Are we really ready to do what it takes to get the results we want ? This is a question I ask myself all the time.

You often hear some ladies say ” I want a man just like my Dad” but are they willing to be the woman their Mum is?
You often hear some Men say” I want a woman like my mum” but are they willing to be the Man their Dad is?

The truth is, No. How many ladies or men can be like their Parents? , your Parents grew up in a different era , they weren’t brought up the way you were . They were exposed to different things which contributed to the way they turned out. Am sure some of you have thought , I could never go through what my Mum went through with My Dad , or what my Dad went through with my Mum, i would have given up on our marriage a long time ago.

It is one thing to wish for something but is it really God’s will for you?. Think about it. Your Mum and Dad are the way they are, that’s what attracted them to each other. The kind of Man your dad is , wants the kind of woman your mum is, and the kind of woman your Mum is , wants the Kind of Man your Dad is. So if you are not that kind of man or woman , how are you going to attract their kind.

if you are one of those who want the kind of Man your Dad is or the kind of Woman your Mum is , I humbly suggest you start to think about the kind of Woman or Man for you. You are not your Mum or Dad and would never be, God has ordained a particular person for you and you alone, you might want to start being you and not your parent , start thinking of the kind of person God has chosen for you and am sure you will attract the right kind of Man or Woman just for you…….

Good morning …



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