A Question that no One Wanted to Answer

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Mouths wide open , we were gobsmacked , someone had just asked a question that no one wanted to answer , I wanted too, but the girls are always having a go at me for supporting the guys. I don’t think I do , I just think that we women don’t have to blame guys for everything that happens to us. You might ask what started this impression , well here it is –

A couple came to spend the weekend with their friends , over the cause of the weekend they noticed that the host hubby was always helping his wife, when she was in the kitchen cooking he helped to get the kids ready, when he went out with them , he made sure he ordered some take out to take back for her, if she wasn’t able to come along because she was taking care of the children, he even got her flowers on the Saturday they were there.
A day before the guest left , the wifey guest started a conversation that am sure she regrets now. She said to the host couple” I have noticed how you help each other, you help your wife all the time , buy things for her , call her all the time when you are out, I love the way you relate to her , could you please talk to my hubby to emulate you” .

The host couple felt a bit embarrassed didn’t know what to say, the guest hubby saved the day ,

He said ” let me help you answer , “my dear wife, our friends you admire so much love each other unconditionally, they understand the true meaning of Two become one , when God joins you together, when my friend lost his job , no body knew , his wife gave him her ATM card and he spent her salary has he pleased , they share the responsibility in the home, she buys stuff, doesn’t even ask for a food allowance , she just uses part of her salary to take care of the feeding. When relations come she sorts them out before her hubby comes , on her way back from work she buys him gifts sometimes, on valentine day she got 24 roses delivered to his office and so on.

You my dear wife, when I lost my job , you woke up every morning and called me useless , you called your parents and friends to say I could no longer afford to take care of you, I became a laughing stock , despite the fact that you work and earn good money, you have never bought anything in the house, I was out of the country , you called to ask me to get my manager to buy gas and bring it for you at home, on our sons birthday you called me abroad to say you have no money for a cake and he wants one, I had to get my secretary to buy him a cake from her pocket then refund her when I got back, on my birthdays you take money off me to buy me presents , you have never spent your money buying things for the Kids” at that point he paused and asked his wife, ” should I go on” they said you could almost hear a pin drop , they all got the point , including his wife……

Now in this situation , I said the hubby has a point, my friends and I were split on this

Oh am sorry , the question my friend asked , I haven’t told you, don’t worry , we will get back to that in a bit , first do you think the hubby has a point?…..



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