Dear Dairy – Today has been an interesting day


Today has been an interesting day, woke up early as usual , still not eating breakfast , even though I’ve been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I need to loose a few pounds , so no breakfast for me.
Anyway I had a meeting with a client , this was no ordinary client , he is a great example to us all, he never had any formal education but has risen to be one of the most successful and richest men in his country. How ?, you ask, well with determination and diligence , He taught himself how to read and write. You would never know he has no formal education, he didn’t even go to primary school.

As I walked into his office , I saw him sitting behind his great big brown mahogany desk, he got up walked towards me and warmly welcomed me , I felt like a princess , couldn’t believe he was so humble , I had heard a lot about him but never actually met him.

The meeting went incredible well , he ended up signing me on as a consultant and a partner on a project he intends for us to work on together , it was great, God had definitely given me favour with him and gone ahead to prepare a table before me. I knew this because everyone who told me about him said he hardly trusts anyone and would not do business with you unless he has known you for a long time, but whose report shall I believe , I believed the report of the Lord. When God says Yes , nobody can say No.

I skipped all the way to the car park where my car was waiting , it took me all but 15 minutes to drive back to my office, a journey that would normally take at least 20 mins , got there and ordered the large size hot and spicy pizza for delivery , I totally forgot about my trying to loose weight.

The pizza came , just as I was about to start gobbling it down , in walks 3 of my friends , to cut the long story short I only got to eat 2 slices of the pizza. Well never mind , they say sharing makes food taste sweeter , but it didn’t work this time , it just made me very hungry.

They just left now , am so tired from all their chit chat , they want us to all hang out tonight at a friends new restaurant but am not in the mood, I want to go home and thank God for an incredible blessed day, didn’t tell them about my new client, cos I have learnt that you must have a discerning spirit , know when to talk , who to talk to and what to talk about, this one my spirit says keep it to yourself.

Anyway it’s getting late here , all my staff have gone home, it’s past 5, I hope you had a great day too, well if not, tomorrow will surely be better , have a wonderful evening….



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