Someone once said to me corruption is hereditary , I laughed so hard my side ached. But now am beginning to believe there might be some tiny possibility
it’s true. This is why ,what you are about to read actually happened to a family friends daughter –

My friends 7 year old girl woke up one school morning , got ready, had her breakfast , once she was done , she went over to where her lunch box was and looked inside , saw her sandwich, drink and one chocolate bar , she calmly closed the lunch box went over to her mum and said mum can I have a whole pack of chocolate to take to school. Her mum looked at her and said no, you know you get one at a time, what do you want a pack for, her daughter didn’t answer the question, she just started pleading with her mum for a whole pack.

Her mum kept insisting she could only have one , before she knew it , her daughter was crying and pleading , she even said she wasn’t going to school unless she took a pack . Normally this will be the time to tell her off, ask her to get in the car and stop all this unnecessary tantrums , but her daughter was not like this, something was not right .

So she held her , calmed her down, asked her to stop crying , then asked again why she desperately needed the whole bag… Here is why…

Her seven year old daughter began to explain.. “Mum in my class , when the teacher needs a break she puts a particular girl in charge everyday , she asks the girl to write down anyone’s name who makes noise, gets up or misbehaves.
As soon as the teacher leaves the class, the girl ,goes to the front of the
class , with a pencil and paper , and says ” all those who brought me chocolate come out” , all the kids who have packs of chocolate get up and go to the front , the more you give her , the better. The chocolate buys you time off the ‘naughty list ‘ , for those of us who don’t have any left because we have eaten the single one we had at lunch time , she says she would teach us a lesson, next time we would obey her and bring her chocolate , she then writes down our names and gives it to the teacher as the ones who misbehaved when the teacher was away from class and we get punished each time . Mum I get into trouble almost everyday , I need a bag of chocolate ” .

Her mum was in shock, she couldn’t believe a seven year old was already wise in the act of blackmail , what will she do when she’s 18, 25 or when she’s 40? Our leaders of tomorrow , that we currently put our hopes in , hoping and believing that their time and generation will be better than ours . What kind of children are we raising now?

We need to be very mindful of our actions , especially for those who have children, children are very perceptive , they latch onto everything done around them, what they are exposed to, what they are taught , what they see their parents do or hear them say , they replicate .

Let’s all ask for God’s guidance and wisdom to do the right thing and bring up amazing, God fearing , intelligent , well mannered children that we will all be proud of, and will be useful to themselves and their generation.
Remember , children are like wet clay in our hands, We Mould , They Dry and are formed. God help us.

Good morning ……

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