Who am I, I ask myself all the time, I don’t even know who I am, how in God’s name do I find out who someone else is. What makes me happy, what makes me cry? Do I love myself or rely on what other people say to determine how I feel?

Do I think I am successful and good looking? Do I need external validation to make me feel better?

What will people say? Is that my starting word, to be considered before any other decision?

I can’t be seen with you, date you, marry you…what will people say?

I can’t do that, what will people say?

I can’t talk to you …what will people say?

I can’t wear that, eat that, say that, live there, drive that etc.…what will people say?

Where do I want to be 5, 10, 20 years from now?

How will I introduce myself to anyone 10 years from now?

Do I have a life plan? I do know I want to be rich, but how? I have no clue

What do I have in place or intend to have in place to make this happen?

Wondering around like a headless chicken will definitely not get me anywhere

Having my head screwed on firmly, going in a planned direction will, though I still need God Almighty, to guide me and guard me

Am only one and I can’t even figure out my self

How in God’s name am I meant to figure someone else out?

I don’t think its time too

I need to love, know and cherish who I am first

So the question comes again

Who am I?…. And how do I Find I?



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