Dear Diary -Day 8



The call came in around 2pm yesterday, , he asked for my email address . A few minutes later a request was sent for me to furnish 4 luxury homes , I was asked to submit my quotation immediately . I fell on my knees with my hands raised up , screaming Thank you God, I had prayed to God for a particular amount for a very urgent need, Kenneth Hagin’s book , Bible study prayer course , had taught me how to pray for answers , it’s called The key to answered prayers , I put what I read into practice and the result was divine . God Almighty had favoured me.

I rolled on the carpet , thanking God , I couldn’t believe I just did that, my Mum used to do it every time she was thanking God, I used to make fun of her, now it was my turn, hmmm, life is full of surprises .

Anyway let me digress a little, just before the call came , a friend had called that she needed some advice , she came down to my office and told me she had a really serious problem . She was not being satisfied by her hubby sexually , she asked me what I thought she should do? I paused for a minute , then asked if she had discussed this with him, she said she had but almost every time he gets upset and says he’s perfectly capable of satisfying any woman that she must have a problem of her own. She confided in my that almost all the time she faked her orgasms, and that he was incapable of getting her to orgasm naturally.

Anytime they had sex , he just bounced up and down on top of her until he came then he rolls over and starts to snore, his only foreplay was to rub her nipples up and down and that was that. He was so selfish she said.
I remembered having this same conversation with some other friends of ours and now they are finally both enjoying their love making and according to them it’s getting g better and better everyday .

I asked my friend if she won’t mind if I spoke to her husband privately about this , then get them both together to talk about it, she said that was fine, Saturday night at 7 pm , she will let him know I was coming over to see him. Today was Wednesday. I had three days to try to sort this out, even though I talk on this topic all the time, every relationship is different , I had to keep an open mind until I heard his side of the story…….

I got back on my laptop and started to write out the proposal , it was due in tomorrow, I was told my deposit of 80% would be made available immediately . As I thought about it , my mums favourite song came to my mind ….and I sang and sang unto the Lord…..

Got to go now , see you guys tomorrow ….


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