New beginnings- Contentment

Why are we hardly ever content with what we have and are always searching or thinking there is something better out there for us.

Most times we find it hard to appreciate what God has done for us , we still crave what somebody else has. An English proverb says “The grass is not always green on the other side”, we often see what we think is much better than what we have and wish we had it , here are a few examples of circumstances that we wish for without knowing what’s behind it –

WHAT’s SEEN- Miss A sees her friend and hubby pull up in a car, the hubby jumps out in the rain to open the door for his wife.

MISS A’s wish- I wish my hubby could jump down like that and open the car door for me, even when it’s raining , they must be truly in love

TRUE PICTURE- The hubby had to get out in the heavy rain , get soaking wet , to open the door for his wife because the car was falling apart , the door handle was broken on the inside
WHATS SEEN-Miss B, calls her friend to catch up, her friend informs her ,hubby just bought her a ticket to travel round the world, first class

MISS B’s wish- I wish I was like her , why can’t I be in her situation.

TRUE PICTURE- Hubby bought her a round the world ticket to honour her last wish, she had terminal cancer, with 3 more months to live on earth.
WHATS SEEN- Mr C, gets out of a taxi in front of his office, looks back and see’s one of his friends he hasn’t seen in a while cruise by in the latest Mercedes Benz jeep.

MR C’s wish- whoa, look at him go , I wish I was in his shoes

TRUE PICTURE- old friend is driving the Benz because he is on his way to pick up his boss, he is a driver.
WHATS SEEN-Mr and Mrs D, visit their close friends and sit through their friends bragging about how their 3 children are in private school ,getting good grades, going to become doctors etc .

THEIR WISH – Mr and Mrs D, argue all the way home accusing each other of not doing this and that for their children like their friends, they get home , line up their 5 children , scold them for not coming 1st in class not behaving well like their friends , complain about everything , the go back to arguing why God didn’t give them children like their friends.

TRUE PICTURE- in the future their friend’s , first child grows up to be a selfish , entitled spoilt brat , who believes his father’s money settles all, the 2nd child drops out of school and moves abroad only the 3rd finishes school.
On the other hand, Mr and Mrs D’s children all grow up well trained, educated , with good jobs and successful careers , children any parent will be proud of.

WHATS SEEN- Mrs E, visits friend’s house, her friends hubby is all smiles , gets drinks , goes to the kitchen to prepare the meal, hugs his wife every minute and plants kisses on her forehead

Mrs E’s wish- O my gosh, I wish I was married to this guy, he’s so caring, my hubby never cooks for me.

TRUE PICTURE- her friends hubby had beaten his wife so badly the night before over her going through his phone and seeing and complaining about a love text on it, they had just returned from the hospital where she had been treated for a sprained neck and back, she won’t be able to walk properly for a while, the hubby was running around like a headless chicken , putting on a show to hide the truth.
On the other hand, Mrs E’s hubby , provides for his wife , never talks down on her , treats her great but can’t cook, “hmmmm”.

Things are not always what they seem, never judge a book by its cover , stop Comparing your life or situation to everybody else’s , God created you for a purpose , you are unique , unlike any other , appreciate what God has given you and make the best of it. If you don’t , you might spend your life envying someone else’s while yours slips right by . If you are not grateful for little you will never be grateful for much. God Almighty help us all and give us the spirit of Contentment .

Good morning ……

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