Sixteen was an age where every child felt they had attained the age of freedom I can do anything my self, I have my life to live , am a young adult and no one can tell me what to do, most kids start to experiment at this age, in Kemi and Vicky’s case they were already too mature for their age. At sixteen they had just gained admission into prestigious A level schools, unfortunately they got admitted into seperate schools , Vicky was admitted in a school up north of the country Kemi’s school was down south. The news of their seperate acceptance was very hard , they had  grown up so fast togther , as mature as they thought they were , they had never really been without each other’s advice and company. It took a lot of persuasion from their parents to get them to sign the sixth form acceptance letters .

The day finally cme when each girl had to leave for school, the night before they had spent together in Kemi’s house , gisting , laughing reminiscing about all they had gotten upto , what they were going to miss and what they weren’t , they were venturing out of their comfort zone for the first time. Kemi broke the silence ” Vicky , what are we going to do? How do we keep getting money , when we won’t be around here to visit my uncle and you your brother?” “Well, they can always come visit us where we are”said Vicky.. Kemi took a deep breathe and she thought of Victor, Vicky’s brother she will miss him so much, along the years he had been so kind and sweet to her, they hardly ever made love this days , he just kissed her and gave her warm hugs , said he was keeping her for marriage , she enjoyed this. He opened an account for her and put money in it every month, bought her clothes , shoes , handbags , what ever she wanted and more. All those she could still get from him, but she was going to miss him. The two girls gradually feel asleep .

The next morning , Victor got to Kemi’s house early to drop the girls off at the airport, as he drove them he consoled them by promising to check up on them every month, ” don’t worry girls , stop looking so sad , I will personally check in on you every month” he said . The car ride to the airport was quick , Vicky’s flight was first , Kemi and Victor saw her off to her gate , hugged, kissed and waved her good bye. Kemi still had an hour and a half before her flight, Victor  decided to wait with her until it was time to board the plane. They found a quiet restaurant in the departure lounge , sat down and ordered something to eat. Victor looked into Kemi’s eyes and said ” princess I love you, I promise to come check on you every month, if you need anything , please don’t hesitate to call me, I will increase the amount I put in your account , so you won’t lack for anything, I will miss you my love”. Now Kemi had tears in her eyes , she loved him too, but had never actually told him, she just looked at him with tears rolling down her eyes and said “okay”.


Kemi’s flight was un eventful, she sat next to a young boy of about her age, she didn’t even give him a second glance, once they had picked up thier luggage  from the arrival hall, the school bus was waiting outside to pick all the students who arrived on that flight. The ride to the school was about an hour , not that far but traffic was crazy, once they arrived at the school and were being directed to the school hall,  she thought she caught sight of the boy who sat next to her on the plane ,for a minute but then he was gone.

They were all ushered into a hall where other new students were waiting, her group was the last batch to arrive in school, the time was 4pm. The head reacher gave a short welcome speech , asked each student to go to their allocated rooms which had been sent to them in their welcome pack. The meeting ended and they shuffled out of the assembly hall. Her hall of residence was directly opposite a lovely park, she walked in, the building was clean , nicer than she expected , from the outside she could see that each room had air conditioning , the good thing about this school was it had no uniform, you wear home clothes all the time, nothing revealing , but home clothes, that was fantastic.

She stood in front of room A 12, thats what her letter said , she opened the door and found herself in a spacious room with 2 single beds , one on each side of the room , a small kitchenette and an ensuite bathroom attached to it. she noticed a half unpacked suitcase on the other bed, she wondered who her room mate was, before she could finish her thought the door bust open and a tall, slim girl walked in, hello am Maggi , am your room mate, at first sight Kemi liked her, she was tall, pretty and quite friendly, “am Kemi” she replied. “Lovely to meet you Kemi, come on let me show you around, am in my 2nd year” with that she dragged Kemi out of the room and down the hall. The 2nd thing Kemi noticed about Maggi was that she talked a lot, she showed Kemi the TV room, gym, laundry room, matrons quarters , from their she asked which subject Kemi was doing , showed her the faculty, cafeteria , sports arena, tuck shop and male quarters. ” you will start coming here soon, all your innocence will be lost here you know, mine was” referring to the male students halls. Kemi just smiled and pretended she was enjoying the tour.

They finally got back to the room about an hour and a half later , Kemi was so tired , she barely was able to take off her shoes before she feel asleep. She woke up around 2am, the whole campus was quite,  Maggi was quiet too, Kemi decided it was the right  time to put her things away by the time she had finished arranging her clothiers and stuff it was 6am in the morning. She looked at her time table , her first class was at 8.30, breakfast starts at 7 am and ends at 9am, she could still take a few minutes  nap, catch breakfast and lectures.  Just has she got back into to bed Maggi woke up, ” kemi are you up” Kemi pretended not to hear her, Maggi got up and went into the bathroom, got ready and went for breakfast, Kemi sighed a sigh of relief, this is going to be fun…she thought.

That evening Kemi and Maggi went to  a frat party, they boys of omega pi were organising a welcome party for the freshers. Kemi had been invited by maggi , whose assignment was to get the beautiful freshers to come to the party. Maggi advised Kemi to wear something short and  put on make up to look really sexy, she was shocked when Kemi came out and she looked amazing, hair packed up , tight fitted dressed, high heeled pumps , all showing off her wonderful figure, “whoa ” was all maggi could muster.

The boys had decided to hold the party at the school pool, it was an indoor pool, with lots of space around it for sitting and dancing, the pool house was packed full by the time maggi and Kemi got there , as they walked in all eyes were on Kemi, she looked amazing, 5’6, slim waist  with full boobs and hips to die for, before they could find somewhere to sit four boys approached them and offered them their seats , they finally accepted the tall handsome swim team captains offer. He was 5’11, lanky at the age of 18, getting ready to go off to college, had a winning smile with shining white teeth. He brought over two cups of punch for the girls and sat down beside Kemi, he started off the conversation to include Maggi, after a while he asked if he could borrow Kemi for a few minutes.

He held her hand led her to the gym, behind the pool house. They sat down on the bleachers and he started to carcass her hands slowly, “Kemi you are beautiful, “”everyone says that”, Kemi replied. He looked into her eyes and leaned towards her , she liked him, he looked good and smelt nice, she closed her eys and leaned froward too, in her head she saw Victor,  his lips met hers and her tongue found his, they began to kiss slowly at first, his hands found her boobs and he began to stoke them slowly, she could see and feel victor , all of a sudden he called her name and she jolted back to reality , the picture of Victor disappeared from her head and she hurriedly pulled away, ” I can’t do this ” she said , with that she got up and ran out of the gym and back to her hall. The swim captain felt bad, “what have I done! I should have taken it slowly with this innocent girl”, he thought, he got up and ran after her.

Kemi got to her room opened the door and locked it behind her, “what am I doing , I love Victor,  I can’t do what we do with anyone else , so why do I have this feeling inside me, I really wanted to do  it with this guy, but all I could see was Victors face, ” she held her head in her hand and rocked back and forth, she heard a knock on the door and the captains voice pleading with her to forgive him, the more he pleaded the more she got aroused, for some reason his voice did something amazing to her, he had this deep baritone voice that could drive any womn crazy,after a few minutes she walked to the door and opened it, he stood there looking really sorry, she reached out grabbed him and started to kiss him passionately, he was taken aback but really delighted, he responded, within minutes clothes were flying everywhere, he cupped her boobs and put it in his mouth ans sucked on them gently one at a time, he slowly lay her on the bed , she wriggled and held him tighter, he went down to her belly button , put his tongue in their and rolled around a bit , she was on fire , he gradually came  back up , put his lips on hers and kissed her passionately, he then let himself into her, she moved to match his rhythm, he was a bit clumsy, not as good as Victor she thought, she was in cloud nine, while she was just getting ready to reach her climax, she heard him let out a yell and a shudder and it was over she had not reached her climax yet. She tried to get him to continue but it was no use , he was limp  and it wasn’t going to rise at least not now.

She got up from the bed went into the shower cleaned her self up , her body was still on fire , for the first time she wasn’t satisfied, Victor  was fantastic he could go 3 rounds without a break and she was satisfied each time. ” I must go home soon or victor has to come see me this weekend , If I last till then. With that she walked over to the bed where the captain was snoring , ” get up, you have to get dressed and get going now, Maggi will be wondering where I am, she’ll soon be back. He got up slowly, tried to kiss her , she moved her face to the side, he thanked her put on his clothes and walked out of the room. Kemi watched him leave and shut the door behind him. “This is not a good start,she was thinking of how she was going to satisfy the urge she felt in her body…….



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