Yesterday started off really slow but quickly took off like a cheetah on steroids , if that makes any  sence. Woke up at the usual time did my morning rituals , then I couldn’t decided which shoes to wear, my outfit was plain enough but just couldn’t make up my mind , so I brought out 4 pairs that matched and began catwalking in front of the mirror. Finally decided on the brown sandals , hmmm , women and their wahala.

Drove out of my area onto the highway and just as I pulled out ,I saw a man waving me to stop , he was standing next to his car, a very nice one . I was reluctant, he could be an armed robber or kidnapper or worse, anyway I reversed back cos I had driven passed him. He walked up to the side of my car and said he needed my help. I thought maybe he ran out of gas. I could see he was a bit embarrassed , so I asked him what the matter was.  He and his driver were on their way to an important meeting , his driver had been late showing up this morning ,he was very angry with the driver , while they were driving he was telling the driver off and threatened to sack  him, the driver just indicated , moved over to the hard shoulder.  Switched off the engine , threw his key at him and walked away. And guess what the most surprising thing was , he couldn’t drive.

I was so shocked , a grown man of late 30’s or early 40’s, I guess and couldn’t drive, I found that ridiculously funny, he explained that it would take to long to get someone else to come pick him, if I could please drive him to his meeting which he was almost late for , he would be eternally grateful, so against all of my better judgement , I asked him to come in and I drove him to his meeting , we exchanged nos and I was off.

At around 4pm , a call with a restricted no came on my phone , I asked my PA to pick it up , the caller asked for me and said it was urgent , from one of the State governments liaison  offices.  I took the phone said hello , the voice said they were sending a car to pick me up that the governors son will like to meet with me for a meeting .

I got to the liaison office and was ushered in to a big palatial room, waiting in there was the man I had picked up this morning , he was the Governors first son. I was very surprised , he got up to welcome me and with so much gratitude in his eyes he ushered me to sit down beside him. He started off by explaining that the meeting he was rushing too was a state affair, his father had nominated him to represent the state and sign a very lucrative deal with some foreign investors who wanted to invest in the state . If he had missed the meeting , the investors would have pulled out  of the deal for sure . He thanked me so much and then asked me what I did for work , I told him I was a consultant , he then said okay.  He will call me tomorrow, offered me a drink , I respectfully declined , he saw me off to the car that had been sent to pick me up and asked them to take me back to my office .

As they drove me back to my office and as I drove back home yesterday evening , I kept thinking what does he want to say to me today …well let’s wait and see.


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