We all say TIME FLIES, But I say WE FLY and time goes nowhere. 

In fact, I would point out there is a limit to Time. 24 hours only and then it starts again, but we keep going, no do-over for us like time. At least time gets to go back every single day and change things as it goes along. You don’t believe me; well, you tell me. Has any day in all the years you’ve been alive ever been the same? 

No matter how alike two days look, there is always something different, be it very insignificant, it’s still different.  

Let me elaborate. 

So, you have a routine; you wake up every day, have a bath for 10 minutes, get dressed, have the same breakfast on the same plate, sitting on the same chair. Let’s assume you wear the same clothes and shoes, carry the same bag, and use the same perfume, but I tell you as much as you can control what and how you do things, that’s where it ends.  

You certainly can’t control the other elements around you. So yesterday 2 birds flew past, a fly landed on your nose and an eagle soared in the sky, as a dog rattled around in the bin. Two men walk past you. A woman screams at her son, two buses zoom past, etc. The next day, it might be no flies land on your nose, and you might see 4 birds and a dog with a cat, or someone else says something different or the same people walk past but wearing different clothes. You get my point, don’t you? 

But Time, oh Time, it repeats exactly the same seconds, minutes and hours, in the same order and nothing changes. Your wrist watch, wall clock, and car clock all go round and round and that’s one reason they refer to punctual people as being like clockwork and the reason for the saying; “Even a broken clock tells the right time 2 times a day” 

Now clarifying that, why do we then waste our time, procrastinating and not realizing what’s important? Our time. 

Our time is the most precious gift we have, and we don’t even have control over it. 

All we can control and be sure of is what has happened in the past, but never a second later than the moment we are in, certainly not the future. 

Now if that’s the case, why do we act like we know when our last day on earth will be? 

Why do we take each other for granted? 

Why do we postpone spending time with our loved ones? 

Why do we forget to appreciate those we love and who deserves it from us? 

Why do we neglect the most important thing? Our lives. 

We all know without life, we are dead and when you die, that’s it, you are gone and nothing else comes after that. 

Many people spend years working, trying to make as much money as they can. Through it all, they neglect family and friends, and always complain, “I Am too busy, I don’t have time” 

Then the day comes for you to retire, sit back and enjoy all the accumulated wealth, but sickness and ailments have set in from lack of rest, fatigue, and overwork. Then what happens? You spend all that accumulated savings attending hospitals for treatment. You most likely have diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney problems, arthritis, or other ailments. So, you tell me, was it worth it.? 

At that point, your partner has given up trying to get you to slow down and spend time together. The children are all grown, left the house and now have a life of their own. 

Unfortunately, you never got to know your children and all the wealth you gained, the houses you own will most likely lie in waste, as your children will probably never live in them when you die. They would consider the houses too big, old fashion, or they simply no longer live in the same country as you do. And then what happens? Most of those houses abandoned lie in waste, the sweat and the labour of your hands. Rather than invest in getting to know your family and leaving a legacy of a parent who was actually there for them, you spent all your time gathering wealth and buying property and now your pet projects the houses are all you have, your children have flown the nest. And your pride and joy, the houses, the ones you choose over your family, can’t be there for you when you need them. And they betray you, open their doors to whoever will occupy them, including miscreants, so you tell me, was it worth it?… 


It definitely is not. For those who still have time, change, and take time to enjoy life and your family. The money you spend 50 years making and still can’t take time out to enjoy it, is not worth it. A few words are enough for the wise. Make adjustments. It’s not too late. Live life, enjoy your family, enjoy all you’ve gained and don’t forget to give roses to people when they can smell them. 

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