Dear Diary- Day 9



Hardly slept a wink, was up all night putting finishing touches to my proposal, I was like a child looking forward to a trip of a lifetime. Finally rounded off around 4.30am , decided to take a few winks until 6am then get ready for work. The phone was ringing in the distance, I thought I was dreaming , I finally opened my eyes it was 7.45am .

Got to the office at 8.55am, panting and looking all frazzled. My 9am was waiting , barely had a minute to put myself together,
Mrs D, was one of my longtime clients she came into a lot of money recently ( don’t ask)-and was looking to start a new business , she had chosen my company to help with that . When I first met her I had asked what she enjoyed doing most, she said cooking, so we decided a restaurant cooking authentic ethnics food was the way forward , she loved the idea , I warned her though that it would require a lot of her time, she agreed initially now she was looking for a way that we can step in and handle the management aspect. We had had several meetings at which I pointed out to her that our hands were full and we would not be able to take on the management. Last week she insisted on coming to see me today for something really urgent , I was all ears .

Mrs D, was no longer interested in opening a restaurant , she now wants to package raw food .i listened to her all the way to the end, said I understood, called in my ES, and asked her to take Mrs D to our business development manager , he will sort her out.

I was due to go submit my proposal for 11am ,could not allow Mrs D to delay me. Got to the liaison office on time, they were waiting for me , I was ushered Into the Chief liaison officer’s office, he looked at my proposal went straight to the total cost and asked me to come back on Monday for my cheque I was in shock, just like that , no amendments, no reductions, whoa , My Father in Heaven was really smiling down on me. I got up quickly said my thank you and practically ran to my car. I was so excited , was still trying to wrap my head round it when I heard a tap on my side door. Standing there was the governors son, he had just pulled in to the car pack , I didn’t see him get out of his car, I must have ran passed him.

I got out of my car, we exchanged pleasantries, I told him I came to submit the proposal . He asked if I was in a hurry, I blotted out yes, he said okay we will talk later , I hurriedly got in my car and drove off.
My head was pounding, what did I say that for, I wasn’t busy or in a hurry , I just didn’t want the situation to get awkward. I was assuming , assumptions are the mother of all ‘F’ ups, so my uncle used to say. Hmmmm.

Much later when he called and told me he just wanted us to go over the furniture arrangement and colours he liked for the houses , I felt like a full. Big Lesson – ,not all men are the same , just because a Man is nice to you doesn’t mean he has an ulterior motive , silly me .

Anyway Got home much later , still have the Saturday appointment with my friends hubby, God please give me wisdom ,

Got to go to bed now , really sleepy ….see you all tomorrow


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