The New Mr and Mrs diary, is the story of a young couple from when the got married to the present. The diary has been continuous daily for 6 years. Join us and share their wonderful experiences, life lessons, up and downs and pure marital bliss.


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MRS: I heard a scream, and then it got louder. Then a voice saying, “Please, I’m sorry, it’s the devil,” and I woke up, thinking it must have been a dream. But as my ears and eyes adjusted, I heard the screams again. It was 3 a.m. So, I opened the sliding door in the bedroom, and now I heard it clearer. It was a woman’s voice, pleading and begging for forgiveness. It actually took me a while to figure out it was coming from next door, Muyi’s house to be exact. I ran out of my room to one of our spare bedrooms where Fatima was asleep, woke her up, and asked her to come listen to something strange.

She stretched, grumbled a bit, but eventually got out of bed and came with me. As we stood on the balcony, we heard the screams again. “Please, please, I’m sorry.” That’s when Fatima said, “That sounds like that girl who came here to insult us. Temitope’s friend?” “No! It can’t be,” I replied. “Why would she be begging someone in the middle of the night?” But Fatima insisted she was the one. We contemplated going to find out, but we finally decided to just stay there and listen.

After a while, we heard another voice. This time it was definitely Temitope. We heard, “Mr. Godwin (that was Muyi’s security man), please push this good-for-nothing woman out of my house.” Wow! I’m sorry. I know it’s not nice to laugh at other people’s misfortunes, but we couldn’t help it. This was the woman who practically insulted us a few days ago. Now she was being kicked out of her best friend’s house at midnight. “What could she have done?” I asked Fatima…….

MR…….As we turned into our estate, two cars followed. I didn’t notice at first, but the gateman asked if they were with us, and we said no. Immediately, I called Col. Isa and asked if he put a tail on us, and he said, “Yes, I did. I need to make sure you are not trying to leave town without giving me a positive answer. I’ve instructed my men to detain you if you try to drive to the airport.”

“What? Are you serious?” I asked. He laughed and replied, “As serious as a heart attack. The stability of the government will be at stake if the wrong one becomes Senate President. All we need is for you to agree to work with us to get the one we want.”

And guess who they want? You won’t believe it, even if I told you. But no way, am I going to agree to work to get him to be Senate President. The baffling question is, how did they rig his name on the ballot and get him to win an election he didn’t even contest for? …….





  1. Thank you for this Diary. I can’t believe you’ve been writing this every day for 7 years. Awesome, insightful and lots of life lessons. I’ve learnt a lot about ❤️, myself, relationships and friendships. keep up the good work.


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