Realizing you never really lived……
Its not death most people are afraid of, it’s getting to the end of life knowing you never really lived. Some elderly people getting to the end of life were asked to reflect on life, there biggest regret was not what they did but the things they didn’t do. Dreams they didn’t pursue, risk they didn’t take. Why do you exist, definitely it’s not just to work and pay rent at the end of the month, No, my friend, everyone has a gift, you need to pursue your dreams. Don’t let your last words be, I wish I had …….
Do you have the courage to pick up your dream and pursue them, you shouldn’t bury your dreams, if you do, you don’t thrive, you are built to live out your dream, take off don’t stay grounded.

The thief, doubt is after you dreams .He’s killed more dreams that failure ever did. He turns you into a ‘kind of’ person, you kind of want something, if you kind of want, you would also kind of get a result. You can’t kind of want it, you’ve got to want it with all your heart and you will get there if you try.

To get to the top of the mountains is not smooth, sharp ridges to be stepped over, you will get tired, you have to keep going, but you will get to the top and surely be successful. Keep on going, struggle, disappointments are all part of the journey to greatness. Sometimes you’ve got to leap first and grow your wings on the way down. Don’t get hunted with regret , you are not defined by your past , don’t let it define you, no overtime in life, if you don’t use your gift you sell not only yourself short but the while world;
Set yourself on the world stage you cannot go back and make a brand new beginning but you can definitely start now and make a brand new ending.



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