O yes I remember I was going to discuss  the question with you, for those of you who read the post yesterday, you know what question am talking about , “how do I tell my husband he doesn’t satisfy me in bed, without hurting his feelings and thinking am a Sxxx.”

We couldn’t  believe “innocent ” as we all call her was asking that question, I found it refreshing for once that someone is not too ashamed or petrified to talk about SEX. Well , we all tried to say something but nothing came out , finally I said …

“Well , I think you should help him make you enjoy love making better , guide him to parts of your body which turn you on, your G spot for example, it’s important that he knows where it is so he can stimulate you during fore play.”

She said ..”what fore play, he just jumps on me and he’s good to go ”

I said “hmmm, well you talk to your man, tell him you need fore play to get you to the mood level he’s in ”

She said ” I told him once ,  about me wanting another go, at the end of our love making , he asked if I wanted to kill him” and ” that he was tired ”

I said ” your husband is 48, maybe he needs some multi vitamins to boost his libido”

She said ” well how do I tell him this, the worst part is, he just does his bit , and rolls over asleep in a second, he leaves me there very unsatisfied , it’s so frustrating and it’s gone on for so long , I don’t know what to do” ” sometimes I tell him I have a headache or don’t feel well just to avoid the stress I go through ”

I said ” you have to ,let him know how you feel , he might think he’s satisfying you and performing his duty properly, but you need to make him understand that , a woman needs foreplay to get her to the same level he is, then you both enjoy the love making and climax at the same time”

She said ” climax, what’s that , I can count the no of times I have climaxed, once he does , that’s it, I even tried encouraging him to touch me once , he just climaxed anyway before we got anywhere ”

I have to stop writing now , I can hear the door bell ……..will continue the story once my guest have gone …….


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