Have you ever wondered why there are so many single people in their 30s , we do, we conducted a little survey of singles in the above age bracket and here are some of the reasons they gave , in no particular order-
-whats the point of getting married when everybody is getting divorced
-most couple I know are not happy
Can’t find the right person for me
-All women want is a guy with a lot of money to spend on them
-I cannot afford it
-Am not ready
-Almost all my married friends cheat on their wives, so why not stay single and have different women
-Women are more trouble then they are worth
-I cant find a faithful man
And so on
Young people in their 30s are close to a lot of us in age, now I have listed answers children between the age of 10 to 17 gave when asked what they thought about marriage –
-not sure I want to, my mum is unhappy most of the time cos dad is hardly at home
-my mum and dad are always yelling at each other
-my parents got divorced , now my sister and I live with my mum, we hardly get to see him
– my dad slaps my mum sometimes and she cries , I don’t like it when my dad does that he always apologies after
And so no
I think we owe it to young people and future generations to show the positive side of marriage , how we get through the ups and downs and what formula works for us in our relationships . Please share , thank you.

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