Lets talk about Sex education.


Why is talking about sex such a taboo to some, it’s an act everyone, but a tiny few take part. After all, it’s the essence of procreation and immense pleasure. So why has it become a no go talk area for many.

Talking to children and young adults about sex can be very challenging for someone who was raised to believe talking about Sex is a dirty habit, or meant you are promiscuous. This is largely responsible for the way most people have turned out today.

Some were abused as children because they had no clue what was going on, whether it was right or wrong, some got introduced at a very young age by manipulation of emotions and some just wanted to fit in with their friends and succumbed to peer pressure.

A friend of mine once told me that her mum’s sex education lesson for her was 1 sentence ‘’’Touch a boy and get pregnant’’ and with that the lesson was over. She eventually lost her virginity the first week she got into university, a seemingly nice boy told her he loved her dearly and cajoled her to make love with him, that, that was the proof that she loved him back. She said it all but took 3 minutes and it was over, the boy practically avoided her on campus after that.
Most have horrific experiences similar or worse, I have listened to so many children, young adults and grown women and men, confide in me about how they were unknowingly introduced to sex at a very early age.
One of the true life experiences;
A grown woman of 34, once sat down with me, she had just met me for the first time, and she told me how her mother had indirectly ruined her life. This is what she told me.
“We lived in a block of 6 flats, ours was at the top. A young male teacher lived in one of the ground floor flats. I was 13, and he must have been in his early 30’s. He started by sending me to buy him this and that, once I got back he would hug me and tell me how pretty I looked.

Soon he graduated to calling me his wife. My mum would laugh and soon she joined in calling me teacher’s wife. This seemed to give the Man more liberties. First, Any time i dropped off whatever he sent me to buy for him, he will pretend to mistakenly brush past my bossom. Sometimes he would rub his hands on my bottom or slap it.
Then he graduated to kissing me on the cheek. Ignoring all my protests, instead he laughed at my naivety and he will give me some money, which he told me not to tell my mum.

He didn’t only molest me, but to keep my mum sweet, he also bought things for her regularly. My mum saw him as God sent, because, my Dad had lost his job as a company driver and now drove a commercial bus to make ends meet. He was out of the house from morning to-night and came back with very little. So the pedophile teacher’s money seemed to augment my mum’s income nicely.

One day teacher went too far. He sent me to get him a drink from my mum’s stall. As I returned with it, I had no idea he was waiting for me. As soon as he opened his door and i pointed the bag with the drink, rather than take the bag, he grabbed my hand. Pulled me in and forced his hand into y panties.  I struggled, tried to scream, but he had one hand over my mouth and the other wriggling its way in my privates.  It was so painful I kept screaming and trying to fight him off me. Eventually, i was able to get myself away from him and tried to flee, but he stood in front of the door apologising, as I sobbed.

He apologized, tried to give me some money, but I hit it out of his hand and screamed for him to let me out. As soon as I got back home, i tearfully narrated my ordeal to my mum. What did my mum do? She did not believe me. She yelled, “You this useless girl, why are you making up stories?” She slapped me and called me a whore. All she kept repeating was, “why do you want to spoil the good teacher’s name”. She told me it was the last time she wanted to hear such nonsense from me, ” the man is our helper”, she said, don’t drive him away.
That day, I went to my room, cried all night, I tried to understand her logic, was what teacher doing to me helping the family? I couldn’t understand, maybe I was wrong.
Unfortunately for me, my mum continued to send me to him to run errands. And From then teacher continued to have his way. If avoid him, he will come up to our flat to take my mum’s permission to send me on an errand and she will gladly hand me over.

The last straw came when he had full on intercourse with me. That day he told my mum to send some provisions to his flat and gave her the key. so when i got back from school, she had them all packed, handed them to me and instructed me to tidy up the flat while I was there. On this particular occasion, I was a bit more relaxed, because at least, I had his keys, which meant he wasn’t there. So I got to his flat, laid down the provisions and went about sweeping and cleaning. When all of a sudden, I was shoved onto the couch and my undies ripped off. Before I knew what hit me, the pedophile teacher, was having his way with me. Apparently, he had a spare key and knew what time I would be back from school and in his flat. So he came back to ambush me.

The result, I got pregnant. To cut the long story short, he denied it. I had to have the baby and drop out of school. I’m not sure about now, but my mum refused to believe Teacher had impregnated me, despite everything I told her about him molesting me.

Today I thank God,  although not married, my son is growing up really well and I run my own successful clothing business”.
This is a true story   Many have I heard, and they are so painful and most times, move me to tears. A lot of them could have been avoided, if these children had the proper education about sex, abstinence and all. And above all, if their parents had a different outlook to life.To put it kindly, because I cannot imagine the kind of parent who will willingly allow that to happen to their child, regardless of their financial situation.




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