…….Having Sex is not just about the physical, it rocks the emotional big time. Making love is more emotional, so I want to make love not just have sex. Okay, let’s digress a bit, Why does it have to be so hard, I believe babies are the same, the difference is the families you get born into. Why did I have to be born into a poor family and not a very rich one? That’s the main question, but one thing I know is that, yes, I was born poor but No Sir, I don’t have to stay poor.
Having a master plan and roadmap for my route to prosperity and fame, took me a long time to perfect, I wouldn’t even say it’s perfect now it’s just ideal, initially, I had Plan A B and C. each plan had an if yes this way and if No that way. I spent 4 whole years plotting, mapping, testing and proofing my roadmap and plan. When it was near perfect and I graduated from that hell hole, I swung into account.
First I gave myself a makeover, I researched a lot online and I knew that charity shops in London get clothes from people from all works of life, but I also knew that works of life come in different categories. Oh, don’t get me wrong, am not in London but I knew what I could get in London. I was about to target charity shops in the affluent areas of London, like oxford street, park lane, Bond-street, Westminster, Chelsea and Earls Court. I needed designer gear and that was the cheapest way to get it if I could get a free ticket to London.
Next step was to get a rich man to take me to London. So I went to the island club. Now how would I get in, I knew an aunty on my street, she always dressed to kill. I went to her one day and asked if I could run errands for her. She said she had all the help she needed. I kept going back, then one morning she was running late for an appointment and had clothes to drop off at the dry cleaners, so I offered to drop them off for her. She gave me enough money to get a taxi to and fro. As soon as her car disappeared around the corner, I went back to my house, laid the clothes on the bed. Fortunately for me, there was a lovely black mini dress. Perfect, I picked it out, the wonderful thing was that it had so much perfume on it, I didn’t need to look for any. I took the rest of the clothes to the cleaners less the cream catsuit which something told me I might need very soon. I went on a bike to save the cash she gave me and rushed back home. Luckily I had just gotten my friend to do my braids for me and I did have a pair of nice black shoes, also given to me by a friend. I put on the dress, shoes, packed my braids and looked amazing, then walked outside and waited for a taxi to drive past because it was closing time and taxis drove past after dropping workers off. I was lucky it took just 10 mins for one to come drop someone off.
The trip to the island club wasn’t so expensive, I stay in Ajah with my parents, the house was half completed, unpainted and not plastered. My father had used his pension payout to hurriedly complete it to that level cos we could not afford to pay rent in Surulere, where we had lived all my life.
I got to the club, paid the taxi, and still had enough to get me home, even though I wasn’t planning to use it.
I saw cars parked everywhere, waited for the right opportunity as I saw a Jaguar drive into the car park., I pointed my house keys at a range rover parked ahead of the coming car, pretending to wave someone goodbye, then dropped my bag on purpose in the path of the coming car, it was too late for the driver to stop and he ran right over it. I let out a horrified scream, he stopped immediately reversed and I stood there pretending to be in shock pointing to my clutch bag. He got out picked it up and saw that everything in there had been smashed to bits including my phone, which was already on the blink anyway.
He was mortified, he couldn’t apologize enough, he pleaded with me to let him buy me another one , pay me for it etc., I said no way, it wasn’t his fault, I was the clumsy one for dropping my bag in the first place. He asked that I wait right there, he needed to park the car properly. He returned to his car, my crumbled belongings in his hand, as soon as he started his engine I pretended to walk towards the club entrance. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get in but hey, I wasn’t about to let him know that. Well, needless to say, he had to jog up to meet me and as soon as the security men saw him, they swung the gates open and we walked in together. Everyone greeted him and smiled at me, he was famous, and I didn’t even know his name. As soon as we were in, I excused myself asked for the ladies room and disappeared in there.
I looked at myself in the mirror, I was still intact, dabbed my face with a tissue and walked right out. He was out there waiting for me. He asked if I was trying to get away from him, I couldn’t go like that he had to replace all I lost by the wheels of his car and more. That evening was more amazing than my plan, I caught the biggest fish in the pond, I drank Moet, ate and at the end of the night he offered to take me home when I said, I didn’t bring a car, a friend just dropped me off and went back. He asked if the friend was male or female, I hesitated, then asked why he wanted to know, he said, he wants to be the main male friend in my life. He took me all the way to Ajah, dropped me in front of the house next to ours, which was a nice white duplex, gave me an envelope and said he will pick me up tomorrow evening for a proper date. That was Friday.
I couldn’t believe my lucky stars, my master plan worked much better than I could have imagined. I got into my room, opened the envelope he gave me from his glove compartment, it contained 200,000 in one thousand Naira notes. Wow, I had never been given that kind of money before, in my whole 22 years on earth, even when I was in university in our state, my father made me go from the family house because it was just a mile to the university campus. 4 years in school and I hardly had one day of fun. But I was able to spend time preparing my master plan and so the solitude and restrictions paid off big time.
Still had the aunt’s cloth with me, the nice catsuit, cream with a brown scarf built. Thank God for brown sandals everyone has them. He arrived at 7pm prompt in a G wagon, I was already outside the house next door. He got out, opened the passenger’s side door for me and went round. He leaned back picked up a bag and said this is for you. In it was a Gucci clutch bag, to replace my damaged one and a brand new Samsung phone, to replace the broken ones he said. I almost screamed I couldn’t believe it, he apologized and said he hopes I like the replacements, I quickly adjusted my self and said he didn’t have too, I already said it was okay.
We drove to the beachfront, parked and he brought out 2 blankets and a picnic basket. some flip flops for us. I took off my sandals and so did he, we wore the flip flops and went to find a nice spot on the beach, right under a coconut tree. It was so romantic. I didn’t even know lekki had this beautiful beach .we talked, I told him a bit about myself, my father was retired, he was a conservative man. My mum was a businesswoman, I was an only child. That’s all I volunteered. He was a joint owner of a bank, his father was an ambassador and his mum was a business woman but now in the states, his younger siblings were with her and his father was in Abuja.
That was 4 months ago. 4 weeks ago was my birthday and he said he had a surprise for me, he told me to be ready for 6 pm. He turned up and we drove straight to Muritala Mohammed airport. Before that, he had taken me to the passport office to get me a passport. That was all. I still didn’t have it back. As we arrived at the airport we went straight to the BA first class check-in, that was the first time I saw my passport, it already had a British visa on it. Some guy who came with us checked us in and we were taken to the BA lounge. Through all this, I was still in shock. Where are we going, baby? I asked, To London he said. And so we flew first class to London that night. On arrival, a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz took us to a regent’s street apartment, where the butler opened the door. We ate and slept. The next morning I was awakened by a dress designer who came with some sample outfits and asked me to choose, I must be dreaming, when am I going to wake up. That afternoon, he took me shopping for shoes, bags, lingerie, makeup, and casuals. he said Baby, I want you to be happy, Happy birthday……

She Heals copyright@2017,Image from freepik.



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