The New Mr and Mrs Diary ..Day 1 to 5


The new MR and MRS Diary …… Day 1 to 5


MR –Oh my gosh, look at her, she’s beautiful, am glad I married her, can’t believe am a married man, one month old today. I pray I can make her happy. The wedding day was a good day all my friends came, I spent a lot of money but it was worth it. The honeymoon alone gulped a lot of my savings, but I couldn’t let her down, she wanted a round the world trip, that’s what she gets, Am a man, I must provide for her.

I start work tomorrow after taking a month off to get married, that’s done now, I need to make all this money back. All work now for a while.

Am really worried though .I haven’t told Jane and Teni, I got married, both of them were potentials, they still think they have a chance with me, how am I going to break it to them. I do have a business trip to England next month I will see Jane and break it to her gently, buy her a nice gift to compensate.

As for Teni, she’s crazy I think I might just send an email or call her, she can’t come here anyway, Canada is very far and the last I checked she couldn’t leave. That’s what I will do. Anyway tomorrow I must remember to ask Kola what he thinks I should do.


MRS- whoa, Am a lucky girl. Just got back from around the world trip, my wedding was the best, am sure all my friends are jealous. Where do I go next? I got the best wedding ring, my MR, spoilt me rotten on this trip. Tomorrow I must go see my friends and show off my new designer bag and jewelry.

Mind you , I hope I did the right thing, my MR, does have a lot of money, he has been very generous to me, it’s more than I can say for Babs , he loves me but couldn’t afford my bills, for the 5 years we dated am not sure he bought me anything significant.

My Mr. and I dated for 8 months and I can’t even begin to count all he did for me. I beg, let’s forget about Babs, he will find out sooner or later that am married. Am not going to tell him. No romance without finance.


Day 2

Mr. –Yesterday I spoke to Kola about how to break the news to Teni and Jane, he agreed with my assessments but he reminded me of Sandra. Sandra, o my, I forgot about her, she was in the country with me, 20 minutes’ drive away to be precise, the bane of my life, the girl was a leech, and she followed me everywhere I go.  she had taken me to a party once and introduced me as her Man, she hadn’t even finished when her father asked me what my intentions towards his daughter was, he took me by surprise, I stuttered a bit and then said we were friends. I remember he looked at me and said ‘’make up your mind young man, make an honest woman out of my daughter.

From then on I couldn’t shake her, I wouldn’t pick up her call for weeks, she still kept calling, when she got tired of calling she would turn up at my apartment unannounced. Am not sure how I escaped it but she never met any other women when she came.

A lot of our friends and acquaintances call her my woman, she introduces herself as my fiancée, I can’t imagine what she will do when she finds out I got married.

I upset MRS today forgot about her, I stayed at work until 8pm, and my phones were on silent, missed all 15 of her calls. Am not use to being monitored, I must make a conscious effort to call her once or twice daily. Mrs. and I made up quickly, I made passionate love to her and that seemed to melt her heart.

No sure I can keep this up, am so exhausted, I do have an early morning meeting tomorrow.

Must also make a conscious effort to restrict lovemaking to Saturday evenings, that’s the only time it will fit into comfortably.

Hold on a minute, Mrs. seems really Sex-hungry, I didn’t notice when we were on honey moon, but she wanted to go 4 rounds, I crashed out on the 3rd, hmmmmmmm


Mrs. –Met with my friends today, all green with envy, I got the Man they have all been dreaming of, and he was tall, dark, handsome and rich all four aces. Our meet didn’t end well cos I tried to call MR from there and he didn’t pick up my call, I was so embarrassed, I had to cover up by saying I couldn’t get through, network busy.

Mr. didn’t come home until 8.45PM, I was so cross with him, he explained he didn’t know when the time went, he was busy working and his phone was on silent. I believe him, no reason to doubt YET.

He knows how to get me going, He held me tight and kissed me passionately all my annoyance melted away, we ended up with makeup LOVE MAKING. I wasn’t satisfied though, he crashed out at the begging of the 3rd round. ‘

I must admit, Babs came to my mind at the time, the one thing he was great at was he could go 10 rounds and not get tired.

Will have to get Mr. some of that Herbal concoction, Babs used to drink for his libido, I like love making and I need it 4 or 5 times a week. We must sort this out, hmmmmmm


Mr.-am going crazy here, I forgot to call Mrs. again today, I saw her missed calls just as I got up to go home 10, this time, how do guys cope with this, this is more than I bargained for.

Okay, I’ve got to calm down now, I did redeem myself, I stopped by at a boutique on the way home got Mrs. some perfume, But hang on a minute, I should have bought loads of other things to give her, cos am sure there will be many days like this.

I got another shocker today, Sandra turned up at my office, with lunch, and what did I do, I hurriedly hid my wedding ring in the draw, I was too tired to fight, or was I too chicken to tell her the truth. I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t dating her anyway. Yes we made love a few times, she forced me into it, I didn’t want to, but you know a man will be a man m it was hard to resist that figure of hers.

Anyway, am decreasing now, I declined her lunch, told her I had just eaten, she came to invite me to her birthday of the weekend. She said I will be the Special guest of honor, I was about to decline when Kola walked in and said, don’t mind him, and we will be there.  Oh my gosh, am not sure what Kolas got me into. What do I tell the Mrs.?


The Mrs., o dear, yes, the Mrs., well she racked a bit, took. The very expensive perfume from me then racked some more. After I held her and said I was really sorry, she made me promise to leave my phone on the ring. As long as I picked her to call, once during the day, she will be fine. I agreed thought that was a good compromise. Thank God, all ended in peace. I still had Sandra’s whale on my mind, could not go through another one.

O by the way I just saw Mrs. putting on some sexy lingerie, l hope she doesn’t want to make love, I am too exhausted for that now, I think I will pretend I have a backache, or should I say I have a  headache instead.hmmmmm.



Mrs. – well today wasn’t too bad, Mr. didn’t pick my calls again today, and I wonder what he does in that office of his that is more important than I. Anyway I got a Chanel perfume that compensated a bit. If he keeps refusing to pick my calls he will have to buy me gifts tire.

Am really in trouble you know I couldn’t stop thinking of making love throughout today, the worst thing is my mind kept wondering off to Babs, oh Babs, well endowed. O my gosh I need to put a stop to this. Am married now, I shouldn’t be thinking of another man, but I can’t help it.


I see Mr. looking at me in my sexy lingerie, I hope he’s ready, I am already in cloud nine, tonight is going to be a good night, ready or not here I come, hmmm


Day 4

MR –Whoa, where do I begin, let’s start with the Mrs.,  yesterday night was a tug of war, Mrs., was wild and on fire, I tried every excuse in the book to get out of making love, she wasn’t having any of it, Mr. D, didn’t help either, my mouth was saying no but Mr. D stood right at attention screaming yes yes yes, , Mrs. laughed at me and said see, even Mr. D knows a good thing when he sees it, and so we began, 2 and a half rounds, until Mr. D gave up the ghost,

Mrs. grumbled a bit but she did admit it was better than the last time. Phew, I must consult the boys. am I the only one having this experience. I must find out. Not sure how long I can keep this up. Just my luck to marry the Sex crazed one. We still haven’t had our lovemaking schedule talk,  I guess I can fit lovemaking into Saturday nights, we need too if I don’t want to die sooner than later.

O yeah, I forgot, I got a bank alert yesterday, final payment for a job I did, last year, high 7 figures, really pleased, the downside, Sandra got me the job, she gets a commission from it, I haven’t told her the balance has been paid, I know what she going to say…’’let’s celebrate my love’’, I will hold off telling her, can’t deal with that wahala now.

I was exhausted, all day I had to watch my phone ring waiting for Mrs. Call, I got calls from Teni, 6, Jane 2, Sandra 9, and Mrs. 1, which I picked pronto, she called to say hi, ask me what I would want for dinner and when I was coming home, Answers, Fine, anything, As soon as I can, call ended with her saying love you baby, I saying Okay, and quickly dropping the phone. I wonder why I find it hard to say ‘’Love you ‘’. It so heavy in my mouth, it doesn’t come out, Mrs. Gets really upset with me when I don’t say it back. What’s the point? She already knows I love her, why do I have to say it all the time…hmmmmmm


MRS- Hey, see me see trouble, what have I gotten myself into, Mr. is weak in bed, yesternight I had to practically rape him before he finally made love to me, in short, I made love to him, he said he had a backache, headache all manner of excuses but Mr. D, begged to differ, he stood at attention pleading for some action, on a serious note wants going on with Mr.,

Thinking back now we hardly made love during our 8 months courtship, I always thought he was just respecting me, or is he … nooooo, not possible, Mr. D, tries, but ……

Anyway, I have a bigger issue now, when I was making love to Mr. I kept seeing Babs, I must admit, the thought of Babs on my mind made me climax multiple times, am in trouble, I need to meet with the girls, what do I do, this has to stop, but how do I tell them without letting them know Mr. is weak? ,,,, that’s a huge one…..


O yes, I called him today, he picked up, but still hasn’t gotten the courage to say ‘’Love you; back, he will, has just joking, even if I have to blackmail it out of his mouth.

I need some money, I need some new clothes, must remember to get him to transfer some into my account tomorrow morning, o yeah I remember, my Range arrives tomorrow, we ordered it in the States at the start of our honeymoon, hmmmm, they will take……



Day 5

MR-Kola usually gets me on trouble but this time I had to get him out of trouble. I was in the office today heard loud noises coming from Kolas office, he’s my business partner and best friend, our offices are next to each other. I went in to see what the matter was and a guy was there racking for Kola to leave his wife alone. Kola just sat there smiling and said ‘’then take good care of her so she stops coming to me for money’’ the guy felt so ashamed, he just shook his head and walked out.

‘’kola that wasn’t nice’ ’I said, you should be hung for messing with another man’s wife’’ ‘’what’s the big deal, she’s my ex, and am just helping her out’’ anyway we argued a bit and then we tabled my issues, I asked Kola how he manages to date all these women and keep them all happy, he just laughed and said ‘’a man’s got to do what a mans got to do’’

You know Sandra doesn’t know I got married, I said, I can’t go to her party, why not? Kola said, how long do you think I can keep this up, am already getting close to panic mood, you pushed me into spreading my oats, Teni, Jane Sandra, I’m still building up the courage to break the news to them all,

Woke up this morning to a warm loving kiss and hug from Mrs., It felt good but there was something about the way she stirred at me, I asked her what the matter was, she just smiled and said I need some money, my love. I smiled didn’t even ask her how much just said it will be in her account before lunchtime, she was really excited. I was glad cos the next thing that came out of my mouth made her really stressed ‘’My Mums coming to visit for a couple of weeks, she wants to get to know you’’ Mrs. Face changed immediately, ‘’when’’ she asked, ‘’this weekend’’, I said. The main issue is my mum will expect you to cook for her, could you please try to get some cooking lessons, we are going to have to give the chef a couple of weeks off’’. MRS was now really stressed. She asked what the big deal was about cooking, I told her my mum was a traditional woman who believed any woman who couldn’t cook was useless.

On that note I changed the subject asked if she was excited about her new jeep arriving at the weekend, but I could see she was no longer listening to me, she had this very worried look on her face, I told not to worry, she should get the chef to spend the next few days giving her cooking lessons. Mrs. couldn’t cook to save her life, the one and only time she tried to cook Rice for me with sauce, one mouth full and I had instant diarrhea. Hired a Chef immediately.

Never liked stress, am already panicking about my Mum and Mrs. in the same house without me being there, my Mum a no-nonsense woman, anyway I have other issues to sort out now,

I still need to get out of this crazy girls birthday party, Kola cooked up a plan to come to pick me at home for a boys night out, Mrs. likes Kola, so no suspicion there. That doesn’t solve the issue of me not wanting to be alone with her, she knows how to push my buttons and me breaking the news of my marriage and I still have to give her share of the paid balance, oh my, why am I so entangled with this Sandra, this has gotten out of hand.

Come to think of it why didn’t I marry her? , she’s a nice girl, she can really cook has an amazing figure, but she’s too ambitious, that’s why I didn’t like her. Well, I guess ambition has its place.

Okay am a Man, I’ve got to suck it up like one and sort myself out, I will call her for a meeting tomorrow and sort all this out once and for all. Am sure she will get really upset storm out of my office and I won’t have to go to her party or deal with her again, case closed …hmmmmmm

MRS- I should be super happy now but am so upset, My Mother in laws coming, what does she want? why can’t she stay in her house, we just got married at least she should give us time to enjoy each other, Na wah o, now she expects Moi to cook. Don’t even know what to do, Mr really loves his mum, he will expect me to keep her happy. The scary thing is am not sure he will pick me if he had to choose between his mum and I. That’s not good. I would call my Mum, but she never cooked for one day, our chefs always did, I’ve got to call the girls instead, we need to brainstorm on this ASAP.

O am sorry , I can’t stop thinking of this Mama’s visit, I had this weekend all planned out, my Range arrives, go clubbing with the girls  shopping trip, showing off my ride, now it’s all ruined, tomorrow, the girls and I  must find a way around it, what am I going to do?

That reminds me, I thought of calling Babs today, I saw him on Facebook, with some of his course mates at his Uni in Joburg where he went for his masters. He hasn’t been able to get in touch with me, cause I changed my no as soon as got married and forbade my friends to tell him I was married or give him my new no. So he has been sending me messages on Facebook but I haven’t been responding, today I saw loads of messages he had sent with his pictures, he looks good, I toyed with the idea of chatting with him but I quickly changed my mind, bad idea, just looking at his oic ignited some old feelings, I must delete him from my page…..when? ….soon…..hmmmmmm



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