There are times when losing something or someone can be painful, but it’s important to remember that God takes things away for a reason. Recently, I came across an analogy about relationships that I found fitting.

An analogy that perfectly captures the different types of relationships in our lives is that of a tree. Trees have leaves, branches, and roots.

The leaves of a tree bloom in the spring and summer, and they look beautiful and bear fruit. Similarly, there are people in our lives who are there for us when things are going well. They are loyal and supportive, but only as long as we are in a good season. Once our circumstances change, they disappear like leaves falling off a tree in the autumn.

The branches of a tree support the weight of the leaves and provide them with nutrients from the root. In the same way, there are people in our lives who go a little deeper. They stay with us when things start to go wrong, but only if we still have some material possessions or if we can still give them money or status. However, if we experience a major setback, they will break off and disappear like branches in a storm.

The roots of a tree, on the other hand, are the foundation of the tree. They are always there, supporting and nourishing the tree through all seasons and weather conditions. In our lives, there are people who are like the roots of a tree. They stand by us through thick and thin, whether we have or don’t have, whether we are happy or sad, whether we are successful or not. They are our unshakable and reassuring support system.

Although the roots of a tree may not be the most glamorous, they are the most important. Similarly, the people in our lives who are like the roots may not be the most exciting or happening crowd, but they are the ones who will always be there for us. They love us for who we are, and they know us through the good and bad times.

It’s important to appreciate the roots in our lives and keep them close. Instead of being upset when a leaf or branch falls away, we should focus on the people who are always there for us, no matter what. Take some time this week to think about the leaves, branches, and roots in your life and be grateful for the unshakable support system of the roots.

Wishing you a wonderful day, and remember to be a blessing and make a difference in the world.


She Heals.


  1. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for this. It’s got me thinking about the few Roots in my life as against the numerous leaves.


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