Dear Diary (5)


My guest just left a  few minutes ago, feeling a bit tired but I promised you the end of my discussion with “innocent” so here it is-

I said,” but if I may ask, why haven’t you spoken to your hubby about this are you afraid or what?

She said ,” the truth is I don’t know how too, there are things I would love to do to my hubby when we are making love but am scared he will think am too experienced , my mum taught me a girl is supposed to be conservative in bed”

I said, ” conservative with your hubby?” I believe he is the only one you shouldn’t be conservative with, you should be anything you want to be with him, open to anything that would make both of you enjoy your love making”

She said , ” well for one , am tired of the missionary position   That’s all he wants to do, ”

I said , ” the bottom line is that you both need to sit down and talk about this , am sure he will be open to listen to you if you talk to him in a sweet and loving manner , not making him feel inadequate ”

She said” okay , I will give it a try, and I hope it works ”

I said , ” it will, you’ll see”

After our discussion it got me thinking about all the friends both male and female , that talk to me about this , a lot of the Men complain that their partners just lay there and allow them do all the work, a lot of women complain about not deriving pleasure from love making because Men just want to get on, do there business and get off.

I see the problem here , lack of communication. , both partners need to talk about what they desire when it comes to love making , they need not to be shy or reserved about their expectations and feeling s. Love making is meant to be one of the most pleasurable experiences of our lives , not a chore or an  obligation but a bounding together of two souls who are in love,

Do have a good evening ……..



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