Dear Diary- Day 12


Sunday, my favourite day because I was born on a Sunday , the day of rest, got back home from the first service , decided to cook paella rice with avocado and prawns , yummy, you should try it sometime, I might just share my recipe with you someday.

Anyway , while I was cooking , I heard some commotion coming from the house next door, the couple there were friendly enough, we waved good bye to each other almost every morning when we were driving out of our front gates, I did go over there once , when they invited us for a barbecue.

Anyway am not one to be nosey but the shouts and screams were so loud, so I lowered the burner and decided to go do some “busy body”.
I went upstairs to the balcony, from there ,one gets a great view of the house next door , no obstruction , I saw that their gate was wide open, 3 ladies were screaming , I listened carefully, they were screaming the husband’s name, asking him to come out and be a man, he should come claim his pregnancy , I looked to see which one was pregnant, she was the tall ,slim model looking one,she looked about 4 months pregnant , Mr B, as I called him, was a dashing man, he drove a Xjs jaguar , always dressed nicely. Mrs B, was a business woman, she ran a boutique selling children’s things .

Neither of them came out despite all the commotion, I could see they were at home , cos all their cars were in the compound , the shouting was still going on when the police pulled up, the ladies kept shouting “arrest us, you coward, we shall be back, own up to your responsibility , useless man and so on and so forth. The police finally walked them out , not without them putting up a fight, the police made them get into their car and they drove away. Once they were gone I saw Mrs B , come out and thank the police, they too drove off, all this time a crowd had gathered in front of their gate peeping in. She gently shut the gate , turned to walk back inside , that’s when she saw me , she smiled at me nervously and walked straight into her house.

Hmmm, this was serious , very embarrassing, they mostly kept to themselves , their 2 children, hardly came out to play with the other kids. At that time I wished I was a fly on the wall in their house, not to worry , I have my ways I will find out exactly what the truth was, . Just then I could smell my paella burning, o my gosh, I ran to the kitchen , was just on time to salvage most of it. Hmmmmm….busy body doesn’t pay, ha ! Ha,ha!

Abby was due in my house at 4pm, it was 2.45pm, I had about 1 hour to “chillax” .At 3.55pm Abby pressed the door bell, I was ready for her , she came in looking all glamorous, I found out she was on her way to her mother in law’s for 6pm. We sat down on the lazy boy , She started talking. ” Babes , I want to thank you for talking to my hubby, he told me everything you discussed and he explained his own side to me, I have decided to give it a try , I guess it can only bring us closer together , I initially felt bad that I had to involve you in our relationship but you really helped me see the errors of my refusal to make my hubby happy. Thank you dearie , you are a blessing” I was so humbled , I hadn’t even said anything and she had decided to change, Thank you Lord , my prayers had been answered , I had asked God to give me the wisdom , to know what to say to her and how to resolve this for them, but the Lord had gone ahead of me to make the way perfect. I was delighted. There was nothing else to say, we talked a bit about this and that and then she was on her way .

After she left , I thanked God for everything,I usually pray that God should please grant my prayer, that one day shouldn’t go by without me being a blessing to someone, me advising people, being a blessing , encouraging them etc, was totally impossible without God’s infinite wisdom,mercy, Grace and favour, I thank God for the gifts everyday.
The rest of the day was spent on my quiet time, I had a lot of reading and writing to do, before I knew it, it was time for bed. Tomorrow is Monday , I got to go to bed .
Goodnight, sweet dreams , don’t let the bed bugs bite


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