Six friends Goke, Franny, Kate, Dotun, Muyi and Annie meet every Friday night, all married except one, to the table and discuss, dissect and find solutions to this everyday life issues.


Goke- Guys last time we talked about emotional affairs, I think we should ask the question, why are more women cheating on their husbands now?

Muyi- hmm Bro, who says women cheat, certainly not the women, ask any of them and all you hear is, Men are dogs, all they do is cheat

Franny Guys, come on women don’t cheat, they ….

Kate What? Of course they do, in fact, research shows that now they almost cheat as much as men do

Franny-Hey Kate, that’s a total exaggeration, I was going to say before you rudely interrupt that women just have emotional affairs

Annie-Calm down guys, I agree with Kate, a lot of women cheat, but the difference is, they don’t get caught.

Dotun why is that? Is that because they are cunny and pretend a lot? And by the way, Cheating is cheating, emotional or physical

Kate- Really?? I don’t think so, the truth is married women cheat for different reasons, sometimes neglect, boredom or opportunity

Dotun- you girls have started again, what do you mean by opportunity? You will give all kinds of excuses, chop clean mouth is what I call it (have an affair and hide it)

Franny-Wow! Bro, what are you trying to say, A woman can’t have the same reason as a man to have an affair. Yes, I don’t think women cheat half as much as guys but for those who do, I guess they have their reasons…

Annie-Yeah, Franny now you are talking….

Muyi- wait, guys, this is really scary, I hear you girls defending women who cheat, what I haven’t heard is a good reason if there is any, why they should in the first place?

Goke- Hmmm, Muyi, isn’t that a bit one-sided, why do men cheat. I remember discussing this with some guys and the response was, we were created too. Out Manhood decides, it sees what it like and it rises up

Dokun-Guys, let’s stop pretending or pointing accusing fingers, we are all here to learn and find solutions to these issues, Annie, really what do you think is the reason. I agree with boredom, neglect but the opportunity one, hmmm that I don’t get

Kate-lol…what don’t you get, Woman meets a guy, guy nicer than husband, flatters, spoils, one thing leads to another …Kaboom…lol

Dotun-Hmm Kate, i am beginning to suspect you, you sound like you’re talking from experience…are you?

Annie-Guys, Guys, calm down, let me tell you of an experience a  friend of mine had. She was the first wife, married to this Christian guy, they were married for 8 years when she comes home one day and meets her in-laws. They introduce a younger lady to her and claim her husband impregnated the lady and he has to marry her because in their family no child of theirs is born out-of-wedlock. How convenient. She has no choice but to accept after 3 children, all still very young. The idiotic husband doesn’t appear until the family are gone and the girl has been given a bedroom upstairs beside the husbands. My friend contemplates what to do, but after seeking advice from her parents and friends, she decides to stay and try to make it work. Initially, things go well, but just as soon as the 2nd wife gives birth, her husband forgets the way to her bedroom. She tries , reports ,pleads but to no avail, to add insult to injury the 2nd wife says she has used her time, its hers now. So neglected, upset and sexed starved for 18 months she gets close , not intentionally to a male colleague at work who is always concerned about her demeanour. He starts off by asking her to take things easy, God will work it out. Then he opens up that his wife doesn’t like sex, she only wants it when they want to procreate. He asked her to be strong, you are a fighter. On her birthday which her husband conveniently forgot, he organizes a cake and takes her to birthday lunch etc. soon he becomes her confidant and shoulder to cry on. Soon an office retreat takes them both out-of-town, and one evening while on the retreat, one thing led to another and they have sex. She confessed to me that she felt so good, she went back for more throughout the week of the retreat. Once back to the office they kept it on the down low, once a week they met up for sex and so t continued. Their spouse’s none the wiser.

Goke- Well, what do we say about that, was she right or wrong? Franny?

Franny- to be honest, I don’t know what to say, am not in her shoes, so can’t say what I will do, but I still believe once you take a vow, it’s for better or for worse, don’t you guys think so?

Muyi- Annie and Franny, I hear you, but the truth be told, when a guy cheats, its seen as no big deal, it’s as if it’s expected but when a married woman cheats, hmm that’s seen as a taboo. Society and religion dictate these things, in Islam, a man can marry up to four wives, but if a woman is caught cheating, hmm we all know the what happens. Even when a Christian man cheats, what do parents and everyone say “Forgive him, nothing is new, he isn’t the first and won’t be the last, what has happened now ,has happened since the beginning of time? Go back to your husband and take care of your children…etc.” 99% don’t see it has a big deal. But if a married woman does it, even her parents will come to pack her things out of the man’s house claiming she’s a disgrace and has brought shame upon the family name.

Dotun- I think we guys have serious issues, we are very selfish, we neglect the wife at home and play acrobatics in bed with the girlfriend outside, forgetting the wife needs loving too

Annie- Exactly, thank you, my dear, you just hit it on the head and I’ve said this so many times. The man goes out their buys sexy lingerie for the concubine, comes home and calls you ‘mummy this’ and ‘mummy that’, is that fair. Am not advocating for women to cheat but don’t you think its time for this who cheating thing to be review. Why do women feel the need to chat and why do men feel it’s their birthright too.

Kate- well, my cousin cheated on her husband and it wasn’t because he neglected her, she was just not satisfied. She loves sex every day, her hubby once or twice a month. And even then it’s like 3 minutes. She complained, cried and he increased it to once a week but she couldn’t cope, she got depressed her doctor in the US recommend anti-depressants, she took them for a while and started to put on so much weight, so she stopped and found a toy boy. She told me all this over the phone and confessed her husband is happier because she hasn’t demanded sex so often and she is no longer depressed.

Franny- What!!!!!!, really, this world had become something else. Our mothers were probably sex-starved, but  I didn’t hear of any of them went out to find a toy boy or sympathetic work colleague, what’s wrong with us women of today?

Muyi- You girls of now a day are liberal, you know your rights, what you think you deserve, if a man can do it, you can do it too, is it?

Dotun- Muyi, come-on get off your high horse, what’s good for the goose is certainly good for the gander. If your man steps out on you, you too pounce out on

Muyi- Dotun, I see you’ve said this because you are not married, would you want your wife to cheat on you, even if you didn’t satisfy her in bed?

Dotun- ha-ha! Am a lion in bed, no woman has ever walked away unsatisfied, in fact, they keep coming back for more.

Muyi- I trust you, womanizer….

Franny- Well guys, enough of your manhood fights, it’s getting really late can we continue this same topic next week

Goke- Yes please, I want to make sure my wife remains satisfied, I know woman are way better at hiding secrets than we are, they never get caught part scares me. Which means my wife could be cheating on me right now and I don’t know. God help me

Annie-lol, Goke, stop being melodramatic, your wife is the sweetest woman we know, she’s certainly not cheating on you, unless….lol.

Goke-Unless what? This is not funny…

Dotun- Annie Baby, please don’t give Goke hypertension, stop teasing him. Alright, folks all agreed we continue this discussion next week….

Goke- I second the motion……





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