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That fateful morning, as I resumed in the office, I never imagined I would be hearing a confession. I mean, most people wouldn’t, unless you were a Roman Catholic priest or within the judicial system. But surprisingly, that day as I listened to one confession, so revealing and enlightening, I had to take time out to comprehend what I just heard.

It all began on a weekday morning like most. The weather was cool compared to the previous days, as it had rained all night. In other parts of the world, that would be a good thing, but in Lagos, Nigeria, that meant floods, puddles and lots of traffic. So, sitting in traffic for three hours, I got to the office worn out despite being early in the morning. Shortly after settling down, it was time to go for a meeting with an old friend. I would have cancelled the meeting, but I was on a mission to market my podcast. So, I dragged myself up, got into my car and drove the short distance to her office.

As I walked in, I noticed she had a guest. And as the guest caught a glimpse of me, she excused herself to leave but I pleaded with her to stay as the meeting was about networking for my podcast. I felt the more people I pitched my idea to, the better. So, we all took our seats, including the guest and I went ahead to present my pitch; a podcast about life.

After I was done, I received wonderful feedback from both of them. But then the conversation quickly shifted to marriage and issues relating to lovemaking. That’s when I mentioned being invited all the time to speak about intimacy between couples. On hearing that, my friend’s guest suddenly turned to me and asked if she could tell me something she has never told anyone.

At that moment, although surprised she wanted to talk to someone, she just met about something private and important to her, I was open to hearing whatever she had to say. Besides, I needed material for my podcast and my writing: the more true-life experiences shared with me, the better. So, I replied, “Yes Please” and she did.

And as it turned out, her confession was fascinating, insightful and enlightening, that I felt compelled to ask her permission to write a story about it. And to my utmost delight, she said, “Yes!”.


Almost every girl has this dream. The dream of a tall, handsome, rich prince coming up to ask for her hand in marriage. She says yes, then he rides off with her into the sunset, and they live happily ever after. The funny thing, I wasn’t like most girls. I didn’t have a long list of what I wanted in a man. In fact, for me, it was simple. I wanted something different: My kind of guy, the one God ordained for me is all I desired. I didn’t care if he was rich, tall, or handsome: so long as he would make me the happiest woman alive. However, a proposal on one knee, the most expensive diamond ring ever, and sweeping me off my feet by flying me to a distant sunny destination for our honeymoon; would be a bonus.

Like a dream, the day was finally approaching for me to tie the knot with ‘My guy’, the one my parents believed God ordained for me. Now let’s pause here for a minute. I know most people get the opportunity to choose the partner God ordained for them, but in my case, my parents got to choose, and we will get to that part in a bit. For now, let’s just go with the fact that my parents believed he would make me the happiest woman alive and I, being the obedient daughter, believed it too. And as expected, the week before the wedding, my numerous aunts threw me a spinster party.

At the party, my aunts sat me down and formed a circle around me. Then all eight of them took turns to give me advice. One said, “It is delightful to lose your virginity on your wedding night. Your husband will be proud and cherish you for eternity.” Another added; “Like a virgin, you are a blank canvas for your husband to draw his unique design on. His design will become yours, and together you will make magic happen”. And another aunty pointed out; “He will teach you his style, and you will sync with him. When he lets himself into you and claims your virginity, the pain will only last a few minutes, still, the pleasure will be endless. After that, when he finally gets to do it every day, your body will yearn for him, even when he isn’t there.” Wow! They painted a picture that made me want to run to him right then, I couldn’t wait.

However, they didn’t stop there. Another aunty told me the bedroom was where you let go; quarrels are quashed, fights ended, hurts become joy. Bickering becomes laughter, praise fills the air and love radiates. But most importantly, they all reassured me that the first time would be amazing, explosive with lots of sparks, and that would keep me coming back for more.

So, on my wedding night, which was my first time, I was a bit nervous, but I was looking forward to making love, from all the sweet things my aunts told me would happen. I kept my virginity for over twenty years, and now I was about to give it away to the one and only man with whom I believed I would spend the rest of my life. That made it a special night, and I was prepared. After all, my aunts said sparks would fly, and I would float on clouds.

Yet, despite all my expectations, something happened that night that would change the essence of our marriage forever. To understand what happened and the need for this confession. I must start from the beginning. My name is Lola, and this is my story.

dfreewealth@gmail.com August 25

Loved it. I was literarily transfixed

ChefAyush August 25

Loved it

bridgetagbaga@gmail.com August 24

Love it so much. It’s so inspiring and educative.

aolamide28904@gmail.com July 20

This was thrilling all the way.

janenessi May 03

Gosh! So sweet and interesting. I felt every single emotion. Well done

alhassanb834@gmail.com June 28

very nice and exciting I never expected it to be like this

sandile23 March 16

I like it sooo much

brendahbae January 22

Woow its really a complete book , for sure hv liked it sooooo

cynthia1616 January 18

What a book!!!

osas January 17

This is beautiful

DeliciousJudy January 14

It was beautiful from the start, and then she: the basic training, the rules, and when she thought it was time to enjoy the long time security of her virginity, things with lovemaking went south – the wonders she was promised for keeping her virginity turned out to be her worse nightmare. I love the idea, and season of this book. Though it reveals the benefits of staying a virgin until marriage, it also criticizes the centralization of love making – it isn’t for one part to annoy all the pleasure, but for the two to drown in bliss. I love to read more of your books.

Dorothy26 January 13


rujekonyamande96@gmail.com January 11

Absolutely amazing

How do I deal with my water phobia and make it my priority to learn how to swim? After all, the pastor says my destiny lies across great waters. I have been petrified of water ever since I watched my friend drown when we were ten years old, nothing scares me more. God must be having a laugh. He must hate me so much to decide to put my destiny where he knows I would never venture.  That’s cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion.        

The perplexity of unravelling this mystery of my life began when I went in search of my destiny. George, my best friend, convinced me to visit the pastor at his church for my destiny prediction.  He said knowing where and what my destiny is, was a fast track to success. No wasting time trying my hand at different things, just going straight to the point. 

So, after pondering on his suggestion for a while, I decided to visit his pastor. The pastor laid his hands on my head and prayed. In the end, he said,” Don’t be afraid my son, all is well, your future is bright. Wealth, long life and fame will be yours, but one thing you need to do is that you must conquer great waters before you arrive at your destiny.” 

The idea of crossing water to get to my destiny was petrifying, to say the least.  However, I wanted clarification, especially with my inherent fear of water. So, taking deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves, I asked, “Sir, where exactly are these great waters?” Smiling and shaking his head, he replied, “I’m sorry, the Lord did not reveal that to me.” 

That was definitely not what I wanted to hear. How was I supposed to know where the waters were? This prediction didn’t help me; instead, it confused me.  Regardless, I got up from my kneeling position, thanked the pastor and left. As I ventured home that day, I began to rationalise the revelation. 

Did the pastor say my riches were across waters? He must be referring to seas, I thought.  I know we have many large seas taking people to foreign countries to thrive and get rich. That must be what he meant. I was now convinced I knew where my destiny was; it had to be in Europe or America or somewhere in the Western world. I just couldn’t bring myself to think the Pastor meant waters in my country! 

It could not be that nearby. I was sure it had to be far away in Europe, the United Kingdom or America. From the second my realisation peaked, I could think of nothing else but going abroad overseas, even if I had to swim all the way! My name is Peterside, and this is my story. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 May 2021

Verified Purchase

From the moment i started reading the book i couldn’t put it down! It’s almost like a thriller, packed with suspence and excitement! Anita has also chosen a storyline that will rasonate with the young and old to drive home the message of not running ahead of oneself! An excellent book worth recommending to any African youth wanting to pursue success in the wrong places.

Sarah Ire Adelegan

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 May 2021

Verified Purchase

Fantastic book. Very inspirational.


Olusegun Jimoh

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!! Splendid!!! Must read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 May 2021

I didn’t like the book, I loved it. The writer stringed her sentences, using the simplest words, such that, the description could be imagined without effort. It was like the book was happening, while I was an un-noticed observer/viewer.

The thrill and suspense embedded in the book also, made it fascinating to read.

From the beginning to the end, it was like, an orchestra playing and all instruments coming together in a nice harmonious way, reaching the peak and ending on a beautiful note.

Thank you for the sharing this piece.



Ayo Ajanaku

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 May 2021

This short story is such a compelling insight to the suffering and sacrifices people have to make from adverse backgrounds to live a live more purposeful. This was so creatively written, and quite visceral!! A real page turner, brilliant!!

Seeing what it did to people around wasn’t enough. You know what they say about greed, lust, covetousness and lack of contentment. They are cancers that eat deep into you and hang on like leeches; they don’t let go until you make a conscious effort to accept you have a problem, seek divine help and pray you are delivered. But despite being knowledgeable about these things, we sometimes live in denial. The truth is I always prided myself on having self-control and knowing right from wrong. I was able to accept my faults and try to do something about it. Especially when it came to the kind of example my father was setting for me.

I remember growing up with a father who couldn’t keep his eyes in one place; he chased after everything in skirts. At some point, I realised how much he was hurting my mother and asked him why he had to keep stepping out on her.  His response, was Laughter, followed by a weird look at me as if I was delusional. Then clearing his throat, he said, “Son, listen to me; I am a full-blooded man, viral, vigorous and active. My loins are not for one woman and your mother can no longer satisfy me. Sex is like food; you can’t keep eating the same thing every day. A time will come when you want variety, and that’s all I am doing”.

I clearly remember him pausing his speech for effect, then walking over to me, and holding my shoulders with both his hands. Then he stirred into my eyes and continued, “So Son, listen to me very carefully, first comes money, then power and next, women. That’s what makes a happy man and a happy husband. Your mother is a good woman, but she’s old and can’t perform in bed the way she used to. To make matters worse, she’s always tired. So, what do you want me to do?”

As I listened to him, I couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. My father, an elder in the church, who everyone respected and looked up to. I knew he should not act this way. How can he have two personalities? The one he shows to his Christian family and the one he had with his friends and immediate family. I shuddered to think what the church would say if they found out who my father really was. However, on that day I realised Chief Benson, my father, had cancers, as the pastor called it, and he didn’t even know. He had lust and covetous cancer; that was my conclusion.

In this type of situations, having a father like mine, a child could turn out one of two ways. Become like the father or vow never to be like him. Fortunately for me I chose the latter. I decided I was never going to cheat on my wife, or think she was too old, hence the need to find a younger woman. I believed marriage was forever and I was going to find that special woman, marry her, have lots of children and live happily ever after.

That’s why when I was old enough to have a girlfriend, I was careful, I made a list of what I liked in a woman, what I didn’t like and what I could live with. And when I finally thought I found the right girl, I summed up courage asked her out, but she turned me down, saying I wasn’t her type. Thou disappointing, I brushed it off and decided to try the next best ones and after three tries, I finally got a yes from one of them, but by then I had crossed off two things on my list I definitely wanted in a woman. I knew this current relationship was temporary because I had to have a woman with the two qualities I crossed off from my list.  Anyway, for now, I was content to go with the saying ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’. I made a go of the relationship, remained faithful and we dated until I graduated and then surprisingly, she said she had to move on and broke it off.

After that I stayed on my own, I knew I could never again compromise on what I desired. If that meant waiting for a while until I find that divine woman God had ordained for me, so be it. I was determined not to have my father’s cancers. And everything was going according to plan, until one fateful day, I found I had bitten off more than I could chew.


Africantrade September 04

Makes for compelling reading, the Author describes the intricacies of lovemaking so vividly, you would think it was happening to you. Very enlightening, a lot of lessons learnt. Thank you.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, this is really life!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 October 2021

Verified Purchase

What a fantastic story, I don’t want to spoil it but the themes and overtones in the story is relational to many for sure! What a page turner.