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It’s common for us to feel like there’s something better out there for us and that we should always be striving for more. However, this mindset often prevents us from appreciating what we already have and being content with our current situation. It seems that we find it difficult to appreciate what we already have and often crave what others possess. As the English proverb goes, “The grass is not always greener on the other side.” We tend to perceive what we don’t have as being much better than what we currently possess, without fully understanding what lies behind it.

For instance, Miss A witnesses her friend’s husband jumps out of their car in the pouring rain to open the door for his wife. Miss A wishes that her own husband would do the same for her, assuming that this gesture is a sign of true love. In reality, the car door handle was broken, and the husband had to open the door from the outside and get soaked in the process. Similarly, Mr. B sees his friend’s large house with a swimming pool, garden, and stunning view, and desires a similar life for himself. However, he doesn’t know that his friend is struggling to pay off a significant mortgage.

Miss B’s friend received around-the-world ticket from her husband, but in reality, it was to fulfill her last wish before she passed away from terminal cancer. Mr. C’s friend was driving a Mercedes Benz because he was a driver picking up his boss, not because he owned it. Mr. and Mrs. D’s friends were bragging about their children’s accomplishments, but in reality, their first child grew up to be a selfish and entitled person while Mr. and Mrs. D’s children grew up to be well-trained and successful.

The lesson to learn is that we often make assumptions about the things we desire without knowing the full story. Rather than constantly searching for something better, we should learn to appreciate and be content with what we already have. Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t strive for improvement, but it does mean that we should practice gratitude and not take our current blessings for granted. Let’s learn to be content with the new beginnings in our lives, no matter how big or small they may be.

We should stop comparing ourselves to others and appreciate what we have been given in life. It’s important to not take things for granted and be grateful for both the big and small blessings in our lives. We should strive for contentment and trust that we have been given everything we need to fulfill our purpose in life. Let us learn to appreciate the simple things in life and stop comparing ourselves to others. If we are not grateful for the little things, we will never be grateful for the bigger things. May God help us all to find contentment in our lives.

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