Dear Father,

I want to start by expressing my gratitude for everything you have done for me. You provided me with the best education, took me on trips abroad, and gave me a car for my 18th birthday. You were not only my father, but also my best friend, confidant, and mentor. Your contributions to my life are immeasurable. However, I must admit that you were wrong about one thing, marriage.

You taught me that women are selfish and materialistic, that they only want money, and they cannot be trusted. You said I should never let my wife know what I am doing, never let her have access to my bank accounts, never leave my phone without a password, and I could cheat on her as long as she doesn’t find out. You also suggested that I put my wife in her place, let her know who is boss, and knock her around once in a while to keep her in check. You told me never to ask for her opinion, never discuss my plans with her, and that I could have any woman I want with my money.

Sadly, I believed you, and it affected my marriage. I saw my wife as a gold digger, and I married her only to procreate. I gave her everything she needed materially, but ignored her emotional needs. I refused to talk to her about my plans, update her on my business, come home early, or attend church with her. I even went out with my friends every night and had a string of girlfriends.

My wife endured this for six years, and I did not notice that she was unhappy. She lost weight from fasting and praying for our marriage, but I ignored her. The last straw came when I came home one Sunday morning at 4 am, having been out of the house since Friday evening. I demanded sex from her, and when she told me she was on her monthly period, I got upset and hit her. She fell and hit her head on the bedpost, slipping into a coma. Two weeks later, she died from a cerebral haemorrhage. I was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Father, I now realize that you misled me. You forgot to tell me that not all women are the same, and that my wife would be unique and one of a kind. You did not advise me to put God first in my marriage, love my wife, see her as the bone of my bone, and my companion and helper. You did not tell me that if I treated my wife with love, respect, and kindness, we would have a happy marriage and weather any storm.

Your bitterness towards my mother destroyed my life, and I ended up as an ex-convict because of your bad advice. I hope and pray that other young men do not make the same mistake I made, and I urge you to make amends by telling them the truth about marriage. Women are not all the same, and true love, respect, and kindness can build a happy marriage.

Sincerely, Your son.


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