Dearest Sister,

Why are you so blind to your excesses and your overbearing attitude, mind you, you weren’t like this before. What happened? When did you become this way?

I shudder to think of all you put your dear husband through.

A man of integrity, respected, loved, humble man of God

Because of your overbearing attitude, he has become a shadow of himself.

Losing his job hasn’t done much for his self-esteem either.

How can you be happy seeing the man you claim to love, sink so low.

Your husband, an amazing man, a good man. Who has always been there for you? Now he no longer gets your respect because he lost his job?

How can you have forgotten so soon?

Who was there for so long, catered to your every need, bought you those designer things you always wanted, gave you allowances for everything from makeup to clothes, even feeding your whole family.

Who always changed your car to a new one once you had driven it for a while, regardless of his siblings nagging, that he was wasting his money on you.

He turned a deaf ear when a family meeting was called to discuss, his excessive spending on you. even went as far as asking his family not to come around if they were not going to give you peace.

His mother, father, relations were not allowed to speak a bad word about you.

Do we mention what he did for your whole family?

He who got your parents’ house sorted and put all your sibling through school,

Sent money to your family every month without fail

Paid your brother’s medical bills, when he had to be flown abroad for treatment after he had a car crash and broke both arms and both legs

Took care of all your responsibilities, both home and abroad

Protected you from everything imaginable

You who never had to spend a dime of your money on anything

He opened a shop for you, paid for stocking it up every time stock ran low

Paid salaries for your shop staff, your driver, your house help, your cook, your washerwoman etc.

Built an amazing house, so you and the kids could be very comfortable

Sent you, the children and your house help, on vacations abroad 4 weeks of every year

Went to work 6 days a week, 18 hours a day, so he could put food on the table

Fasted and prayed once a week for God to protect you all

Took care of you and the children extraordinarily well, so that you lacked nothing

Was kind, caring and loving to you regardless of your, ‘I too know’ attitude’

Girl, come on, do you really think he deserves what you are doing to him, now that he’s lost his job

You talk down at him every opportunity you get

You complain he has no savings , when practically everything you wanted, you made sure you got, even if it meant you throwing a tantrum, you knew how to get him to do what you want, he never wanted to see you cry, so you used your tears as a weapon of blackmail to get your way all the time .

You now hand out money to him like he’s your house help or driver, querying his every request for money

Ask him to do chores at home before you get back from work

Decide which car he drives or doesn’t drive, mind you, he bought all the cars but you now service them, so you decide

Make fun of him in front of your friends, turned him into a laughing-stock

You go about telling your whole family, that you now give him money and take care of all the expenses in the house.

You refuse to cook for him anymore, cos you pretend you’re tired

Your sex life with him is almost nonexistent because it depends on your mood, he has no say. God knows you might be getting your groove on with someone else, are you?

You don’t come back home until the wee hours of the morning, cos you claim to be very busy at work

He’s no longer your best friend

You have made the kids lose respect for him, cos of the way you treat him In front of them

You override his decisions all the time, not minding the company around

You are now the ruler of your kingdom, the self-imposed head but you have forgotten one little detail.

Slow down sister, you are on the wrong path, You might say your bit, he might say his bit, but it all boils down to God’s bit, and God is always right.

So what does The Word of God Almighty say about a wife and a husband -?

Have you forgotten he is your crowning glory?

The one whom God gave you

The head of your family –

Rethink your new path Sister, go ask your husband for forgiveness, pray for him, and things will surely work out.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, he’s downstairs now on the phone, the contract he applied for, last year to build 5000 houses, just got approved, hmm, what are you going to do now Sister ?…………



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