Have you ever pondered on the legacy you’ll leave behind when you’re no longer here? Have you considered how you want to be remembered and the impact you want to have made during your time on earth?

Are you simply coasting through life, indulging in self-centered pleasures and treating others with disdain or condescension based on their social standing?

Do you mistreat people, speak to them disrespectfully, and only choose to associate with those who meet your standards of worthiness?

Are you truly embodying the values of your faith, whether it be Christianity or Islam, in a way that inspires others to come closer to God or causing them to run away in fear?

Do people have to jump through hoops before they can ask for your help or assistance?

Alternatively, are you actively working towards leaving a positive legacy for future generations?

Are you impacting lives positively wherever you go, inspiring others to serve the same God you serve?

Do you treat others with kindness, generosity, care, and respect, knowing that people will remember how you made them feel long after they’ve forgotten what you gave them?

Remember, you were born to thrive, irrespective of your background, and God has ordained you to prosper and be a blessing in all that you set your mind to. You must strive to achieve your goals, sow seeds of positivity wherever you go, and impact the lives of those around you every single day.

It’s time to reflect on your purpose if you haven’t already and start making positive changes. A life without purpose is like a journey without leaving a trail. When you’re gone, people will not remember anything you owned, but they will remember the mark you left on their lives.

It’s not too late to change your ways. Pick up a pen today and write down the kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Then, take actionable steps towards achieving that legacy. Let it be said by future generations that YOU came, saw, and conquered.

May God bless you as you strive towards leaving a positive impact. Good morning.



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