Dear Diary (3)


Yesterday was our regular gist night, we get together to discuss, advice, confide, console  if necessary and advice each other, a little gossip also helps…., anyway  , A question came up, of theses four things , if you had to have one in your marriage and one only that you couldn’t do without ,  which would you choose-

  • love
  • Great sex
  • Lots of money
  • Absolute Trust
  • Fidelity

The house fell apart , the division was huge, before I let you into which everyone choose, which now would you rather have ….

O yes I did say I would let you know what everyone picked , well here we go-

Ms T, picked Love , ” I can’t do without love” she said ,

A woman is like a tea bag, you  never know how strong she is, until you  put her in hot water.



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