Anita’s Bio

Meet the Life Coach

Anita, also known as She Heals, is a highly qualified certified professional life coach, guide, mentor, author, and podcaster. She has written several motivational and inspirational books that have received glowing reviews, including The Confessions of a Virgin Bride, Chasing Destiny, and More Than I Could Chew, all of which have been published on Amazon and Okada Books.

Since 2009, Anita has been working with people from all walks of life to create positive change and transform their lives. She has helped individuals, groups, and couples overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals, and has even guided many towards entrepreneurial success. Her experience includes training workplace counsellors, working with abuse victims, and providing sex education.

With over 20,000 combined followers on her Facebook pages and almost 500,000 website visitors, Anita’s reach is extensive. Her podcast, #Be Inspired, which has over 50 episodes, was named one of the 15 best UK motivational podcasts of 2022 by

Anita’s mission is to help people transform their lives and relationships into healthy and fulfilling ones. Her talks, writing, and podcast cover a range of topics, including developing a growth mindset, finding your passion and purpose, living your best life, and healing from abuse. She also focuses on helping her listeners and readers see the self-destructive patterns they may be creating in their love lives so that they can attract their ideal partner and keep them.

Anita believes that everyone has a light within them and is born with the qualities they need to achieve their goals. She helps her clients reach each milestone one step at a time, and guides them towards contentment, fulfillment, and happiness with themselves.