SIX childhood friends, meet every week to table and discuss life issues, dissect and find solutions to these everyday life issues….Today is “Between the sheets”…

…What’s love got to do with it? That was the question everyone was asking.
Franny had just said if you love each other as a couple whether you knew how to do it well or don’t shouldn’t matter.
Goke disagreed, he felt a relationship without good sex could not sustain itself, the relationship would implode, were the exact words he used.
Kate had a different opinion, I married my man as a virgin, he was the virgin while I was the Pro, I taught him how I wanted to be touched and penetrated, the styles, My G-Spot and All. Today he is an expert.
Dotun smiled and said, “Hmmm, I would not want my wife to teach me, I am supposed to be the one teaching her, that’s why I can’t marry an experienced girl”.
Franny laughed and asked where Dotun was going to find an inexperienced girl this day and age?
Dotun cockily answered her, “from my village of course”.
Everyone busted out laughing, “you must be a dreamer”.
Goke replied “…the village girl you want to take is an expert, all the local boys have passed her around and if she isn’t one yet, by the time she comes to Lagos and ‘opens eye’, she will be.
Kate interrupted “Well Goke, I think you are generalizing here, not all girls are like that, but I must agree that most are.
Muyi who had been quiet all along asked the pertinent question, “so ladies how do you like it best?? That is why we are here today, isn’t it?
Annie stood up and said, “well, we love foreplay first, the caressing of our breasts, the sucking and putting your penis on us gets us crazily in the mood and pretty moist down there”.
Kate smiled and said, “well we also love kissing, French kissing drives us really wild, tongue in the mouth rolled and to be tickled down there with your tongue, it’s the ultimate, tongue, penis, interchange”.
Franny hastily chipped in, “I was going there, once that’s done, then slowly lower yourself into me and am screaming for all to hear.
Annie: I like to be on top, that’s where I get to climax over and over again. I don’t get the same from my partner being on top.
Franny: Babes have you tried sideways? wow, that’s really great.
Kate: and to top it up with sitting on him, face to face, his Penis will reach right up to your
Muyi: (laughing) ahhhh!!!! Ladies, calm down, we are not that large and long, too much pressure here…
Kate: Well, size also matters but small sizes can also be totally enjoyed, just depends on the position you choose.
Franny: hmm… speaking of size, I hear operations can be done to reduce or enlarge the size of our vaginas.
Dotun: Yes it can but its cosmetic surgery and must be done with a professional.
Goke: Okay ladies, guys also have how we like it. Ladies should learn to go down on their man real good, an amazing blow job is enough to take you to cloud nine.
Muyi: yes, I Love her tongue in my ear, o my gosh it’s amazing, sometimes from that alone I come like instantly
Dotun: I love doing it while standing up, she shoots her bum back and am there pounding away my woman
Franny: okay guys all said and done, does marriage get happier when two lovers have a fantastic sex life??
Dotun: Of course it does, you are happier, stress-free and the love increases and waxes stronger
Muyi- “I also know when I have great sex, I am ready to do anything for my woman”
Goke: Isn’t it obvious? Haven’t you noticed that the best solution to a quarrel between a couple is to go to the bedroom have mad sex and at the end, everyone is happy??
Franny: well, I must say, that depends.
Muyi: on what?
Franny: On if the woman gets to climax.
Annie: you’ve just touched on a subject that makes so many married women miserable. Do you know I know people who hardly ever climax and some just fake it?
Kate: that never works for me, if my husband and I make love and we both don’t climax, we aren’t done yet, in fact, we aim to climax at the same time.
Dotun: but sometimes you ladies take forever to get there, we men try and try and in the end you still won’t climax
Franny: that’s probably because you are doing it wrong, if you take your fingers 2 inches into the vagina and you arouse the G-spot, your woman would definitely be climaxing right there on your fingers if you do it right.
Dotun: you guys are the married ones, you know am still searching so I need to learn how to keep her to myself so no other man will be pleasing my wife.
Annie: speaking of which, why are you guys so crazy about big boobs and big bums?
Goke: wow, that’s like a whole day’s discussion, can we discuss body parts next week, please??
Dotun: I second that, let’s discuss next week
Annie: how long have we been friend’s guys, since kindergarten, if not for relocations and life, we could all be married to each other, But all the same am glad our talks have saved most of our marriages.
Franny: Yes dear, I know, last year when I had issues with my mother in law, you guys gave me the best advice ever and now we are best of friends.
Goke: let’s not bring in in-laws now, cos I’ve got a case I need help with.
Annie: Okay guys when we get together next week, let’s continue our sex lessons, body parts and if we can squeeze in the in-laws, so be it. For now let’s go practice with our partners, what we’ve learned today…..



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