A story of an over-pampered child….

My name is Wonu, and this is my story.

I got admission into university at the age of 16, my parents were ecstatic. I had the sort of parents who boasted about their child’s success at every given opportunity. I can’t recollect how many times my mum had embarrassed me in public, ‘’ O THIS IS MY DAUGHTER Wonu, she’s only 16 and she just got admission in to the top university to study law……’’ and so she would go on. I soon got used to it.
The day of resumption came, I was ready to leave home, because my mum and dad stifled me. I was the first-born of 3 children and the only girl. My Daddy doted on me and my mum was over protective, I had a driver and car take me everywhere , wasn’t allowed to go anywhere on my own , not even the saloon , to get my hair done, I couldn’t cook , didn’t do any chores around the house , we had maids for everything. Cleaning, tidying, looking after us the children, cooks and gardeners. We were the definition of over pampered.

On my first day at university, I was so happy, I was assigned to a first floor room and my roommate was a girl about 18. She had just been sent back from England to study Business administration, after completing her A/L’s, her parents wanted her to get the African culture in her system. So she told me.
We hit if off right away, we had similar designer clothes and shoes and we both came from money. We had visited most of the same countries and spoke a bit of French, we were a perfect match.

Yemi and I quickly became the belles of the ball, we had so many boys ask us out in our first 2 weeks at Uni, that we started to get so full of ourselves. We would get back to the hostel and compare notes, laugh over love text sent to our phones and What’s App messages.
One evening Yemi and I had just come back from having dinner at one of the many cafes around campus,  when 4 girls walked into our room, they were much older than us, dressed for a party, in sexy white outfits, all very beautiful. They sat us down and introduced themselves as the DOVES.
‘’We have been watching you this past few weeks and we like you, we want you to join our club, we are the ‘happening babes’ on campus, the only relevant ladies on campus belong to our group, you can’t ask to join, we have to invite you’’ one of them said.
Yemi and I looked at each other and all we heard was happening babes, we jumped up and said yes please at the same time. The ladies were delighted, they hugged us and asked us to come along to the party they were going too.

We got ready, got into one of the very nice cars, they each had one, and we drove to a large house. When we got there, the house was full of women, dancing drinking and having fun. We were excited, it seemed like the place to be, we immediately joined in the fun.
The last thing I remembered was taking a punch drink from one of the ladies, when I woke up the next morning I was in a bedroom stack naked, with blood stains all over my legs and my private part was so sore I couldn’t move. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened to me, raped and no longer a virgin, I became hysterical, I passed out. When I woke up again, I was laying on my dorm bed, with a note next to me. It read ‘’Welcome to the DOVES, you passed your initiation, the price of joining was losing your virginity. We will be in touch, you have been sworn to secrecy, if you tell anyone about this, you will die.’’. At the moment I heard a mourn from across the room, I looked up and saw Yemi, she told me she had gone through the same ordeal, we hauled together and cried our eyes out.

We couldn’t eat, go for lectures, so scared, we didn’t know what to do, and we couldn’t talk to anyone about our experience, cos we were afraid to die. The next morning, two of the women came for us and said the Leader wanted to see us, ‘Dove , most senior’ she was called. When we got to her house, just outside the campus gates, she handed over a car key each to Yemi and I. ‘Doves fly and are dignified, from now you ride around campus like a dove, you don’t have to take your cars home if you are afraid, just come park it here , then pick it up when you come back to campus. She then handed us keys to an apartment, ‘Dove in waiting’, her assistant, will take you to your new furnished apartment. Go pack your things, Doves don’t live in cages, lastly she handed us a white bag as well and asked us to open it once we got back to the dorm.

Yemi and I could drive, my driver had given me driving lessons since I was 13, and he even allowed me to drive occasionally. Yemi had a car she took to school in London, so we fitted into our new status easily. We drove back to the dorm, with ‘dove in waiting’, hurriedly packed our things into the new cars and drove to our new apartment.

Once we had settled down, we opened up the white bags, it had the following items, A Rolex watch, with our initials engraved on the back, a credit card, which had a note attached from the bank saying we had a permanent credit limit of $5000, a gold-plated cell phone with some no’s programmed in them, no names just initials ( we were later to find out they belonged to some of the most powerful men in the country)and some jewelry and perfumes. We sat their mouths agape, wondering what was going on. Little did we know our life was about to change forever.

The apartment was lovely, 2 bedrooms, fully furnished and a chef that came 7am in the morning and left at 8pm. We settled in, had a well prepared dinner and went to bed. At 5 am the phones we were given rang twice, a text came is summoning us to the Dove most seniors house. We got dressed and drove in Yemi car. On arrival we were ushered into two different bedrooms, we were to start our training, what training I wondered. By the time we were done 4 weeks later we were well-trained in the art of KAMASUTRA.
Within days we were whisked away to the capital, taken to one of the most luxurious home i had ever been in, it was so big , it must have had 20 bedrooms , it had an Olympic size pool, 3 guest chalets and a lawn tennis court. , I had seen big houses, but this was big. , Yemi and I joined a group of 8 other girls as young as we were all looking around nervously.
After about an hour, they urshered us into a large dining room, with a 24 seats dining table .the table was already occupied by some men, about 10 of them. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the room, just then I let out a whimper, I could see some of the most powerful men sitting around the table. I recognized a few of them from the news and national daily’s. I could not believe we were in the same room as these powerful people.

They must have sensed our nervousness, they all got up and walked towards one of us and led us to the dining table, I was sited next to one of the no 1 men, of a state. Dinner went well, we had a choice of more than 20 dishes, and it got to a stage where none of us girls could take another bite. My date talked to me, whispered into my ears and I laughed. He was older than my father, my mind could not comprehend me sitting at the table with all this powerful men, and to have one of them doting on me, was mind-boggling.

After dinner, we all went to sit around the pool, there was grilled fish, chicken, mutton and prawns for anyone who was interested, the men seemed to have an insatiable appetite, they kept eating. One by one the pool area thinned out, until my date and I were the only ones left. He asked if I would like to go sightseeing with him, I said yes.

Forty minutes later we were in his private jet flying to his state, we were picked up at the airport by his convoy and taken to a private guest house. To cut the long story short, that night I got to practice all my Kamasutra training for real. In the morning, we were served breakfast in bed, he gave me an envelope asked me to promise I won’t open it until I got to the capital. He kissed me passionately, said he would call me back soon. I was whisked to the private jet, flown back to the capital, driven back to the house, where everyone else was just waking up. Opened the envelope it had $25,000 in $100 dollar bills, I threw it up in the air, started laughing uncontrollably. I now realized we were sex toys to the rich and powerful and so my journey as a KAMASUTRA BABE BEGAN.

Back on campus, Yemi told me she had a similar experience without the PJ, she was given $20,000, we had so much money we didn’t know what to do with it, we still didn’t understand how this will play out in the end. All through my 4 years on campus, I attended a party like that every month, sometimes we were whisked outside the country or onto a yacht, for a long weekend.
All through this my parents didn’t suspect a thing. I had told them Yemi’s parents got her the apartment and they asked me to live with her, cos they didn’t want to live alone, they also got her a car. She told her parents the same thing that my parents got the apartment and the car.
As for the money it was in bank accounts we had opened on our own, our parents didn’t know anything about them. We hardly went to class to write exams, but we passed all our courses with distinction.
At the end of 4 yeas Yemi and I had a first class we hadn’t worked for, we know we got it through our powerful connections. We were both posted to the capital, where THE HOUSE was waiting for us. We practically did out youth service in the house and at the end got our passing out certificates.

Today my life is ruined, I can’t get a boyfriend, I am 5’8, drop dead gorgeous, but somehow men seem to dispose me. Once we turned 21, we were sent forth from the house, given a Hugh sum of money to move on with life and given a brand new jeep of our choice. I got a range rover, bought an apartment and got myself a boutique. 5 years down the line, no man has asked me out. When I got so worried, I went to see an aunt of mine, and she took me to her imam. He prayed for me and said, I had lived a bad life, that all my glory had been used by men who were very powerful, I was a working shell, empty. It would take the grace of God to restore me back, my womb was compromised , my health, my life,
I have all the money I can spend, no husband, no child, no happiness. My parents have no clue, I do not even practice Law, even though I have a first class. I hardly went for lectures. I couldn’t even tell you what constitution applied to anything .
I wasted my life, got led astray. I thought life was all about freedom, money, fame and partying. However, there is a silver lining, I decided to try to redeem myslef, by givivg my life to Christ. I have been a church worker for a while I teach and counsel young girls about the dangers out there and I believe my life has found a new meaning.
I know God Almighty will surely restore me back fully.
Dear Parents, please get more involved in your children’s life, talk to them about sex education and the realities of life, dont give them everything they want even if you can afford it. Make sure you ask questions, encourage them to talk to you, speak to their lectures in University, visit unexpectedly, above all lead your children to God, be more involved in their lives, Lack of money didn’t get me here, being over pampered did.
Thank you for reading my story, I pray it ministers to someone.

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