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She Heals is a writer, life coach, counsellor and podcaster.

Her goal in life has always been to be a blessing and make a difference. In her writings and coaching, she helps people realize their potential by getting more out of themselves to fulfil their destiny and, as a result, becoming an original of themselves rather than a fake of someone else.


Her writings and podcasts help improve lives, builds self-worth and helps people share, heal and excel.  She Heals started writing ten years and has helped people address their goals and their problems. Her mentorship program also helps to empower women and the youth. 

She is a co-founder of a grassroots foundation, helping to empower men and women from underprivileged families,  with physical challenges and from diverse backgrounds.


Today she offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching to life coaching, mentorship, marriage counselling, podcasting and voluntary work.


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To listen to her podcast: #Be Inspired by She Heals.

Published books:

Chasing destiny: When‌ ‌one‌ ‌door‌ ‌closes,‌ ‌God‌ ‌opens‌ ‌another.‌ ‌Back‌ ‌up,‌ ‌don’t‌ give up

Confessions of a virgin bride

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