…A few months went by, just after the girls turned 14, Vicky decided it was time for Kemi to milk her uncle and to start getting gifts, nice designer clothes and shoes like she did. Kemi on her part made a long list of the things she was going to ask her Uncle for, she went through it several times, over and over, adding and subtracting, “what would I ask for first?”, she thought. The thought of having anything she wanted was exciting, she had pondered over what Vicky had told her, how she blackmailed her brother into buying her anything she asked for. Kemi didn’t understand the implications of what Vicky was advising her to do, all she could think of was the look on her uncle’s face when she finally summed up the courage to ask him, but then a thought crossed her mind, what about the pain, was she willing to go through that pain again, the pain was so intense it twisted her insides like nothing before, Vicky still hadn’t explained this sex thing and why it was so painful.
Although she remembered Vicky saying it would get really enjoyable as time went on, how could pain get enjoyable and what about the blood, so many unanswered questions, “Vicky has a lot of explaining to do, I need to go spend the weekend in her house these questions might take a long time to answer” she thought.
Laying on her bed thinking about the new chapter she was about to begin in her life, she thought of her mum, did my mum experience this, why does becoming a woman have to be so painful ?, was my dad the one who first loved her and made her a woman? Her mind flicked back to the pain that still bothered her a lot. She thought about all the nice things she could ask her uncle for, they might just make up for all the pain she was going to go through, she thought.
The other issue was how to tell her mum she wanted to go back to her aunt’s house and to actually get her uncle to come to her room and request to make love to her. As she pondered over these questions, the thought of how and when she will actually ask her uncle for the nice things she wanted really bothered her, was it before or after he has had his way with her, she wasn’t sure how it would work.
Her head started to ache, the questions were beginning to weigh her down mentally, she made a note to ask Vicky for answers to all these questions tomorrow.

The next day, Vicky and Kemi sat at their usual spot, behind the library, kemi began to ask Vicky the questions all at once, ‘’be patient’’ Vicky said, ‘’one question at a time’’, Kemi looked at her and said,’’ okay, explain this sex thing to me’’, Vicky took a deep breath and began to explain to her in the words of a 14 year old….. ‘’the act is called Sex, it can be very nice, a man and a woman are meant to have it all the time, the man must love you to do it to you, the first time is always painful and that is why you get the blood come out, the second time it gets better and by the third time it is now very sweet. you must move your body up and down like the man does, learn to kiss him with your tongue in his mouth and touch him all over, when you move like the man you will feel his penis inside you and you will start to move faster and faster, then all of a sudden you will feel this nice feeling all over your body and it will be over, this is called coming, that’s it.’’ With that Kemi got her first lesson in sex education from her 14-year-old friend Vicky.
Kemi had been following Vicky’s conversation with keen interest, she was impressed, she asked Vicky how she got so knowledgeable about sex, Vicky just said casually, from practice and my brother.
With the question of sex out of the way, the next question was how to get her uncle to come near her again and how to keep it from her mum. Vicky smiled and looked at Kemi and said ‘’from my experience with my brother, Men always come back for more, my brother has cried and apologized to me several times for sleeping with me and promises never to do it again, even sometimes swears on the life of his unborn children, but a few days down the line he comes back to me begging me, that he can’t do without me, he’s totally falling apart, he needs me and he will buy anything I want for me. So give it time, your uncle will definitely come back for more.’’

After a few months of planning and pondering over their discussion, Kemi wasn’t sure her uncle will come to their house, ‘’Vicky, you know am back home now what will I tell my mum, what reason do I give her for wanting to go back there, besides the last time I came back from my aunt’s house I told my mum I would rather stay with you when she was away, as your parents have said it was fine with them.’’ Vicky pondered over all these questions for a while and said, perfect, I have a plan that would work perfectly, with this she began to explain…..
8weeks later during their mid-term break on a Friday morning Kemi went into her mum’s room and asked for permission to stay over at Vicky’s house for the week, her mother was glad to say yes, as she needed time to go out with her friends over the weekend. She kissed her mum, said thank you and waved goodbye and went back to her room. In her room, she looked through her closet, picked out a couple of dresses and a pair of jeans she folded them into her overnight bag, stuffed her toiletries in and dashed downstairs and out of the door. The plan was to go home with Vicky after school closes.

Kemi and Vicky were in Vicky’s bedroom, they were outlining the plot for the weekend, “let me see what you are wearing tomorrow’’ Vicky said, the plan was for Kemi to call her uncle tomorrow, she would ask him to come over to Vicky’s house to take her and Vicky out, Kemi brought out the dress she was planning to wear out on Saturday, it was one of the nicer dresses she wore on special occasions, Vicky looked at it for a second, snatched it from her and said “this won’t do, I have something you can wear”. With that she walked over to her closet and brought out a short green and red flowery dress, Kemi’s eyes bulged, her mum would never buy her this sort of dress she would say it was for adults. “Who bought you this dress”, Kemi asked, “my brother”, Vicky said, “he takes me shopping when and wherever I want”, this is going to be fun, soon I will have lots of dresses like this, Kemi thought to her self.

Her uncle came to pick them up at 2 pm on Saturday, they waited around the corner from Vicky’s house, they had told Vicky’s parents they had extra classes at school and would be back before 6 pm as the classes finished at 5,30. Vicky was dressed in a short red dress with white sandals and Kemi was dressed in the green and red flower dress Vicky had given to her, she had on black sandals with dangling earrings, the dressed showed all her curves, accentuated her Breast and wide hips, she looked several years older, Vicky had used a hot comb on kemis hair, this made her look even much older, she could easily pass for an 18-year-old.
As Kemi’s uncle pulled up beside them in his Volvo, he couldn’t believe his eyes he could hardly recognize his niece, the only reason why he stopped in front of them was that he had called to ask where they were waiting and what they were wearing so he could recognize them. He looked at Kemi up and down lustfully, got out of the car and hurriedly opened the passenger’s side door for her, she gave a shy smile and got in the passenger seat, Vicky got in the back and they were off.
As they drove off, Kemi’s uncle asked where they would like to go, before Kemi could answer Vicky said: “anywhere you like sir”. Kemi’s uncle said, “well then, my friend has a quiet guest house with a private chef, we will not be disturbed there, its right in front of the beach, What do you say girls?” Vicky said, “Yes please that’s nice“, Kemi nodded in agreement. She was so nervous, she was trying to remember all that Vicky had taught her in the 1-hour crash course Vicky had given her on how to seduce her uncle.

They drove for about 45 minutes, finally they turned onto a beach road, sitting up ahead was a white cottage, with the most beautiful horse Vicky and Kemi had even seen, the horse was white. As soon as the car stopped, they jumped out of the car and ran towards the house, the handler smiled and asked if they would love to ride the horse, they both nodded and said yes please at the same time, by then, Kemi’s uncle had caught up with them, “take Vicky on a ride, Kemi will get her turn after”, he said to the horse handler.

As Vicky rode off with the horse handler, Kemi’s uncle ushered her into the cottage and shut the door behind them, he smiled at her, and pointed her in the direction of the sofa, Kemi wasn’t sure how to react, she twiddled with her fingers and looked down at her hands, and her uncle saw that she was very nervous. He decided to do something about Kemi’s nerves, he walked over to the well-stocked mini bar and poured two shots of brandy, dropped in two cubes of ice each, then took it back to where Kemi was seated. He sat down beside her and said, “Kemi, look at me, everything is going to be fine, take a sip of this”, he handed her the brandy shot, “it will help calm you down and relax you”, she was hesitant at first but with her uncle’s gentle persistent cajoling, she took the first sip, as the brandy found her throat it burnt so bad, she coughed loudly and put the glass down. Her uncle smiled and said “don’t worry it’s the first time, try some more”, he held the glass and tipped it towards her mouth, she took another gulp, this time it only stung a bit, she drank some more, before she knew it the glass was empty.
After a few minutes her uncle was talking to her, she felt light headed and started to giggle, he tickled her, she giggled some more…she was tipsy. He stroked her breast with his hand and bent over to kiss her on the lips, she didn’t struggle with him, she just giggled some more, he carefully took off her sandals, pulled off her dress and panties and slowly let himself into her.
He stared off really slow, whispering into her ears to move her body, she tried at first she was clumsy, but her uncle was patient , he continued gently , and kissed her lightly, after a while she started to respond, her body moved in unison with her uncles, he squeezed her breast, kissed her passionately, they must have been at it for a while, when her uncle was jolted by a knock on the living room door, he hurriedly got up , she tried to pull him back, but he pulled away, he put his pants back on , hurriedly dressed Kemi , put her in a sitting position, because she was too tipsy to sit herself. He calming worked over to the door and opened it. “Uncle am back from my ride, its Kemi’s turn”. Kemi’s uncle smiled and said “come in Vicky, Kemi is a bit tired now”

The car drive back home was very solemn, Kemi had a terrible headache, so she was very quiet, her uncle was aching down below, and Vicky wasn’t sure what just happened, did Kemi ask for what she wanted or not, she couldn’t confirm with her because she was really tipsy and just kept belching,
Vicky wasn’t happy at all, how were they going to explain to her mum how Kemi got drunk and besides Kemi could spell everything unknowingly. She had to call her brother to come get them at the eatery around the corner from their house, he could put them in a guest house until Kemi recovered from her drunkenness. On his part as Kemi’s uncle drove back, he kept stealing glances at her, he didn’t get to finish what he was doing, Vicky interrupted at the wrong time., for now there was only one thought on his mind, he was in love with Kemi and he had to find a way of making love to her anytime he desired, the question was how was he going to achieve that……..



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