Dear Diary – Day 11

Saturday , hmmm, had to wake up early to go play badminton, this was about the only exercise I got every week, 2 hours of straight playing and my exercise routine was done for the week. Most times it can be fun , we don’t always count points we mostly toss the ball back and forth, have fun and burn fat at the same time.

Got back around 9am , remembered I was meeting my friend Abby’s hubby around 2pm at a restaurant not to far from my home, we felt a neutral place would be better for our discussion, also at that time the restaurant would be practically empty, so chances of anyone sitting close enough to eavesdrop was slim to none

To pass time I decided to tidy out my shoe closet, the house had been cleaned by the cleaners yesterday, everywhere was sparkling clean. I looked at all the shoes and decided it was time to give away any pair I hadn’t put on in 6 months , sorted through the lot put the give away ones in a duffel bag and placed it near the front door, would drop this off at the thrift shop on my way out . Between packing shoes, rustling up some breakfast the time passed quickly , at 1.15pm I left the house for the restaurant , I didn’t want to be late, I got there, had about 10 mins to spear, just as I was getting comfortable in walks Abby’s hubby.

He was tall and handsome , had this boyish charms about him , we exchanged pleasantries and he asked if we should order first, we ordered lunch and drinks , and decided to start our discussion while we waited for the meal.

He started off by apologising for me being dragged into the middle of their affairs , he felt it should be an intimate private matter which he and his wife should work out. I quickly pointed out that I wasn’t there to apportion blame , that what I do is to hear both sides out and advice on how best they can be sorted by both parties involved . That seemed to relax him a bit and he started to talk- ” My wife is an amazing woman, she is strong, kind , loving and dedicated , I love her very much but when it come to love making she is boring, when we make love I have tried to get her to try new things but she is only comfortable with the missionary position. I want us to experiment , I have tried everything , talking , videos , getting upset with her , nothing seems to work, I even mentioned that some positions will guarantee she has not one but multiple organisms ” at this point I smiled , he continued , ” please help me , I don’t want to step out on her but am getting really frustrated, I tried to get her comfortable in a different position once , she asked me if I thought she was a prostitute , I said yes, you are , mine. She didn’t talk to me for a whole day, I had to apologise so many times , I will be so happy if you can talk to my wife and you can make her see my point.”

I had heard this said by Husbands all the time, wives set in their ways not wanting to go on a sexual adventure with their husbands , the picture was clearer to me now, I must talk to my friend again ,I then looked at him and said , ” you need to be patient , don’t get fed up or stop communicating your feelings to her , also you can still introduce foreplay, find her G spot with the missionary position and she will definitely climax, maybe once she’s satisfied she will be comfortable to try other positions . It’s difficult for a woman who doesn’t get fulfilled from one position to try something new, I would definitely have a talk with her” .

Just then our meal came , we ate, laughed and played catch up, we finally left the restaurant around 4pm. On my way home I called Abby to come by the house on Sunday for 6pm. She asked if we could make it 4pm, I said fine, so tomorrow 4pm had been fixed . Meanwhile, I had just over 1 hour before the girls arrived , the last time they were here I promised them pizza, so I stopped to get 2 large pizzas and some chicken wings , I had drinks at home , girls night was set.

Funny enough they all arrived in Tinus car, they had appointed her driver for the night, Tinu and I don’t drink , but Reniks and Bemmy , hmmmm another story. We started off sitting on the rug in my living room, I got to go first , tabled the Mont Blanc issue , decision was anonymous “keep it girl , it’s a gift” okay , Reniks turn , one of her girls was pilfering and she caught her red handed but she was the best Spa hand she had , what should she do , she had spent so much sending her to Malaysia to get trained , couldn’t afford to sack her ,Bemmy suggested that each time money got missing it should be deducted from her salary , chikena, we all agreed, next was Tinu, she only wanted to know how to get her hubby to buy her a new car, I pointed out that her current car was barely 1 year old, she said she knew but he had just got himself the latest Range Rover autobiography, she wants a jeep too, we all laughed and called her ole. Bemmy then said , I got nothing to say , all is well , we knew she was holding back, so we pressed her, she then said well she met this cute guy during the week and she was infatuated with him, I asked if she was planning to take it further , she said definitely not. Hmmmm, then nothing else to discuss , we all laughed and agreed , all cases closed .

They finally left around 10pm, straight to bed for me. Good night.


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