Dear Diary (6)


Surprisingly I got a lot of inbox messages regarding the “question” I posted yesterday , here are a few-

” you have just described my love making experience perfectly, thank you, I will talk to my hubby”

 ” my wife does complain of headaches and tiredness atimes , I sincerely hope this in not the case with her”

 ” in my case I want to try different positions besides the missionary , but my wife doesn’t, what’s a man to do”

 ” Am too shy to talk to my hubby about our love making “

 ” Thank you She Heals , you have addressed an issue affecting a lot of couples”

” I think our husbands should be less selfish when it comes to love making, they need to ensure that we are satisfied as well”

 We pray we can all heal by talking to each other……..

 Good morning …..


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