Welcome to the day God has made, you will rejoice in it and be glad. No one can take the grace of God from you. You will never fade away, God’s love is going to shine through you every minute, every hour, every day. Isaiah 40v31 “Those who trust in the lord, shall renew their strength, you will soar on wings like eagles, you will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint.


There are certain dead end words in life, including unemployment, poverty, divorce, bankruptcy, sickness, rejection, Hopelessness, not married, no child.

How do you know you are at a dead end? You know it when things go out of control and you can’t do anything about it.

When you are stuck here, and waiting for deliverance and a breakthrough, you need to remember that God can do all things. The situation may be out of your control but it is not out of God’s control.

When you face dead end, don’t focus on what you cannot do, focus on what God can do.

Romans 4v17 says “When Abraham believed in the God that can bring the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing”. There are two things God does that you do not do,

  1. He can give life to the dead
  2. He can create something out of nothing.

If he can give life to the dead, he can surely give life to a dead career, a dead dream, a diagnosed sickness, unemployment, he can bring life to that financial dead end, that childless situation, he can give life to your request for a life partner or whatever you are waiting on him for.

It wasn’t just POSITIVE THINKING that Abraham believed in Positive thinking is good but it is not faith.

They are two different things.

Positive thinking works fine in situations you have control over.

But in situations that are out of your control, positive thinking is worthless. It’s just wishful thinking.

When you face things that are out of your control, you need something more than positive mental attitude. You need FAITH in God, because he can control it when you can’t. Most of life is beyond our control, so you need faith far more than you need positive thinking. Luke 18v27”What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

God specializes in impossible. It’s called a miracle and he will do it in your life. He will definitely turn your dead end into deliverance.

So dearly beloved, trust in God, keep the faith, God is able to do all that we trust him for.

Have a blessed weekend, remember keep being a blessing and making a difference.

Love you

She heals


By She Heals and Devotional ”Gods dream for your life”


  1. wow!!!
    You’re such a blessing an Anointed One too!!
    God bless you more, enrich you with all riches n wisdom in Jeaus Name!!

    • Amen, thank God and thank you so much MS Johanna . Please share our post and join us as we try to be a blessing and make a difference. Happy New Year


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