“Larry, my man , you are too slow , if I were in your shoes, by now I would have one babe somewhere taking care of me, your wife doesn’t care about you anymore” . His friend TJ was saying. Larry sat there listening , he knew Toke cared about him and the kids but he needed her attention , this, she wasn’t giving. They hardly had time to be intimate , making love had reduced to once a week if he was lucky and when it did, he had to do all the work . Where did all the passion go? . What TJ was suggesting, seemed like the logical solution but he believed there had to be a another way,. ” I hear you TJ, let me go think about it ” Larry said as he got up to leave. He had stopped by at TJ ‘s house on his way from the Pastor’s.

Toke sat on the bed, thinking of what Larry had said , ” am I really that bad, what’s wrong with the way I look,am still beautiful, I don’t smell , I work hard , look after the children, the home and Larry himself . He comes home to a hot meal everyday , what else does he want ? . Does this guy want to kill me ?” . She picked up her phone and called her best friend Bella, after she was done , she and Bella had fixed a time tomorrow to meet for lunch . Once she dropped the kids at school , she would go meet Bella. ” I need her advise ” she thought to her self.

Bella and Toke met in University , they shared a room throughout there stay. Bella had relocated to Singapore immediately after they graduated. Her fiancé had gotten a job there .A year ago when her father in law passed on , they had returned to the country to take over all the companies he left.

Lunch was at their favourite Italian restaurant , they always ordered the fettuccine Pasta and basil with Brie, it was delicious. Their taste for Italian food has started in university when they made friends with an Italian woman who lived on campus with her husband who was a lecturer . She would invite the girls over every weekend for cooking lessons and food sampling . By the time they graduated they were semi experts at cooking Italian food , the only snag was most of the ingredients were very expensive, especially the different cheeses, if you could find some .

Anyway, they settled down and as they ate Toke asked Bella ” do you think I have let myself go” Bella looked at her and said ” am sorry dear, the truth is , yes you have , you used to be so self-conscious , your hair , nails , clothes everything had to be in place , but now look at you, your hair is covered with a wrap , God knows the last time you had it done , your nails are chipped , please don’t let me go on. Toke what’s going on?” . Toke looked at herself up and down , she knew she could always count on Bella to tell the truth, ” I don’t know Bella ” she said . ” Larry and I have had serious quarrels over my appearance , he says I have let myself go, what do I do?” .

Bella could see the pain in her eyes, ” don’t worry, I will work with you on this , let’s start with getting your hair and nails done ” . They finished lunch , got into their cars and drove straight to Bella’s hair stylist.

Driving out of TJ’s house, Larry decided to go to the office, he called his secretary and asked her to wait for him there . It was a Saturday , the office was open for shadow staff. The heads of department didn’t have to come to work unless it was necessary . He just wasn’t ready to go home and face Bella in her usual face masked face , he felt like being with an attractive woman. Since he wasn’t ready to step out on his wife , at least he could be around his attractive staff.
The office was a bit quiet , most of the women had gone home , his secretary and a couple of models were still around . He asked her to call everyone Ito a meeting in his office, he also gave the messenger some money to go get refreshments . He was going to give an impromptu ‘thank you for a job well done party’ . The truth is he just need the attention. The drinks and food came , everyone gathered in his office. 5 women and 3 guys in total , Larry was the 3rd guy .
” Well ladies and gentlemen ” he said ” we just concluded an amazing campaign for our client and they were delighted , this small get together , is to say thank you to you all for your hard work , Bravo everyone ” . They all clapped and the party began . By the time they were done it was dark outside . Larry was happy , he drank, danced , laughed away all his sorrows . When he woke up the next morning he was laying on the sofa in his office, fully clothed…..



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