Dear Ladies ,

Carrying a sign and wearing a t-shirt closed for business, until….. , I was accosted by several people asking me what business do I do that’s closed and until when? . I smiled and began to explain..
My body is the business that’s closed and it will remain closed until I get married .
I have learned to protect everything I own , for example –
My car, I fitted it with the most reliable expensive tracking system I could buy, it also says ” step away from the perimeter , you are violating my space”…lol
My designer handbags , I have Special holding cover cloths for them.
My jewellery , tucked away safely in a safety deposit box in my bank .
I could go on and on….

But what happens to my body. I ‘ONCE UPON A TIME’ walked around with micro mini skirts, bum shorts , halter neck tops , strapless tops exposing both my long legs and big boobs, thinking that made me sexy and attractive but what did it get me ?, all sorts of perverts and playboys who just wanted their own fill , ‘hit and run’ as my mum called it and leave me heart broken .

I have learnt my lesson the hard way, dumped and picked over and over, I have nothing to show for it , no more , I got rid of all my ‘display on the shelve ‘ packaging for my body and bought some ‘closed for business , until…’ Packaging , also got a change of attitude, began to realise my body is the temple of God and must not be defiled.

It’s a shame that we protect the things we think are valuable to us but what could be more valuable than our precious bodies.

Ladies, trust me on this , Men will be friends with you when you are constantly ‘open for business’ , just to satisfy their immediate need,on the other hand you will definitely attract wonderful, kind, generous and God fearing men, if you “stay closed for business” , they will wait on the queue until you open , the same way we all wait overnight for a Black Friday sale .God bless you as you make the decision ….. .

Good morning ……



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