A life letter to parents.


Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. For bringing me into the world , for taking care of me, for celebrating my birthdays with wonderful parties and presents , for sending me to good schools. For taking me on holiday to amazing places, for buying me loads of clothes and toys , for giving me lots of pocket money , for even buying me a pet when I asked for it , for giving me everything I wanted But you forgot the most important .

You forgot to tell me that life would not always be so easy and that in life you can’t always have everything you want , I don’t know how to live the life you have thrust me into, am an adult now and still don’t know what to do in the real world , am in university , I have to share a room, I can’t take it, I have to wake up and get my own clothes sorted , I can’t take it, I have to get my meals or cook them, I can’t take it, I have to spend money wisely so it would last me all session, I can’t take it, I have to respect my lecturers , I can’t take it , am going crazy here, cannot afford the designer clothes and bags you bought me, I can’t take it .

My room mate just told me her life story and here it is- her parents were rich like mine , but she never had everything she wanted. Her parents taught her that in life you can’t always have everything so they made her decide between one or the other , she had to work for her pocket money, she went to school on the bus. Not chauffeur driven like me, she didn’t always go on summer holidays,she spent half of summer voluntarily at homeless shelters and children’s camps , to appreciate life that it’s a blessing to have a lot. Even though they had lots of rooms in their house she was made to share a room with her sister , she had chores she did every morning before she went to school, their maid wasn’t allowed to pack and wash her plates for her , she made her own bed, respected her elders and now she’s fully prepared to face life challenges.

What do I do, how do I cope in the real world , I can’t take it , You didn’t tell me you won’t always be there for me, I can’t take it Mum and Dad, you both left me on that horrible day our car crashed and only I survived , I still don’t understand why we couldn’t all go together , because am alive and well but totally hopeless , Please help me , what do I do?

Your clueless daughter


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