmmm

Day 55

MR-My Brother, My Best friend, My confidant, no one but Kola, The man who hardly anything unsettled. . Yesterday he really got unsettled, I have never seen him cry, Kola was on his knees holding Tammy’s legs for almost an hour, crying, pleading and apologizing at the same time, whoa!, it was so heart wrenching, Mrs. and I were also in tears, Junior had to be taken to his room and the maid stayed with him there, there was too much crying for any child to handle.
Tella called just before we left for the airport to pick up Kola and Tammy. He said my MIL had been located, she was alive but has been in the military hospital since the day she was taken and no one is allowed to see her for now. He promised to give me an update this morning, on why she was taken to the hospital in the first place. I thanked him and decided to keep the information to myself until he lets me know what exactly is wrong with my MIL. Mrs. and I are in high spirits now and I just wanted that to last for a while before we have to deal with my MIL’s issues.
Mrs. and I got to the airport a few minutes before Kola and Tammy’s flight landed. On the journey there, I finally told Mrs. I had forgiven her, I felt she had suffered enough, especially with all she going through with her mum’s abduction. She was so happy, she leaned over to kiss and hug me and almost made me hit a car in front of me. She looked at me, tears in her eyes and said, “I just pray they find my mum on time, my love, what state do you think she will be in now?” I asked her to take it easy, I was sure Tella would deliver my MIL in one piece.
After that the rest of the journey was great, we chatted, laughed and joked about my attitude with Junior, she even mentioned that she’s changed her mind about waiting until later to have a child. I was really happy she said that, even though at the time I agreed to wait, I didn’t know I was ready to be a father until Junior came into our lives.
We parked the car, went to sit down in the waiting room, a few minutes later they announced the arrival of their flight and within 30 mins we could see them. They looked amazing, all smiles , obviously happy to be back, as I watched them walk towards me , my mind went to the news I needed to break to them and I quickly adjusted my attitude and returned the smile.
We drove home, chatting, catching up on gist, Tammy had so much to say, she had a wonderful time with Kola and she said Kola was a wonderful gentleman all through. Kola concurred, he said, a honeymoon is more for the bride, and that it was his duty to give the love of his life, the best time of her life.
As we pulled into our compound, I saw Junior and the maid playing in the garden, as soon as we parked the car he came running towards us, Tammy was in front and Junior ran right into her arms, the amazing thing was that Tammy just said” This is my darling, when he was young”, she put Junior down and walked into the house, Mrs. went after her. Kola was rooted to the ground, he couldn’t move, he kept staring at the little boy, “Who is that and where did he come from?” “Kola, you’ve got to calm down, let’s go inside” Kola didn’t move, “Bro, please tell me where did he come from? That’s my carbon copy”. I picked up Junior and walked inside without answering Kola’s questions, he came after me. As we walked in, Tammy was crying and Mrs. was holding her.
I sat down, asked Kola to sit, he refused. so I explained how junior got here. Tammy didn’t say anything she just kept crying, Kola was on the floor holding Tammy’s legs and crying. After a few minutes, Tammy stopped crying, wiped her eyes and said to Kola, ”My darling, we took our vows before God and Man, I vowed to love you forever no matter what, through thick and thin, in all situations, I am not upset with you, just a bit surprised. Well I thank God, obviously, he has given me my first child, pregnancy and labour free. Get up darling, stop crying and let’s take our son home, Daddy”. Kola was astonished, Mrs. and I looked at each other as if we had just woken up from a dream and we could hardly believe our ears.
“You mean you forgive me and you are not upset? Kola asked Tammy, “Of course not my love, we have been blessed with a wonderful baby boy, what’s yours is mine, I love you with all my heart, we ask God to forgive us every day, who am I not to forgive you. Besides Junior already knows am his new mum, didn’t you see how he ran into my arms, I love him already, he reminds me of how handsome you were when I first saw you all those years ago”. With that, we all started laughing and the ice was broken. Junior was brought back downstairs from his room and formally introduced to Kola as his daddy and Tammy as his mum, he took to Tammy immediately calling her Mama.
At that point I knew I was right, form the first day I met Tammy, I knew she was not like every other woman, she was special and I knew Kola and junior were so blessed to have her in their lives. Loads of women, would probably pack their bags or in this case just pick up their bags and walk out on Kola, others would have made a terrible fuss that might almost, if not destroy their marriage. I learnt a huge lesson from Tammy’s behavior, if God forgives us all the time we ask for forgiveness, no matter what we do, then who am I, a mere mortal, that I can’t forgive my fellow human being, and remember every day I pray “ Father please forgive me my trespasses, as I forgive those who trespass against me…..hmmmmm

MRS-Tammy must be from another planet, I really have never met anyone like her, she is a living walking example of the virtuous woman my Grandma used to pray I become one day. I honestly do not think I could have reacted the way she did when she found out about junior.
Tella still hasn’t called, am beginning to think that he just boosts a lot but can’t really deliver. I have been praying that nothing bad will happen to her. You know, I just sat down yesterday and began to think about my Mum and how I ended up being partly responsible for her abduction, it just goes to show that keeping secrets on any level is a mistake, they always come back to bite you, one way or another. Look at it this way, if my mum had introduced her so called fiancé to us, I would have known it was the same evil man that tried to sacrifice Toke for money and am sure mum would not have had anything to do with him anymore. It saddens my heart when I think of my mum being tortured, but I will keep praying and I believe she will be okay.
Mr. and I got to the airport a bit earlier than their arrival, but within a few minutes their flight landed and it took them less than 30 minutes to clear immigration, As they walked towards us, they were all smiles, they looked fantastic, Kola came over gave, me a big bear hug, Mr. did same to Tammy and then we switched, we all laughed and chatted on how good they looked and how we had missed each other. The drive home was fun, full of gist’s from both sides, Mr. was really strong, he didn’t even give a hint that something surprising was awaiting them a home.
We got home, as we drove into the compound, Jnr ran out right into Tammy’s arms as she stepped out of the car, she instantly scooped him up , looked at him and said , hmmm, this is my sweetheart, when he was young. Kola was still asking Mr., when we had a baby? As Tammy spoke he did a double take, took the boy from Tammy and said, where did he come from? At this time, Tammy walked in to the house and I ran after her, she sat in the sofa held my hands and asked me how did this happen? I looked at her, she had tears in her eyes, I gave her a hug, she then said “” Why didn’t Kola tell me?” I started to explain how junior turned up in all our lives all of a sudden, Kola wasn’t aware, junior’s mum said she didn’t want him to know cos Kola and her had no plans to get married not to talk of having children, but now that she’s about to get married and her husband’s family won’t let him adopt Jnr, she has been instructed to bring him to his father, so she brought him all the way from Kenya.
She sat there listening to me, didn’t say a word. Kola walked in laid down on the floor, held Tammy’s legs and started to cry and apologize at the same time. For some reason it was too emotional for all of us, we all had tears in our eyes. All of a sudden Tammy stopped crying, wiped her eyes and asked Kola to get up, that she had forgiven him.
I almost fell off my seat, forgive him? Just like that, who does that? I would have hoofed and puffed and almost blown the house down. I was truly shocked, Tammy is above in everything and she beats any woman I have ever meet in the attitude department. Striving to be half like her is an uphill challenge, now, striving to be just like her? I don’t even know what type of struggle I would call that…….hmmmmm


MR- I don’t know where to begin, yesterday turned out to be a big lesson to Mrs. and I, especially Mrs., that forgiveness is key. We all must learn to forgive one another for anything at all. If you can, you will find out that your life will be so much more fruitful, without bitterness. Not forgiving, affects the person who hold the grudge more than the person you have a grudge against. It eats you up, turns you into a bitter, resentful, cynical, angry person. The best way to forgive is to make sure that once it’s forgiven then it’s completely forgiven, no reference to it ever again. A lot of us say we have forgiven, but you just rub them off the wrong way and viola, they refer back to things you did to upset them years ago.
You will be wondering why am going on about forgiveness, well besides Tammy’s amazing forgiveness of Kola yesterday, Mrs. and I also found ourselves between ‘A rock and a hard place’.
Now the day started off great, we were still talking about junior and how he made us laugh, we had informed Tammy and Kola yesterday that we had conferred ourselves God parents to junior, he was such a delightful boy. Mrs. brought up and important point just before we went to bed, she asked if a DNA test was necessary to make sure Junior was Kola’s son. I didn’t see any reason why, my rationale was, even if junior wasn’t Kola’s son, his mother doesn’t want him, so Kola and tammy are all he’s got, they might as well raise him, she agreed with me.
Kola came to the office looking all happy, he and Tammy had a long talk when they got back home, she was truly an angel, she did not have any bitterness towards Kola, he said, “This morning Tammy had gotten junior ready and taken him to one of the best schools in town to get him on the wait list for the nursery class, once he turns 3 years old. She’s booked an appointment with estate agents to get a bigger house because junior needs his own room and a garden to play in. You won’t believe, she has 3 nannies and some maids coming for interviews tomorrow. There’s no compromise when it comes to her baby’s care, she said to me this morning when I was complaining that too many people are going to be living with us”.
I was updating Kola about what went on in his absence, when Tony came in to say there was a Mr. Tella waiting to see me, I asked him to send him in. I hadn’t told Kola that Tella was back from prison, so he asked me which Tella, I said the same one who went to prison in Europe for drug trafficking, “What’s he doing here”, kola asked , Helping to locate my MIL, I will fill you in later , I said. Just then, Tella walks in. he walks up to Kola gives him a hug, then sits down.
Well there is good news and bad news. Let’s have both I said. “Well your MIL is in the hospital because she started vomiting when they abducted her, on getting to the hospital, they found out she was pregnant, “What? Pregnant? Are you sure you found my MIL”, “Yes I am, here, her picture”, “I took her picture, to show you, so you can confirm she’s the one”. I took the phone looked at it and yes, it was my MIL. That’s the good news Tella said, I could not believe he will call that good news. So what’s the bad?, I asked, well they have refused to let her go until their boss comes back, General J, they called him, My guys can command them too, but this General J, has a lot of power and stepping on his toes would be a very grave mistake, they said he’s back next week Tuesday.
By now I didn’t even know what to say, I thanked Tella and he said he had another appointment to go to, he will catch up with us later. As soon as he stepped out, Kola and I looked at each other and said Pregnant? At the same time. I told Kola he didn’t know the half of it, it’s not even that she’s pregnant, that is the issue, it’s who she’s pregnant for. “Whom?” Kola asked, “Remember the guy I said tried to use Toke for money rituals?”, “Yes, I do”. “Well that’s the guy my MIL has been dating, now she’s pregnant for him”, “What? You can’t be serious”, “unfortunately I am, how do I break this to Mrs.?, it’s bad enough she is planning to get married to this guy but getting pregnant for him? Mrs., is definitely going to have a fit.
I got back home around 7pm, Kola and I had talked it over and we decided that I should let Mrs. know what’s going on now, before she finds out herself. I was planning to wait until Tella confirmed Uncle J was back. Mrs. wasn’t in, when I got home, she left a message for me that she was going to Tammy’s to see junior and drop off some clothes she bought for him. This gave me time to compose myself properly. I knew this was going to be a tough decision for Mrs., what does she do?, Ask her mum to leave the Ex-governor, whom she’s pregnant for or ask her to get rid of the baby and risk her mother life, this is no longer a ‘what should we do matter , it more of a God give us wisdom in this situation matter’…..hmmmmm

MRS- Never, it’s not going to happen, over my dead body will my mum have a child for that monster, I shall not be a step daughter to a man who does rituals. Neither will I have a sibling whose father is into rituals. My mum can do whatever she deems fit but if I have to evacuate that baby from her tummy myself I will do.
Tammy, junior and I had a good time, we went out to the park, stopped off to buy clothes for junior, cos the ones I got weren’t enough, I watched as Tammy played with him, she was a natural, someone even asked his name and then started to call her Junior’s Mum. It’s sounded so nice, I can’t wait to have my own baby.
Got home shortly after Mr., he was upstairs in our bedroom, as I walked in he asked me to sit down, that he had some news. He started off “Tella, came to the office today, he has located your mum in the military hospital and thank God she is alright.” So what’s wrong with her, why is she in hospital? I asked, well she had a bit of vomiting and they took her in for test and found out she was pregnant. Pregnant? For whom? You must be joking, I got up from where I was seated, all of a sudden, I was really hot, I couldn’t believe what Mr. just said.
Mr. danced around telling me about my mum’s issue, he tried to talk about the positive side but I couldn’t see it. “Why can’t we see her now? I want to see my mum, let her tell me she’s pregnant for that murderer herself. I think I had enough, I just broke down crying, I could not control myself.
What kept going through my mind was my mum pregnant for a murderer?, whom I want punished and jailed for what he did, now how do I send my future stepfather and father to my sister or brother, to Jail. I should have just left judgment to God, as the pastor said, I need to forgive this man, but I don’t know how, first he tries to kill my friend, then now he impregnates my mum? God please help me, not sure I even want to face my mum right now. This is too much for me to bear….. hmmmmm

Day 57

MR= Mrs. is on a hunger strike, she’s been moody since yesterday when she found out her mum is carrying the ex-governors baby. I have tried everything I can think of to get her out of bed but to no avail.
Since she wasn’t in the mood to talk to me, I decided to go to the club to play squash. I drove into the club, saw all the boys gathered, watching 2 guys beating each other up, punches were flying everywhere and instead of trying to stop the fight, they were cheering them on. I tried to step in but someone held me back and said, “Leave him, let Dave beat him up he deserves it”. “What did he do?” I asked, “Well Dave caught him with his wife in their matrimonial bed.”, “so why didn’t he just deal with him there and then. Let me gist you how it all went down.
“Dave suspected his wife was cheating on him, she kept denying it, but he was convinced within himself. So he spoke to one of his friends, who advised him to install hidden cameras in his house. For a couple of weeks nothing happened, then yesterday he came back from work , opened up his laptop to see what went on when he wasn’t home and then viola, he see this stupid guy making love to his wife in their bed. To make matters worse, this guy was a member of our club as well”. “Nooo!!!, that’s insane, what was the guy thinking? How could he do that?” “Well, that’s what I said, so Dave decided to beat the hell out of him and that’s what’s going on, so no one is going to separate them, next time when he sees somebody else’s wife he will run in the other direction”.
My gaze went back to the fight, it was still going on and we couldn’t really call it a fight cos Dave had the upper hand, after a few minutes, the other guy fell to the floor and stopped moving. Everyone thought he was pretending, so one of the guys who was a doctor, went over to check his pulse, he was barely alive, he got up and said Hey guys, this guy is about to die, before I could say let’s take him to hospital, everyone had disappeared, just the doctor and I were left. We decided to get him to hospital, fortunately Dave came back and we got him into his car and drove to the doctor’s hospital. He was admitted without questions.
Dave and I left and went back to the club, on the way, he started to express regret and blame his wife for making him beat up the guy, I asked what was his point, “why are you blaming your wife, did she ask you to beat him up, you got angry and felt to restore your manhood and pride, you had to teach the guy a lesson”. Dave looked at me and said “O boy, am so glad he didn’t die, don’t know what I would have done”. “Well you would be charged to court for murder and sent to life in prison, while your wife would leave you and get married to somebody else. He looked at me and said, “whoa!!, you are right, I could have just wasted my life for a woman that doesn’t even care enough about me. I need to get my temper under control before this woman makes me ruin my life. Rather than kill myself, I would rather walk”. Thanks bro.”
I left the club didn’t even play squash, as I drove out I asked myself what would I do if I caught Mrs. with a Man, Babs flashed through my heads. But I got it out really quick. That won’t happen.
My phone started ringing, it was Tella, he had some news, I asked him to give me a few minutes to park the car. “Okay Tella what’s it?”, “well” he said , “it’s complicated, apparently , your mother in law’s fiancé, the ex-governor has been pulling strings of his own to find your mother, yesterday evening he found her, orders came from above and she was released to him”.
“He has also hired people to find out who’s plotting against him. I think you guys need to be careful, that man is very ruthless.” “What do you suggest”, I asked, “Well get your wife to go see her mother and you guys apologize to the man, at least he is about to become her step father”. I thanked him for the information and dropped the phone.
I was now really worried, A man that could sacrifice another human being, could surely send people to their death without blinking. Dear God please help me as I go home to convince Mrs. to call her mum and apologize…….hmmmmmm

MRS-I don’t feel like doing anything, I’ve been rolling around in bed since yesterday. Trying to get my head around how to handle my mum’s issues. I love my mum. , I would do anything for her but this….
Mr. went out early to go play squash, I called Pamela to come over. She arrived in an hour, we sat on the bed trying to figure out what to do, she asked me to leave my mum alone, after all she’s still young and a baby will give her purpose and keep her company.
I initially disagreed but she gradually wore me down. Pamela decided that we should go out and have something to eat and that would get my mind off things and out of the house. We got ready and left in my car. We decided to go to the fast food joint just across from our estate. We got there, parked my range and walked in, Pamela saw him first, Babs was sitting, there with 4 other people , laughing and joking, he didn’t even see us at first.
Just seeing him again got me so upset, I walked to the table where he was sited, picked up what he was drinking and emptied the whole bottle on his head, all the guys jumped up at once, shouted at me, Babs just looked up at me and said, “Baby am sorry”, I screamed at him to get lost, called him the devil and stormed out of there.
Pamela ran after me, pleading and trying to calm me down, I got in the Car, I had calmed down a bit by now and started laughing, couldn’t believe I just did that again. I heard a knock on my car window, it was Babs, pleading with me to please give him a chance to talk to me, this time I didn’t listen , I just reversed the car and drove out of there. I looked in the rearview mirror, I could see him standing there with his hands on his head, stamping his feet, exactly how I left him the last time.
Pamela and I drove for a bit, and then I stopped the car. “That guy is the devil reincarnate, I said, what’s he still doing around? I asked. “Pamela was unusually quiet, I just noticed, I asked her, what was wrong, she just sat there looking at me with pleading eyes. Then she spoke, “Babes am sorry, I should have told you, it just happened one time, am sorry.” I looked at her in shock and asked, “What happened one time, Pamela?, what are you talking about?” She didn’t answer, she just kept saying she was sorry. I couldn’t take it anymore, my mind was going crazy. “Get out now” “What?” Pamela asked. ”I said get out of my car now” she started to plead, I got out of the car, went round to her side and pulled her out, got back in my car and drove.
My phone started to ring, it was Mr., I decided to let it ring since I was heading home anyway, it rang again it was Mr., I decided to pick it up, he sounded really worried, he asked where I was , I told him I was on my way home, he said okay , am waiting and dropped the phone. I was a bit worried now, Mr. doesn’t usually sound like that, I better get a move on, I had Pamela. Mr., My Mum and this devilish guy Babs on my mind, what else could go wrong …..hmmmmm

Day 58
MR-Am really concerned now, can’t seem to decide if we are really in danger or Tella was just being careful or exaggerating, when he said we have to start watching our backs. I guess Mrs. is partly responsible. We now have to be careful, because the ex-governor’s boys are on the prowl. I don’t even know what Mrs. was thinking when she decided to get Uncle J involved in her revenge scheme and now where’s the uncle when we need him. Mrs. and I ended up have an argument yesterday, she was trying to be stubborn, telling me she will think about going to see her mum, I don’t think she understands we don’t have a choice, the option is we get taken out. Please don’t think am being melodramatic, that man is dangerous and I won’t put anything past him.
It took me a couple of hours to get Mrs. to listen to me yesterday, she came home looking all upset, obviously something happened between her and Pamela but she refuses to tell me the full details , she just said Pamela was getting on her nerves, “what about?”,I asked, she replied , nothing for you to worry about.
I left that aside and narrated what Tella had said about the ex-governor putting investigators out to find the person responsible for abducting his fiancée. “My love, you know firsthand what this man is capable of, he tried to sacrifice your best friend, now I want us to call your mum, go and see her and explain everything to her. We will get her to take us to the ex-governor, so we can apologize”.
“Never, I will never apologize to that murderer, over my dead body”, she shouted. I insisted that she had to, because she had no choice. When Mrs. saw how serious I was and that I was not backing down, she said, “okay my love I will think about it” and with that, she walked out of the bedroom. I watched her walk out on me, I decided not to call her back or go after her, as far as I was concerned I said my bit, tomorrow we go and see her mum, even if I have to drag her. All this happened on Saturday night.
On Sunday morning, we went to church, Mrs. didn’t want too but I put my foot down, we need to pray and commit ourselves to God, I said. The service was great, the sermon was about procrastination. The Pastor broke it down completely.
“A lot of us have amazing ideas and dreams, we write them down, talk about them but we never actually take the first step to get it done, it eventually just dies in our minds. Most of us are supposed to be great in life from all the wonderful ideas God has given us. God himself has opened the door wide for us but we are just too scared to walk through it, we keep promising to walk through it tomorrow and for a lot of us tomorrow never comes. I challenge you all to go home stand in front of a mirror, look at yourselves and say I can do this , repeat it as many times as you can and soon you will be convinced you can. Take the first step towards achieving your dreams today, no matter how small.”
After the service, we met up with Kola, Tammy and Junior, all looking lovely and happy, we decided to go have lunch together. We left church in a convoy of 3 cars, a friend, Kola had invited to church drove ahead of us. Mrs. and I were in the car behind, we couldn’t have driven for 10 minutes when all of a sudden a car cut us off in front. I had to quickly put my foot on the breaks. Our car skidded to a stop, I saw 3 men come out of the car in front of us, I tried to reverse the car but another car had blocked us at the back, they ran towards us shouting “switch off the engine”, I had no choice, at this time I thought they were armed robbers, I looked ahead I could see kola and his friend had stopped way ahead, they were too scared to drive back, the guys came round to Mrs. side of the car opened the door and asked her to get out, she initially refused , then one of the guys brought out a gun, she got out and they led her into their car, asked me not to move or they will shot me. I froze. They turned their cars around and speed off in the opposite direction, with Mrs. in the car.
By now I was frozen to my seat, kola and the other guy were now back with me, they got out of their cars, all in a panic, “what happened?” , “who were those guys”, “where did they take Mrs.”. I couldn’t even speak, I was in shock, Kola helped me out of the car and handed me some water. I drank some and slowly came back to normal. Looked up at Kola and said He’s taken her, “Whom?” Kola asked. All I could think of was, what Tella had said, Be careful, his people are looking into who is trying to get him, watch your backs …….hmmmmmm,

MRS- “O lord, please help me, where am I? What do these people want with me?”
What was going through my mind yesterday when these guys blocked us off, was please God don’t let them rape me, they can have the car, everything we’ve got but let them not touch me. I could never have imagined they were there to abduct me, I thought they were there for the car. How ironic, am now being abducted.
They brought me straight to this house, I have been locked in this bedroom since then, it has a bed, ensuite bathroom and that’s it. A guy brought me something to eat yesterday evening but refused to answer any of my questions. I still have my diary in my handbag all they took from it was my phone. I decided to write to get my mind off all that’s going on around me now.
As the guys yanked me from the car yesterday, I was threatened not to make a sound or I will be shot, I kept quiet until we pulled into a compound with a large house. I asked them what they want from me, none of them answered me. All I heard was one of the guys talking to someone on the phone saying “We got her Sir”.
Who was he talking to? I honestly had concluded that this was the hand work of my mum’s fiancé, I just didn’t know what he was going to do with me. As I write now, it’s just dawned on me that he doesn’t even know am his fiancée’s daughter, neither is my mum aware I am responsible for her abduction. This worries me a bit. I thought to myself at least if he knew, he surely would not harm me, but since he doesn’t know, what stops him from making me disappear.
Am a bit panicky now, can’t imagine what Mr. is going through. I guess the first thing he will do, is call my mum, the strange thing is, we don’t even know where his house is. My mum kept promising to bring him to meet us but she never got around to do that. I hope Mr. remembers Uncle J, he can get his no from Pamela. Tella should be of help too, they need to get me out of here, before this evil man has a chance to make me disappear. O God, please help me. “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, he maketh me to lie down in green pastures……hmmmm

Day 59

MR-Oh lord, where is my wifey?, kola, Tella and I, spent the whole night making calls to all the powerful people we know, we finally got someone who acted as a deputy to the ex-governor, he promised to call him and see if he knew anything about Mrs. abduction. Am beside myself with worry, I mean, come on, what’s this evil man planning to do with my wife?
To start off with, I thought everything was going to be straight forward, call my MIL, go over to where she’s staying, apologize and get her to plead with her fiancé to let Mrs. go. But things did not quite work out that way.
We all drove from the abduction site to my house. Am not sure how I got home, I just came back to my senses, when I pulled into our drive way. I immediately dialed my MIL’s no, I called it so many times that I ran down my battery and all I got was. “This number is no longer in service”. I started to panic, Kola and Tella had to spend a whole while, trying to calm me down. Tella then started to call other people on his phone, Kola was not left out, I also plugged in my phone, to recharge and started calling other people I knew.
I called Pamela , told her what was going on, she tried her uncle so many times , his numbers were all switched off. She later called his 2ic, who confirmed he was incommunicado until Tuesday. We spent most part of the afternoon making calls, then finally Kola got a friend whose uncle went to school with the ex-governors deputy, he gave us his number.
Although he was reluctant initially, he asked us how we could infer that the ex-governor was the one who abducted Mrs. I reiterated everything Tella had said, I also told him about Mrs. plot to abduct his fiancée. He still wasn’t convinced but he saw how desperate we were, so he said he will see what he can do, he will go and see him personally, because this was not a phone matter. Promised, that if the ex-governor had Mrs., he will get her back. All this didn’t give me much respite, I thought to myself, why would the guy own up? If he intends to get rid of her.
Tella and Kola could see I wasn’t myself, I had started talking to myself. I felt terrible, why didn’t I do something? How could I just sit there and let those men take Mrs.? I didn’t even fight back, why?
We all sat around, praying, when a call came in from the ex-deputy governor. He said, “I have been to see the governor and he vehemently denies being involved in any abduction, as a matter of fact I told him you were soon to be his step son in law. He was shocked, his fiancée told him she had a daughter, married, but he was yet to meet you both, he asked that I bring you over to his house tomorrow, so that we could all get to the bottom of this.”
I was shocked, I asked how we can believe he’s not involved. The deputy said, the governor might be many things but he was afraid of no one, he would have told me straight on, if he had her, especially when he now knows she is about to be his daughter in law.
I thanked the deputy, sat back, told Kola and Tella, what the deputy had said. We should have been relieved, but we were just pushed back to square one. Who took Mrs.? The good news was that we now had the powerful, influential ex-governor on our side.
I just sat there, hands on my head, Kola came over, held me and said, “Bro, they had a gun! If you had tried to stop them, we would probably be at your funeral now, how will that help Mrs.?”
We tried to sleep but couldn’t, the guys got a few winks in, Tammy prayed with us and then had to take Junior home.
Where is my wifey? Please lord, bring her back in one peace …..……hmmm

MRS – I noticed the guy that brings me food looks at me in a funny way, as if he likes me, so I decided to play on his emotions, to see if I could get him to help me.
He brought me food yesterday evening, I said to him, “thank you for taking care of me, Sir”, he said “okay”. It was working, that was the first word he had spoken to me, I then went further to ask if I could get a soft drink instead of water, he said okay , he’ll be right back. He left for a few minutes then came back with a bottle of coke, I said thank you again, and asked if I could hug him, cos I was really scared. At first he hesitated, then I pleaded, he came close , I gave him a hug and said “please help me, what do you guys want with me” he gently pulled himself away from me and said , don’t worry, The boss, will be here later today am sure he will let you know what he wants” “Are you guys going to kill me?” Of course not he said, “The boss, gave us strict instructions not to harm any hair on your head, or else we are dead”. He asked me not to worry and left me. From what he said , I began to wonder , who is this guy they call, The Boss, from the way he spoke I guess these boys didn’t work for him, am really confused now, this man doesn’t want me hurt ? hmmm, who is he?
I sat there, couldn’t go to sleep, thinking of Mr. and how much stress he’ll be going through. He doesn’t even know where I am. I pray he’s gotten in touch with my mum, at least they can go apologize to this evil man, that’s got me locked up here. Is he really going to get rid of me? I felt really bad because I began to imagine what I put my mum through when she was abducted, mine is even better, am not being tortured, the room as air-conditioning and am not tied to the bed.
“Oh dear God, am sorry for everything, if I get out of this alive , I will never keep grudges again or try to avenge anything anyone does to me. I know you can hear me Lord”.
I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I woke up it was dark, the Ac was on. I had a strange feeling I was not alone in the room , I could hear somebody breathing. I sat up, now really scared and shouted “Who is there?” Just then the person switched on the lights and moved closer to me, I rubbed my eyes to get them adjusted to the light, I could see him clearly now, I started to scream at the top of my lungs, he came over, put his hands on my month and said “Stop screaming now, or else………” hmmmmm

Day 60-
MR- we got ready early, Kola and I, Tella had gone out for a bit yesterday night said he had a contact he was meeting, who might be able to get Mrs. back. He was already up and ready when we came downstairs. We had to meet with the deputy governor for 8 am but I wanted us to get there early, taking into consideration the heavy traffic in the morning.
We arrived at the deputy’s home right on time, he invited us in, and asked us to join him at the breakfast table, I wanted to decline cos the last thing on my mind was food but I thought it would be rude to do so, moreover he kept saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. We all sat down and ate. After we were done, we got in our car and drove in his convoy to the governor’s home.
We were ushered into a large sitting room, 5 mins later the governor walks in, I was taken aback, he was nothing like Toke described, no big tummy and all, this guy was trim, well buffed, handsome and confident, “Who in God’s name was Toke talking about” That was a side issue for now, the main reason we came here was to get Mrs. back. The governor exchanged pleasantries with everyone, then he walks up to me and gives me a hug “Welcome to my home, son in law to be, it’s a shame we are meeting for the first time under these circumstances but all the same, pleased to meet you, your Mum in law will join us in a few minutes.”
Whoa! He was smooth, I could not imagine this guy being evil, not to talk of being a murderer, Kola looked at me with this questionable glance as if he was thinking along the same lines. Anyway he asked me to narrate what happened on Sunday. I did, He said not to worry and he’s got his best guys on it. “They got my sweetheart back, when some quack military guys, were trying to frame me for attempted murder. My guys should report back to me today. Your wife will be found or should I say my daughter in law, would be found safe and sound, don’t worry”.
Just then My MIL walks in, she in tears, “my darling”, she says to me, “Where is my daughter?” “I don’t know Mum, that’s why we are here”. The governor came over led My MIL to his side, to sit down. “Don’t worry my sweet, we will find her”. We all sat there talking for a while, I just kept watching this governor guy, Toke was definitely mistaken, this guy is not the one who tried to sacrifice her for money.
Come to think of it, he also just mentioned my MIL’s abduction and that he was being framed. What’s going on? I decided to investigate, by asking him a question. “Sir, did you travel recently, I can see all these pictures of you in Paris and Egypt”, “Yes My sweet and I did a couple of short trips a few weeks back”, he mentioned the dates, I almost fell off my seat, that was the same weekend we went to get toke in the farm, I was right , this man did not try to use Toke for rituals it was somebody else…….but who was it?…..hmmmmm

MRS- “Please Tella, what do you want with me?, Don’t hurt me please” I said as he released my mouth, from his hold. He made me nod my head to confirm if I will stop screaming, once he took his hand off my mouth. “I don’t understand, what have we done, why did you abduct me?”
He walked over to the bed and sat next to me, held my hands and said he was sorry, he had no other choice, he would never harm me, it’s just that he’s was really desperate and had no other alternative. “What do you mean I asked?” well here is what he said –
“Before I got sent to prison, I had just arrived in Europe with a large drug consignment worth about a quarter of a million Euro. I did the deal got the money but instead of transferring my bosses share, I held on to all the money. My Boss tried to get in touch with me, he started off by calling me, asking why I hadn’t sent the money, I gave so many excuses, then he sent a couple of guys to find me, I fled to another country in Europe. , This went on for about 2 months, what got me in prison, was a different consignment that I brokered for someone else. I didn’t know the guys were undercover drug enforcement agents”.
He continued “That’s how I got arrested, all the money I got I rented a luxury 40 foot yacht and lived on it permanently, sailed around Europe and partied with the royalty day and night. I rented a Ferrari at every port where I docked, bought designer clothes, expensive wrist watches and shoes also gave money out to ladies as if it would never run dry. By the time I was sent to jail I only had a few thousand euros left, that’s what I brought back to the country 9 years later.”
“Now the boss found out I was back, he wants his money back, I got a visit in my apartment a few day after I arrived. The Boss has given me 3 months to repay him or else I disappear and this time, it will be for good.”
He concluded by saying, “I have been trying to raise the money as a loan from all the contacts I knew back then but no one wants to take a risk on me, so that’s why I’ve abducted you, you husband will have to pay for your release, I know he can afford it.”
I was shocked, “Your very good friend? Why didn’t you just ask him?” I said. He looked at me and said, “Your husband would not give me the loan, if I asked him, I needed to motivate him so that he won’t have a choice.” Look, I’ve got to go now before they start to miss me, just behave yourself and no harm will come to you. Tomorrow afternoon, your husband will get a text message, asking him for a ransom to get you released.” With that he walked out of the room and I could hear him lock the door behind him, all my pleading and crying fell on deaf ears.
Oh my gosh!!, Tella is the one Mr. is currently relying on to get me back, he doesn’t know, this same Tella is the one who’s got me, what am I going to do? How do I get information to Mr.? I know, I have to get this man who brings me food to let me make one phone call or send a text to Mr., I pray he agrees…..hmmmm

Day 61

MR-The Ex-governor has been amazing. You won’t believe he is personally involved in looking for Mrs., it’s only been a day but I have grown so fond of him, he’s like a big brother I never had, we have talked about everything, from his early days as a young graduate, to how he got into politics and his 2 term tenure as a governor. I am tempted to ask him about Toke’s accusation, I thought to myself, I know I have too or my mind won’t be completely with him,
The EG and my MIL insisted that we all stay in their guest chalet, what they call a guest chalet, is a whole duplex on its own, it has 5 bedroom, 3 living rooms , its own dedicated chef and a swimming pool. Kola and I gladly accepted but Tella said he had some urgent things to attend to tonight and in the morning, he thank them for their hospitality and took his leave, with the promise that he will be back after his early morning meeting. Although Kola did crack a joke about the fact that he hopes we don’t disappear overnight and find ourselves spewing out money, we both laughed about it, but it gave me the courage to go ask the EG.
I knocked the study door where his PA said he was, he invited me in asked me to sit down, I was a bit nervous cos he was quite intimidating, The man was flawless. He had degrees from Harvard and Columbia, he was fantastically rich, he had also been a governor and to top it off he was now studding for his PhD, come on, who wouldn’t be intimidated.
Anyway, I summoned up the courage and said “Sir, what am about to discuss with you is very sensitive, but we all need clarification before we can truly move on as a family. “Ask on Son, am all ears”, he said.
“Well Sir, I think it would be appropriate for me to start from the beginning- My Mrs. went for lunch one afternoon, while she was having her meal, a gentleman offered to pay for her lunch, gave her an envelope with $5000 and his business card. From lunch she went to her friend’s house, told them about the new admirer, and the money he gave. She gave the money to her friends to go on holiday and somehow one of them took the man’s card from her hand bag, without her knowledge.
The friend later on called the man whose number was on the card, and he invited her over, she went to see him and he gave her another $15,000 to celebrate her birthday in Joburg. When they came back, both friends had a falling out, so the one who had previously contacted the man, called him and he offered her accommodation with the promise that he was interested in her and wanted to marry her.
The next thing that happened was we got a call from a village farmer almost 90 miles from here, saying a woman had been dumped on his farm half dead. When we got there it was Mrs. Friend. By some miracle, through prayers and fasting in church she recovered fully and narrated this story to us”.
By now the EG was in shock, I could see disapproval written all over his face. “So Son, how does this affect me directly, don’t get me wrong it’s a terrible thing, but when you started off you came across as if this is directly related to me?” I looked at him and said “Yes Sir it is, the Man in question is supposed to be you, the business card had your name on it and the guy claimed he was the ex-governor”.
He jumped up so fast and shout “What!!, Me!!!, You can’t be serious, he is impersonating me? We need to find this guy immediately. So how did you know I wasn’t the one?”
“Well sir, immediately I saw you walk into the living room, I knew it wasn’t you, our friend’s description of the man is totally the opposite of you, also when I asked about your trip and you told me you were out of the country on those dates, I knew In my spirit, that it definitely wasn’t you”.
Just then one of his aides came in, he asked me to give him Toke’s address and phone no, that they should go and bring her to his house this minute. About an hour later, Toke arrived, looking all confused, no one had told her why she was being summoned and by whom exactly. I just called to say I was sending a driver to pick her up, that we needed to talk in relation to Mrs. Abduction.
As she walked into the study, her normal response should have been of fear or anger, if the ex governor was the same man she was talking about, but instead she walked in, looking all calm, said hello to me and to the EG and sat down,
I looked back and forth at Toke and the EG. The EG then broke the ice and asked Toke. “Young lady, have we met before?” “No Sir”, she said, “Look at me properly, are you sure you’ve never met me before? “” Am sure Sir, I won’t forget it.
“Okay then, Son, I hope we have clarified one aspect. Yes Sir we have, I turned to Toke and said, this is the EG. She looked at me and said, “Are you drunk, of course not”, I showed her his card, it had the same name she knew as the EG, she was in shock, and said “am sorry Sir, this is the name of the guy claiming to be you but you are definitely not him, here sir , this is the card he gave me”, she handed the card to the EG, I walked over to his side to see, surprisingly it had the same name, the only difference were the initials the governor was JJ , his was JT, most would have missed this.
“He introduced himself as you, he looks like you Sir, but you both have different statures completely and you speak much better and carry yourself differently from you, most will mistake him for you, cos the differences in face structure could be attributed to the fact that you gained a lot of weight.”
As Toke talked, we all just looked at her, you could see how shocked the EG was, I couldn’t believe my ears either. This was serious and something had to be done about it. Just then one of the aides rushed in and said “Your Excellency Sir, We know where your daughter in law is, the guys are on their way to get her back now, sir”…………hmmmmm

MRS-I must admit, I have been well taken care of, given whatever food I ask for and my personal ‘food bringer’ has promised to help me get out of here. But he wants me to give him a couple of days, to enable him come up with a plan.
Tella came back yesterday night, he spent hours with me, apologizing and asking me to please forgive him, I then asked him a question, what if Mr. refuses to pay?, all he said was, he will and he must, he doesn’t have a choice. It wasn’t what he said that scared me, it was the way he said it. He had desperation in his eyes, I just then began to realize that this was truly a matter of life and death for him.
Being alone with this abductors, has given me a lot of time to be still and think of my life, I have been blessed and fortunate than most, but I realized I haven’t really appreciated God and Mr., enough for all the privileges. Yes I come from Money, but this is not about money, it’s about LOVE, the love God has for me and the Love Mr. has for me, God so loved me that he gave me an amazing husband, who loves me to bits, always wants to make me happy, gives me what I want and need even before I ask. He is hardworking, God fearing, Kind and very responsible, what else do I want? Right there and then, I made a pledge to be the kind of wife he will be proud of.
I also thought about my Mum, how unhappy she will be when she finds out I arranged for her to be abducted, I remember my Grandma telling me never pay back evil with evil. Yes, My mum treated my Grandma very bad but I shouldn’t treat her the same way, I always used the excuse , that because my Grandma said to my Mum, “Whatever you do to me, your child we do it to you”, to behave to my mum exactly the same way she treated my Grandma. What I conveniently forgot is, ‘the law of Karma’, what goes around comes around, My own children will also treat me the same way I treat my mother.
Hmm, that’s serious, from now on, I have forgiven my mother and I will be the best daughter to her and a wonderful sister to her new baby.
My minds drifting a bit, am not sure when am going to get out of here, I pray God almighty exposes Tella to Mr., I can only imagine, how he sits with them and tries to divert their every move form finding out he is responsible for my abduction, He told me he was sending the ransom text message today. I know God will definitely expose him, Please God help me get out of here….hmmmmmm

Day 62-

MR- Am really, really upset now, Tella, Kola, EG, my MIL and Toke, are all trying to calm me down, I hardly slept a wink all night, yesterday was crazy and my hopes were raised and then smashed. Here is how it all began-
While Toke and I were with EG, one of his aides came in to the study, to say, the guys called, that they got a lead on Mrs. Location where she was being held. We all got really excited waiting for the good news, I ran over to the guest house, where Kola was already sleeping and informed him, he jumped out of bed got dressed and we went back to the study to wait for the update of her rescue.
As I walked back into the study, a text message came on my phone from a private no, it was a ransom demand for $120,000.00. I staggered a bit, re read it and then slumped on the sofa next to me, I couldn’t speak, went into shock all of a sudden. The EG, came over took my phone and read the ransom amount out loud, the text gave us 24 hours to pay or we should kiss goodbye to Mrs. Just then Tella called to ask if there was any news about Mrs. location, I passed the phone to Kola, he told him that the EG’s guys had information of where she was being held and they were on their way to rescue her now. He also told him about the ransom. Kola dropped the phone and told us what Tella had said, that we should wait a bit before we pay the ransom since the guys were on their way to rescue Mrs.
An hour later, the call came in from the EG’s guys, they got there and Mrs. was no longer there, they could see she had been moved in a hurry, because they left some phones behind. They think one of the phones is Mrs. but not sure, they will bring it back with them.
Now, I just started to cry, I didn’t know when or how it came, the water works just poured, Kola had to lead me out of the study to calm me down. My MIL was crying, Toke and the EG were pacifying her. A few minutes later we were summoned back into the study, the EG was talking on the phone to his bank manager and instructing him to bring the $120,000.00 to the house, first thing in the morning. The ransom text message specified cash in $100 bills in a black duffel bag, dropped at a particular location on the beach.
I couldn’t believe my ears, the ransom demand was going to be paid in full just like that, I prostrated flat with kola on the floor for the EG and hugged my MIL , we were all delighted. Just then the guys came into the room, EG instructed them what to do and how not to stop the pickup but follow the guy, rescue Mrs., then bring the ring leader to him. They agreed it was the best plan and proceeded to leave, one of them showed me the recovered phone, and it was Mrs. Phone. I thanked them and they left.
Amidst all this, I saw I had 3 missed calls from Sandra and a text message saying she was back in town , she needed to talk to me about something really important, I ignored it and thought to myself I don’t have time for this right now. As if she knew I wouldn’t reply, another text from her came in saying, I should please come with Kola to see her at her house, PS, this has nothing to do with me. I thought to myself this must be serious, we will deal with that later.
About an hour later Tella came to the house and asked if we had gotten Mrs. back, I narrated the whole story, he genuinely felt pained, I also told him the ransom will be paid tomorrow morning, he said that as a very good idea , as the abductors might just get upset and harm Mrs. if we don’t pay……..hmmmmm

MRS-Tella rushed in to the room with 3 guys, shouting at me , “Get up, Get up now , we are leaving “ they were in so much of a hurry, one of the guys tied my hands, and blinded folded me, them put a scarf across my mouth , I guess to prevent me from screaming. I felt, myself being lifted up and I could hear Tella saying, gently guys, gently.
I was scared, didn’t know what was happening, I was being lifted and taken down the stairs, carefully dropped, like in a boot of a car. I heard the car boot shut, the car started and we were on the move. I could hear an argument going on up front, Tella was screaming at his boys, “how did they find out where we were, one of you must have talked, anyway I will deal with you guys late. I was with them a few hours ago , the ransom is being paid today, I need you to go to our regular beach in a couple of hours, the rest of you stay in a car watching , get the bag, it should be full of money and bring it straight to me, okay” I heard the boys say “Yes Sir”
The drive continued for a while, then we stopped. The boot opened, I pretended I was asleep. I felt a hand lifting me up and carry me, they took me up the stairs and dropped me on a bed, the guy didn’t bother to untie me. I laid there wondering where I was, a few minutes later, I heard the car screech off. I was wondering if they had all gone, when I heard the door open, a hand touch me lightly I didn’t move, then I heard Tella’s voice call my name, I just laid still.
He sat next to me on the bed took off my blind fold, took the rope off my hands, then the scarf off my mouth. He gently stroked my face and whispered my name into my ears, I pretended like I was just coming out of sleep.
“Tella, where am I?” I asked, he said don’t worry dear, I brought you to a more comfortable place. “I don’t want comfortable, I want to go home, please let me go”. He sat there looking at me and smiling, “don’t worry dear, you are going home today”. “O thank you”, I said, “please don’t harm me.” He smiled again and said there is no reason too, the ransom is being paid as we speak, I will pay my debt, with the little extra I added on top I can go back to Europe and settled down nicely.
My eyes adjusted to the room, it was really nice, had a large TV screen, double sofa, fridge and from my position I could see a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. “Is this your home, I asked, Yes, said Tella, “but no more questions, pray Mr. pays, okay”. With that he left me there and walked out. I got up switched on the telly and went to use the ladies. You won’t believe it, there was a phone on the sink. I did a double take, it was a phone and it was on. I cleaned myself, picked up the phone and went back to the bed.
As I was about to dial, I heard Tella running up the stairs, I hid the phone and pretended I had fallen asleep again. He unlocked the door came in and shouted “did I leave my phone here?”, I didn’t answer, he shook me , I opened my eyes , “get up” he shouted, he scattered the bed, looked under, searched everywhere couldn’t find it, then he stumped off downstairs. A few minutes later, silence.
I tidied the bed, then went to the fridge and brought out the phone, it was cold but still very much alive ……hmmmm

Day 63

MR-The bank manager brought the money first thing in the morning, crisp new $100 bills, all still wrapped up in bundles of $10,000, arranged in a black duffel bag as the abductors had requested.
EG’s guys picked up the money and proceeded to the drop, they had their instructions. Let the pickup go on, follow the picker and rescue Mrs. and bring back the ring leader, very straight forward. I wanted to go with them but I wasn’t allowed, even the guys said I would be a distraction and that I was better off staying here and praying that everything goes well. My MIL, EG, Kola, Toke and I all sat in the living room, waiting to find out how the drop and rescue went. During this period breakfast was served but I could hardly eat, my mind was all muddled up.
Hours went by, we didn’t hear anything and then all of a sudden we heard a commotion going on outside. We got up, rushed to the front of the house, the sight that confronted me made me freeze on the spot.
Tella was bound arms and legs with a rope , kicking and screaming that they should let him go, I looked pass him and saw Mrs. being carried out of the car, she wasn’t moving, we all gathered around her, I kept asking “what happened to her, is she okay”, before I got an answer EG’s guy had dealt Tella a dirty slap, “This bastard drugged her Sir, he claims he’s not the ring leader and that he was there to rescue Mrs., Sir, do you know him”. “Yes of course we do, he is our friend, he has been helping us get Mrs. back. Why have you tied him up like that?” “Well sir we found him with the guys who picked up the ransom, he was holding the duffel bag when we walked in to the house where Mrs. was being held” I immediately asked them to untie Tella. At this time My MIL and EG had taken Mrs. Inside and called their family doctor.
The EG insisted that Tella explain himself, how did he find the abductors and what was he doing with the money?, “unfortunately, the other guys disappeared as soon as we got there”, one of EG’s guys said. “So we were only able to catch this one and bring him here”. While all this was going on Mrs. was still unresponsive, the doctor came did some tests and said she had been given a heavy sedative, it will run its course. Mrs. will be fine but we need to let her rest, in about 4 to 5 hours the sedative should wear off and she would wake up. Once that happens, he will come back to check her vitals again. We thanked him, and he left.
I carried Mrs. to her mum’s room, laid her on the bed and started to pray, before I finished praying I heard 2 female voices saying Amen, once I opened my eyes, Tammy and my Mil were standing behind me, they asked me not to worry, they will stay with her, I should go back downstairs to sort out the Tella issue.
I thanked them, got back down and found Tella kneeling down in the middle of the room surrounded by The EG, Kola, and 4 of EG’s guys. At this point he was crying and swearing blue black that he had nothing to do with the abduction, he had traced the abductors there and had just accosted them by taking hold of the money and threatening them, that he was undercover law enforcement , when the EG’s guys busted him.
I felt sorry for Tella and I tried to convince the EG that he was a friend and he could not have been involved. The EG just smiled and asked me to let his boys deal with Tella, he would tell the truth sooner than later, he said. Kola didn’t say a word but I could see he was not convinced by Tella’s explanation. Kola called me outside and said “Bro, I don’t trust Tella, he is lying, unfortunately the only person that can say if he’s lying or telling the truth has been drugged, don’t you think he intentionally drugged Mrs. so he can pull this stunt that he was only trying to rescue her?”.
I thought about it for a few minutes, then said, “No, I believe him, he has been helpful all these weeks, why would he abduct Mrs.? Kola said, “Because he’s desperate, he needs money”. “But he’s got all that money he brought from Europe?” I said. “Have you seen the money?” Kola asked. We went back and forth in the end. I convinced the EG that we should let Tella go. The EG said, no problem, the guys should go clean Tella up and bring him back to us.
Now this is the funny part, I didn’t know Kola had planned with the doctor to tell us in front of everyone including Tella, that Mrs. will sleep for 4 to 5 hours. He also asked the doctor to give her something to counteract the effect of the sedative, which will wake Mrs. up within an hour. I also didn’t know he called Tammy to come and stay with Mrs., once she wakes up, to fill her in on the plan and as soon as Tella is about to walk out free, He will send Tammy a text message and Mrs. should come downstairs. He had briefed the EG about his plan, My MIL and I were the only ones in the dark.
So once Tella had been cleaned up, he was brought back to the living room, I apologized for what he went through. The EG promised to make it up to him and thanked him for saving his daughter in law. The maids were already laying the dining table for us all to eat. I noticed Tella kept looking at the time, Kola asked if he was in a hurry, He said no, but he was really not feeling too well, so he would please like to be excused. I was about to insist that he stay s for lunch if he is not upset, just then Kola said , “let the man go, he’s been through a lot, he got up to go, he had just gotten to the living room door when he came face to face with Mrs., Tammy and My MIL followed by the EG’s guys, he slowly walked backwards into the living room, Mrs. walked towards him and dealt him a dirty slap, I was shocked , I shouted “Baby no!!. You should be thanking him for saving you”. She looked at all of us and said, saving? My love, this devil whom you call your friend, is the one who abducted me ………..hmmmmm

MRS-As soon as I could hear Tella rumbling around downstairs looking for his phone, I decided to call Mr., I put in the number but someone else picked it up, I tried again the same thing, it just all of a sudden dawned on me that I didn’t know anyone’s no off hand. I decided to close my eyes and gradually Mr.’s no came back to me, I had entered the no, as I was about to press the call button, Tella busted into the room, he dealt me a slap. snatched the phone off me without saying a word. I cuddled up and cried, I didn’t know he wasn’t done with me, a few minutes later he came back in with some rope and a syringe.
“You think you are smart, right, you better pray your hubby pays my money or else you and he, will be sorry, right now I have nothing to lose, I have already booked myself on a flight tonight on Lufthansa airways. So as soon as I get the cash, am off and you guys will never see me again”.
He moved over to the bed and started to tie my hands and legs, I pleaded, apologized for taking his phone and promised I would behave, he didn’t listen to me he just kept on tying the rope. After he was done, he got the syringe out of its box, I could see it was already filled with a liquid, I screamed and pleaded with him not to kill me, “Mr. will pay”, he looked at me and said , “don’t worry my dear, this will just make you sleep”. That was all I remembered until I woke up in my Mum’s room………hmmm

Day 64
MR- Thank God we are back together, we went to the hospital yesterday to check everything was okay with Mrs., Yes it was , we finally came back home yesterday evening. Kola came with us, stayed for a while and left late last night, he wanted to stay but I insisted he mustn’t leave Tammy and Jnr on their own.
We made love, it was really good, I took my time and it really paid off, I missed every part of her body and I was so grateful Tella or anyone for that matter did not defile what was mine, not sure how I would have handled it if it happened, thank God it didn’t.
Well, there was a bit if drama when Mrs. came down, after she slapped Tella, he prostrated on the floor and started to plead with us all to forgive him, that if we don’t help him he will be killed. He cried so hard I started to feel sorry for him, a few minutes later the police arrived and took him away, Kola was glad , he looked at me and said “Bro, you can’t believe a word that comes out of that guys mouth, let them take him away, Good radiance to bad rubbish”
As soon as Tella left, Mrs. seemed to get her bearings, she looked around the room at everybody and whispered into my ears “Where is the Ex-governor?” I smiled took her by the hand, stood in front of EG and said “Sir, I would like to formally introduce my wife to you”. She nudged me and said that’s not him. Before I could answer, EG, got up and hugged Mrs., he said yes this is me, I am the Ex-governor, Mrs. did a double take and said “But you are not the one I met sir?” “Yes we know, the guy who gave you a card clamming to be me is an imposter”.
The next thing Mrs. moved closer to EG and gave him a hug, “thank God Sir, I have been so worried, my mother is about to marry a ritualist. So sorry for reacting this way. I will be delighted to have you as my stepfather, we all busted out laughing. After that we had lunch and Mrs. and I thanked EG and my Mil and took our leave.
Before the Police took Tella away, they got Mrs. details and said they will be calling on her later to get a statement. I insisted she would not be coming to any police station. Any statement to be taken should be done in our home. The ASP that came for the arrest, agreed with me.
Just before Kola left , Sandra called him again that it was very important we saw her at home tomorrow, kola told me and we both were thinking what could it be, we decided we will go see her at her family house tomorrow, Kola even joked that maybe the father wants me to take her as a second wife. “Not funny’’. I said…..hmmmm

MRS- Freedom at last, you don’t know what you’ve got until you don’t have it any longer. I saw that side of life and it made me appreciate my life better. Mr. and I slept together on the same bed at home yesterday, I has really missed him, our love making was really gentle but passionate, I didn’t want it to end, we finally both fell asleep in each other’s arms, as I lay on his chest with his arms around me, I felt extremely safe and comfortable and said to myself, I never want to be without his warmth again.
I got a shocker yesterday, when I woke up from my drugged slumber, Tammy told me we were in the Ex governors house, my mum just held me and cried. She was so gentle, Tammy took a bit of time to update me on what the plan was, she made me know that Tella had lied that he was there to rescue me and was not my abductor. I was to go down and confront him as soon as he tried to leave. Which I did successfully, I even threw in a slap for good measure.
Once I was done with the Tella issue, I looked around the living room, but could not find the ex-governor that gave me a business card, I remember what he looked like from the day I met him, I had to whisper into Mr.’s ears to ask where he was. To my surprise, he was the man sitting in front of me, I was so pleased he wasn’t the man I met, that I hugged him so fast.
He looked at me and I recognized him instantly, what everyone didn’t know, was that I just recognized the EG from way back when I was in University, before MR, He must have realized it and he recognized me too, he quickly changed the subject and asked us all to celebrate my release by coming to the dining table.
Yes, EG was not the man I met at the restaurant but I do know him and he knows me, what he did back then, might just come back to hunt him now, oh dear lord why does it have to be this guy……This cannot be happening…….hmmmm

Day 65

MR- I feel good, well, that’s because, the word of God does not go unfulfilled. You will be wondering what is Mr. going on about now. Well we got the most interesting news yesterday, it was so funny, Kola and I laughed for almost an hour, am not exaggerating, am sure you will laugh out loud too, once you’ve read this-
The day started off good, Mrs. and I went to church to thank God for her release and not being harmed while she was abducted. We would have waited for the marriage counselling class but Kola and I had to be at Sandra’s, in an hour, so we stopped to get some pizza and ice cream, then drove straight home. We were just rounding off our meal when Kola, Tammy and Jnr arrived. Jnr was looking much bigger than a couple of weeks ago, when I last saw him, all bubbling and cute, as soon as Tammy put him down, he ran towards the swimming pool, thank God for guide rails. I called one of the maids to put him in swim pants and let him sit in the inflated water boat we bought for him. We left Mrs. and Tammy outside in the Gazebo, kola and I excused ourselves and took our leave.
On our drive to Sandra’s place all sort of suggestions came into our heads, about the reason why she wants us in her house urgently. After a while of us racking our brains, we decided to actually wait to hear what she had to say. We got there right on time, we were ushered in to the living room.
Now bear in mind, Sandra’s dad is a god father, he moves and shakes the country, in short his nick name is the King maker. Sandra came in to meet us a few minutes later and ushered us in to the presence of her father and two other men , which we later found out were private investigators’. Kola and I prostrated for him, he spoke politely asked us to sit down.
“Young men, you must be wondering why I asked my daughter to invite you here, well its very simple, she’s pregnant”. Kola and I jumped up instinctively and shouted, “Am not responsible Sir”, and “He’s not responsible Sir”, at the same time. Her father looked at us and said, “sit down young men, I know, the idiot that is responsible, he does not want to own up, nobody treats my child like that. Now listen to me carefully, this is where you both come in, my daughter tells me she met this son of a gun, at your wedding Kola, is that true?” Kola and I were in shock, we both shouted Babs? At the same time. Sandra, looked over at us and said “Yes Kola, Babs is responsible and he hasn’t picked my calls since I’ve been trying to call him”, at this time our mouths were still wide open, Kola said, “yes Sir, we know him.”
Sandra’s dad looked at us and said “That’s good, so here is what I want you to do, you see these nice gentlemen sitting here, ( pointing to the 2 men sitting near us) they are private investigators, you will tell them everything you know about this Babs and give them information on where they can find him, also get ready, as soon as he’s found Sandra will invite you for their wedding, he is marrying my daughter right now, wither he likes it or not, who does he think he is?”. With that he got up and left us in the room.
The PI’s got all the details, address, club details and phone number, we had for him and we left. As soon as Kola and I stepped out of the house, we started laughing, Babs has met his waterloo, Sandra’s dad will super glue his butt to their house, if that will keep him by Sandra’s side, hmmmm, he wanted to force my wife to marry him, now he’s been forced to marry a wife, thank you God, what goes around, most definitely comes around ……… hmmmm

MRS- Well, am okay, Thank God am still alive, although I have a dilemma on my hands. Yesterday after Mr. and Kola left Tammy and I, I decided to confide in Tammy about the EG’s issue.
“Tammy, do you know I know the EG?” “You mean he is the one who actually gave you the business card?” No, he wasn’t the one, I’ve know him from way back when we were in university”. Tammy sat up, looked at me and said, “You guys didn’t….Did you?” Oh no, not like that, it wasn’t for lack of trying on his part though, let me tell you what happened.
“We were four friends, who always were together, everyone knew us on campus. Beautiful, rich and intelligent, our nickname was ‘The fantastic four’. Every girl wanted to be in our click and every guy wanted to date us, we sort of made a pact that we won’t date out mates, if we decided to date at all, it would be men, much older than us, cos at the time, we believed they can and do take care of you better.
One day we got an invite to this big celebrity party, we were one of the few girls from our university that got invited. We got ready and a limo was sent to pick all 8 of us up, four of us and another 4 girls we knew. We got to this huge villa , there were big men everywhere and ladies, young ladies like us, some men were old enough to be our grandfathers, for me it was a bit of a shock, I had never been to a big man’s party , most of my exploits were at school parties.”
“Anyway, the Party progressed, this same EG and some of his friends who all worked in an oil company at the time, came over to sit with us. They brought with them all sorts of wines and other hot drinks, grilled fish, chicken, mutton, ice cream anything we wanted was laid out in front of us. They each picked one off us and sat next to her. The one who sat next to me was already drunk, he kept mumbling all sorts into my ear. The EG sat to the left of me and Next to my friend Martha. He would whisper something to her, then turn to me and ask me if I wouldn’t mind talking a walk with him, I declined a couple of times so he let me be.”
“After a while he pulled Martha up and they walked away from where we were, into the villa, I was very uncomfortable because I knew Martha was inexperienced like me. We were the only virgins amongst our friends. After a few minutes, something made me get up and walk inside the villa. I went up the stairs and I could hear this faint crying coming from one of the bedrooms. As I moved closed it got louder and louder, and then I opened the door of the room where it was coming from, the sight that confronted me was horrible, I screamed, that alerted the EG, he came over to me, started pleading with me not to shout.”
“Martha’s hands were tired to the bed pole, he had her legs also tied, spread out, he was naked from the waist down and her panties had been torn off, he was raping her. I ran over to the bed, untied Martha, took her into the bathroom, there was blood all over her legs and on the bed. She was hysterical at this point. The EG just stood there, apologizing and saying he didn’t know what came over him, I picked up one of the bed sheets, wrapped it around Martha. The EG said he would please like to help, I shouted at him, told him to get out, I called my friend in school who had a car to come get us. I led Martha through the back door to a clinic”.
I continued “The doctor on duty cleaned her up, took a sperm sample and asked who did this, Martha said she didn’t want to press charges she just wants to go home. The doctor said they could keep the evidence on ice for a while, if she changes her mind, the evidence will be waiting. You won’t believe that was the last time I saw him until yesterday.”
“Martha dropped out of school, the last I heard she now lives abroad” Tammy looked at me with her mouth agape and asked, this same EG about to marry your mum and she is carrying his child, is a rapist? Yes, Tammy, the same EG, is about to become my Step-father. What do I do? ……..hmmmmm

Day 66
MR- It takes a short time to forget the stress you go through when something goes right, but on the other hand, when it goes wrong, it lingers on your mind for a very long time.
Mrs. told me about The EG raping her friend, when they were in university, I listened to her narrate the whole scenario to me yesterday, I even learnt a few things I didn’t know about Mrs. I let her finish and then I said to her calmly-
“Baby ,in this country when you say a man rapes a woman , the first thing that comes to peoples mind is she must have caused it, rape is just beginning to be taken seriously now and even at that, it’s the man’s word against the woman’s. You know ideally, ‘No’ should mean ‘No’, but in this country if a woman is raped in the Man’s house, they will ask what did you go there to do, if not have sex. Some organizations are trying day and night to advocate for stricter punishments against sex offenders and I guess its working.
Let me tell you about a Christian radio program I listened to in my car recently. The girl was, I think around 16 or 17, she lived with her big sister and her husband and she called into the radio station to say her uncle had raped her. What happened was her sister went into hospital to deliver a baby, the night she went in, her sister’s husband came into her bedroom and forced himself on her, he continually raped her for all the nights her sister was away. You know the funny thing, I listened and listened as every caller that called in blamed the girl. it got me so mad, when a woman called in and said, “Don’t mind those useless girls , they will be wearing skimpy clothes to attract your husband, the minute you turn your back they will pounce on him, don’t mind her, am sure she was enjoying it , first time, second time, now she’s calling it rape?”.
Every other caller rained causes on the girl or called her a slut, except one lady who called in and spoke with an English accent, she said she was appalled that no one felt this grown man, brother in law to the girl had a fault for raping a young girl under his care, no girl or woman deserves to be raped. After her call a few people called in to agree with her.
What am I saying here?, Rape needs to be frowned upon and stopped by all means, No should mean No, Not, she’s only pretending, or when she says no she means yes , all that crap. Women who have been raped can’t even talk about it because of the stigmatizing in this society, this further gives the men who rape the liberty to get away with it. These raped women go ahead to have issues with other relationships, they have really bad issues of intimacy, with their partners, same goes for women who have been abused.
My dear even if you confront him, or tell your mum, I don’t think anyone will take you seriously and to make matters worse , it’s been a long time since it happened. let’s just let sleeping Dogs lie and I believe even the EG himself must feel ashamed that you know he’s a rapist, that’s punishment enough..…..hmmmmm

MRS- it’s unfortunate that a woman doesn’t even have control over her body, I mean, you can’t even tell a guy No, I don’t want too and he immediately lets you be, very few men will. I listened as Mr. Spoke to me about the issue of the EG raping my friend Martha and I accept that I should just let it be.
You know I had the opportunity to sit down with some grown married women once, when my mum still dragged me around like a toy, I will never forget the stuff I heard that day,
These 10 women ran a support group amongst themselves, they had one thing in common, all the woman had been abused as children, the abuse had occurred over a period of years, some from age 9, some a little later, one was abused by her father, yes father, one her uncle, one her brother, another her neighbor and the others, by people who stayed in their house, driver, servant, gateman, relation etc,
One of them who had been abused by the neighbor was narrating her story that day –
“We lived in a block of 6 flats, ours was at the top. On the ground floor lived a male teacher who always bought things from my mum in her canteen downstairs, soon he started asking my mum’s permission to send me to buy stuff for him, I was 12 at the time. The abuse started off with a hug when I delivered what he had sent me, then it progressed, he will stylishly touch my boobs, then my bum, one day he pulled me onto his knees and put his hand under my skirt and touched my privates, I ran all the way upstairs ad locked my room door, I later heard his voice in my living room asking for my mum’s permission to send me on an errand, my mum called me , I refused to answer, she told the teacher I was probably asleep that when I wake up she will send me down stairs.
When I finally came out of the room, I summed up courage to tell my mum, you won’t believe what she did, she slapped me , called me a whore, said I was trying to spoil the good teacher’s name, I should go downstairs this minute and help him run his errand.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the teacher continued to abuse me, until I ran away to live with my dad across town. The only good thing was that he was careful, he never had full on sex with me. Now the problem came when I got married, I had completely repressed the memory of my abuse, didn’t even cross my mind consciously. For 4 years I hardly let my husband make love to me, I couldn’t explain it, I will freeze up every time he touches me.
I eventually lost the marriage, my husband couldn’t take it anymore he divorced me, I relocated to England, it was in England that I was advised to see a physiologist, who was able to get me to access my repressed memory and then I narrated this story to her, since then I was cured and able to re marry, now I have a healthy sex life and 2 children.
Repressing the bad things that happened to us, comes back to affect our lives in the future, everyone needs to let it out. Find someone you can trust to talk to. Talk about it and get cured of your hurts”
As I listened to her, I could see how so many marriages have problems of intimacy between the husband and wife, I learnt a valid lesson,
Well as for me, Mr. has spoken, this EG rape saga, goes with me to the grave….thank God I have an amazing husband…..hmmmm

Day 67

MR-Its almost Christmas, I can’t believe the year as gone by so quickly, so much as gone on in our lives, whoa, thank God we survived them all. Anyway folks am sure you are all getting ready for the festive season, I wish you a merry Christmas in advance.
Kola and I decided to plan for our office Christmas party, usually we organize a get together for the staff, do secret Santa and all. But this year we wanted something different because profit wise, it has been a great year.
So we hired a yacht and decided that we would hold our xmas party on the 20th which was yesterday. We deliberately kept it a secret from the staff. We hired a coach, made it turn up to the office around 12 noon. As soon as it arrived, Kola and I instructed every one to shut down their work stations and get on the bus. The staff were confused and excited at the same time. We drove to the boat club and everyone got down, as soon as they realized we were going on a Christmas cruise and party, they began to scream and jump up and down. In short we had an amazing time, we finally docked back at the boat club by 7pm. The staff all went straight home, but Kola and I decided to drive back to the office, cos we had left my car there and drove after the bus in Kola’s car.
As we pulled into our car park the first sight that confronted us was 2 women sitting on the bonnet of their car smoking. We kept driving past them and right up to the door of our office, stopped the car and got out. As I walked towards our office door, I heard someone call my name, I stopped and looked back and it was Teni. “Hey, lover boy, we have been waiting for you”. I looked at her up and down and asked “Teni, what do you want?” She ignored my questions and handed me a piece of paper. “What is this? I asked” she said “Read it “. All this time Kola just stood there looking at us, he didn’t even say a word.
I opened the letter and read through it, it was a Doctor’s report saying she was a few weeks pregnant. I looked up at her and said “Congratulations, who is the lucky guy?” “You , my love”, she said. Kola was about to step forward and probably punch her lights out, but I held him back and asked “Are you sure, it’s mine”? “Of course, I don’t have any other love you know”.
The next words that came from my mouth, shocked Teni, even her friend did a double take. “Teni, if you are sure it’s mine, then I take full responsibility, am sure my wife will understand, I can’t have my child living outside my home. Just one thing, I will take you to my doctor and get you tested to see if you are really pregnant, my doctor is also able to do a DNA test on the fetus, to confirm if I am the father, if all goes well, we get married immediately.
I could see the shock on her face, she started to stutter immediately, “why can’t we just accept this test” she asked, her friend decided to whisper something in her ears and she stopped talking. I asked her to come back tomorrow and we will go for the test. Kola was so shocked at my response he kept on smiling and shaking his head. I could see how shaky her legs were as her friend pulled her away. They got in the car and left. Kola and I broke down laughing. Kola looked at me and said “Bro, what’s up? You know she’s lying”. “Don’t worry Bro, I can handle Teni, she thinks she smart, but Two can definitely play that game ……hmmm

MRS- whoa!, I’ve got so much shopping to do, Christmas is around the corner, I’ve got to buy presents for Mr., My mum, jnr, Tammy, Kola, Pamela and Toke and all our domestic staff. I need help to do all this, but first things first, I remembered I needed to go apologize for the way I treated Pamela the other day.
I left home around 11 am, drove straight to Pamela’s house, fortunately she and Toke were in. As soon as I entered their house, Pamela got up and walked towards the kitchen, I stopped her, “Please sit down, I’ve come to see you” she came back, sat down and just stared at me. “Am sorry Pamela, I was out of line, I shouldn’t have pushed you out of my car, or threated you the way I did. Please forgive me”.
Pamela got up and came over to where I was sitting, she sat next to me and hugged me, said she was really sorry and she shouldn’t have betrayed me like that , she felt so bad cos she was definitely a hypocrite, criticizing Toke for fancying Babs and at the same time having a fling with him. I hugged her back and said I had forgiven her.
Toke sat there still looking so sad, so did Pamela, even after I said I forgave her. What’s wrong with you two, why do you both look as if someone just died? Toke looked at me and said, “if someone died, it would be better, here, have a look”” and she handed me a piece of paper, I asked what it was, Toke just asked me to read it, I opened it, I could see that it was dated that morning , as I read it to the bottom , I was in so much shock, “whose is it,” I asked, Pamela looked at me with tears in her eyes and said ‘Babs’…
I jumped up and screamed Noo!!, you can’t be serious, oh noo!! Pamela. Toke and Pamela didn’t know why I was screaming, they had this shocked look on their face, , I calmed down a bit and told them what Mr. had told me about Babs being a wanted Man, cos he impregnated the daughter of the ‘King maker’. Pamela just fainted immediately. Amidst the confusion, we called the gate man, carried her into my car and we drove to the clinic. The doctor said she was in shock and needed to rest, so she won’t lose the baby. Toke and I looked at each other, am definitely sure, we were both thinking the same thing, “Please God its better if you let her lose this baby”.
We sat next to her bed watching her, after a few hours she opened her eyes. The first thing she said shocked us, “is it still inside me?” “Yes Pamela it is”, she then broke down crying again.
Toke and I calmed her down, we spoke to the doctor to let us take her home, he made us promise to take care of her and stop her form stressing or worrying. We promised we will and we left. When we got home, we discussed the options available. First, go tell Babs, Second option, go get an abortion. The first option, we were sure would be futile, cos he was about to be forcefully married off to a wife, not just any wife but the child of ‘king maker’, one of the most powerful politicians in the country and as for the second, Pamela said an abortion was out of the question.
I thought for a minute then said, “Your father is one of the wealthiest men in this country Pamela, why don’t you get him involved, I think that’s going to be the best option?”, Toke smiled and also said “Whoa!!, The ‘Oil tycoon’ versus the ‘king maker’, clash of the titans, let’s see who wins”, I added quickly, “ You know ladies, where two elephants fight, the grass definitely is the one that suffers”……….hmmmmm

Day 68
MR- Am so glad we had an amazing year, Kola and I had a time of reflection yesterday. It was exhilarating, we list most of what we could remember, situations God delivered us from, paramount on our list was Kola’s near death experience, Mrs. kidnap, then my almost fatal set up, Babs trying to break up my marriage, and best of all Tammy and Kola miraculously finding each other, Tokes survival and our bundle of joy Jnr walking into our lives, let’s not forget our expectant MIL and he upcoming Marriage ceremony to EG billed for early next year.Whoa, so much , am sure we left out a few.
As we sat there talking and laughing and thanking God for our business, we realized we have been blessed tremendously. We could not take it for granted we decided to donate a truck load of food, clothes and toys to 2 orphanages and give a huge sum, to a few charities we had marked out.
Before I forget I got a text from Teni, it read –“My love, I have thought about your offer to marry me because am pregnant, but I have decided being a second wife is not for me, I have decided to get rid of the pregnancy, go back to Canada and get me a man who will love me more than I love him, not the other way round. Do take care and you will never see me again”? As I read it I smiled. Kola asked what’s funny, I passed him the phone, he read it too and started to laugh, “Look at this silly girl, who’s fooling who, Good radiance to bad rubbish”
Mrs. has been out and about shopping for Christmas for a couple of days now, I looked in one of our spare bedrooms, its already almost half full of gifts wrapped up. I must remember to get her a lovely gift, not sure what yet but a few things come to mind. I wonder what I will get from her, on my birthday she got me golf clubs, I don’t play golf, but Mrs. said since I have them now I can start to play. I hope she gets me something I can use this time.
Kola and I retired to the club around 5, we remembered there was a squash tournament and I had signed up to play for my group. The completion began and we were winning, when I suddenly looked up and saw Babs and another guy talking, I immediately lost concentration and the other guy took advantage and we lost that round, I excused myself went looking for Kola, found him chatting with some ladies at the bar, I pulled him away and pointed in Babs direction. Kola said he will go distract him, while I go and call the King maker.
I went to the locker room to get my phone, I called the King maker, Sandra’s dad. He said his guys were on the way, we must keep him there. I put my phone back and went out to look for Kola and Babs, I found them all arguing about the state of the economy, when Babs saw me, he kept quiet and became uneasy, I moved closer to him and said Bro, it’s okay , let by gone be by gone’s. We are men, men don’t keep grudges.
I could see he was uneasy, I kept my cool, just kept praying that King makers guys will get there on time. After a while Babs said he was taking his leave, Kola tried to stall him by saying the next round of drinks were on him, but to no avail. He walked off towards the car park, Kola and I looked at each other and we decided to follow, we saw him walking ahead to his car, just then the king maker’s guys pulled up in front of us, we pointed to Babs, they drove in his direction. As they got to him, 2 guys jumped out of the car grabbed him, the third who was driving stopped the car, came out and opened the boot, they dropped him in the boot and shut it, It honestly was like a scene from a James bond movie, before we could say Jack Robinson, the car disappeared out of the club gate and into the night…..hmmmmm

MRS- well. Well, I have been shopping so much in the last couple of days, my credit card is on fire. What can she be buying you asks? Honestly I don’t know, all I know is that am making sure everyone gets something nice from Mr. and I this Christmas, we have all been through so much, we deserve to be pampered a bit.
Yesterday I decided to go shopping alone, as I pulled into the mall car park a guy almost hit me with his jeep, I had to put my foot down on the break so hard that my jeep skidded a bit and hit him by the side. Neither cars were damaged, I jumped out of my Range and was about to go all ‘diva’ on him, when I recognized him. He was Pamela’s long time love interest. They dated a while back but Pamela suddenly lost interest in him, this guy has groveled, pleaded, begged , there’s nothing he hasn’t done, he even proposed a couple of times but Pamela keeps rejecting him. As soon as he saw it was me, he was so excited he hugged me, apologized and insisted he had to buy me lunch to make up for almost polarizing my new jeep.
I obliged him. throughout our meal , he did not stop professing his love for Pamela. I saw how sincere he was, so I told him what Pamela was currently going through. You won’t believe, as if like magic, he went on his knees and asked me to please tell Pamela that he was ready to marry her today, with the baby and they can both raise him or her, as their own, I was stunned, he said he loved her more than anything, all she had to say was yes, I asked him to get up and that I will deliver his message , alternatively, he should be at Pamela’s house tomorrow for 4 pm, everything would work out fine. I thanked him for lunch, went to get a few things and then back to my car to drive home.
As I started the car, I got a text, it was from EG he asked me to please meet him at his private guest house, that he had something important to discuss with me re my mum. I was a bit worried and I prayed everything was okay with her, I sent him a text back, that I was on my way. When I got to the guest house, the butler ushered me into EG’s study, he was already there waiting for me.
He offered me a drink which I politely declined. He then said “My dear, I called you here under false pretense, it’s got nothing to do with your mum. I really wanted to talk to you about Martha and what went on all those years ago. First I would like to sincerely apologize for what I did back then, I wasn’t in my right senses I was drunk, secondly I am sorry you had to witness the whole drama, thirdly am grateful you haven’t told your mum. For that here is a cheque to say am sorry and thank you at the same time”.
All this while I hadn’t said a word, I just sat there listening to what he was saying, he stretched the cheque towards me, I looked at it and it was a dollar cheque form chartered Bank. I looked at the amount, I could believe my eyes, it was mind bugling, I didn’t know when I shouted ,O my gosh?…….hmmmmm

Day 69

MR- Whoa! What a week, it’s gone by so quickly, 2 days to Christmas. You might be wondering why a grown up lad like me, is getting so excited about Christmas, well, please let me. Ever since I’ve moved out of my father’s house, I have celebrated every festive period like that was the last one I was going to see.
Growing up, like I mentioned My Dad was a very strict Christian, one of the things he was strict about and believed was a waste of time was celebrating Christmas the way everyone else did. I remember our Christmas day celebration, was go to church in the morning, come back home, have lunch then sit around the table listening to my Dad drill into us why Christ was born and died for our sins, this usually took two hours and then we would watch Christian videos. In the evening, go back to church, then come home, have dinner and go to bed. Every year it was the same. Our relations hardly ever came around during Christmas and Christmas presents comprised of Christian books, a new bible or if we were lucky my mum will get us some clothes or new school supplies.
Don’t get me wrong, there was money to buy nice presents, my Dad just felt Christmas had been commercialized, that everyone had lost focus of what the day really stood for and he had vowed not to be part of this new trend. I couldn’t understand it, I watched kids play outside with their new toys on Christmas day, even those who weren’t as comfortable as we were. I also had to sit through the torture of my school mates bragging about all the toys they got. So I vowed, that once I was old enough to move out, start work and make money, I will celebrate Christmas with all the fanfare I could muster.
Kola had some errands to run, so he didn’t get to the house until 2pm, I was busy wrapping up my gifts for everyone. Mrs. had gone out again, these past week, we were hardly together at home during the day, except early in the morning and later in the evening, the joys of getting ready for Christmas, I guess.
Kola and I sat outside near the pool, reminiscing. Recounted the action scenes that went on at the club and wondered what will be going on with Babs right now, Kola wanted to call Sandra to find out, but I said no, we will find out later, I was sure the king maker will call us.
Just then I got a call, it was a private number, most times I ignore them , but decided to pick this one up, A voice came on asking me to hold on for my caller. Two seconds later a man says “Hello Gentleman, you don’t know me, my name is Sir Fernandez. I am the chairman of Fernandez group of companies, you and I have some business to discuss, it’s about your friend Tella, I will send a car to pick you up, this evening at 6pm, from your office, please be there. What we need to discuss is very important to all of us, come along with your friend, if you don’t feel comfortable coming alone, I won’t take much of your time, thank you”, And with that he dropped the call.
My mouth was still agape when the call ended, “what’s the matter?” Kola asked. “You won’t believe who that was, Sir Fernandez”. “Noo! You can’t be serious, Bro, what does he want with you, that man is very dangerous?”. “Well he says we need to talk about Tella, what about, I have no idea?” “I do”, Kola said, “Am sure it’s about the drug money Kola embezzled”. I asked Kola how he knew that, he looked at me as if to say, are you dense?, “Everyone knows Sir Fernandez is a drug dealer, he came to this country almost 50 years ago, as a little boy, he later grew up, married a wife from here and built his empire on the drug trade. I heard he started off with marijuana. All those big companies he has, are just a front, for where his money really comes from, the drug trade. He has a lot of big boy couriers, like Tella, who have risen along the ranks, to get very rich themselves and now head different departments in his drug trade business, Am surprised you don’t know”.
As Kola was talking, my mind was wondering what this man wants to see me about Tella for? It didn’t make sense, I didn’t even know Tella was a drug courier until recently, so what possible information could I have for this man, anyway 6 pm was round the corner, I was about find out …….hmmmmmm

MRS-“Sir, please, I do appreciate the offer, but am sorry, I cannot accept this money, if anyone needs to be compensated it’s my friend Martha, unfortunately I lost contact with her a long time ago. You don’t have to worry about me telling my mum, I have decided not to discuss this issue with her and that’s final, thank you Sir all the same”. The EG just sat there, cheque in hand, staring at me. I could sense he was thinking of what to say next and trying to read my reactions, if I was actually telling the truth. When he finally spoke, He asked me to take the money anyway, since he had already written the cheque in my name, I declined once again.
I got up politely asked if that was all he wanted to see me about, because I had an appointment with Mr.? He said it was, I thanked him and walked out of his study. As I walked away, I could feel his eyes on me, from his countenance , I could tell this wasn’t over, I didn’t think he believed I won’t tell.
Anyway, yesterday, Mr. and I had breakfast together, something we hardly did during the week, most times he skips breakfast when he has an early appointment at the office. I told him I had some gist for him, he said he had some too. We agreed to catch up on both gists tonight, I had to leave early because I had arranged to meet Tammy at home and go shopping with her and Jnr.
I got to Tammy’s at 10am as planned, she was still in bed, I could see she looked so drained, Jnr was having breakfast with his nanny having to chase him around the table, Tammy told me she had been throwing up all morning and was feeling really dizzy, Kola had just left the house when it started. Anyway, she got ready and we drove to our clinic. The doctor ran some tests on her, after about an hour of waiting, he called us back into his office. He looked at Tammy and said , “Congratulations Madam, you are pregnant” I was the first to scream, anyone would think he was talking to me, Tammy and I hugged each other, we were so happy, Tammy was a bit weak but the news, perked her right up. We thanked the doctor, got in the car and drove back to Tammy’s. On the way, I asked her to call Kola and tell him, she said No, she will wait until he gets back home later.
Around 3pm , I had to leave Tammy and Jnr, I remembered I had an appointment to meet Ken, Pamela’s love interest, at her place for 4 pm, I got to Pamela’s, she and Toke were just getting back from seeing Pamela’s dad. At least she looked a bit more cheerful than the last time I was here.
I asked what her father had said, Apparently he had a different idea, he said God forbid he will beg any useless man to marry his daughter. Pamela should have the baby and take care of it herself, the child will never lack for anything and he was sure a nice young man will come along who will love her regardless of the fact that she already has a baby. Wise man I thought, this presented a great opportunity for me to talk about Ken, so I said “Pamela, you won’t guess who ran into me yesterday, I mean literally ran into my car? “Whom” “Well, Ken” I said, “What, my Ken?, yes the same, your ken” , I said, “Didn’t know he was back in the country, what did he look like?” she asked. “Well he’s still very handsome, you know what he looked like before? Now he’s much better looking”.
So we talked back and forth about Ken until the doorbell rang, Toke was going to get the door but I pulled her back, I told Pamela it was a surprise for her, I knew it was Ken at the door because he just sent me a text message. Pamela ran to open it and viola, Ken was on his knees, holding a ring and asking Pamela to marry him………hmmmm

Day 70
MR- God be praised , Tammy is pregnant, o my gosh , Kola called me as soon as he got home, this was the best Christmas present ever, Mrs. Laughed when I told her, she said Tammy made her promise not to tell me until Kola did himself. Whoa! Am so happy Kola and Tammy deserve all the good things that come their way, and to top it all Jnr gets a baby brother or sister. Mrs. was elated, she came over to where I was sitting and said Baby, kits kick off our practice intensively, we need to have a little bambino running around here this time next year, I said, Am ready my love , let’s go…
Now, you remember yesterday I told you I got a call from Sir Fernandez, Kola and I went to wait for his driver at the office around 5.45pm. on the dot of 6 pm, a limo showed up , picked us up and drove, now the windows were blacked out so we couldn’t see where we were going, About 35 minutes later we stopped, the driver opened the door and you could never guess where we were at the airport private wing. The driver pointed us towards a private jet that had its door open with stairs sitting in front of it, kola and I hesitated a bit but just then a lady stepped out of the plane, walked down the stairs and up to us.
Am sorry gentlemen my name is Miss Philips , I am Sir Fernandez PA, he has asked us to bring you to him, don’t worry the flight only takes 40 minutes, we will bring you back before 11pm. What she said seemed to relax us a bit, the only worrying thing was that no one knew where we were. We got on the jet and it took off immediately. I must admit I was impressed with the interior, I had never been on a private jet before. This one was really nice and fast. True to the PA’s word, 35 minutes into the flight the pilot switched on the seatbelt sign, we buckled in and landed quite smoothly, as we taxied to a hanger, we could see through the window another limo waiting there. We got down, got into the limo with the PA and drove.
Fifteen minutes later we pulled into a magnificent house, form the drive way it looked like an old castle, the grounds were amazing, even though it was almost 8pm, the whole compound was lite up with lights and colorfully musically fountains, I honestly thought we were no longer on our country. We were ushered into a lounge, offered drinks and told that Sir Fernandez will be with us in a bit.
Kola and I took this opportunity to stare, he had the most amazing paintings , one of them was a Monet called the ‘Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies’, painted In 1893, it must be worth millions of dollars, he had both international and local paintings, in short the room was magnificent.
Shortly after he came in with a group of men about 5 of them, we got up to say hello and to our surprise Tella was standing there right behind him, Sir Fernandez caught our surprise and said “Sit down young men, you see when you have friends like me no government prison can hold you. Now down to business, Tella has told me a lot about you and your business, you are both very hardworking and I need your services.
Our services? Kola asked, looking at me all nervously, what service will that be sir? ‘’Well , Haulage” ‘We no longer do Haulage Sir, we had a few trucks that moved good from the ports to different parts of the country but the drivers started to give us too much stress , so we shut that side of the business down” , I said.
Well congratulations boys, you now have a new client who requires your trucks and this client will help keep you in business for a long time and also keep your drivers in check and in exchange you will operate with discretion. Kola and I looked at each other nervously, as if Kola knew I was about to decline the proposal, he quickly said, “Can we think about this proposal sir?” Yes you can, I give you until Dec 31ST, On Jan 1st I want an answer, Am confident it will be positive…thank you gentlemen, the meeting is adjourned until then, with that he got up and walked out with the guys in tow, Tella hung behind and said to Kola and I, “Guys, you better wise up, no one says no to Sir Fernandez and you better keep this discussion to yourself.”
We arrived back at the airstrip an hour later, the limo was there waiting to take us back to the office, Kola and I didn’t say a word, when we got down from the Limo, Kola said don’t worry Bro I recognized one of Sir Fernandez boys, we used to hand out together when I went to spend time with my aunt and uncle back in the days. Am sure he recognized me cos he winked at me, am going to get in touch with his brother, get his no, call him and find out what Tella has got to do with all this. In the meantime, don’t worry, we will get out of this in one piece, go home and please don’t get stressed out, its Christmas tomorrow remember, let’s enjoy it …….. hmmmm

MRS-Yes, we did it, am sure Mr. scored twins yester night, it was good, lasted long and explosive at the end. Am sorry guys don’t mind my ranting, am just excited for Tammy and Kola and Mr. and I, we have started practicing intensely for our baby and from all indications I believe Mr. hit a home run yester night.
I got summoned by my mum yesterday afternoon, she called and said she wanted to see me urgently, I felt a bit worried and also was wondering why her fiancé will summon me one day and my mum the next. Any way curiosity took the better of me, so I went to see her immediately. I got there, she was sprawled out on the lounger in the garden, she looked amazing, I could see pregnancy really agreed with her in old age. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked one of the maids to bring me a glass of chapman and some homemade fruit cake.
“Mum, how are you doing? I asked, she said she was fine but could be better, I asked what the matter was, she looked me straight in the eye and said “you are the matter dear”, “Me?” “How mum?” I asked, “Well for starter’s why did my love give you money for Christmas and you rejected it, I thought you said you had accepted him and you were happy for us, what’s going on dear?” “Mum, what are you talking about, is that what he said?” “Yes”, my mum said. I looked at my mum and almost came out with the true full story but changed my mind, “it’s okay mum , I just felt I didn’t really need the money, so I politely declined”. “Well, Baby everyone needs money, here take the cheque, he left it with me”, with that she handed me the dollar cheque EG had offered me to buy or rather pay for my silence.
I was levied, how he could be so manipulative, anyway I did a good job of hiding my anger, I spent a few more minutes with my mum, told her I had to go and left. When I got into the car I wanted to send EG a text showing my displeasure at his tactics but I decided not to, I need to keep this too myself until after Christmas, don’t want to stress Mr. out now, once I discuss this with him am sure we will know the next step to take.
Meanwhile, it was celebration galore for Pamela and Ken the other day, she said yes, it was so heartwarming, I could see how much Ken loved Pamela, they are planning a valentine’s day wedding, barely 2 months away. He said he couldn’t wait to make Pamela his wife .Now all that’s left is Toke, we need to find her a nice young man to make an honest woman out of her, for now am just going to sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas…….hmmmmm

Day 71 and Christmas day
Merry Christmas, all you amazing friends, I wish you Joy, Peace, prosperity and a blessed and fulfilling year ahead. You have all been great, following, The New Mr. and Mrs. Diary form Day 1. Your encouragements, support, wonderful comments and messages, have kept me going and made my day, every time, I pray that we can continue together, to make a difference and be a blessing to someone, every single day and I believe that with your support we can achieve this. Thank you so much, I love you guys.

MR-Merry Christmas to me and everyone, I am so excited today, cant really write a lot but , I really wish to thank God Almighty for allowing us to see another Christmas, I’ve really got so much work to do now, so can’t really write, but I promise to catch you up on all the gist tomorrow. Thank you guys, have a great celebration…..hmmmmm

MRS-Whoa! Its Christmas, I thank God for today, it’s the day the lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. I have put everything aside, all I want to do is have an amazing time with our family, Kola, jnr and Tammy are coming over in a few minutes to spend Christmas with us, I can’t really write in you now but I promise to catch you up on all the gist tomorrow….hmmmm

Day 72

MR- Christmas day, a day of celebrating the birth of Christ, the day of reflection and the day some of us get to go see our parents and relations we haven’t seen in a while. As the year slowly comes to an end, 5 days to go, I decided to try and list everything Mrs. and I were grateful for, and just then I realized, waking up every morning was the greatest gift God gives us every day. Once we are awake, everything else that happens that day is as a result of waking up and it’s a privilege. I remember making a pledge last year December 31st, that I would stick to my new year’s resolutions for 2016. Looking back at all the resolutions I made then, more than a 3rd were completely forgotten, a third were sort of done and the other one third, am still struggling with. So this year, I have decided to have just one resolution and that is, ‘No more procrastination’.
My 2017 motto- “I will say what I will do and do what I say and do it when am supposed to”. A New Year resolution for 2017, God willing. If I can just achieve this one resolution, my life will take a turn for the better. I find that I say I will do a lot of things but never get round to doing them or keep postponing when I will do them, until I eventually forget to do them. “Make hay while the sun shines, because opportunities come but once”. Two Proverbs, my Dad drummed into me, growing up.
Yesterday was a lovely day, Kola, Jnr, Tammy, Pamela, Ken, Toke, Tony were all at ours celebrating double joy, Tammy’s pregnancy and Pamela and Ken getting engaged. We had catered for 20 people, food, drinks and deserts, kola even invited a one man band to serenade us. We had a surprise guest as well, Ken, had called Mrs. to ask if she didn’t mind if he came over with a couple of Friends. One of them, you won’t believe was the guy we had seen at Sir Fernandez place. Kola and I were taken aback as Ken introduced him as Mandible. To ease up things Kola just said “I know him, he’s my guy”. “Mandible? Is that your real name”, I asked. He looked at me and smiled, “Well not really but it kind of stuck on me and now most people don’t even remember my real name”.
Kola then interrupted, “tell us how you became Mandible”, “When I was a little boy, children around me were still eating minced meat , I was already cracking chicken bones, meat bones any kind of bone you give me to eat, I ate it completely with our leaving a trace. Once I went into boarding school, my friends would give me their meat bones at lunch time and I would crush it all up and eat everything, there was hardly anything my teeth couldn’t crush, so one day in biology class the teacher asked us the meaning of mandible and some cheeky guy stood up, pointed to me and said, Akin Sir, Akin is the definition of Mandible, and from that day the name stuck.
We all busted out laughing and that broke the ice. After a couple of hours Mandible asked if he could speak to Kola and I alone, so we excused ourselves and went to sit in the Gazebo. Mandible then started to explain, how SF (Sir Fernandez) found out we had been into haulage. He said last week, SF called all his boys together, him inclusive, “I have been a part of his organization for 8 years, I didn’t know what I was getting into at the time, I just applied for a job at one of his companies, got the Job and before I knew it I was offered crazy amounts of money to become a courier, what attracted me first was the travel. The company got me an international passport and a visa to a country in Asia. I travelled business class. Once I arrived. A limo picked me up and took me straight to a Private clinic, where all was extracted, I was then taken to a luxury villa, wined, dined and entertained with a couple of women, the next day I was back at the airport and arrived back home. That was how I started and today I have been on more than 20 trips to more than 13 countries. I can’t get out, once you’re in, you’re in for life, I will explain that later”.
Mandible continued “Back to what I was explaining, SF called us, gave us a location and asked us to go pick up a package for him. We got there, saw the police with Tella, they handed him over, we handed over a brief case and that was that. When we got back to SF, he was going to kill Tella, but Tella pleaded that he can get him 2 guys who could move his produce across the continent without any suspension, SF said, I don’t care how you do it, you’ve got to convince them to agree to work with us, I give you 2 weeks, if you don’t you are a dead man. So guys, you need to be very careful. Tella is a desperate, his life is hanging on the success of this deal. He will do anything to make sure you comply, don’t refuse outright, just try and find a way of agreeing to do it but at the same time have an alternative way out, I wish you guys good luck”.
Mandible got up, went back to sit with Ken and the other guy, Kola and I could not believe that this same Tella was back trying to mess up things for us. We definitely knew we had to put a permanent stop to this and I knew just the person to talk too………hmmmmm

MRS- The lord is good, being alive and well to see another Christmas was great, when you sit back and take stuck , it’s impossible not to be so grateful for all the blessings God has given us, I realized that no matter what our situation is , there’s always something to thank God for.
Or home was full of Joy yesterday, everyone was there, I had gotten a catering company to cook all sorts of food for around 20 people, so my staff could attended the Christmas party. We ate, danced, gisted all day long.
Later in the evening, we ladies withdrew to the lounge to catch up on gist, Tammy started off. “Babes, you won’t believe Kola cried when I told him I was pregnant, he broke down like a baby. He’s so happy” “That’s great am happy for you guys, I pray its twins” Tammy and everyone laughed. Pamela was next, you could see the joy all over her face, she was glowing and the double joy of being pregnant and getting married was overwhelming I guess. She started to gist us about the plans for the wedding, “It’s going to be on February 14 next year, in Dubai, ken is flying us all out ,four days, you all Know February 14 is a Tuesday, so we arrive on Saturday morning, stay at Oasis luxury apartments in Jumeriah, have a pre wedding disco party at Atlantis, on Sunday we have a nice dinner cruise on the dhow, On Monday we go on a desert safari tour, end up at the desert camp for our bachelor and spinster party, ladies we get bridal henna done. Then on Tuesday we get married on the beach, we all fly back on Wednesday, we then leave for Cancun for the honey moon”.
By the time she was done talking, we were all shouting and jumping up with joy, we couldn’t contain our excitement neither could we wait, it sounded so exotic, I have never been to Dubai before, but a friend of mine, Annie who has been several times said it is mind boggling.
Toke was next, she said a guy got in touch with her on Facebook and wants them to meet next weekend for a date , his profile said he is a lawyer, works in his father’s chambers. She then said “You won’t believe he’s a twin, totally identically, you couldn’t tell him apart in their pictures, I want to know what you guys think, should I go?” Pamela asked her to show us the guy, so I brought my iPad and we looked him up, his name was Kenny, he looked good, although not as handsome as the regular guys Toke is usually attracted too. What surprised me the most was you couldn’t tell from his profile if he was comfortable or not, the fact that Toke was considering going on a date with him, convinced me that she had really changed. We all agreed she should go on the date with the guy.
When it came to my turn, I wanted to tell them about EG and what he did and how he was trying desperately to buy my silence but instead I just told them how Mr. and I were on a marathon to get a bambino. I say trying because you can force a house to the river bit can’t force it to drink. He forced me to take his cheque but he definitely can’t force me to cash it…..hmmmm

Day 73

MR-Kola and I resumed at the office today, just us no staff, we had to go strategize on this SF issue. First we stopped over to see EG, Kola was of the opinion that we should keep this to ourselves for now, in case things get out of control. I disagreed initially but eventually when I spoke to EG about a hypothetical situation, his response scared me.
Here is how the day went-I asked Kola to meet me in our office for 10am, once he got in we drove to EG’s house. I briefed Kola on the way that I have reconsidered my position about telling EG out right about SF, I would on the other hand just state a hypothetical situation instead. We got there in less than 30 minutes, traffic was light being a bank holiday. EG was getting ready to go out, but said he would delay his outing to attend to us.
He ushered us into his study, we exchanged pleasantries, I asked after my MIL, he said she was out shopping with some friends. Anyway we got down to business. “Sir, Hypothetically speaking if A friend of ours needs some advice regarding a certain criminal master mind, a God father of drug dealers, who is asking our friend to go into business with him, actually Sir, he’s not asking, he’s telling. Now our friend doesn’t want to be in business with this man, he is afraid that if he turns him down though, he might get killed, what should he do, in that situation, Sir?”
EG looked at Kola and I , and smiled , “As we are talking hypothetically here, if this was really happening and this friend of yours knew me and he comes to tell me about this , I will have this ‘God father’ taken care of in 48 hours, I will prove to him. That all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”
“Sir, if I may ask, what will happen to the Drug lord?” .EG answered “I will make him disappear, you see a man has big as him would surely have made lots of enemies and will have loads of outstanding warrants issued for his arrest, around the world, all I have to do is call my contacts at Interpol, tell them where he is hiding and within 36 to 48 hours he will be extracted”.
Kola and I thanked EG and we left, as soon as we got in the car, Kola was so upset, “Bro we can’t let him know this is happening to us, look you know we have family that can disappear easily, I think we could take Mandibles advice, corporate for now and know that EG has our back if push comes to shove”. I had to agree Kola had a point. I picked up my phone and put a call through to the number SF gave me to call once we made a decision, told the guy who picked up that we would like to speak to SF, he said he will inform SF and call me back…..hmmmm

MRS-I was hoping t have a lazy day yesterday, lay in bed, just watch movies all day. But that didn’t happen. Instead the whole day turned into a very scary one.
Mr. left for the office around 9.30am, he said he and Kola had some business to take care of, I got out of bed just to instruct the house helps on what to do with the left over drinks and food and went back to bed. I had settled in bed, was about to start watching my movie Skyfall, when a text message came on my phone. I opened it and it read “See me in my office in an hour really urgent” it was from Uncle J. the funny thing was I had not spoken to him since the incident with my mum, neither had he gotten in touch with me. I wondered what could be so urgent, hat I had to see him immediately.
Anyway, I got ready and drove to his office, it was obvious he had already informed them I was coming because I was ushered in immediately. I said my pleasantries, he pointed to a seat, I sat down and then he started to tell me off straight away, for not getting in touch with him after coming to him for two separate favors, he went on and on for a couple of minutes, then he stopped. I got up knelt down and said I was truly sorry. I then narrated all that had happened to us while he was away.
How I was kidnapped, finding out the Ex-governor I thought was a ritualist wasn’t and that, that was the one my mum was dating and pregnant for etc. Uncle J, nodded as I spoke, he then asked me to get up and said he had forgiven me. He just had to let me know how he felt. He looked at the time and picked up his phone and said to the person at the other end “We are ready”. We got up, walked out of his office block, to a block across, went in and stood behind a one way mirror, which is, you can see the person inside the other room but they can’t see you. Uncle J asked me to look at the man sitting on the chair facing us and asked if I recognized him? I stepped closer and immediately I recognized the man as the one who gave me the business card at the café and called himself the ex-governor. Once uncle J was satisfied with my identification, we went back to his office.
“Uncle, how did you know about this man and how did you find him?” I asked. “My dear one thing you should know about intelligence gathering, is that we know everything that goes on in this country. That son –of-gun, real name , Chief J T Felix, has been at this impersonation game for a long time, the real EG, during his tenure as Governor, was hardly in the news, he mostly ran his cabinet by proxy, he also lost a lot of weight while in office due to prostate cancer, which he survived by the Grace of God, early detection, on a routine checkup and chemotherapy , he was out of the country for close to a year receiving treatment, that’s when that crazy man called Chief J T Felix, decided to take the opportunity to become the Ex-governor.” I asked what was going to happen to him, he told me he had contacted the real EG, told him what was going on and that they will deal with the imposter themselves.
I left uncle J’s office after 2 hours. On the drive home I felt the need to call Toke, to let her know the man had been found, I tried her no, it wasn’t going through, so I decided to drive to their place. I walked towards their door and there was a note stuck to it, I read it, it was addressed to Uncle J, “General, we can get to your niece and her friend, anytime we want , if you don’t want to lose them , release Chief J T Felix within the next 24 hours or you will, this is not a threat. Just to let you know we can get to anyone at any time, we are watching”. I noticed I was shaking, I knocked on the door, Toke came to open it, I hugged her asked of Pamela, she said Ken had taken her out. I breathed a sigh of relief, picked up my phone and dialed Uncle J, “Uncle, please come to Pamela’s house quickly, she and Toke are being threatened by chief Felix’s boys , they left a note for you”. “Stay there, am on my way” he said……..hmmmmmm

Day 74
MR- O my gosh, this is getting serious, Mrs. came home yesterday to inform me about what happened at Pamela’s place, There was an attempt on General J’s life , thankfully the bullet missed him and grazed one of his security agents instead, the guy was wearing a bullet proof vest, so thank fully no one was killed. The surprising thing was, they didn’t even see the shooter, it must have been a long range shot.
Everything is up in arms now, as I speak to you The Ex-Governor, General J, and 2 agents from Interpol ( the world’s largest police organization with 190 member countries. Its primary role is to assist law enforcement agencies around the world in combating all forms of transnational crime and terrorism.) and MI5 (British intelligence) are meeting tomorrow at the intelligence headquarters, on all our issues, EG had to be briefed about SF’s treat to kola and I and he immediately called his contacts in Interpol.
We currently have 4 armed security agents at our house now, Kola, Tammy, Pamela and Toke all have armed security agents as well, we are all in danger as long as SF is still on our case and Chief Felix has not been released.
The funny thing is that, I was still contemplating calling SF yesterday and tell him we will be delighted to work with him, but before I could Mrs. came home visibly shaken with 4 armed agents and told me about her near death experience. She was actually standing next to Gen J, in front of Pamela’s apartment, when the shooting happened. So I immediately changed my mind, called the EG and went over to see him at home. I narrated what happened between us and SF, EG wasn’t surprised, he said he had a feeling I was talking about myself and Kola the other day, when I used a hypothetical situation but he didn’t want to push me. He had determined that, if by the end of this week I don’t come back to tell him it was me, he would have taken matters into his own hands. Anyway right there in front of me he called the International operations manager of Interpol, that’s like one of the most senior ranks. Spoke to him in French, I didn’t know EG could speak French, all I understood was, “ok, vous voir demain soir, je vous remercir”, which translates to Okay, thank you will see you tomorrow evening.
Once EG, got off the phone with Interpol. He looked over to me and said, its sorted, they will be here tomorrow, coincidentally, they have been building a case against SF and chief Felix. I was surprised Chief Felix (CF) had a case as well. EG said that each time they try to arrest SF, he gets released on a technicality, but now that they have witnesses, the cases against both of them should stick. “What do they have against CF?” I asked. Well according to Interpol, they have been carrying out a phone tap on some people in Paris and Italy involved in child trafficking and prostitution, CF’s name comes up in almost all the discussions, he is the king pin of child sex trafficking but he never sets foot in Europe, he goes everywhere else , so they haven’t been able to pin him down or arrest him, now they can”. I was shocked, we were about to get involved in a big international criminal organization case, this could be very dangerous for us I said.
EG, looked at me and said “Well, I decided not to alarm you, until we have our meeting with all parties tomorrow, but my dear boy, you need to start preparing for the possibility of leaving this country for a while, all of you, your friends inclusive, but let’s not panic yet, by tomorrow evening we will know where we are going and what’s going to happen ……. Hmmmm

MRS- Am still shaking from yesterday’s experience, a near miss, I could have been killed now, if the crazy shooter had been a few inches to the left, I would be dead by now. Thank you lord Almighty.
Here is what happened, after I called Uncle J to come over to Pamela’s house because of the threatening note addressed to him, Toke and I went back inside to await his arrival. We sat in their living room nervously watching the door, I also kept looking at my phone, expecting it to ring at any moment. Toke switched on the telly, the noise helped to distract us a bit but it only lasted a little while. Thankfully, uncle J called that he had arrived and Toke and I went outside to meet him, he came with his usual entourage of armed agents. Five of his men took positions around the house and two of them followed him inside. He took the note from me and said not to worry, that they were only bluffing but all the same, each of our houses will be guarded by 4 security agents until further notice.
This gave Toke and I some peace of mind. He got up to leave , his security guys led the way, as we stepped out , his agents were in front, uncle J and I were directly behind them and Toke had her back to us trying to shut the house door. Just then we heard a thud and one of the agents went down, some shouted take cover, the other agent jumped on Uncle J to cover him, uncle J pulled Toke and I, we fell face down and everyone else scattered , there was so much commotion going on I thought we were all going to get shot and probably die.
After a few minutes of his agents running around and shouting , I heard them shout All Clear, Raven is on the move and uncle J’s agent pushed him into his official Jeep and they drove away in full speed, the other 3 agents left behind shoved us back in the house , shut the door and took guard outside. We were petrified.
After an hour, uncle J called me, said the coast was clear, a sweep of the area didn’t discover anyone , but for security reasons , he is sending 4 armed agents to take me home from Pamela’s and they will stay with us until further notice. The armed agents arrived shortly after, ushered me into my car, one drove, the other sat in front with him and I sat at the back. When we got home, they escorted me in, then took up positions around our compound.
Mr. was already back, surprised to see me arrive with guards, I narrated my near death experience, he was so shocked he held me for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he let go, picked up his phone and said “that’s it , am putting a stop to all this today”…..hmmmmm
Day 75
MR- Dear Diary , as I write in you this morning am already packing a few things, its official we all have to relocate , and when I say all, I mean Mrs., Kola, Jnr , Tammy, Pamela , Toke and I. Why you ask? Well our lives are on the line, if we don’t, let me elaborate ….
Remember I told you EG called Interpol, what we didn’t know was that they already had tons of evidence to charge SF AND CF with drug trafficking, human trafficking , money laundering, kidnapping, a couple of attempted murders and a murder charge but all they needed were witnesses, Now they’ve got them. After the meeting yesterday with Interpol, British intelligence and our security services, it was agreed that we all have to go into witness protection until the case comes up in a few months. Witness protection is when you hide people in places people looking to harm, threaten, intimidate or kill them will not be looking for them. In our case it was decided that we relocate to London, in the borough of Lambeth.
“Lambeth council? Why there of all places”, I asked, “I usually stay around Piccadilly circus in central London when I go to England”, the British agent said that was the reason exactly, anyone looking for us will look in the usual places we stay, but no one will expect us to be in Peckham , south east London . Mrs. asked where that was?
The agent smiled and said, trust me Ma’am, you won’t even know you are in England when you arrive in Peckham. I looked at Mrs. and shuck my head, “He’s right my dear, Peckham is so African, it even has herbalists, if you are into that sort of thing, you can get any kind of African food, clothes, dvd’s, hair salons, tailors, restaurants etc, everything out of Africa arrives in peckham first.
We were told once we get to England, we will be given a 5 bedroom house, people around will be told we just bought the house and we are one big family, for now our names will change, A school will be arranged for jnr and jobs for the rest of us, we will live like normal London dwellers until the trail is over, SF AND CF are convicted and it is safe to go back to our country.
“What happens to our business?” I asked, “Well your staff will be told you are traveling, no communication with anyone will be allowed and you are to leave instructions with them to carry on business as usual. Oh, one more thing, you will not have access to your bank accounts, so a stipend will be given to you every week in addition to whatever you make in your jobs, this is time for big adjustments, please get use to taking the Bus and trains, no luxury cars for a while. You are to live a totally different life, no discussing with anyone about your true identities, remember you are in hiding”.
At this point I could see Mrs. was no longer listening, am sure she was thinking how in God’s name was she going to survive living in England as a barely surviving person, well we were all about to find out.
The Agents informed us we leave for England on Dec 31st, The rest of us Kola and co are being briefed by the Interpol agent this very minute, also our travel papers will be processed and we will be flown out at midnight on a private plane. “Godspeed, the next time you see me, will be the evening of the 31st, when you will all report here, with as little luggage as possible and will be taken straight to your flight and off to England. Any questions?”
I had loads of questions and am sure Mrs. did too, but we just said no, the whole situation was overwhelming , in 3 days, we will leave our normal comfortable , warm life for a freezing cold, uncomfortable , not so normal life, the only upside was the fact that we will all be together and be Alive to tell the story. Even I didn’t see this coming…..hmmmmm

MRS-You won’t believe it but Happy new year for us will be in a different continent, The united kingdom, am still in shock. Everything is happening so fast, the worst thing is that they say we will be away for a couple of months but am aware this trial could take longer than anticipated, until then we stay put in England, in a Place called Peckham which I hear is little Africa.
The worst thing for me is that we have to leave all our comforts behind, live a pretend life of hardly any luxuries. How am I going to cope with that cold weather, I also have to work, I shouldn’t be complaining because this is the only way to keep us safe, but truth be told the British government needs us desperately to bring their case against theses 2 evil men.
Tammy came over yesterday night and we sat here, trying to make sense of everything, from here to there in 3 days, whoa! This was serious, Tammy was gracious enough to see the positive side and she’s always a ray of sunshine. She said we should count ourselves privileged to have this opportunity to save our lives. If Mr. and Kola had agreed to work for SF when would it stop, they would have automatically become criminals and wanted men themselves,
The sweetest thing happened , Ken has agreed to come into witness protection with us, he said he can’t leave Pamela for a day, he’s ready to cut communication with his family, job and friends for as long as it takes, I admire his dedication to a woman he hasn’t even married yet. Anyway Love they say can make people do crazy things.
My mum, is contemplating coming with us, EG doesn’t think it’s necessary , my mum just doesn’t think she wants to have her baby without me being there , she is not due for a few months but she thinks we might not be back by then, the British agent said she has until today at noon, to make up her mind.
Am just wondering what it’s like to live in England, I have never been one to want to, but I guess now I have to…….hmmmmm

Day 76

MR- its official we leave tonight, the date has been brought forward cos SF found out we are leaving the country tomorrow and he’s planning something , we don’t know what exactly but mandible called Kola yesterday to say he overheard SF with someone on the phone talking about us and our travel plans.
I had to get in touch with the British embassy immediately and now we leave tonight. Kola and I went by the office yesterday, we had to tidy up and put our affairs in order, this could be a long stay away from home, only God knows when we will be back.
As we were rounding off in the office we got a call from King Maker, Sandra’s father, he wanted us to come over and see him. We decided to go straight from the office, we got there around 6.30 pm and we were ushered straight to his private living room. Surprising we saw Sandra and Babs in the same native attire, with a few other people we got to know later were family and friends, also a legal practitioner dressed in his legal robe.
We all exchanged pleasantries, then SF said, “Just the people we have been waiting for, welcome to the registry wedding of my daughter and son in law to be . “Wedding?” I said, “Yes, we want you to represent Babs family, since my daughter met him at your wedding, king maker said.
We actually thought he was joking, right there in front of us the lawyer performed the ceremony, joined Babs and Sandra together as husband and wife, at the end he said “we now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride”. At this point Babs kissed Sandra and you could see the Kiss was not passionate. For the first time I felt a bit sorry for him, but then I thought he deserves everything he gets and more. To top it all, Kola and I were compelled to sign for Babs as a relative and a witness.
Well at least there was some good news for Babs, Kingmaker right there , gave the newlywed couple one of his mansions in a posh area, 2 Jeeps and 1 car , and money in the bank. He also offered Babs a Managing Director job at one of his companies. All attached to a condition, Babs had to sign a prenuptial agreement ( an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail.)
In this case the agreement stated, if Babs stays with Sandra, he runs all the companies given to her, he controls the money and properties but he had to sign that he will stay with Sandra for a minimum of 10 years , if he walks away before then, he will be charged with fraud and reckless abandonment , after 10 years if he walks away from the marriage , he pays back every dime he spent while married to Sandra and returns everything he acquired while they were married, but if Sandra walks away at any time, she keeps all she owns and gives a monthly income to Babs, to take care of himself, she decides how much.
I could not believe it, As I watched Babs sign his life away, I smiled to myself, if he stays with her he’s a slave to kingmaker , if he leaves he goes to jail for fraud, if Sandra leaves him he become a slave to Sandra.. What a way to end up……hmmmmm

MRS- I had to see Uncle J before we leave, he called me 4 times in the morning yesterday but my phone wasn’t with me, I forgot it at home when I went shopping for something’s we need to take along tonight. The plans had to change, Mr. said SF found out about our leaving town and he is planning something.
I left home around 12 noon, to go see uncle J, I had tried his no once I saw his missed calls but it kept saying the phone was switched off, I guessed it must have been something really urgent or he wouldn’t have called me 4 times. Just before I got to the gate I saw his ADC flagging me down, I stopped he came into the car and asked me to drive away from the military base right away, he didn’t say much , just said I should keep driving, he made me really nervous cos he kept looking back. I had left the armed agents alone at home told them I was just getting something in the estate so no need to come with me.
After he made me turn a couple of corners, he asked me to stop the car. He then looked at me and said, “Go back home, General J is missing since this morning, he doesn’t have his phone, I got a text from him yesterday night that if I don’t see him by 10am this morning I should call you and tell your husband to move your travel plans back by a day, he uncovered a plot to hijack your convoy on the way to the airport on Saturday, he was able to send me a text before they took him. So go back and stay home until you leave tonight. With that he got out of my car and jogged back the way we came. I turned the car around and drove like a crazy woman all the way home.
When I got back, Tammy, Jnr, Pamela, Ken and toke were there, the plan was for us all to spend the night at our house and a bus with blackout windows and police escort will take us to the airport tonight. I sat down with everyone and told them what just happened, we were all visibly shaken, especially because Mr. and Kola were not back from the office since morning and the time was 9pm. I tried their numbers it rang but both of them did not pick up. Just when we were contemplating what to do, Mr. called, apologized for missing my call and said they were almost home.
A few minutes later Mr. and Kola pulled into the drive way, we all breathed a sigh of relieve. Once we were all seated I told Mr. and kola what happened with Uncle J, Mr. said it just goes to show, British intelligence got the new before we did, well thank God at least someone found out about their plan before it was too late. Tammy interrupted and asked us to pray for our safe passage tonight……The next time I write in my Diary I will be in the United Kingdom…..hmmmm

Day 77

MR- Whoa!, as if by magic, we are in England and its soooo cold , we have been given duvets , jumpers and jackets and a centrally heated house but are still shivering.4 degrees when we landed but it felt more like -10 degrees. We have been told it takes a couple of days for our bodies to acclimatize to the weather, I pray so, because we are all huddled up in the living room shivering, Even ‘moi’ who has been to England several times still can’t fathom the intensity of the cold….
Yesterday went according to plan, by 6 pm the coach arrived at our house, we were all there Kola, Tammy, Jnr, Pamela, Toke, Mrs. , Ken and I, by the way Kola and I were surprised Ken would leave everything for now, to be with Pamela. He must really be in love. Anyway we were driven straight to the British embassy, where we were briefed on the terms of out witness protection agreement once more.
The conditions were simply. The British government was bringing an international Criminal case against SF and CF, they have all the evidence they needed, except witnesses, now they do, we are the major witnesses. In the past, witnesses they got, automatically disappear before the trail dates, to prevent this, they have decided to keep us hidden in England until the trail. Once we arrive there, we will be provided with accommodation, jobs and an allowance to top up our earnings , we have also been assigned a handler to look after us.
Once he was done briefing us The British agent asked if we had any questions, Pamela asked how long we were expected to be over there, he just said, Ma’am, we are looking at a maximum of 90 days for now.. We all had questions but at the same time we just wanted to get on with the journey and be done with it.
Next we were driven straight to the airport, ushered on to a private jet. It wasn’t the luxurious kind SF had flown us in, it was much bigger. We settled in our seats, two air hostesses came round to check we were buckled in and we took off. Before long we were all asleep, I guess from the whole ‘hula bulla’’ of finally getting to leave the country without any incident got to us all. 6 hours alter we were all woken up to have breakfast, then some minutes later it was time to fasten our seat belts for landing. We arrived at Heathrow airport private jet wing, a British Police undercover team were waiting for us. Our arrival procedure was nothing like I was used to, normally you land, get off the plane, walk to immigration, passport gets checked for visas, you procedure to pick up your luggage then go to the arrival hall to meet your pick up. But in this case, we landed, immigration and the police came on the plane, checked our passports and visas, then whisked us into a waiting coach and we were on our way to peckham, our luggage in tow,
The journey from the airport to the house took about an hour and 15 minutes. When we got to the house in Peckham the handler, a lady was already there, initially I was a bit put off by the house, red bricks, semidetached. in a close of about 8 other houses. But when we got inside it was nice, the living room, kitchen, 5 bed rooms all ensuite, a guest toilet. It also had a large garden at the back and a little one in front, quite modern, I must confess the bedrooms were very small compared to what we were used to but the house was nicely furnished and well decorated.
We had jackets, jumpers, thermal wear all given to us, hot chocolate and the central heating on high in no time, we all sat in the living room shivering, it was a sight to behold. The funny thing was, as I sat there with Mrs. I began to imagine all of us living in this small house together for 90 days and I looked around at everyone, talking to each other , sipping on their hot chocolate, Jnr fast asleep in Kola’s arms and muttered to myself , “Welcome to London everyone , 2017 here we come”…….hmmmm

MRS- Oh Yes, we are in London alright, am still under the duvet with Mr. it’s so cold. Upon arrival yesterday, once the house got warm, our handler showed us how everything worked in the house Mr. was a bit used to it but the rest of us only came to London on holiday stayed in hotels and didn’t have to worry about utilities. She showed us how to recharge the gas and electricity on line, the heating system program, water heater etc, she had stocked the house with some food with the help of a colleague, who was from our country, so we had rice, yam, plantain, fish, chicken, meat, and plum tomatoes in a can, which I learnt quickly was to replace fresh tomatoes for cooking stew. A lot of provisions, yoghurt, fruit, bread, white and brown, cornflakes, rice Krispy, fresh milk, that was delightful, haven’t had that since I came to London a while back, bacon, eggs sausages, lots of drinks and snacks for Jnr as well.
Mr. and I got the bigger bedroom, our ensuite had a bath, the other ones had showers, jnr, Tammy and Kola , got one, Pamela and Ken, the 3rd and Toke got the 4th, the 5th was very small and it was downstairs, so we decided to use it as a study/library for all of us, cos the living room wasn’t that big. One thing I was grateful for , Tammy and Toke were amazing cooks, Pamela not so much, since Tammy and Pamela were in their first trimesters with a bit of morning sickness, they will not be going to work, so food preparation was their department.
Once we unpacked, Tammy cooked the most amazing fried rice with grilled chicken, it was delicious, as we settled down to eat the handler came back and briefed us about our neighbor’s, she left earlier to give us time to settle in.
“Neighbor in house 1 beside us, Aruna and Rajah, originally for Pakistan born in England very friendly, but nosey. House 2, opposite us Michael and Idania, form Spain, have a daughter Annie, really nice and friendly as well. We were in house 3, neighbors on the other side British born John and Sharon with their 2 sons, Jake and Adam, kept to themselves, typically English family, then house 5, Robbie 12, Chantel 19, Mary 16, the children and a single mum Joan, all from Jamaica, then lastly, Graham and Ruth, grandparents form Ireland, Ruth knows everything that goes on. The other 1 house is vacant for now, there’s nothing to worry about they are all nice people, you will get to know them better as the day’s progress.”
But she was not totally correct, before the evening ran out Ruth came to the door with an Apple pie to welcome us to the close, as I opened the door she asked where we were from, I just said far away, we were on holiday for a few months, she sighed, tried to stretch her neck to see what was going on behind me, I thanked her and slowly shut the door. This was going to be interesting I thought ……hmmmm

Day 78

MR- England in winter, o my gosh, am freezing my bottom off right now and all I can do is buckle down in front of the heater .Mrs. has been getting friendly with our neighbors , You won’t believe living with different people in the same house can be very challenging.
Someone snores so badly, am not sure if its Kola or Ken, Kola and I haven’t slept in the same room since we were little, although he has dozed off on occasions and snored a bit but this one is really loud. The walls in this house are so thin, Mrs. and I couldn’t sleep well because we could hear the person snoring all through the night.
Also, it’s really difficult to have a private conversation, in this house, everyone is in each other’s business, not sure how long this living arrangements will last, you won’t believe that Mrs. and are were making love yesterday, it’s too cold not too, you need body heat, trust me, anyway we had to be extremely quiet, we couldn’t even mourn and scream as we wanted too, it’s only been a couple of days and we are already feeling uncomfortable. Mrs. suggested we ask for separate houses because this is definitely not going to work
In the afternoon, I saw what looked like the sun shining, so I thought to myself, thank God it seems warm outside, I put on some clothes and just a jumper, got to the front door, opened it and the cold that hit me was unbelievable, I ran back inside quickly, decided to go pad myself up properly then tried again. All I was doing was walking round the corner to get bread at the Iceland supermarket.
As I turned the corner, I saw Ken talking to the neighbor’s daughter, Chantel. I stepped back and observed them from afar, their body language suggested he wasn’t just saying hello. I watched for a while then decided to walk up to them, Ken saw me first and stepped back from her. I just said hello to her and went into the supermarket. He immediately followed me in and asked what I wanted to buy, he hung with me and we walked back to the house together, I didn’t even ask him what he was discussing with Chantel, he just blotted it out, He said the girl was just asking where we come from, I really don’t want to be suspicious about them yet so I decided to keep my eyes open.
Our handler came back in the evening and I asked to speak to her in private, I told her about the sleeping arrangements and the stress it was causing, she promised to do something about it. Meanwhile she got Ken, Kola and I jobs at a large company in Westminster, the good news was we could get on Bus 12 and it would take us straight to work, we start on Tuesday.
I haven’t discussed this with anyone but I got an email from Mandible yesterday. He said all Hell has broken loose back home, Tella has been looking for us everywhere but no luck, Someone in the intelligence service informed them you all left the country but don’t know where you went exactly. Wherever we are we should just stay there. SF has given Tella and his boys 2 weeks to locate you all, or he is a goner……hmmmm

MRS-its official, I don’t like this place, don’t think am whining, it’s just that we have no privacy.
Mr. and I were making love, I like to mourn and scream , but guess what , I had to cover my mouth with a pillow case so that I won’t be overheard, how long do we want to go on like this. In this cold country we need bodily heat every day. On the other hand we could hear mourning coming from another room, not sure if it was Tammy’s or Pamela’s but it went on for a while , you can imagine trying to sleep to the sound of someone else’s orgasm, enough is enough , I’ve told Mr., our handler better get us out of this house, we need our own place. I love them all, but 2 days of living tighter and I’ve had enough.
Toke left plates all over the dining table, the living room was littered with mc Donald wraps that Kola bought for Jnr yesterday, no one bothered to clean up after themselves, I had to do that this morning, cos they all sleep in and blame the cold weather.
I had some interesting conversations with one of our neighbor’s yesterday, Joan, the single mother with 3 kids, she walked up to me as I came in from the store, I had to go get bottled water, the tap water hear taste so weird. Any way Joan, came up to me to say hello, I love her Jamaican accent, she introduced herself and before I knew it I was sitting in her house. she told me about her life, al her 3 children are form different fathers and she still keeps in touch with the, she said he love of her life was Chantel’s father, but she could get him paper to come and live in England again, he was deported after a 4 year prison sentence for drug distribution.
The other 2 men, one lives in London here and the other in Amsterdam, they send money regularly to take care of the kids and pay her bills. I could see she was living well, she had a BMW parked outside and her house was tastefully furnished, her slippers, t shirt and jeans were all designer. I told her I was married and my husband was one of the guys she saw when we arrived. I think she wants us to be friends, anyway she promised to take me shopping nest weekend to some shopping Centre called Blue water, outside London.
I Miss our house and our life back home, we haven’t even been here for a week. Its new year’s day today and all we did was say happy new year to each other. Back home, we will be , praising and dancing in church right now……hmmmm

Day 79
MR- The email I got from Mandible bothered me a bit, I called told Kola about it and we brainstormed and decided to reply to Mandible to please keep us posted on the latest developments.
Thankfully our handler came back with good news, Pamela, Ken and Toke were moved into the vacant No 8, house 3 doors away, so that left Mrs., Kola, Tammy, Jnr and I, at No 3, Mrs. and I were really happy, this new arrangement was much better, we stayed in our bedroom and Tammy and Kola moved into the bedroom at the extreme end of the hallway , we had 2 vacant rooms in between us, this will give us as much privacy as we needed. That problem was solved.
Tammy was really pleased too, she observed that Pamela and Ken had an argument last night, she heard Pamela yelling at Ken and asking him what he was doing with the girl next door, late into the night, Apparently Ken had left the house around 7pm with the excuse that he was going to get a couple of beers but didn’t come back for a couple of hours and when he returned he had no beer with him. I was really upset with this guy, how could anyone step out on their fiancée, only 3 days of just moving to a new country together? This Ken, had to be stopped.
Kola and I decided to take a walk around, just to familiarize ourselves with the area, we walked for a while and found ourselves on Peckham high street. It was so busy, lots of shops selling food, clothes and goods from all over the world, the most interesting thing was that Asian people, were the ones selling our food, we walked into a food shop and we could see every kind of food imaginable from our country there, we picked all sorts, from Yam, to plantain, to beans to palm oil, cow tail, ox tail, tripe, beef and mutton, we even got some melon seeds locust beans and yellow cassava flakes. Kola was so excited, he confessed that the main worry he had when it was decided we had to relocate here for a while was the food. Now that problem was also solved.
As we stepped out of the shop, we heard someone shout, “Kola, What are you doing here?”. Kola and I looked back and there was this fine looking lady standing there. Kola did a double take, “Bimbo!, o my gosh, how are you? You haven’t changed one bit”, he said as he reached out to give the girl a hug. Kola introduced her to me and asked where she lived, she said she lived in Charlton, which was in the London borough of Greenwich, she just came to get her hair done in this area. Kola and she talked for a bit, then she gave him her no and asked us to come see her very soon.
As she walked away, I asked Kola who that was, he looked at me and said Bro, I will gist you later. I took that lightly and guessed the gist must be long, we were almost home and it wouldn’t be the best time to start the gist. We have been here for a few days and I can see we are settling down into the life here very quickly. We all start work tomorrow, Am still trying to imagine how I will cope working for someone, after so many years of being my own boss, I guess we’ll see……hmmmm

MRS- Joan, our neighbor, is acting really funny, she came to the house this morning when Pamela and co were moving into the other house, I introduced her to Mr., Kola and Ken. She moved close to each of them and gave them a long lingering hug, Mr. was the only one who attempted to disengage from her hug. I thought she would leave after the intros but she just made herself more comfortable and asked for a cup of coffee.
The guys seemed to enjoy her company, or was it her accent, which was beautiful by the way, they kept on laughing and cracking jokes, they didn’t want her to leave. I could see how she was able to captivate them, the way she smiled, moved her body and was very flirtatious. The guys didn’t even remember Tammy and I were there, they just kept lapping it all up. The woman was older than us but the way she dressed and looked, you will think we were her aunties. After 3 grown children, she definitely deserved an Oscar for her figure.
When I noticed she wasn’t going to leave until I made a move, I called her to come over to help me check something in the kitchen and then into the garden, once we were done there, I took her through the back way to link the front of the house, she wasn’t going to see the guys again today, if I could help it.
Kola and Mr. came back home with lots of our food, Tammy and I stayed in the kitchen for a while cooking and freezing food, I realized this was not back home where I had maids to do everything for me, Mr. and Kola were not left out, they helped with cutting up the meats, while Tammy and I focused on cooking stew and vegetable soup, I had to learn quickly and Tammy was a good teacher.
Tomorrow I start work and Jnr starts school. Our handler got me a job in a small accounting firm as a clerical assistant, Me, working, that was funny, the last time I worked was when I did my youth service, this will be interesting. Anyway luckily the office was near Jnr’s school, as the handler had told us, so I will drop him off at school in the morning and Tammy will pick him up at 3pm, because I don’t finish work until 5pm, luckily it was within walking distance.
After we were done with cooking, Tammy and I sat down in the kitchen, discussing Ruth and our men, it suddenly dawned on us that if we wanted to keep our husbands from jezebels in this country, we had a lot of work to do, these ladies didn’t care whose ox was gored, they come from a different culture, we were the ones who had to tighten our belts and hold on to our husbands, I guess we had to come up with a strategy to do just that, the battle line was drawn and we were surely going to be victorious……hmmmm.

Day 80

MR- Kola and I decided to go out yesterday for a bit of shopping our handler gave us some settling down allowance, we start work this morning and we didn’t have any proper winter clothes.
Its interesting though, we got on Bus no 171, which took us straight form Peckham to Elephant and castle, believe it or not, that was actually the name of a place. Joan our Jamaican neighbor suggested we go to the shopping Centre there to buy some clothes, when we were chatting with her yesterday.. Being on the bus was different and informative at the same time, it gave us the opportunity to get to know the surrounding areas and also experience life as a normal London dweller. I had been in England several times but had never taken the bus in London, I always got the train or taxis.
The Bus ride was going to take about 20 minutes according to Joan, so Kola and I took the opportunity to discuss a few things. First was Bimbo, the lady we ran into at the African food shop. Kola said believe it or not, he dated her for a while when we were in University. I asked why I never met her, he said she wasn’t in a different university. He met her on one of his trips to her campus for a club party and they hit it off, dated on and off for a while but eventually she broke it off and he hadn’t seen her since them. I asked if he was going to take her up on her offer to visit her he said yes, but we should go together.
Anyway, we moved on to Joan, our Jamaican, single mother neighbor, I asked Kola if he noticed her flirtatious moves, he said he did but he didn’t want to say anything I asked how old he thinks she is, he couldn’t give an accurate answer but said she looked more like our age group, which we both felt was not possible because she had a 19 year old daughter. I told him, I believe we should try not to get too close to her because she smelt like trouble, Kola agreed and said, if a man is not focused around her, something else could happen, I laughed and punched him lightly asking him to be careful.
We got to elephant and castle, did our shopping , it took us less than an hour, we still had a lot of daylight left, Tammy and Mrs. had taken Jnr with them to the saloon, down the road to get their hair done, so there was no one at home. Kola decided we should go see Bimbo. He called her, she was in and she gave us directions, so we got on the Bus No 53, which took us straight to Charlton. We got to her place, it was nice, a 2 bedroom flat. Really warm and nicely furnished. She was delighted to see us. Apparently as soon as we called she had started to cook for us, we hadn’t even spent 10 minutes there, when she asked us to come to the table food was ready. Food was Semolina and vegetable soup with fresh fish, the food was very delicious, I couldn’t finish my portion, Kola helped me out, he seemed famished.
After our meal, Bimbo brought out a bottle of red wine I said I didn’t want to drink alcohol, so she got me Flemish fruit wine instead, we sat there talking. She asked how long we were around for?, I said a few weeks, we just came on holiday.
After a while Kola and her were the ones doing the talking, I just sat there watching a movie on Sky box office. I guess Bimbo noticed I was no longer involved in the conversation, so she offered me her photo Albums to look at. I went through them, the first thing I noticed was that she loved her parties, page after page of party pictures with different people, some in London and some outside, I knew this because she labeled each one with a location. As I was coming to the end of the last album, my eyes suddenly caught a picture, I had opened the next page but then went back to look again, “Who is this guy”, I asked, she asked why I was curious, “I just want to be sure if is the same person I know?. “Well, he’s a guy I met in Europe, some friends of mine invited me for a party he was hosting, we danced together and clicked, he flew me back and forth for a while until he disappeared and no one knew where he went”. By now I was suddenly getting really hot, I swallowed a bit , looked at Kola and passed him the Album, kola could see I had become really downcast all of a sudden, as he took the Album from me, looked at the picture, he knew we had a big problem…….hmmmmm

MRS- Tammy and I went to the saloon yesterday and boy, were we amazed, you won’t believe the sort of gossip we heard.
First, there was an African woman, who has been in England for several years, illegally, a friend gave her papers to work with and she gets her wages paid into the friend’s bank account because the employer will only pay wages into the account name on the papers. What does this friend do? Rather than give this woman all her money, she pockets most of it and gives the owner of the money less than half of it weekly. The poor woman has to send money to her family back home, so she can’t afford her own accommodation, she sleeps in the saloon. She currently works 4 jobs, 2 cleaning jobs in the morning, the salon during the day and 1 cleaning job in the evening, just to try to make ends meet.
I expressed shock at this and was told I hadn’t heard anything yet, majority of people in England with no papers of their own are facing the same situation, that’s why they can’t go back to Africa, Then we heard another gist of a man who paid 5000 pounds to a lady for arranged marriage to get papers and the lady refused to marry him at the last minute but didn’t return the money either , anytime he asks for the money, she threatens to call the police on him, believe it or not the guy lives with the lady, he works and she spends the money.
By the time Tammy and I were done with our hair, we had a totally different picture of life in London, most times, back home the impression is that everyone in England had a tree behind their house, where they plucked pounds, I couldn’t believe all the sad stories we heard. Anyway we decided to go back home instead of going shopping as planned because Tammy was feeling a bit tired,
We hadn’t got home for more than 10minutes when Joan knocked on the door, she handed me a bag and said she went out shopping and remembered I said I was starting work tomorrow, so she got me a few things I might need, I looked in the bag, it had 3 nice jumpers, 2 black slacks and a pair of black leather knee length boots, I asked how much I owed her, she said not to worry , it was a welcome gift, I didn’t know what to say , I hugged her and said thank you. After she left Tammy and I were a bit uncomfortable, was Joan just being nice or did she have something up her selves, anyway we decided to watch her more carefully. We couldn’t continue with our discussion, because Pamela and Toke stopped by, at that moment, they said they had gone to pizza hut to get something to eat because Pamela had pizza craving, they had brought some back for us, we sat in front of the telly eating pizza and sipping hot chocolate,
As we sat there sipping and eating, I looked around at all of us and the little space we sat in called a living room, my mind went back to our home and all the luxuries we were surrounded with, I began to appreciate all Mr. and I, had going for us, I quietly said a prayer and promised that if we got out of this situation, and went back home safely, I would never take anything for granted ever again.,,,,,,,hmmmm

Day 81

MR- Waking up early in the morning, 6am to get ready for work, two things hit me right off, the freezing cold weather and the fact that when we left home it was still dark. In England when its winter , they have longer nights and shorter days, it gets dark just before 5pm in the evening at doesn’t get light until around 7.30am in the morning, so imagine this, when you leave for work its pitch black and when you leave work to go home it’s also pitch black.
Kola and I got on the bus no 12, which took us straight to Westminster, to the office where we were to start work, Ken was meant to come with us but surprisingly he called yesterday evening to say we should go ahead he will meet us. We wondered what was more important to him, on our first day of reporting to work. As Kola and I got down at the bus stop, a few buildings from our office block, we saw why? Ken was being dropped off by Chantel our Jamaican neighbor’s 19 year old. we stood still for a while, watched as they chatted for a few minutes in the car, then she leaned over, gave him a hug, he got down and watched her drive away, then worked into the building, Kola and I looked at each other and walked straight into the building as well, we caught up with him at the elevator. I asked why he didn’t tell us Chantel was dropping him , he said she only picked him up at the bus stop, saying she also worked in the Westminster area and offered to give him a lift. Kola didn’t even talk to him, he just muttered, “Guy, be careful o, you have a pregnant fiancée waiting on you”.
Anyway, we rode the lift up to the 4th the floor, told the receptionist we were the new employees’ from the British intelligence handler, she was already informed we were starting today, she asked us to sit down and called a guy called John. As John came walking into the room, I was the first to notice there was something different about him, he walked towards us as if he had to hold his bum tightly together, he also had his arms up as if he was gesticulating as he walked, then when he spoke, it immediately clicked that John was gay. Kola and ken where still looking at him mouth wide open, I quickly nudged them and whispered in our dialect that he was gay, they both adjusted quickly. John came over to us, asked us to follow him into a small office with a roundtable of 6 chairs. He told us we will each work in 3 separate teams, Ken was to work on the investigation team, Kola on the new cases team and I was to work on the appeals team, we were entitled to two 10 minutes smoking breaks and one hour lunch break daily, which we could take between 12pm and 2 pm, working hours were 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday through Friday.
With that speech done, he lead us to our teams, Ken was taken to the 5th floor and Kola the 2nd floor and I was to work on the 6th floor. My floor was a bit smaller, because half of it was a terrace, I walked into the office, everyone had a small cubicle, I counted about 10 of them and at the end of the hall space was an office marked team leader. John told me the team leader will meet with me later, she had gone out of the office for a meeting, should be back after lunch, he settled me down in my cubicle.
Before I go on about the office, the other day, on the bus ride home from Bimbo’s house, Kola and I, were really concerned, we didn’t know what to do, we thought of calling our handler but Kola said it wasn’t necessary, Bimbo didn’t know we knew the guy and there was no way the guy will asks her about us. I wasn’t sure but he insisted we shouldn’t call the handler. He said it might result in us being relocated to another country and that will definitely move the trial date forward. I thought about it for a minute and said okay, but if there are any questions form her regarding the guy, I was going to personally request that we be relocated. Kola agreed with my decision, He then told me Bimbo had a son with the guy, he was 12 and living with her sister in Ireland. “Does he know?” I asked, “No, she went back several times to look for him in Europe when she found out she was pregnant but could not find him”. Kola said. Now this was getting more complicated I thought, but I had a plan that will keep this crazy guy away from us and I wasn’t going to tell Kola yet until I was sure he was coming after us. Tella thinks he is smart, this time I will outsmart him.
Anyway, back to work, before lunch, we were given Identity cards, a password, shown how to use the operating system and the different letter templates. I fiddled with the intercom and finally after calling the tech department 3 times I got Ken and kola’s extension nos. we spent the rest of the day getting to know our colleagues and chatting over the intercom. At Lunch time we all met down stairs on the ground floor. The receptionist had told me , if we walked round the corner , 10 minutes up the road, we will see a lot of shops, subway a sandwich company, mc Donald’s, Kentucky fried chicken, Mr. chow, a Chinese restaurant , boots, and host of other small shops, so we took a walk round the corner and decided to sit in McDonald’s for lunch.
We discussed our new office, Kola asked how I knew John was guy, I explained how I had a couple of friends when I came to do my masters who were gay, Kola said all his teammate’s were ladies except the team leader who was from India originally but now speaks like an European, Ken just said he was unlucky all his team mates were guys, the only women was like fifty something, Kola and I busted out laughing. I pointed out to him that he was on the investigation team, guys were more suited for that job. We left back to work around 10 minutes to 2pm. The guys got off the lift before me, I got up to the 6th floor and walked to my cubicle. I noticed someone had left a note, on my key pad, saying, please see me in my office and signed team leader. I took off my jacket, straightened my clothes and walked up to the door marked team leader, I knocked and a voice told me to come in, I opened the door walked in and , as I looked up at the person sitting behind the desk I froze completely……..hmmmmm

MRS- I had to wake up early, because Mr. was up, he kept moving around our room complaining he was freezing cold, it took him barely 5 minutes to have a bath, by the time he got ready and left for work, I could not go back to sleep.
I decided to have a bath and get ready, once I was done, I went over to Tammy’s room to see if Jnr was awake, surprisingly Tammy had already given him a bath, they were on their way downstairs to have breakfast, we had toast, scrambled egg and baked beans, Jnr had Rice Krispy and some bread with strawberry jam, all of us drank hot chocolate. By 7,45am we were ready to leave the house, Tammy insisted on walking the 7 minutes with us to get herself familiar with the route to school for later, when she had to pick up Jnr.
I left Tammy and jnr at the school gate. walked to the bus stop, I saw I had just missed one bus and according to information on the bus stand the next one would arrive in 7 minutes, honestly standing there in the freezing cold, it felt more like 2 hours, my ears were on fire, my lips were so dry, finally I got the bus and in 15 minutes I got off, a short walk of about 3 minutes I was in front of my new office. I walked in, introduced myself and I was immediately led to the manager’s office. Shocker, he was from our country, he greeted me , apologized for the cold weather and said I will soon get used to it, he said I would report to him directly, gave me an id card, password for the system and a key to the office,
The manager was probably a few years older than me, he introduced himself as Mr. Philip, but insisted I call him Mr. P, cos that was what all his friends called him, I politely said I preferred to call him Mr. Philip. I could see he wore a ring on his finger indicating he was married. He volunteered to sit with me in my office, to get me familiar with my work, I was to do the book keeping and also act as a clerical officer, the office had a canteen, I could bring my lunch to warm in a microwave or buy lunch at the canteen, all together, 55 people worked in the building, and we were in the administration department.
Let me digress a bit, remember we told you about out nosey neighbors from Ireland? Graham and Ruth?, well, yesterday evening as I was walking back from the shops , I bumped into Ruth, she stopped me and said she wanted to find out about the ‘ones’ who moved next to them, she was referring to Pamela, Ken and Toke. She said she didn’t mean to pry but they were always quarreling and their noise kept her and Graham up most nights, she also said she wasn’t surprised because she noticed how Ken has been going on with that Chantel girl, I was taken aback when she said that, I asked what she meant, she said she saw Ken get into Chantel’s car a couple of times, she could almost swear she saw them kissing the other night, but her sight was poorly, so she couldn’t be definitely sure, she asked me to tell them to keep the noise down because she didn’t want to have to call the police on them. I thanked her and walked away.
I was still in shock when I got home, I discussed with Tammy and we both agreed to watch Ken more closely before we told anyone else. See me, see wahala,!!!, this kind of news will definitely distress Pamela and might even cause her a miscarriage, Tammy and I will have to sort this out. I wondered if Joan knew about all this?
Back to work, the Manager needs to be kept at a distance, he was a bit too familiar, ever though he just met me, he came by my office at lunch time, offered to walk me to the canteen and buy me lunch, I politely declined and said I had a heavy breakfast but he insisted, got me a ham salad and a drink, which I said I would eat later in my office. He sat on the table with me as he ate, he kept asking me questions, ’So, when did you come into the country/?, are you married?” , I felt he was blind cos he saw my wedding ring, he brushed it off by saying most of our country girls wear wedding like bands to put guys off. Anyway I couldn’t wait until lunch was over, luckily I got a call from Pamela, asking to see me when I got back from work, “saved by the phone’, after excusing myself to pick up the call, I didn’t return to the canteen, I just went straight back to my office,,,,,,,hmmmmmm

Day 82

MR- Jane! O my gosh, Jane is my team leader, of all the women, of all the places, I had to get a job and have a team leader, and I landed Jane. This can’t be happening, I left all this behind. Well it was happening, and I had to suck it up and act civilized.
As I knocked on my team leader’s door yesterday, I walked in and sitting right there in front of me was Jane, she looked as shocked as I was, I stuttered a bit, then built up courage and walked over to her and gave her a friendly hug. She smiled and asked me to sit down. She kept staring at me and smiling, I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable, I guess she sensed her gaze was affecting me but that didn’t stop her, after a couple of minutes , I started to talk “Jane, whoa!, you look good, how have you been?” She looked at me and ignored what I said completely, and just went on to introduce herself as the team leader, asked if I had been issued passwords and an identity card, then said if I had any problems with my work, as my team leader, her door was always open. She then said good afternoon and asked me to excuse her.
I tried to say something but she ignored me completely, when no response was forth coming from her , I walked out of her office, still feeling really guilty, Jane was really upset and she had decided to give me the silent treatment, she made her point by talking about official matters only/. I wasn’t comfortable at all after our meeting, I had wanted to apologize right there and then, for not getting in touch with her and not having the decency to break off our relationship. I knew that was why she was upset. Right now I needed Kola. I called him on the intercom, he didn’t pick up, so I went downstairs to see him, he was not in his cubicle, I was told he went for a meeting on the 3rd floor. I decided to go back up, sit through the rest of the day and then ask Kola what I should do on our way home.
As I sat in the office, wondering how I was going to sort this mess out, an email came in form mandible. it read, “My guy, there is a bit of trouble brewing here, SF had Tella locked up in his basement for a few days, no food, he called him up yesterday and gave him another 3 weeks ultimatum to locate you guys. SF told us that his informant in the intelligence service, told him you guys were whisked away by Interpol. So Tella and 3 of our guys are going to Europe tomorrow morning, I believe their first port of call, is Germany, so guys please leave Germany and disappear now, there is an order to bring you and Kola back alive, no matter what it takes, if that’s not possible they’ve been instructed to bring back your wives and that should flush you guys out. Take care guys, am out”.
As I read it one more time, the reality of our witness protection began to dawn on me, we were not here to have fun, we were in hiding. From Mandibles email, it was obvious everyone thinks we are in Germany or in Europe somewhere. That was good but how long will they troll through Europe before someone suggests they try England. Now that this Bimbo girl is connected to Tella and she connected to us, I do hope he doesn’t come looking for her. Anyway, I knew what to do, I need the information on Tella’s son’s school and home address in Ireland, if push comes to shove, his son will have to be used against him,,,,,,,hmmmmmm

MRS- I left work yesterday feeling so tired, despite the low workload I currently had, I was still exhausted. Sitting in one place was not my forte, the last time I sat down in one place for that long was when I was abducted.
As soon as I got home, I went to see Pamela. I would have asked Tammy to come along but she was taking a nap with Jnr. Toke was not in when I got there, Pamela said she had gone shopping. We settled down in the living room, I asked Pamela what the matter was. She looked at me and began to cry. I held her for a while, and kept asking what was going on.
She finally stopped crying and said “Ken has been behaving funny ever since we got here, he picks up quarrels with me at every turn, he hangs out late with Chantel the neighbor’s daughter, when I complain, he says he’s just hanging and nothing is going on. I asked him to take me to the registry here, so that we can formalize our relationship, he said no, he wants a big wedding, all his friends and family present, I explained that this will just be the registry we can have our traditional and white wedding once we get back home, he said no. The last straw was yesterday evening, I saw him hug Chantel as he got out of her car at 11pm. When I confronted him ,he said , well since I’ve been pregnant I have not allowed him to touch me, what do I want him to do?, he’s a man, he needs to hang out and have fun, he hasn’t had sex with Chantel yet, but he’s not sure how long he can hold it off. Can you imagine, he’s threatening me “.
I cradled her in my arms as she began to cry again, I asked her to please take it easy, and that all this crying was not good for the baby and that Mr. and Kola will talk to Ken, she should stop worrying, everything was going to be fine. Pamela relaxed a bit, I asked if she had eaten, she said yes, Toke had cooked some pasta before she left. We spent the rest of the time talking about her first ante-natal checkup. After a couple of hours I excused myself, promised to check up on her tomorrow and went back to our house.
Just as I walked in Mr. and Kola came back from work, I asked where Ken was, they said , he asked them to go ahead, he had some errands to run, I looked at them, didn’t say anything I just smiled and thought to myself, Ken was playing a dangerous game and we had to outsmart him, he can’t be accused of anything, until he’s caught with his pants down, first things first, I needed to speak to Joan about her crazy daughter Chantel…..hmmmm

Day 83

MR- Kola and I had a go at Ken, Mrs. had told us everything going on between him and Pamela. Yesterday during lunchtime at work, we decided to confront him. Kola started off by asking him what game he was playing, he had a pregnant fiancée and he was messing around with a little girl of 19, I also added that we felt it was disrespectful and he should be ashamed of himself. Ken didn’t say anything at first, he just kept shaking his head as if to say , we had no right to query him. When nothing was forth coming from him, I said he should break whatever he had going on with Chantel and focus on Pamela and the reason we were in hiding.
His response shocked Kola and I to the bone. He said “Listen to me very carefully guys, I am not married to Pamela yet and so am technically a free man, the fact that she is pregnant for me is neither here nor there, I could still take my baby and not have anything to do with Pamela. You guys need to leave me the hell alone, am a grown man, came into witness protection voluntarily , am not a wanted man like you guys , so I can decide to go back home if you guys don’t let me be”. With that a stormed off, leaving Kola and I standing on the side of the road.
I called him back but he just kept on walking, Kola said we should leave him alone, we have said our bit and he better fall in line. We were about to find out how wrong we were.
Back in the office, Jane was still not talking to me, this is a woman I dated for almost 2 years, didn’t officially break it off with her, got married and now I come back to hide in the UK and she turns out to be my boss, what are the odds?, one million to one, maybe. Anyway I discussed this whole issue with Kola and he said I should write her a letter, apologizing. I did that and dropped it on her desk this morning when I got to work, when I got back from lunch yesterday, the letter was back on my desk unopened. I checked her in her office, she wasn’t there and when I asked one of my colleagues, they said she left for the day. I am trying to bring this to an end but she’s not letting me, avoiding her is out of the question because her office is right there next to my cubicle.
When it was time to leave work, Kola and I waited on the ground floor for ken for more than 15 minutes, when he didn’t show, we called his intercom and someone else picked up and said he had left after lunch saying he wasn’t feeling well. So we went straight to his house. Pamela was surprised to see us, I asked how Ken was feeling because we were told he came home sick. Pamela was taken aback, she said Ken hadn’t been back home since he left for work this morning. We all started to get worried, we tried his mobile phone no several times, it just kept going to voice mail. My worry was that he might have fallen ill somewhere and couldn’t get home, Kola on the other hand said he was sure Ken was up to something and there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.
We stayed at Pamela’s until 9 pm, Mrs., Tammy and Jnr came over to wait with us but Ken did not turn up, we eventually all left their place around midnight when he still hadn’t shown up. Mrs. asked Pamela and Toke to come stay with us for the night, Pamela declined and she felt Ken might still come back. By 4 am this morning when he had not returned Pamela called me, she was beside herself with worry, I had to go over to their house to give her a sleeping tablet so she could sleep a bit. As I sat in their living room contemplating whether to call our handler, Ken walks in at 5 am, showing no remorse at all. He walks up to me and says, “This is what happens when you nag me and give me stress, the next time any of you try to interfere in my relationship , I will leave your friend Pamela and fly back home”, with that he walked away from me and up the stairs ……hmmmm

MRS- Mr. Philip is a pest, its official, he has been bugging me since I started working in that office, the worst thing is that he hasn’t come out to say what he wants from me, so I can turn him down, he just keeps hiding under the fact that he is my boss, to keep coming into my office to ask me questions about work.
Today, I got into work around 8,30am, you won’t believe he was waiting for me in my office. As I walked in, he got up offered to take my coat and hang it up for me, he then shows me 6 files which he says are priority and need to be dealt with immediately, I collect them from him, say thank you and that as soon as I am done, I will give them back. What does this crazy man do? Well, he pulls out a chair and says he will sit with me while I work, in case I have any questions. I couldn’t believe it. When I tried to say it wasn’t necessary, he came up with some cock and bull story that the company policy requires that a manager sit with a new staff when they work on their files for the first time. I found this farfetched but how do you argue about something you don’t know. You won’t believe that I had to work on the files, while he sat there watching me the whole time. It was so frustrating and annoying, I felt like walking out on the job, there and then, but when I thought of the reason I was there and that ‘Ceci aussi devrait passer’, I calmed down.
I was glad when the day came to an end, I left work and stopped over at the shops to get some milk and bread for breakfast, one of the things I am enjoying now is the fresh milk I get to drink every morning, I can’t have enough of it, anyway, I got home and met Tammy and Jnr at the door way on their way to Pamela’s. Tammy said Ken was missing. “Missing, what do you mean?” I asked? Tammy said I should come with her, Mr and Kola were already there, they can explain better.
I said I would met them there, I had to drop my shopping and change my clothes. When I got inside , I called Joan, I asked her if she was in. she said yes that I can come over, so I went . when I got there , I asked her if she knew what was going on between Ken and her daughter, she smiled and said Chantel was in love with Ken, she has been trying to dissuade her daughter from hanging out with him but she will not listen, Ken isn’t helping her either, that was not a surprise. The surprise was, Joan told me Ken asked if Chantel will follow him to his country if he asked her to marry him, she said yes, Joan also said when she told her daughter Ken had a fiancée who was pregnant? Chantel said he told her but he also pointed out that he wasn’t married to Pamela yet, so he could just take the child from Pamela and get married to her Chantel.
My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe what Joan was telling me, Ken? The same Ken I knew who cried like a baby when Pamela said no the first time. What was this guy up to? did he just impregnate Pamela and want to leave her to teach her a lesson? I was confused, all that Joan said didn’t make sense to me, we have only been here for a few days and we are already getting into this mess. Pamela will be devastated, she didn’t want to have anything to do with Ken , I actually made a case for him that he loved her, see where vouching for this Pig as got me now, what do I do?…….hmmmmmm

Day 84

MR- Jane left a note for me on my desk, when I got in this morning I read it, she wanted me to meet her at Mr. chow’s Chinese restaurant around the corner. I was a bit taken aback by her gesture, cos she had been ignoring me since I started work here, anyway, I decided to suck it up and go see what she had to say.
Work is not too bad, although most times I feel like punching some people, there is this white lady, she takes delight in trying to humiliate the other Africans that work on my floor, every time they talk to her, she re pronounces it with her English accent, so for example if someone said, (written as pronounced) “Eskuse me, where is the soonpervisor”. She will go, “oh! What was that ? ,You mean, Excuse me, where is the supervisor?” and so she would go on all day. And you would think this African brothers would try to work on their pronunciation, nope, they couldn’t be bothered.
Anyway I already had enough on my plate, Ken has been misbehaving seriously and with the latest developments, Kola and I are still trying to plead with Pamela to take him back. Oh, am sorry, I didn’t tell you what happened yesterday. Well, after Mrs. came back from Joan’s place, she told me what Joan has said about Chantel being aware that Pamela’s pregnancy wasn’t his, we didn’t know that Pamela has just walked into our house and was listening to everything we were saying in our living room.
All we heard was her screaming on the phone at Ken not to come back to the house and that his things will be waiting for him on the porch. Before we could appeal with her she had stormed out of her house, Mrs. and I ran after her, but despite all our pleas to take it easy, she stood firm on her decision, she and Ken were done.
Now the natural thing for Ken to do at this time, if he were a normal, reasonable guy, would be to plead with her and even get us all involved, but what did the bagger do? He came home after a couple of hours, drove in with Chantel’s car. Parked in front of the house, rang the doorbell, when Toke answered it, he pushed passed her and let it rip “ My dear Pamela, I was only managing you anyway, you wanted to tie me down with someone else’s baby, am sorry , no way, I’ve found the bone of my bone and we are going to get married at that same registry you have been dying to get married at, I will send you an invite, good luck with that thing you have in your tummy”. With that he stormed out, picked up his bags on the porch, put them in the trunk of the car and drove off. All this drama didn’t take more than 10 minute, by the time Toke called us and we got to their house, he had already left.
Kola and I tried to call Ken several times but his phone went straight to voice mail. Eventually he called me back and said he hopes am satisfied , our friend Pamela has kicked him out and he can bet we had something to do with it, because Pamela worshipped the ground he walked on , He was her life saver, saving her from humiliation, she would not have the guts to kick him out on her own. I was so angry as he spoke, this cocky bagger, no remorse, no apology, I felt like slapping him through the phone, if that was possible, but instead I did the mature thing, I asked him to calm down and tell us where he was, so we could come down there to try to smooth things over, but instead he just said “never” and dropped the phone.
Now the surprising thing was that Pamela was really clam about it, she said to us, for the first time since we arrived in England she had peace and Ken was good radiance to Bad rubbish. Well what else could we say, but to sit back and see how this whole Ken and Chantel drama would unfold…….hmmmm

MRS- I goofed yesterday, After I left Joan’s place, I was heavy hearted, I couldn’t go to Pamela’s to meet everyone and keep a straight face, so I called Mr. to meet me at home immediately. What I didn’t know was that Pamela was a bit curious as to why I didn’t come over and all of a sudden Mr. excused himself from her house saying I wanted to see him urgently. Apparently she followed him to our house, as I was narrating to Mr. all that Joan had said about Ken and Chantel, all of a sudden we heard Pamela screaming into the phone, breaking it off with Ken. I felt so bad, it wasn’t my intention to tell her, I just needed to get it out of me, discuss with Mr. and see if we could smooth things over between them. But it backfired.
Well, I was still reeling from all the palava going on at home, when I got to the office yesterday morning, I sat at my desk, thinking about the whole drama of yester night and wondered what Pamela would be going through right now, although, surprisingly she seemed really relaxed for the first time since we got to London, Maybe she might just come out smiling after this breakup. I will continue to pray for her, God will take control.
I was busy day dreaming, when I heard a female voice saying “Good morning”, I jolted out of my dream, looked up and saw this lady standing there, she asked if she could sit down. i said “Yes, of course”. She sat down and said “Am sorry, if am out of line, but are you married?” I said yes I was and asked why she was asking, she then said, she saw me the other day sitting in the canteen with Mr. Philip, I didn’t say anything, I just kept starring at her, she continued, “Please, I want to plead with you to stay away from that Man, he is evil, when I started work here, he was so nice to me, he dotted on my every move and I let him. I was engaged at the time, barely 5 months before my wedding, I saw Mr. Philip as a big brother but I didn’t know he had ulterior motives, because I told him about my fiancé, my upcoming wedding and he said he was looking forward to being ‘uncle of the day’.”
She continued “Before I knew what was happening Mr. Philip became obsessed with me, he would call me at odd hours, if my fiancé was with me and picked up the phone, he would demand to talk to me that it was work related, he sent me amorous text and made my life miserable when I didn’t return the affection. Eventually he turned up at my home around 10pm one night, mind you, I didn’t give him my address, he took it from the company records.”
“That night I was expecting my sister, she had called that she was on her way from the train station, so I thought it was her, when I opened the door, he pushed his way inside, grabbed me and began to kiss me forcefully. I tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong for me, my fiancé was with me that night and he walked down the stairs to see us supposedly kissing, once Mr. Philip saw him, he let me go and said, sorry sweetie. I didn’t know your brother was around, I will come back later, with that, he turned around and walked out of my house. Needless to say, that was the end of my engagement. After that I requested a transfer to another branch, I have not been back here since then, that was 2 years ago. I was here the other day for a meeting and I saw you talking to him, so I went to my friend in records, found out when he had an off day, then decided to come back and warn you about this monster”.
By the time she was done, I was so shocked, “You mean this same Mr. Philip?” She said “yes, he is a frustrated man, he wears a wedding ring but he is not married, rumor has it that no woman can ever marry him, he is an obsessed evil man, please stay away from him”.
I thanked her and she left. I sat there for a while, thinking back to all the crazy things this man has been displaying since I started here. I had two options , one request for a new job, two, show him every day might be for the thief but definitely there was one particular day for the owner, in this case I might just decide to show him who the owner is……..hmmmmmm

Day 84
MR- So sorry, am writing in my diary a bit late, we had a visit from our handler and the British intelligence, this morning, Mandible gave some information to me that needed urgent attention, anyway nothing to worry about, they are more than able to handle it, they just left a few minutes ago.
Jane and I sat down to lunch at Mr. Chow’s yesterday as planned. It would not have been my first place of choice for lunch, but this was what Jane wanted. Anyway I decided to open up the conversation with an apology, I said, “Jane please forgive me for not letting you know formally that our relationship was off, I should have done the right thing, am sorry for the email I sent to let you know we were no longer together, it was childish of me”. as I stopped talking she didn’t say anything she just kept starring at me, then she said , “I have missed you so much, in the last few days since you walked into my office , I have not slept properly, I can’t stop thinking about you, please lets continue where we left off. I have dated 5 guys since you left, I kept breaking up with them hoping that the next one will meet up to your standard but to no avail. I still love you, what do you say, should we give it a go?”
I was a bit taken aback but not shocked, because Jane had always loved me more than I did her, even when we were dating she put 100% into it and I was fluctuating between 50 and 60 percent. I had to let her down gently, so I held both her hands and said, “My dear, am sorry, it’s too late am happily married to an amazing woman and I can’t break her heart. I also don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize my marriage. Am sorry Jane, I really am.”
I could see she was upset, she asked me if there was anything she could do to change my mind, I said am sorry there isn’t. What she did next really shocked me, she pushed her half eaten plate away from her, got up and said, that’s fine, and she walked out of the restaurant.
I sat there feeling a bit embarrassed, her actions had gotten some of the other dinners attention, but I pulled my self together, finished my meal, paid and went back to the office. When I got there, I saw a note stuck to my computer asking me to report to the basement from tomorrow, I walked over to one of my colleagues and asked what was in the basement, she asked me why I was asking, I said I got a memo on my desk asking me to report there from tomorrow, she looked at me with sad eyes and asked “Who did you piss off? That’s the dungeon, all the mail that comes in and out of this building goes through there, staff stand on their feet all day sorting mail, you better speak to the team leader to get it changed”. Just then the floor supervisor walked pass and said don’t bother Ms. Jane asked that you be reassigned there, effective immediately.
Hmm, I was surprised, Jane was being vindictive asserting her authority, I did remember the saying though, ‘Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’, wasn’t sure how I intended to handle this but I knew I had too quickly, before it got out of hand.
Mandible, sent another email, to update us about SF’s activities and what Tella was getting up to. So far Tella had called a couple of times informing SF that we were nowhere to be found. Tella said he has deployed all the resources he had in Europe but no one seems to know where we are, he and the boys are contemplating broadening their search into the United Kingdom, they leave for London tomorrow. I was a bit worried and decided to inform our handler immediately. Hence the early morning meeting we had. they informed us that Tella and his gang will have their names put at all UK border crossings, once they step into the UK, British intelligence will be alerted…..hmmmm

MRS- We got a 5am visit from our handler and some intelligence officers this moring, no time to update my diary. Anyway they just left now and I am getting ready to go to church. Tammy discovered one round the corner from us so Tammy, Jnr and I are going to check it out.
Yesterday there was a bit of drama. I haven’t told Mr. but Tammy, Toke and I were coming back from the shops, we had gone to top up our oyster cards for the Bus and get some supplies, as we walked into our close, we saw Chantel walking towards her car, as if we all planned it we called out her name at once, she panicked and tried to open her car door quickly, unfortunately for her the car didn’t open in time. We caught up to her and I spoke first, “Little girl, what do you think you are doing, snatching someone else’s fiancé, how dear you? don’t you realize what you are doing is damn right wrong, all the while I was speaking she just kept trying to open her car door, I guess because she was scared she kept putting in the wrong key.
After a while she finally got in the car, started it and as she drove off she gave us the finger. What? Toke screamed how dear she, that girl needs an ass whipping. Calm down sisters, Tammy said, She and Ken can’t last, she’s too young for him, do you think this little girl is ready to go back to Africa to settle down, playing house, for a man?, come on girls, you will say I said so, I give it a couple of months , they will break it off.
I was impressed by Tammy’’s prediction, it actually made sense, most young girl want to be with a man who can take care of them, if Ken was back home he probably could take good care of her, but she can never fit it to the role of a traditional wife Ken so often said he wants for a partner. Pamela had to adjust her lifestyle a lot when Ken came back into her life. First he needs his breakfast at 6,30am after he comes back from jogging. He likes stew and okra on the same plate, to eat Yam flour, but the okra needs to stay in one place on the plate must not mix with the stew or he won’t eat it.
He drinks a specific brand of bottled water, if it’s not available then he won’t drink, the list goes on and on. Pamela had done so well, she saw all this crazy quirks, as a reason to love Ken more….until he came to England……hmmmm

Day 86

MR- I had an argument with Mrs. yester night, it wasn’t supposed to go that far but she just wouldn’t listen to what I had to say. She told me about the shouting match she and the girls had with Chantel, I saw it as an insult for them to go banter words with a mere child who wasn’t worth their time, they brought the insult upon themselves, how could that small rat have the nerve to ask them to F… off, honestly I was disappoint. Mrs. didn’t see it that way and so we argued back and forth and eventually I left the bedroom for her because she was being unreasonable. Anyway we kissed and made up this morning, she came down to make me a hot chocolate and apologized, I apologized too, we both found it funny that Ken’s issue caused an argument between us, this guy was bad news and the earlier we just let him be , the better for everyone.

Mrs., Tammy and Jnr, went to church yesterday morning, Kola and I decided to do some gardening in the cold. We bought a mower on Friday when we went to the local B and Q. We made cups of tea, put on t-shirts, and two jumpers, thermal trousers and jeans, then ventured into the backyard. It wasn’t so bad when we started but half way the through the cold took its toll, so we retreated into the kitchen. There Kola told me how Bimbo had been sending him messages to please come see her, because she had something to tell him, he has been avoiding her, what should he do he asked? I asked what he thought she wanted. Kola said he believes, she needs company and I can’t give it. Do you think Tella knows where she is? I asked. Kola didn’t think so, but we couldn’t put anything past him, we talked about Jane as well and I told him how she’s moved me to work in the mail room.
After we talked we discovered that we both had unresolved female issues, so we made a decision, no more compromising situations, this week we clear out all our cobwebs , we have too much too loose, we need to man up and face them once and for all.
Mandible, sent us an email, saying that we were too late with the counter measures at the border, because he just found out Tella and his guys crossed into London by ferry through Dover using false names and arrived on Saturday afternoon. We need to be really careful and to trust no one, Tella is running out of time, SF gave him 3 weeks, he had 2 weeks left. We should remember their case comes up in next month and, he insists we’ve got to be found before then.
I hope it all comes to an end soon, I miss home, my work and our frinds, being in England might be cool for some, but I like England in small doses and my dose is almost run out…..hmmmm

MRS- Church was interesting, different though to what we were used to back home. It was small but the people were extremely friendly. We got there around 10 minutes before service started at 9am. The welcome was really warm, we were given a hug, ushered into a breakfast room to have something to eat before we sat down to a sermon. While having a sandwich and hot cocoa, a lady came round to talk to us, asked if we were new in the area, we said yes, asked if there was anything we needed, we said we were okay, she gave us a leaflet that had a list of food, clothes, electronics and furniture, she said all this were available in the church store house for free if we needed anything, the church also encourages members to donate to the store house as often as they can. I couldn’t believe that, did you hear me say FREE, the list had all kinds of food, Clothes, shoes bags in different sizes and shapes, televisions, fridges, microwaves, cookers, blenders , 3 piece settees, dining tables, beds, the list was endless and the surprising thing was it was FREE. Tammy and I were so impressed, trust Tammy she’s already planning to start a church Store house, once we go back home.
By the Time we got home Mr. and Kola were lying flat out on the sofas sleeping, we could see they had done some gardening and rounded it off with toast and tea, we got into the kitchen dished out the KFC family chicken pack with fries, we got on the way back. I guess it smelt great cos they both woke up saying, what’s that smell, we are hungry o. Anyway we made it a family dinner.
Jnr is growing up so fast, he’s chatting and running around, no dull moment unless when he falls asleep, I can’t wait to have our own bambino, Mr. and I are really trying and I believe, very soon.
I miss my Mum for some reason, I was thinking of her a lot yesterday, partly because a lady celebrated her birthday in church yesterday and her 2 daughters were bedside her with their children, when she came out for thanksgiving. I pictured my Mum and I in a similar situation, I hope she’s fine, I wonder what shell looks like now, she had put on a bit of weight the last time I saw her, now that’s she’s far gone in her pregnancy, I guess she might be a little bigger.
I must find out from out handler if I can call her, I should be able to and besides she has nothing to do with all this. I can’t wait to get back home…..hmmmm

Day 87
MR- Jane is out for blood, the post room is horrid, you can’t imagine, now picture this dingy , poorly lit , damp smelling hall, with rows of tables and post being sorted, you get a 10 minute break every couple of hours and you have a target, we have to sort and not just that , we envelope thousands of letters that need to go out to residents of Westminster, we all have to envelope 500 letters a day and sort letters for 2 post codes each, come on people I am an MD of a company that’s doing extremely well in my country and this is what am reduced to because I have to hide, anyway just kidding if I had to choose between my company and doing this to stay alive, am sure you all know which I will choose. No more grumbling for now, I will do this and show Jane, she can’t defeat me, I am a man and I will face this head on, with God’s help of course, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Oh, I do have some good news though, our handler finally got us a car, a Vauxhall Corsa, small but efficient, since I had driven before in England , she was able to renew my license and get me insurance and a car, it is so great not to have to take a Bus it to work every day, Kola and I drove to work yesterday ,our office building has underground parking and we are just at the edge of the congestion charge boundary, so driving to work is economical, London introduced an everyday fee for driving in central London during work hours, it’s called congestion charge.
As we drove into our close yesterday, we saw people gathered in front of Pamela’s house, on close inspection it was Tammy, Toke, Mrs. and Ken, we parked the car, walked over and found Ken kneeling down on the pavement pleading with Pamela to take him back, the front door to the house was shut but we could hear Pamela’s voice shouting, “Get lost, I have moved on from you”. We asked Ken to come with us, took him in to our house, before Kola and I could say anything, Joan walks in, she said Chantel finally got her senses back and dumped this fool, she’s too young for all this drama, she’s a sensible girl, please keep this fool away from my child, with that she walked out of our house.
Toke, Tammy and Mrs. were giggling, Kola asked him what happened, he said “Chantel came to the apartment we were both staying in, which she is paying for and started to pack my things, when i asked what the matter was. she told me how Mrs. and co, had almost beaten her up, she said she was too young for this kind of stress and besides she was done with my broke ass and she kicked me out and asked me never to come near her or contact her again. Please help me plead with Pamela, I have seen the errors of my way, I have nowhere to go, I realized I still love her.
Kola looked at me for an answer, but I just asked Mrs. and co to excuse us. Once they left the living room, I let it rip, “Ken you are a disgrace, look at your life, you have no shame , a small girl like that kicked you out and now you come back begging, am sorry I can’t talk to Pamela, I think you should just let her be for a while, Kola agreed with me.
Ken got up, picked up his duffel back, looked back and asked if we really couldn’t do anything to help, Kola said no and with that he walked out of our house. Kola and I had a bet, I said he will be back to beg some more, Kola said he won’t, he will just go back to Africa. Let’s see who is right……hmmmm

MRS- I told Mr. about the crazy Mr. Philip in my office, we made a decision to sort him out just before we go back home, I won’t tell you what we plan to do, you will have to wait until then.
Yes, we got a car, a small car but a car never the less, am planning a trip to 805 restaurant on old Kent road this weekend, I remember Mr. talking about it as one of the coolest African food joints in London, you won’t believe the American Legend Harrison ford, of the Indianan jones film series, one of my favorite A list Hollywood star, visited it last year. I can’t wait.
I have devised a temporary system of dealing with Mr. Philip, as soon as I see him coming I pretend as if am talking to Mr. on the phone, and I start to giggle , say lovey dovey things. mar Philip just looks at me, rolls his eyes and buggers off, it worked yesterday when he came to my office thrice and I just held out my hand to say I will be with him in a sec, before I was done he would storm out, not sure how long that will last, after all he’s my boss and I shouldn’t be taking personal calls during office hours but neither should he be soliciting me during office hours, two can play that game, I hope.
Am still reeling from yesterday’s Drama, you won’t believe what happened, Tammy and I were indoors making dinner, when Toke came running to ours, asking us to come see the Drama going on in their house. Toke said the doorbell rung and when she opened the door Ken was standing there with his duffel bag, he immediately knelt down and started calling Pamela, Pamela came down stairs took one look at him, shoved him out and slammed the door on his face, I left him on the front porch begging her.
We switched off the cooker, picked up Jnr and went to do busy body, true to Toke’s word, Ken was kneeling there right in front of the door, on the paved drive way, pleading his heart out for Pamela to take him back, am sorry, I could not help it, I burst out laughing Tammy pinched me, and asked me not to add salt to injury the poor guy was begging. Pamela opened the door and said no one should beg her, she was done with this hopeless guy and that was her final answer, as he knelt down there begging, we contemplating what to do, Mr. and Kola arrived from work and came over, they took Ken into our house.
Joan stormed in at that very moment and starting yelling at Ken to stay the hell away from her daughter. Mr. and Kola later asked us to excuse them but I stood behind the door and heard how Mr. had a go at Ken, he deserves every bit of what he got. Tammy was feeling sorry for him , I felt it a bit but still felt he had it coming, I shall not be intervening this time, I brought them back together but look what happened , never again, once bitten, twice shy…..hmmm

Day 88

MR-Kola is being pestered by Bimbo, she sent him a WhatsApp message that she just wanted to make love to him one more time and she accompanied it with a picture, which I will not describe here, but you catch my drift.
What’s happening at work? you ask, well I took it upon myself to confront Jane yesterday, I waited until lunch and went upstairs, I knew she took her lunch break at 1pm, so I got there at 12. I knocked she said come in, as soon as I walked in, she said she had nothing to discuss with me I should get out, I stood my ground, said I would like to apologize for everything and I was so sorry if I hurt her. She asked if I had considered her proposal , I said yes, I have but she should give me a couple of weeks to tidy something’s up, she asked if I meant it, I said of course I did, she jumped from her seat, so happy came over and wanted to give me a hug and a kiss, but I said I was fasting and it was for 21 days started yesterday, it was an assigned fast and I couldn’t break it, but we will talk again once am done.
It worked, she immediately reinstated me to my old assignment. That afternoon, she brought back a take away pack of Chinese food, asked when I break the fast I said 10pm , she said I could eat this when I do, I was elated, that dungeon wanted to kill me, I stand on my feet all day, then drive all the way home and start it all over again, the couple of days I had in the basement were enough for me, my only option was to pretend to consider her proposal, the good thing is I didn’t lie, I did consider it, but not the way she thinks, she assumed I considered to agree, but I considered not to agree, who cares about the interpretation, she assumed and I let her, as long as it got me out of the dungeon, and besides in 21 days, God willing, we will be on our way back to Africa.
On the other hand Kola isn’t getting out of his that easy, this girl Bimbo, keeps sending pictures to him, so he deleted her off his what’s app, she then sent a text which he also deleted without reading, what he didn’t know was the text said, am on my way to your house, if you want to stop me, reply if you don’t reply. I believe you really do want to see me but can’t say so.
And so we pulled into our close and saw a car parked just as we turned in, who was sitting in there? Bimbo, I was shocked how did she get our address, Kola looked at me sheepishly and said he might have let it slip out when we went to see her. I quickly parked in front of her car and we got down, “Bimbo nice to see you, I said, what are you doing here?” “Kola asked me to stop by”, Kola said “of course I didn’t, Bimbo you know am married, I can’t have anything to do with you”, “That’s not what you said when I kissed you the other day”. I looked at Kola, “You kissed her?”, “No I didn’t, she kissed me, when we were talking all of a sudden she planted her lips on mine, it took me by surprise”, “Where did all this happen?” I asked, “that day we went to her house, when you excused yourself to use the toilet, she came walking back into the living room bent down pretending to show me a picture and before I knew it she kissed me on the lips”. I ignored Kola for now and then said to Bimbo, “anyway, that said, you can’t turn up here like this, are you trying to break up his marriage? “Well no, I just want to be with him one more time, what harm can that cost? “A lot” Kola said, okay I will call you tomorrow, we will arrange to meet for lunch, and talk better then , please go”, she came over to try to hug Kola but he moved away, she smiled, as she drove away ,she turned around and blew Kola a kiss.
We both stood there gob smacked, I spoke first, “There goes trouble like you’ve never seen before”, Kola then said, “Bro you don’t know the half of it, why do you think I broke it off with her back then , that girl has been a desperate sex manic since we were little” ……. hmmmm

MRS- Pamela, cried most of the night, in my arms , we hardly slept a wink, she said she had to get that bagger Ken out of her system, no more Men, she was going to focus on having her baby and raise him as best she can. I was proud of her, I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes or raising a child on my own. Tammy and I comforted her and by 2 am this morning, she finally fell asleep, Toke asked us to leave and that she will be fine, I had to catch a wink before I woke up to get ready for work.
I spoke to our handler yesterday about calling my mum, she came to the house while I was at work to drop me something called a scrambler, which I could switch on while making my call and it would make it impossible for anyone to trace my call or location where I was. She left it with Tammy and she I could have it for a day, she will pick it up at the house this morning.
Work was strange today, Mr. Philip has been transferred, I got in found him packing up his things, I said good morning, as I walked past his office, He didn’t reply, he just looked at me and kissed his teeth. I wanted to be a busy body, I needed to find out why he was clearing out his desk, so I walked past my office, to the office next to mine and asked the lady there what was up with Mr. Philip? She said someone sent an anonymous sexual harassment complaint about him, actually 3 were received at once but all anonymous, now because the management can’t identify the senders, he can’t be disciplined or fired , so they decided to reassign him to a 2 man duty office in Swansea by the sea, our company has offices all over and that one requires 2 people to run it, one to sit in the ware house and sign for inventory , the other to provide accounts, Mr. Philip takes over the accounts job, starts on Monday.
Whoa! I was happy he was leaving, I can now have peace, although I wished we had the opportunity to carry out our plan, you should have seen what we had in store for him and anyway he deserves what he got. He is a pervert and a lot of women in this office, will be safer without him being around.

Once I got back home, I rang my mum, she didn’t pick up initially, then I rang again and she picked it up, at first she was silent, then I said hello Mum and she screamed, she asked me what kind of no I was calling her with, it just showed four zero’s. I asked her not to worry about that. She was so happy to talk to me, at the same time sad, that she wasn’t with me, we talked for a while, she told me EG is in talks with the British embassy to allow her and he visit us. They hope they will get confirmation for that, she also said Uncle J was now friends with EG, the case of the imposter CF, had brought them close and they currently have him where they want him, uncle J wants EG to agree to make him disappear but EG is aware the British government has a serious case against him, so he would prefer he faces the law in Europe.
She said Uncle J always calls to ask if we have heard from you guys, “Mum please don’t tell anyone you heard from me, even if they are monitoring your phones , no one can find out where we are hence the funny numbers that displayed when I called you. My mum went on about herself, how she has put on weight, asked which area we were staying, I didn’t tell her, we finally stopped talking after about an hour, I promised to call back real soon, said I missed her, loved her and I dropped the phone.
I felt so relieved from what she said everything was going on okay back home, I was glad and I thanked God for that. I also prayed that they get the green light to come visit us, it would be nice to see her.
I’m really excited for Toke, I saw a nice looking man drop her off yesterday, they sat in the car talking for a while and then she hugged him, got down and he drove away. I saw his face as he drove past our house. I got on the phone with Toke and asked who her friend was, she just called me amebo, jokingly and said she will gist me later. I hope he’s a nice guy and means business, we are all worried about her, she has practically not been seen with a man since her near death experience, I pray this one is here to stay……hmmmmmm

Day 89
MR- Dear lord, we thank you, we had a narrow escape yesterday. From now on, no more adventurous outings until we go back. What happened you ask? here goes Mr. being all dramatic again, this is not one of those instances, I promise you and this is very serious. Well, anyway, here is what happened.
I was happy to go to work yesterday knowing that my stint in the basement was over. Kola and I arrived on time, I went straight to my old desk, sat very comfortably, as I was trying to settle down I saw our handler walk in with Jane, my heart skipped a beat, what could be wrong ? I wondered, anyway they walked pass me without saying a word and went straight into Jane’s office. I became really restless, I called Kola on the intercom to come up, just as he arrived at my desk, Jane’s office door opened and she said, just the two people we need to see, please come in.
We went into the office, sat down, our handler started talking, Am sorry guys to have to tell you this but we got information from our office this morning that Ken arrived back in Africa yesterday night. Our intelligence officer attempted to follow him, but lost him in traffic, when they finally got to the front, they saw the Taxi man that picked him up, severally beaten, he was rushed to hospital and he later informed us that 4 guys jumped him and took his passenger away. We believe this are SF’s men, we know he will be tortured and made to tell them where you are, SF is getting desperate. She allowed us to digest what she said.
Then she asked if we still were in touch with our contact inside SF’s organization, I said yes, Mandible. I told her he updates us about SF and Tella’s activities. As if by magic, I heard a beep on my phone, checked it, it was an email from mandible stating everything our handler had just told us, he then concluded it by saying we shouldn’t worry, he has been put in charge of torturing Ken, but he will not , the plan is to fake Ken’s death, put him in a safe place and just tell SF, Ken died during torture before he could confess, I replied and asked him to contact EG and Uncle J, gave him their contact information. They will be able to hide Ken better, our handler also gave me a no to give him for British intelligence, they are willing to help and also get Mandible out of there alive, if SF finds out what he’s up too.
This almost made the worst news of the day but it didn’t quite match what we experienced next.
After the handler left, kola and I sat around chatting until 4.30pm, then went to pick Mrs. from work, we thought we should cheer ourselves up a bit with the African food from 805 restaurant on Old Kent road. So we drove straight there, I dropped Mrs. and Kola and tried to find somewhere to park, Kola and Mrs. went into the restaurant, I drove round looking for a side street to park on, the road in front was fully occupied, anyway as I was still looking for parking, I caught a glimpse of Kola and Mrs. running toward me and screaming start the car, start the car, I was so scared I pressed the brake and accelerator at the same time with both feet, the car was automatic, it ceased immediately, they got to me, jumped in the car and shouted Go! Go!! Go!!!, I started up the car again and drove in the direction the car was facing, Kola and Mrs. were panting like crazy, I kept asking what the matter was, please tell me ,they both couldn’t answer me cos they were still trying to catch their breath, then all of a sudden, at the same time they shouted Tella! Tella! Tella!………….hmmmmmm

MRS-Now I know if am determined I can win a race with Usain bolt, yesterday I ran so fast I couldn’t believe it was me, fear, adrenaline does that to you. I love my life, I don’t want to die young , there are so many things am meant to do in this world and By God’s grace I intend to live very long to do them all. Anyway enough of my blabbing, let me fill you in on what my day was like yesterday, Oh! By the way Help us thank God Almighty.
The day started off great, its Pamela’s birthday on Saturday, Tammy and I decided to have a surprise party for her, nothing large just a small get together for all of us, Tammy, of course wanted to cook but I insisted we should get food from the store. At lunch time I went round to the local Tesco store, it was huge, saw cakes, frozen sausage rolls, pies, ice cream and to top it all they even had readymade food we could buy, like salads and grilled chicken. I walked around for a bit and went back to the office, will return on Friday to get them.
Back in the office they brought in a new boss, she’s like 23, honestly not sure who’s worse Mr. Philip or Sussy, as she calls herself, keeps barking orders at everyone, at least Mr. Philip talks to me with respect but this one just orders us around, not minding that she’s younger that most of us working in her department. Yesterday, she came into my office, she had given me two files to work on, 1 hour later she came back to ask why I haven’t finished with it yet, before I could open my mouth to explain, she said she gave me 15 minutes to get it to her. I asked around, how come this little brat is in charge, my colleagues in the next office said according to her resume, she graduated top of her class from oxford at 20, went back to do her masters and is currently studying for her PHD. What is she doing here? I asked, well her father owns the company and she decided she wants to get experience in all departments of the company before she finally runs it fully. But don’t worry she’s only here for 2 weeks, she moves on to a different department after that, Thank God, because if I have to listen to her ranting and raving for too long, I might just mistakenly slap her and we know where that would land me.
Anyway just let’s say I was glad when the day was over and Mr. and Kola showed up to take me to 805 restaurant. I was planning to get grilled fish, plantain, jollof rice and some goat meat pepper soup for all of us, let’s have a feast. We got to the restaurant, Mr. dropped Kola and I off and went to find somewhere to park.
As I walked in the restaurant went to the receptionist to ask where we could order takeout food, I heard this guy’s talking and laughing, I took a look , then looked away , but someone looked familiar, on closer inspection, it was Tella and 3 other guys, I slowly held Kola’s hand and we backed away, the good thing was that even though Tella had his side to us, he was so engrossed in his discussion he didn’t even look our way, we walked backwards to the door and bolted. We ran so fast round the corner and saw Mr. still trying to park the car, Kola and I were running and shouting at the same time, Start the car, start the car, we got to the car, jumped in and Mr. was so confused he drove in the wrong direction. We were both panting so hard , we couldn’t even tell him what happened, then all of a sudden we caught our breathe and said Tella!, Tella!!,Tella !!!……hmmmmm

Day 90
MR- I drove so fast, got lost so many times but finally looked back and saw no car was following us, I then remembered to switch on the sat nav, I bought for the car from Argos to help me navigate around London. From the directions it gave, we had gone 10 miles to far from where we should have been, but who cared, we were safe for now, Tella did not see us and most importantly didn’t follow us. I parked the car and called our handler.
I told her where Tella and his guys were, she asked us if we were sure he didn’t see us, I said yes, she said just to be on the safe side, we should go straight home, she is sending a couple of officers to sit watch outside our house until morning then we can decided what to do.We got back on the road and navigated our way back to Peckham, the time was now 8,30pm, we were scared, tired and hungry, as soon as we got to Peckham, went into the KFC drive through, got some chicken, fries and drinks and went home. When we got there the officers were sitting in an unmarked car just outside our house, it made us all feel a bit safer.
Tammy came to open the door and said, “thank God, you are back, how long was the queue at 805?, was expecting you guys ages ago”. She stopped talking when she saw the look on our faces, we all went into the sitting room and Kola narrated our saga to Tammy. She was shocked and scared at the same time, she asked if we were sure he didn’t see us, Mrs. said yes, Kola said if he did, he’s sure he will have followed us all the way home.
What do we do now? she asked, well there is an unmarked police car sitting outside with 2 officers watching guard. I have already informed our handler, that Tella is in 805 restaurant, she should be on her way there now with security agents.
A few hours later, we got a call from our handler, When they got there, the restaurant staff informed them Tella and his crew just left, the good news is that we can identify them from the cctv camera pictures we got at the restaurant, she asked us not to worry , they will be apprehended soon.
Well, that news wasn’t bad but it wasn’t totally reassuring, so we all decided the best thing will be for us to move, I called the handler back and she said she will discuss it with her bosses and get back to us. She did warn us though, that it could be to a different country anywhere in the world, were we prepared to go? I asked her to give me a few minutes to discuss it with everyone and I would call her back.
We discussed, Kola and Tammy felt we should stay in London, Mrs. said where ever I go there she goes, Pamela and Toke, who had joined us in the house a few minutes ago said, traveling was an adventure, they wouldn’t mind anywhere as long as we didn’t have to go back home to Africa, before those evil men were locked up.
Our handler called back an hour later, she wasn’t sure if the news she was about to give was good, but 3 countries were being considered for our relocation, Singapore, South Africa or Dubai, she will let us know which one before noon today…..hmmmmm

MRS- Singapore, Dubai or South Africa, interesting choices, I have been to all during our honey moon, but am praying for either Dubai or Singapore, I definitely don’t want South Africa. I can still feel my heart beating from our narrow escape, but I thank God Almighty that we came out of it in one piece.
We have taken the day off work today , to start packing the little clothes we have and get ready to move, according to Mr., the move could be tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, the long and short of it is that by Sunday morning, we will either be saying , “selamat pagi”, “ sabah alkhyr” or “Goeie more”.

Moving around is very distabilising, imagine we would have to start to get to know the area, meet new people, work in a new comapny , jnr just started making friends, he even has a play date on Saturday with his new friend Robby and only God knows if Tella and his guys will not follow us there too. Mr has asked me to have an open mind, he says we should think of it as a round the world trip part 2, but this time we get to plant roots for a bit longer. Thinking about it i can see he has a point, am begiing to be at ease with this move thing and am actually looking forwrd to it now.

Meanwhile , Tammy finished packing yesterday night, Pamela and Toke are also back in our house, the protective detail is still outside watching us like a hulk. Pamela and Toke have their money on Singapore, they have already gone online to check the map and are praying we get to stay on Sentosa Island , the furthest point of Asia, its an amazing beach resort, we spent 4 days there during our honeymoon.

Right now, I cant think of that, I just read that being stressed can stop you from getting pregnant, I was just getting really relaxed here and Mr and I have been trying, now this starts all over again, am just going to take deep breathes and stay calm, and like Mr said, we are just going on a jet plane ride, how hard can it be ……hmmmmmm

Day 91-
MR-It’s amazing how the fear of death brings you closer to God, we woke up this morning and hurdled together in our bedroom praying, Tammy has asked that we have a one day fast to ask God for his favor, mercy and guidance over us.
Our handler finally called at noon yesterday, we are relocating to Dubai and we leave tonight. I was surprised, why Dubai? I asked, well we have offices all over the world and relocation of witnesses requires a lot of man power, Dubai office is the only one able to spare the man power to look after you, She said I thanked her for all her help, she promised we would like it there, at least the weather was close to what we had back in Africa, I couldn’t agree more.
I called everyone together in the living room, decided to play a prank on them, I said, the handler called and said there has been a change of plan, they could only get us relocated to Iceland. Before I could say it was a joke, Pamela was on the floor, she fainted. There was panicking everywhere, Kola ran outside to inform our protective detail. They called an ambulance and before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’ we were all at Kings College hospital emergency room.
I felt terrible, mind you I hadn’t told anyone I was just kidding, I felt this was not the right time to confess. They wheeled Pamela in and Mrs. went with her, the rest of us waited in the visitor waiting room. A couple of hours later Mrs. came back to tell us Pamela was fine, she will be observed for a couple of hours more because of the pregnancy, then they will let her go back home. By this time our handler had arrived with two other agents. They went in to talk to the doctor. When they came back they said everything was fine, the baby is growing well and the ambulance will bring Pamela back home in a couple of hours. Most importantly we need to go back home and stay there until we leave for Dubai. As soon as they said the word Dubai, Mrs. said, “You mean we aren’t going to Iceland?”
“Of course not, we are moving you to Dubai, we communicated that to your husband yesterday afternoon” our handler said. All eyes focused on me, I just nodded my head and walked towards the car with everyone in tow. Once we got back home, Kola was the first to lay it on me “Bro, where did you get Iceland from?” then Tammy, “Why did you lie to us?” Then Toke, “How could you do that, we almost lost Pamela’s baby,” I cleared my throat , smiled and said I was sorry, I just wanted you guys to shout and then I was going to say April fool , we are going to Dubai, but before I could Pamela Fainted. Am sorry. “Well, you goofed big time and it’s not April” Toke said. “It’s not funny Bro, you know we are fasting, everyone is on edge”. Mrs. on the other hand just rolled her eyes at me, and everyone walked out of the living room, even Jnr followed them. Needless to say, I was in the ‘Dog house’.
I sat there on my own thinking about how I messed up, something worse could have happened, I thank God it didn’t. I had a bit of joy with Pamela once the ambulance brought her back home, thank God for her, she saw the funny side of it, she said she had forgiven me, we both sat in the living room laughing about it, she said she must have fainted cos she thought of all she heard about Iceland, living like eskimos in igloos, I laughed and said that was not entirely true. Thank God at least someone is talking to me……hmmmm

MRS- Dubai, well, well, lovely place, we had a 3 day stop there on our honeymoon world tour. We didn’t find out we were relocating there, until Mr. was busted in the Emergency room.
It’s ironic how one day before we leave England we land in the ER. When I went in with Pamela she was already awake, the ambulance crew had revived her when they got to the house but still insisted on taking her into hospital especially because she was pregnant. The doctor asked where our GP’s practice was, I explained that we were here under British intelligence umbrella, I gave them our handler’s no and the doctor excused herself, I guess to call and confirm.

Once Pamela was examined and everything looked okay including the baby, I was told to go back home, but not before the handler told us we were relocating to Dubai, I was in shock, Mr. had lied to us, I guess he meant no harm, he was just playing a game but his game almost cost a life. We all ignored him most of the day, even though he apologized we made him realize it was an expensive joke.
By 6 pm when we broke the fast, we also had succeeded in paying him in his own coins, we tricked him into believing we were upset, the truth is, as soon as we all walked out of the living room living him on his own, we went to Tammy’s room, sat there laughing and forgave him immediately but didn’t tell him, and by the way who keeps malice when you are fasting.
Later we all went into the kitchen brought out all the raw and fresh food we had and went into a cooking galore, since we were leaving this evening, you should see the spread, Rice, yam, vegetable soup, fish stew, eggs, plantain, pasta, salad, ice cream, fish, sausages, bacon, lamb chops, chips, nan bread, lasagna, rice cakes, yoghurt, cheese platters, fruit wine, pies etc, I could go on, we ate until our tummy’s ached. Put the rest in the fridge we will eat that this afternoon and evening before we get on the plane.
The thought of my Mum and EG, came to my mind, I just spoke to her a few days ago and she told me they were planning to come visit us in England ,I was sure she will be unhappy to learn we had relocated again but I suppose her consolation will be the fact that we are alive, well and safe, what could be more important than that right now……..hmmmm

Day 92
MR- We landed in Dubai, about a few hours ago, whoa!, you should see where we are, its called the Oasis beach towers, in a part of Dubai called Jumeriah. It’s amazing, we have been put in a four bed room luxury apartment on the 46th floor overlooking the sea. I tell you, life is good, compared to the dingy house we lived in, in London, this is paradise, somebody pinch me, I must be asleep.
Don’t mind me, I do get a bit melodramatic sometimes when am excited, am not alone, as I write, everyone is on the living room balcony, gasping at the breath taking view of the sea, its endless. The golden beaches, the amazing sunrise and the smell of fresh made coffee, it’s so easy for us to forget our lives are in danger and we are hiding from so many people. Oh my! I told Mrs., I am seriously considering us relocating to Dubai permanently.
Haven’t you guys been to Dubai during your honeymoon, you ask? Yes we did, but one, we stayed at the four and a half star, Pullman hotel in Deira city center and we spent most of our time indoors, we were on honeymoon, if you get my drift. Two, we were only there for 2 nights, so how much can you see in that time.
We were picked up at home in London around 9 pm, taken to Stansted airport and flown to Dubai in a British intelligence plane. We landed around 5 am, but had to fill a lot of forms and go through finger prints and scans, that took a lot of time. We were finally handed over to the Dubai British intelligent officers, given a new handler and whisked to this lovely place.
Kola and Jnr, went down stairs to explore after the handler left, we have a guy now, I don’t think he smiles at all, he reminds me of Mr. Bean, the very famous English series, I watched a lot of it when we were in England. Anyway, Kola came back and said, the place was full of Arabs, their women covered from head to toe, walking behind the men. He already made a friend among the hotel staff, his name is Raj, from Pakistan. Raj said anything we need, we should ask him, he also warned Kola that if we are caught looking at their women its trouble also we must not show affection in public like kissing each other etc. I told Kola the hotel briefed Mrs. and I about this, when we came for our honey moon.
Breakfast was waiting for us on the dining table when we got in, this suite has 4 bedrooms all ensuite, a living /dining room and a fully equipped kitchen already stocked with food. The apartments have 2 swimming pools, a spa, restaurants, supermarket , optician etc. the beach is right in front , we can sit on the loungers and sip chapman’s or whatever, I need to constantly remind myself that we are not here to have fun but to hide……hmmmm

MRS-O my gosh, I could not believe this was the same Dubai we visited when we were on our honey moon, we stayed indoors mostly, for the 2 days , we went out dancing on the last night and for a meal on the first , but this was something else, I wish we could live here forever.
We just got in a couple of hours ago, we are all tired but can’t seem to stop looking at the amazing view, from our balcony on the 46th floor , we can see the palm islands, burj Arab hotel and lots more. We must ask our new handler, if we can at least go site seeing.
Oh! Did I tell you?, this time the handler is a guy, he does seem a bit uptight, not like the one in England, she was sweet and flexible, always gave us a little freedom. When we arrived at the apartment, this new handler sat us down and said unfortunately our lives will be a bit more restricted here, we shall not be going to work and jnr will not start school. A teacher will come 4 days a week to teach him and that’s that, we will be chauffer driven out once a week to shop or at least have a change of scenery but on no account should we venture out of this vicinity on our own, we can use the pool downstairs or the beach in front. Food will be delivered twice a week, so we can cook. If we want any special delivery we should make a request by email, which he gave to us. He continued, the apartment has a washing machine, dryer, iron, everything we need is here, we have his no programmed onto the speed dial of the landline and all we had to do was press 1. Any questions? he asked. I told him I wasn’t feeling well, he said he will get a doctor to pop in to see me around noon and he was gone.
I took a look out of the window just now and My Mum came to mind, she would love this place, it was serene and peaceful, you could lie down on the lounger on this balcony shut your eyes and forget everything. That’s what my mum said she wished for most the last time we spoke, I am living out her wish now.
Mr. is so happy, he even asked if I won’t mind living in Dubai permanently. I certainly won’t if we had to live in this apartment. Pamela and Tammy have just gone to bed, pregnant women, they need their beauty sleep, I certainly can’t wait to join them. I just hope am not coming down with the flu or something. Am really feeling poorly.
My mind drifted back to our handler, we all felt he was too stern but we were too excited to care, no matter how Mr. grumpy handler thinks he can spoil our stay here, we are determined not to let him…..hmmmmm.

Day 93
MR- Trusting God no matter what the circumstances are is priceless. Psalm 13, 5 -6, But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the LORD because he is good to me. God has been great to Mrs. and I, we have great News, but she won’t let me say it yet. I will tell you later but first we got news from our handler yesterday evening.
We were still reeling in the beauty and luxury of our new accommodation when I got a call from the handler that he needs to meet with us around 8 pm yesterday evening. But before then we had a surprise visit from an Arab man called Aakil. Mrs. opened the door, he asked if he could come in and speak to the man of the house. Mrs. found that strange but obliged him anyway, asked him to come in and sit down in the living room.
She came into the bedroom to get me, I was also surprised as to why he would use that phrase, Man of the house, anyway curiosity got the better of me and so I went to talk to him. As I approached the living room, I could see he was wealthy, his slippers were Gucci and his watch was a Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956 worth over $250,000, I recognized it because Kola and I have been fantasizing about this particular watch for a while. I greeted him and sat down opposite him.
After pleasantries, he went straight to the point, He said, he came about my sister, he wants to marry her and he needs to ask my permission before he approaches her. I asked which lady he was referring to, from his description I knew it was Toke. The cover given for us at the hotel was a that we were a big family, with Kola and I as brothers , Tammy kola’s wife, Pamela and Mrs., My wives, Toke my sister and Jnr Kolas son. So hence the sister issue. I told him I was honored. Could he tell me a bit about himself? Aakil said he was an entrepreneur, owned a chain of stores and a hotel in the Dubai marina, he is the last of 4 sons, his parents live in Qatar, his father and mother are doctors and they run their own hospital. His father is from Amman and his mum is from Germany.
He saw Toke in the swimming pool and fell in love with her instantly but couldn’t talk to her so he asked a hotel worker Raj, who told him Toke was in this apartment and is your sister, hence my visit to you. I asked if he was aware Toke was a Christian, he smiled and said, Yes he does, His mum is a Christian too, and his Dad didn’t care, they have been married for 35 years.
Okay , I said, but he had to give me time to talk to Toke, she wasn’t here right now, she was at the Spa with Tammy and Pamela. I would invite him back tomorrow, he thanked me and left his Phone number. Mrs. and I sat there totally surprised once he left. He was so different from our usual assumption of what Men were like around here, he must have lived in America for a while cos he spoke with a slight American accent. Anyway, we didn’t have the decision to make, Toke did. So we wait until she gets back. Oh by the way Mrs. took a picture of him before he left. He didn’t know, it was to show Toke, so she sees who was interested in her.
After everyone was back, I was about to start talking about Aakil, when our handler came in to inform us Tella had been apprehended. He was under surveillance after that night at 805 restaurant and luckily they traced him to a house on Seven sisters road, in North London. Tella and his crew are now in police custody. Whoa!, we were all happy, but our mood kind of went really low when the handler told us that we will be returning to our country soon, I cut in and said but we were not hiding from Tella but from SF AND CF, He said yes, that I didn’t let him finish. As soon as the news of Tella’s capture got to them, Both Men went to the British high commission in Lagos with their Lawyers to voluntarily offer to surrender. They gave some conditions, Frist they have heard rumors that if convicted they serve time in Nigeria, they said they will prefer Europe or the Uk. If they are also granted a reduced sentence, they will give a list of all their partners around the world. A hearing has been set for Tomorrow, if all goes well, they will be flown to Europe immediately and the trail will begin and you guys will be free to return home……….hmmmm

MRS – Just when we are starting to settle into this lovely life in Dubai, we have to go back home. Yes I am happy but I wished we could stay here a bit longer, According to our handler we will be home before the week runs out if everything goes well.
Toke’s admirer is so cute, we showed her his picture after the handler left and we spent some time grumbling about why we weren’t brought to Dubai first instead of London. Toke liked him at first sight, but we didn’t know how this was going to work out, we are off home this week and he’s here in Dubai, love across the ocean never works out. Tammy jumped in and said not in all cases, she’s known loads of people who’ve been able to keep the relationship going just fine, if Toke really likes him she should give him a chance to get to know him.
Pamela asked what about the fact that he’s a Muslim, isn’t he going to expect you to change? I told them what he said about his mum and dad that seemed to sort that problem out. So we all decided that regardless of the fact that we were leaving, Toke should go on a date with him tomorrow evening and get to know him better, she might just like him a lot.
Mr. got the handler to agree to a couple of sightseeing tours before we leave, we go out today, we decided to go to wild wadi. Raj came around to help us decide on which two were definitely worth seeing and doing, so he suggested a trip to Atlantis water park or wild wadi Water Park and definitely the Desert safari. So off to wild wadi we go today.
The doctor came to check me yesterday, she was very nice, she smiled a lot and said there was nothing to worry about and she will confirm the results of my test later today. Mr. and I believe we know what’s wrong with me, but let’s wait until the official results of the test are here………hmmmmmm

Day 94-
MR- Yes! Yes !!, This is the day that the lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it, Thank you God Almighty, there is nothing , absolutely nothing too difficult for you to do. I am SO excited and I just can’t hide it, what’s going on you ask? Well I will tell you, Mrs. and I are pregnant, Yes O, both of us, Ha! Ha! The doctor called yesterday afternoon to confirm the pregnancy test was positive.
Meanwhile, Wild wadi was fun, A coach picked us up around noon, we got to wild wadi bought some swim suits, cos all the rides are water based. We swarm , did roller coasters rides, went on water slides and swinging inflated rafts , it was amazing, Tammy and jnr, built sand castles and went on the slower rides, Pamela just sat on a lounger by the water and Toke, Mrs , kola and I just went wild. By 5pm we were still having fun but it was time to go back to or apartment. We stopped on the way to get some Chinese take out.
Back at the apartments, Toke got ready for her date with Aakil, she looked amazing , he was a gentleman , he arrived right on the dot of 7pm with a bunch of flowers. He was dressed in a nice cotton trousesrs and a silk shirt. After they left the rest of us settled down to dinner. After dinner Kola and I took a walk on the beach, we found a quiet spot and sat down. We talked about our return home, our business and life after all we’ve been through. Money wasn’t really our problem, we were just about to start a new line of business when our lives were suddenly uprooted. Were we still going ahead with it? , we wondered. Sitting there looking out to sea, brought a lot of things into perspective for both of us. We had to be careful who we associated with. I took Tella on face level, didn’t know he was no longer the guy we use to know. Look were it got us now. I am about to become a father, Kola is already one, we need to live life more responsibly. Anyway elders say once you know your fault, you are already on your way to resolving it.
Mandible’s email came in as soon as we got back to the apartment, he said SF and CF heard back from the high commission this evening, their terms have been agreed too, they both have been order to report at the high commission tomorrow morning for extradition. He mentioned that Ken will be let go as soon as they leave, so it was safe for us to come home. I replied, thanked him and said we will see him once we got back.
Mrs. was already in bed when I got back, I saw two packages on the dining table, but I thought they must be for Toke. I took a shower, got into bed and cuddled up to her, she opened her eyes and looked at me, tears of joy were streaming down her eyes, I started to cry too, we held each other crying happily, no words spoken but we both knew what each other was thinking, we fell asleep feeling really blessed…..……hmmmm

MRS- Ha! Ha!, I am blessed and highly favored. God has shown his mercy and favor upon me in time of need, Thank you God, I am finally pregnant. Mr. was so happy, he did a cat wheel, and danced all around me. He promised me he will be an amazing father to our baby and an amazing husband to me, I don’t know why he bothered saying that because he’s already more than amazing to me.
Tammy, Pamela and I stayed up waiting for Toke to get back, we were determined to do amebo, as soon as she walked in, we couldn’t wait. Mr. and Kola had gone down to the beach and Jnr was asleep, so we had ample time to catch up on girls’ gist. We discussed the fact that the 3 of us were pregnant, about to become mothers for the first time, well apart from Tammy who technically was already a mum, but you know what I mean, actually giving birth to our first child. We talked about the responsibilities and the changes, I said I couldn’t wait to be called Mummy, Pamela said she wishes the baby looks like her but she wants a boy first, I want a girl and Tammy said any sex will be fine, she already has a boy. We were so excited just like children let loose in a candy shop, I already felt different, I guess the knowledge that a life was growing inside me will do that to anyone.
Toke came back around 11pm, looking all flushed, she had 4 carrier bags with her which she gave to each of us. You won’t believe what was in each bag, a designer hand bag, perfume , a box of chocolate , a wrist watch and trinket set, she said Aakil said it was for his in laws, whoa! We were all gob smacked , the bags had the same contents only the designer bags were different, Tammy got a Louis Vuitton bag, Pamela got a Gucci bag and I got a Prada bag. Toke poured the contents of her bag out, she got 2 pairs of Gucci shoes and bags to match, A rolex, perfumes, trinkets and designer sunglasses. She said we won’t believe where this guy took her, as soon as they left here, they went straight to a helipad on top of his hotel in Dubai marina, they flew to Abu Dhabi, at the le royal meridian, where he wined and dined her. They went sightseeing to his boat in the harbor and showed me his home there. I was treated like a queen all through. People where kneeling down for me everywhere I go, Aakil lives like a king, I was initially suspicious that he must have a wife somewhere, until I met his brother and his wife, She’s from Turkey a Muslim but the kind that grew up in England, she told me when they joined us on his boat that I am the first women, Aakil has brought them to meet formally and that he can’t stop talking about me. He fell in love with me on first sight, His brother chipped in that all of them are married to just one woman including their father, who raised them to wait and pray for the right woman once they find her, they should make sure she’s the only one for them. He said meeting me in person confirms everything Aakil said, I am more beautiful than he described.
We left the boat , for the helicopter and flew back to Dubai, I told him we were going back home this week, he said not to worry he will come over to meet me once I settled back in, you won’t believe he said am his wife and he’s not letting me go. “What did you say?” I asked Toke, “Nothing, I just said thank you, he should give me time to digest all this, everything is happening so fast”. When he dropped me off, he handed me these bags for you guys and gave me this two small ones for Mr. and Kola. Sister’s I am overwhelmed, this is like a dream, I think am going to wake up any minute.
As I listened to Toke , I knew God has a way of compensating one, she has been through so much, almost used for money ritual, no man and now all of a sudden she gets Prince charming right on her door step. God is good all the time, can’t wait for Mr. and Kola to open up their presents, I can only imagine what’s in them…….hmmmmmm

Day 95-
MR- No, it can’t be real, how did Aakil know what our life long desire was, you won’t believe it.
This morning when we all woke up, Kola and I were sitting in the living room watching football, Tammy was with jnr trying to get him ready but he kept giving her the run around. Mrs. and Pamela had gone down to have a swim, when Toke came over and handed us our gifts from Aakil. Kola and I opened it and viola as if like a dream it was the same watch I saw on him the day he came here, a Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster 18956, He got the same one for each of us. How did he know I asked Kola, maybe he noticed me admiring the watch when he was talking to me, o my gosh! I couldn’t believe this, a $250,000 gift, who does that. I got up, gave Toke a big Hug, “thank you my dear, you brought this good luck to all of us. So what did you think of him?”
Toke said, he was great, she gisted Kola and I about their date and then said yesterday night she was unsure, but this morning she was and she believes God sent Aakil to her for a reason. With everything she has been through, this was a way of compensating her. He said he will call me this morning, once he does, am saying YES. At that minute Mrs. and Pamela walk in from their swim and said “Yes, great, another wedding coming up”. Toke smiled and asked them to take it easy, they need to court for a while, to get to know each other, no rushing into marriage and anyway he said he’s ready to give me all the time I need. So I will keep you guys posted.
The handler turned up amidst all the excitement, and said SF and CF are on their way to Europe as we speak, we have been booked on a flight business class seats for Wednesday morning. We will be picked up at 5 am Dubai time. Some money has been wired into my account for all of us, he thanked us and said we will get an official thank you reception at the British high commission once we got back. When he left, I went to look in my account, o whoa! They had paid in $25,000 each us. So we decided to go shopping before our trip to Desert safari in the evening. We got Raj to get us a car. First we went to the emirates mall, then Gold souk, then we ended up at the Dubai Mall, by the time we got back to the apartment, we all had less than $10,000 dollars each. We were not selfish though. We got gifts for everyone, I even got something for my staff, Tony, my PA and for Mandible, I was also planning to give him some cash.
As everyone else was packing up, I went to sit on the balcony alone , thinking about our sojourn as government witness in hiding, It was an interesting experience, wasn’t as bad as I had envisaged, Good things definitely came out of it, the best part is my Sweetheart is pregnant and I must not leave out Aakil and his wonderful gift, A rolex, not sure how long Kola and I would have had to save for before we could, in all clear conscience take out a quarter of a million dollars, to buy just a wrist watch. Yeah! , right! , maybe in another life…….hmmmmm

MRS- Shopping, Shopping that’s what we did for most of the day, the British government said thank you with $25,000 each, and trust us we went on a shopping spree.
Aakil made my list shorter, I was planning to get the items he already gave me, so instead I went for clothes, and shoes, well got things for my domestic staff, my Mum and EG, also got something for Uncle J, he has been a significant part of my life for a while now. Shopping over, we went to have some lunch at the Dubai mall food court, I didn’t want anything fancy, so I just had KFC, the guys were a bit more adventurous, they had some Arabic food , Pamela, Tammy and Toke had Chinese and Jnr had McDonalds. On getting back to our apartment there was hardly any time to rest, we had to start packing all our clothes.
Just as that was done, the tour guide came to take us on the desert safari, we didn’t know what to expect. It was amazing, jeeps gliding on sand dunes. like they were going to fall off, we speed, skidded, went round in crazy circles, it was so much fun, they even stopped on a sand dune where we did sand boarding. After the exciting ride we ended up at a camp for dinner, lovely Arabian buffet, camel riding and belly dancing. Tammy, Toke and I also had free henna done on our hands, Pamela wasn’t interested.
Aakil turned up just before we left for the Desert Safari, he was so happy, he spent most of the time he was here, talking to Mr. and Kola, after he left Mr. told me he came to plan his journey to visit us two weeks from now. He can’t wait, he has never been to Africa before. He wanted to know if we will all be willing to come on a tour of Africa with him, Mr. Said it would be best if we got back home first, saw what had piled up and tried to fix a convenient time when we could all take off again. He was cool with that, he left all his no’s and email, he also took all our no’s and addresses. As he left Toke saw him off, when she got back she told us that Aakil wants to fly everyone back to Dubai for the wedding at his own expense. I guess Toke was on for a ride of her life. I pray everything works out for them.
By the time we got back to the apartment, All we could do was go to bed and hope we wake up on time to go to the airport for 5am, by tomorrow evening we will be back on our own home, laughing about our sojourn in two separate continents……hmmmmmm

Day 96
MR- Hallelujah, we are back, Woke up this morning in our bed next to Mrs. , in our home, I looked around and took in the familiar view , Am happy to be back , I did miss our home but I must admit it was exciting to be in different countries, pampered, protected and cared for.
The rush to get ready was crazy, funny enough , Aakil was the one who woke us up, he turned up at 4.30 am and knocked on the apartment door, when no response came he called Toke’s phone, she had to go let him in, she saw that we only had one hour left to go to the airport. She came banging on our doors screaming wake up wake up, were going to miss our flight, I must have been dreaming cos I jumped up and shouted Flight, flight, which made Mrs. burst out laughing. Everyone was dashing up and down while Aakil sat patiently in the living room, he later got up, went into the kitchen to brew some tea and make toast, which I found interesting. I asked how he learned how to do this, he said when he was in university in the United states, he had to learn how to cook, he spent 4 years there going to school.
Anyway we all got ready, had a bite to eat thanks to Aakil and just as we were rounding off, the handler and coach arrived. Aakil and Toke drove behind us in his limited edition Bugatti Veyron, you should see this car, it was Black and white and honestly I had never seen anything like it before. When we got to the airport, I got down from the coach and went to touch the car, Aakil said Kola and I should get in, I in the driver’s seat, kola beside me, he sat behind and said let’s take it for a quick spin around the, my jaw dropped, this car had 1200 horse power and could go up to 254 mph. To cut the long story short I was still driving it in my dream before I woke up a few minutes ago, and you don’t even want to know how much he said he bought it.
Aakil had sorted us out for VIP check in, porters were waiting to take our bags and we did the express check in and went straight to the Emirates lounge. Aakil, Toke, Mrs. and Pamela, went round duty free, to get some bits and bobs, chocolate, perfume, scarfs for people at home, and of course Aakil paid. Anyway when they all came back, Aakil said he will be with us first week in February, not for the African trip but to see us and have a small engagement party with the family, he wants to meet everybody.
The surprising thing was he asked me to buy a nice house like ours, Toke had already told him about it, and he will send me the money for it before he comes, he is also getting another house for Toke’s parents and he wants me to also get A jeep and a car for Toke and a car for her parents, he said I should let Toke choose the brand new cars she wants, I should give him the cost of all including the cost of furnishing the two homes and the money will be wired to me immediately. He would please like it all sorted before he arrived.
We flew in on Emirates, the service was fantastic. EG and MIL were waiting to meet us when we landed, trust EG, he was at the door of the plane as we stepped out. We were cleared by immigration immediately, someone else waited to clear all our luggage, we just gave him our bag tags and we were definitely home. My MIL looked bigger, her pregnancy had advanced, glowing and looking all radiant, she practically jumped on Mrs., who in turn pointed to her tummy and said Mum, be careful, her eyes lit up and she hugged her tight again, and started to dance, EG gave us all hugs. Our bags came and we were whisked off to EG’s estate, Dinner was waiting, we sat around catching up, gisting, laughing and congratulations were flowing all round.
Just then Mandible walked in EG had invited him over, we hugged him and thanked him for all his help. EG took us all into the study, Kola, mandible and I. He said Mandible wants to turn a new leaf, so he has employed him and given him an apartment, that’s also to say thank you for helping you guys out, we thanked him and went back to join the others, Uncle J had also arrived, it ended up becoming a very interesting family reunion.
EG got his protocol team to drop us all at home. As Mrs. and I drove into our gate, she quickly whispered in my ear, we left as 2 and returned as 3, Praise be to God, this is definitely going to be an amazing year……hmmmm.

MRS- Arriving back home, smelling the humid air and listening to the noise and commotion going on around the airport, I must admit I was glad to be back, happy, hmmmm not sure but glad.
My mum and EG met us at the plane, she looked so different she was roundish and glowed like a maiden, pregnancy looked good on her, I wondered if I would look that good when I was as far gone as she is. I realized I missed her so much, as she was hugging me tight I pointed to my tummy and whispered in her ear, Mum am expecting, she jumped up again , not minding she was pregnant and started to dance, Anyway it was clear we were missed, everyone was happy to see us. We left for EG house where lots of food and drinks were waiting, Jnr was still asleep when we got there, he slept all through the flight, poor boy he must be wondering why these people are dragging him all over the place. We wined and dined, Uncle J turned up eventually looking all dapper.
Uncle J, kind of took center stage during dinner, He went into this long gist about how he was abducted by SF’s men and left to die, we all looked at Mandible, but Uncle J said, that one was not there. The day he called me, as he drove a few miles from his house, he was crossed by two jeeps, they had guns, didn’t shoot, just ordered him to get out of his car, he looked back his security detail were nowhere to be found, he later learnt their fuel tank had been punctured, they ran out of fuel on the way and were trying to call him but network issues didn’t let them get through.
Anyway , SF’s guys took him to a bunker off the express way, deep in the forest, it was an old 40 foot container, with a dirty stinking mattress, metal bucket for a toilet, 2 packs of sachet water and 2 packs of cabin biscuit and a lantern, they pushed him in and chained the door.
He was there for 5 days until he heard some noise outside, he looked out of one of the small holes they had made for air, and saw a farmer cultivating his plot. He called out to him, initially the farmer was scared, he asked him to go bring paper and pen, the farmer asked why, uncle J said he wanted to write a number for him to call for him, surprisingly the farmer said why doesn’t Uncle J use his phone. Phone?, you have a phone he asked, the farmer laughed and said his son calls him on it , he doesn’t know how to call but he can press the green button to hear his son, Uncle J was pleasantly surprised, fortunately it was one of this very small phones, it fitted into the air hole, He immediately called one of his boys and they rescued him, that’s how he got out of there, The intention was to leave him there to die.
After listening to Uncle J’s story, Tammy said, “You know what everyone, I think this calls for a thanks giving service. We have all been delivered and blessed this past few months, we have so much to be thank full for, we should go to church and have a thanksgiving ceremony, what do you think? We all agreed it was a fantastic idea. This coming Sunday was fixed.
EG said we must all be tired, he got his boys to drop us all at our homes. i was so anxious to get back home. As we drove into our compound I pointed out to Mr. that we had new neighbors, we could see the movers taking in furniture, I wondered who they were. When we left, the house wasn’t completed, I guess the new owners will be in by the weekend, I told Mr. we must make it a point of duty to go welcome them to our neighborhood…..hmmmm

DAY 97-
MR- Straight to the office today, one day of getting back into the work mood was enough for me. Am going to work today amid protests from Mrs., she wants us to go to the Spa together. She’s going to get her hair done, have a massage and a facial. I need to work now, no more free money, I reminded her.
Anyway, yesterday wasn’t so bad , we spent the best part of the day being nosey, we watched from our upstairs front lounge has the new neighbors arrived, two guys and someone who seemed like their chef , a gateman and a couple of drivers, in short all men. We didn’t see any ladies there until around 7 pm when we saw 2 cars arrive, 3 girls each stepped out of the cars and before you knew it they were in the pool, swimming, we couldn’t actually see the pool but we heard splashes, voices and music, and we knew the garden had a pool. If we really wanted too, we could have climbed into our attic and looked through the window there, but I just couldn’t be bothered. We could see they were having a pool party to declare their house open. I said to Mrs. , I wonder why I wasn’t invited, she chuckled and said, we were, what do you mean?, they left an invite for the gateman earlier , which I took and tore, it’s in the bin, why ? Well, it had written on it come join us at our pool splash to open our new house, babes, booze, music, we promise you will not leave disappointed.
I laughed and said, hmmm, I see someone is jealous. After that we concluded they were not married, had a lot of money to burn, this guys looked like trouble. But that wasn’t our business now, we had some TLC to catch up on, if you get my drift.
Around 4 pm, My mum called , she was so upset , she had been trying to call me for so long, why would I treat her that way, she went on and on about how thank God for my siblings , she would have been abandoned . I asked if she didn’t get her allowance I sent regularly, she said she was not talking about money. She did say she wanted to come over to our house. I said not now, I will let her know when it was convenient. I didn’t want any stress for Mrs. Now that her pregnancy is in its early stages, and I read it somewhere, that the fetus is most vulnerable at this time. Let’s get Mrs. along a bit, then we will deal with my Mum’s issue, I remember the last time she was here. No more drama, At least not for now.
I did take a jog round the estate yesterday evening right before the party next door, I ran into Sir. Tope, he was one of the elder statesmen that lived in our estate, we called him Chairman. Surprisingly he was jogging too or should I say power walking. He stopped me, we exchanged pleasantries and he asked if I had meet my new neighbors’, I said not formally, but I have seen them. He said they smelt like trouble, he met them when they come over to his house to pay the estate dues. He then asked me if I could keep an eye on them and report any suspicious activity to him. I told him as much as I respect him, unfortunately I could not be party to spying on my neighbors’. He said it was for all our good but all the same, He asked me not to bother, that he will speak to my neighbors on the other side.
I was sure that Man and his wife will do it even if chairman didn’t ask. Chidi and Mabel were the nosiest neighbors’ anyone could have, they were in everyone’s business. I was sure they would have a theory about where Mrs. and I disappeared too. Anyway I said okay and continued on my jog, although I thought about what he said and realized those guys did look suspicious, even Mrs. and I were just thinking the same thing…….hmmmmm.

MRS-We haven’t even been home for 2 days and we are already planning a party. Things are different here, I guess we don’t take life as seriously as they do abroad. We certainly like our enjoyment.
Getting ready for Sundays thanksgiving, everyone is coming over to ours after church, I have asked the caterer and decoration people to meet me at the house for 3 pm. I need to get a drinks and desert person sorted. That reminds me, the 3 man band needs to come play some live music for us. Al these planning is taking its toll on me, Mr. is treating me like an egg, he doesn’t want me to lift a finger, the truth is I hardly did a lot even when I wasn’t pregnant, I’ve got maids to do housework and cook for me and I told him that much. He just said stay home, swim, eat and watch telly. I don’t want you going out in this hot sun, unless it’s absolutely necessary, he said. Well am off to the Spa in a few hours, to get my hair, nails and facial done. At least that’s not stressful.
We have this two yuppie boys who’ve just moved into the new house next door, what I haven’t determined yet is, if they own the house or they leased it. They had lots of people jumping in and out of the pool late into the night in the name of washing their new abode, I hope this is a one off, cos the noise was too much and the music was horrid. I need my beauty sleep now, don’t need no wannabe’s messing up my peace and quiet.
I called Tammy to say I was on my way to pick her up, Pamela and Toke were meeting us up there. We had decided to make it our first girls’ day out. When I got to Tammy’s Jnr was busy throwing a tantrum, he didn’t want Tammy to leave him with the maid, so we ended up taking the maid and Jnr along with us to the Spa. I knew they had a Kids play room, the plan was the Maid will look after him there while we got our groove on.
We already had appointments at the Spa, so we were attended to as soon as we got there. Pamela was not her happy self, I asked what the matter was, she said she was just thinking how good it would be if her baby father was in the picture, “Babs?” I asked, “Yes, I know he’s married, I was just thinking aloud, you know how it is, if wishes were horses beggars will ride.” We all agreed it would have been perfect. Tammy as usual said, “God is a God of miracles, trust in him, Pamela, there is nothing impossible for him to do.”
Now what happened next was surprising, this 2 girls walked into the Spa, I guess they also had the same time appointment as us because they were attended too immediately. Their hair was all wet as if they had just stepped out of the rain, the stylist asked why there hair was all matted up, that’s when the gist stayed, they said they went to this Big Boys swimming pool house warming party, they mentioned our estate, I was listening as soon as I heard that, Tammy sitting next to me was looking at me as if to say, Amebo, what’s your own, anyway the girls continued. These guys just came back from Malaysia, with a lots of money, bought the house cash down and moved in within a week, our friend is close to one of them, so we were invited to the party, these guys are into oil business, we were told they have 2 vessels that carry crude oil. When we were leaving their place this morning, they gave us $5000 dollars each, don’t get us wrong, they didn’t even touch us, which we found a bit strange but all the same who cares. We came straight form there, for our hair appointment.
By this time, Tammy was tapping me asking me what was my own, I just asked her to be patient, I will gist her later. Surprise, Surprise, I was still planning to go say hello to our busy body neighbors’ Chidi and Mabel on the other side for information, but not to worry, I got it life and direct from the horse’s mouth, I couldn’t wait to gist Mr.…….hmmmm.

Day 98
MR- Kola and I had a full day at the office yesterday, our staff had done an amazing job, Tony and Our Manager had taken full charge and ran the office as if we were here. Kola and I decided we had to promote them, but first we gave them a thank you bonus and company cars to follow, they deserve it. Our accounts were great, between the two of them they had retrieved all our outstanding debts. Thank God for dedicated staff.
We had a surprise visitor, this time I wasn’t anxious, I just wondered if my suspicion about her being a witch was true, How in God’s name did she know we were back?, Anyway its Sandra , she showed up, after lunch, with a flat tummy. I mentally calculated it and knew she couldn’t have had her baby so fast, I asked her to sit down, just then Kola walked in and sat down as well.
“Sandra, how have you been?” Kola asked, “been better” she said, “but am living my life now, free of all burdens” I had to cut in, “What happened to your Baby if I might ask?”, she looked at me, I could swear, I saw a faint tint of regret but it disappeared as quickly as it came, She then began to narrate what had gone on while we were away.
“As you both know, my Father insisted that I could not have a baby out of wedlock, he brain washed me and compelled Babs and I to get married, he even went to the extent of forcing Babs to sign an unfair pre-nuptial agreement, which had a clause of imprisonment, if he left me”. “We know all that”, Kola said. She continued. “But what you don’t know is this. As soon as we were married, strange things started. My father gave us a house, made Babs a manager in his company, but what he practically did, was turn Babs into a slave.
He made Babs report at his house every morning by 7 am, he sent him on errands all day long, the, where too, I don’t know, Babs never discussed it with me. He hardly saw the inside of his office which he was supposed to have. Soooo!! He gave him a Mercedes Benz and paid him a good salary?, I hardly ever saw him and the cheek of it , when I complained to my Dad , do you know what he said? He said “what’s your problem my dear?, I thought you said you can’t stand the guy, am only keeping him out of your hair, so you can enjoy your life”. What could I do?.
Then one evening, I had had enough, I decided to wait up for Babs, am usually asleep when he comes back. The earliest you see Babs is 11pm. so this day, I called my father, told him I wasn’t feeling well and needed Babs to run some errands for me, so he sent Babs to me around 8pm. We sat down to talk, I had not seen him for a week even though we lived in the same house. You must understand, we had separate bedrooms, actually separate living quarters, the house was so large, I could go round it and not bump into Babs, it has 2 kitchens, 10 bedrooms, 4 living rooms. I always wondered why my father gave us that particular house, when there were other ones suitable for a new couple, like us. But when I asked he said, well what do I give my wonderful daughter but the biggest and the best. Un knowing to me, I was about to find out why?
Anyway Babs, looked at me and started to cry, I was taken aback, I asked him what was the matter, he said he promised he wants to make our marriage work but my father won’t let him. What are you talking about I asked Babs?. I can’t tell you, your father will kill me. Kill you, why? I moved closer to him, Babs please talk to me, please. I started to cry, he held me and we both cried for a while. Just as he was about to say something, my father walks in. Babs was shacking all over, I couldn’t understand the kind of hold my father had over him, yes my father was feared by many, but this, this was way too much fear , actually he was more like petrified”.
She was about to go on with her story, when Tony came into to say the people we are meeting with for 5pm had arrived, Kola and I were speechless. What could be going on, anyway we asked Sandra to please excuse us. We went for the meeting but by the time we got back to the office an hour later, Sandra had left, she left a note with Tony saying, she changed her mind she couldn’t tell us the rest because she didn’t want to put us in trouble. But Babs was free now, she had to do what she did to free Babs, it’s only fair.
If Kola and I were a bit confused before, now we were totally confused and curious. What’s Sandra talking about? What could be so secretive that could land us in trouble and where is Babs? . At that moment I actually remembered that “Curiosity killed the Cat” but I didn’t care. This one we had to find out what was going on. Kola agreed with me, but where do we start from exactly? We weren’t sure……hmmmm

MRS- Preparations are going on fine, didn’t have to do much, Toke and Pamela came over to help with the planning for the Thanksgiving Party. Tammy went to arrange with her pastor, so everything was on track.
We sat down, sipping lemonade on the upstairs terrace, Toke said Aakil called and wants to know how we are all doing? I interrupted and said, “Am sure you miss him a lot” “Yes I do, I have never been this overwhelmed before, he is like all my imagined dreams rolled in to one. Sisters, is Aakil real or is he a figment of my imagination?” Toke Asked. He’s more than real dear, He’s super real and he’s madly in love with you, Pamela added.
Just then we heard voices next door, we don’t share a fence with the house next door, but the fences are so close together, you could practically jump over them with no fear of falling in between. We decided to do some busy body. We went into my bedroom and climbed the narrow stair case into the attic and looked into the compound. What we saw shocked us to the bone, 3 old men, Two of whom we recognized from their pictures in the daily papers, were swimming with the young men next door and messing around with them, I mean proper messing around, As in, hugging and kissing. We quickly withdrew from the window and ran back to the terrace. “O my gosh, did you see what I saw?” I asked “Yes, in broad day light. What’s going on next door” Toke asked. Now you might be wondering why they were so relaxed without the fear of being seen. Let me give you a picture.
Our houses are very big, the fence is almost as tall as the house itself and there are trees lining both fences, the only snag is that our bedroom as an attic window , a small one, but we can still climb into the attic and store stuff. We use it as our box room. Well the other thing is, because it’s in the roof, you can see the pool next door from it. The men would not think anyone could fit in the roof, they were convinced since they could not see our pool from their house windows, we couldn’t see theirs either. Am sure you get it now.
I looked at the girls and said “Our neighbors are gigolos for rich men, I thought there was something not right, the first time I saw them, o my gosh!, what are we going to do? This are not just ordinary men, this are movers and shakers of our country. We better be careful and keep this to ourselves. When Mr. gets back, am sure he will know what to do” at that moment I remembered I hadn’t even gisted Mr. about what the girls said in the Spa yesterday, well we had a lot to talk about. With that we went down stairs and waited for Tammy to arrive from picking up Jnr……hmmmm

Day 99

MR- Mrs. gave me some disturbing news yesterday evening, I had come home with Babs and Sandra’s issue on my mind and what confronted me at home made me put that aside.
Kola and I went to the club yesterday, to look for Babs, coincidentally he was there, he didn’t even know we were back, as soon as he saw us he came over, he looked so different, I remember him having more weight . Anyway he immediately started to apologize for everything. Kola and I felt so sorry for him, we told him all was forgiven, found some chairs and sat down.
Kola asked him how he had been and said Sandra had told us they were no longer together. He looked at us, sighed and said. “My brothers, I now know and believe what goes around comes around and you will surely rip what you sow. When one plots evil against his fellow man, evil has a way of coming back to you big time, Everything I did to your family came back to me a hundred fold”.
He looked down, wrung his fingers and continued, “As you know I was forced to marry Sandra by her father, once we were married, I made up my mind to make the marriage work. Sandra was carrying my baby and she was a nice girl, so I swallowed by feelings for the woman I really loved and delved right into it. A month later my father in law called and said we have had enough honeymoon time, it was time for me to get to work. He asked me to meet him at his house the next morning at 7 am. I got there on time and he sat me down, he said “My daughter doesn’t want you but I do, before I go any further, let’s drink, he poured some drink from a wine bottle, it looked like red wine, he had a glass too and asked us to toast, I thought nothing of it, so I drank. As soon as I drank the red stuff, he said now that you have taken an oath, you are completely mine. As long as you are married to my daughter and you are father to my flesh and blood, I own you. This concoction you drank is a sign of the oath, if you talk about this to anyone you die.
Anyway to cut the long story short, I found out my father in law was in a cult, not just any cult. As members they had to bring in a young male initiate, their first son on law or first son. Since SF didn’t have a son, I was the unlucky one. The young man is donated to the cult and everyman in the cult will have sex with him and continue too at will. I was due to be initiated once Sandra had the baby. I couldn’t tell anyone, I kept losing weight, fasted and prayed. He forbade me to touch Sandra, I moved into a separate bedroom and hardly saw or spoke to her, even though we lived in the same house.
As God will have his way, one day Sandra and I talked, she found out what her father was doing to me, I don’t know how up till now, but she decided she will abort the baby and divorce me to set me free, which is what she did. That’s how I was kicked out and SF had to let me off the oath, since Sandra was no longer in the picture, I was free from him.
He continued, “Since then I have gone to Pamela’s place for weeks, I was told by Sandra that you guys were back. I love Pamela so much, I realize she is the bone of my bone and I want to marry her, please help me win her back”. Kola and I were so happy for him and shocked that he still wanted Pamela, we asked him to just go talk to Pamela, that we have a feeling everything will be fine.
Babs left us sitting there and said he was going to see Pamela right away. As he walked away I said to Kola, “I have a feeling we are about to have another wedding pretty soon”. Kola looked at me smiled and said “Lets pray Pamela says yes”. “She will”, I said, “I can feel it in my bones” ……..hmmmmmmm

MRS- Yesterday, I spent most of the morning clearing out our closet, we were donating some clothes, shoes, bags and beddings to charity, so I had to get all the stuff together in one place, I knew if I didn’t do it then , I might move it to the following weekend.
Once I was done, I got ready and went to see Pamela and Toke, tomorrow was all arranged for the Thanksgiving party, we had some time to go see some houses Toke wanted to buy and she also wanted us to help her decide which car she should buy. I got there around 11am, they were just sitting down to breakfast so I joined in. Aakil called on Skype shortly after, his parents wanted to talk to Toke, we spent time talking and gisting with them, they were so nice, Aakil’s mum said she can’t wait to meet Toke, the most interesting news was that they were coming with Aakil for the engagement party. Toke just started to cry, she was so over whelmed, to my surprise, Aakil also had tears in his eyes, it was such a beautiful scene to watch. Anyway after about an hour the Skype meeting ended, we sat there laughing and making fun of Toke. She still hadn’t informed her parents yet, she wanted to buy their house first, relocate them, then give them the news and we saw her point of view.
We went out soon after, looked around our estate and found this delightful house, the owner just finished building it. We asked the gate man there, he said the owner planned to sell, he asked us to look around. It was very well finished, contemporary. It had 5 bedrooms, I large kitchen, 2 living rooms, a home theater and spa in the basement, A swimming pool, 1 room guest chalet and 2 room boys quarters. It was perfect. Toke got the no of the owner and called him he told her the price, she said Mr. will be in touch with him before the end of the day.
We then went to see the cars. Toke picked out a white new Mercedes Benz car and a Thundra, I was shocked she wanted a thundra, but she said she wants to go into business so, that would be her business truck. “Which business?” I asked, “The service industry, that’s all am saying for now, but I will give you the full gist later” she said.
All that done we decided to head back to their house, As we pulled into the drive way, we saw someone sitting on a car, on close inspection it was Babs. My draw dropped, he was completely different, he still looked good but he had lost a lot of weight. We parked the car got down, he walked towards us. I was expecting Pamela to tell him off, scream or at least say something, but she just starred at Babs, Babs on the other hand also didn’t say anything, he walked towards Pamela, when he got to her, He knelt down and said “My Darling, am no longer with Sandra , and she’s no longer carrying my child. I love you and have always loved you, please forgive me my love, am back and promise never to leave you and our baby alone, you are the one God ordained for me, I have not stopped thinking about you, please my love make me the happiest man in the world”. He brought out a ring , and said to her, “Marry me my love”……..hmmmmm

100 Days of the Diary…..

My Dear friends, its one hundred days of the diary, A lot of you started with us from Day 1 and loads have joined along the way, to ALL of you I say THANK YOU.
You are amazing, waking up every day to Mr. and Mrs. diary, reading, liking and making lovely comments, You have made my day every single day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, encouragement and prayers, I pray that I can be a blessing to someone, somewhere every single day. I love you and God bless you All real good.

Day 100
MR-Thanksgiving, Psalm 106 verse 1, Praise the Lord, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good and his loves endures forever. God has been and still is awesome to us, we have everything to be thankful for. Mrs., Tammy, Pamela are all pregnant, God Almighty delivered us from SF, CF and Tella, Jnr came into our lives, Toke survived almost getting sacrificed for money rituals, then Aakil came into her life and now Pamela and Babs.
Before I forget, on Saturday when I came back from the club, Mrs. wasn’t back from Pamela’s, I had something to eat then went up to our bedroom, I could still here voices coming from the garden next door, curiosity got the better of me, so I climbed into our attic and peered through the window, I saw, 3 older gentlemen and the two young me who moved in Next door, frolicking around in the pool. On closer inspection I recognized 2 of them from the Daily papers and the other one looked so familiar, so I took a closer look and behold, it was God father, Sandra’s Dad.
I couldn’t let that be an issue right now, we had too much going on for us, I wasn’t about to get involved in their business, I was determined to tell Mrs. not to worry about the goings on next door, we will just go about our business and let them go about theirs.
O before I forget Ken turned up in our house yesterday during the thanksgiving party, apparently he spoke to Mandible and he told him we were having a party , so he decided to come, he turned up looking all sober and he had a scar on his fine face where SF’s boys had obviously beaten him, He didn’t know if we would welcome him, so he stood outside our driveway and sent the gateman to get Kola and I, we obliged him, when we got outside a friend had come with him, he got out of the car walked towards us and Ken started to apologize.
Kola said this must be a week of apologies, first Babs and now ken. I said we have forgiven him already, he then said there is something else, he would like us to please help plead with Pamela to take him back, Kola and I looked at each other, honestly we didn’t mean too, but with both busted out laughing and said at the same time, “She’s getting married, Bro, sorry you are too late”. He stood there for a few minutes looking at us and then he turned around got in the car and friend drove off.
Kola and I went back inside to celebrate Pamela and Babs engagement, we decided not to tell Pamela, Ken showed up. Let’s not spoil the good thing going on right now. In short, The party turned into a thanksgiving and engagement party.
After a a lot of eating, dancing and prayers, I sat back and watched everyone, having fun, Jnr was having a time of his life, the pastor of Tammy’s church came with his wife and 3 small children 3, 5 and 7, they all played with Jnr, you could hear him, Laughing and screaming as they played hide and seek, As I watched him play, I couldn’t help but wonder what our own child would be like. I thought to myself If God permits me and of course if I can convince Mrs., I would want to have nothing less than 4 children. I know, I originally said I wanted one, but I must have been crazy at the time, who doesn’t want the kind of joy, Jnr brings in multiple places…….hmmmmmm

MRS- Saturday, hmmm, what a day. As Babs knelt down on the drive way, proposing to Pamela, she helped Babs up and gave him an amazing Kiss while saying, Yes I will marry you, so many times, Toke and I busted out laughing. You could see she was in love with Babs, they kissed, hugged and held each other for a while. As I watched them , I felt a bit guilty for stinging Babs along for so long, I couldn’t help but wonder how he almost missed out on the love of his life because of my selfishness, I didn’t want him, but I also didn’t want to let him go. Not sure what I was thinking, how in the world was I expecting to eat my cake and still have it at the same time?
Am glad he’s happy, am especially happy for my best friend Pamela, she’s a wonderful friend and she deserves every happiness, she can get.
Toke and I went indoors we left Pamela and Babs outside still holding each other. Just then Toke’s phone rings, it’s a Man’s voice, she talks to him for about 10 minutes , then drops the phone looking all stressed. “What’s the matter I asked?, that was my father, she replied, he said My sister just got admission into Uni and they need some more money, he also said my mum wants to see me, she’s complaining that I haven’t sent money to them or been home in a while, “When I told him I had a wonderful surprise for him. Do you know what he said?” “No” I replied, “he said I should pocket my surprise, I should just get some money and bring it to them next week. He wasn’t interested in any yeye surprise I had”.
By now Toke was crying and saying to me she really doesn’t want to have anything to do with her family anymore. Her dad never cared about her, she had to pay her way through Uni with the help of Pamela and I, even while in Uni she still sent money to her parents from whatever we gave her, all her father knew was, I want more, he was like Oliver twist, never satisfied, I have tried to be reasonable, I send them money every month and now that through the Help of Aakil, I am going to finally get us out of poverty, he shows me how ungrateful he is, what am I going to do? I have a feeling he’s going to say he won’t let me marry a muslim
I could see how agitated she was, so I interrupted asking her to calm down, don’t think like that I said, You don’t know my father, he’s a deeper life, he has a different way of seeing life. But mind you, am ready for him, if he says I can’t Marry Aakil, then he won’t be there to see me marry him. All this happened on SATURDAY.
By yesterday, at Thanking, Toke was back to her normal self, I Haven’t asked her how she handled her parent’s issue. I had gotten Tammy to go over and talk to her, Tammy said she prayed with her and told her God was an amazing God and there is no situation too difficult for God to turn around for good, Toke just had to trust in him.
By 11pm, our house was quiet, everyone had gone home. The party turned out great, from what I know and could see, everyone had a wonderful time. Mr. and I finally retired to bed after everyone had left, we made love and it felt so good, as we lay there after , Mr told me, how he had changed his mind and wanted loads of children, I smiled and thought to myself, Am game my darling , if you are……..hmmmmmmm

Day 101
MR-What a way to start a new week, Mrs. just started throwing up this morning, she felt so weak, I was so afraid I thought she was losing the baby, I panicked called my MIL, she just laughed and asked me to calm down that it was morning sickness. She said I was to expect this to go on for a couple of months at least, so I need to get used to it. Fine, I was so glad it wasn’t a bad thing per se, but having to watch her wrench like that every morning, will take some getting use too.
To make matters worse when she finished throwing up, she asked if I could please get her Baskin robbins Honey pecan ice cream. Do you know how rear that is in this part of the world, the only place that sells it, is like 35 minutes’ drive away and I haven’t even added early morning traffic? I’ve been told it’s called cravings. Why can’t my darling crave for something like Gari and sugar or let’s say apple or grapes?, hmmm, this baby conceived in a Dubai luxury apartment, is sure going to love the good things of life….I can feel it.
Anyway, I got the ice cream and dashed off to work, Kola and I had to meet with a foreign investor coming in from Frankfurt. I was so nervous because we had fixed a meeting for 10pm, it was 8.45am and I was still in traffic. Slowly the traffic began to ease up and I finally pulled into our office car park at 9.40am.
Just as we settled down in the boardroom, the investor shows up right on the dot of 10am. He researched our company online and noted all the successful projects we had carried out, he said he loved our profile. The project he wants to offer us has nothing to do with our line of business but he believes we will do a great Job. He wants to give us a franchise for a 5 star hotel his family own in Europe, when he mentioned the name, I almost fell off my seat, it was the same 5 star hotel we stayed in ,in Paris during our honeymoon, it was fantastic. To cut the long story short, he gave us one month to come up with a proposal on how we intend to get the project going.
We offered to take him to lunch, he politely declined and said he will take a rain check, he had to be at his embassy for a meeting with his ambassador. As soon as he left Kola and I knelt down and thanked GOD, we, small company, this man said he researched us based on our profile online. I silently prayed for My PA Tony, he has worked on our website and brought it up to international standard when he started working with us, he didn’t tell me he was a guru web designer, God bless him.
The time was 2pm, we were exhausted and hungry from brain storming. We came to a conclusion that we need Aakil’s expertise and experience, He has been in the luxury hotel business for a while. I was going to put a call to him later.
Kola and I decided it was time to eat, so we went to the restaurant around the corner from our office. Unfortunately, when we got to the restaurant, there was a commotion going on, 2 girls were being held down by the restaurant staff and a man in agbada was shouting at them, calling them thieves etc. what happened you ask? Well according to the guy who gisted us, The chief, that’s the old man, turned up with 4 girls for lunch, he asked them to order anything they want and they did, they ordered champagne, pounded yam, bush meat, fresh fish, jollof rice, assorted meat, snails and power horse. The man didn’t mind, half way through the meal, two of the girls excused themselves to go to the ladies, the other 2 stayed with the chief. After a while when the girls that went to the ladies didn’t come back the chief asked after them, so one of the remaining girls said she will go find out what happened. She too didn’t come back. Then the chief got really curious and the last girl volunteered to go check on them the chief said no, he will come with her but first let him pay the bill. So he settled the bill and they both got up. As they walked towards the car park they saw the 3rd girl standing next to the chief’s car, the other two girls, who left initially, were already sitting in the car, as soon as they saw the chief and the last girl coming, they put the car in reverse and speed off leaving the third girl standing there, she attempted to run, but the chief started to shout, Thief! Thief! And people came out and caught the girl.
Now here is the funny part. The two girls being held by the mob, denied that they knew the two girls that fled with the car, the truth was that the chief picked them up separately and miles apart. The two that were left with him, he had picked up first and the ones that fled he picked up just before he got to the restaurant, how he could proof they were working together was an uphill task. The third girl even went further to say, when she saw the two girls in the car she was querying them and threatening to call chief when she saw chief coming towards them, when asked why she ran?, she said it was reflex. Kola and I smiled, shuck our heads and got back in the car and decided to go eat at home, where peace and quiet will reign……hmmmm

MRS- Its official, am showing signs of being pregnant but you know what’s great, I get to send Mr. on impossible errands. Not that I want to, it’s just what the baby is craving. Today it was Honey Pecan ice cream by baskin robbins, hmmmm, tomorrow it might just be frozen yoghurt from Domino’s pizza, or Local rice and beans from Ghana high. Don’t blame a girl, she’s got to milk it while she can.
Anyway, Morning sickness aside, we have a bit of an issue with Toke’s Dad. Her sister called and Toke told her happily about Aakil and how the family was finally going to get out of poverty and live a life of luxury, she even told her about the house and car Aakil was getting for them. She did ask Peju, that’s her sister’s name, not to tell anyone. But trust me, that kind of wonderful news is very hard to keep to yourself, so Peju told their Mum, who was so happy, she called Toke immediately to confirm it was true and to congratulate her, she even took Aakils full name, so she could pray for both of them that nothing goes wrong.
While they were talking on the phone, Toke’s dad walks in and overhears what her mum is saying about how God can use anyone for us, even a Man of a different faith, from a foreign country, he snatches the phone from her mum and demands to know what his wife is talking about, Toke doesn’t want to tell him, she keeps quiet, so he demands his wife should or face his wrath, so Toke’s mum spills. He then calls Toke back and says , if she came from his loins and she wants her children to respect and honour her, she should break it off with this Muslim man now or else he will disown her and place a cause on her. She immediately gets into an argument with him, tries to tell him we are all God’s children, how God is using him for them etc, but he passes the phone to Tokes mum and says , My word is final.
Tokes Mum is also distraught, she pleads with Toke to take it easy, that she will talk to her father. But Toke knows that it would take a miracle for him to change his mind. Tammy walks in, just as Toke was finishing the story and saying, “If my father thinks he can stop me from getting married to Aakil, he’s joking. If I have to rent a father to represent him on that day, that’s what I would do.
Tammy immediately tells Toke, What The bible say in Exodus 20 v 12, “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long…” Toke also replies, the bible also says in Ephesians 6 verse 4 “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them….”. “Yes, I know Tammy said, but it is better for you to obey God and be clear in your heart that you have done the right thing by God’s word. God will work a miracle in your life, your father will back down and let you marry Aakil, if its Gods will for you. Let’s all have a 3 day fast and commit this issue on to the lord”.
Toke and I agreed, we had just over a week before Aakil and his parents come down for the engagement. At this stage we need all the miracles we could get, the way I see it , if anyone asks Toke not to marry Aakil, I hate to think what she would do. As Tammy said God Almighty was still on the throne and there is nothing impossible for him to do, so let’s pray ……hmmmm

Day 102
MR- Aakil is in, I spoke to him yesterday, about the franchise and he’s interested. He said it would be a great opportunity for him to start investing in his Wife’s country, Toke can be a director he said. I couldn’t help but admire him, a man who knows what he wants and goes for it, Toke is a lucky girl, from all indications, he’s not planning to uproot her to Dubai permanently. I guess they will both have to shuttle between both countries. That’s a minor detail. Love they say conquers all.
We got an unexpected visitor in our office yesterday, God father, Sandra’s Dad, showed up with a friend of his. Kola saw them from his office window, as they alighted from their vehicle and rushed into my office to tell me. I buzzed Tony and asked him to put them in our board room as soon as they come in. “What does he want , Kola asked , “I don’t know, maybe he wants to discuss business?”, A few minutes later Tony walks in and says they are waiting for us.
God father stood up to greet Kola and I, he was really pleasant, it took us by surprise. Tony asked if they would like anything to drink, they both said coffee. As soon as Tony stepped out. GF, said he needed our help. “This friend he brought with him, is currently being investigated for funding the killing of a politician, just before election. He was seen at the guy’s house threatening him the day before the polls. On the day of the election, the guy didn’t wake up, he was strangled overnight and all fingers pointed to my friend here”. “How come you are not in custody Sir?” I asked looking at his friend. GF, answered. “Well, a warrant has been issued for his arrest, but they have to find him first, don’t they?. His case is with military intelligence handled by one Gen J. Sandra tells me he is your uncle. We need you to please talk to him”. I was in shock, how come GF was asking us for help, he knew everyone and everyone knew him? As if he could read my mind he said “Son I know what you are thinking, why do I need your help, with everyone I know and my status in this country? Well Gen J’s reputation precedes him, he is not one to take a bribe or succumb to threats , he is a true military man, all he understands is Go and he goes, trust me, we have tried but to no avail. You are our last hope”.
For the first time, the friend speaks, “Honestly, my brothers I didn’t kill him, yes I went there to threaten him into stepping down for me at the last minute, but I had nothing to do with his death. I was at our King’s palace all night, that day. I woke up to the news of his death like everyone else. “Did you win Sir?” Kola asked. “No, I did not, the dead guy won, but someone else from their party, is there now and he’s the one pushing for me to be prosecuted. I have a feeling he killed the guy because he was asked to step down for him to be in charge and he be the deputy, which I learnt caused a division in their party. “
“Why is no one is looking in that direction?” I asked, “Well, they are in power now, what do you expect?” “Okay Sir, let me talk to Uncle J and see what he says, I will get back to you in a couple of days.” ‘’Thank you my Son, please make it happen” and with that they both got up and left.
“What was that Bro?” Kola asked, “GF, coming to ask us for help. Na wah, he must be really desperate”. “It beats me too, I would never in a million years imagine what just happened. Anyway I will get Mrs. to book an appoint for me with Uncle J. I wonder what the true story is, am sure we will find out soon enough…..hmmmm

MRS- Fasting, throwing up and having cravings are a terrible combination. At least Mr. was delighted with the fasting, because he didn’t have to run day break craving getting errands. This is one of my best friends we are talking about here, I would do anything for them and am sure they will do the same for me. So I’ve got to suck it up and look forward to breaking the fast just before lunch. I think I owe Toke that much.
We all decided for the 3 days of Fasting, we will congregate at Tammy’s house in the morning, spend time together praying and waiting on the, Lord then break our fast together. I was down with that cos Tammy was an amazing cook.
Pamela and Babs have been missing in action. After out thanksgiving Party, they announced they were going away for a while to make up for lost time. They didn’t disclose where, but promised to stay in touch, the trip was for 2 weeks. I don’t blame them, with all the craziness they have been through, they do need quality time alone.
Oh! Just before I forget, as I drove out of our gate, this morning, one of the boys next door flagged me down. I stopped, he goes, “Hello Madam, we were wondering if you could recommend a gym to us, actually we saw your hubby going to the gym the other day but before we could get out here, he had driven off”. I looked at the guy, as if he was from a different planet. I just said,” I think you should ask my husband, I don’t use a gym, he usually comes back home around 6pm”. He said, thank you and I drove off. I have a feelings he just wanted to talk to me. He could have asked any of our neighbors, why me? I’ve got to watch out for these boys.
As if that wasn’t enough, as I got to the end of our close, Mabel our nosey neighbor on the other side, flagged me down. I stopped, we exchanged pleasantries and she complimented my Range. I got out, just to be polite and she asked “My sister, am sorry o, I don’t mean to pry, (She always starts her busy body sentence with that) But have you noticed anything strange about the goings on next door?” “Like what, I haven’t noticed anything, have you? I asked.” “Hmmm, Yes o, My sister, I see all sorts of Big men going and coming, I even saw one senator from our village there yesterday, what do you think is going on?” She asked me. “Madam Mabel, I don’t know, I just get home, go inside and mind my own business” “Ah!, My sister, we need to know o, this is our estate, if anything fishy is going on we need to know, you keep an eye out, I will do the same, Chidi says he will talk to their gateman later, I will let you know what we discover, Have a good day my sister”. I said “You too,” got in my car and drove to Tammy’s house.
If I was wondering why I never got on with Madam Mabel? There was no doubt in my mind any longer, Madam Mabel and her husband Chidi, were trouble and I would be wise to stay far away from them.
It was Day two of our fasting and prayer, Toke and Tammy were already waiting for me when I got to Tammy’s house. She opened up a passage in the bible, Psalm 55 v 22, Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. Tammy explained how we cannot ordinarily solve our challenges but if we commit them into God’s hands, he will help us overcome them. This mountain before us will be leveled, it might not look like it now, but by faith, it is.……hmmmm

Day 103
MR- Uncle J, was receptive but uncompromising, as we sat in his large wood paneled office, he listened to Kola and I as we narrated what GF and his friend said. After we were done, Uncle J, called out GF’s name 3 times, laughed and said what he could do is this, we should ask the friend to surrender to him, he will interrogate the guy and he promises us he would find out if he was lying or telling the truth. He even went a step further to say he will do the interrogation at any location of their choice, Kola and I felt this was very fair, we thanked uncle J and left. Although I couldn’t help but wonder why Uncle J, reacted that way, when I mentioned God father’s name.
Before then Aakil wired the money for both houses, 2 cars and a thundra to my account, the bank manager called and set up a meeting, the sudden influx of a huge amount dollars into my account got my banking officer up to his target in one day. He called to say a big thank you. Actually he alerted me to the transfer before Aakil called. The meeting with the manager was brief, luckily Aakil had emailed a letter saying what the money was for and I already had offer letters for the houses and invoices for the cars. Everything was in order. I printed out a copy of my dollar account statement and Kola and I kept looking at the figures. Aakil was wealthy, not rich but wealthy, this kind of money, spent on properties and cars in one day was no ordinary fete. We thanked God for the day we saw Tella at 805 restaurant in London and had to run to Dubai. He actually thought he was chasing us into harm’s way but instead he indirectly pushed us towards our prosperity, God Almighty be praised,
Kola and I went to see God father, delivered Uncle J’s response. He also felt it was fair but his friend was a bit apprehensive. God father reassured him that the Gen J, he knew never went back on his word. I asked if he knew Uncle J personally, he said he did in a different world but that story was for another day. Things still didn’t add up, but I decided to leave finding out the relationship between them until another day. Right now I had to get back to Uncle J that they had agreed to his terms.
The surrender happened immediately I called uncle J, it was fixed for one of GF’s guest houses. Uncle J wanted us there. It took all but 1 hour, when he finished with the friend, it was the general consensus of Uncle J and the 2 other officers present at the interrogation, that the friend was innocent. GF was delighted, he said he owes us big time and went off to get his friend. Uncle J pulled us aside and said “Stay away from GF, I don’t want you around him, he is more dangerous than you can imagine, Do you know he arranged for the politician to be killed on behalf of his friend?. When his friend lost the election, he felt he was useless to him and he needed someone to take the fall, that’s why he’s secretly financing and pushing the other political party to make sure his friend is prosecuted for the murder. I just told his friend now but warned him not to disclose it, if he wanted to stay alive, so please stay away from him”.
Kola and I didn’t need to be told twice, this revelation combined with what I saw of him next door, put paid to any future contact with him. I had to wrap things up quickly because I promised my love I would take her out tonight, I know she’s fasting, so I promised to be home early so we can get some food in that tummy for mother and baby. We discussed Baby names yesterday, I know its early days yet, but I can’t help myself, I am so excited, I want a girl first but Mrs. wants a boy. To be honest I won’t mind either or both for that matter, as long as the baby is healthy. Becoming a father is my next priority in life, I’ve got to make sure am really good at it and live up to expectations………….hmmmm

MRS- So looking forward to our dinner date tonight. Mr. and I have been preoccupied with so many things, we haven’t really had a date night. I have chosen to go to a nice fusion food restaurant, it’s actually Asian but they combine it with our food in a delicate, tasty way, I love fusion food, tonight that’s our craving.
Don’t make fun of me, it’s my first, I really want to enjoy this pregnancy, I know once the baby comes , the first year can be rally strenuous for a new mum, I’ve been reading up on first time mums. I would have loved my mum to come help out but she’s also pregnant and drops shortly before I do, in case you’ve forgotten. That’s reminds me, I owe her a visit, I must make a note to go see her this week, maybe Friday.
Today is the last day of our 3 day fasting and praying, we are already getting results, Toke’s Mum called her yesterday night and said Toke should continue with her prayers because it’s working. Her mum said, Toke’s father called her to sit down with him in the morning and said maybe he was a bit too quick to dismiss Toke, he asked her to tell him more about this young man called Aakil. So she promised to give Toke a call and get more details, hence this call. Toke told her mum we have been fasting and praying, told her about Aakil’s mum being a Christian and she’s not had to give up her religion, despite the fact that she lives in Qatar. Also the fact that he already paid for a house and car for them and how they will never have to suffer again.
Her mum couldn’t control her excitement, Toke told her they will be settled in their new house before the end of the month. Aakil and his family come into the country for their engagement first week in February. Her mum promised to discuss it with her Father and get back to her immediately. God is awesome, we are not even done with the fasting and he’s already working his miracles. Thank you God.
Tammy wasn’t surprised, she just said I know the God I serve, he never disappoints, If Aakil is Gods will for you Toke, no human force can stop your union, they can try but they won’t succeed, just keep trusting in the lord. I learnt a lot form all this, I have been truly blessed, everyone should have a friend like Tammy, I now know God is my only source, everyone will disappoint you but God Almighty.
And on another note, You won’t believe that Madam Mabel was waiting for me in front of her house this morning, as soon as she saw me pull out of our gate, she started flagging me down, I put on my dark sunglasses and picked up speed, I pretended I didn’t see her, what does this woman want from me, I really don’t want her to use her amebo, to put me in trouble. You don’t understand, let me tell you just one of the things she and her husband Chidi did.
The house opposite us used to be occupied by a man and his two wives, he was from the north. The family were peaceful until Madam Mabel started to befriend the younger wife. To cut the long story short, Madam Mabel introduce the young wife to her brother, when that one confided in her, that the husband only had time for the senior wife. Madam Mabel’s brother just came back from London and was looking for a wife according to her. She convinced the young wife to leave her husband and go to London with her brother. She forgot to mention that her brother was deported and couldn’t go back. One thing led to another, the young wife got pregnant. Madam Mabel then tried to extort money from the young wife, she refused, madam Mabel told the woman’s husband, who in turn kicked his young wife out and paid Madam Mabel to keep her quiet. The brother had conveniently disappeared at this time. The truth is the husband was the father, the woman never slept with the brother but Madam Mabel didn’t know that. By the time the child was born and DNA test conducted, it was revealed that the husband, was the father. The husband took his wife back but they had enough, they sold their house and moved out of our estate. That’s just one of loads of trouble she causes with her busy body mouth every day. Hardly anyone is friends with them in the estate. What they do now is try to attach themselves to new residents who are oblivious of how dangerous they are. Now, when I see her coming this way, I run that way ….. hmmm

Day 104
MR- Chief Tope, knocked on our gate this morning, we were still asleep when the gateman called the intercom to say the chairman of the estate was waiting for me downstairs. I got out of bed carefully not to disturb Mrs. and went to see what he wanted. He was sited in our front room still dressed in his long sleeping gown. “Morning Sir, what’s the matter? How can I help you?”. “Am so sorry I had to wake you up, but there is fire on the mountain” “What’s wrong, I asked, looking all worried. “Well, your neighbor on the other side Chidi, just left my house now, he says the new house next door is a cult club house, Is that true?” “Ahh! How does he know?” “Well he said he bribed the gateman, who speaks Hausa. Coincidentally Chidi can speak Hausa, grew up in sokoto and Kano where his father was stationed as a policeman. He said the gateman explained that big men come and sleep with small buys in the place and at night they wear black and drink blood”.
“Ah!, Sir, are you sure you should be spreading this kind of rumors without proof. And in any case if it is indeed a cult for big men, don’t you think if they find out you and Chidi have been spreading rumors about them, it could land you both in Big trouble?. My advice Sir, you know Chidi, he is the Amebo of our estate, please don’t listen to him”. “Well, that’s why I came to you to confirm because I know you don’t tell lies like he does” the chairman said quickly. I could tell he was scared. “Thank you, I will dismiss him next time he comes to me”.
As the chairman left, I took a deep breathe, Oh! My gosh, what in God’s name was going on next door, I have to get them evicted, the good news is that it’s a lease, so they can leave, I would not have my family grow up next to blood sucking men. I went back to bed, couldn’t sleep, I was still thinking of a way to get rid of them. Then it occurred to me all of a sudden, I don’t have to do anything, I just have to get uncle J to deal with them without involving me. He is practically family now. I shall go see him at day break. I looked at the time it was 5am. I still had about an hour and a half to lie in.
Mrs. was back with her cravings, fasting complete, she wanted pepperoni and mushroom topped with pineapple pizza from dominos, what a disqusting combination. But my baby Mama’s wish is my command. So off to Domino’s pizza I went.. That wasn’t too bad cos dominos was just a few minutes down the road. I got a large one and threw in a frozen strawberry yoghurt. Dropped it off and drove to the office.
Kola and I talked about my plan to get rid of our neighbors, but he felt it wouldn’t work, so I called Uncle J and he said he will meet us at a bar later in the evening. The day went by quickly, we met with the estate agents collected the papers for the houses to do a search at the lands office. Then went to the car dealer paid for three brand new cars, a Thundra, a Mercedes Benz for Toke and a Toyota Avensis for Tokes parents, Cars will be delivered on Saturday.
From there we went to meet Uncle J. When I finished narrating what I saw through our attic window and what Chief Tope said, Uncle J just laughed. He said now let me tell you how God father and I met……hmmmm

MRS- Fasting done, Mr. is back on his duty to get my cravings, this morning the baby and I were nice, all we craved for was pepperoni, mushroom and pineapple pizza, it was yummy, Mr. felt it was the most disgusting combination he had ever heard of. Well disgusting or not, we intend to enjoy every slice of it.
I had a date with my mum this evening, she’s taking me to see a play at Alliance franchise, it’s about a black girl who falls in love with a French engineer working in her country, his father is a racist and would never sanction the relationship, so he makes her bleach her skin takes her back to Paris and tries to pass her off as white skinned. That’s what the intro my mum sent to me says about the play, I wonder how it all turns out and anyway it sounds interesting. It starts at 7pm.
I have been thinking, I want to do a business, am finding that I have too much time on my hands, I spoke to Mr. about it yesterday, he wasn’t really listening to me he seemed too preoccupied. Anyway I have been reading up books on starting your own business and they all say, start with something you enjoy doing. The issue for me now is I enjoying doing a lot of things, I’ll give it a few days, see what I come up with, after all I have a degree can’t let that waste now ,can I ? Although you might be wondering why now, especially when am having a baby soon, well am thinking once the baby comes and I drop him or her off at nursery, it would be nice to go to my business, then come back and pick my child up and take him or her home, whatever I decide to do, I want it to be flexible enough, so that I would have enough time for my baby and most importantly Mr.
Mr. you say, yes it is very important, a lot of the books on first time mothers, say most new mother forget about their husband’s as soon as the baby comes, we focus all our attention on the baby and neglect the man. We blame our lack of time for him on baby demands, if we are conscious of this before we have the baby we can plan with our husband’s how to divide our time as a new mother between the two of them. I can see their point. Mr. will have a fit if I neglect him, he’s like a baby himself, likes attention too much.
I wonder how full time working mother cope, it must be very demanding, that’s why I want my own business, so I can work around my family. Dear God please help me get it right the first time, I really want to be a great mother, an amazing wife and a successful entrepreneur and I know God will grant me my request, there is nothing impossible for him to do…..Mathew 19 verse 25.
Around 5 pm, I left home to drive to meet my mum at the restaurant she had booked for us to have late lunch. Traffic was light, I got there early and we had lunch and proceed to the French institute. The play was very nice, I loved the end. The French man took the lady back to Paris, eventually his father found out she wasn’t white, that didn’t matter in the end because the father fell serious ill with a contagious disease, she was the only one who stayed to take care of him when everybody else abandoned him, before the father died he willed all his vast fortune to the lady and his son and swore that if he ever came back to this world he would marry an African lady.
We left around 8 pm, I drove home, just has I got into our street, I saw two women fighting, I mean physical fight, punching and scratching each other. The street lights made it very visible. As I got closer I noticed it was Madam Mable and another woman. I went to park my car, got down and by now other people had gathered to watch, no one tried to stop the fight, I guess because the lady had the upper hand, she was really pounding Madam Mabel. Just the chief Tope, the estate chairman, drove by with his son, they stopped , got out and separated the women, by now Madam Mable was bleeding from the mouth. He put her in his car and drove away.
When he left someone asked the lady fighting with Madam Mabel what the matter was, she just looked at all of us , rolled her eyes and hissed, then she said “You people better warn that witch to stay away from my husband” and with that she marched towards her house. We all started to disperse, some were shaking their heads and clapping their hands , others were laughing , well the long and short of what I could sense , was that everyone felt Madam Mabel had it coming for a long time and she definitely deserved what she got……hmmmmm

Day 105
MR- Uncle J continued with his story, “GF and I went to uni together, he studied economics and I, public administration. We bunked in the same room as freshmen and continued to be roommates and went on to become best friends until we graduated. We were lucky, we both had a second class upper and got posted to the same place in the north, as teachers.
After youth service, we came back to the south and started looking for jobs, I said I was tired of looking that we should join the army, who at the time was offering good pay and training as officers at The royal military academy, Sandhurst in England. He declined, I accepted, and I went off to Sandhurst, by the time I returned to the country, SF was rich. He heard I was back and organized a welcome party for me at his house. When I saw how he lived and how he spent money I asked him how he got rich so fast. He told me to come with him somewhere. I trusted him, I thought he was the friend I left behind, didn’t know he had changed. He took me to this large house, introduced some men to me as his friends, I was entertained and that was the last thing I knew. When I woke up I was dressed in black, some incision had been made on my body and my blood had been drawn. I was drowsy but still in control, I kicked the stuff put in front of me over and ran. Later I was picked up by the road side where I passed out, by a church congregation on a crusade and taken to their church. I was prayed for 21 days , at the end I was back to normal but I lost the most important thing to me , my manhood, that’s why am not married up until today, I can’t father a child, the cult took my manhood.
I vowed to take them down but the pastor warned me not to attempt it now, that when the time comes all of them will be put to shame, I would have the power to bring them to their knees without me being involved directly, that time is here, don’t worry boys, I have been working on this for more than 20 years, I will bring the cult down. I have an inside man who has been building a dozier on all members, they have from judges, to governors to politicians all very powerful and influential, but we have God. One with God is a majority. The pastor did ask me to come for 7 day prayers when the time was right, am going into that from tomorrow, when am back I will start to bring them apart, I won’t have to tell you, you will watch on the news as it unfolds.
Kola and I had our mouths open, I could not have believed uncle J was this religious, and to think he could not have children and he remained sane , GF is evil, no wonder Uncle J asked us to stay away from him. He doesn’t have to tell us twice.
We paid for the houses yesterday and got the keys, because of time the owners had cleaned them before handing over, the furniture people will furnish both tomorrow, Akil and his family arrive in a few days, we need the house to be ready and Toke and her parents moved in before then.
I sent engagement requirements to Aakil yesterday as he requested, he wants me to buy all that is necessary, he also wants a reception organized for 50 people at a five start hotel. He will bring the take away gifts for attendees. He’s coming with 10 people, so that leaves 40 spaces for us to fill, that is already filled from close friends and family of Toke, there are loads that are going to be left out but we intend to cater for them on the field in our estate, Mrs. and Tammy are meeting with the owner of the events place in our estate.
Aakil also said we should hire a white Rolls Royce and a Mercedes Benz limo, for Toke and her family to ride to the party, he and his family are making arrangements with their embassy. Something else that surprised me, he is sending all Tokes engagement gifts, he put them in a large metal box and it will be air freighted by emirates. He has requested for a bullion van and security company to take it straight to the bank. Kola and I are debating what it could be, the only logically explanation, is Gold.
Whoa! It must be some Gold or diamonds, that needs a bullion van, God help us on that day…..hmmmm

MRS- Date night with Mr. was great, Fusion food, you should have seem my combination. Mr. is a darling, I was saying to him the other night that I need to watch my weight so I shouldn’t eat too much, he playfully scolded me saying Please eat all you want don’t starve my baby o, if you put on weight who cares, the rounder the better, does your weight change who you are? I love this man, he is definitely the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh….Don’t blame me o, let me praise what I have, if I don’t someone else might just decide to do it for me.
Anyway Toke called yesterday evening, she wants to see Tammy and I first thing this morning. I Know everything is fine, we have prayed and have faith in God to work his miracles, I got to Toke’s, she was playing loud music and dancing, Tammy drove in behind me , we walked in together, we could hear the music from the road.
Peju was there with her dancing too, “What’s going on babes”, I asked, “Well sit down, Toke said”. We sat down, “My Father sent me this letter through my sister Peju and I read” –
My dear Daughter,
I hope this letter meets you well, I am writing to apologize for my behavior. I really appreciate all you have done and are doing for our family. I forgot one vital thing, Man proposes but God Almighty disposes, When God says Yes, nobody can say No. I have prayed and God has shown me that this man Aakil is for you. He has blessed you with this man as an answer to all our prayers. I am sorry my daughter, please forgive me.
I am sending your sister to you, for you to know I have truly forgiven you, and I want her to come back with a message that you have also forgiven me.
I remain your father
Mr. John Adebisi.
O my gosh! Praise the lord. Tammy shouted and we all chorused Hallelujah. God is awesome. After all that Toke replied, called a care hire service and asked him to take Peju back and bring back all her family members tomorrow, the house was being furnished now, should be ready by Sunday morning. They shouldn’t bring anything, all things new, including clothes will be waiting for them and Aakil has given her enough money for that.
Engagement preparations aside, we needed to go see what the interior decorators were doing, so we all got in my car, and drove to our estate. Toke’s house was beautiful, as you drive in, there’s a green area on the side with a lovely palm tree and a stone carved bench with a water fountain. The green area stretches until you get to the front of the house. Car ports are behind, you won’t even see the cars until you walk to the side of the house. Then you walk through a foot gate onto a patio which extends from the kitchen overlooking the swimming pool. You can sit there in the morning and have your breakfast. If you walk up ahead, you come to the guest chalet, a one bed room apartment fitted with the best sanitary wares and kitchenette. Then behind that, separated by a fence you have the two room boys quarters, laundry room and generator house, All in All it was wonderfully crafted.
The interior people were rounding off when we got there, they didn’t disappoint, the furnishing was exquisite, the color scheme was what Toke chose, I could see she, Aakil and their children, were going to be very happy here.
We left a couple of hours later, Toke called Uber, Tammy and I went to pick Jnr in school and I dropped them at home. Tomorrow was going to be a very busy day, we have to meet with the events manager in our estate, to discuss catering for the excess guests numbering close to 100 people. God help us ……hmmmmm

Day 106
MR- I actually forgot how strenuous planning an engagement could be, because Aakil doesn’t arrive in the country until next week and he’s never been here, Kola and I, are tasked with the job of getting everything sorted. We still had to get some exercise first. So we went to the club early in the morning, Kola met me up there for 7am. We played squash for a while, then decided to go for a swim. That was where I saw the boys from next door, sitting on a table, drinking champagne early in the morning. Honestly I know people do crazy things but who sits on a swimming pool deck with ladies in bikinis, sipping champagne at 8am on a Saturday morning. Kola and I came to the conclusion that these boys must be out of their minds. One of them waved to me I intentionally pretended like I didn’t notice, I refuse to be associated with this kind of people.
Exercise done, we both headed home, I was to meet Kola at his place, once I had my bath. When I got home, Mrs. was out, she left a note that she went down to Toke’s new house to help her unpack and from there she goes to the event planner with Tammy. I had my bath and got ready, as I was about to get in my car, my phone rang, it was GF, I ignored it and let it ring out. Got to Kola’s house, he got in my car and we headed to the hotel to make arrangements for the engagement party.
As I drove there, another call came in from GF, this time it kept ringing, Kola picked it up and said I was driving that as soon as we parked I would call him back, he wasn’t really happy with that but Kola didn’t give him a chance to respond, he just dropped the phone.
Then almost immediately, I got another call from Sandra, Kola also picked it, she said it was urgent and she’s got to see us asap. Kola told her where we were heading and asked her to meet us there. I wondered what could be so urgent.
Anyway we got to the hotel just as Sandra was parking her car. We all walked in together, finalized the booking and then went to sit in the lounge to have our talk. Sandra went first, “There’s fire on the mountain, I have been staying at my father’s house since Babs and I broke it off, I woke up this morning to the voice of my father screaming General J’s name. I went to see what the matter was and I saw some friends of his had suddenly showed up in our house at 6am, I don’t know what they were discussing but all I heard was my father swearing and causing Gen J, later I heard him mention your name and swear under his breathe. What’s going on, do you know?” “Honestly I have no idea, why don’t you ask your father?” I said. “When my father is angry, you don’t question him, you let him cool off, then you ask, right now he is boiling.” Kola looked at me as if to get my approval and said Sandra, do you think your father is in some kind of trouble?” “Knowing my Father, am sure he is, he’s in trouble all the time, but with his connections he manages to get out of it unscathed. I just hope this time he hasn’t bitten more than he can chew, to be honest if this has to do with the cult I pray whatever happens to him , liberates him from them, I hate to think how he will end up if he stays in the cult.”
Kola and I were not so shocked that Sandra wanted her father to get into trouble so he could leave the cult, who in their right mind will want their father to drink blood and kills people?
Just then another call came in form GF, this time I picked it up, as soon as I did, he started screaming and asking me why I haven’t called him back, do I know who he is, blab bla bla. I apologized and said I had just parked the car and was trying to get credit to call him back. He asked me where I was, I lied, I said I was out of town, not sure he believed me but he continued anyway, He said General J is trying to arrest him for murder and according to reliable sources he has solid evidence against him. “Not sure what he’s got, but if he loves himself, he should pick up my call and let us reach an understanding”, he wanted me to pass the message on to him. And that also to let him know the people he rolls with, do not take kindly to threats. He hears all of them are about to be indicted for varying crimes from embezzling to bribery to fraud and to murder. Arrest warrants are going to be issued for all of them sometime next week. Some are trying to flee right now but I don’t run, we won’t have found out, if not for one of us who is an inside man. “Talk to him boy and make sure he hears you”. With that he dropped the phone.
Was that my father? Sandra asked. “Yes it was”, I said, “and he has just threatened Uncle J”. “My father doesn’t like losing, what are you going to do now?” I dialed Uncle J’s no, he picked it up, I asked if I could see him urgently, he said we should meet him in his office immediately.
Sitting with Uncle J, Kola and Sandra, I related GF’s message to him, he was upset but not surprised. He knew they had a mole, but didn’t know the information about the indictments will reach the cult so fast. Anyway to cut the long story short, he said he was pulling the indictments, because the element of surprise was no longer there, they won’t be served on Monday any longer and this will result in them thinking their mole is a liar. Uncle J, smiled looked at us and said “Now that I’ve got the indictments signed, they will be served soon, but no one except myself, will know when I will serve them but believe me, the end is coming for them all…..hmmmm

MRS-Pamela and Babs get back tomorrow, she called yesterday evening to inform me. They are having an amazing time and she’s got loads of gist for me. I miss her and can’t wait.
Anyway I woke up early, put on my work jeans and went to Toke’s new house in our estate, we had to unpack all her stuff she brought from Pamela’s. For someone who didn’t have her own house before now, she sure as a lot of stuff. She was wise though, she got us some breakfast made, my friend already has a chef, he’s good, he made , bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans and French toast, he completed the meal with an amazing watermelon, beetroot and ginger drink, it was frozen. I had never had anything like that before, it was so nice, I would recommend it to anyone. Tummy’s full, we got to work. The whole house was sparkling clean, we just had to put her stuff in the wardrobes, I beg your pardon, in the walk in closet, hmmm, Toke was living the life.
Tammy arrived a couple of hours later, by then we were almost done with the unpacking. I forgot we had to go to the estate across from ours, where Mr. got a house for Toke’s parents, to see if all was set for their arrival. The chef had gone there to fill the house with food and also got another chef to cook for them, he resumes tomorrow. We decided that Since Toke’s cars will be delivered today, she should stay home, while we go see the events planner and pop into the estate across to see the house. All sounded like a great plan.

As we stepped out, you wont believe who we bumped into, Madam Mabel, was walking into Toke’s house with a bottle of wine and a cake. “Madam Mabel, how are you?” I asked, “My dear,am fine o, just a bit of pain from where that useless woman hit me.” “Sorry. What are you doing here?” I aksed. “Well, I just though I should welcome the new occupants to our estate, to show we are friendly people”. “ Well Madam Mabel. That’s kind of you, you didn’t have to worry, I already did that” Just them Toke walks out , she looks past Madam Mabel and asks us to wait, the cars are on their way now, with that she walks back into the house. Madam Mabel looked so shocked, she looked at me and said “She is not very friendly, she couldn’t even say hello to me” I just smiled and said, “Madam Mabel, don’t worry about it, not everyone likes people barging into their house, am sure you will have plenty time to get to know her”, she didn’t even answer me , she just rolled her eyes, kissed her teeth and walked out of the gate with her cake and wine .Tammy and I busted out laughing and as if we rehearsed it, we both said at the same time, “Busy Body”.
The cars arrived shortly after, a white, tan leather interior Mercedes Benz C class, boy! Was it exquisite, fully loaded, automatic, A brown Thundra with gold trim steel bars, it looked custom made, whoa! And a brand new Toyota Avensis for Toke’s parents. Once the cars were dropped, we sat in the Mercedes just admiring the interior and the wood paneling. We couldn’t resist, we decided to take it for a spin in the estate, Toke drove, o my gosh, the car was smooth, the sound system was awesome. Yeah, Yeah, am sure you’re wondering why am carrying on about the car when I have a brand new custom made range rover sports etc, well let me, I have never been a Mercedes Benz person, even though Mr. is in love with them, he has a G wagon,550, but I can’t stand the noise it makes so I guess that put me off Mercedes Benz. Also I have never been a fan of saloon cars , I love jeeps, but sitting inside Toke’s Benz, changed my perspective one time, Am definitely getting a saloon next, not saying right now, but I do have a birthday and Baby coming along, I might just get one as a present……hmmmm

Day 107
MR-There is nothing like being in the presence of God. You get this awesome peace and spirit of contentment that you get only in his Presence. The praise and worship, the sermon, all add up to put things in perspective.
The Pastor preached about Faith, and how faith and works go hand in hand, you can’t have faith about something and then sit back and not do anything about it. You have to add actions to your faith and then it works. For example you are believing God for a job, then you sit at home do nothing and expect the job to come meet you at home. No way, what you have to do is start applying, go for interviews and then you will surely get a job.
God Almighty has a specific word for each of us. Listening to God’s word for you is the key, God has a different word for each of us, Kola has a tummy pain, God tells him to drink beetroot juice twice daily, he does and he gets better, that doesn’t mean that if you have the same tummy ache you need to drink beetroot juice, God’s word for you might be drink cashew juice. You cannot use someone’s word from God to work your own miracle or destiny. God said Titi should go to Dubai to buy clothes to sell and she will prosper, doesn’t mean you too should copy Titi and start going to Dubai to buy clothes. God might want you to open a restaurant, or buy clothes from the north and sell in the south. If you also remember Jesus healed so many people in the bible, but he did it in different ways, to some he said go take a bath in the river, to some he used sand, to some he said get up and walk and so on. Wait on the lord, let him guide you and I promise you, he will never disappoint you.
Powerful sermon, it put a lot of things into perspective for Mrs. and I. We also decided to attend the Marriage enhancement class. The topic was Saying Sorry. The group leader asked all the women whose husbands found it hard to say sorry to raise their hands, we were about 40 Couples, all women but 2 raised their hands. He then asked the men to raise their hands, only about 5 raised their hands, so he asked us again why we can’t say sorry? Some said Pride, some I am the Head of the house I have to shouldn’t apologize, some said, why should he say sorry to a woman, some said, she will grow wings, some, I am the man, and some said, she needs to say sorry to me and so on, I could not believe the responses that came out from the guys, Anyway we had to close the meeting without sorting it out, there was too many reasons, the team leader said we will conclude next Sunday. Men and their Ego, I am a Man but some of those reasons were totally messed up.
Mrs. and I wanted to spend time alone, we haven’t had alone time for a while , with all the goings on around us, we wonder why, Anyway we went to have lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, after we checked in to an hotel. That was Mrs. Idea, she likes Hotels cos she says it makes her feel like we’ve left all the wahala behind. Well she was right, we made love, went for a swim downstairs, then came back and made love some more, it was a well-deserved half a day away from home break.
We got dressed as early as 6am, checked out and came home. I had to get ready for work, Kola and I have a meeting with some new clients. They called the office last week and Tony booked them for 9.30am today. I hope it’s something we can take on, with this hotel project coming up, we only want short term new jobs.
I watched Mrs. as she bounced around the bed room doing her exercises, she had a dvd playing with exercises for pregnant woman, she was glowing , full of life, I thanked God for the day I met her. I pray I can be the best husband and father to her and our children, I am a very Happy married man and I only have God almighty, to thank for that……hmmmm

MRS- Well, well, we had a short lovey dovey break, it was really good, all the preparations’, moving and stuff, just make me so tired at the end of the day, I can hardly lift a finger. So yesterday I was determined to spend it with my boo alone, no guests, no phone calls and no nosey neighbors, so we checked into a hotel and honeymooned away.
Pamela and Babs are back, I haven’t seen them but Toke called before I switched off my phone, to say they came to her new place and she made them spend the night, they waited to see if Mr. and I would get back home but we didn’t. She said lots of gist waiting for me today.
I bought this new video about exercise for early stage pregnant women and I have been doing them regularly, I have even adjusted my diet, I take Folic acid, no more nurofen tablets when I have aches , it’s bad for the baby and could even cause a miscarriage. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. This baby must be well taken care of, I have no excuse not to do my best to make sure he or she is totally healthy. I also matter in this equations, I’ve got to keep myself fit and healthy, Oh one more thing , they do say making love helps , I must make sure we get a lot of that going too.
You know I don’t say this often, but am one of the luckiest women I know, God has blessed me with an amazing husband, He’s Godly, he doesn’t stress me, he’s peaceful, loving, caring, generous and above all loves me to bits, I was one of the four women, out of about forty, who didn’t raised their hands in the Marriage enhancement class yesterday when they asked how many women, have men that do not like to say Am sorry? It was a real eye opener , the things we take for granted, I honestly did not appreciate the fact that Mr. said, Am sorry to me whenever he upsets me and he says it first many times, until I listened to some of the ridiculous reasons some husbands gave at counseling yesterday for not saying sorry to their wives.
I appreciate Mr. so much more now, I thank God Almighty for the day I met him, it seems like yesterday, we have had our little share of ups and downs but through it all, I have always felt comfortable knowing that God Almighty and My Mr. have always got my back…..hmmmmm

Day 108
MR-Aakil sent a list of family he was coming with, His mum and dad, 3 brothers, their spouses and his best friend Ahmed. Ten of them arrive on a private jet on Sunday. The engagement has been fixed for Friday the 10th of February. Their embassy is providing accommodation for them and security. He and his Best friend would love to spend time with us Monday through Thursday, He has also asked us to arrange with the hotel investor, so we could discuss the deal and finalize it.
Yesterday was good, we had an offer to revamp a marketing and logistics company. It wasn’t so complicated but would require a lot of brain work. So we decided to think about it and get back to the client, Babs came by the office at midday , he looked different and at peace , he came to thank us for everything, he said Pamela was the woman of his dreams , he couldn’t believe that he was so lucky to end up with her.
He told us a bit about his childhood, He said, Growing up in a struggling household, he remembers one incident that almost shaped his life, His father worked as a company driver for a large multinational company, he rose to the post of senior driver before he was retired, his mum was a petty trader, she did well enough to feed him and his siblings and help his dad keep a roof over their head. One day he and his siblings were watching their old black and white television, A film about a black boy who against all odd became one of the best American football players, in a time when blacks were practically still treated as second class citizens. Babs said he looked at his father and said “Daddy when I grow up I want to be a governor or own a very big company”, his father looked at him and said “Son, don’t deceive yourself, you were born poor, you will die poor, poverty is our portion, we are not born to rise higher than we already are, so don’t go around imagining what will never happen”. Babs said he cried so hard that day. Asked why not? his father had no answer and for a while he believed it , until he got to university and met children from different backgrounds and different parts of the country studying all sorts of courses.
Babs continued, He became a different person, began to mix and rub shoulders with them and eventually his mindset changed after listening to a motivational speaker talk about wrong assumptions and brain washed ideas. I recently called my father and told him I had a masters in Business Administration and I was about to start my own company and become a CEO, as I had wished. He broke down crying and apologized for his wrong doctrine. I told him I forgave him a long time ago and I told him so. I knew that people can say what they want, try to discourage you, only if you let them. God Almighty gave you the amazing life and you alone should be responsible for its direction or lack thereof.
Kola and I were amazed at Babs revelations, all our preconceived opinions about him melted away. He was actually a nice guy, very smart and reliable. It just goes to show that first impressions aren’t always right.
We all spent some time gisting generally and marking off what had been done for Toke’s engagement and what was left to do. Babs had one more request, he said he needed father advice from Kola, since he was the only one who had experience in that areas and great husband advice from me since I was the one happily married the longest.
Another thing, honestly when it rains it pours, EG called and asked me to pop into see him after work. Kola and I left around 6pm, Babs had left a bit earlier to go pick Pamela from Toke’s. I got to EG’s place an hour later, loads of traffic. EG asked me to sit, offered me a drink, he then said “Son, am making an honest woman out of your MIL, we are getting married and we have set a date for April 15th Easter weekend. I was in shock, “What, Congratulations I blotted out. That’s the week after Pamela and Babs wedding. Whoa!”. EG looked at me and smiled and said, “Well you guys better get busy. Your MIL will inform your Mrs., herself”. Just thought I let you know. I congratulated him again, got up and left.
As I drove back home , I suddenly started to think, four pregnant women, 3 weddings and 1 big business Merger, 2017 was surely going to be an awesome year, Thank you lord……hmmmmmm

MRS-Pamela was glowing and grinning from cheek to cheek. As I walked into Toke’s house, she ran and almost knocked me over, she was so happy. She led me to the dining room where Toke was already seated at the table. The chef had made Boiled Yam, corn beef sauce, peppered eggs, fresh fish sauce and boiled plantain with a side of mixed spinach. Come on, if this was going to be the kind of breakfast Toke ate every day, I give her 3 months she would not be able to fit into her Mercedes Benz. We all laughed and said, Toke needed to get a tread mill in the spa.
After breakfast, we put on bikinis and went down to Toke’s spa, we had facials and massages done , also our pedicure and manicure, the fun part is we didn’t even have to walk more than 2 minutes to get ourselves pampered. Toke hired a Chinese lady to come into the Spa 3 times a week. It was exhilarating.
Now down to gist, Pamela said. She and Babs actually spent some time with her parents, they were delighted that she was pregnant and that she choose such a humble and intelligent guy for a hubby, her father promised a wedding to remember. He has already given them 3 choices of where he can give them a house, Here, New York or Germany. They should choose where they will like to live, he has houses and companies in all these locations, All they had to do was choose, their wedding has been set for April 8th, a week before Easter.
After they left there Babs took her to his Parents, his father was the sweetest man she had met in a long time Pamela said, he hugged me and called me his daughter, his mum was lovely too, she spent time getting to know them and she loves them to bits. Babs and her are already making arrangements to build them a big house in the village because Babs parents said they would prefer to stay there. As we speak, her father has sent his contractors to start work on a lovely house for them, A car would be delivered to them before the end of the week, “I felt I owed Babs that, I discussed it with my father and he approved”, “My father has decided that he will take care of the wedding, but a large amount of money will be put in Babs account so he can give to his parents to prepare for the wedding. Everything was working our perfectly. After the wedding Babs automatically becomes a director and he resumes work as an MD in any of my Dad’s companies we choose.
We were happy for her, Toke and I hugged and kissed her, my dear best friends, one was about to get engaged and the other one married, This was great from now until Easter we had so much preparations to sort out.
Oh before I forget Pamela said, “You won’t believe who’s been calling me?” “I can’t guess, whom?” “That big headed boy Ken,” “Ken? What does he want?” Toke asked, Pamela smiled and kissed her teeth, “He wants to come back, come back where?” I asked, “And what did you say?” “Trust me, I said it was too late, Humpty dumpty had fallen off the wall, and all the kings men couldn’t put him together again” “very good answer, the guy must be high”.
We spent time lounging around the pool, before we knew it lunch was served, oh boy , I was still full from breakfast but the food smelt too nice to ignore, Curried jollof rice, with grilled fish, sweet corn and avocado salad with lemon curd ice cream with watermelon and pineapple juice, come on people, where did this chef come from, he cooked fusion food, better than any restaurant I had been, I made a decision there and then, that Toke had a permanent lunch guest, putting on weight was no longer my concern, this food will make any ones mouth water all the time. I had an excuse, I was carrying a baby, weight can definitely be lost once I drop……hmmmm

.Day 109
MR-I left work early yesterday, Kola had a meeting with some marketer so I took the opportunity to go see my tailor who sews my native attires. I parked in front of his boutique and got out, as I walked to the door , I heard my name being called, I looked back and saw a lady walking towards me, she looked familiar but I couldn’t exactly remember where I met her. She reminded me that she was in my class in university. She looked great, we exchanged pleasantries and nos, she did say she was in a hurry and will call me later. As she walked away I wanted to ask her what her name was again, but I felt too ashamed to ask, she knew my name and remembered so many things , I just remembered the face.
I finished at the tailors, got in my car, I looked at the time it was 4.30 pm, Kola would still be in the office, I was trying to decide if it was worth going through all the traffic that had built up back to the office, or I should just head straight home, I decided to go to the office, Traffic aside, I thought I could catch up on some work.
It took me twice the time to get back to the office, as I drove in , kola was walking out with a relative of mine, my heart skipped a beat, I parked and rushed over to them, “Bolaji, how are you, hope no problem, how are my parents?” I asked, “Bros, They are fine but your Father is not too well, he’s been admitted to hospital. Your mum didn’t want me to tell you, so that you won’t worry but I think you should know, he’s been a bit poorly lately, maybe you can take him abroad for medical treatment. “My father, what’s wrong with him?, I can’t remember him ever being ill, when we were young, I asked my cousin to get in my car and I drove him home, I didn’t even go into the office to pick up the files I was going to work on.
When we arrived Mrs. was out, Bolaji ate and was taken to the guest chalet to freshen up, I picked up the phone and called my mum. She was a bit cold to begin with, told me my Father had a mild heart attack, nothing to be worried about, he’s much better now she said. “Mum, am flying home tomorrow, Bolaji is here, we will return together, no arguments please”. With that I dropped the phone and started to pack. Right then it dawned on me that I had not seen my dad since my wedding and I only called him once a month to say hello. I do send him a monthly allowance, which he has asked me to stop sending cos he has his own money but I have not been as close as I should be, to think my parents only live an hours flight away and I haven’t see them for so long, brought on a sense of regret for me.
I thought to myself, I always say I will go see them, but always felt I was too busy, now within 24 hours I will be in their house. What if the news Bolaji brought was that my father was dead, that would have devastated me, whoa!, I need to make amends.
Bolaji came walking in to our bedroom as I packed a small suitcase. I finished up and we went back downstairs, He told me my dad had been fine until he came back from taking his usual evening walk and he just fell down. The doctors said it was a mild attack, his Blood pressure was a bit high at the time. I couldn’t wait to see him again, we leave this morning
All of a sudden, i remembered the lady i had seen earlier, she was my first crush, i didn’t want to date her but be her friend, she on the other hand wanted me to promise to Marry her when we graduated or else she couldn’t be my friend, that was scary and strange at the time,I wonder if she’s married now?
Mrs. is worried, she wants to come along, I felt it was better that I went first, I would keep her posted. Shouldn’t be away for more than a couple of days, I will start making arrangements for him to go to Germany, Pamela’s uncle has the best cardiology hospital there. My dad will go whether he thinks its necessary or not, Please God give him a lot more years…..hmmmm
MRS- My father in Law is in hospital, he had a mild heart attack, Mr. only found out when his cousin flew down to tell him, he’s so worried, I really want to go with him for moral support but he feels I should stay home until he knows what the situation is. He’s going to be away for a few days, I pray everything is okay. I did have a headache and was getting a bit panicky, so I decided to take a walk to Toke’s place this morning, I took time to notice how our estate had changed, am always in my car so I hardly notice, who had moved, who was still there, who got a new car, who update the colour of their house etc. As I walked I took in everything, apparently the neighbor, Alhaji and his two wives who sold their house now have some ladies living in there. Two ladies to be precise, I saw both of them washing their cars. I noticed Mrs Okon, bought a new Prado, her husband had walked out on her last year amid rumours that he met a younger woman and decided to leave his wife. Chief Tope’s house was full of cars, I know he has 3 car which he and his wife take turns driving, but I counted 6 cars, maybe his children were around.
Lady J, the ex-minister had changed all her cars, I don’t remember her having an escalade, I thought once you leave office your financial capacity reduces, I guess that’s not true in her case , she seems to be getting richer by the day. I wonder what she is into now. Oh boy, I couldn’t believe I was enjoying all this busy body, I think I blame it on hormones, it must be. When was the last time I cared about who did what in our estate, on the other hand, I hope Madam Mabel hasn’t put a spell on me?, hmmm, God forbid.
Oh! Speaking of Madam Mabel, she saw Tammy and I the other day inspecting the event Centre in our estate, before we could say Jack Robinson, she asked what we were planning, I didn’t want to say, but the event planner blotted out before I could stop her, that our best friend was getting engaged. That’s how she invited herself and volunteered to be of service anytime we needed her. Since then she has accosted me three times, asking how far with the arrangements, what’s the color scheme, who’s coming to entertain etc.
Anyway I got to Toke’s house, just as she was about to drive out, she said she was going to guide her parents to their house , they were almost at the gate, so I got in her car.
We got to the estate gate as they arrived in the car Toke had sent to pick them, Toke asked the car to follow her and we drove to their new home. Her parents and 3 siblings got out. I could see where Toke got her ebony beauty from, her Mum was beautiful, even with age you could tell she was drop dead gorgeous when she was younger. Her father had this air of dignity around him and her siblings Peju, Timothy and Joshua were all here. As they walked into their new house, you could see the joy and excitement in everyone’s face, it was a sight to behold. Toke’s father prayed and thanked Toke for being a wonderful daughter. We spent a few hours with them, then Toke said they should settle in, while she goes back to her house to freshen up.
As we drove back to our estate, Toke started to cry, tears of Joy, she said she had imagined this day in her mind over and over again, the day she would finally be able to relocate her family, provide for them and get them out of poverty, now God has done it in a big way, she was about to get engaged to a wonderful man and at the same time change the lives of her family. God is awesome. “Am a blessed girl you know, please help me pray I don’t mess this up, am scared you know, I keep thinking I will wake up and it would all be a dream, never knew fairytales were real, look at me, I still can’t believe all this amazing things are happening to me” She said.
She dropped me off at home, I walked into my room sat down and went on my knees, “Dear God, I thank you, there is a whole lot I have not thanked you for, listening to Toke just now made me realize I was extremely blessed, Please forgive me Lord for taking things for granted, Life, Love, good health, joy, peace, wealth …..hmmmm


MR- My father, the man I looked up to all my life, even as an adult he has always been my yardstick to measure integrity, My father was a no nonsense man, he was as straight as an arrow, would never ask for or take a bribe, kick back or whatever it was called this days, he believed solely in working hard and making your money from work.
As I walked into the hospital private room my mum had booked for him, I felt like crying, he was asleep, looked so frail, I honestly didn’t remember my dad ever looking this fragile, I hugged my mum and went over to the bed, held his hand, he stirred a bit and went back to sleep, my mum asked me to let him sleep, once he was awake we could talk, I sat with my mum. She started to pray, she prayed for my father, for me and my siblings and lastly for herself, she really didn’t want my father to die and leave her behind.
I remember when we were young my mother used to joke that she and my father would go to heaven on the same day, when we ask why? She would say, the day they were joined together in church, they became one, so if he goes she goes. We spent another few hours sitting by his bed side, when he didn’t wake up, the doctor suggested we go home take a rest and come back in the morning,
I drove the car, I insisted and dint want my mum cooking when we got home, so we stopped to get some food, Bolaji had gone straight home after we landed and said he will come meet me in the hospital later.
While eating at home we sat there in silent, just eating, I noticed my mum looked frail, I guess my father’s condition was taking a toll on her, “How did this happen mum?” I asked, My mum just shuck her head and said she had no idea, my dad was healthy, that day he had gone for the long walk he did every evening without fail. As soon as he walked back in, he staggered a bit and fell to the ground, by the time we got him to hospital, we were told he had a mild heart attack. “Is he talking now mum? Yes he is but he’s still really weak. The doctor said he’s not sure if he will need a pace maker, if he does we will have to fly in a cardiologist to perform the surgery or fly him out, I looked at my mum and said, “Mum do you remember Pamela, Yes the mixed race friend of your wife, Yes mum, her maternal uncle owns one of the best heart clinics in Germany. She has already called her uncle, he’s expecting dad and I am making arrangements for an air ambulance to fly you there with him, Mum please let me do this, once the transportation is ready, I will request his discharge at the hospital.
My mum looked at me with tears in her eyes and said thank you, she asked me not to mention it to my dad in the morning, because he was really stubborn, he could say no, Once he’s we were ready to go, she will ask the doctor to give him a sedative, by the time he wakes up, he will be in Germany.
My mum hadn’t left my father’s side for 4 days, so I decided that I would go stay with him in the morning while my mum had some rest, she could come over later in the day. I looked at my phone, I had 10missed calls from Mrs. and one from Pamela, I had put my phone on silent when I got to the hospital and forgot to turn it back up,
I called Mrs. first, updated her and promised to be back home in a couple of days, then I called Pamela, Her uncle was requesting the doctors number, he needed to clear some medical details with him before my father was flown down, I promised to get it to her once I got to the hospital . Kola, Tammy, Toke also called, MIL and EG were not left out, everyone was concerned. I reassured them that everything was going to be fine.
I finally got in bed around 1am, Prayed and asked God to please prolong my father’s life, we still had a lot we needed to do together, strange that I just released that now that there was a chance we might loose him…….hmmmmmm
MRS-Toke dragged me all the way to the cargo section of the airport, Aakil had sent the takeaway gifts for everyone attending the engagement, we had to wrap them up and pack them in gift bags which we were having made here, with pictures of Aakil and toke on them. You won’t believe, it filled up Toke’s thundra,15 boxes of goods, I couldn’t imagine what was in them and this were not small boxes.
When we got to Tokes, Pamela and Tammy were already there waiting, we started to open the boxes one at a time, the first one we opened, got us screaming, Gold engraved Bremont Solo 32 ladies watches, the individual boxes were labelled, “Thank you for being part of our joy, love Toke and Aakil”. Toke started to cry for joy, there were about 100 of them in the box, then we opened the next one, Louis Vuitton ladies hand bags, the 3rd to 7th also had designer hand bags, the other boxes had Dior’s Chiffre Rouge men’s watches and Louis Vuitton branded iPad’s, custom made for the men that attend. All in all, anyone who stepped into that event goes home with a designer watch and handbag for a lady and designer watch and LV custom made iPad for the men. A couple of the boxes also had silk scarfs, perfumes and Chanel cosmetics. By the time we were done sorted them, it was 5 pm.
Although we were really tired we all wanted to speak to Mr. before we ate, we were all worried about his father, I had called him so many times and his phone just rang out. Anyway, Toke suggested we all eat before we lose all our energy, then we can try Mr. Again. Pamela was on the phone with her uncle in Germany, trying to make arrangements for MFIL. Once she was done we settled down to a late lunch, the chef prepared, Roast lamb with peppered corn, sweet potato with Tikka masala sauce mixed with sliced fresh peppers and vegetable. Custard and sponge cake for desert or an option of fruit salad and chocolate ice cream. Hmmm, boy oh boy, was the food tasty.
I finally got home around 9,45pm, around 10pm, Mr. called, thank God everything was okay, I felt more comfortable with the fact that MFIL was being flown out. I miss Mr. so much, but I know his parents need him more at this time. Our baby and I would definitely be fine…..hmmmmm

Day 111

MR- My father woke up around 12pm yesterday , he surprised us all, got up from the bed, put on his slippers and demanded to see the doctor. I had just stepped out to receive a phone call from Mrs when I heard him insisting he wanted to walk to the doctors office. The nurses were pleading with him to go back to bed, they will call the doctor to come see him in his room, he refused. I cut my phone call short , went to get the doctor and we both met him and the nurses at the private room door. The doctor took him back to bed and asked why he wanted to see him.
My father said he was well, he wanted to be discharged. The doctor said okay, would he allow him to run some final test , once the results were clear, he would be discharged. My father agreed.
When the doctor left , I blotted out that when he is discharged I would love him a and mum to go to Germany for a check up. He looked up at me and said okay. Okay? I asked, “yes son, okay, when do we leave?” “Immediately” I said.
That was yesterday afternoon, this morning he and my mum got on Lufthansa airline, they would land in about 6 and a half hours.
Mrs was delighted to see me back after 2 days, Kola had picked me up at the airport , I dropped my bag and we were back on the road, Aakil and his family arrive on Sunday , we still had a lot to do.
Uncle J called, he asked me to see him, in the evening. I hope he’s okay, I would take his invite for the engagement along. I’ve been so preoccupied with preparations and my father’s sudden illness, I forgot about the lady I saw at the tailors until I got a text from her asking me to send my office address, that she would like to see me sometime next week. I told Kola about her, tried to describe her but he couldn’t recollect. He asked what I thought she wanted to see me about, I said I had no idea, let’s see when she turns up.
I went back to the tailors, I had ordered traditional attires for Aakil , his brother , Ahmed and his dad. Mrs , also ordered clothes for his mum , and her 3 daughters in law. Aakil sent the sizes for all of them earlier. I couldn’t wait to see them looking all African. I could feel it in my bones, it was going to be an amazing day.
Kola had to take Tammy for her baby check, so I was on my own for a while , I popped into the office to try and get some work done. Just then I remembered I had to see uncle J, so I got up again and drove to his house. He was already expecting me. We took a drive to the beach and sat on some chairs, he ordered grilled fish and fried yam, and some drinks. Then he told me the indictments will be served tomorrow morning. He began to list the names of people to be indicted , Sandra’s father was on the list of course, but when he got to the last name , I froze, EG’s name .
I jumped up from my seat, “Uncle J, you can’t do that, he’s my MIL’s husband, they are about to get married, she’s carrying his child , why would you want to cause them so much pain, I thought he was your friend”, I kept going on, he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to calm down.
“My dear brother ” he began,” I didn’t put him on the list, the order came from above, on Monday I was called into the meeting by the joint chiefs, they wanted me to drop the indictments , they could not force me because it was now a matter of law, but they tried to persuade me, when I didn’t back down, I was then instructed to add a couple of names to it. This one”, he pointed to the name before EG’s “is my 1st cousin and EG is my very good friend. So the deal was I either drop all the indictments or these two go down with everybody else. ”
“What are you going to do Sir” I asked , “well that’s why I called you here, you can only be served if we find you, so I think EG and your MIL have to go out of town for a month, the indictments expire then. I will make sure they are not re issued by then charges will be dropped against most of them , GF and a couple of others are the only ones that will go down, don’t worry God has everything under control” I was better now, before he said that my heart was beating so fast like a drum I could hear it outside my body, ” I want you to come with me to talk to EG” he added.
We finished our meal, got back in his car and drove to EG’s house. As we drove I thought to myself, the devil is a lair, nothing will spoil this engagement …….hmmmmmm
MRS-My Mr is back, Thank God. There is nothing more petrifying , than thinking that you will loose a loved one. Am glad my FIL is okay.
I really missed him for the couple of days , he was away. My mum came over to the house yesterday to see how we were doing? She also gave me the great news that Her and EG were getting married a week after Pamela ties the knot. I couldn’t believe between now and Easter we had 3 weddings and we were at the centre of all of them.
Toke’s sister came to see me in the morning , she was very upset , I calmed her down and told her to take a deep breathe then tell me what the problem is. “It’s my parents, my father precisely, Toke came over to see us yesterday, she said she and Aakil have decided that once they engagement is done, Toke will come over to Dubai until the wedding. And the best news is I could go with them and attend the American University of Dubai, Toke already sent my details and he already paid my fees and made arrangement for my accommodation. Aakil is coming with the admission letter. I was so happy and excited , I ran to my parents room to inform them and my father said No, I am going to university here. I already have admission and now that paying the fees won’t be a problem , why am I going to Dubai?
Toke tried all her best to convince my father and it almost became an argument, one thing he said that surprised me was , “I can take one daughter leaving us for the Arab world but am not going to loose another one to them. ”
I think my father is still not happy that Toke is marrying Aakil but he just doesn’t have a choose because of the situation. Toke was so upset when he made that statement , she left immediately . My mum and I came down to the estate now, she’s with Toke and I decided to come and talk to you , so that you can talk to me father, he seems to like you and you can also talk to Toke to take it easy . As for me am going to Dubai, my father will just have to have faith that no matter where I am, the will of God will be done in my life”
I could see what Peju was saying about their father, but all the same , the devil is a lair, Aakil and his family arrive on Sunday, we have 2 days to pray and ask God almighty to take control. The little I know of Toke’s father, he needs to be approached with care , we don’t want things escalating to a dangerous level by the time Aakil gets here.
I threw on some clothes and walked Peju to Toke’s house. She and her mum were in the family lounge . Toke was crying her mum was pleading with her. I went over to Toke and said let’s pray.
We sang praises, prayed and sang more praises. Once we were done, Toke had calmed down.
Her mum said she really appreciated the wonderful friends her daughter had, she thanked me for having Toke’s back all these years and for where Toke is today. I said thank you but reminded her that God alone can take that Glory, we humans are vessels of God, we only get to do what God permits us to do.
The funny thing was , at that moment I realised Tammy was amazing, she had actually rubbed off on me. Everything I did and said was what Tammy would say in a situation like this, I love that girl and I thank God for her. She would have been here but she has an ante natal appointment this morning.
Mr and Kola , are so busy running around trying to get the things finalised, Aakil doesn’t drink alcohol, so the catering company wanted them to come try some non alcoholic drinks they intended to serve at the event. The band we originally wanted is fully booked but a friend recommended a better one, they have a live practise this evening Mr and Kola have been invited to watch them play before they book them. They also have to go round and book a lot of hotel rooms for the guests coming from out of town.
The caterer in our estate is preparing for 150 people , 50 more than we originally discussed, Toke’s mum requested a bus for their relatives and friends from their town to come down for that day. We originally thought it would just be a small cosy engagement , but now with over 200 people , 50 of those VIP! It was going to be a lot bigger. As we discussed the engagement holds at Toke’s parents house across the road. Guests are then moved to two venues the hotel and the Marquee.
Tokes mum got up to leave and reassured her that she will talk to her father, he didn’t mean anything by what he said , he was just a bit upset that both his daughters will be far away from him, any father will feel that way. Once Peju and her mum left, Toke thanked me and said she was feeling much better, she has spoken to Aakil about the gifts, based on our calculation we don’t have enough, he said I shouldn’t worry , he’s coming with some more gifts. “He misses me so much and I him, I can’t wait to be in his arms”. We both laughed and thank God, Toke was back, she looked extremely happy.
Toke looked happy , she leaned over and held me for a while and whispered in my ear “Babes, I really don’t know what I will do if anything goes wrong” , I looked her in the eye and said calmly, “Nothing will go wrong dear, remember , When God says yes , nobody can say no……hmmmmm

Day 112
MR- Uncle Albert called, Pamela’s maternal uncle in Germany. He said my parents landed safely and my dad has been checked into his Heart clinic for observation. I was delighted, I thanked him and asked how long they will be there for. He said it depends on the result of the test, but in the main time my parents are in good hands.
Peace of mind, there is nothing like it, now that I know my dad will be well taken care of, I can fully concentrate on finalizing the arrangements for Toke and Aakil’s wedding. There is a slight change in Plan, Aakil has decided that Ahmed and himself will stay in our estate, he wants to get to know us better and spend time familiarizing himself with Toke’s parents, his brothers and their wives and his parents will stay in the accommodation provided by their embassy, they all land tomorrow evening.
Kola and I didn’t get a lot of office work done yesterday, we left the office to see this amazing band everyone’s been talking about, we want to hire them for the hotel reception. We got to their practice venue just as they started. They sang English, soul, traditional, afro beat, even Jazz, they were good, once they were done Kola and I hired them on the spot. We still had to do a shortly apartment for Aakil and Ahmed, we had an appointment to view a couple later today, we have requested for a 4 or 5 star apartment, compared to what he was used too, I don’t think anywhere could match that, they will just have to bear with us.
The lady I met the other day turned up in our office just after lunch time, she came in, sat down and burst into tears. I tried to console her but she just won’t stop until she was ready, by this time, Kola was also in my office. Once she stopped crying I asked her what the matter was, she looked at me and said, “I am in trouble, a powerful man is trying to kill me, I have been running around and hiding all this while. Last week I ran into an old friend who would rather remain anonymous, I told him my problems , he said you could help that your uncle is a big time military man who can help me, please help” “well we can help you once we know who told you about us” “Please help me, he wants to remain anonymous, he is afraid he might get into trouble with you guys.” I thought for a minute, then asked “Is it Tony?” she didn’t say anything, she just shuck her head. I said “okay we will help, what do you have on this man and who is he?” she looked around and then starting to narrate her story.
“I have been working as an escort for powerful men, one of my regulars is a guy called God father, one day, a few weeks ago, he asked me to come to his guest house for a long weekend. He sent his boys to pick me, just as I got there, two men came into see him, I recognized one of them as a current serving minister. He asked me to excuse them. So I went to one of the bedrooms and watched telly. About an hour later I was getting bored so I decided to go look for the steward and get something to drink. As I walked down the stairs I heard GF arguing with the minister and the other guy over some deal, so I hid behind the door and listened. All of a sudden GF brought out a gun and was waving it around, and pointing it at the minister boasting that he will kill him right there and nothing will happen. He reminded the minister that he didn’t turn up with his escorts, so no one will know he was here. By then I had turned on my camera phone and was recording the drama, before I knew it the argument got really heated and GF shot the minister dead. I was so scared but I kept recoding, then he asked the other man to keep his mouth shut or all his family will be killed. Then GF asked his guys to take the minister to his car, drive it to a remote location, shot out the windows and pretend he was killed in his car”.
She continued, “I ran back to the room, picked up my bag and left the guest house, I guess he must have looked for me after and saw that I was gone. I got a call from him about an hour later, saying that his security cameras picked me up recording him, all he wants is the phone, he promises nothing will happen to me but I don’t believe him, I have been on the run since then.” I looked at her and asked where the phone was? She brought it out of her purse and I watched the recording, it was so clear, it showed GF’s face and actions clearly, it also recording everything he was saying. “This is the minister they claim was assassinated by hired killers, it was all over news” I said, she shuck her head and said “Yes, it was GF”.
I couldn’t believe it, Uncle J mentioned that his pastor told him to leave GF alone, that when nemesis will catch up with GF, it will have nothing to do with him. I smiled to myself, picked up the phone and dialed uncle J……..Hmmmmmm

MRS-“Here comes the bride, here comes the bride” I can’t stop humming that song, all the preparations brought back fond memories of when Mr. and I were getting ready for our wedding. I had to do most of the running around cos I was very particular about what I wanted but it was well worth it, I would marry Mr. again and again, if I actually get to come back to this world.
Toke is a different person, she hums, sings and dances at every opportunity, I can see how happy she is. We have prayed and committed the day on to God and we know, everything will go well. She got so excited yesterday when she found out Aakil and his friend Ahmed are going to be staying in our estate, Mr. and Kola are arranging a short let apartment. Toke does not see why they can’t stay in their house, but Tammy and I reminded our dear friend that according to our values and traditions, which she is aware of, they cannot be living together before your engagement.
Thank fully we are almost done with the arrangements for the engagement. One week to go and what’s left are just minor details here and there. Even though this is just an engagement ceremony it feels like a wedding, am just so glad , the wedding proper holds in Dubai, Aakil and his family will do that running around, if we had to do this much for their engagement, can you imagine what the wedding would be like.
Anyway, As I drove out in the morning, madam Mabel accosted me , she jumped out of her car, walked towards me, with a deep frown on her face, “What’s the matter Madam Mabel” I asked?” “Am upset with you Sisi mi, I offered my services to you , to help with the arrangements but you have still not given me anything to do, why now?” “I am so sorry Madam Mabel, what can you do?” I asked. “Well I can do, hall decorations, small chops or provide ushers” I looked at her and thought, we haven’t even arranged for someone to look after the guest coming to party in the marquee, Madam Mabel could be in charge of them. I told her that much, she was so happy, she thanked me profusely. Then asked me for one more favor, she wanted me to please call the event Centre manager and inform her that Madam Mabel was now in charge. Hmmm, God help us.
Once that was settled, she finally let me go, I was late for my hair appointment, I got there about 10 minutes late but thankfully she didn’t have any other client so my appointment was intact. Now you might think that I like to do busy body, but what if am just sitting here and the busy body news comes to meet me. Well that’s what happened in this case. I was getting my hair done, when I looked in the mirror and saw Mr. Chidi, Madam Mabel’s husband, cuddling a lady as they walked out of the Spa door, I knew it wasn’t Madam Mabel because they walked past me, he was kissing her neck and had his hand on her bottom. It definitely wasn’t his sister, now in order for me to be extremely sure, I asked my stylist if she knew the couple, she said “yes, he brings her here all the time, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Sometimes when she comes to do her hair he waits with her until we finish, he’s always following her around like a puppy, the man has eaten vegetable”, “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well besides always carrying her bag and following her around, there was this day, my colleague was doing her hair and as usual, he was waiting with her. They were having a conversation about his wife and money, the girl wanted 10,000 dollars for shopping in Dubai, he said the money he had on him he had promised his wife. The girl asked him point blank if he loved her more than her, he said of course. Then she said he should proof it by giving her the money, right there and then he went into his car and brought the money to the girl”. She said. I smiled to myself and thought, interesting.
Life has a way of turning out though, I actually felt sorry for her, Madam Mabel is there, minding everybody else’s business, while her roof is on fire and she doesn’t even know it, who’s going to tell her, Me ? …….hmmmmmm

Day 113
MR- Uncle J was dancing and praising God, he put a call through to his pastor and al we heard was him saying Amen, Amen, Yes Sir, God is good. When he dropped the phone he looked at us , Kola, Vivian , that’s the lady who came to us and I and said “I can’t believe this , what I was looking for everywhere, has walked right into his hands”.
That was uncle J’s reaction when he watched the incriminating video of GF, in short he doesn’t have to serve indictments any longer, with this evidence GF can be arrested, charged to court and found guilty of 1st degree murder and to top it all he said EG and my MIL can stay put.. As uncle J rejoiced at his enemy’s downfall, I remembered my dad tell me off for that same reaction a long time ago. When I was younger, we were all watching a film together and at the end, the bad guy was killed. I jumped up and shouted for joy. My Dad, sat me down and asked why I was so happy, I said the bad guy was killed. He then told me I should never rejoice or wish death upon anyone even my enemy. That was one of the significant advices I got during my childhood and I have never forgotten it.
All this got me thinking about my Dad again, he was a wise man, a disciplinarian, very fair and upright. He would always encourage you to tell the truth, to the point that if you do something wrong, if you own up, you don’t get punished, on the other hand if you lie and he finds out, which he always does, you are in big trouble. I was raised well, I have a lot to pass on to my son, or daughter, I thank God I had a good teacher in my dad. I must make it a point of duty to always visit my parents, this ‘am very busy’ excuse, has to stop.
When we left Uncle J’s we dropped Vivian off and headed straight to our estate, we had an appointment to view two short let apartments for Aakil and Ahmed. The first one we saw was okay but the second was amazing, it was a penthouse apartment, with a Jacuzzi and bar on the roof terrace, open plan, and all exquisitely furnished, the price tag was expected. I paid with my card and took the keys. The final piece of the preparation had fallen into place.
Tammy and Jnr, were at the cinema, Kola said he had to go join them, I felt like watching a film to relax after all the running up and down, I called Mrs., but she couldn’t come , she was with Toke and Pamela, sorting some last minute stuff out with the event Centre manager. So I decided to go watch a film with Kola.
There was so much traffic on the way, we got there late, Tammy had sent a text to Kola, that we should find another film to watch, as she and jnr were already watching their film and won’t be done for a couple of hours. We picked a movie, bought popcorn and ice cream and went into watch. We sat in the middle seats, these give you a direct view of the movie screen. The movie started, the lights were turned down. 10 minutes into the film , two girls came into our row , one sat next to Kola , the other sat next to me, Kola and I looked at each other and smiled, I was wondering what the girls were up too.
A few minutes later, the one next to me said hello, and I replied, then I tried to eat some of my popcorn, I found her hand in it. I didn’t say anything, I just left it for her, didn’t know Kola was experiencing the same thing. As the movie progressed, I could swear, I felt her leg rub up against mine. I moved my leg to the Centre, then all of a sudden I felt a hand slide towards the Centre of my legs, I couldn’t hold my peace any longer, I let out a shout of ‘Yeh!!’ and jumped up, Kola was surprised , I just said lets go now, the girls were giggling , kola was asking what the matter was, and I was sweating, I remembered the saying right there and then, “long branch make you no enter my eye, nah from afar you go see am.” That was the end of the film for me…….hmmmmm

MRS- Madam Mabel is in charge, she has turned the head of the events manager, the lady’s call woke me up this morning begging me to please come and safe her from Madam Mabel. Everything she has done, Madam Mabel is trying to change. I put a call across to tammy and Toke and they all agreed to meet at mine. Honestly I hope I won’t regret putting Madam Mabel in charge.
Mr., has been working so had, I wish we could go away together for a weekend break, I must plan something for after the engagement, am sure we all deserve a well-earned rest. Jnr is coming over to spend time with us tonight, Tammy and Kola have a bachelor’s eve party to go too, I need to go get Jnr’s favorite ice cream and cake. I love having him around, he helps me practice for my own baby, that’s on the way.
By 12 noon, Toke arrived, she came straight to our bedroom to drag me out of bed, I wasn’t totally awake, Mr. and Kola had gone out early this morning to the club from there they had other things to do, so I was just rolling around on the bed. I got in the shower, had a quick one, put on a pair of slacks and A T-shirt, and went downstairs with Toke. Just then Tammy arrived and we all drove in her car to the events centre. Madam Mabel was already there.
The manager looked at us with pleading eyes, “Madam says the color scheme is not distributed equally, the sitting arrangement doesn’t leave enough room for people to dance, and the place is not cold enough. Aunty, I explained that we will be bringing in more Ac’s a day before the event, we had to send 3 of them off for servicing”. Madam Mabel looked at me and said “Sisi Mi, don’t mind her, I said that is a very important rich persons event, she needs to up her game, this decoration is poor, no flowers, no lights, I honestly don’t see how she can set this up after the amount of money she was charging”, the funny thing was I could see Madam Mabel’s point, the sample decoration was poor and based on the amount we paid we were all expecting a lot more. We finally came to a conclusion, the décor has to be upped as Madam Mabel suggested and she was the society woman who definitely knew what great décor looked like. At the end of our discussion Madam Mabel was still very much in charge.
I got a call from a strange no, as I dropped off Toke and Tammy drove off, I thought to myself who could be calling me. I decided to ignore the call. I drove to the supermarket just across from our estate and bought Jnr some threats. As I approached the checkout counter, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back and it was Mr. Chidi. “Hello Mr. Chidi, I didn’t see you there.” “Aunty Hello, I called you earlier” he said. “Was that your no that ends with 789?”, “Yes, Please I need to talk to you”, “What about?” I asked. “Aunty, I know you saw me yesterday at the spa, I need you to please keep this to yourself, please don’t tell Mabel”. Now I was a bit taken aback, am sure he realized Madam Mabel was helping us out, so he thought I would just go and blot it out that he was having an affair, I looked at him and said in a firm voice “Mr. Chidi, what do you take me for? What’s my business with you and your wife, please leave me out of this, Okay, Thank you”. I didn’t even allow him to say anything else, I walked to the checkout, paid and left. As I drove off, I saw him standing there looking at me…… hmmmm

Day 114

MR- Faith is about never giving up, knowing that what you have faith for will manifest itself eventually, Sunday’s sermon. The pastor shed new light on the issue of faith, having faith is about knowing that whatever you are believing God for is already done. Your actions’, your speech, your life, everything you do should reflect that you believe and know it’s already sorted. It’s still about faith and works going hand in hand. Sometimes we work for something for so long, just when it’s about to work out we give up. You have to keep going, never give up on your dreams. If you dream it you can achieve it. The determined ones always get the end results. Make a decision to never give up and see how your life will change for the better.
Real powerful sermon, Mrs., Jnr and I, had to leave church as soon as service ended, we had to go home to get ready for Aakil and his family’s arrival. The plan was for all go to church come back to our place, have lunch, then go to the airport to meet them, their flight lands at 6pm.
We got back home around 11am, we had gone for the 9am service, Kola and Tammy, just as we got home, Jnr spent the night with us. Pamela and Babs got there next, then Toke.
Before I forget, my experience at the cinema was crazy, apparently Kola said a similar thing happened to him, the girls were just crazy, they came from np where and tried to destabilize happily married men, Get thee behind us Satan.
Anyway, Sandra also called yesterday, as I picked the phone, she was crying, she said her father had just been led away by security officials and she doesn’t know where they are taking him. I asked her to calm down and explain what happened. She said they were both sitting in the living room, when 5 men walked in to say they were from the security agency, they had a warrant to search our house. My father read the warrant and grudgingly gave them permission to search. After about 20 minutes, one of the men came down and said he found a gun, by this time my father had called his lawyer. Handcuffs were put on him and he was led away into their car and they drove off, the only information I got is a number one of the men gave me to give to his lawyer when he gets here. Please help me I don’t have access to my father’s friends or connections and the lawyer won’t talk to me. He just took the no off me and left.”
I really didn’t need this today, I had so much I had to get done. Mrs. doesn’t even know we have been in touch with Uncle J on this matter, today was the wrong day to take time off to help Sandra, the strange thing is I knew he was going to be arrested, actually, scratch that, I orchestrated how the evidence used against him got to Uncle J. What do I say to Sandra, anyway, I asked her to calm down, said she should give me some time to make a few phone calls and I will get back to her.
I called Kola aside and updated him about GF and Sandra’s call, he asked me what I was going to tell her, I told him I don’t know now, but I will definitely think of something, the one thing I knew was that she could never know how we were involved in getting the incriminating evidence to the security agency.
At 5pm, we all left for the airport, Toke was laughing and chatting so much we could all see she was nervous, Peju was with us as well. 45 minutes later we were there. We went to the Private jet wing to wait in the lounge, we hadn’t sat down for 5 minutes when their Private Jet landed, we walked on to the tarmac, As the plane door opened Aakil was the first one out, he was dressed in Jeans and a T-shirt, looking all dapper, Toke ran towards him and he lifted her completely off the ground and swung her around, it was like watching an Indian movie, then everyone else started to file out, Ahmed, his brothers, then his father , mother and 3 sisters in law, they all hugged and kissed Toke, it was as if they’ve know her for a long time, they were all smiles, laughing and joking. Aakil’s mum just kept hugging Toke and complimented her, on how beautiful she was, like an Egyptian queen she said. Then they came over to us, hugged and kissed us on the cheek. Two suburban jeeps had arrived from the embassy to pick them, Aakil introduced us to Ahmed, they came with us, the rest went ahead with the jeeps.
We got into the car park, we came in 3 cars, Aakil was holding onto Toke like she was going to go missing, they sat in our car, Peju and Ahmed sat with Pamela and Babs and Kola, Tammy and Jnr were on their own. We all drove to the hotel booked for the family. With the family all checked in, we decided to go home and come back tomorrow, give them time to rest, Aakil and Ahmed were coming with us to the apartment we rented for them. Just before we left, Aakil’s father said how happy he was to be back in Africa, he came many years ago as a student and he hasn’t been back since then. He was a very handsome and sweet man, he told Toke, welcome to the family, am so blessed I now have 4 sons and four daughters from different parts of the world. Aakil told us later that his 3 brothers had married from different continents. I thought to myself, same thing their father did, like father, like sons……hmmmm

MRS-Aakil is here, boy oh boy! He looked handsome than when we met him in Dubai, not as handsome as Mr. though. All 11 of them looked like movie stars who just walked off a film set, you could actually smell the opulence as they kissed and hugged us one after the other. They were dressed simply, in Jeans and T-shirts, their shoes, handbags watches scarfs all designer. The elder brother’s wife, had on Hermes sandals and handbag, even her scarf was Hermes, His mother had all Gucci and the other sisters in law, combined Chanel with Prada, honestly I could see Toke in the next couple of months and I let out a quiet whoa!.
Aakil was all over Toke, as soon as he got off the plane, he wouldn’t let go of her hand, the way he touched her, looked at her, you could almost feel the love between them. We first went to the hotel where the rest of the family were to stay, once they had all checked in, with the exception of Aakil and Ahmed, we went back home. The apartment Mr. got for them was 2 closes away from ours, they dropped off their hand luggage, main luggage was taken to the hotel. Then we all went to Toke’s house. I guess I should say Aakil and Toke’s house.
Before I forget, let me talk about the luggage, in fact am not exaggerating , I have not seen so many Gucci suitcases before, all shapes and sizes, they must have been about 30 of them, A van was standing by to load up the bags, when we left the airport.
Back to Toke’s house, dinner was laid out on the swimming pool terrace, Aakil loved the house, he told us, Toke and him, will spent most of their time making babies in this house. We all laughed, that was the first hint that he intended to spend a lot of time here, Although I must say Toke told me the other day “Where Aakil goes I go, I don’t mind living in Dubai permanently, I would miss you all so much, but think of it like this , Aakil can send his Private Jet to pick you up any weekend you want to come visiting” Pamela, Tammy and I had had laughed and called her ‘show off’ but now I believe they will shuttle between both countries.
Ahmed was a bit of a mystery, he was quiet initially, but when we got to the house, I could see he was as chatty as Aakil, if not more. The meal was amazing, Brown rice with roasted lamb and peanut butter dressing, Grilled salmon with dill and lemon sauce, Nan bread with shredded beef in tikka masala sauce, fried rice with prawns and shredded chicken in chill sauce. So much to eat, we all tucked in. Everyone was talking and laughing, Pamela and Tammy were talking, Aakil couldn’t wait to be shown around by Mr. and Kola, they were busy discussing how that will happen , Babs and Ahmed were talking , coincidentally, he also just finished his MBA at Harvard, just as Babs finished his in South Africa, they were comparing notes. But through all this one thing actually caught my eye, am not sure if anyone else noticed, but I could have sworn there was some sort of chemistry going on between Peju and Ahmed, well I just have to wait and see if am actually right but come to think of it, that will be very very interesting……….hmmmm

Day 115
MR-Whoa! Not sure how I got out of bed yesterday morning, but I had too. Kola, Aakil, Ahmed and I practically stayed up all night gisting about everything from engagement arrangements to Toke’s parents , to cultural differences to teaching Aakil how to greet in our native language and what actions accompanies the greeting. I think I finally left the apartment we leased for them at 4am. I was practically sleep walking home, I had to leave my car there cos I couldn’t trust myself to drive. Kola was already asleep on the couch, so I let him be. Aakil and Ahmed seemed super charged, when I left for the house, they were still seated in the terrace eating fruit.
O yeah, Aakil bared all, he does live a great life I must admit. Ahmed suggested we have a pre engagement party, since in this country, a traditional engagement was more or less like being married. Guess what Aakil suggested, wait for it! A pre engagement party in the air, well am sure you are wondering what that means, here it is, His Private jet, Boeing Business jet BBJ2 custom made sits about 45 people. He suggested we have the party on board flying around the country, I almost fell off my seat, I had to smack Kola on the back lightly to bring him out of his daze, Fly round the country while partying in the sky and the only clause was no alcohol. Who cares?, this was going to be the boom, wait until Mrs. and co hear about this, I had to reconfirm, if Aakil was serious about this, he said of course he was, “please invite your friends, let’s get our groove on”. Kola finally spoke, he said the wives won’t be happy with this, Aakil smiled and said, don’t worry, we can have ours on Wednesday and they use the plane on Thursday, so we both get parties in the air.
Come on people, I woke up this morning pinching myself and wondering if that crazy discussion we had about partying in the air was actually going to happen, As if to confirm it, Aakil sent me a text asking me to please arrange some catering for the event, he also wants to request that Peju be invited cos Ahmed seems smitten with her, but he doesn’t want to invite her himself. I laughed as I read it, this was going to be interesting, imagine if he actually falls in love with Peju, hmm, we have to wait and see what happens there.
Today we go as a group to greet Toke’s parents, just us boys, the tailor brings some attires for Aakil and Ahmed this morning, so we all go traditional style, can’t wait to see what they will look like in agbadas. Aakil showed Kola and I some of the gifts he got for her parents, honestly, am not sure if they will know what to do with it, I mean where to keep it, the Gold watches must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, too much money sometimes can be a very serious problem, I will have to get them a safe deposit box in our bank, to keep them in after the engagement.
After that we go to the office, we have a meeting with the hotel investors, Aakil wants us to get it signed before the engagement on Friday, he joked that once Toke was his, he wants to take her away for a couple of weeks before he gets back to business, for now he’s counting down the days…..hmmmmm

MRS- Love is a beautiful thing, to love and be loved in return is one of the greatest things that can happen to us. I saw Toke in a different light yesterday, the way she dotted on Aakil, hung on his every word, the way he touched her face and planted a kiss on her lips every time he said her name, whoa!, it was amazing, I was finally convinced that love at first sight was real. I also thanked God almighty that I had Mr., who was also loving and caring, Cos believe me, if I didn’t, right there I would have been so jealous of them and so upset with myself for not having someone like Aakil.
Anyway, amidst all that lovey dovey, We were all once again dazed when Aakil gave Toke a diamond emerald necklace, with ear rings, bracelet and a ring and it was amazing. He said it was his pre engagement gift, after he left Tammy and Pamela joked that at this rate Toke was going she would have to trade in her Benz and thundra for a bullion van to take her everywhere cos of all the gold and diamonds she will be adorned with.
Yesterday before I left Toke’s, I told the girls, the boys were planning a pre engagement party, I overheard them talking about it, we girls haven’t been read in officially but am waiting patiently to see if that will happen, I guess they expect us to organize ours..
Toke woke me up in the middle of the night, all I could hear was Tammy, Pamela and her screaming and laughing at the same time, I was scared at first but when they paused to laugh, I felt relieved. “What’s going on I asked? “ Talk to me, after a few minutes they calmed down and Pamela spoke, “Babes we are having a pre engagement party and guess where?” I mouthed off a few 5 star hotels before she said “wrong babes, we are having it in the air, Aakil wants us to have a party in his private jet while it’s flying around the country”. Then I started screaming, Mr. wasn’t back yet he was still ay Aakils, I had no one to scream with, so I got in my car and drove to Toke’s, the screaming continued, I did overhear the boys talking about a party but I could never have imagined this, Life was great.
We started to plan right there, writing done who we will invite and all of a sudden I said “Madam Mabel” , we all started laughing again, but Pamela said it might be a good idea, she can spread the gossip, so everyone will hear about the party. Hmm!, she had a point.
After a while, Tammy suggested we get some sleep, or we will be useless in the morning, the time was 2,30am, when we finally all nodded off on Toke’s huge luxurious, Egyptian cotton sheet bed.
I woke up this morning, with a throbbing head ache, the girls were still asleep, I tip toed out and drove home slowly, my eyes were still dazed but I refuse to walk home in pajamas I wore to Toke’s place, got home, Mr. was still asleep, went to sit under our Jacuzzi shower and turned on the hot water, it felt great, I sat there for 20 mins and then came out to write in my diary, Mr. just woke up now, its seems we both need some coffee to keep us awake for the rest of the day.
We all go to see Aakils family later today, Toke’s Parents will receive Aakil and the boys and his Us and Toke, it’s just a familiarization visit. During our visit, we intend to take them around town, maybe do a little shopping or just sight see, they fly back on Saturday immediately after the engagement, so we have to fit in everything before Friday.
Am thinking about inviting my mum for the party and I will suggest Toke does the same , after all it’s a girls night out or rather a girls flying night out, Whoa!, the things loads of money can do…………hmmmm

Day 116
MR-Okay I succumb, Money works miracles, Am sure you’re wondering what am ranting about, well , I used to think Money was just money, but yesterday a series of events made me have a totally different opinion instantly.
First we all got ready in African attire, early I sent a car to bring Aakils three brothers from the hotel and went to Toke’s parents’ house, they were expecting us, the seven of us walked in Laid down flat in the floor, as is the traditional greetings, Toke’s parents were really impressed that Aakil and his family took the time to learn their culture, they were even more impressed when Aakil spoke to them in their dialect, not a lot but basic greetings. They were hugs, compliments and positivity flying everywhere. We were in that house for 1 hour and all that time Tokes father spent talking to Aakil behind closed doors. Ahmed, kola, Tokes mum, Aakils brothers and Peju sat in the living room. The surprise Peju was doled up, she looked amazing, obviously Toke got her some new clothes and shoes, but she had her hair done, long weave, simple make up cos she was gorgeous without it, even I had to make a compliment that she looked fantastic. Ahmed as we all noticed couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Kola had to nug him a bit when Toke’s mum was asking him a question and he was still fixated on Toke. Ha!Ha!
Secondly, while Aakils brothers had light refreshments in our guest lounge, we went for a meeting with the hotel investors. Aakil asked me to offer to buy the investors out, so we sat down with the them and I asked how much if we wanted to buy the franchise and not partner with them, they said a ridiculous amount of million dollars, Aakil nodded to me and I said done. I and Kola get 25 and 24% respectively% and Toke gets 51%, she also sits as the chairman of the board. Payments will be made in all 3 names. We requested for bank details for immediate transfer and we shook hands. The investors were dazed, they do say white people turn red when they were in shock or embarrassed, I had never seen it happen, but yesterday I saw it with my own two eyes, their faces went completely red.
Then the pias de resistance, we all decided to go out for a proper meal to this lounge that we hear has fantastic fusion food Arabic and African. It was around 7.30 pm, as we all sat down, maybe if I counted up to 10, one by one, beautiful women sitting on their own before we got there started to join us, at the last count we had 13 girls sitting with the seven of us, all because Aakil and his brothers ordered drinks for everyone, not just any drink ‘chandon dom perignon’ , Charles and Diana 1961, retails for over $4000 per bottle. Everyone in the lounge went crazy. The owner came over to sit with us for a while ushered us into their VIP area, the girls in tow of course, then he asked for our music request, Aakil surprising requested local artist and the girls went wild. Every guy in their was looking at us and I could only imagine what was going through their minds, the girls danced so provocatively, Aakil was dazed, His brothers just gawked and Ahmed said he had never seen anything like that before, he was a book worm, didn’t party much and even when he and Aakil went, out the girls were quite stiff. Before we left around 10pm Aakil gave each girls a thousand dollars, if we wanted to take them all home, they were too eager to come alone. But we had enough fantasy it was time to come down to reality, our sweethearts were waiting.
As we stepped out of the lounge, a man in a white garment walked towards us, he said hello and asked if he could deliver a message from God to us. Aakil and his siblings were taken aback this was new to them, Kola on a normal day would have dismissed the guy but since he got with Tammy, things related to God have been priority, so before I could say anything, he said , please Sir go ahead. The man looked at all of us and said “God reveled to me that you are planning a grand event in the next couple of days, you need to scale it down and make it very quiet, there is a huge cloud of darkness hovering around, waiting to destroy. God will not bring sorrow into your lives, Please listen to Gods voice, cancel all the grand arrangements and scale it down to the barest minimum. God be with you”. With that he walked away.
Kola held his head, I was just cold all of a sudden and Aakil and his brothers were asking what that was all about. We asked them not to worry about it, we got in the car and drove home. On the way Kola called Tammy to make sure she was at ours. We dropped off Aakils brothers, then Ahmed and Aakil at the apartment. Kola and I drove to Toke’s house where everyone was waiting. As we walked in Tammy was agitated as well, I thought Kola told her what the prophet said, but to our surprise, she asked us to sit down. Tammy said her pastor had called and asked us all to come see him, he had a premonition about Toke’s engagement and he wants us to come pray immediately. It can’t wait, we’ve got to go now. Everyone was in shock when we told them what happened to us as well. We got in the car and drove to the church. As we got out of the car to walk into the church, Another man, an imam, approached us and asked who was getting married amongst us, we pointed to Toke, he then apologized for what he was about to say, he said, please keep it very low key, God will not turn our joy to sorrow, with that he also walked off.
Honestly, if I ever doubted anything before, this was not one of them, three men of God in one day. The question I asked everyone was, what do we do now and how do we convince Aakil……..hmmmmm

MRS- yesterday was going according to our plan, but then God Almighty’s Plan came to bear, it just goes to show Man proposes, God Almighty disposes. Before We knew God’s plan, this is how the day was going-
Honestly, there is nothing impossible for God to do. Toke is one of the luckiest girls I know, or should I say blessed girl and highly favored.
We all went to see Aakil’s parents, and sister in laws, the brothers had gone out with Mr. and Kola. We all went knelt down greeted them, they were taken aback, they all went in and brought out gifts for all of us, lovely materials , jewelry, perfumes , chocolate and gold slippers they all sat with Toke pampering her. We had henna done to our hands and feet in preparation for the engagement. It was traditional for a bride to have hers done specially, Toke’s will be done on Thursday.
A bit later we went down to the Italian restaurant to have some pasta and pizza, then we went shopping, the escalade’s were on standby so we went to the mall. As we all filed in looking amazing all eyes were on the eight of us, we bought clothes in the wooden and davida store, I had called my designer to meet us there, she helped to pick out fabric that would look amazing on pale skin.
From there we went to Coldstone, got pizza and ice cream, then went to drop off Aakil’s family at the hotel. We had a fitting appointment with the designer, so we drove there to get that done, the outfits were amazing and none required adjusting. The designer said she will deliver them tomorrow. As we got back in the car, Tammy checked her phone and saw that she had 5 missed calls from her pastor, she immediately called him back, as I watched Tammy talk to him, her expression went very quickly from Joy to really worried, she spent almost 15 minutes saying “Yes Sir, Amen and Okay Sir”. When she was done and she had dropped the phone, we were all sited in the car looking at her.
She took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I just have to, Toke my darling that was my Pastor, he wants us to come for prayers so that everything will go well on Friday” then she smiled and said its okay, no problems. I knew Tammy, I couldn’t be fooled, that was definitely not all that was said, so I interrupted “Look Babes just tell us what the pastor said, it’s for our own good, prevention is definitely better than cure, please tell us”. She held Toke’s hands and said, he wants us to scale down the engagement to the barest minimum, something is lurking around, but he believes with prayer all things will work out for good”.
Toke just started to cry so hard, she cried and cried asked us how she was going to explain this to Aakil, why her? Just 3 more days and this happens, she went on and on, she got really hysterically Pamela had to slap her to get her to calm down. I drove to her house. As we sat there contemplating what to do next, Kola and Mr. walk in and tell us what they also experienced……hmmmmmm
DAY 117
MR- O dear Lord, no, this cannot be happening to us, after all this time and so close, nooooo!!. Am a man and a Christian, I need to be strong and have faith, the Pastor has assured us, all will be well, Let me stop carrying on and start from the beginning.
As we parked the car outside the church, the Imam walked up to us and told us to have Toke’s engagement low key. As he walked away, we all had our mouths wide open in astonishment, the 3rd man of God in one evening, this must be really serious, I thought. Anyway we summed up courage and went into the church to see the pastor. He was wonderful, he asked us to all sit down and said there was no need to worry, God was able to resolve everything. He then began to narrate his dream. “We were at your reception, everything had was going well, when all of a sudden there was a commotion at the back, two people came running in, shouting there has been an accident, when we all got outside, we saw two bodies lying on the floor, I did not see their faces but it was a young man and a woman. I now prayed to God to ask for instructions in relation to the dream, the only thing I got was, you need to pray for God to avert disaster. Also scale down your engagement to the barest minimum and cancel the people coming from your town, A couple of them are coming to test your faith. He then asked if Toke’s Dad had a sister, she said yes, the pastor said, your father’s sister has two daughters both married but they are still in the village with no head way. She is envious of your families’ sudden fortune.
Toke by now was crying again, she said how was she going to explain all this to Aakil, the pastor said, “Don’t worry, Aakil will get a sign from God, all will be well” Toke said “Sign, Sir? The engagement is on Friday”. “Don’t worry Sister Toke, God’s time is not our time”. The pastor prayed with us asked us to have a night vigil, to commit the whole day onto the lord and to cover everyone with the blood of Jesus.
All the prayer warriors arrived just as he rounded off our discussion with the pastor and prayer commenced, Aakil called my no, just as we were about to start the prayer, he said he has been looking for us all, we should be on our way to the pre engagement party by now, I told him we had to come to church to pray urgently, we will be back in the morning. He said what was the matter, he kept asking , I just said all was fine, he didn’t seem to believe me and he kept insisting I please tell him, is it about Toke? He asked, is she okay? “Aakil”, I said, “Toke is fine, I promise you, we will all be back in the morning and she will update you”. He said Okay and dropped the phone.
We sang, prayed all night, early this morning we rounded off and then we all drove to our estate. We decided to head straight to Aakil’s apartment, as we approached, we saw Ahmed pacing up and down in front, “what’s the matter, Ahmed?” we asked, he said he wasn’t sure, “What do you mean?”, “well after Aakil spoke to you, he wasn’t himself, around 4 am, he said he just wanted to go for a run in the estate to clear his head. I advised him against it but he insisted it was a small enclosed estate, what could go wrong, he will be fine, that was 2 hours ago and now he’s not back, he didn’t take his phone along. I have walked around the estate twice, I can’t find him”, at that moment, Toke, fell to the ground, we picked her up and rushed her into the apartment, Kola and Ahmed took the car and went round looking for him, they got back an hour later, no luck, Tammy called the pastor, he came over prayed and said, don’t worry all will be well.
At a time like this , “All will be well”, is the last thing you want to hear , but you need to hold on to the word of God and be reassured that it will be well indeed……hmmmmmm

MRS-Aakil is missing, Toke is not talking to anyone, she’s just lying on the bed mumbling to herself and stirring at the ceiling. We are all totally confused right now. One thing we all agreed on, was to start calling all the invitees and tell them the engagement has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. The calls will start with the ones coming from Toke’s town first.
Since we got back from church this morning we have been all worrying about Aakil, where can he be, was he kidnapped?, no ransom has been requested, did he fall down somewhere?, What do we tell his family? Ahmed has asked us not to tell them yet, am not sure how long we can keep this to ourselves because according to Mr. there was supposed to be an engagement eve party on his private jet yesterday, but they told his brothers it had been moved to tonight, Aakil was hoping we will all be around to go on the flight together, what happens when they try to call him, “Dear lord, please help us find him”.
Pamela suggested we give Toke a sleeping tablet, she’s not being coherent right now. In church she was already acting like she was in a trance, she just kept calling Aakil’s name and asking what will she tell him, she just started doing that again. Tammy just popped out to get that now.
I am praying so hard that Aakil is okay, how can this be happening, we have been so happy, full of joy and thanksgiving , planning and looking forward, Now one day before the D day, come on, we have come so far and are so close, the devil is a lair, he can only delay but he can’t stop. God almighty will sort all this out, it doesn’t matter if only 2 people witness the engagement or 1000 people but the most important thing is that they both end up together.
I just popped home now to have a shower and go back to Toke’s place, Mr., Kola and Ahmed are still driving around looking for Aakil everywhere within the estate. It’s a small estate with 28 houses, all detached, except 2 serviced apartments, one of which Aakil and Ahmed are staying in. so where can he be hiding or how could he get lost . He doesn’t know anywhere else.
That reminds me, we haven’t told Tokes’s parents what’s going on, especially the part about her father’s sister, who’s going to tell them? Obviously, not me…….hmmmmm

Day 118

MR- Trusting in God, always results in joy at the end. Yesterday was a very stressful day. All our faiths got tested over and over.
By midday, Kola, Ahmed and I had driven around our estate more than 20 times, we looked in every corner, alleyway, abandoned car, to see if he fell somewhere or got lost and couldn’t find his way back. Ahmed kept rejecting his brothers’ calls, cos he was too nervous to speak to them, he didn’t know what to say. After the 20th time of circling round, I suggested we go to my house, have a shower and get something to eat, then re strategize.
Once we were done eating, we sat down and made a decision to call uncle J. He could coordinate his guys to look everywhere. I remember him mentioning to me once that his boys knew every criminal in the country and their hide outs, if anyone goes missing they know where to go look for them first.
Mrs., Tammy and Pamela, hadn’t left Toke’s side for more than 30minutes at a time, they each took it in turns to watch her. She definitely wasn’t herself, the pastor had come and prayed for her and all he said was that ‘All will be well’. Mrs. called me a few minutes ago, she said Toke’s mum called her phone, she wants us to come over to their house with Toke, some relations of there’s just called to inform them, they got a call canceling the engagement. Her mum wanted to know what was going on?
We got in the car, stopped by at the apartment to talk to the ladies, as we were about to drive off to see Uncle J, I got a strange no calling on my phone, I picked it up and a voice said, “this is the ambassador, we got a call from a local hospital, that Aakil was brought to them yesterday morning, A bike had hit him accidentally while he was jogging early in the morning. He wasn’t seriously injured but he hit his head as he fell and slipped into a coma. He just woke up a couple of hours ago and asked them to call me, since he didn’t have any other no. He has been discharged and he is with me now in the embassy, could you come pick him up”. He dropped the phone before I could say anything. All I could do was shout “Praise the lord”, Kola and Ahmed were stirring at me, “What’s the matter” Kola asked. “Aakil is alive and well, he is in the embassy” The time was 4 pm.
We drove to the embassy as fast as we could, AaKIL was so delighted to see us, he had a bandage around is head but other than that he was perfectly okay.
He narrated to us what had happened, he said all of a sudden he had this overwhelming feeling to go jogging early in the morning, even though Ahmed tried to stop him, he felt to himself what could go wrong. As he was jogging around the estate, this bike came out of nowhere, hit him and he must have hit his head on the curb as he fell, which made him slip into a coma. The doctor told him a man brought him into the hospital but didn’t leave his contact details. When he woke up he didn’t know anyone’s phone no, he just asked the hospital to call the embassy.
He asked where Toke was, I told him out of excitement when the ambassador called we just drove straight to see him, Toke is not aware yet. He said okay lets go see my love…….hmmmmm

MRS-Yesterday was a test of faith, Toke really scared us, she had become so fragile all of a sudden, I could have sworn she lost weight this past two days we have been looking for Aakil. We didn’t know what else to do, Tammy, Pamela and I couldn’t fast cos we are pregnant but we prayed every 4 hours and had faith that our prayers had been answered.
Madam Mabel kept calling me, when she was tired of calling she sent me a text asking what was going on why did we cancel the event Centre booking? I ignored her.
We ordered some pizza around 3 pm, Toke refused to take a bite, she just kept asking us to go get Aakil, she hadn’t eaten for a day and a half and all she had was water. The strange thing is that through all this I had peace, I remembered one of my favorite verses in Isaiah 41 verse 10 to 12 that says “Do not be afraid the lord is with you, do not be dismayed because I am your God, you will be strengthened because I will help you and I have lifted you up with my right hand of righteousness”. Reciting this over and over gave me the much needed peace that ‘All will indeed be well’.
Just as I finished reciting that verse 7 times, Aakil walked in, honestly I didn’t know when I jumped on him, shouting “Oh my God Aakil” .Toke heard the name and came running out, it was as if she just woke up from a trance, she was back, just like that, they fell into each other’s arms, kissing and holding for a while, Toke crying and Aakil asking her to please forgive him. We all stood there watching them and thanking God for his glory. Tammy asked us to thank God for his save return, we all closed our eyes, Tammy prayed and everyone said Amen.
Ahmed was worn out, he excused himself and went in to sleep. Aakil and toke also just sat on the couch crying, So Pamela, Tammy, Mr., Kola and I decided to go to our place and give them some time alone.
On the way Mr. informed us Aakil while in a coma had a dream that God wanted him to scale down the engagement, he said he was afraid to mention it to Toke, I told him that was too late because 3 different men of God already told her and that was the reason why we had to go to church.
The engagement holds today, we managed to cancel 120 people, with 20 people left including the family, the engagement will hold in Toke’s parents’ house and the reception party at the hotel. I just need to go back to bed now, get some more shut eye, then wake up in a couple of hours and go over to Toke’s, All us girls leave to the engagement venue from there. “Thank you God”………hmmmmmm

DAY 119
MR- My two favorite quotes about wealth, first says “You are not wealthy until you have something money cannot buy and the second quote “Bering rich is having money and being wealthy is having time” I love them both because they express how I would love to be, yesterday during the engagement I saw that in Aakil. Now honestly I really don’t know how to describe the event but I will try-
The engagement was billed to start at 4 pm in Toke’s parents’ house, Aakil and Ahmed were taken to meet his family around 1pm, I got the company driver to take them, wait for them and guide them back. The limo arrived at Toke’s place for 3pm, to take Toke and the girls to her parents’ house. Kola and I were already stationed there, the garden was arranged and decorated, we had a closed marque installed with air-conditioning and just 50 table and chairs , all table clothed with Gold and ivory decoration and a touch of red. The DJ was playing music.
At 3.45 pm, Most of the invited quest had arrived and were sited. When two escalades and a Mercedes Benz jeep with 2 thundras and 2 police escort vans and a 24 sitter bus arrived with Aakils family. Honestly it was a spectacle, I don’t know who gave them the idea, but they had 12 maidens dressed in African attire carrying Gucci suitcases of different sizes and shapes. Behind them came his parents, then his brothers and their wives, then Aakil and Ahmed, then came the ambassador and 4 other people. Everyone got up when they walked in, the other guest were staring and touching each other and pointing.
All the suitcases were placed in front, the maidens went to the back and stood there. Toke’s Parents came out looking amazing, and the ceremony started.
The lady leading the event asked for transport fare to bring Toke out, Aakil dropped a $10000 bundle of $100 notes. Then they brought out another girl, it wasn’t her, that process repeated itself and more money was dropped. Then Toke came out with Mrs., Peju, Pamela and Tammy. They all looked amazing.
Both parents got up, stood behind their child and prayers began, Prayers were rendered in Christianity and Islam, He then brought out this amazing ring, must have been so many carats and placed it on Toke’s finger, her father held both their hands and prayed again, all other rites were performed.
Then Aakils parents hugged Toke and Toke parents hugged Aakil. Toke’s father surprised us all when he said this was a traditional wedding and not an engagement, so Aakil was free to take his bride back to Dubai with him. Aakil, very smart boy, dragged us all up and we went to prostrate in front of him and said thank you. He took out a wad of dollars and placed it on the table in front of Toke’s parents to show his gratitude once more.
Honestly after a while I lost count of how many times wads were pulled out of the huge traveling case Ahmed had beside him and handed dollars from it to Aakil. By the time we were done, almost everyone present had some money in their pockets they didn’t come with, Aakil made it a point of duty to spray everyone who came to the front either to dance , greet the couple or their parents. After a while I think some guest just came forward to get their share……hmmmmm

MRS-Toke is the luckiest girl ever, Gold, so much Gold, when the dowry was announced Aakil’s brother brought forward a suitcase which contained 5 Gold bars, everyone gushed, we now knew why there were mobile police men with guns everywhere, they brought 12 Gucci suitcases, silk, Gold, designer bags, shoes, jewelry, wrist watches, perfumes, scarfs. Wrappers, name it, everything a girl wanted. Then came the girls again with all food items and drinks, cases of moet, brandy, Yams, bags of rice and lots more.
The brothers, Aakil, Ahmed, Mr. and Kola all prostrated on the floor, prayers were done, His father gave a speech, his mum did too, and Toke’s parents gave theirs as well.
O did I mention their attire? Aakils family came all dressed in amazing colors, adorned with so much Gold ‘fort knox’ would be jealous. After about 2 hours, the engagement was done, Toke and Aakil were officially joined, we say engagement but it was more like a traditional wedding. After that everyone got in cars, limos, jeeps and the bus, followed by 2 trucks full of mobile police, security agents courtesy of Uncle J and we all drove to the hotel for the reception.
As we walked into the hall, a snow machine was spewing snow drops out , it came sprinkling down from the ceiling, the band was playing a Whitney Houston song, I will always love you, It was decorated with Gold, silver and red, looked like an amazing Christmas winter wonderland. Each table had branded gift bags and name cards. In the bag were watches, designer bags for ladies, iPads for guys, perfume and a thank you card from the couple.
As you sit down a waiter came around and poured moet into your champagne flute, then gave you a warm towel to wipe your hands. He then handed you a menu specially prepared for the event, there were 12 five course meals on the menu and you could order anyone you wanted, The menu had light refreshments, starters, main meal, digesters and deserts, 5 course meals, I have heard of 3 course meals but not 5.
While the guest took in the grandeur they had just been confronted with, the couple and their friends went up to rooms booked, to change into the reception attire. We all came down about 30 minutes later and danced into the hall with the couple’s song, Lady in red. Toke was wearing an amazing fitted , gold encrusted Red evening gown, Aakil had on an amazing tuxedo with red trimmings, we all had Gold evening gowns on with red trimmings , the guys had on tuxedos with red flowers pinned on, we all looked fabulous if I must say so myself.
O my gosh, Aakils family came up to spray us, not sure how they knew that, that’s what we do in this part of the world, but who’s complaining? we were sprayed with unwrapped bundles of 100 dollar bills, how did we pick up the money you ask?, well that was already taken care of, a bullion van was already waiting, as we were being sprayed , security agents dressed as grooms men were picking it up and dropping it in the bullion van which was surrounded by mobile police.
The cake was simply amazing, Cream with red butter icing and Gold trimmings, each layer was alternated, vanilla and red velvet, hmmmm, delicious. Al the guests were so full, they could hardly move, people were packaging champagne, food, gift bags anything they could lay their hands on, As the reception rounding off to a close, Aakil gave a thank you speech on behalf of himself and Toke. He surprised us all when he said the first sentence in our local language. His speech was heartwarming, he thanked God for meeting Toke, praised her, thanked his parents and family and specially thanked us and Toke’s Parents.
Al in all, Yesterday will go down as one of the most amazing days I have ever had the privilege to witness……hmmmmm

Day 120

MR-Well well, the D day finally came and gone, we thank God Almighty for making the day an amazing success. It had its ups and downs on the way but God finally made it happen. We are all so delighted for Toke and Aakil. You could see the joy and love on their faces yesterday, it was a real sight to behold.
After the reception, Aakils family took Toke to the hotel as a symbolic gesture, then went to her house with Aakil. Aakil was already there, so they brought Toke in, the same way you bring a new bride to the groom’s house. The girls were all there to escort her to begin a new wonderful and fruitful life.
During the reception, I noticed that half way through Kola got a phone call, after he answered and dropped the call he seemed a bit shaken, I asked him what the matter was he said he will tell me later. From that point he was not himself but I could see he put in all his effort not to let it show. I actually forgot to mention Babs, he was very helpful both at the engagement /traditional wedding and at the reception. I actually accepted him totally after yesterday’s performance, he was a good guy and I was looking forward to him and Pamela getting married.
Our task was to get all the gifts to Toke’s house, Kola, Babs and I packed everything into the cars we brought with the help of the hotel porters who were more than happy to do whatever, after I gave each of them a $100 dollar bill, Babs even made a Joke that I was becoming Aakil, ‘that when a leaf rubs against soap for a while, it becomes soap itself’. As he mentioned that I did think for a minute, how much money we had waiting in the bank vault, The way the money was bagged, each segment was labeled. The traditional wedding money was labelled Toke and then her parents, then others, for the reception the same thing, The idea was that the bags labelled others was for Tammy, Kola, Pamela, Babs, Mrs. and I, at the last count Kola said we had 5 bags of dollars, I won’t tell you how big though, but right now we are planning to scout for investment properties to buy.
Speaking of gifts , for such a small crowd we had so many gifts, it was a good thing we all brought Jeeps, once done we drove them to Tokes house. Aakil had gone ahead with the driver, he wanted us to be there when his family brought Toke over, I looked at my watch, the hand over will in an hour.
We got there with a few minutes to spare, left the gifts in the car, and went in to wait for her to arrive. A few minutes later the girls, Toke and Aakils family arrived. Aakil and all of us went out to meet them, he lifted Toke up and carried her into the house. We finally left for our house around 2 am.
But before we drove off, I asked Kola what the matter was and who called. He looked at me, told me who it was and what was said, I couldn’t believe it, why was this coming up now, we thought we had left it behind. Tomorrow we have to find a solution very quickly, I asked him not to worry, everything would be fine, the truth is, I was worried, knowing the situation from firsthand experience, I knew the last thing we need now was this …….hmmmmm

MRS- Tammy, Pamela and I sang and praised God all the way to the hotel Aakils family were staying in, The idea was to take their ‘Wife’ home, then we all see her off to Aakil at their house in our estate. When we got to the hotel Aakils mum gave us all wonderful advice, Cherish your husband, always be yourself around him, be sincere, faithful and full of love, God first in everything you do.
Something I forgot to mention, Ahmed and Peju kind of went missing for some minutes during the reception, I was on the lookout for them, when I didn’t see them return, I decided to go look for them. As I rounded the corner, I saw him with Peju holding hands and telling her how much he loved her, he said since he’s been here all he thinks about is her, he then surprised me, he said He knows she’s still young and needs to complete her education, he is ready to wait, he prays she can come to Dubai with them, so he can make his intentions known properly. He will wait for her to be ready, if she could only say yes. Just as she started responding, Tammy taped me on the back, asking what I was doing, so I missed her response. Hmm , this is interesting o, can you imagine , Toke and Peju all the way in Dubai, and one thing we found out about Ahmed, he is the 2nd child of the King, the first son, that means his in line for the throne once his father dies, Peju a queen in the middle east , o! la! La!. I know what you are thinking, ‘busy body’, Ha!ha!
Anyway, we got to Toke’s place , with all the female members of Aakil’s family, he ran out, lifted up Toke and carried her into their house. There were cheers and laughter, as his mum sang a bridal song in Arabic, his oldest sister in law translated it, basically it was a blessing for the couple to be fruitful, full of love and joy and be wise. Wise? I asked her, “yes” she said, “what do you need in abundance, as a couple to get through so much, if not wisdom to do the right thing?” I was taken aback, if you look at it, she was right, the wisdom to make the right decision in every sphere of your life was such an important key, I believe that’s why we pray to God for wisdom all the time.
Toke delivered, it was finally time for us all to get some well-earned rest, everyone went back home, the time was 2am.
Woke up this morning to write in my diary and then go back to sleep, Mr. is already awake, but according to him, we need to catch up on a lot of TLC, well we’ve only got a few hours because Aakil, Toke and his family fly back 7pm tonight and before then we are all being hosted at the embassy for 2pm. So we’ve got to get a move on, if you know what I mean and if you don’t, well, use your imagination ……..hmmmmmm

Day 121

MR-Bimbo is here, No she can’t be? What does she want? Kola, how did she find you?” “I don’t have a clue, she called me that she arrived in the country yesterday morning, she said she missed me and came to see me”. Did you give her your no? Yes it’s even worse than that I gave her my business card, which has our office address”. “What were you thinking?” “Bro, I wasn’t thinking, that girl is a seductress, that’s one of the major reasons, in fact scratch that, that’s the major reason I broke off with her, she’s dangerous” “Kola, I hope you remember who she also has a son for?” “Of course Bro, how can I forget all of a sudden, what am I going to do now?, if I don’t pick her calls or call her back as promised, I can bet she will turn up tomorrow in the office. That girl knows how to get to me, if you catch my drift?” “Yes, I do, The Kiss”. Kola and I just sat there for a while rejecting all forms of ‘Jezebelic intrusions’ in to our lives at this time. But that wasn’t the solution, we had to get our act together and make sure we don’t go two steps back after moving only one step forward.
By 2pm, we were all sited at the embassy, it was amazing, I had never been in there but I did drive past it at least twice or thrice a month, they had a band playing middle eastern music, it was different but nice, a lot of incense. Then came the belly dancers, I’ve seen them in films but never up close and personal. The way the ladies twisted their bodies to the music was great. We guys couldn’t keep our eyes off them. While dancing was going on, we were invited to go round the buffet spread. There were all sorts of kebabs, pitta bread, a vegetable salad called tabouleh, baba gahnnouj, a dip made with eggplant, falafel round appetizers, hummus, pilaf rice, grilled vegetable, roasted lamb, spicy potatoes and loads of cakes and ice cream.
I watch as everyone ate, laughed and joked, Ahmed was sitting opposite Peju, Toke and Aakil were in a world of their own, they could keep their hands off each other, Aakils elder brother was sitting next to me, he joked that if Prince Ahmed hadn’t fallen for Peju he might just be tempted to take her as a second wife. I was surprised he actually called him Prince, he said to me that if I met him in Dubai, he moves around with Palace security in a convoy, it took our father one week to convince the king to let him come here with us and with only one security guard. I asked which guard, he pointed to one of the grooms men. All in All it was an amazing reception. At the end Aakils father gave a thank you speech, said he loved our country and now that he has a daughter from here, it’s time to move some of the family investments down this way.
We all drove to the airport, Toke was crying, Mrs., Tammy and Pamela were also sniffling, it was such an emotional sight. Peju and Ahmed were whispering in each other ears, I decided to open it all up, I asked Ahmed what his intentions were towards our sister, He just laughed and said, I have the best intentions, just trying to be as blessed as my brother Aakil:” Everyone laughed including Aakil’s parents.
30 minutes later we all watched as their private jet soared into the air. Just then I remembered what Tammy’s pastor said to me , “The meeting of this young Arab man is going to put you on a path you can’t even begin to imagine the magnitude and scope of the amazing journey God has in store for you and your family. Just keep thanking God Almighty, All your lives are about to change for the best” ……………..hmmm.

MRS-One gone , three left, hmmmm, for the longest time we have been four friends like sisters, although Tammy just joined us, it’s like she has been there from the beginning. I remember when Toke, Pamela and I were in university, we were inseparable, Although Toke and Pamela were roommates, they practically spent most of their time in my off campus apartment. We did everything together, we were like triplets, people actually thought we were sisters or at least related.
We are really going to miss her, all that happened leading up to Toke and Aakil leaving, just gave me more to thank God for, Toke, who came from a humble background, practically took care of her family throughout university, graduated and now she’s like a billionaires wife, honestly God Almighty, is a God of possibilities, you must never look down on anyone.
Well before we saw them all off to the airport, Toke called us girls to her house to thank us, she said Aakil wanted to say a big thank you to us all. So he has asked us to come up with anything we would want him to invest in for us, A property, land, shares whatever it was, he’s ready to give us $250,000 each for that, just to say thank you and show his wife’s appreciation.
We were all gob smacked, after all the money we have in the vault, we have been told we are looking at 6 figures. He now wants to give us more money. O my gosh, this is a new experience, Yes, I actually thought we were rich before, but now I understand what rich really is. I couldn’t even begin to compare what I thought was rich. He also said if we wanted to come out to Dubai, we should just call Toke, she will send her private jet, when she said that, I asked, “Your Jet?” Yes, he said he’s ordered a private jet for me to make it easier for me and my family to shuttle between Dubai and here and if we needed to go shopping in Paris or London, he would hate it if I had to wait for him to get back from a business trip” I jumped on her and I must have screamed for like 2 minutes, “you get a PJ?, OH my gosh!, so no more struggling to check in at airports Toke you are a queen already.?” “Well yes he is also applying for an American Passport for me since he was born there and has a US passport”

Later that evening Seeing her leave on a jet plane, got me humming the old song, “Am leaving on a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again, o baby I hate to go…..” The only difference here was that she was happy to go, who wouldn’t be?, My friend, My sister was finally a going to become a queen and I was glad to be part of her life journey……..hmmmmm

Day 122

MR- okay now’ am definitely sure you’ll be wondering what’s wrong with Mr. and Kola, why do they always get themselves into these compromising situations. This time I promise you I had nothing to do with it. Am sure you all remember Bimbo, the lady who we visited in Charlton, London, who had a child for Tella? And you might remember that I found out later that she kissed Kola unexpectedly? Well now she’s here, she claims she came to visit him cos she’s been thinking about him.
The sensible thing to do would be to ignore her, but how do you ignore someone who knows where you work, she will just turn up and embarrass you. Well that’s not quite how it happened yesterday but it still didn’t end well, actually it turned out real bad.

Kola and I got to the office pretty early, we didn’t even have time to go pick up and deposit our share of the engagement money, we asked the storing vault to extend our lease for a couple of days. We believed that would give us enough time to send Bimbo packing to where she came from. Kola called her earlier and asked her to meet him at the restaurant round the corner from our office, when he mentioned the meeting venue to me, it suddenly occurred that we have had most of our Jezebel meetings there, after this , we would not be going back, I pray.

Anyway by 1pm we went to meet her, she was meant to get there for 2pm but we thought we would have something to drink before she arrives. As we walked into the restaurant, we saw her, she was there with another girl who we didn’t recognize. She beckoned for us to come over and at the same time got up and ran towards Kola, gave him a big kiss on the lips and dragged him back to sit next to her. The seats in the place were sofas instead of regular dining table seats. The other girl looked at me all mushy and tapped her hand on the space next to her indicating that I sit there. I ignored her and sat 2 seats away,

Bimbos’ friend started off the conversation, “Kola , you no try at all o, how can you abandon your babe wey come all the way from London to visits you, I have been taking care of her for the last couple of days you owe me o, big time “. Kola just sat there mouth agape, he looked at me and I shrugged. Main while Bimbo had her hand on his head rubbing it back and forth, the strange thing is Kola made no attempt to move away. What he said next threw me. “Am sorry dear, I was out of town, am here now, I will sort everything out” I looked at him, feeling really confused, “Kola, can I talk to you for a minute? I said. Kola just looked at me and said “Bro, say whatever you want to say here, they are part of us” gesticulating and pointing to Bimbo and her friend. I knew he wasn’t drunk cos we hadn’t drank anything all day, so I thought it was a joke , I got up tried to pull him up to come with me, but he just hit my hand and asked me to leave him alone.

That was really scary, the transformation from sane to insane was so abrupt, I didn’t even notice it. It was as if Kola was in a trance. By this time, Bimbo was all over him. I didn’t quite know what to do, thankfully Kola just said he had to go to the gents, I said I did too and followed him. Coincidentally there was a back door opposite the gents, I didn’t even wait for him to go, I just pushed him out of the door and we landed in the car pack, amid protests, I dragged him into the car and drove back to the office, fortunately most staff were not around because it would have been hard to explain, I called Tony and the manager, they helped me control Kola and took him into my office. I called our friend IK, a doctor. I had narrated Kola’s trance like situation to him, so he came with a sedative. Once he gave Kola the injection he fell asleep.
I sat there looking at him and praying, IK said it could be a panic disorder or anxiety disorder, that sometimes when our brains are in that state, the result could make you fall into a trance. I had to agree that Bimbo showing up at our door step like that could make anyone seriously anxious.

I sat watching Kola for a couple of hours, when he finally stirred and opened his eyes.
The first thing he said was, Bimbo!, at that moment I had a bad feeling that this whole trance thing, might just be more than an anxiety disorder, Dear God Help us…….hmmmmm

MRS- Okay, now back to life, I feel deflated, with the whole build up to the engagement , keeping us all so busy for the last month and now peace all of a sudden am sure you understand how one can feel restless. I don’t really know what to do with myself, so I have decided to go outlet shopping. I want to open a business. I wrote this down some weeks ago. I have two ideas, but am keeping them close to my chest for now. I need to register at the business school after I see what business spaces cost this days in highbrow areas.

Tammy called yesterday, they arrived in Dubai, as she and the family stepped off the Jet there was a welcome party waiting, they sprinkled flower petals and perfume all over her, rubbed her feet with sweet smelling oil, sang and danced with her all the way to the waiting cars. When she finally got to Aakil’s house, it wasn’t a house, it was a palace. She said I won’t believe he has more 10 maids, 4 butlers, 4drivers, 6cleaners, She not even sure how many rooms the palace has, she gets a tour today. Their bedroom is the size of our whole top floor, the bathroom taps are all Gold, her walk in closet had all the clothes, wrappers, dresses, shoes, bags, trinkets she could ever need and more, she will send me pictures today. She wants us to come over for a weekend to celebrate with Ahmed, it’s his birthday 1st week in March and Ahmed has kindly requested that Peju must come along.

Mr. left home pretty early yesterday morning he said he and Kola had some urgent business to attend too. I wasn’t surprised cos we’ve spent the last couple of weeks running round for Toke and Aakil’s engagement. Am sure that left a lot of work pilling up for them in the office.
Tammy, Pamela and I decided to meet up at Toke’s house, we had called in professional cleaners to tidy up the house, so I could lock it up, only the gate man and chef will remain in the compound, they of course will stay in the boy’s quarters. Toke said her chef should work for us until she’s back, so he starts coming over to my house from today.

Tammy and Pamela turned up around 11, we walked to Tokes house, just our luck, we bump into Madam Mabel. Before she could say anything, I apologized for not calling her sooner and that I was bringing some gifts to her in the afternoon. She asked if she could just follow us and pick it up now, I said no, Tammy said okay, so she conveniently ignored my objection and latched on to Tammy’s yes.
As we walked into Toke’s compound, the cleaners also arrived in their van, we all walked into the house together. The cleaners were the first to say something “Madam, this your house is super” Thank you I said. Madam Mabel just kept staring at the ceiling and clapping her hands. “Sisi mi come o, I hear they gave out gold bars at the party, I hope my package has one of them” we all bust our laughing, “who told you?”, “Chief Tope’s wife, Shebi you invited him and he told her and she told Mrs. Iyang next door to me, who was discussing it with Madam Pat , when I overheard.”

“Whoa , Madam Mabel, news travels fast, well let me give you your gift and you can decided if you like it or not”. I went into the study where the extra gifts were and picked out one that had a nice Louis Vuitton bag and slippers to match, a wrist watch, perfume and silk scarf, and I handed it to her. She opened it and gasped. She gave me a very long lingering hug, then she started to cry. “Why are you crying Madam?” Pamela asked. “My dear you won’t believe how long I have been begging Chidi, my husband for this designer bag. One woman made serious shakara for me at the saloon. I went there to do my hair, there were people waiting, so I sat down put my bag beside another handbag that was on a side table, when I got up to do my hair I left my bag there , as it was right beside my stylist.”

“A few minutes later a woman came out form the ladies and picked up my bag and said who put this smelly bag next to my very expensive Louis Vuitton designer bag, are you trying to infect it and she dropped my bag on the floor, you won’t believe it , the stylist were apologizing to her. I couldn’t even say it was my bag, I was too ashamed. My stylist noticed and she picked up my bag and apologized to me. When I got home I told Chidi about my humiliation. He pacified me and promised to buy me a bigger one. That was 9 months ago. Now you just hand me the bag, slippers and watch, o dear! o dear!, Thank you so much, am going to the saloon right now, them go take”

With that she matched out of Toke’s house and left us all reeling with laughter. Madam Mabel sorted, we got back to business, there were almost 50 take home gift bags left, remember we cancelled about 90 invites. Toke gave out to people in the estate and her parent’s neighbor’s hence the reason we have about 50 left.
She asked me to keep them all in my house and find some people to give. Now please note these are $2000 dollar bags and above, it’s not just something you can give away anyhow, am sure we can all come up with something to do with them. For now am going out outlet hunting …….hmmmmm

Day 123
MR- “BIMBO! Kola, what’s wrong with you? Why are you calling Bimbo, Kola are you okay? What’s going on? Bro you are scaring me”, Kola just kept asking for Bimbo when he woke up, I had to call IK back to give him another sedative. While he was out we contemplated how serious this anxiety thing could be. In order for us not to disturb him, we stepped out into the boardroom. IK felt I should take him home once he wakes up, Tammy’s voice could help him recover, IK said. I didn’t think it was a good idea, cos calling out “I want Bimbo” when he’s with Tammy would definitely not be good. Anyway, I still had to take him home.
IK and I went back to check on Kola in my office, where he was sleeping on the couch , to our surprise, he wasn’t there, I looked in my private toilet, he wasn’t there, we looked everywhere in the office he was nowhere to be found, his car and mine were still in the car park. I asked Tony to rewind the cctv recordings, when we went through, it showed Kola leaving through the back door and walking towards the road, the last we saw of him was him getting into a taxi.
I took Tony in my car and we drove in the direction of the Taxi, in a way it was a fruitless journey, cos we didn’t even have the no of the Taxi or have the faintest idea where he was heading. We went to check the restaurant where we met Bimbo earlier, they weren’t there, unfortunately I didn’t have Bimbo’s no. where do I begin to look for him, what do I tell Tammy, bearing in mind that she is pregnant, I must watch what I say to her. After driving around for a while with getting no closer to finding him, I dropped Tony off and went home.
I discussed the whole Kola going missing issue with Mrs., told her I need her to cover for Kola and I. Mrs. thought it was a bad idea, she said she believed Tammy would understand, she can pray for his safe return and that keeping it from her would be a mistake. I had to agree, Tammy had been through worse with Kola and prayer had gotten them through it. So I went over to Tammy’s made up an excuse to bring her to our house.
When we got back to ours, Mrs. told her what was going on, she was a bit shaken, but she said she needed to pray about it, she will get a solution from God. Mrs. led her and Jnr to a spare room and came back to me in the lounge upstairs. I was weak, like a vegetable, I couldn’t function properly. Kola my Bro, who entrusts his life to me, why didn’t I stay with him? Knowing fully well he was not himself. I pray nothing bad happens to him cos am not sure I would be able to forgive myself.
I sat there for a while thinking about the whole situation, I knew Kola extremely well, he would never do this intentionally, if this Binbo girl is somehow manipulating him diabolically, then Tammy was right panicking was not the way forward, we need to wait on the Lord and pray for Kola, cover him with the blood of Jesus, this morning we definitely all need to go see the pastor as she suggested. There is nothing impossible for God to do. I know and believe, By the grace of God Almighty, This too shall pass……hmmmmm

MRS-Tammy, a virtuous woman, once again she makes me seem like a fickle minded mortal. Yesterday night, Mr. and I told her Kola was missing, and all she said was God is in control and went into a room to pray. I mean, Come on people, how many of us could remain calm and hopefully under extreme stress and with all the pregnancy hormones, I would have been crying and screaming, jumping up and down but not Tammy, she was still and extremely calm. I believe everyone should borrow a leaf from her books.
Mr. on the other hand was melting by the minute, he couldn’t even think straight, he told me about the fact that Bimbo must have cast a spell on him somehow, I shrugged it off saying she just came from London, where would she get Juju from. Mr. Then shocked me and said, when we were in London, he was told there were Babalawo’s in Peckham, south east London, so what do I have to say to that? I tried to make a joke that whatever herbs they used in England would only work there cos they can’t be the genuine leaves, winter would have dealt with them seriously, this brought a smile to Mr.’s face, but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. He told me she came with a friend who looked really doggy, that one could have given Bimbo whatever she used on Kola, to her? He mentioned that he didn’t trust all this girls who look and behave so desperate. This girl was just like that.
All sort of thoughts kept coming into our minds, Where to find Kola was the main issue, Mr. knew he was asking for Bimbo when he woke up from his first sedative, but not sure why the second injection didn’t take or was there a delay in its reaction? We hoped he wasn’t hurt in a ditch somewhere.
Tammy came out from her prayers 1 hours, 15 minutes later, “Kola will be found by God’s grace and nothing will have happened to him”. she said Mr. should please take her back home, but He and I insisted that she and Jnr stay here with us until we found Kola, Tammy had no choice but to agree,
Just then a call came in on Mr.’s phone, I picked it up, it was from a lady called Bimbo, I handed him the phone. Mr. asked her where she was, from his response I could tell she didn’t tell him. After much going back and forth of him asking where she was, he dropped the phone. He said Bimbo told him Kola was with her and he was okay, he doesn’t want to come home now, when he’s ready he will come back.
At this time Tammy thankfully had gone to the bedroom to check on Jnr, I asked Mr. what the girl meant when she said he wasn’t ready to come home, Mr. just kept shaking his head, until Tammy came back into the lounge to ask what was going on. Mr. didn’t say anything, so I told her The bimbo girl called and said Kola didn’t want to come home now, when he’s ready he will, Tammy said , “That’s a lie of the devil, he will be home tomorrow, Please take me to church first thing tomorrow morning………hmmmmmm


MR- 5am , we were already on our way to the pastor, I hardly slept a wink, after a few times I got up to go to the bathroom, I decided to just sit on the couch in our room, so I won’t disturb Mrs. Tammy had called The pastor a few hours later, he was expecting us.

Before going to bed yesterday, Babs stopped by at the house , I noticed he had something on his mind he wanted to discuss but the situation he found me in prevented him from telling me what the matter was. I did press a bit for him to say, but he promised to come back later. Pamela did call Mrs. a few hours later to find out if Babs came to see me, Mrs. said yes, but she wasn’t aware of what was said. Apparently Pamela wants to move abroad and Babs doesn’t want too. His life , family and friends were here, Pamela on the other hand doesn’t care she stated Toke as an example , Toke left her and didn’t even look back, so what’s stopping her from leaving everyone else. I guess Babs came over to get Mrs. and I to persuade her to stay. I couldn’t help but think, this world is complex, everyone with their own problems.

Anyway, we sat down with the pastor. Mrs., Tammy and I, we left Jnr at home with the maids.
He prayed for a while and then said what God showed him” Kola is under the spell of that woman, the good thing is that she over used the charm, so it’s working overtime, what I mean is Kola won’t be able to have sex or do anything else, except call out her name if she’s out of his sight. That’s her plan, she wants to trap him with pregnancy, so now she has been instructed to keep him around her until the thing wears out then she should use it correctly a second time. As God is on the throne, we will get him out of there but we have to go into a 3 day fast and pray, for God to reveal their hideout and stop her plan”.

Tammy eyes were red already, I felt so sorry for her, I have seen strong women of God, prayer warriors but Tammy is up there right on top, she’s a true Godly woman. The pastor advised Tammy and Mrs. to fast for half a day and we guys could do until 6 pm, Tammy said she was fine, she will also finish at 6, she said God sees her plight and would not let anything happen to their baby, she even made a joke, touched her tummy and said to it, “Baby, we are praying and fasting for your dad from tomorrow. Okay? Daddy needs to come back home”.

As much as the pastor’s words comforted me a bit, I couldn’t help but wonder why would anyone be this wicked, a young beautiful educated girl, being diabolical just to ruin someone else’s life, what does she want? We drove back home, around 8 am, Mrs. felt it was proper for Tammy to keep staying with us, Tammy agreed but said she would go home to get a change of clothes.
I got ready and went to the office, I had to keep my mind busy somehow, I could always take time out to pray in my office. As I walked in, I saw the staff milling around gossiping as soon as they saw me coming everyone dispersed. I asked Tony to come into my office. “What’s going on Tony?” I asked. “Sir, one of our staff said she saw Mr. Kola yesterday, her day off, arrive at a house in her neighborhood. she said hello to him, he just walked up to the gate and knocked on the door, as she stood there watching him, he didn’t appear himself, shortly after the gate man came out with two other guys, whom she didn’t recognize and they took Mr. Kola in, She felt it was strange, so when She came in this morning She was narrating the episode to the staff.”

“Call her please” I said. Tony went out to get the lady, she was one of our admin assistants. I asked her what she saw and when, she narrated the same thing Tony had said and the time coincided with the time he went missing yesterday. She gave me the address and the name of the house owner, I thanked her, warned her to stop gossiping and excused her.
I immediately called the pastor to tell him I was going over there, he asked me to come see him first.
When I got to the pastor, he told me I should not go near that house,” it’s not just an ordinary house, a lot of bad things go on in there and you have to be fortified by God before you can venture in, if you do without God’s instruction, evil will be lurking and only God will deliver you”. He also advised me to be calm, “now that God has revealed where Kola is being held, let’s let God work his miracles, on the 3rd day of our fast, we will go and get him”. I thanked the pastor and left.
As I drove off, I looked at the address again, curiosity got the better of me, I thought to myself just a peek at the house, what harm could that do? I decided to just drive past the house, so I drove all the way there. Parked a bit far off and I was amazed at the size and beauty. It was magnificent. The fence was almost as high as the building, but you could still see that this was a mansion beautifully crafted. The money it took to build such a beautiful fence, could probably build 2 nice detached houses. The name of the owner didn’t ring a bell. My staff gave me a Man’s name. I decided to call Uncle J to see if he knew who the person was.
As I picked up my phone to call uncle J, something just asked me to look up, I saw 3 guys come out of the house and walk towards me with Walkie talkies, how did they spot me, I scouted around and saw cctv cameras mounted on the fence pointing in my direction , I put the car in reverse, initially I backed away slowly, the guys started to jog towards me , then I put my foot down and floored it, thankfully the road was empty, I backed into someone’s drive, turned the car around and sped off, as I looked in my rear view mirror I could see the guys stopped chasing me and were now talking on their Walkie talkies. Phew!, that was a narrow escape, why didn’t I listen to the pastor……hmmm

MRS-Pamela is not feeling well, she’s also been acting strange since Toke left, I can see she misses her so much. Yesterday evening she had a crying spree when she told me how Toke hasn’t even called her more than once since she left, I tried to remind her that Toke was on honeymoon, “she’s my sister , why would she not call”?. I decided not to be too harsh on her cos, her hormones were playing up seriously, even the way Babs came over here looking all deflated, I could only imagine what she’s been putting the poor guy through with her hormonal induced tantrums.

We have started our fast, Tammy and Jnr are here, so it’s not too bad, we are all worried about Kola, Mr. hardly slept a wink, neither did I but I didn’t want him to know cos he will feel so bad. He kept me up most of the night. Mr. left home for work immediately we returned from the pastor, I have a few errands to run, once I drop Tammy off to pick up some change of clothes, she is driving herself back to my place. Toke’s cook was due to start this morning but I have banished him to Toke’s house until later in the day, when we break our fast, I can’t have him cooking all that nice smelly food when am trying to stay off food .

Once I dropped off Tammy and Jr, I went to Edds, they are the best for pre natal vitamins, I had called the pharmacist earlier, picked up my stuff, then walked to my car, A lady was sitting on the pavement, looking all drained, I took out some money to give her but as she looked up to receive it, I recognized her, “o my gosh”, it was our class mate in uni, Ola. I was shocked, ” what are you doing here?” I asked, she got up, gave me a hug, she looked so untidy, I asked her to come with me, she got in the car and we drove to the café around the corner. We settled down, I made our order, then looked at her and asked “what happened to you babes?” Ola was the grand Babe when we were in school, she dated governors, senators, ministers. She had a jeep and lived in a whole house on her own, off campus. The clothes, bags and shoes she wore were all designer. We wore designer too, but she had escorts, go with her everywhere. When she was dating the governor she had a police man sit next to her when she drove. Everyone believed she has relocated to America as soon as we graduated.
Anyway she began to narrate her story “Babes, if you remember I was dating the governor when we graduated, he doted on my, did everything to please me, to be honest he was even considering taking me as a second wife. He made me promise not to date anyone else and I did. He became more affectionate once he had me to himself. Shortly after he had an official trip to meet with some investors in America, he asked me to come along. We stayed in the same hotel and it was fun. While we were there a friend took him to see some nice houses for sale. He bought two of them , one was a 5 bedroom detached house with 2 garages, a swimming pool and a large garden, the other was a luxury penthouse , with 3 bedrooms, communal pool and a private elevator.”
She took a sip of her drink and continued “Once we got back to the hotel, we were having dinner when he went on his knees and asked me to marry him, I was shocked but excited, so I said yes, he gave me an amazing ring and told me he bought me the big house as an engagement present. The next day we went to a the realtor, gave her money to furnish the houses and then went to buy 2 cars, in short 2 months later I relocated to Atlanta”.
He came along to settle me in, we immediately started work on a residency based on the fact that we bought a property. The governor would come over once in 2 months, 6 months later I found out I was pregnant. I later gave birth to a son. At the christening party, he introduced me to all his friends and relations, as his fiancée. That’s when my troubles started. One of the guys that turned up that night was Tokunbo, he was the governor’s younger brother’s best friend, and really sweet, practically carried our son all evening. A few weeks later he called me said he was in Atlanta on business, would I mind if he stopped by to see us and find out how we were doing. I said it was okay, My dear, one thing led to another, he became my only friend in Atlanta and we started having an affair”. I touched her hand lightly and said I was so sorry but I had to stop her there.

I was listening with keen interest but remembered it was almost time to break our fast, so I asked her to come with me. We stopped at a boutique to get her some clothes then I took her to the guest house just outside our estate, paid for 3 nights and said I would see her later to finish her story. She thanked me and I drove home. As I drove off I began to imagine how she ended up where I found her. I finally thought, what’s the point of trying to figure it out when she was going to tell me in a few hours, I might as well stopping thinking and just wait…….hmmmmmm

Day 125

MR-Phew! Narrow escape, I remember my father used to say, “ My Son, Obedience is much better than sacrifice, why don’t you just not do what you aren’t suppose too, instead of having to face the punishment for doing it , then apologizing. He would also say “Never say sorry if you know you will do it again”. As for the former, I experienced it when the pastor said don’t go cos its dangerous, then I intentional disobeyed and it almost got me in trouble or worse, as for the saying sorry, I have always been careful, when saying am sorry, I actually think about it very carefully, once I’ve said am sorry, I will make sure I do everything within my power not to do that same thing again, if I know I might still do it, I try not to say Am sorry, cos I know am not sorry.
Speaking about my father, I called him yesterday, he’s not back from Germany, we made a decision, that he and my mum should take some time out there, resting and being monitored for his heart palpitations. He had to have a pacemaker fitted to regularize his heart. Pamela’s uncle, the heart surgeon, felt it was better if they monitored him for a while. He sounded really good on the phone, he kept thanking God that he raised me right and that I’ve turned out to be a responsible young man, who has made him and my mum very proud. I thanked him in return saying I thank God he is my father, I have learnt so much from him, if I am able to impact even half of what he taught me, into my children, they will be so lucky.
Kola not being around is really affecting me, I couldn’t even stay for more than a couple of hours at the office yesterday, I kept popping into his office as if he will miraculously appear there, I miss him so much, knowing where he is being held and can’t get him out yet, I just hate to imagine what’s going on with him and it doesn’t make it any easier.
You won’t believe what happened, after I left the office. Well, I stopped at Dominos to get some pizza for Jnr and some shakes for Tammy and Mrs., as I sat down going through my phone, I heard a voice saying hello, do you mind if I sit with you. I didn’t even look up I said yes. Then she said “Hello Mr., you’re not even looking at us” I looked up and saw this beautiful lady, I said hello and looked back at my phone, she then asked “Can I have your card, here is mine am a masseuse, call me, am very good,” I took the card, said I didn’t have mine on me, but I would call once I was ready, She smiled at me and walked over to pick up her pizza. Mine was ready too, so I picked it up. As I stepped out of Dominos, I saw her get into a car, someone was waiting for her, I walked past and the guy called out my name, I looked back it was Ahmed, my old colleague, where Kola and I used to work, the 3 of us were called the 3 musketeers, we were the brains of the company, got all the end of year performance bonuses. He got out of the car, we exchanged pleasantries, asked after Mrs. and then invited himself to dinner on Saturday. What could I say, but yes, he then asked me to meet his fiancée, the lady masseuse, stepped out shuck my hand as if she had never seen me before, and politely said , “Nice to meet you”, I replied same her, but was thinking “O my, what a transformation, where do all these jezebels come from…….hmmmm

MRS- Tammy was already at home when I arrived, we settled down, sang praises and prayed. She was very strong, we spoke about Kola, how much she missed him but how she was reassured God was watching over him. Her strength gives me courage all the time, when I try to think of something nasty happening to Kola, I think, what will Tammy be thinking and I know she will say, Come on girl, my God has not failed me yet, Kola is surrounded by Angels he will be fine.
The chef was already in our kitchen, thank God I just arrived shortly before the end of our fast cos the amazing aroma coming from the kitchen would have been almost impossible to resist.
I had to go back to see Ola and Tammy and Jnr needed to serve their siesta, interestingly, Jnr won’t got to sleep unless he was pulling Tammy’s ear. Kids do the strangest things, I’ve seen thumb sucking, hair twisting, but pull and rubbing your mum’s ear to sleep, was a new one, I can’t wait to see what our bambino would do.
Anyway, I changed into slacks and a T-shirt, got in my car and went to meet up with Ola at the hotel. When I got there she had just woken up, she said she hadn’t slept well in days, she was kicked out of a friend’s place last week because he said she was no longer useful to him, he replaced her with a new model. Anyway back to Ola’s story,
She continued, “Tokunbo was a life saver, he would spend 5 days a week with us, he got a transfer to their office in Atlanta, so that he could be close to us. I fell in love with him in no time, he was closer to my age, we had lots in common and although he didn’t have money and power like the governor did, I loved him dearly. When it was a few days before the governor arrived his PA will call me and so Tokunbo will stay away. One of the visits the governor made, he was fine for the first couple of days , we made love, he took me and our son out and gave me lots of money, then 2 days to leaving he suddenly became very cold. I kept asking what the matter was but he won’t tell me, he left without being his normal self. I didn’t think anything of it until Tokunbo turned up a few days later looking for his electric shaver, apparently he left it in the male side of the bathroom cabinet and the governor must have found it and took it away”
Ola looked up at the ceiling as if regretting, then continued. “I was really worried but Tokunbo said not to worry, if he suspected anything don’t you think he will ask you. I agreed with him a bit but not totally. Anyway Tokunbo and I continued our relationship, the governor will call me on Skype when I was asleep and demand that I put the camera on and scan the rooms. The first time it happen, I was so lucky, Tokunbo had gone on business to Miami, I walked round the house with the camera on and the governor saw nothing, that sort of pacified him a bit, he joked with me and apologized for his action, that he just missed me so much, he also dropped a shocker, that he is thinking of relocating us back home. We could keep the house for our summer vacations. My heart melted but I smiled and said that will be great cos I really missed him”
“The truth is I didn’t even like him anymore, I wish I could cut all ties with him, but I couldn’t, There was the Son we had together and as for Tokunbo, he could not afford to take care of us, the way we were accustomed too, I even had to argument his income from our allowance, so how can I leave the governor?. While I was busy thinking, I didn’t even know the governor had already made arrangements for a house to be bought for us at home immediately. Five days later Tokunbo and I were cuddling on the couch in the upstairs family room, we were in our undies, my Son was asleep and the nanny was downstairs, when the doorbell rang, she opened it and let the familiar face in. he walked up the stairs and viola saw Tokunbo and I, he just turned round and walked away. I ran after him but as I got to the door I realized I was in my undies , so I ran back to get a robe, but he was gone, I tried his no’s he did not pick up, when I got his PA , he said the governor was unavailable now, he will call me back.
I didn’t hear anything from him for a couple of days, I didn’t know what was going on, I was so scared I couldn’t eat, Tokunbo wasn’t there to comfort me , he stayed away. On the third day his PA arrived and called the governor from his phone, for me to speak to him, “Ola, pack your things and my Son’s things, am taking you guys back to Nigeria with me tomorrow, just lock up the house, pay off the nanny and bring the keys with you, I have arrange a taxi to pick you up for 5 am tomorrow morning” and he dropped the phone. I just collapsed to the floor and cried my ears out, The PA felt sorry for me, he hugged me and said the governor still loves me very much cos he told him so, with time he will forgive me and with that he let. I called Tokunbo, we made love that night and I promised to send him money for a ticket once I got back home. Throughout the flight the governor talked to me about everything else but the incident. When we landed he went with me to this lovely house and said, this is where you stay with our son, I will see you when I want too. You must not go anywhere without this body guards, one is your driver and the other for your protection, here is an ATM card, there’s money in it, it will be replenished weekly, if you need anything urgently call me”, he kissed me and our son and left.
Just as she was about to go on I checked my phone Mr. had called me twice, didn’t hear it ring, the gist was too much, I called him back and said I will be home shortly, I was just round the corner, he said okay and dropped the phone. I then saw the time, it was 8.30pm. Oh my gosh!, I didn’t even know time had gone. I apologized to Ola once again and said I had to go home, but will be back tomorrow to listen to the continuation of her story…….. hmmmm

Day 126
MR- Am geared up and ready to go, praying and fasting has a way of strengthening ones sprit. I know and believe that Kola is fine and God Almighty is protecting him.
Aakil called yesterday, he wanted to know if Mrs. and the girls were coming for Ahmed’s birthday, I told him that we had a bit if a crisis on our hands now, but that should be sorted by this weekend, I would get back to him by Monday to confirm. He asked if there was anything he could do to help with the crisis but I said it wasn’t that kind of crisis. I asked him to say help to everyone there especially Toke, he also sent his love to everyone here.
I went to see the pastor yesterday evening asked him what the plan was for getting Kola back on Sunday, I wanted us to go with some police men, but the pastor said it was unnecessary, one with God is a majority he said. On a normal day I might have tried to rationalize taking them but, I had learnt my lesson, God speaks to you, you obey, if the pastor says God said go on your own , then he has already prepared victory for us.
I can’t wait, Kola not being around just shows up how much we rely on each other for so much. I don’t know what I would do without him, our lives seem to be so connected to a lot of things. I remember back when we were very young, Kola and I slipped out of the boarding school to go with some day students to a party, it was a Friday, when we got there, there were so many people dancing, smoking and having fun, I had never see anything like that before, I wanted to taste everything. My father would not even allow you to think about a cigarette, if you did think by some chance he will find out, I mean think, not say, so where would I have imagined how it will feel like to smoke, that night I tried a cigarette, danced with a girl and actually got to hold a girl tight when we danced blues. Something awkward happened to me down below, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder…Ha!ha!
Anyway when it was time to go back , the day students brought a car , so they dropped us about 2 minutes from the school back gate we slipped out from, Just as we were getting ready to climb back in , we heard a voice say “stop right there, this is Mr. Johnson, you boys stop”, Kola noticed I smelt of smoke, he quickly took off his shirt gave it to me, said “no matter what, don’t confess, I will protect you and he then lifted me up so I could jump over the gate and run to our dorm. That night he didn’t come back to the dorm. In the morning the principal called all us boys to the school hall, he paraded Kola and said this is one of our bad eggs, he was caught yesterday with his clothes ricking of smoke and coming from a party with another boy who escaped, right now teachers are going through your clothes, if any is found with smells of smoke you are in trouble, if you love yourself you better come out now, I was already shaking, but I remembered Kola’s warning. I didn’t confess and no smoke was found on my shirt. Kola got 6 weeks suspension. The punishment was 3 weeks but he got double cos he didn’t give me up. He went to stay with his uncle and told them the school was being renovated so we had a break. My father would have killed me, woken me up then killed me again, even if I had 1 minute suspension. That’s just one of many times he had my back…..hmmmmm

MRS- Today is our final fast day, Mr. and the pastor go and get Kola tomorrow, Mr. is suggesting they go with police and I think it’s a great idea, how do you just walk into an evil person’s house and pick up Mr. without police. Mr. called the pastor but he said no, we fight evil with God, not humans, we will be victorious, besides God has given us a specific time to go, when no one but Kola and Bimbo will be home. Tammy and I had to agree with the Pastor, those guys Mr. described that chased him the other day will definitely have guns and for sure will be more powerful than the ones the police have, But no matter the evil power they have, the power of God is ultimate.
Tammy has been really a rock, I went to talk to her yesterday evening to find out how she was holding up, I couldn’t believe where I found her she was in the kitchen learning how to cook paella, a Spanish rice dish, the chef was giving her instructions, when I asked her what she was doing, she said she wanted to surprise Kola with an exotic dish when he arrives, God knows what they are feeding him where he is. Honestly, am still wondering if she’s from this planet or another, she’s just too cool to be human.
I had to go back to see Ola for the final part of her story I hoped, I also discussed with Mr. about helping her, he asked that I hear her out first, so that we will know what sort of help she wants, I thought that was a great idea, so I left Tammy and Jnr with their cooking lessons and went to the hotel.
Ola looked much better, she looked more like the Ola I knew, clean and well dressed, she was just rounding off her lunch in the room when I arrived. I waited for her to finish, then she continued her story…
“After the day the governor dropped me and my son at the house, I didn’t see him for 6 weeks, if I call his no, his PA will pick it up and say the governor was busy or unavailable, he will call me back. After the seventh week of not hearing from him, I decided to call Tokunbo. I had not spoken to him since we left, he didn’t have a no to call me on. As soon as he picked my call, he started to cry, he was so upset with me, he said he had to take time off work because he fell ill thinking about me, I apologized too and told him all that I went through and what I had been going through since I arrived back home, he said he wants to come over now, so I said I would call him tomorrow.
When I dropped the phone I called my best friend, I knew she had a 3 bedroom apartment and she lived on her own, her hubby was in London and he hardly ever came home, she had to go and see him there every 2 months, she would have relocated with him but she didn’t want to leave her job as an assistant bank manager to go sweep or work in McDonalds, in London, hence the back and forth. Anyway I said I wanted to come see her. When I got to my friend’s, I told her all I was going through and that I needed a favor, I wanted Tokunbo to stay with her while he was in town and I would come see him here, so no one will suspect. She thought it was a great idea, so I sent ticket money to Tokunbo, he flew down a couple of days later and stayed with my friend, I will visit every other day, make love and spend time with Tokunbo, the arrangement was perfect, the body guards and driver stayed outside in the car, as far as they were concerned I was visiting my friend.
This went on for a year , Tokunbo, came and went 6 times in that year, I was happy I didn’t care if the governor came to see me or not, he did come once in a while to see his son but he won’t make love to me. Then one day he came to the house and made love to me all night. He woke up the next morning, I made him breakfast, he asked me to forgive him and he had forgiven me too. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant but it was definitely Tokunbo’s cos the date coincided with Tokunbo’s visit.

The governor was so happy, he didn’t realize the child wasn’t his. I called Tokunbo I was pregnant, as soon as I did that he stopped calling me, whenever I try his no, it said his line had been disconnected. I was bothered but I felt he will soon get in touch but he didn’t.
I had the baby, it was a girl, she was beautiful, she looked like me, so there was no reason for the governor to suspect she wasn’t his, he fixed a day for the christening and the day came, what I didn’t know was he also wanted us to get married on that day. It was great, I become his wife officially and things were back to normal he dotted on me and moved me to a bigger house, all through this Tokunbo was nowhere to be found. A year later the baby developed a fever, I took her to the doctor he did some test , then asked me to call the governor he wanted to speak to him, I called , the doctor excused himself, when he gave the phone back to me , it was off. Anyway a couple of days later , she was discharged and we went home, when I got there , all my clothes had been packed in suitcases, just mine not my two children’s and there was a middle age woman there, who I later found out was the governor’s younger sister, As I was still asking what’s going on, she took the baby from me and the governor walked out, he looked at me and called me a whore, he said the doctor confirmed the baby wasn’t his, so he was done with me, he said he had put 5 million in my account , He brought out divorce papers , forced me to sign then said I could go to hell for all he cared, he then said they should pack my stuff into one of the cars I drove and I should leave, he said his son and daughter whom he will adopt, as his own, I would never see them again.
I left that night thinking he was joking I would take my relations the next day and get my children. When we arrived the house was empty, I cried and cried, it was one of the security men I was nice to, who told me, the governor’s sister and the children all flew to London yesterday night.
I moved into a hotel, squandered all the money, after a while when I couldn’t pay my bills the hotel kicked me out then I slept in my car, I sold all I had to eat, and eventually I sold my car and moved in with a guy, it was that same guy that kicked me out last week saying I was no longer useful to him, I slept in a security house in front of a supermarket for 3 nights before you found me the other day.
I looked at her with so much pity in my eyes , how could someone who was a governor’s wife become a street pauper in such a short time, I hugged her, she was crying, I asked her what does she want now, a home and a job she said. I said okay, she should give me a couple of days, I will pay for another week in the hotel, she didn’t have to worry about that and I left…..hmmmmm

Day 127

Mr.- remember I told you I met an old colleague and his fiancées at dominos the other day and he invited himself to dinner, well they turned up yesterday evening around 7pm, thank God for Toke’s chef. Mrs. had already arranged for him to cook a bit extra. So we could all break the fast together.

Once I informed Mrs. they will be joining us, she was fine with it and chef was here. So he made a spread of wild mixed variety rice, whatever that is, stewed beef with spinach, tomato and basil pasta, yam pottage with stock fish and bitter leaf and periwinkles all swimming in pepper sauce, apple crumble and custard for desert. For starters he made tripe pepper soup with freshly baked rolls and topped with Irish butter. Yes, it sounds delicious, it actually was. Don’t mind me I like food a lot. See, I started talking about food before I talked about what actually happened when our friends came over.

Now bearing in mind if we weren’t expecting guests, we would have broken our fast at 6pm but we decided to wait until 7 pm when Ahmed and his fiancée arrive. They were right on time, the table had been set. I sat next to Mrs Ahmed was opposite Mrs. and his fiancée sat opposite Me. Tammy excused herself she ate earlier cos she felt a bit tired , she and Jnr were in the family room upstairs, watching telly.

Now we had all the food on the table, with a turn table in the middle, we each took our portions and began to eat. Then the strangest thing happened. I felt a foot on mine, so instinct made me move it, then the foot kept coming back and getting higher. I was really uncomfortable, I didn’t want to cause a stir. Cos Ahmed and Mrs. will find out, I tried knocking her leg with my foot but she just kept moving her foot up and down my leg. Then she stopped. I was glad it was over. The next thing I felt her leg near my balls, then I jumped up. Mrs. and Ahmed were startled, the fiancée pretended like she was startled. They both asked what’s wrong, I said I had to go to the gents, I had been holding it for a while. Mrs. was looking at me strangely, Ahmed just kept on eating. I went to our room stayed there for a while, then came back. This time I sat on the other side of Mrs. She pointed out that I had missed my seat. I feigned that I was absentminded, then went to sit back down, immediately she continued. I bore it for a while then thank goodness, dinner was over and we withdrew to the lounge.
She kept winking at me. I couldn’t help but think what does this woman want?, my friends fiancée, how do I tell him she’s no good, do I even tell him, should I tell Mrs., am sure if I did she would kick them both out. Where was Kola when I needed him?
We played charades for a while obviously, she choose to be my partner, which required us doing some actions together. 3 hours later they finally left. Once they did Mrs. laughed and said hope you had fun with your new girlfriend. I smiled and said sure, in my mind I was thinking, my darling Mrs., if only you knew the half of it…….hmmmmm

Mrs – listening to Ola’s story made me remember something my dear grandmother used to say, what goes around comes around, evil always has a way of catching up with you.

I remember my grandmother told me a story about evil in the form of her neighbor’s driver, she said “I have never seen a more inconsiderate, selfish man like him. Baba Musa, as they called him had been their driver for a very long time he started driving Mr. KP, when he was a single eligible bachelor, by the time he married Mrs. KP, Baba Musa was a member of the family, even Mrs. KP talked to him with respect and would never send him on an errand unless Mr. KP suggested or approved it.
Soon Baba Musa got big headed, he began to feel too important for his own good. Mrs. KP, had an accident, barely 2 years into their marriage, this led to her death. Mr. KP was devastated, he wouldn’t socialize or meet up with friends anymore. all he did was go to work, come home, go to church and come home.
5 years after Mrs. KP 1 died, MR KP’s relations started getting restless, they wanted him to remarry, they said he had mourned the loss of his wife long enough and that even Mrs. KP 1, where ever she was, will know he tried, it was time to find another nice young lady and settle down. As God will have it, he meet a sister in church, they courted for a while and then got married.

Now Baba Musa began to notice the difference in Mrs. KP 1 and 2. The latter was gentle, accommodating and respectful, but the former, couldn’t give a darn if Baba Musa was a veteran driver, to her a driver was a driver and she treated his as such. She started by clipping his wings bit by bit, first, he no longer had free access to the house. He had to take permission to come in, secondly, the long tradition of giving him money every month to buy the household provisions stopped, Mrs. KP would go buy them herself and in the process she discovered Baba Musa had been pocketing a large chunk of the provision allowance. Then she stopped Mr. KP from giving him money indiscriminately, she asked him to give him a minimal pay raise and let him work for his salary. As far as she was concerned, he was more of a liability than an asset.

Baba Musa was old, set in his ways and definitely didn’t follow instructions very well. The worse thing was that every year his wife gave birth to a child he would come to Mr. KP and say, “Sir , your wife has delivered o, I said I should let you know we will need money for the Christening, Mr KP, would ask , how much and Baba Musa would state a ridiculous amount and he will be given. Bearing in mind that Mr. KP after 7 years of experiencing marriage still did not have children.

Mrs. KP 2, was sitting in the living room 8 months into becoming Mr. KP’s wife, when the maid said Baba Musa was requesting permission to come in. Mrs. KP granted it. He came in and asked for Mr. KP, the maid was sent to call him, once Mr. and Mrs. KP were sited, Baba Musa opened his mouth and said Sir, I didn’t tell you but your jnr wife, the one I married the other day , just had twins yesterday night, the naming ceremony is in 6 says sir, I will be grateful for your usual assistance.

At this point Mrs. KP, got up and went into the kitchen, Mr. KP was still saying congratulations and how much would you need, when Mrs. KP brought out cold water and poured it all over Baba Musa, then produced a stick and started hitting him, she screamed at him called him good for nothing, selfish old man and told him he was fired. She asked him if the man he was syphoning had a child of his own, Baba Musa ran as fast as his feet could carry him, Mr. KP was too shocked at his wife’s reaction to say anything.
A few days later Mrs. KP came back from work to find Baba Musa in their compound, ” didn’t I fire you she asked , Yes you did he replied and moved towards her , he blew something in her face, for a second Mrs. KP was destabilized , she fell and started convulsing. Baba Musa stood over her and said, I will get rid of you the same way I got rid of the first one, no one is going to stand in my way or come btw me and Mr. KP, not even a wife, good radiance. Then he raised the alarm and said Mrs. KP fainted.

Fortunately , Mr. KP was home, he rushed Mrs. KP to the hospital with Baba Musa, once she was alone with the doctor , she opened her eyes and said she was fine, the doctor was confused, ” don’t worry Doctor just call my husband only, just say you need to see him, don’t let anybody else come with you.
When Mr. KP saw Mrs. KP was alive he broke down crying, she asked him to be quiet , this was not a time to cry, it was a time to bind and caste out the evil man in their family, Baba Musa was evil. Then she narrated what happened. She said his charms will never work on her cos she’s covered with the blood, she only pretended, if she hadn’t he would have gone for worse and God knows what he wills do, he must not know I survived this until we have fortified you and me.
So Mr. Came out crying that Mrs. died, Baba Musa was happy inside but pretended he was sad. That night Mrs. KP was taken to church and 7 days of fasting and praying commenced, Mr. KP joined her without letting anyone know where he was, he just said he needed a break.
On the 7th day, Baba Musa just showed up at the church and said he wanted to see the pastor, he said God told him to come and confess. He wanted the pastor to plead with Mr. KP when he got back from his trip. The pastor asked him to hold on and to his surprise, Mr. and Mrs. KP emerged. Baba Musa confessed all the evil he had perpetrated. God delivered him and his sins were forgiven but Mr. KP and Mrs. KP could no longer work with him. They were free.
That year Mrs. KP got pregnant, she later had twins and then had 3 more lovely children. They later heard Baba Musa lost half of his family in a road accident when he was relocating them back to his village. He also lost the use of his legs.

The evil that men do most definitely lives with them and continues after them…..hmmmmm

DAY 128
MR- Praise the Lord, The lord is good all the time. I never doubted the power of God because he has been there for us every time we call upon is name.
At 6am yesterday, Tammy, Mrs. and I got to the pastor’s place, he was waiting with 7 intercessors. He insisted that Tammy and Mrs. should stay in church prayer with about 10 of them, while he, I and 7 others went to get Kola. We arrived there around 7.30am in a bus. Got down and the pastor knocked on the gate. Immediately the gateman opened the gate, he didn’t even ask who we were visiting, he just opened the gate. We all filed in, he led us into the lounge, asked us to sit down. The pastor asked him to call Bimbo. A few minutes later he came down saying he was knocking her door but she didn’t answer, so the pastor asked if anyone else was at home, he said no, just him, the maid, Aunty Bimbo and one new oga, which we assumed was Kola. The Pastor asked where everyone else was, the gateman said they all left this morning in a hurry and he doesn’t know where they went. How many? The pastor asked, he said 6. He asked the gateman to take us to the room where Bimbo and Oga was, when he pointed it out, the gateman was asked to go back to his duty post and keep the gate locked.
Then we stood on a straight line and started to sing praises and pray outside the door, after about 30 minutes Bimbo came out and asked what we wanted, the pastor said we came for the child of God she was holding captive. She smiled and said there was no such person here just her boyfriend. While all this was going on, the rest of us kept praying and singing, Just then the pastor sprinkled anointed oil on her and she collapse to the floor. We all stepped over her and went into the room.
Kola was lying on the bed just staring up at the ceiling. We started to pray, the pastor sprinkled oil on him, after a while he started to blink rapidly, then he was shaking. We kept praying, the pastor poured the oil on his head and he stopped shaking, then he opened his eyes and said, Pastor where am I ? Shouts of Hallelujah filled the room, I jumped on him and called out his name 3 times he answered me back and asked “Bro what’s going on?” I said I will explain later. The pastor said we need to go cos God is telling him the men of the house will soon be back.
As we got into the bus and moved away, two black jeeps went past us, I looked back and saw them drive into the house we just left, I couldn’t believe with narrowly missed 6 hoodlums, armed to the teeth. We arrived back at church, Kola ran to Tammy, she didn’t see him at first, as soon as she turned around, she fell into his arms and they both started crying, it was great. The pastor put Kola in the middle and prayers were done for him for another one hour, by the time they were done Kola was most definitely back. We thanked God Almighty, thanked the pastor and the intercessors. God Almighty be praised, my brother was back.
Kola held Tammy’s hand, I held Mrs. Hand, Kola and I looked at each other and said at the same time, Lets go home Bro…….hmmmmmmm

MRS-Kola is back, safe and sound, he’s normal, healthy and alert, Our God is a miracle working God. We had a small thanksgiving dinner, just us, the pastor and his wife , with Pamela and Babs, we prayed, sang songs of thanksgiving and rededicated our lives and marriages, to God. Thank God Pamela and Babs have also been able to reach a compromise. She has agreed they can live wherever Babs feels most comfortable. We were all happy that things were finally working out best for all of us.
Toke called at that particular time, as if she could sense we were all together, she was happy to speak to everybody, she insisted we had to get ready and come to Dubai on Thursday evening, she’s sending her jet, it will bring us back on Sunday. “Your jet, is it ready?” I asked, “Yes she said , It’s a lear, they delivered it on Wednesday, you guys will be the first to fly on it long distance, I won’t be able to come with it but one of Ahmed’s body guards who was at the engagement will come . Get ready guys Ahmed can’t wait to have you all, just make sure Peju is on the plane, he can’t stop talking about her. I have so much to tell you all, I can’t wait to see you, I’ve missed you all”. I said we missed her too and dropped the phone, not before she spoke to everyone though.
After the call, everyone was excited, Dubai again, the last time we were there we were in hiding, this time we go as in laws to a billionaire and guests to a prince, hmmm, life was definitely good.
O well, one set of people we shall not be having over again, are Ahmed and his promiscuous fiancée. Mr. told me about her footie flirt episode, I almost fell off the bed laughing. Initially I pretended I was upset with him but I was just pulling his legs, you should have seen his face as he explained and apologized about the whole episode. “My love, honestly I didn’t enjoy it one bit, I initially thought it was a cat or dog but I knew we didn’t have either, as soon as I realized it was her foot, I got really uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to break up her and Ahmed’s relationship, besides it would have been extremely embarrassing for Ahmed if I had said something right there. Am sorry babes, you understand right? I just started laughing so hard, especially when I recanted his sudden action of jumping up, like something bit him. Anyway on a serious note, I hope Ahmed finds out exactly whom he’s about to marry. As for inviting them over or accepting their request to come visiting, not sure it’s going to happen again.
I woke up this morning feeling a bit uncomfortable, as I write in my dairy, I keep having to get up to go to the toilet. Not sure what I ate, but am going to get Mr. to take me to the hospital, I feel really tired……..hmmmmm

DAY 129

MR- whoa! , my bro is back, I was overjoyed yesterday, after we settled down, Kola now began to narrate his ordeal to me.
He honestly couldn’t even tell me much, the major thing he remembered was that he came back to life one evening and he was sitting in the middle of 4 hefty men, they asked him not to move and Bimbo, rubbed something on his head again and that’s all he could remember. I narrated what the pastor had explained about the way Bimbo had been instructed to use the Jazz, “Kola, apparently she had over used it the first time, so it made you totally useless to her, the second attempt was for you to get with the programme, unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, God intervened on your behalf.
Kola wasn’t so excited, he kept asking me why all this crazy things have to happen to him, he asked me to cast my mind back to the beginning of our friendship. I did and he was right, Kola had gotten himself into so many sticky situations since we were children, that looking back now, I was amazed at how he survived some of them God almighty was really on his side.
I remember when we were in Uni, one of our lecturer’s had this young girl as a wife, she was about our age and attended lectures with us, to be fair to Kola, he didn’t know she was married when he developed an interest in her. He started by coping notes for her, then he will do her tests for her and eventually he asked her out, the girl said she will think about it. Looking back I guess she felt if she told Kola she was married, he will stop all the help he was offering, so she decided to string him along.
One day Kola decided to go and visit her, in his mind, he was visiting her in her parents or uncle’s house. He knocked on the door, our lecturer opened, he greeted him well and said “Sir, I’ve come to visit Adeola”. The lecturer looked at him and asked which Adeola? Kola being the bold one said “the same one that lives here sir”, the lecturer didn’t say anything, he let him in, asked him to sit down, then he called Adeola.
As soon as Adeola walked into the living room, she starts to cry and plead with the lecturer, the lecturer asks her what the relationship between the two of them are? Kola says they are friends, the girl said they only attend lectures together. All this while Kola was shocked that Adeola was acting so scared, how could an undergraduate be so afraid of her dad? Isn’t she going to get married eventually?
Just then the lecturer excused himself, Kola just looked up un expectedly and saw the wedding pictures of the lecturer and Adeola, he didn’t wait to be told, he took to his heels.
Later when he ran into a friend of Adeola a week later and asked why he hadn’t seen her for a while, she said the incident of a week ago earned Adeola serious beating and the lecturer has sent her to his parents in the village for a while, until he can get her into another university.
Kola was devastated, partly because he had a part to play in her misfortune and partly because he felt sorry for her. So foolishly, he called Adeola, initially she didn’t want anything to do with him, but he wore her down with his apologies and sincerity.

He took a car from a friend and drove to the village against my advice, for him not to go and get himself into more trouble. To cut the long story short he technically abducted her with her consent and brought her back to university. Now the problem was, do we lock her in our apartment all day, how was she going to attend lectures. She was still somebody else’s wife, Kola wasn’t thinking when he went to get her, rather than follow his head, he followed his heart.

He asked me what he should do, honestly I didn’t have a clue and Kola was the bold one, who always jumped before he leaped. Anyway, Adeola’s friend got involved and agreed to help get her admission into a different university, but before then she had to stay with us. One afternoon we came back and she was gone, we called her no, looked everywhere we couldn’t find her, Kola was devastated.
A week later she turned up at lectures with her husband the lecturer walking behind her. She later accosted Kola and explained. That day she disappeared, she went out to buy some toiletries and as she walked out of the shop she bumped into her husband’s friend. He asked when she got back, she said today, knowing fully well he will tell her husband he saw her, she decided to go back to him and pretend that she just arrived, if he got upset and beat her, it was better than Kola her helper, being sent to prison for abducting her. Her husband had cooled down when she got to the house, she just said she missed him and she was sorry for everything. He forgave her and up until today, he never found out what Kola did……Hmmmm

MRS- well, Madam Mabel and Mr. Child had a serious quarrel yesterday morning and in fact their noise woke most of us up. It was around 8am, when I woke up and heard shouts and screaming, Mr. was already up, he said the noise had been going on for a while he didn’t want to wake me.
I listened for a while heard Madam Mabel’s voice but couldn’t make out what was being said. I guess the fight had been going on for a while cos I could see they were now closer to our compound where a lot of our neighbor’s had gathered, actually there is only one house between us.
Since Mr. forbade me to go, he said he didn’t want anyone mistakenly throwing a punch that could hit me or our baby, I couldn’t argue with that , so I commuted ‘my black ass’ in the house.
When he left for work, I walked across the street to Mama Caroline’s place, she wasn’t that old but we all called her mama Caroline, cos that’s how she introduced herself when you ask what her name is.

We exchanged pleasantries, then I asked her what all the commotion was about. “Hmmm, you won’t believe it, apparently Mr. Chidi brought home a girl whom he called his niece who just came in from London. Madam Mabel embraced her and was okay with her staying for a while. Then yesterday night she woke up to go get a drink from the kitchen, as she walked past the niece’s room she heard voices, initially she thought nothing of it, she thought the girl was talking on the phone. On her way back from the kitchen, the talking had turned to moans, she tried the door it was locked, so she brought a bed sheet and pillow and camped outside the room, no need to stress.
At 4 am this morning Mr. Chidi, decided to Crip back to his room, as he opened the door to leave his nieces room, He stepped on Madam Mabel, that’s when the fight started. In short the niece is nowhere to be found and Mr. Chidi as a great big bump on his head from where Madam Mabel hit him with the wooden spoon, she would have done more damage but he ran outside and that’s when she followed him and the fight spilled on to the street”.

“Heeen!! Heeen!!”, I said , “so what’s going on now?”, “Well Mr. Tope, the chairman, took her to his house and has asked Mr. Chidi to take a break and go somewhere to cool off. Madam Mabel said she wants him out of the house…….hmmmmm

Day 130
MR-Kola and I were just sitting on our own in the office when Tony walked in and said we have some guests asking to see us. However when we asked for their names he starred back at us blank, he actually couldn’t answer because they didn’t give names, all he could tell us was that was an old man and woman and a lady. Kola said he should put them in the boardroom.
We got up and went in to join them, as we stepped in , Kola immediately spun round and bumped into me, just as the elderly man was asking Kola to please not walk out and that he is a pastor, he needs to speak to us. I was able to persuade Kola to stay. I looked around at the other two people in the room, Bimbo and another elderly woman.
The man started to speak, he said that Bimbo was rushed to him yesterday morning, “she was practically going insane but God brought her back, as we see her here she’s not yet back fully, the temporary insanity she suffered will come back over and over again, unless she goes to apologizes and asks for forgiveness from the man she offended. The woman sitting there is her mother, Bimbo mentioned that she abducted a man and tried to charm him into sleeping with her but it didn’t happen because she miss used the charm. She said she couldn’t come to you cos she knew you would never forgive her, so I had to come with them. Please my son, forgive her, if you don’t she would forever, have insanity spells at the least expected time. Please, God almighty forgives us all the time, we also need to forgive”.
I was the first to say something, I looked at bimbo and asked her why she did it? She didn’t respond, instead her mum and her knelt down and were begging for forgiveness, Bimbo was crying, I asked her mum to please get up, I couldn’t bear to see an old woman kneeling down for us. After a few moments Kola got up and walked out, I asked them to give us a few minutes and I went after him.
When I caught up with him, he had tears in his eyes, he said to me, it just dawned on him that he could have died. I said “But you didn’t and God protected you, so please my bro, forgive her. We both walked back into the room and Kola looked at her and said he forgave her.
We both sat back down, listening to the Pastor, her mum and her, thanking Kola for his forgiveness. We didn’t say anything more, I really couldn’t figure out what Kola was thinking but I was thinking how a beautiful, smart, educated girl like Bimbo could get so desperate. Someday a young man would meet her, court her, then eventually marry her and not know what he got himself into until she starts to show her diabolical tendencies, God help the unfortunate man……hmmmm

MRS-My Mum came over to see us today, she’s put on a bit more weight but glowing all the same. I was happy to see her, we had a lot of catching up to do. She told me EG wants her to go have the baby in London, he’s worried about complications during delivery because of her age. My mum seems to think he is overacting, but I must agree with him, all the books I’ve read, say after 35, woman are at a higher risk of having complications during child birth, I say prevention is better than cure.
Pamela and Babs are getting married 1ST week in April, it seems like we have time to plan but we don’t. This weekend we were going to do a check list on what still needs to be sorted but now that we are off to Dubai, we might just do it on the plane. Pamela and Babs are coming with us, but they leave for London on Sunday, for some wedding shopping. My mum’s wedding day is the weekend after Pamela’s, she wants a registry wedding and a dinner after, only 50 guests, that’s looking like a very tall order considering all the friends and relatives, EG has.
O yeah!, chef served lunch today, my mum was mesmerized, she couldn’t believe food could be so appetizing, she asked if she could borrow him. I said no, cos I also borrowed him. Knowing my mum, she might just decide to keep him, what would I tell Toke when she gets back. The spread was jollof rice, fried plantain, mixed veg salad, avocado and prawn with sea food sauce, wraps with shredded beef ad black bean sauce, nan bread and tikka masala sauce, apple crumble and custard, plain yoghurt with strawberry blueberry, banana and a drizzle of honey, delicious!
Am still trying to convince Tammy to come to Dubai, she said she doesn’t want to leave Kola alone so soon after his near death experience. Kola wants her to go, but he and Mr. can’t make it cos they have a big presentation on Friday, which they can’t move. I get Tammy, I wouldn’t want to leave Mr. either, if we were in the same situation. Anyway if we do finally go, that would be the first time, I would go abroad without him, I wonder what that would be like?……hmmmmmm

Day 131
MR- We signed the biggest deal of our life yesterday, we are building a hotel resort, it is a lifelong dream. Kola and I now own 25% each and Toke owns 50%. Aakil transferred their franchise fee and our startup cost to us immediately. The bank manager called us and asked if he could come over to the office, he arrived with 3 other banking staff. He brought the transfer forms over, I now understood how very wealthy people feel, especially when you have the bank manager come over to you, instead of the other way round.
Mrs. and I are contemplating whether to find out the sex of our child, I want to but she doesn’t want too, we are tabling the pros and cons tonight, whichever is more will determine what we do. I know it sounds childish but it’s better if we both agree on what we want.
Am a bit upset though, Our manager came to the office looking really sad, Kola and I were in a celebratory mood due to the contract signing we didn’t quickly notice he was not his normal self. Then Tony came in and mentioned to us that could we speak to the manager because he has been crying. We were shocked, Men hardly cry I said unless something really bad has happened, Anyway we called him into the office and asked what the matter was. It tok him a while to agree to tell us and then he began to narrate.
He got married 2 years ago, the lady he married was his dream girl, he actually was dating another lady for 6 years but she wasn’t his first choice he only dated her because choice no 1 wasn’t available. Anyway along the line she became available, he approached her and she rebuffed him claiming she couldn’t marry a poor man, a year later he got this job and we gave him access to the company car, so he went back to ask her out, this time he went with an expensive present and she agreed, they started dating, he said he spent 70% of his salary on her but he didn’t mind, a year later he proposed and they got married. The challenge now came when they started trying to have a baby, it just wasn’t happening. Lots of prayers later and fasting, she finally got pregnant, when she did he was over joyed, even though she claimed the doctor said she should stay away from intercourse , he didn’t mind, the most important thing was they were going to have a baby.
He got home yesterday and found a note from his wife, thanking him for everything he has done for her, but she had to leave, because she could not give someone else’s baby to him, the father of the child is the man of her dreams the same way she is the woman of his dreams, she prays God provided another dream woman for him, but this dream woman already found her dream man. He brought out the letter and showed it to us, it was wet in places, I guess where his tears dropped.
Kola and I were in shock, “You mean your wife’s gone? Yes Sir, he said”. “Do you know where she is?” “No sir , I don’t”, he answered, “I don’t know where to begin Sir, I have invested all I have in her, when she got pregnant I bought her a piece of land in her name, that was all the savings I had at the time, most of the shares I bought , I also bought in her name, Sir, what am I going to do?, I love her, she’s the only woman for me”.
I saw how distressed he was, nothing we say now would enter his head, so we pacified him and asked him to take it easy, that we would contact a friend who is a private detective to track her down, As soon as we said that his eyes lit up, “You would do that for me sir?” we said yes. He was so grateful, he came over and gave us both hugs. His mode changed from sadness to overjoy in an instance.
After he left our office, I told Kola , that he was not acting normal, his wife was gone, she was already pregnant for someone else and she loved the guy, what makes our manager think she will come back to him, even if we find her?……hmmmmm

MRS-I don’t want to, Mr does, its been a while since we disagreed on something this important, I would really call it a disagreement, just a lack of compromise. Anyway which ever way we decided to go, am sure it will be both our decisions.
Tammy finally caved in last night she’s coming along, so only five of us are flying out, Pamela, Peju, Babs , Tammy and I , Mr , Kola and Jnr, get the pleasure of staying at home, Jnr cant travel cos his international passport won’t be ready by then. We have been debating what to buy for a prince who has everything. We finally agreed on an African artifact, surprising he told Peju he loved African artwork, so we have commissioned someone to paint a picture of him from one of the pictures he took at the engagement. We are sure he will like it.
I had an august visitor yesterday afternoon, Madam Mabel came to see me at home, I was a bit taken aback and at the same time flattered that she would choose me to talk to and ask for advice in relations to Mr chidi. She narrated the full story to me, one aspect which Mama caroline didn’t include in her gist was the part where Madam Mabel slapped the niece silly and threw out all her stuff before she descended on Mr. Chidi. She came to find out what I would do if I was in her shoes. What could I say, I wasn’t, its difficult to image something that someone else experiences and then narrates to you form their own view.
I thought for a minute , then asked if she still loved Mr. Chidi, she sais she did, I asked if she was willing to forgive him, she looked at me for a minute and then said yes, she loves him so much, they have been married for 19 years and have 2 children in boarding school, “Look at me , am in my 40’s, where do I want to go now?, he’s been the only man I’ve known, of course I want to forgive him, but he needs to apologize to me first for deceiving me. The truth is I know he has affairs, but they hardly bother me because he doesn’t bring them to bother me in our matrimonial home, but this time he had the guts to bring this one home. I had to show him I wasn’t a fool, I might turn the other cheek most times but everyone has their breaking point.”
I apologized to her and said I was sorry she had to go through that, she told me Mr. Tope was organizing a meet between her and Chidi tonight, she hopes he apologises, so they can move on with their lives. I offered her a drink or something to eat, she declined, shortly after she left.
As she walked away, I thought about what she said and began to ponder over it, how I would react if Mr. ever cheated on me, I couldn’t picture it and I pray I never have too…..hmmm

MR-Mrs. and the girls leave for Dubai tomorrow, Kola and I are going to be on the solo train, so we have decided that Jnr will stay with Toke’s mum, she volunteered to have him, while the girls were away, and Kola will move in with me for the weekend.
Yesterday at the office was interesting, having given our manager the day off cause of his problems, Tony was in charge. We have been having series of meetings and interviewing potential contractors that we would work with on the project. So far we have not been satisfied with the ones we’ve seen. The interesting part was that we had a visit from two men who claimed to be interested in partnering with us on the project. One of them turned out to be Tony’s friend. They said they could supply all the furniture we need for the hotel, they even brought a catalogue to show the work they have done for other hotels. I noticed that Tony disappeared as soon as they arrived. Once they left, Tony came in to tell us that he was not comfortable with their presence in our office because they were ‘yahoo boys’.
I asked if he was sure, he said yes, he was friends with one of them in school, they all moved in together when they graduated, after a big score went wrong, they all scattered, this was the first time he has seen one of them, since then. What are you talking about I asked, “Well Sir, it’s a long story but I’ll try and summarize it”.
“The five of us met when we were doing our registration, a week before our matriculation at university. We became really close, two of us came from well to do families, the rest practically fought their way into university. I was one of the ones who came from a well to do family, but my dad was in the army, so discipline was our watch word at home. My dad gave me more than I needed in terms of pocket money and my mum made sure I had abundant food stuffs, so I had enough to share with the boys, we moved into a one bed flat behind our campus and turned the living room into a bedroom at night and a lounge during the day. We got through our second year without many issues, trouble started full time in our 3rd year.
First of all, one of us was forcefully inducted in to lords, the most powerful cult on campus, his first assignment was to get all his friends to join, by hook or by crook. He tried everything he could do, I and one other guy refused to join, this got the cult really angry, my life was threaten several times, I became paranoid, wouldn’t go out after 6pm, always walked around in a group or at least with one other person, I started to lose weight, my dad asked me what was going on, I told him. He came to campus with an entourage of 20 soldiers in muftis all carrying guns and his full army general uniform. He was sure to come when everyone was in the faculty. The siren and the commotion brought everyone out of their classes to see who arrived, he got the desired effect he wanted and then he made sure everyone saw I was his son. After that the boys left me alone.
In our final year, one of us was stabbed in a cult fight, he died before we could get him to hospital. That straightened the rest of us right up. We moved out of our apartment and went to squat with our friends on campus, faced our studies and graduated.
After graduation, 2 other guys joined us and we all rented a 3 bedroom flat and 2 of us each shared a room. We search for jobs for a couple of years, when they were not coming, we went in to computers, fixing, rebuilding, buying and selling, that only afforded us food on the table, it couldn’t even pay our rent. Then we were introduced to advanced fee fraud, 419. We were good at it and made a lot of money. What we didn’t know was that the anti fraud team had their eyes on us, we had previously escaped a couple of arrests. This was going to be our last big one and then we would all set up a business. We got everything ready to defraud a crude oil buyer, SPA’s were signed, bank accounts were given and contracts were exchanged for 2 million barrels. The vessel was assigned and signals were given for it to be loaded. Then the money was wired into our account, millions of dollars. It was so much even I couldn’t stop looking at it. We kept monitoring the account to see when the bank would release it, our bank statement said account balance, millions of dollars, but available balance kept reading $3. We called the bank, the account officer said we had to come in to process the release of the funds.
In short, one of us decided to go and from there he went straight to jail for 10 years, we all scattered before he could point them in our direction, I went back to school to do my masters and I never saw the guys again, until today Sir”…….hmmmmm

MRS- Yesterday I started getting a bit apprehensive about being a good mother. Why? You ask. Well, I went out to get a few things for myself and I saw this lady with a baby and a little boy at the supermarket. She was so frustrated, carrying the little one and running after the 2 year old boy, who was all but knocking everything over and throwing a tantrum, she was shouting at him and threatening him, the little boy would just laugh, stop running for a second and just before his mum caught up with him, he would run off again. An elderly woman must have noticed me watching the lady, she walked up to me and asked? “Hello dear, is this your first?” I said “Yes Ma” she said “Don’t worry dear, that’s the terrible 2 years, they start to talk and walk and they are into everything, from saying no to everything running around uncontrollably, but all will pass in no time” I said thank you Ma and moved along. As I did, I touched my tummy and said to the baby, “By the grace of God, you shall not go through the terrible 2 phase, God says speak into your child’s life, what you want for them”
Mama Caroline, well that’s a different story. o my gosh!, what didn’t I get myself into, why did I have to go find out gist from her, since I’ve been to her house, she won’t stop coming to mine, for salt, pepper, water etc., the one that bothered me was when she asked if her children could come and swim, I said why not, the kids were so rowdy and untidy, for someone whose hubby is an MD of a bank, she is really untidy. Yesterday she came back again to ask if they could swim, I said no, Mr. was going to use the pool in an hour and I had to heat the pool up.
Mr. was really good yesterday, he made love to me, like it was going out of fashion, he said he was just trying to make sure I don’t miss too much when am away. We have another session tonight, if it’s anything near what I experienced last night, I can’t wait, I want him right now.
Madam Mabel, is back home with Mr. Chidi, apparently, the niece he brought home was his girlfriend. The girl had said he should bring her home, if he loves her and he did. From her description, I believe it’s the same girl I saw him with at the SPA. By the time Mr. Chidi went to check his bank account, the girl had drained it. He groveled and apologized to his wife Mabel. Anyway in the end Mr. Tope was able to reconcile them. O yes, how did I know all this Mama Caroline told me She was at Mr. Tope’s place, talking to Mrs. tope, when Chidi came to explain the whole saga to him.
We girls leave for Dubai this morning, the jet arrived 4am this morning, we take off at 10am. we’ve picked up the painting of Ahmed for his birthday present, it’s really nice, you might mistake it for a picture if you are not used to fine artistry. Peju is coming along with us, her dad has asked us to make sure we bring her back, he’s not ready to let her go yet. I smiled when he said that, when I went over to ask Peju to be ready early this morning. Toke and Aakil have already concluded plans for Peju to attend the American university in Dubai. I don’t think her father’s wishes are going to stop that young lady. Anyway let’s wait and see…..hmmmmm

DAY 133
MR-, A call came in at 8pm, Mrs. and the girls arrived in Dubai yesterday evening, right now they are settled down in one of Aakil’s guest houses in Dubai, its right on the branch of the palm islands near Atlantis Dubai. I was so jealous when Mrs. explained the whole arrival and welcome party they got.
Kola and I decided not to just sit around like 2 boring guys, we decided to go clubbing, hadn’t been since Aakil was around, so we hit the club yesterday night. We paid for VIP tickets and were led to our seats, almost immediately a bottle of Moet was brought to us, we told the waiter we didn’t order it, the girl pointed to another VIP stand and said, its compliments of the gentleman over there. Kola got up to go see who it was and to his biggest surprise it was Ken, he was sited with 4 other guys, all drinking Moet, brandy, Remy martins and Irish whiskey and smoking cigars, they asked us to come over join them, kola said in a minute. He came back to tell me who it was, I thought it would be childish to refuse their champagne or their invite, so we went over to join them.
We sat their drinking and some were smoking cigars, after 6 bottles of champagne, they said we should go to a beach club to get some fish and fried yam, so we got in our cars and drove in a convoy to the beach, the crowd there at 11pm, was crazy, fortunately we had VIP seats, our fish took one hour to be ready, but when it came it tasted as if they just caught it that very minute, I had never eaten roasted fish that tasted that good, I made a note that I must bring Mrs. here once she gets back.
After we had our fill, one of the guys said his cousin was having a house party we should go check it out, we drove to a large house on a cul de sac, as we approached we could hear a band playing, the music was so loud and cars were parked all the way down the street, we had to drive round 4 times before we found somewhere to squeeze into. We got down and walked with the other guys into the compound, there were people everywhere, dancing, drinking and eating, Kola and I froze, we had never seen anything like it before. There were almost 50 to 60 men there but to our greatest surprise, not one single woman.
“What’s going on here?” Kola asked Ken? “Well his cousin is gay, so he only invited his gay club members, most of the guys here are a couple, just try to blend in , they will think you two are together, so no one will hit on you”. I pulled Ken aside and asked if he was okay, when did he turn gay, he just shuck his head and said right now he wasn’t even sure where he belonged, he finds that he always messes up his relationships with women, men on the other hand, just accept him for who he is, so he’s trying his hands on something different, he then said “I think am bi sexual though cos I still love women”. I couldn’t believe what Ken just said, I personally thought he needed to see a shrink.
Kola asked ken to give us a minute, he pulled me aside and said “Bro let’s get out of here”, I took a look around one more time and I obliged. We picked up discussing Ken as we walked to the car, “why would he turn gay all of a sudden, instead of dating another woman?” kola asked, I didn’t have an answer for him but I did suggest maybe he had been gay all along, that’s why he couldn’t settle down with a woman. Well whatever it was, we both knew we didn’t want any part of it.
As we drove home, I couldn’t help but think, Pamela was so lucky, she dodged this bullet, could you imagine if they got married, then he decides to come out and say he is bi sexual or Gay, I hate to think what that would have done to the poor girl…..hmmmm

MRS-okay now, where do I start, Toke’s plane, hmmmm, you won’t believe , was a 12 sitter Lear jet, baby pink and white customized leather seats with vanilla flavored white cushions, when I say flavored , I mean inbuilt air fresher’s , yes o!, that’s not all, the captain was a lady and so was the hostess. The seats turn into flat beds, so you can all sleep nice and comfy, there was a shower room, a kitchenette and a built in fitted walk in wardrobe, so you could sleep, shower, eat and change your clothes comfortably.
When Tammy, Pamela, Babs, Peju and I land some hours later, Toke and Aakil were waiting at the VIP private hanger. She looked lovely dressed in white linen trousers and a powder blue top and Gucci sandals and a scarf. She was smiling as Aakil Held her hands. I almost wouldn’t have recognized her, she was glowing.
They both hugged us and led us to the waiting jeeps. We drove for about 40 minutes and came to a really nice big house on the palm islands with its own private beach, A chef and a maid in waiting. That’s where we are to stay for the duration.
Around 9 pm when Aakil came back to pick us to their house, we were rested a bit but still needed a lot more, we drove for about15 minutes and entered in to this compound that looked like an Arabian palace. Got down and walked in, it was magnificent, the exterior was Arabian but the interior was contemporary American, beautiful wall paper, settees, pictures, lamps and all. In the middle of the hall way was this amazing water fountain, that also played music, behind was this double grand stair case and an amazingly large chandelier. Right on top of the stairs was a huge painting of Toke and Aakil on their engagement day.
We were led into a lounge and there Toke was waiting, she had changed into a long flowing caftan, encrusted with gold stones, her slippers were also different. We sat down on the pure white settee, the carpet was so soft is swallowed our feet. The dining room, well that’s another story, 24 seats, you had little microphones embedded in the table in front of you, like the national assembly chamber, so when you wanted to talk to someone sitting far away from you, you could use the microphone, amazing.
We finished the 5 course meal and Toke and Aakil, took us around the house, well not to go on too much, we had to rest twice, 15 bedrooms and bathrooms, a library, home theater, bowling alley and indoor basketball court in the basement, a spa and hair saloon, 3 huge kitchens, 5 living rooms, a music room with a grand piano, 3 dining rooms, children’s play room. In the garden, 2 swimming pools, one with a diving board and a slide, a water fountain that dropped into another pool, a lawn tennis court , an outdoor Jacuzzi, children’s play area with swings, slides, merry go rounds and a sand pit, a go cart range and a children’s play house. Am sure you’ll be wondering, why so many children’s stuff when they had no children yet, well Aakil said when he bought the house, he had his whole family in mind, so they will arrive and all will be in place. In short it took us almost an hour and a half to see every nook and cranny of this magnificent palace. All I could think of was, I wish Mr. was here to see this and that Toke was officially a queen and the luckiest girl I knew…..hmmmm

MR- My Mrs. is away. I woke up twice in the middle of the night filling around for her, my love, my sweetheart, Mrs. is an amazing woman, we have grown so much in such a short time, the funny thing is that the second time I woke up, I sat upright and began to think of all the girls I could have married but didn’t, first I thought of Sandra.
Sandra, o my gosh!, I thank God almighty I didn’t marry her, not because she’s not a nice girl, but her father. God Father, is a ritualistic thug and a murderer, he is also a bully and if I could speculate, bi sexual. That’s just what I know, only God knows what I don’t know. Our people have a saying “A bad wife is okay to get married too, but to have bad in laws, absolutely not.
Then there is Jane, whoa!, the British lady, born and bred in England, really prim and proper, took care of me while I was there to do my masters but she’s so self-centered. She comes first and everyone else behind. She would never go out of her way to inconvenience herself. I still remember how vindictive she could be, she dumped me in the dungeon to sort post, when we were in England recently, just because I wouldn’t consent to dating her, that one was out of it.
Then there is Teni, O my lord!, Teni, if I married that one, she would beat me up every time she felt like it. Am not sure how many slaps I received from her, just because she disagreed with something I said. She was also selfish, possessive, arrogant and self absorbing, but very smart and intelligent, but not for me.
Then there is my Mrs., my ‘jewel of inestimable value’, mine, amazing, kind, considerate, smart and beautiful, a praying woman and the mother of my children to come, I thank God for her, I have worked on myself a lot to always make her happy and to be the best hubby I can be , God willing. We work well together, I have become a better person, I am truly happy and content with her. I used to love women and find them irresistible, not as much as Kola did, but I was week. Now because of God grace and my Mrs., I am strong.
Speaking of which, I pray every day for God to give me the wisdom to also be the best dad I can be to our children. I do want to give my family so much more than I have right now, I’ve got to put my back into it and make sure I do them proud……hmmmmmm

MRS-Honestly, its not all the wealth or properties that you have, it’s the character that’s most important. As we went all around yesterday I watched as Aakil treated Toke and all of us for that matter, he was amazing, gentle, loving and respectful, Toke was first in everything he did, we went to Abu Dhabi, in his helicopter for Ahmed’s birthday. Yes Sir!, Ahmed is the heir to his father’s throne, I have never seen so many Ferrari’s , Bugatti’s , Lamborghini’s in one place. It was as if the richest people on earth were gathered for a young man’s 30th birthday party.
We held it in the pent house of a 45 story building, the penthouse also had a roof terrace that had a heated pool with a transparent bottom, come on people, I know I like detail descriptions but how else would you picture what am saying.
We were in the penthouse, when you look up, you see people swimming in the pool on top, Money, I mine plenty money is awesome. Thank God Babs is recording everything on his phone, cos Mr. and Kola can’t miss this.
Back to Aakil. He took us shopping in the morning to buy something for the party, thank God he did, or else we in our Sunday best would have stood out like a sore thumb. We went to the designer of all designers, Gucci, bought Jeans, tops, bags, sandals and scarfs, believe it or not the party had a dress code, Jeans and T’s but not just any jeans, designer Jeans. He even asked us to get accessories that will go with it, watches, bracelets, earrings and beads, and perfume. Look people, you won’t understand unless you were at that party, everyone, I mean everyone, from top to toe, wore designer, not one item was not designer, if you get my drift. Toke and we girls were talking, and she said that’s how this young rich people live here, their parties are always like that, the couple she’s been too were the same.
She gisted us about one they went and it was an all-white party, even some of them dyed their hair blonde, all the food was white , even the drinks, its takes some getting used to, she said.
Anyway, guess who came to sing for two hours, Kanye west , he arrived with his entourage half way through the party , sang twice and was gone, only God know how much was paid for his presence.
Now take away gifts, let me list them, and please bear in mind everyone had an option to choose which ever. 3 nights’ Accommodation for 2 at Burj Arab hotel in Dubai, return flight tickets to London business class, Gift certificate for $5000 to Prada, or Gucci, or l/V. Chinese silk 10 yards, 2 tickets to a Beyoncé concert, 2 tickets to watch Usher in concert and so on and so forth, there were loads of each, so if you all wanted one item, it would still go round, courtesy of Ahmed.
Just before the party came to an end, his father, the king came on to the screen via live link, he was calling from America, where he had gone to rest. He said hello to all of us and praised Ahmed for being an amazing son, The surprising part, wait for it, was when he asked to see the princess who snapped up his Son’s heart, we were all looking around, and to our surprise , Ahmed walked over to Peju, raised up her hand and said Papa, here she is, The king smiled and said well done my son, she is exquisite, I approve, I can’t wait to meet her in person. He said hello to Peju and the broadcast ended.
Everyone came round hugging Peju and saying congratulations, the king had accepted her and that was all the consent Ahmed required. Peju became an instance celebrity. Tammy just kept saying God is awesome, when I asked why she kept repeating it, she stated the obvious, Toke and Peju , sisters both from Humble backgrounds, end up attracting 2 of the wealthiest and powerful young men in the world. Who could have done or predicted that, except our heavenly father. Tammy had a great point, two sisters two amazing men, yes , she was right, There is nothing impossible for God to do……hmmmmmmm

Day 135
MR- Church was amazing yesterday, Kola and I attended together. The sermon was about what we see and hear and how it affects our lives.
Be careful what you look at, the pastor said and be sure if you look not to stare. The more you look at something, the more it registers in your mind. The eyes are the window to the mind, your mind works in alignment with your faith, if you mind is corrupt it would affect what you think which is your faith.
For example, you feel pain in your leg, the doctor tells you its deep vein thrombosis, rather than pray and have faith that that will now be your portion, you go on google to find out what it means, then check out all the effects, then begin to imagine what is about to happen to you, you begin to panic, eventually your mind forms a picture and that becomes your reality.
Whose report shall you believe, of course you should believe the report of the lord.
As a married Man or women, You see a lady/ guy sitting at his or her desk every morning you come to work, the first time you looked, he or she didn’t look that attractive, then every day you keep staring, as you walk by, soon your mind will begin to picture him or her differently, before you know it you will start fantasizing and the next thing is you walk up to him or her and ask them out or ask if you can join them for lunch, one thing leads to another and you have an extra marital affair. All this doesn’t happen in a day, it takes a long look to begin to build your imagination.
You keep admiring the ill-gotten wealth of your fraudulent colleague, soon you will start to imagine all the things you could do and have if you joined him. That’s how it starts covetousness.
The sermon hit every one of us, we could see that in one or more areas of our lives we needed to adjust. God help us all.
The chairman of the estate, Mr. Tope came to see me in the evening, he wanted my opinion on his decision to run for office in the next election. I told him I wasn’t really into politics but he insisted he wanted Kola and I on his team. I asked him to give us a few days to think about it, besides we had our hand full now. He obliged and said he will look forward to my favorable response.
Well, I have updated you for a while about our neighbors next door, that’s because since God father got sent away, it’s been pretty quiet until yesterday evening. When Kola and I were seeing off Mr. Tope, we saw different cars driving into the compound, all government and personalized numbers. Mr. Tope was very uncomfortable, he said we shouldn’t worry, by morning he will know what went on in there, he saw my expression was like, how would you find out?, he just smiled and said Don’t ask?…..hmmmm

MRS- After the party Aakil flew us back to Dubai without Peju, Ahmed said he wanted to drive her down , he said he’ll be right behind us, he also asked Babs to stay and drive back with them, so Tammy, Pamela and I flew back with Aakil and Toke.
As soon as we landed, we were driven to our temporary mansion, to spend the night, we would be picked up tomorrow for 9 am for breakfast, at their place, if we d