Lying naked on silk sheets, her breast pointed upwards, her waist was thin with wide hips , she was 13 but already had the figure of a beauty queen, long legs and a pretty face to go with it,she had the body of a super model, one that every woman would die for, one day she will bring powerful men to their knees, she wasn’t aware of that now, but soon she will be.

For now, with the wave of excitement flowing through her body,  Kemi thought she was in heaven, she could feel his strong but gentle hands all over her body massaging her delicately , he started slowly working his way upwards through every contour of her body, the motion of his hands made her giddy and she could feel butterflies in her tummy, he gently worked his hands from her feet, massaging each toes gently , he went up to her knees , stayed on them for a while and then slowly progressed on to her thighs, there he took his time, he picked up a bottle of scented oil from the bedside table, gently  opened  it and poured some more on his hands ,he leaned forward ,she could see his chiseled body, he was very handsome, with perfect white teeth, she noticed these as he smiled at her, he gently  put his hand on her thighs and rubbed.

The motion of his hands on her body drove her wild, by the time he reached her breast ,  she wanted to scream , he rubbed slowly, kissing her breast one at a time as he worked his way around them, she wriggled her body from side to side, until she could take it no more, just has she felt she was going to explode , she  heard her name being called, and then it all went blank, she woke up  all sweaty and feeling funny, her mum was standing over her shouting her name, ‘’Kemi, Kemi , what’s wrong with you, why were you smiling and wriggling like that in your sleep’ ’she said, Kemi was dazed, she looked around didn’t see the handsome man ,all she had now was a funny feeling at the bottom of her tummy…she couldn’t speak , she just sat up, looking at her mum, ‘’get up and go have your bath or you will be late for school’’, with that her mum walked out of the room.

Kemi sat on her bed for a while trying to recollect what just happened, she felt strange , all she could remember was that she was with a man , who made her feel good, she didn’t recognize the handsome man, but she remembered they were both naked, lying on silky sheets having a pleasant time. ”I must talk to Vicky, she would explain this to me and why I had this dream ”’,with that She got off the bed and went into the bathroom.

Two weeks had passed since the cottage incident, Kemi and Vicky hadn’t spoken much about it, not because they didn’t want to but because Kemi couldn’t remember what happened and Vicky was confused about the whole incident. They had pondered over and over the whole event and decided to give it sometime maybe Kemi would remember. Kemi was unhappy, she wasn’t able to ask her uncle for all nice thing she had imagined, Vicky had asked her to be patient, they needed to plan for another outing. The extra lesson plan had turned out sour when Kemi came home tipsy, Vicky’s mum was suspicious, she had called the school to confirm the extra lesson and was told no lessons held, Vicky and Kemi had been grilled for a couple of hours , no confessions were forth coming they both stuck to the story they had made up.

They went to an eatery with some friends, some boys were drinking next to them , a fight ensued when they came over to ask to sit with them and one of their friends said no, while this was going on and no one was paying attention, kemi’s coca cola was spiked with some brandy and that’s how she got brandy on her breath.

Vicky’s mum didn’t believe the story, it sounded so farfetched, she had no choice but to ground them for a day and ask that Kemi stay away from their house for a month as punishment. No sleepovers for both of them for a month. They both knew they got away lightly , at least they still had school, they will have to make all their plans for the next move at school.

Vicky was wide awake lying on her bed thinking of how to get Kemi and her uncle back together, she thought about her brother’s words,’’a woman must know how to do it and make a man happy or he wont come back for more’’, she had to find a way of making Kemi good in bed, an idea crossed her mind, maybe she could ask her brother, Vicky thought about her brother, he was really good, he made her feel really good, he was very gentle and always took his time, he’s a good teacher Vicky thought, I will get him to teach Kemi how to keep her uncle coming back.

Lessons were supposed to be in Vicky house, it had taken her a while to convince her brother to teach Kemi, he wasn’t sure he should, he knew he was already committing incest with his sister, now he was being asked to make love to a minor, he was in deep, Vicky had threatened to expose what they were doing together if he didn’t oblige, so he had no choice.

That evening it had been arranged, their parents were out of town,  he will pick them up from school, drive to the house and teach Kemi all she needed to know about love making, this would have excited anyone else, but for him he knew he was committing a crime,

The next task for Vicky, was convincing kemi to allow her brother to teach her, it wasn’t as simple has it sounded.  Vickys brother will actually have to make love to kemi, how was she going to convince her she needed this practical lesson, she thought for a while and then she remembered kemi saying she really was looking to having all the nice things Vicky had. she decided to start with that.

kemi and Vicky were sited at their usual lunch spot. Vicky coughed slightly, ”Kemi” she said, ”do you still want all those dresses , shoes, bags makeup and money I have”, kemi looked at her for a minute and said, ”of course you know I do, but how do I get them when my uncle hasn’t called me since the last time at the cottage? ” ”well”, said Vicky, ”I know how to get your uncle to call, but am not sure you can do it”, ”please please Vicky I will do anything, tell me”. Vicky moved closer to kemi , whispered in her ear, ”my brother can teach you all you need to know”,  kemi moved back a bit , ”how”?,  Vicky started to explain.

when she was done explaining , kemi was convinced that she did need Vicky’s brother to teach her.They decided Kemi would call her mum and tell her she will be home late because she had to study in vickys house for a test the next day.
Kemi was ushered into Vicky’s brother’s room, it was in the back part of their big mansion, he liked his privacy , because of all te atrocities he got up to, so he had requested to stay in the guest wing insead of the main house, his parents had obliged.Vickycmae in with her and  told her to relax and with that she was gone.

Kemi was left alone in the room, a few seconds later Vicky’s brother walked in , he smiled at her and went straight into the en suite bathroom, sitting on the bed, not sure what to do, she was very nervous, as she thought of all the nice things this lesson will get her, she relaxed a bit, finally Vicky’s brother came out of the bathroom, in his boxer shorts, he moved closer to Kemi and said, go in and take a shower. She gets up goes into the bathroom and locks the door.

She sat on the toilet seat for a while thinking about what she was about to do, she didn’t think it was that bad after all, the reward was good, she finally took off her clothes and got in the shower, she finished, tied a towel around her body as Vicky’s brother had instructed and slowly walked out of the bathroom. He was lying on the bed, gesturing her over, has she walked towards him, he got off the bed and slowly walked over to meet her, ‘’don’t be scared’’ he said, I will be gentle.

Moving closer to her, he held her face in his palms and slowly moved his face closed to hers, he put his lips on hers gently kissed her on the lips, then her forehead and her neck, while slowly moving her towards the bed, he picked her up, dropped her on the bed and got on the bed as well,  he began to kiss her slowly, she was nervous at first, but he began to rub his hand all over her body as he kissed her, he caressed her thighs, stomach and finally rested on her breast, her body was on fire, she kissed him back , then the wriggling came back , she wriggled her body as he rolled her nipples with his fingers, she wanted him to go on forever, he took his hand off her nipple and guided her hand to his penis, it was hard , she moved her hand away quickly but he gently pulled it back and said ‘’squeeze it baby’’, she put her hands back on it and squeezed gently, moving her hand up and down , she could feel how long it was, as she squeezed, she could feel it vibrating back, meanwhile his fingers were back on her nipples, he rolled it around caressing it one at a time,  it felt so good, he stopped kissing her for a while then he moved his mouth down to her breast, her nipples were out and pointed, he cupped them in his hand and sucked on them like a baby, Kemi was in cloud nine, she was already wet down below and wasn’t sure what was happening but all she knew was she didn’t want this to stop, Vicky’s brother leaned over to the bedside cabinet and brought out a condom, slowly slipped it on and went back to sucking on her breast , he lowered himself on to her and slowly and gently went into her, she screamed, it felt so good, he rose up and down slowly Kemi matched his rhythm , he went back to kissing her and rolling the nipples, she held on to him tight crossed her legs over his body and moved, the move got faster and faster, Kemi wanted to explode, they got faster together, all over a sudden she felt this amazing warm feeling flow through her body at the same time Vicky’s brother let out a scream and they both stopped moving.

Kemi was dazed, she had never felt this way before, Vicky’s brother laid beside her stocking her face, ‘’are you okay’’ he said, Kemi could only nod her head, he got up and went into the bathroom, Kemi was smiling to herself oh my gosh is this how sex feels, ‘’whoa’’, she remembered Vicky’s words,’’ it would get sweeter and the pain would be gone’’. she felt like doing it again, just then Vicky’s brother came out of the bathroom, planted a kiss on her lips and asked her to go take another shower, she got up went into the bathroom, feeling really satisfied, she realized she had warm feelings towards Vicky’s brother, it was so good, the way he made her feel, I want him to do this to me again and again. Vicky’s bother was also confused, he could not believe how enjoyable making love to Kemi had been, he had slept with a lot of women but no one had made him feel the way Kemi just did, her figure was heavenly, Kemi felt so soft and she moved like a pro, not even his sister Vicky made him feel this way, Kemi was heaven and he must get there again, he surely must, he thought……


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