Vicky’s brother was now obsessed with Kemi , he knew he had committed a crime the other day with her but he couldn’t stop thinking of her. He thought to himself , Kemi would make an amazing wife , if he could wait for her, they could get married once she turned 18 , and continue with her university education as his wife. He sat down on his balcony thinking of the event one month ago, Vicky and Kemi would turn 15 next month, they both shared the same month but days apart, Vicky was on the 10th , Kemi was 20th, he thought of what he could get for Kemi , it had to be special, to show her how much he cared for her, He would make his intentions known to her on her birthday. Since the last time he had not been himself, he had stayed away from Vicky, but still obliged her every request, she blackmailed him every other day. His greatest challenge was how to get Vicky to stop blackmailing him.

Vicky and Kemi, were  inseperable now, they had a secret that they were not willing to share with anyone, this brought them closer than ever before. A month had passed since the incident withVicky’s  brother, Kemi thought of him everyday and was no longer interested in her uncle,Vicky’s  brother had promised her anything she wanted, with that she was satisfied and so far he had kept his word, the only condition he had given her was that she must not tell Vicky it came from him.  Kemi had cleverly told Vicky she had gone to her aunts house and seduced her uncle, all the nice things she currently had came from him. Vicky was a bit upset that she wasn’t  called along for the debut of her proper date with her uncle, but Kemi apologised and said it was impromptu .


The girls were getting ready for their 14th birthday, this time their parents had agreed that they should celebrate it together, last year they had refused , no reason was given. This year, they had picked a large park around kemi’s house , a marquee was billed to be erected there with ribbons, balloons and fireworks , Vicky’s  brother had voluntered to pay for the birthday party. The D day arrived, the girls had gone to get a perm, looked 16 in thier tight short dresses and high heels to match, they had invited all their school friends, who also came with their own friends , this resulted in a much larger crowd than they had expected. it was a really big party.

The party was in full swing, everyone was having fun, Kemi suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder , she looked back it was Vicky’s brother, he gestured to her to follow him, she obliged without saying a word, across the marquee from the corner of her eyes Vicky spotted her brother disappear behind the marquee with Kemi, she wondered what they were going to do or talk about .

Vicky’s brother walked Kemi over to a bench in the park , he sat down beside her , she wasn’t sure what he wanted to say, but just being beside him gave  her that funny feeling in her stomach. He started to speak, “Kemi I would like to apologise for what happened between us, I should not have done that to you, you are like my younger sister , it was wrong”, Kemi looked confused , but he carried on “what we did was illegal , I could get thrown into jail for it, ever since that day I can’t stop thinking about you, Kemi, I cherish and adore you, I would like to marry you some day, will you marry me some day Kemi?” , Kemi was shocked , what does he mean it was wrong what he did to me, he does it to Vicky his sister, doesn’t he or was she lying to me, she thought. Vicky’s brother was still waiting for an answer to his question. She looked at him intensely and began to talk, ” I don’t understand what you said about me being like your sister so you don’t want to hurt me, you do do  the same to Vicky don’t you?, I believe it proofs that you love me as much as you love Vicky , since you do what you do to Vicky to me too.

Vicky’s brother was in shock , he got up and held Kemi’s shoulders with both hands, “Vicky told you this” he said , “Yes”, Kemi said ,” have you told anyone”, “no I haven’t it is our secret Vicky and I, we both have the same secret” . Vicky’s brother was confused , he didn’t know what to say, the more people that know about what he does to Vicky , would get him into trouble, now Kemi knows as well, he thought, this could ruin his life and could get sent to prison.

He sat down on the bench with his head in his hand and remembered the first time he had made love to Vicky. It was during his long holiday , from his second year in college , he had been admitted to an Ivy League university to study banking and finance , Uni was nothing like secondary school , he was 17. At Uni there were women everywhere, everyone was getting dates , but he couldn’t manage one, he was clumsy, naive and to top it all a virgin, had never made love to a woman, the only kisses he had had were on the cheeks and it was from his mum and sister. His room mate on the other hand was an expert , if you could call him that, he was defilled by his nanny at the age of 10, he was introduced to sex at a tender age when he knew nothing of the intricacies of sex. His nanny entrusted with his care , betrayed the trust his parents put in her , instead of taking care of him she abused him sexually .

Having a room mate that had been illegally introduced to sex at an early age and now regarded himself as an expert, didn’t help. Vicky’s brother constantly got berated for being a mamas boy. One fine evening in his 2nd year in Uni, his room mate sat him down and began to quiz him, “Victor, that was his name, have you ever kissed a woman?” Vicky’s brother looked at his roommate smiled and said yes, “Whom” his roommate asked, “my sister and my mum, on the cheeks”, his room mate smiled and said, well you need a lot of Pratice , I have a solution, since you haven’t got the courage to ask a girl out and you are still a virgin, I think you need Pratice on someone close to you”, ” what do you mean” his room mate started to explain , your sister will make a good target Pratice,you love your sister and she loves you , so start with her……

And so years of incest with his sister started, he did start and continue with her throughout  Uni and after , he also had other girls he had relationships with, through all this he couldn’t stop making love to his sister, until he met Kemi. He drifted back to reality he was still holding his head in his hands , he looked up slowly at Kemi, who was now really confused by his reaction, “Kemi , please forgive me, I love you, I promise never to hurt you again, “with this he got up and walked out of the room. He had to leave because he was about to cry and Kemi must not see him crying, this will further confuse the already unsettling situation.

From then on things were different.  Victor, Vicky’s brother doted on Kemi, they arranged to meet secretly without Vicky’s knowledge, Victor had arranged a car hire to pick Kemi up every other day from school. Kemi told Vicky it was hired by her mum because she was too busy to pick her up her self , Vicky had no reason to doubt this. Every other afternoon the cab picked her up to meet Victor at a pre arranged destination, never the same place twice, she got to spend  time with him ,they had lunch, talked, joked and he even  gave her a gifts most of the time,this she sneaked into the house.

Her  mum hardly came to her room, and if she saw her with any of the gifts she just said “its Vicky’s” or “Vicky’s   mum bought it for me”. “You must remind me to call Vicky’s mum and thank her” , kemis mum said on one occasion, when she spotted Kemi wearing a tommy wrist watch. “Okay mum”, Kemi said even though she had no intention of reminding her .

Kemi and Vicky had loads of freinds amongst their friends they were the toast of the town, they always had what was in vogue, the latest designer outfits , bags and jewellery , courtesy of Victor, Vicky’s brother. They grew up so fast, from the outside they were two innocent teenage girls from wealthy middle class families. Unfortunately their innocence has been taken away from them by people they trusted ….., things were about to get really complicated ……



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